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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 22, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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cabal of who use their powerus to hide the crimes they commit against children. powethat people think that souns pretty far out to us. .to dark and strange, to be true.rue. and of course, we are not obviously endorsing that >> on the other hand , you canit kind of see why people might believe it. jeffrey epstein, for example, epstein continued to dine with business moguls and heads. of state long after he was arrested for havinn g with minors. how did he do that? why did nobody say anything? why did people keep eating with him? well, at the very least, wx e cn conclude based on the evidence that there is a tolerance for among some among the most powerful in our society, a tolerance that you would not find to , say, your average middle class american some of the rich really arech different that way. that's clearly true. and in case you need more evidence of that, consider balenciaga. balenciaga is what they call a luxury uxur brand. balenciaga is a company that sells eleven hundred dollar sneakers and cotton sweatshirt for fifteen hundred bucks. to people who've literally run out of things to buy, you're probably not doing your back
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to school shopping at balenciaga, but some people apparently are. so this week, balenciaga rollede out a new ad campaign on instagram and the selling point of the ads was with children. one photograph showed a very young girl lying face down on a couch with candles, empty wine glasses and a dog collar on a coffee table in front of her. another picture show the same girl, a toddler holding a teddy sexu dressed in gear, including a leather harnesals. and then, in case you missed the point where for, balenciaga ,another picture made it explicit. that picture showed pages from supreme court opinion that struck down a law designedla to fight child. whoever staged the photo shootl made certain to include a portion of tn that opinion th used the word othr four times and of course, that was not an n accident. balenciaga wanted you to noticoe . so this seemed like a big story to us. as we told you last night, here you have a major international retail brandiona promoting kiddy and with children and not promoting subtlely, but right
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out in the open. no healthy society can tolerate that. in fact, none ever have tolerated it. there's never been a time in american history where was considered anything other than the worst thing, the most horrifying crime imaginable. famously get killed in prison because even murderers considero them immoral. wors's how out of bounds it is and has always beencrim to sexualize children. it's totally unacceptabl e, but apparently it's not unacceptable anymore. t apparet's noacademics have r molesters as minor attracted persos to the point, o course, is to send the messagegy that actually it's not that big a deal. it's just a different kind of love. so maybe not surprisingly, given that trend , apart from a few isolated exceptions of the american media, almost all outlets completely ignored belinsky ortigas kiddy o ad campaign. there was not a single storysi about it in the new york times this morning. or jeff bezos as washington post or on cnn or nbc. n there was no talk of an
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investigation or a boycott. the usual outraged outrage.usual merchants stayed completelyy silent because they weren't outraged. blends yoga ultimately issued a statement saying, i was going to punish the photographer who did the shoot like it was. the photographer s fault and they didn't know about it. and after that, the story effectively died. and that means that the ceo of balenciaga, a man called cedric charbonnet, will not become a social pariah for what his company has just done. he will continue, just as jeffrey epstein continued to enjoy his busy social lifebuy totally on penalized with his many fabulous celebritial liy fn . here hal e is , for example, with the mayor of new york city, eric adams. looks very excited to befr with him. now, wiee found that picture, by the way, ine less than a minute online. it, as far as we know, apart from us on this show, no one one has asked eric adams aboutc it. and it's likeladams t y that noy ever will . and the reason is simple.e medi the media have no interest in covering the sexualisation of children. their interest. and it's a very intensine interest. tellingly, so isn't destroying
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anyone who complains about the sexualization of children or who even notices it? noticing it, they tell us , is an attack on the lgbt community. >> so the assumption here, their assumption apparently is that gay people are in favor of molesting kids and of course ,in favor of performing mutilation on minors. >> but that's absurd. no normal person is for this or not. absur it's notd. anti-gay to oppose kiddy or to feel a horror at the fact that doctors are cutting the off okif healthyt o teenage girls. >> these are crimes.ct and most gay people thinkteenag they're crimes. why wouldn't they think that pel protecting children from adults who want to exploit them is ant basic human instinct and it's a noble instinct. >> and yet nbc news is doing its best to redefine that instinct as a crime. >> yesterday, nbc brought on its law enforcement expert a by thes a former assistant director of the fbi to warn viewerassists and anyone who complains about the sexualisation of children will be punished by the legal
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system, will be sued into bankruptcy and destroyed. ll >> watch this. that was going to be a drag thee brunch the next day. w asclub q and that's a way to get kids to see. hey, look,it's it's a persono ge seesn't necessarily look like the people that you see everyn - day at the store or whatever , but these arree these are real people with lives and emotions. they like the same stories that you do. there's nothinemotions.g sexuale about it. i but evers y time there's one ofn those now, the proud boys show up because there's an account on the internet called lives of ticktock that's been pushed by tucker carlson and the babylon bee in the far right, tucker, in particular seems fixated on this anti panic. in addition to his diatribes against drag shows, he's platform to anti trans activistxated on use particulary vicious and extreme rhetoric to attack children's hospitals e . we're providing trans youth medical care if he's a consumerr ,the people we just rattledprovd off from lauren bobert to tucker carlsoansgenden, let'u out. let's get it outat of trial. let's expose it for what it o is , name it and shame it.
