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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 23, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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control and doesn't have to be democratic or republican, we need proper policies and programs. >> been going on far too long, thank you, we appreciate you coming on. that will be it for us today, thanks for watching. tomorrow we got a special thanksgiving edition of "your world," hug your family tomorrow. "the five" startses now. >> hi, i'm judge jeanine pirro, jessica, and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> it wouldn't be the holiday season without one final scare from anthony fauci. the lockdown lover bidding farewell as president biden's chief medical advisor while doing his best to prevent you
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from enjoying your thanksgiving feast. fauci making his final guest appearance the white house briefing and sounding like it is still 2020. >> what do you say about the word mask now? >> i know when you walk in and you have a mask and nobody has a mask, you feel guilty, you shouldn't feel guilty, you should field terrific, the real danger is people that have not been vaccinated. if we're going to see a problem this winter, it is among those people. my message and final message, maybe the final message i give from the podium is please for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated covid-19 shot. >> it looks like fauci must have missed key new detail warning america. according to "washington post," for the first time ever, vaccinated people make up majority of covid deaths by 58% and while the white house can't let go of covid, another huge
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health crisis and sweeping across the country. farm cystses are running out of children's tylenol after crippling antibiotic shortage as more kids are being hospitalized with rsv, a respiratory virus. lawrence, were you happy or sad it was fauci's last press conference? >> i think most of america is excited about fauci leaving, it wasn't always that way. i think the american public and people in the media and us at fox, praised fauci in the beginning. it was lies that did the marker for him. he is the type of liar that lies because i want to help you and it started with masks. if you remember, we didn't have a mask issue before, people were rushing to the store, hoarding the supply, everybody wanted a mask. fauci went out and said masks don't work, people stopped
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getting them, that wasn't true. the mask didn't work was a lie. they wanted to hoard the supply for people working in the hospital, he could have just said that. then the vaccine, if you get the vaccine, you can't die from covid, we knew that was a lie. he said he wanted people to get the vaccine and the final thing and this is one that we still need answers on, when it came to gain of function, he know for a fact we funded that research, he played semantic game with rand paul, they needed to get ahead. >> one question, one final question was to fauci, can you tell us about the origin of covid, fair question, given millions died across the world and there was like defense from karine jean-pierre, which i'm going to ask greg about, i'll go to you on the issue of why was
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that something that he shouldn't have to answer? >> his division at government was funneling through the eco-health alliance to the lab that could be the site, likely the site of tcoronavirus. he will get called on this. >> jeanine: take a listen. >> dr. fauci, only 13% of -- >> hold on one second. >> we have a process here. i'm not calling out on people who yell. >> she has a valid question asking about covid. >> i hear the question. >> dr. dr. fauci is the best person to answer this. >> i hear your question, this is not the way you want it, this is -- i'm done. simon, i'm done, simon, i'm done with you right now. >> jeanine: i'll let you finish on that thought and go to greg on karine jean-pierre. >> the only nice thing i have to
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say about tony fauci or to tony fauci is bye, don't let the door hit you where it is good lord hits you, i hope the door does hit you, he is contemptible bureau-hack, and the danger is he's perfect example of why somebody should never be in a position of power for that long. he is -- he was to paraphrase brit hume, he is an epidemiologist, should have been in charge of fighting the disease, not our economy issue not children development, not children's education, none of it, trillions of dollars of businesses were destroyed and children have been setback. we are on financial trajectory to horrible burden in the coming decades and he'll never pay the price and i guarantee hew gets a job from some left wing hack.
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>> jeanine: greg, what you didn't mention, money he makes off medical pharmaceuticals. let's talk about karine jean-pierre. she have a right to do what she did and shove people down? we can't ask a decent question? one question the world wants the answer for without running defense for this guy? >> greg: imagine in 2001 if a republican lashed out from the podium and asked about 9/11, what do we know? whoa, this is the most important question in modern history, people should want to know how their relatives died. then again, she is not honest about crime or inflation, can't expect them to be honest about this. they referred fauci as a guest, like he is taylor swift, he is an employee required to ask questions, he is a civil servant
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who makes $80's0 grand from the government alone. you got to bring up trump and do a comparison, he still remains most transparent politician i've ever seen, he still loved the asking questions, even the dumbest questions, he would ask and the dumbest questions get the most interesting answer. the question asked is the question trump was asking. where is this crap coming from? that makes him closer toern ms than say gain of function deniers that are currently trying to cover their ass. america, we can't blame china if we're paying for this, what is going to happen, we may have a little blood on our hands because we're paying for gain of function, which created this thing and jp, amazing she doesn't pretend she's trying to do her job. at least pretend. she is operating under lower
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standards, she ticked the right box and doesn't have to do her job. >> jeanine: she's not great at it, she's a spin doctor, doesn't give information -- >> she hasn't even gone to medical school, not a doctor. >> jeanine: jessica, it was fauci's agency that gave 5 million in new grants for the same wuhan group health alliance despite intelligence assessing it was one of only two explanations and yet everybody on the left is defending him? >> i think there is a difference in defending anthony fauci and saying we should understand where a disease that killed millions of americans came from, i've been consistent on that, i want to know what happened. there are a number of stories about a wet market and ending with most people i talk to, mostly of liberal persuasion, think it came from a lab and
