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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 23, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> we realize it was an active threat situation. >> multiple dead and others wounded after a shooting in a walmart. >> they are going to go over every inch of this scene. >> walmart tweeting we are praying for those impacted. >> new video showing inside the home where those four students were stabbed. >> we have 646 tips. >> police look into the kaylee had a stalker. >> the impression this is somebody who had a lot of anger toward the victim. >> what is his plan? >> mccarthy held a press conference where he took aim at mayorkas. >> if secretary mayorkas does
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not resign we will determine whether we can begin impeachment. >> fauci's final appearance in the briefing room goes off the rails. >> she has a valid question. >> i'm done. >> biggest question of our lifetime where did covid come from, dr. fauci? >> by the play, opening goal to australia. off the post, france have their turn. >> we start with a fox news alert. six people shot to death overnight at a virginia walmart. the shooter reportedly a store manager also died. >> brian: within the last hour, governor glenn youngkin pledging all available resource also help. expect another update from officials 8:00 a.m. >> steve: let's start with griff jenkins he joins us live from the scene which is about 200 miles from washington, d.c. so, griff, we are getting some details and it sounds like the shooter walls the manager, was a manager at that store?
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>> griff: yeah, good morning, steve, ainsley, brian that's not confirmed by police. several employees have said they believed it to be a store manager. you asked me in the last hour, steve, about the atf and i can confirm they have, indeed, arrived, let me just have my cameraman, martin push on the black vehicle you are looking there and red vehicle in the back. behind them a very large black mobile command unit that came from washington is now here on site as they look into this tragedy that struck just before thanksgiving. the chesapeake police confirming seven fatalities among them the gunman, five transported, injured to a hospital. this is what leo can a zin scwi with the chesapeake police had to say a little earlier, listen. >> once the initial officers got here they realized active threat situation. located multiple fatalities and multiple injured persons. a little while later, through
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the course ever providing treatment, we were able to establish that we believe it's a single shooter and that single shooter is deceased at this time. >> and governor glenn youngkin is weighing in tweeting this saying -- our hearts break with the community of chesapeake this morning. i remain in contact with law enforcement officials throughout this morning and have made available any resources as this investigation moves forward, heinous acts of violence have no place in our communities, walmart also putting out a statement shortly after this happened saying this: we are shocked that this tragic event at our chesapeake, virginia store. we are praying for those impacted our community and associates. >> we're working closely with law enforcement and we are focused on supporting our associates. i mentioned some of the walmart employees are weighing in, speaking to local police. here is what one of the employees said. take a listen. >> just left out of the break room. manager come in there, started
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capping people up in there. started of shooting, bro. i'm -- sad, you know, we lost a few of our associates. i don't know how many, i'm not going to speak on it. you could tell he plotted this [bleep] >> now, just to set the scene one more time in chesapeake, virginia where we are just sought of norfolk, you can see very large busy shopping area. lots of stores. lots of restaurants, presumably they may have been busy with shoppers getting ready for their thanksgiving, but, as it has been reported, not confirmed yet, it may have been a manager at the walmart back there. we do confirm seven are dead including the gunman. we don't know what happened what kind of weapon or weapons were used. and we don't know the motive of why this happened as we await for that press conference coming up in just less than an hour. hopefully we will get some more details. brian, ainsley and steve, send it back to you. >> steve: do we know, griff, whether or not the gunman died from a self-inflicted wound or
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did somebody return fire. >> griff: that's a great question. and the chesapeake spokesman that you heard from earlier was asked that at the press conference and he said he could not confirm the manner in which the gunman was killed, whether he was shot by police or if it was self-inflicted. that's something we hope to learn more about shortly. >> ainsley: i read an article this morning that said it took 30 to 40 minutes for the police to get there i know they have a hard job, doing a great job but can you explain that. >> well, video to let them speak for themselves. but, one thing that it is interesting from the initial press conference we learned was that when police got this report, they came here and then learned that it was an active shooter situation. you can see behind me, it's one of these super walmarts, the large very large, so presumably when they got here they had to sort it out. did i see that the neighboring virginia beach police, law enforcement authorities also