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he's a consumer of these people and those people should oruences should face civil consequences from the victims. >> f oh, so the former assistant director of the fbi calling for, quote, civil consequencesyo is against anyone who doesn't like the sexualization of children. >> if you complain about it, you're responsible for the murders that other people commit . >> is that an illegal code? egal code?no, it's not. but nbc news is doing its verytt best to add. msnbc has spent the last two days suggesting that because he signed a bill banning teachershe from sexualizing kindergartnerrs ,ron desantis is somehow tiedens to a mass shooter in colorado. >> earlier this year, florida governor ron desantis is infamously signed into law. what critics have called the don't say bill, which presents preventy s some teachers. from discussing the existence of and trans folks s. when you have a don't say bills in the state of florida, for instance, or whe tndn ron desans wants to send the police to investigate drag shows that ay don't a bill in florida, it's
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certainly something that helps add to his national political profile. but one thing is clear is they just want to continue demonizing folks and other ising people. they started moving in the spring to lgbtq peoplent specifically. they were really excited about the don't say bill in florida. >> so if you don't want a kindergarten teacher to talk to your kindergartner about , you're anti-gay. hmmm. ron desantis anti-ga, the spiril father of a mass murderer in? colorado, really, no mattersanto how you feel about ron desantis or about it', it's not plausi. >> in fact, it's ridiculous. yet they keep saying it. and the question is , why dose e they keep saying it? arll, they're saying it because that's how determined they are to keep you from talking aboutll the subject. they will call you an accessory to murder. they'll threatened to sue you into poverty. is the assistant t director ofth up. fbi just did. if you don't shut up, that'sy we pretty weird when you thinkey hv about in fact, it's very weird,
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but they do nothing else to say because actually children really are being exploited iny, this country.n in some cases for money. it's not it's in the open and totally real. >> this summer, fo real.r examph matt walsh exposedvanderbi the atrocities underway at vanderbilt medical center in nashville. a physician there admitted to mutilating the of children because it's a profit center for the hospital. >> watch this. cesurgery. make a lotwa of money so females on chest reconstruction can bring in forty thousand dollars a patient just on a routine hormone treatment. i'm only saying a few times a year can bring in several thousand dollars that are multibillion allowed and actually make money for the hospital. >> tuc it actually makes money the hospital. now, if you were a muckrakingert reporter with a conscience, that would be the story of the a lifetime. it's all there on tape. a doctor admitting they're mutilating the of children fora money, naming the dollary amounts. how could you pass that up? bu
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t everyone passed it up. no one covered it. instead, journalist attacked matt walsh for uncovering it. >> really? what's the motive there? nor do they cover what's going on in hospitals across the country, including includi the children's hospital of philadelphia, the famous hospital, a hospital that admitted fa phia an email to performing bottom surgery on a minor and slicin g off the press off th young women for no medical reason whatsoever. there's no medicalre justification for that ever. >> and yetgged they bragged aboe doing it in boston. the staff at children'sl br hospital bragged on tapeag about two year olds preparingd prep to transition truly insane, utterlary divorced from legitimate medicine. but again, it was completely ignored. >> here it is .e have so most of the patients that we have in the clinicknow actually know their gender, arually around the age of t puberty. but a goodound the age portion n do know as early as seemingly from the and they will usuallyr express their gender identity as very young children, some as entity asoon as they can talk. s they may say phrases such as , i'm a girl or a boy or i'm going to be a woman or
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i'm going to be a mom. kids know very, very early.very. so in the jones clinic, we see a variety of young children all the way down to ages two and three and usually up to the ages nine .science. that is not science. doe that doesn'tsn bear any resemblance to science. that's scary. and yet the media choose to ignore it. why? because no decent person can look that or any of this int pes the face without wincing, because it's just too awful. >> i wincit has nothing to dootg with medicine. it has nothing to do with improving the lives of patients or making this a better country. no, it is a dangerous cult that is causing irreparable harm to childrechildrn, not just a fn but a lot. >> now, at some point when the spell breaks, our entire society will recognize this because it's obvious and wcognie will all recoil in shame thatr we ever tolerated it for a second. meant >> but we're not there in the meantime, we arel grateful for peopl e like jamieo te michelle, who has hadllth the bravery to tell the truth about what's happeningh ab in the face of unending threats.g
