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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 23, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> todd: fox news alert, seven people dead after someone opens fire in a chesapeake walmart. the shooter is deceased. >> they realized it was an active threat, went that motion. many other officers responded, located multiple fatalities and multiple injured persons. little while later, through the course of providing treatment, we were able to establish we
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believe it is a single shooter and that single shooter is deceased at this time. >> todd: five people have been rushed to the hospital, it is expected the scene is still very active. >> it is said the shooter is neutralized, this is still a multiple homicide investigation, they will painstakingly go over every inch of the scene, there will be spent bits of brass at the scene, those have to be documented and collected. it is about relationship, when they were when this occurred and maybe in some way, this will go back and help the public and authorities and certainly most importantly the families understand what exactly happened. >> a large police presence responding to the shooting, including fbi agents, officers set to give an update this, mo. walmart tweeting, saying we are shocked at this tragic event at
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the chesapeake, virginia store. we are praying for those affected, the community and our associates. we are focused on supporting our associates. fahey will join us to discuss this. >> carley: there will be an update on the university of id idaho -- you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. they are laughing and enjoying their lives just days before their deaths. brooke singman has more on what we aring at today's police press conference. >> brooke: the murders of kaylee
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goncalves, ethan chapin, this includes two tiktok videos showing the victims in their homes, this one shows two victims in halloween costumes and this one shows them joking around with kaylee goncalves pet dog seen here. the "new york post" reports the dog is safe and with kaylee goncalves ex-boyfriend after being spared from the brutal killings. it is believed the murder weapon is a fixed blade knife like this one, the actual weapon has not been recovered. denying reports kaylee goncalves had a stalker and says after a thorough investigation, there is no evidence to support that information. there is insight into the killer's potential motive, this defender did not randomly choose this location, he targeted one
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or more of the people in there, he either has a relationship or past relationship with one or more of them or could be he's been stalking one or more of them. psychologist lisa miller believes the killer targeted the victims in this case. >> my impression, this is somebody with a lot of anger toward the victims. it could be the fact the killer felt slighted, maybe on a personal level or maybe the killer was resentful what these kids represent as being successful young people. >> it's been a week since the murders took place and police have yet to recover a murder weapon or name a suspect. >> todd: that forensic expert we had on spoke about this case, joseph scott morgan said it could be a long time before the community finds out what happened. >> you have commingling of biological material together.
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upside is if you can determine which individual may have had the least amount of biological sample from the other individuals, that might give you indication who was attacked first. it is going to be a long process as they attempt to unravel co-mingled samples to examine for d.n.a. >> carley: wild body cam video out of florida shows an officer jump into a pond to rescue a drowning infants, despite not knowing how to win. that heroic officer was first to arrive on the scene, upon learning the child was still in the pond, she rushed to save him. with the help of a maintenance man, the two recovered the child and performed cpr. the officer is praised for saving that infant's life. >> todd: the crime crisis, surveillance capturing the
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moment when a florida man jumps the counter of burger king before threatening employees with pliers. the suspect stormed the kitchen. the store manager discreetly telling the customer in the drive-thru line to call 911. employee gave the man free food, police arrested him, his name is hubert credit jr., he faces charges for robbery with a deadly weapon. the border is out of control, demanding the white house help deal with the crisis. what is border czar kamala harris up to? >> hello, hello. hello. thank you. hello. hello. thank you. >> carley: see her chatting up the fishermen in the philippines. jimmy failla will join us next.