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responded. once they learned what it was. but, as far as of the timeline goes, first on site that's not yet known. >> steve: a terrible story. we are expecting a presser within the hour. griff, thank you very much. >> brian: yesterday, a day that we knew was coming, many feared, dr. fauci would be calling it quits at the age of 82. at which time he was going to be able to take some questions at a press conference and there he is taking some questions and he actually read a statement. probably not included in that statement is when he came out and said the pandemic won't be a problem here when he told "60 minutes" that you don't really need masks, give you a false sense of security. when he told everyone to stay out of schools and don't have -- don't have holidays, don't shake hands, the pandemic is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. he also said -- pressured social media masons behave ventricles t contradicted. >> ainsley: and vaccines work you won't get it if you get the vaccine. >> brian: pandemic of the
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unvaccinated. >> steve: top infectious disease expert since 1984. and yesterday, brian, have you done kind of a laundry list of some of his greatest hits much like during his farewell before he kind of took some questions, during his farewell, just like frank sinatra, he pretty much says i did it my way. watch. >> it's really a great pleasure to be back here with you again, albeit, i believe, for the last time. i think what i have accomplished in my 54 years at the nih and 38 years arrests the director of niad although covid is real very important. it is a pregnantment of the title 40 years that i have been doing it. so i will let other people judge the value or not of my accomplishment's, but what i would like people to remember about what i have done is that every day for all of those years i i have given it everything tht i had and i never left anything
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on the field. if if they want to remember me if they judge rightly or wrongly what i done i gave it all i got for decades. >> ainsley: then a daily caller reporter wanted to know about the origins of covid and watch this exchange between the white house press secretary snaps at her and says no, no, no, no, no, no. >> and interrupts her. and another reporter from today news africa defends that original reporter. watch this exchange. >> why have you done toot origins of covid. >> hold on a second. we have a process here. i'm not calling out on people who yell. and you're being -- you're being -- you're being disrespectful to your colleagues and you're being disrespectful to our guest. >> she had a valid question. she is askings about the origin of covid. >> i hear the question. >> dr. fauci is the best person to answer. this i hear your question but we are not doing this the way you want it. >> [inaudible] >> i'm done, simon, i'm done. simon, i'm done.
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i'm done with you right now. >> ainsley: we are doing it the way i want to do it not the way you want to do it. >> steve: the way she did it yesterday was. i know for a fact, i saw peter doocy had his hand up the entire time that dr. fauci was speaking. and she picked -- she cherry picked all of the questioners and as soon as dr. fauci was escorted out then she called on peter, he wanted to ask about the origins of covid. and as many did, but what's interesting about this, and this is something that has happened in the last short period of time, you know, hills agency funded gain of function through that ecohealth. last month fauci announced $5 million new grant to the same wuhan link group ecohealth alliance, joni ernst, the senator of great state of iowa this is like a bad sequel with the bad plot and characters but with a bigger budget. the people who have caused a lot of concern are suddenly getting more money to do more stuff.
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>> brian: this is insane. he was not able to answer those questions. and leave not answering those questions he will be called and subpoenaed he says he is going to answer all of them. he has been wrong so often. i remember in mike pence's book he wrote about it. he said when anthony fauci was sitting around the table when this first thing happened. he would often say i'm a scientist. that's not my area. he said the biggest mistake the bidens made put him in charge of everything. it's way other her depth but he has no idea that he is way over his head. so he is saying things and kowtowing to the teachers unions. not saying a word when they are burning down cities with black lives matter. coming down on people that want to go to games. telling kids you can't go to school. not even taking into account the psychological damage it does. denying later that he did it. never admitting when he got it wrong. and then, at one point, he recommended two masks and never shake hands again. this is -- this guy is so out of control. i dso overrated.