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>> michelle is the founder of against groomer's and joins us tonight. jamie, thanks so much forf coming on .ga do you find it striking that. balenciaga comes out with an ad campaign promoting? i don't think anyoned disputecs that. and the media spend their time d attacking anyone who was offended by the ad >> what is that? yeah, it i doesn't shock menymoe anymore. . you would think it would. but this is just a growinga gr trend fromow corporate america, feeling comfortable pushing thisa g and our community runng cover for it. you it's disturbing. everything seems to be upside down. th people that should be condemned are balenciaga. and , you know, everybode thisyt is behind this push to sexualize and indoctrinate and mutilate kids. i mean, atth first, the ad, it o was shockingck to see. but then, you know, you think about it for another second or two and it all just makes sense .th you know, the floodgates seem to be open and people are just
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full steam ahead trying to attack and assault children ,which is a red line foredline everybody. it should be . well, you would thin fk foor r everybody, for the majority of people it is .is and that's why there is suche ia a strong, visceral reactiong coming out against ivit just as muc h as there is in supportt you ar of it. and i do love that you'reprecia saying and i appreciattee for saying that not all of us in the community support this. it's actually quiteer the opposite. there's the fringe minorite isys within our community that does. but they are so loud because i they have the backing of everyer powerful institution in this country as we're seeing, and we're doing everything we >> tucketop it. >> but thir: this iss is being . in your name. >>ru you run a group called against groomer's. you watch television . anyone who says a wordanti is anti-gay, as if all-g are in favor of the implications. you're in favor of kiddy orfavo sexualizing kids. >> it seems like a slur to me.. it is . yo uu. it's d and that's really, realloiy upsetting to see because it'sus actually doing more harm to us.
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>> i want to be very clear thatn being anti groomer and anti child sexualization and mutilation is not anti-gay. it'sul not anti lgbtq. >> what is lgbtq, though, right. i mean, it shouldn't i have to e said, but what is anti lgbtq that these people need to understand and what claiutting and our community in great danger is claiming that all of us support this and just associating all of us with this . yu know, sayingng that groomer is an anti lgbtq slur thatis a is doing irreparable damage to us as a whole. and putting a really large target on our backs. and unfortunately, the tragedyee that happened inr colorado springs the other night, it wasp expectedec predictable. we all, within games against groomer's, saw this coming from a mile away. and sadly, i don't thinka it'ms going to stop until we end thisi evil agenda that is attackingchl children. >> and i realldr.y i really hope that people hear hear me and hear what we're saying, that this is really hurting.
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and it's our argues againsts, groomer's, our priority is to ci protect children. but we we also are here to protect our ourselves and defend ourselves, because what is happening, what's beingr done in our namese is putting us all in danger. i >>s puttin i think you're exact. right. i think it's obvious. michelle, michelle , i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. thank you. thank you. so what exactly is all of this about big picture? why would anyone defend this kind of behavior? many are defending it. make d no mistake. are they're absolutely defending it, explicitly defending it. why? >> owens is the host of his owns show and she joins us now. candice , i know there are o a lot of things that go on that you we disagree with , i disagree with or whatever , but i never thought this is lir arne that anyone would even consider crossing, at least int public. and people are crossining in a big way.. why? sadly, i expected this and i've been speaking out on this for a long time. i have been adamantly and strongly and loudly opposed
10:16 pm
to the transgendered movement i lbecause it was so obvious tt this was the next step, the normalization of, enormous, that normalization of child, bitanga, that it's just a preference. that's pedophili what happens wu add a whole bunch of letters to lbg. this is where you're going to end up. or and i want to speak first and foremost. you said a word that it's scary. you're correct. i'm a parent to two youngaren children. this is scary. there are mothers and fathers watching this program right now who are terrified because they're scared when they drop their kids off at school. e scthey're not at the gates anymore. they're in the classrooms. there are rumors that ar e in the classroom condone this sorts of stuff. half of them are on to talkm ar openly talking about it, doing g them their kids,e on thinking that parents should have no say in wha st their children are being taught . children are being taught that it's okay for them to mutilatey mueir own bodies in pursuit, some leftist ideology that's never going to occur. parents are fearful. you can't just leave the tv o on anymore. that's what it's like being a parent. you can't trust that childe -- program can be left on the background. it's not going to attemptt to indoctrinate your childr and to make them think that this overt sexualization is normal. athat's a scary maybe even more frightening, tucker. atis that, like you said,y cele
10:17 pm