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folks, it looks like we're gonna have to land this big old bird earlier than expected because it's the xfinity black friday sale. get the fastest mobile service with xfinity mobile. yeah, we'll be cruising in to get the best price for 2 lines of unlimited for just $30 each per month. oh my! plus, for a limited time, get 500 dollars off an eligible 5g phone. even you in 22c. flight attendants, prepare for big savings. drop everything and get to the xfinity black friday sale. click, call or visit a store today. >> carley: dr. anthony fauci farewell speech going haywire after karine jean-pierre silenced reporters asking about the origin of covid-19. >> we have a process here, i'm
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not calling out on people who yell, you are being disrespectful to your colleagues and to our guest. >> she has a valid question, asking about the origin of covid, she is the best -- >> i hear your question, we are not doing this the way you want it. >> todd: jimmy failla joins us now, doesn't this white house and karine jean-pierre realize they work for us, kjp is my employee, she works for me, when our representatives go to ask questions, it is their right to do that. whatever she says is irelvant. >> jimmy: you are 100% right, she was trying to maintain decor um, we were watching the exchange of the baton. two years ago, fauci was silences questions about covid-19. never going to work in this town
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again. it was a bad, sloppy showing emblem attic of the entire fauci regime, you will take what we give you, we're not talking about this, shut up. >> carley: you could only see karine jean-pierre, it was a daily caller reporter who said what have you done to personally investigate the origins of covid-19, she shouted that question and today news africa reporter when karine jean-pierre stopped her and said you are speaking out of turn. wait a minutes, that is a question we want to know the answer to. dr. fauci said he would cooperate with oversight hearings, he said i have nothing to hide. peter doocy said, how much do you think -- and fauci walked away. peace out. >> jimmy: he's fleeing the interview, in fargo, the guy is fleeing the interview, that is fauci. the fauci era, even if he comes
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back to terrify, will be mired in so much, he did more to further the distrust in america and public health initiative than anybody in history, all the audibles we talked about, no mask, unmask, can't believe it is not mask, there is the other aspect, yes, silencing decent, collaborating with big tech to silence any type of question in the origin, on his way out the door, he is telling everybody to get va xed and boosted. >> carley: at least he has a bobble head. >> todd: they are frightened what the media is going to do. press blocked from president biden's granddaughter's wedding. vogue given access to of coer the event and take lavish photos just days before. interesting point, two questions. one, who cares about this person? only biden we care about is
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hunter, nobody knows who this person is. does the liberal meeting have a right to be outraged when they facilitated this leeway with the white house for years? >> jimmy: they made this bed for him. he was eating bananza. i think it is laughable, they are how dare you not give us access to the actual wedding. of all things they haven't had access to. we've talked about covid, foreign policy and border decisions and everything innen 22. this press is always getting beat up and usually take it. it is weird they decided to fight back here, who wants to go to that wedding? >> carley: i did care about the wedding, i wanted to see her dress. >> jimmy: get vogue, you will see the dress.
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>> todd: what man is interested in this? >> carley: we are people left and right in this segment, mention the border and border czar kamala harris and she was in the philippines and made news with this clip, let's roll it. >> hello, hello, hello. hello. thank you. hello. hello. thank you. >> carley: she's saying high to all the fishermen, an interesting scene. >> jimmy: i love they give her pretend jobs, anybody in this position, busy day around the house, you need the kid to get out of the way, can you get the monster out of the washing machine? there are monsters in the washing machine? they are doing that with kamala harris. can you you get the monsters out of the fish hatchery? pretend job.
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>> todd: if you put a pinpoint on the border and said how far away could you get her away from the border, the philippines and next is the moon and mars. what is she thanking them for, will she be eating that fish later on? >> jimmy: they are confused as we are. this random lady, is this a walmart greeter waving to us as we come in, what a time to be alive. >> carley: jimmy, that was hilarious, does not surprise me, it came out of your mouth and very talented man you are. >> todd: you are right about the fake job. right. >> jimmy: all the monsters, thanks, kamala. >> todd: city of baltimore dealing with rampant crime in the street, not stopping residents trying to make it a better place. our next guest is giving
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>> carley: inflation hitting everything hard this holiday season, christmas tree growers say price hikes on fuel and fertilizer pushing tree prices up 23%. todd beganon owns the christmas tree farm in south dakota, he says christmas inflation could steal christmas. >> we are paying for fertilizer and expendables, such as netting and christmas tree stands, even sharpies are up 23%. every last thing is inching up for us. >> carley: group of christmas tree growers say majority of growers cited price increase of 5 to 15% compared to last year.