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he is add goose at his pitch nationals game and told everybody to sit 6 feet apart. here is dr. marc siegel evaluating his legacy. >> the issue is that he reversed himself a lot. that he didn't have a consistent policy, that he basically was very slow to consider the collateral damage done by lockdowns and shutdowns and we're seeing that now. not just in terms of schools and learning problems but also in terms of emerging viruses, immune systems that are paused. seeing a big outbreak of rsv and flu because we didn't consider what masks and lockdowns were going to do there. and, again, he never said set a consistent policy of what the damage would be. >> ainsley: is he absolutely right. the school kids, i know from experience here in new york everyone is sick. >> steve: you mean from the flu. >> ainsley: yeah. you have the flu and it a lot of viruses. >> brian: odd viruses and they can't figure out what it is. >> steve: shortages on a bunch
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of antibiotics right now. and running low on kids tylenol. it's like where have america's top official doctors been given the fact that suddenly we are in this pickle? it's interesting, after that press conference, where you know, they were trying to ask questions about the origins of covid, peter doocy sent out to the company an eword from the white house that they suddenly, out of nowhere clarified that when joe biden was in bali last week he did talk to president xi about fentanyl, and did talk about the origins of covid. okay, that's great that they did it but what's interesting is in the official readout that they put out to the press, they never mentioned that the two talked about covid origins or fentanyl. so, a lot of people in that. >> ainsley: what's going on there. >> steve: people are scratching their heads what's that about. >> brian: people brought up this came from the lab and anthony fauci basically sheffield that and says it didn't come from the
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lab. he didn't gain that for a year. when tom cotton said shut down the flights from china, he said it was a total overreaction. it was hysterical. the president ended up being right. so he was behind the curve on absolutely everything. >> ainsley: what did he say to president xi and what was president xi's response? >> steve: we don't know. according to what the white house is now saying they simply addressed it. and president biden apparently talked about there needs to be transparency when it comes to the origins of covid. >> brian: yeah, that will happen. >> steve: keep in mind. of our three intel units for the united states security structure, one or two of them said, you know what in the lab leak kind of makes sense. >> brian: you think so? >> steve: the jury is out on officially but a lot of people have already made up their mind. >> brian: meanwhile china is still doing zero covid tolerance. if you test positive. they are shutting down entire cities. so it's hurting their economy, which i love, but it's hurting the supply chain which i don't.
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>> steve: i was reading this morning, that after the long thanksgiving holiday, there are going to be a number of school districts that will not let kids back into school until they have a negative covid test. >> ainsley: in america? >> steve: yeah, in america. >> brian: unbelievable. >> steve: and elsewhere. 7:13 now here in the east. carley joins us with some news about some unusual vending machines. >> carley: you were talking about health crises affecting the country, fentanyl is one of them. here is a sign of how large this crisis is. narcan vending machines are now popping up all across the country to save lives as fentanyl overdoses soar. one small kentucky town with only a population of 7,000 7,000 residents having to restock. will rough live 75,000 this year. president biden overturns the trump era policy and urges 401(k) investors to prioritize
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green energy investments over profit in 50 days employers will now be able to invest pension money and green industries. this despite 401(k) investors already losing $34,000 on average this year. and take a look at wild body camera video that officer was the first to arrive on scene own life at risk and cpr. quick thinking and bravery for saving the infants life. happened over the summer and shared as part of jacksonville police department week of thanks for first responders. we thank her wholeheartedly. god bless her. look at that video. that baby thankfully was okay. okay. how much do you know about thanksgiving? >> brian: okay. >> carley: let's do a quiz, shall we? we start with this: which
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president moved thanksgiving up a week to allow for more christmas shopping time? was it fdr, jfk. >> brian: can we answer out loud. >> harry truman. >> brian: fdr. >> steve: harry truman. >> ainsley: i will go with hoover. >> ainsley: brian was right fdr. which u.s. president handed down the first official turkey pardon was it bill clinton, george h.w. bush, george w. bush or richard nixon? >> steve: nixon. >> brian: i would say nixon. >> ainsley: all right i have goal with them. >> it is george h.w. bush. finally which holiday classic song was originally met for thanksgiving i thought this was very interesting. silent night. beginning to look a lot like christmas, let it snow or jingle bells, what do you think? >> ainsley: jingle bells. >> steve: i'm going to start with it's beginning to look like christmas. >> brian: which. >> ainsley: steve has to be right. >> carley: go with your
4:17 am
instinct. >> ainsley: it's jingle bells. >> carley: you are right it is jingle bells. >> brian: get this on fox digital. >> carley: i like being the one to give the answers because i look right. i actually knew the turkey pardon one. >> brian: we thought alex trebek knew everything. >> carley: teleprompters are the best. happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> steve: jingle bells. >> brian: president joe biden green lighting another delay for student loan payments as judges sort out his $400 billion handout. steve: plus, a chicago reporter is taking mayor lori lightfoot to court. why he claims she is violating his first amendment rights. a story you got to hear coming up shortly on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ find your beat
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♪ ♪ >> my administration has been working to provide student debt relief to millions of working and middle class families across the country but republican special interest and elected officials sued to deny this relief, even for their own constituents, but it isn't fair to ask tens of millions to have borrowers eligible for relief to resume their student debt payments while the courts consider the lawsuit. >> brian: was he awake when he was reading that? president joe biden again extending the pause on student loan payments for up to six more months as debt relief plan remains blocked in court because it's unconstitutional, i might add. this move could cost $140 billion making total cost of awz pausing these payments nearly $200 billion. this is nuts. all on the taxpayer's dime.