the many celebrities and the people that have platformsbr, li these weird people that areutiv on executive board rooms that are focusee d on children thist perverse way are silent right now.t they weren't so silent about kyrie irving. he got a list of six steps thatg he had to complete. balenciaga just gets to say sorry. and that's it.6 they weren't they weren't very easy. are they going to meet with thel adl, tucker? are they going to lose a billion dollars in a day? wicker? are we going to see celebrities take a stand on something that is incredibly importan t, ograph as incredibly important as child? i'm waiting the silency?aitinge le quite deafening, as the left likes to say. itft doe likess illustrate our priorities really nicely. i would say so. it's great to see you tonight. thank you. thank you. >> so one of the biggest financial stories really of the past twenty years is the collapse of a cryptocurrencyrs exchange called fauci x, really a company whose tentacles touched every part off our political class on the democratic side. now you're being told that the collapse came out of the blue. no, one could have seen it
10:18 pm
coming. thatthat's not true. one man sa'sw it very clearly, very clearly. the most prescient assessment of fdx there was and this man tried to warn lawmakers they did it on tape. u >> he joins us next. plplus, a piece of american history of country music history could soon be torn down . a lot of american history has been demolished recently. kid rock wants it here and savev this piece of our history joins us next to each point. the world doesn't come together like this very often. but when it does, the results can be extraordinary. qatar is committed to that idea. growing its potential as a partner, investor and innovator with possibilities that are unlimited and rewards that are priceless. let the world play and become
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this is a fox news alert on marianne rafferty live in los angeles. there's been a mass shooting at a walmart supercenter in chesapeake, virginia police spokesperson says there are multiple fatalities and injuries. we don't have an exact number yet , but police say there are less than 10 people dead. police say they believe there was one shooter who was also dead. officers say they believe that the shooting was stopped by the time they arrived. a family reunification site for immediate family members, has been set up at the chesapeake conference center once again, a gunman opening fire inside a walmart and chesapeake, virginia. police say several people are dead or injured. but at this time, we don't have any exact numbers. stay with fox s. stay with fox news channel. four more on this developing story. >> nelson all ever did.
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he called sam bakeman free to , quote, absolute fraud to his face, which, of course, he turned out to be then in may very if he kept going, he tried to warn congress about fctcn co and sangrem bakeman freed . >> here's what happened. i'm asking you, sir, you have a saying so that fdx has, quote, no capital requirements for participants. i think that's on its face, a false statement, given that the cftc part thirty nine regulation requires capital requirements. nfte pcipants. does have a capil requirement for four markets. fti said are capital requiremens are not the same as they are for other institutions. your capital is capital is not the same as margin. >> congress. >> s sorry. so rokan, a democrat, silicon valley getting emotional as hesi defends sampatliconeh freedom f. why is that?ional maybe some oldde a story to find out why. >> but in the meantime, we are
10:25 pm
grateful to have terry duffy join us . yokiney join group, a man who hs been completely vindicated. why do you and thank you so much for coming on tonight. why do you and by the way, i should recommend to our viewers as a whole lot of tape that we don't have time to play of you making this case at great length. >> on the internet and it's worth watching. but why do youternet. think youe one of the only people to get this right? >> i don't know, tucker. it's a great question, but i appreciate you having me on . i appreciate you playing that piece from with the genius froma california to tell me how crypto marketsme work and te difference between capital . what i was referring to is excess margin, which cme holds over two hundred billion ref dollars. fauci was having regulatory capital , which is absolutely nothine g. so he didn't know the difference between regulatory capital and margin capital . so it made attor me laugh, but y dismissive when it comes to ais guy likesive that. i don't k so i don't know why people it. didn't see it, tucker. , i mean, i said to my team, i said, you know, thist is not about crypto , tucker. thishi is about him tryingo he to change the world so he could list every single product under
10:26 pm
the scam that he was trying w to do. with crypto. crypto is so small. but if he could deploy hist if model in the u.s. treasury model market in the u.s. agricultural market, can you imaginn the a damage a human being could have done to our country inwo the world and peoplerl literall, literally were turning a blindir eye to it. >> wheallyn you look at the peoe that were with them, tucker, mark wegelin, the former head of the cftc, the chairman, form he's walking around with this gumay as his baggage handler and acting, giving him credibility. credthe former counsel for the c became his his general counsel after the former head of the ad committee, mike conaway's is this consultant working the room across both sides of the aisle. i mean, it's absolutely an embarrassment. what wen t on here and nobody bothered to look at it. h i said he could lose 85% of his value in a single day.% of tucker, i said that in congressional testimony. >> i did not know how why that. would be in such a short period of time. it is completely fraught i proposal.shor what he was doing, i knew he