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>> todd: i was president of that board for many years. let's get serious, violent year in baltimore, total of 641 shooting incidents. some residentses are working to inspire hope in their community, including our next guest who has handed out meals to unfortunate residencent dids in west baltimore. vink mccoramieshgsz k, why do you do what you do? >> thank you for having us this morning, i appreciate the opportunity. simply, i do it because i believe in spite of what is going on around us as a city and i'd be disingenuous to say things are not serious. inspite of that, i remain hopeful and try to make sure that my staff and my volunteers
2:23 am
just try to continue to promote hope to the people in that community that we so need to serve. >> todd: would these people not have a hot thanksgiving dinner if not for you? >> i'm quite certain that many of the folks standing in our lines and we had families, we had a man, a woman and a child or children standing in our lines and they said to me w withhaving to interpret anything. we wouldn't have had any thanksgiving if you guys were not here, i'm encouraged by that. i know where we are, i understand the plight of the city and it above our pay grade to find the answers, i just know we can't let hope die. >> todd: what is reaction, you mentioned their words, what is their emotion when you give them
2:24 am
that meal? >> just heartfelt genuine gratitude and thanks. and it is just very emotional to be outside, it was a good day that day. cold, but good day. it was sunny, the children are very happy. they are eating. their parents seem pleased they are getting assistance from somewhere, we're a small operation, we do the best with what we can, we certainly see, hear and feel the gratitude of those folks who we are serving. >> todd: this is america, nobody should go hungry, especially not go hungry on thanksgiving. what else should not happen, people shouldn't be scared to live in their communities, how tough in your community, when we reference threats, murders, shootings, how tough is it? >> listen, i'd be disingenuous
2:25 am
if i did not say it is tough. i live in the area we are serving, it is high crime, high poverty area. and you spoke of the 300 murders in the city, we did have a shooting in my area about a block from where we were serving the community. as a matter of fact, two weeks before we had that thanksgiving event, we had blood on our sidewalk. interesting because we were interviewed as we were washing off the blood, we did that, we washed the blood up, we know what goes on around us. we just kept hope, kept going. our staff did come in, we try to be very safe where we are, we know where we are. it is tough, but again, i keep
2:26 am
promoting, we can't let the hope die. that drives us as an agency, an individual and community member and business owner. >> todd: this is not just chicago, this is something you do giving food to your community throughout the course of the year, that is a beautiful thing and the people of baltimore appreciate it. ven mccormick, you give a happy thanksgiving to many. >> carley: what a great man, you are welcome. senior meteorologist janice dean is here with the forecast. >> janice: busiest travel weekend of the year and we have things to talk about. we have warmer air than we had last week, 45 here in new york, 24 in fargo, big storm system moving across the northwest toward the rockies and that will bring us thanksgiving storm that we'll have to watch over the next couple days.
2:27 am
here is today, wednesday, this area of low pressure across the south. behind it, snow, we will see severe weather and heavy rainfall, this area of low pressure will travel toward mid-atlantic and northeast sunday. people are trying to get home, it will be tough in the areas. there is the rain forecast, three to five, five to eight through sunday for parts of the southernin plas across the gulf coast and airport delays today. today and tomorrow good and then things go downhill for the weekend. here is air travel statistics,290 delays already. 23 cancellation. thanksgiving parade amazing, best weather you can have for getting the balloons up and it goes downhill on saturday and
2:28 am
sunday. we'll be watching that. the west, look at the snow over next couple days., have details, put information into grandma's house and they will keep you up to date. >> carley: as will you. >> todd: has to happen, sunday when everybody is trying to get home. thank you. >> janice: happy thanksgiving. >> carley: fox news alert, seven people dead after overnight shooting inside a virginia walmart. we will learn new details, don't go anywhere. to design solutions to help you manage payroll, benefits, and hr today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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>> todd: fox news alert. seven people are dead after a gunman opens fire inside a virginia walmart late last night, the shooter is among the dead. >> the officers realized it was an active threat, we switched to active threat response special went that motion. several officers, many other officers responded and located multiple fatalities and multiple injured persons. little while later through the course of providing treatment, we were able to establish we believe it is a single shooter and that single shooter is deceased at this time. five people rushed to nearby
2:33 am