4:23 am
fox business reporter jackie deangelis join us now. jacqui, they act like students have it so bad but they haven't been paying all along. >> carley: this is the eighth time these payments have been paused. if you think about what the odd gin of the pausing was, it was the pandemic. people were facing hardship. weren't working. why aren't t able to pay them to years later. this is about giving free money out to people to get them to turn out in the election. >> brian: and they did. >> some did. and here we are. and to call this deeply unfair that's what the secretary of education said it was why is if unfair. people went out, they borrowed this money, they should be paying it back. right now these are spending payments that they are not paying, let's put it that way almost like stimulus checks. they are running up inflation. why is it fair that other people worked through school and paid their loans down. >> brian: what about mortgages i'm having hard time paying my mortgage this high. got laid off from your job. this is unbelievable that you
4:24 am
cherry pick students because you want the younger vote or he was against this originally, now he is totally flipped on it. meanwhile, let's talk about ftx, we found -- yes, ftx. we found out that there is some assets to sell, perhaps, that they have a huge apartment buildings and houses, at least fox was able to learn. does that show that some of these people that invested so heavily and lost everything will be whole? >> well, let's talk about what we are looking at here, the top 50 creditors are owed $3 billion. and i don't think we are talking about that much in real estate assets. so i don't think anybody is going to be made whole. some money may go back to investors to help them out with this. a lot of money feels like it went up in smoke. there is three prongs to this that you have to think about. the first is the fact that customer funds were used from an exchange to purchase real estate assets and make heavy investment bets, right? and leverage and whatnot that you can't really do that on any exchange that has nothing to do with crypto.
4:25 am
then they created this token that's something we can talk about regulation in the future. how do you create an asset. how duval it? they should have been watched so they weren't prong up the value. the third piece was, allegedly, they were cooking the books so that when they were getting big investors come in they made it look like their balance sheet was much higher than it was. this company at one time was valued at $40 billion. >> brian: so, i want you to hear one of the investors. so everyone thinks it's high profile and see tom brady and all these others recommending it. here is evan on "fox & friends first" today talked about being an investor and trying to get money back. >> lawmakers if they're able to claw back the funds donations to the democrats, to the house that he bought in the bahamas, it all adds up. crypto as a form of value, good thing about crypto you can see where all the funds went, at least very open. the last few days been seeing companies and researchers coming out and tracking where all the funds went. it would really come down to how
4:26 am
much of experienced con man or a fraud sam bankman-fried is. >> brian: money is gone. some hacked away or flat out stolen. >> evaporated. is he in the bahamas. hearings are ongoing in the united states to try to figure out where we go from here. having said that the $40 million in campaign donations to the democrats make a lot of people sit back and say why hasn't he been charged? if this was somebody else, they would have thrown the book at him already. you have to ask these questions when you are dealing with this kind of money. >> brian: absolutely. jackie deangelis, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: idaho town remains on edge more than a week after four college students were killed in their sleep. a man who lives near the victim's house joins us live. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> steve: we have some new video that shows some of the lighter moments in the young lives of those four idaho college students who were murdered more than a week ago and gives our first look inside that house. that's the house it happened in. >> brian: officials are set to update the public on the investigation later today but gruesome killings have people living there on edge.
4:31 am
>> ainsley: joining us now jeremy reagan a third year law student at the university of idaho college of law who lives near the victim's house. good morning to you, jeremy. >> good morning. >> explain what you are seeing when you are driving through the neighborhood? what's going on and what do you know about the people who live there? >> i didn't know any of the person who lived in that house. i had seen them going and out of the house a couple times as i would take my dog out to go to the bathroom and ever since this incident happened i use withed to see people in the field across from the apartment complex. after this happened it seems like a ghost town. only people i really see are police and media. it's really strange that everyone in that neighborhood has sort of left for thanksgiving earlying or left for the rest of the semester or whatever their plans are.