10:27 pm
was a fraud the day i met him, and it was quite easy to pickf out. au >> well, so you assessed hisy character and his vibe because you met with in person. >> you also assessed, you know, the the fundamentals of his company. as someone involved in business would. >> why didn't the regulators do that? where was gary gensler? >> well, i don't know what gary gensler was, but my regulator at the cftc, i bribed i asked them why in the world are you invoking the commodity exchange act, section five , paragraph b , which says commission will entertain innovation. it also says in that same part of the act that you will protect market under surveillancegraph- and everythin else to protect the consumers that are using those markets. sue marketthey were using that. i want to know, was thereessure pressure put on the agency from politicians or not? and there hearingslitician comie i hope someone has the courage to take on a commissionerto tak to the cftc and others and ask them why they were trying to put a round square peg.
10:28 pm
they should have dismissed his proposal out of hand instead, i was forced to go into int congress, get berated by people that don't know what they're talking about, and i told themdn what could potentially happen. >> and again, it did >> i just want to recommend again to our viewers, terry duffy's the name of our current guest. >> and if you want if you want a happy evening, look up.t >> his assessment of fdx is just it's just amazing. i appreciate your coming on , gt terry duffy. thank you, tucker.ok u you're the best. thank you, sir. thank you. >> we've lost an awful lot of american history in the last two years. s monuments, statues, customs. when you lose your history, you lose your country. because a country's historyyo is the country. so that effort continues pacet now an effort to destroy a piece of american culture and country music history. and kid rock has decided, no,or we've had enough. he joinski next with details. >> do you have trouble hearing conversations? are you constantly asking loved ones to repeat themselves? do you miss out on discussions or talking with friends?
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the civil war. it's a national historic landmark. the nineteen fifties country music legend hank williams bought beechwood hall. more recently, country music stars faith hill and tim mcgrasr live their last year. a fund manager from california called larry cheal boughten the property. now, accordinggh to neighbors,. the property is in complete disrepair, as you can see, and a nonprofit that oversees historic preservation and called the heritage foundation in williamson county is suggesting that beachwood hallgestin could soon be demoli. >> cheal and we're not alleging anything you're just noting happens to be a major donor to that nonprofi t. do you >> so the question is , how much american history do you have to lose before you l lose the country itself? in the last years, we've lostuen statues and monuments and ourst. customs, so tearing down hank williams's house in antebellum house would constitute not just an assault on the soul of country music, a distinctly american art form. it would be an attack on the country itself. and maybe we've had enough,sic,i maybe not won atta more . >> kid rock appears to feel hav
10:35 pm
that way is , of course,enough the country music legend livesk in nashville, joins us tonight. >> thanks so much for coming on . today. yo so you have your own house. why are you interested in this house? and what happens to it? >>are yo i think like so many or people in this country, we'rear sick of seeing historysi to the ground, whether it be inmonument the form of monuments, statues, and now something so importantn here in nashville, likeville. the former home of hank williams, beachwood hall, i also might note, was also the former home of tim mcgraw and faith hill. >>an where does this end?an we kind of all knew that from the beginning, once this fiasco started, that it was neverend. going to end. and now we kind of feel like f we're under an invasion fromstan the state of california, whichf we understand. and a lot of ways have a lot of friends here. they come from these spots, california, new york city, and this is the house, because we feel that a lot of peoplet say it and they say it under their breath that they're scared to say it out loud. once again, i'll be the guye is you know, they come here, even these wolke policies from these cities, you know, fore
10:36 pm
better schoolsies in, lower taxa lower crime. we've talked about you'veu have talked about a million times.d u and we kind of tell them, leave your f in politics at the state which you're coming. and this is just one morexample example of somebody frombody fro california, as i understood, gave a handshake to people ino e the community and through this foundation that is a donor for and now he basically seems likee another avenue to tear ir t down . and i don't think there'sy anything more important in country music, if not american music, than hank williams.the gn yeah, the greatest songwriter of all times.reaking and i think greaupt songwriters would be agree. >> so can i just ask i mean, we don't know the motive and we t don't have this man on the show tonight, but why would you move to a new place and then want hio to tear down its history? doesn't that seem kind of a weird thing to do?m weird to ? yeah, we call dumb liberals. er.