hospitals. officers set to update at 8 a.m. eastern time. walmart tweeting, so close to the thanksgiving holiday, we are shocked at this tragic event at chesapeake, virginia store, we are praying for those impacted, our community and associates, we are working with law enforcement and focused on supporting our associates. >> carley: bring in jonathan fahey, former federal prosecutor, chesapeake is just south of nor folk, virginia, a woman in the area did an interview saying this walmart is busier than normal because people were picking up thanksgiving supplies, ready to celebrate with families. what of your initial thoughts as people wake up to this horrible news this morning? >> it really is such an awful situation and actually that is what i woke up to, so upsetting to think about people getting, planning for families to come
2:34 am
together for thanksgiving, getting ready for a big event and to have something like this happen is just so tragic, so upsetting and at this points, we don't know many details, in any event, just extremely tragic situation. >> todd: what details do you expect to learn at 8 a.m., 2-1/2 hours from now? >> jonathan: i think the things that probably they will know by then will be who the shooter was, they may have details of what happened specifically factually that led up to this and i think the things they will find over next hopefully few days, who the shooter was, what the motivation was and looking at things as what could have been done to prevent it, what can be done to prevent similar things in the future, those are things they should be looking at and hopefully will find out, one
2:35 am
thing you want to say, what can be done in the future so this doesn't happen again or we could prevent more situations from happening in the future. >> carley: unconfirmed reportses, that the shooter was a manager at the store, daily mail is reporting that, they have a social media video from one employee according to the reports and the employee says that he said i just left the break room, the manager came in here and started capping people up in there, we lost a few of our associates. what does that tell you about this shooting? a possible motive? what is your read on that? >> assuming that is true, a lot of times in these situations, initial reporting may not be ocrat, assuming that is true, it seems to be not a random event, might be a personal event through individuals, that is interesting to know and that might help the law enforcement
2:36 am
investigate this and maybe it is just isolated one person involved in this. but that is one thing you want to know, why this happened and what the motivation is, if it is a personal dispute type of issue that could be helpful in investigating the crime. >> todd: cops responding to the store at approximately 10:12 p.m., when officers arrived, they coordinated with a tactical team to enter. a lot has been in the news about tactical teams coordinating in response to active shooter situations. are we getting better at this or is it case by case, state by stase basis? >> jonathan: i think that is a good question, i think generally i think the answer is these are really county by county, state by state. one thing all law enforcement can learn from the situations is what can be done better to
2:37 am
prevent it or to act more quickly to prevent it while it is going on, there are things to be learned from all counties throughout the country. these are generally going to be case by case specific per county per state, this is a learning experience for everyone to prevent this happening in the future. >> carley: we're getting reaction from virginia lawmakers, senator mark westerner of virginia says he's sickened of another mass shooting and a state senator says i will not rest until we find the solution to end this gun violence epidemic in our country that is taking so many lives. we have lived through multiple mass shootings in recent years and months and along with the gun problem, you always typically see the profile of the shooters and there is always
2:38 am
something in their background, a family member or a close associate or friend who says there were red flags that were going on off before a situation like this occurred. >> jonathan: when they look back, that is something they will maybe find, there were red flags missed or signs missed. oftentimes these people have had -- with law enforcement in the past. one thing concerning, when this happens and politicians come out and say a certain thing should be done and it is already what they wanted to have done and they don't know the facts, you want to know what happened and not to say there is not a solution, if everyone goes into their camp and say, let's ban this type of gun or do this type of thing without saying look at overall problem, your guest earlier right before me was talking about 300 murders in
2:39 am
baltimore this year and what is being done about those because you never hear about it and we need to really crack down on crime and criminals and to prevent more things. there are tragedies happening across america and there may be a political solution, we need to lookats the whole situation and act responsibly, not to look at situation to make cheap political points and go back to what they were doing. let's look at this issue, let's make things safer for everyone and i think that is what the politicians should be doing. >> todd: great point, otherwise the cycle of violence will continue. jonathan fahey, thank you, sir. roughly one million ftx customers lost billions while the company's former boss is living it up in the bahamas instead of behind bars. >> carley: brian brenberg is