4:32 am
strange that only police and media around there at this point. >> jeremy, the police are obviously there. have police or investigators gone around the neighborhood and knocked on the doors and said hey, did you see anything? what do you mean? do you have any video? yeah around noon when it happened we got the vandal aletter to stay sheltered in place about an hour or two after that officer front row of arms at least where i live and asked if we had any footage or if he had seen anything the night before or if we had heard anything, and that's the only contact i have had so far was just that one time that the officer came by. >> brian: how would you characterize what's around you? it looks like a very wooded area are there a lot of deep woods arranged you where you could see people going in and out without being seen? >> for the most part what can
4:33 am
you see behind the house there is that little wooded hill there for the most part houses and apartments other than that little area right there. yeah. >> ainsley: how scared are you and your neighbors? i mean, this person who did this is still on the loose. >> i definitely don't feel comfortable. not necessarily as scared because the cops said that it seems like a targeted, identifies lated incident and i sort of believe that based on the if a fact that two of the people in the house were unharmed. but, yeah, obviously anyone that can just go out and kill four people is a danger to the community. and i sort of mentioned in the last interview i did that i hope that he is caught preferably before i get back from thanksgiving break. but, yeah, it's definitely just an uneasy feeling being around there. >> steve: we're all looking for more information to figure out who did. this jeremy reagan, thank you very much for joining us today.
4:34 am
>> ainsley: thanks, jeremy. >> thank you. >> steve: 27 minutes now before the top of the hour on this wednesday before thanksgiving, coming up, chicago's embattled mayor lori lightfoot at the centered of a lawsuit for strange reporter of his press kent, that reporter is going to join us live to join us with his first amendment fight with the mayor of chicago. ♪ resh. i call it dinner and a show! look at that sizzle. mmm. grilled right in front of you. it's a jersey mike's thing. what makes every stearns & foster® mattress so incredibly comfortable? it's in the details. combining time honored craftsmanship with luxurious materials. like intricately quilted fabrics and rich velvet trim. every detail curated, for indulgent comfort, exceptional quality, and a beautifully designed mattress.
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look at that freshly sliced turkey! at jersey mike's there's some things you just gotta see. like those lovebirds over there. mhmm mmmmm. that's deep eatin'. sliced right in front of you. it's a jersey mike's thing. ♪ no, sir, no, sir. no, sir. you will stop speaking. you will stop speaking. you're -- you're full of crap. >> steve: oh, man. in may, embattled chicago mayor lori lightfoot berating a journalist saying he is full of crap who pressed her about the rhetoric of this tweet. quote: to my friends in the lgbtq plus community, the supreme court is coming for us
4:39 am
next. this moment has to be a call to arms. a few months after that that reporter was stripped of his press credentials after mayor lightfoot accused him of assaulting her security detail. william kelly is now suing the democrat mayor and the reporter himself joins us right now from chicago. will, good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me, steve. >> steve: so, to remind people, during the pandemic, she suspended all in-person press conferences. when they started having them where you guys were back in the press briefing room with her, you were the one asking the hard questions. she didn't like it. >> i was asking the obvious questions, and as she lost her temper, every single time, the videos went viral, millions of comments, likes and shares, but now mayor lightfoot is in re-election mode and she doesn't want any more questions to go
4:40 am
viral. she revoked my credentials. this is a very serious constitutional crisis in the city of chicago. and she wants to, you know, win this case against me and then expand this attack on the first amendment to all the reporters who ask her real questions or any reporter dare to ask a real question of a powerful politician we have some of your exchanges with the mayor. we want to show folks the kind of questions you ask. watch. >> the real reason we don't have the tourism or the conventions is because of violent crime. you issued a violent tweet, call to arms. will you rescind your call to arms tweet? in the light of the mass shooting in downtown chicago, as stupid as you think that may be? >> no, sir, i will not -- i will not stand down. you are not going to talk over me. that's not the rules here in this press conference.