10:37 pm
>> yeah, well, that's just one example i should say. hank williams, this is .s it i think that's fair.illiams if that's fair. that says it all. so this hank williams is if there's an icon in nashville, it's hank williams. okay, so's is nashville as . right, exactly. and this was his former c property. so as a communitommunityy, is ne rising up against this to preserve this historic property? are you the onlys historic one ? i think well, i'm kind of, you know, thanks to you and peopleia that care about these things,ero i've just kind become the person to put it out there. so i don't i think now that now that you're broadcasting the story to all of america, arf i think there's going to be many, many people to getmany on board. they can go to save beachwooe w org. the and i think you're going to seee a lot more country music stars,e musicians, just great people in the community. untry thatwho want to preserve r the next generation to come. >> generations beyond that. well, i mean, we both believe in
10:38 pm
private property, of course, and defendn it. but there are some monuments that aren't really yours. you, their custodian, you holdhe them till the till the next generation comes in. >> this sounds like one of them. i appreciate kit brown .it you say when you come in, when say come into it with a handshake kind of thing and you and say, i'm going to preserve this, and then you start weaselin g around to do other get things, you know, we hope i to get this resolved in, you know, in a good manner. but if not, we can get some hillbilly if going on to i'll leave that to you to solve. >> but thank you for bringing this to our attention. the country lost much of its history. how about no more ? great to see it. rock. kia dod rock . we've got a documentary on that man called life for rock star kid rock . >> it's on fox nation. so. >> eighty one year old tony fauci, the highest paid employee in the entire federal government, headlined his last press conference today. and very quickly, it got very strange. chaos broke out when someone asked one of the most basic questions of all, where did covid come from? it destroyed our economy, killed millions of people around the world. cishould we know where it came
10:39 pm
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10:44 pm
>> so in the covered pandemic began in early 2020.eryone >> everyone wanted to believe tony fauci fauci we did. we had him on the showthe actually . and then he started lying inow ways that were so obviouh start you couldn't ignore it.he i and you begin to ask yourself, what is this about? the guy in charge of responsecoi wad,s lying about covid why he lied about herd immunity. s an then he lied about masks and then he repeatedly lied about vaccines. d liedcan't lie if you're a pubc health official. but he kept doing it today. tony fabrizio, eighty one , held his last press conference. >> and appropriately enough, he decided to tell one final lie about masks. >> watch. what do you say about the word81 mask now being a pejorative in some communities? it shouldn't be .s i mean, you're absolutely right. i meanconfere out , i know somed you walk in and you have a mask and nobody has a mask, you kind of fee yol guilty. >> you shouldn't feel guilty. you look terrific. terrific. >> tucker: that's the question from the press corps. >> what do you say aboutom the the word mask becoming pejorative? what? c that's media coverage.that
10:45 pm
that's embarrassing. 'sit's weird to people who lovee masks, really. they don't work very well.ienc everyone knows that the sciencew shows that. but for some reason, tony fauci is still pretending it makes sense to wear a mask. he also pretended once again that you will die unless you get the ronno vaccine for real. >> watch the real danger isn't the people who have not beenss u vaccinated. so that's where we expec gt iftp we're going to see a problemle this winter, it's going to be among those people. >> oh, it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated, is it? this is insane. this is not science. in fact, all the science showsek just the opposite. it's more risky for mostr peope to get vaccine than to get covid at this point. that's not speculation. the data from a bunch of different countries, uk and israel included, prove thatg . but fauci doesn't know that. d - remember, this is the guy who was funding bat coronavirus experiments in juhan, which at this point see m pretty likely cor to be the cause of the entirone pandemic. so reporter for the daily caller decided to ask fauci
10:46 pm
about that, because how couldhih you not ask, were you involvedpc in creating this virus? so where did it come from? com shouldn't we know millions of diaby rhetoric's? but you're not allowed to ask that question because then joe biden's glass ceiling shattering publicist rushed in and shut the whole thing down. e >> watch this.publ iconly only 13%. hold on one second. we have a process here. i'm not calling out on people who yell and you're being you'ree be being you're being disrespectful to your colleagues and you're being disrespectfu l to our guest. i will not call on you if you yell. g time and also, you're taking time off the clock because dr. fauci ha s to leave in a couple of minutes and i'm done. i'm not going i'm not gettinge t into a back. es.and forth with you. she has a valid question.covid. she's asked about the origin of the question of how she's the best person. on.your question. bur t we're not doing this the way you want it. thision. is disrespectful. it is what i'm done.m do simon. righ