2:40 am
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call the barnes firm now when that car hit my motorcycle, yoyou ght t beurprpris insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million >> carley: ftx attorneys revealing one million customers lost billions thanks to the crypto company's collapse. they say substantial amount of
2:44 am
assets are missing because of cyber attacks. brian brenberg, professor of business and economics at kings college. matt whitaker, former acting ag says he worries about this case, because so few people understand crypto and financial market. >> brian: it is a problem, it is a complicated market and you have this ump can who is a crazy mess, they didn't know what bank accounts they had, they didn't know where they stored money. it is like you hide m&m's around your house, crypto is complicated. this company had zero control, zero oversights, zero checks and balances, it was sam bankman-fried sand box and he's out of the sand box and the world is trying to figure out what was in it in the first place. it looks like 8 to 10 billion
2:45 am
gone. >> carley: you have to wonder what is going on with sam bankman-fried, how much money does he have, he was a billionaire, does he have zero now? >> brian: apparently he's in the bahamas living the good life, nobody can figure out where the money went, except if you put money into this business, you have none of this. >> carley: todd had a great interview with an investor who was out 2 million and todd said why is this guy not in jail? take a listen to his response. >> it is a clear-cut case of fraud, how do you run a company and how are you yourself, he was considered to be a billionaire, how do you not have accounting for a company of this size, how do you not have a cfo. he should be in jail, behind bars and made to surrender assets he's hidden and
2:46 am
distributed to friends and close associates. depend if lawmakers are able to get back money from houses he bought in the bahamas. >> carley: it doesn't look like that will happen, are these people out of luck? >> brian: right now it looks like they are mostly out of luck, they have to find the money, it will take a really long time to track down where the money went and i don't think they get a lot back. this is classic house of card schemes where a company created a bunch of tokens, said they were valuable, sold a few to make it look that way and borrowed money from people and lost it all. >> carley: so many people are going, how could this guy be in the bahamas? in order to be extradited, he has to be charged with a crime and he hasn't yet.
2:47 am
>> brian: i think he will get this justice, you had incompetence and fraud at the same time and have to sort those two out. >> carley: ask you about this potentially huge story, railroad strike, president biden thought he averted this and took a victory lap. this could come down to december 9, this deal fell through. union workers said they will not sign on to the deal. where do things stand with that? effects could be felt immediately, could be 2 billion dollar a day loss, nations freight and worries about food shortages and customers going to work, what is going on here? >> brian: this is massive, president biden, did he think he had a deal? he wanted to make sure this wasn't a big deal before the midterm, they didn't get a big deal, unions said no, we do not accept it. you have a huge portion of this
2:48 am
country's economy that depends on rails, not just food or gas, chemicals and we're talking about a strike that could start early december and actually start earlier for some industries because you can't put chemicals on a rail car that is going to sit there if you have a strike. week or two before that, start to get disruption, massive effect now, congress can step in at the last minute and say, look, you can't strike, that will probably happen here. biden did not broker the deal he claimed to broker and now we're sitting onnin approximates and needles wondering if the economy is going to shut down right before christmas. >> carley: such a good point about the fact companies are gun shy about putting their stuff on the trains, it may not get to the proper location sitting there. >> brian: everyone has to think, what do i do if this happens? effects start now, not december
2:49 am
9. >> carley: good point. thank you, todd, over to you. >> todd: know ares paying a visit to the border with kevin mccarthy, former acting attorney general matt whitaker will weigh in. let's check in with steve doocy what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> steve: hello, todd, good morning, on wednesday "fox and friends," the latest from chesapeake, virginia, police say seven people were shot to death inside a walmart. we'll tell you what we know about the trigger man. plus, congressman james comer and chip roy will break down the republican plan to hold the biden administration accountable for the crisis at our southern border. also reaction to the latest delay in student loan repayments, remember that? yep, joe is kicking the can down the calendar a long way, how much will that cost us?
2:50 am
frank siller and clay travis will join us live. one day away from thanksgiving, from travel forecast to last-minute cocktail tips. it is 5:59 and we're talking cocktail tips? you are darn right we are, holiday is coming. we have a jam-packed show, 10 minutes and six seconds on the channel you trust for your morning news. todd and carley back in a couple, you are watching "fox and friends first."