4:41 am
if you don't want to abide by those rules can you take your nonsense some place else because i'm about full up with you. [applause] all you have to do is walk up and down. >> no, sir. >> no, sir, no, sir, no, sir, no, sir. you will stop speaking. you will stop speaking. >> michigan avenue. >> you are full of crap. >> steve: okay. there you go. very pointed. she'll didn't like your questions. so, how -- why did the superintendent of the chicago police then revoke your credentials? >> well, that is the way the system is set up in the city of chicago, surprise. the politically appointed police superintendent issues the media credentials. so, essentially, he decides who is a real reporter and who isn't. the problem is, that, you know, he sat down and wrote me a letter telling me he was revoking my media credentials when the police department is down 1500 officers. we have out-of-control crime
4:42 am
epidemic. police suicide is at an all-time high and he is, you know, he is taking time out of his day to write me a letter telling me that he is revoking my media credentials. i think the priorities are completely out of whack here, steve. and the first amendment, thankfully, you know, elon musk restored the first amendment on twitter, in chicago, the first amendment is on life support if not dead. and, you know, they say you can't fight city hall, but, we need to fight city hall to restore the first amendment. if we're going to have an honest election. >> steve: and you are fighting city hall. this is in federal court. william, keep us posted on what happens, all right? >> 100 percent yes, thank you. >> steve: he has a website reporter william j. 18 minutes now before the top of the hour. carley joins us with that headline out of virginia. >> that's right, steve. we will start here with a fox news alert. six people shot to death late last night at a walmart in chesapeake, virginia. the shooter is reportedly a
4:43 am
store manager is now dead. at least five additional people have been rushed to area hospitals, the mayor tweeting: i am devastated by the senseless act of violence that took place late last night in our city. chesapeake is a tight-nit community and we are all shaken by this news. together we will support each other throughout this time. police are set to provide an update at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. an attorney for the driver who slammed into a massachusetts apple store on monday claims his client's foot got stuck on the gas pedal. the car wreck leaving one dead and at least 16 others injured. the driver is being charged with reckless homicide and is held on $100,000 cash bail. and did you hear about this? in washington, d.c., great school kids must show a negative covid test after thanksgiving break in order to return to the classroom. mayor muriel bowser continuing this strict health policy for schools even after the cdc eased its recommendations on routine
4:44 am
screenings. it is a stressful week for travel. one california airport is hiring musicians to help keep spirits merry and bright. ♪ jingle bells ♪ jingle bells ♪ jingle all the way ♪ o what fun it is to fluid a one horse slope and sleigh. >> carley: a as steve points out it is a thanksgiving song. he will roam through the airport and entertain through thanksgiving. i like that idea. >> janice: i feel bad for him. i do, because it's going to be a lot of people. and i don't know if he th l be really happy. >> they may be grumpy. >> might be grumpy. >> janice: we have a storm system that's going to impact travel. you know that fox we'll give you all the latest details. input each city you are traveling to and look ahead to all of your forecast details. here are your current temperatures.
4:45 am
we are setting the stage for this next system, a polar jet is going to sink as far as south as the southern plains, this area of low pressure is going to bring not only snow but rain, even some severe storms, that's happening on thursday. then friday we have got the heavy snow that's going to come on the back side of this, and this little low is going to impact millions of folks from the southern plains to the mid-atlantic and the northeast on sunday. so, the bottom line is, yep, it's going to be heavy rain. it's going to be thunderstorms, and some big time snow across the west, and you need to prepare for some delays. now, today, if you are traveling, really good, you are not going to be mad at the guy singing at the airport, but thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, unfortunately, is going to be not great. here are your air travel statistics. we have 400 delays already. over 1,000 flights on route, 26,000 cancellations. chicago not looking good. there is the outlook for the
4:46 am
macy's thanksgiving parade. on friday wet weather moving. in better day on saturday and on sunday the northeast is going to get very wet and then some snow behind it. so, the bottom line is, fox as you covered. home for the holidays, we will make sure you are at the airport but we can't control the delays or the cancellations. i a am so sorry. all right, steve, over to you. >> steve: everybody is traveling to get home for turkey day. >> janice: correct. >> steve: thank you very much, janice. i would like to say thank you to the fox news viewers for making the doocy's family simply happy cookbook america's number one cookbook this thanksgiving. you know, with 100 simple new delicious recipes, it is now the perfect holiday gift for anybody who loves to cook and anybody who loves to eat. so, get your copy today at simply happy and thank you very, very much. still ahead, a record number of people are set to travel this thanksgiving from jam-packed airports to busy roads. we have got your holiday travel
4:47 am
forecast as you look live in chicago. people are getting out of town over the river and through the woods to grandma's house they're going. ♪ ♪ ♪ over the last 100 years, lincoln's witnessed a good bit of history. even made some themselves. makes you wonder... what will they do for an encore? ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: we are back with quick headlines, are parts way manchester united. the super star comes after he criticized in an interview with very own piers more van. >> they are trying to get rid of you. >> yes. i feel betrayed and some people don't want me not only this year but last year, too. >> carley: 37-year-old forward will now have to find a new club after what is expected to be his
4:52 am
final world cup with portugal. and princess kate diaz as well as in the lover's knot tiara in a banquet held in honor of south africa's president at the buckingham palace. the gelled head band favorite of mother-in-law diana. other rules were also on hand. the lover's knot. ainsley, over to you. >> thank you so much, carley. airports across america jam-packed on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> brian: today is one of the busiest? this is a live look at the security line at chicago o'hare airport. 450 million americans hitting the skies and the roads for this thanksgiving holiday. >> steve: jeff flock from our sister network fox business is not at the airport. is he behind the wheel at the pennsylvania turnpike right now. >> ainsley: be careful. >> steve: as you can see there is an 18-wheeler that is passing him to the left. jeff e keep an eye on that road.