10:47 pm
>> i'm done the same. simon, i'm done.ucker: i i'm done with you right now. it's >> and the rest of the supine press corps sit there with their weird little masksg. on and say nothing.t to and it's up to some guy fromy africafr to point out the obvious, which is what is the most legitimate question there is where did it come from and what are you doing to findce out? shut up. okay, this can't go on forever. >> tulsi gabbard knows that she's a former presidential candidate and of course, a member of congress. >> he joins us for her first interview as a fox news contributor, which we are grateful that she now is .s congresswoman, thank you so much for coming on . >> so it does seem like a pretty basic question. the time questionsic isn't now the time to find outom where this came from? >> shouldn't wshe knowouldn'? frankly, it's the most important question because the most dangerous thing facing the american people and frankly, the worldd is is tp fact that people likowe dr. eauci and those in power refus to even acknowledge that theretr is a very real possibility, even a probabilitya , that the origins of covid came from the kinds of so-calledio scientific gain of functionsear research. this dangerous researcch, this a
10:48 pm
is funded by american taxpayers at the behese t of the likes ofi dr. fauci that was occurring in china and other countries u around the world and even herens in the united states .o be this is what needs to bethis investigated. and this dangerous research, which fouchier drousearc refuses to acknowledge or speak aboutpe every time he's questioned about itout, thi, this is what s to end because itople o is endangering the people of this country. thisand people around the world. >> i thought that the press pres secretary's description fauci was the most telling our guest,. this is not a guest. i this is government official. whose salary we pay and we havew a right to hear the answer to the question. but the white house is acting like the serfs should just shut up. we have no right to ask it. t i mean, this does not look like. democracy. it dto me at all. >> you're exactly she's talking about him as a a guest when, as you said, hele. works for the american people.h not for much longer, but wee dag can't deny the danger thater hel has created for the american people, not only with regardse r to his refusal to answerig
10:49 pm
questions about the origins ofd covid and gain of functionuing o research and how it is very likely continuing that we are paying for . but also the other big liesth that he's continuee d to propagate even in his press conference today. you know, about about mass ,up he's telling people mascotte up, knowing full well that when people hear thatth they're goine is throw on a cloth mask or a mask like the one he's wearing in that picture ine that you're showing or paper mass , knowing that they don't do anything to prevent someoned. from getting covid or spreading cover, the only things that do that are actually respirators. the ninety five tightly heldth and ninety five verkin ninety five , they continue to fly. the american peopln95.e and it'i putting the american people ats risk. it's true. that's why nwhy o one wears a pr mask in the u.s. funded biolabs in ukraine. >> they were respirators. tulsi gabbard, great to see you tonight. thank you so much for that. thanks, tucker. so today is you may not knowy ie this today is fifty ninth anniversary of the jfk assassination. that was, of course, november. twenty , nineteen sixty three in dallas. walter cronkit brokeusly the news to the country from
10:50 pm
dallas, texas, the flash apparently official. president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time, 2:00 eastern standard time, some 38 minutes ago. >> so that was nearly 60 years ago. every person involved in it,is including walter cronkite, is long dead. and yeg t there are more than fifteen thousand documents related to the jfk assassination that remain hidden tonight by the federal government. what is that? you don't have to be conspiracy not to ask why. why is the bush administration still blocking the release of these files? >> they need a new classification after 60 years. so the deadline to release them is just two weeks away. t >> it's december 15th. joe posner has written an i exhaustive book on this topic, the kennedy assassination. >> he's written many otherit books. he joins us tonight. john , thanks so much for coming on . so good to be with . now, you and you wrote a book saying you believe essentially the warren commission was
10:51 pm