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♪ >> todd: house minority leader kevin mccarthy threatening to impeach homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas. >> carley: marianne. >> kevin mccarthyy not mincing words. he plans to hold congressional hearings on border security at
2:55 am
the border. it's so bad when republicans take control of the house they are giving dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas a choice either resign or face impeachment. >> secretary mayorkas testified under oath that, yes, the border is secure. i'm here to tell you it is not. if secretary mayorkas does not resign, house republicans will investigate every order, every action, and every failure will determine whether we can begin impeachment infiery. >> customs and border patrol officials say they are seeing record numbers of so-called got-aways, migrants say come through but not caught. 135,000 since october 1st. overall encounters way up with nearly 350,000 in 2023. that's up from just under 300,000 this time last year. and sadly 53 migrants have died
2:56 am
trying to cross illegally. and with title 42 set to expire, those numbers are likely to soar. 15 states are requesting a judge to keep the title 42 policy in place and still the biden white house mocking mccarthy's border visit. >> the question we have for kevin mccarthy, what is his plan? what is he doing to help the seeing. what is his plan? he goes down there and does a political stunt like many republicans do that we have seen them do that he is not actually putting forth a plan. >> democrats continue to push the idea that title 42 does nothing to curb illegal crossings since tens of thousands are coming in from all over the world. carley, todd? >> carley: marianne r56r9 thank you. we are so joined by matt whitaker. the congressional hearings that kevin mccarthy wants to have at the border he says it's
2:57 am
forced democrats to come down to the border and see the issues firsthand. >> i think it's important. i have been there several times at doj and appreciate stipulate, kevin mccarthy is right. it's not complete chaos. it is not under control. any representation that it is false. it's going to be very interesting though what -- just one house and kevin can do with such slim majority. i mean, even if they're able to get the votes to hold, you know, impeach him. >> carley: right. on mayorkas. >> the senate is not going to move on that. but, it is important, i think, one of the powers they have is to shine a light on what's happening. and so it's going to be important to raise that issue because as you see the white house continues to push it down there is nothing to see here situation. >> todd: mayorkas nothing to see here yet. each and every day, oftentimes multiple times a day we see evidence contrary the latest, roll tape.
2:58 am
being.that is a massive group of venezuelan immigrants on the mexican side of the border giving kevin unwelcome yesterday. we can impeach this pen if we want, it's a wholly political process. as somebody who has brought charges against someone, if this were a legal process, do you see a strong legal justification for impeaching alejandro mayorkas? >> again, like you said, it's a political process that ultimately it takes 219, majority of the house. i think the more interesting thing as we go forward for the next two years is as the house s their investigations and subpoenas the administration, are they going to start holding people in contempt? if they do by a full vote of the house and get a majority in that, will the department of justice prosecute anybody? i think that's the more powerful tool compared to an impeachment that's like not really going to go anywhere until you get a, you know, a super majority in the senate to go along with you.
2:59 am
>> carley: the student loan payment pause is supposed to end? december. yesterday the president extended it to june of 2023. what do you make of the validity of this claim because on one hand he is saying young people that were affected by covid, they need help financially, on the other hand he is saying record low unemployment. >> well, i mean, it really boils down to policy choices, do you want people that never went to college like plumbers and mechanics paying for people that get law degrees from law schools like ucla. if there all seriousness the loan forgiveness is clearly illegal. >> carley: it's going through the court system. >> it is. ultimately, i don't think it's going to be found that the president has that power. he does clearly have the power to delay the payments but, remember, a loan is a two sided transaction. the people that should be getting paid back from these loans that are guaranteed by the federal government are not getting that cash flow. causing chaos in the financial
3:00 am
world. >> todd: this is an admission that they know they are going to lose in court. moratorium to strict this along to sell false hope to their voters. >> clearly segregating their voters heading into 2022 and winning by a thin margin. >> todd: it worked. got to admit it worked. matt whitaker, great to have you on set. happy thanksgiving with that "fox & friends" begins right now. have great one, everybody. >> carley: see you. ♪ ♪ >> we realize it was situation. >> multiple dead and others wounded after a shooting in a walmart. >> they are going to go over every inch of this scene. >> walmart we are praying for those impacted. >> new video showing inside the home four. >> 646 tips. people look into kaylee this a stalker. >> the impression is this is somebody who had a lot of anger toward the victim. >> what is his plan? >> mccarthy healed press conference where he took aim at mayorkas. >> if secretary mayorkas


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