4:53 am
that's right. >> no kidding. usually i drive with my knees. today on television we are going to keep it on the wheel hans on the wheel. yeah. it's busy although look at the pennsylvania turnpike front windshield of the car. sunny. good day to travel. numbers, yeah, they are going to be big. the third busiest thanksgiving travel in history, we think. 54 million as you report on planes, trains and automobiles. most of them in automobiles. that despite the high gas prices. take a look at the numbers on the gas prices. we're at 360 now although it's down 3 cents on the national average overnight about 15 cents down in the last week. still, though, the busy or the most expensive thanksgiving gas in history but the a.a.a. tells us hey, people don't seem to care. they want to go where they want to go this thanksgiving and be with family. take a listen. >> we are seeing inflation, we are seeing higher gas prices but
4:54 am
that's not holding people back from travel. we are seeing people make adjustments to their budget in other areas, perhaps dining out less or not shopping as much when they go out to do errands. >> and i leave you with the prices of speaking of inflation of air, fares and hotels that up about 22% for air fares, 17% for hotels. quite a bit of construction on the turnpike i don't know. lincoln can you show them the construction out here. they are working the day before thanksgiving, making the roads bigger and better so we can get more people on the road. guys? happy thanksgiving. >> brian: jeff, do you have an e.z. pass or are you actually paying the tools? >> oh, no. there is an e.z. pass right there. steve: very nice. recommendation that's from illinois. i'm all good. i'm legal. >> steve: they all work. can't have you lincoln the camera guy putting it on.
4:55 am
>> ainsley: you are making us very nervous. >> i'm very capable. >> steve: put your hands back on the wheel. >> ainsley: 10 and 2. >> steve: he is driving with his wheels again. >> no. >> steve: are you driving toward your holiday turkey dinner somewhere, i hope? >> i got to turn around. i'm headed toward pittsburgh right now and nobody wants to go to pittsburgh. i better not say that. >> steve: yeah, don't say that i'm going to turn back around. >> ainsley: what are you doing for thanksgiving, jeff? [lost audio] >> brian: we'll never know. >> steve: apparently somebody from pittsburgh was in transmission. [laughter] >> brian: unbelievable. >> steve: he is turning around, he is going home. >> brian: sorry about that frank owe harris. >> ainsley: we are staying on a fox news alert out of virginia. at least six people shot dead inside a walmart. authorities are set to give an update at the top of the hour. we will bring you that live. ♪
4:56 am
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>> if we realize it was an activist situation. >> multiple dad and wounded after a shooting in a walmart. >> they will go over every inch of the season. seem. >> no video showing inside the home where those four students were stabbed. >> 646 tips. >> they look into that kaylee had a stocker. >> my impression is this is
5:00 am
someone who had a lot of anger toward the victim. >> held a press conference is where he took aim. >> secretary mayorkas does not resign. see if they can begin. >> dr. fauci's final appearance of the briefing room goes off the rails. >> i'm done. >> biggest question of our life time. where did coca-cola come from, dr. fauci? >> and for australia! ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: we start with the fox news alert, six people shot to death overnight at a virginia walmart. the shooter reportedly a store manager also died. speed one governor glenn youngkin pledging all to help, we will go to it. speech are so many details we don'


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