pretty accurate in its description. >> you're deeplyyoe versed inld the story. >> why in the world would they be holding on to 15 thousand jfk documents? >> well,15 first,000, tucker, au know this very well, it's the way intelligence agencies operat agence. so 70% of those documents belong to the cia. the rest oopf the fbi, some of the dea. >> they claim thate they would disclose sources, kids who were in their 20s, who were ciakids i assets back in the 60s, thei and then they're now in their 80s. it would disclosr e in some cass ,safe houses, believe it or not. they say they're using the same safe houses in some countries. m the dea doesn't want the namesne disclosed, confidential informants on big drug cases, and that would wanest to be examined because was the mob involved in killing kennedy? so they're all types of reasons. but the real thing is what you said a moment ago, tha t biden will make a decision ina december. he made a decision idecin january that didn't release them and trump had ant thes opportunity to get these oute n 2017 and passed on them as well . and so the intelligence age
10:52 pm
agencies, the apparatus knowncoe they work very, very wellwe n to make their argument to the people in we need a little bit more time ,and this is absolutely crazy.r fifty nine years. it's time for these files to be released in their entirety. so researchers, historians, others in the american people can see what's been soimportant important to keep hidden. the mi you've got to wonder about motive here. inmean, either the intel as were agenciesvolv were involved in kennedy's killing or they wantkr you to think they were involved . >> kennedy's killing, because why else would they do this? th? the one of the things is there's a real question as to whether the cia, the assassin, leboute harveys oswald, guess where he was? he wasn't in dallas three weekse before the assassination. he was in mexico city tryingo to get to cuba where he thought the real revolution was takingee place. he hadal defected to the sovieto union. he thought alllution. the russi, they ruin communism. i'm going to wear the reals deal is that cnn, havana, and he got turned down incity mexico city. so he come.s back to america. st and the questionhe is whether the cia, who was spyingba
10:53 pm
on the cuban and the soviet missions in mexico city, whether they had tapn missioe recordings or pictures of oswald, whether they heard him boast that h he might actually try to do something against the president that's been reported in the cuban missiog n. and then when oswald came back into the u.s. in earln ye . october, they didn't tell anyone. the cia kept it a they didn't tell the fbi. that would be very embarrassing and damaging for them. wouldn't be surprising tel. remember, this is the agents of the cia that missed the bay of o pigs. they missed the tet offensive. they missed what was going on in the yom pour war in israel. then they missed the fact that the iran is about to fall to the ayatollah. they thought it wa s safe .t they didn't know the soviet union was going to invade afghanistan. they didn't know the soviet union was abou invadafghant to 1 . they missed 9/11 and then want o they got it wrong. in iraq in 2003 about weapons of mass destruction. we whygo are we not surprised that they might get something wrong here on the assassination of a presidentruction in. inng wrong nineteen sixty three and not want us to know about ite ? >> ts send them billions more on the black budget.uc >> let theenm interfere in
10:54 pm
our elections. that seems to the black budget ins it's on ,the black budgets, only fiftyly six billion dollars right now,at most of which we i don't where y goes for. it's the largest segment ofs gie money in the united states budget that's given away to a group. and they sort of decide eitwith how they're going to useought. without any oversight. >> seems pretty scary to me. doesn't sound like democracy to me. joe , thank you so much. great to see you tonight.e, thak thanks, tucker. >> speaking of secrets,e paul the paul pelosi story has pretty much disappeared from media. whatever paul pelosi was doing that night, the incident did reveal a major problem in big cities in this country. and that, of course, r is drug addiction, which feels homelessness, which fuels crime. and in fact, at this stage, it's starting to unravel society. so there is one reporter in who california who has been unblinkingly chronicling homelessness and what causes it. he's not a liar like everybody else. >> he joins us after the break. lab diamon so affordable and fun. the jewelry exchange has one carat diamond solitaires from seven ninety nine to three carat.
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11:00 pm
t they then go andth position themselves with an identityntity as as an advocater the homeless or a climate change activist. righa t. t or or a civil rights activist orsoh something that theinn they usegy as a way to get legitimacy among the mainstream society, even while advancing goals areat totally anathema to really and really aimed at undermining the pillars of civilization. >> shellenberger, evenation. better at an hour on fox station. we'll see tomorrow nightu tomoi all right.nk you and tucker, thank you.. happy thanksgiving. to you, my friend. to "ha all right.nn welcome to "hannity". and tonight, pouches, big" farewell goes off the rails. has karine jean-pierre loses control of the white house press briefing? we're going to show you pierr the lowlights. that's straigh of tt ahead also, house leader kevin kevin mccarthy is now calling fo forr the secretary mayorkas to resign after refusings o sece to secure the southern border for two long years.rn and later, a story that will shock and disgust you. a new ad campaig


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