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like to know what happened there, that is real bipartisan agreement we can go to and other western democracy and majority that also fund gain of function research, we are not only one linked with funneling money to the lab. >> jeanine: why is the press secretary not allowing the question to be asked from him? >> that is above my pay grade, what am i supposed to say? i would answer the question or say to my boss, you have to answer this question. >> i talked about line about mask and the vaccine. >> so i think -- >> those are lies. >> you did admit it was other officials of the -- surgeon general who apologized for it, i think that they didn't know what to do when resources were so scarce and doctors and nurses and people who were working in hospitals, needed those masks more than those who could stay
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at home. >> doesn't do that, you don't get to choose who the mask, every life matters, everyone deserves the mask. >> doctors working in the er deserved masks more than me, period, end of story. can i comments, dagen mcdowell said anthony fauci is partisan and served in multiple democratic administration, he is not a partisan hack. stop. stop. to the point about trump being most transparent about this, he is on tape admitting he knew the disease was airborne even though he told americans it wasn't and something about tylenol and rsv, i went to the pediatrician with my daughter and it was the only thing she talked about, keeping kids out of baby classes and playground and infekts each other. i am lucky i bought two bottles of tylenol, that is a serious crisis if the shelves are empty
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of children's tylenol going into the holidays. >> jeanine: the shelves are empty, they are showing all kind of states up the eastern seaboard. >> i hope it doesn't turn into the new formula crisis, that is something, there are no options like before, you can't give a regular dose of any drug, that has to be dealt with. >> remember fauci said aids was airborne and it wasn't, good times. >> or when he focused on the vaccine. >> jeanine: republicans throwing down the guantanamolet over the border, ready to impeach dhs secretary mayorkas. ♪
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♪ >> republicans ready to make heads roll over the disaster president biden created at the border. gop leader kevin mccarthy saying hit the bricks or face impeachment. >> our country may never recover from secretary mayorkas dereliction of duty, if secretary does not resign, house republicans will investigate every order, every action and every failure will determine whether we can begin impeachment inquiry. >> mccarthy has a plan to get democrats to go to the border. >> no longer will members have to come to the border to tour, we will hold our hearings at the
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border so democrats can no longer hide from the crisis they created. >> claiming republicans are playing politics and have a plan. >> we've partnered with mexico and guatemala to tackle criminal smuggling, preying on immigrantses and resulted in thousands of arrests because of the work this president has condition, he brought 20 leaders together to manage the immigration challenge impacting the whole western hemisphere and we're stopping fentanyl before it makes it to the streets of the united states. we have a plan, we've been putting forward, mccarthy has no plan. the republican party has no plan, they do nothing except political stupts. >> greg: judge, what are your plans for thanksgiving? >> jeanine: can you give me a ride to where we're going? >> greg: you bet you, i can't drive, i will be in the back
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seat drinking a bottle. she says they have a plan, that doesn't sound like a plan to me, what do you think? >> jeanine: she said we have a solution, we said it here, the ways to deal with this, karine jean-pierre, you got the house, the senate, the oval, what plan do you have? you have no plan, more spin. i feel like when this woman gets up to speak to the public, it is like a school teacher who doesn't know the topic who is yelling at students if they dare ask a question. here is the real issue here, she said we call together these countries, mexico and guatemala and preventing fentanyl from hitting the streets in the united states. are you stupid? you are doing that? not only are they not doing it, in this western hemisphere conference, they did not have cuba, nicaragua, el salvador, guatemala, honduras and the president of mexico, she can spin all she wants, nothing they
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are doing is making a bit of difference. >> greg: fentanyl thing is impossible, you can't stop fentanyl at the border, you can put it anywhere and kill 20 million people. it is not like marijuana, fentanyl can't be stopped. jessica, do you think given the choice maker has, will he go for peachment or hit the bricks? >> jessica: i think he will go for it, mccarthy or mayorkas? >> greg: mayorkas, will he resign? >> jessica: i don't think so, he said i am not resigning and there are number of democrats like katie hobbs, henry cuellar saying the same thing, the democrats do not have a solid perspective on what is going on and always interesting and gallo and cuellar, have been saying this a couple years now.
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you get like a fresh six monthses right after election, where people speak their mind and talk about issues that matter to voters and they have a new mandate that has been elected and katie hobbs talking about immigration at the border. in terms of mccarthy holding hearings down there, it will be easy to paints as a stunt on the democratic side of things, this is unifying issue for republicans which they usually don't find. everybody cares about this, whether a trump supporter to most moderate republican. it is smart from that perspective, i don't see mayorkas resigning. >> greg: it is crossing the party divide, do you believe that is a stunt going down to the border, like jessica says? >> jessica: you don't have to say it so evilly. >> i don't believe it is a stunts, i shift messaging with
2:21 pm
the republicans. they have been running on safety and that hasn't worked, border towns, been able to split seats and get democrats on the city council that changed position, on a national stage, that hasn't really won people over. you got to change it to be about the illegal migrantses, take people to the scene of the crime, take them to big bend, you smell the rotting bodies issue you don't know where they are because of the trail they take. take them to local communitieses, there is no food in the pantries, unt strass have run out of food and running out of rooms because they store migrantses there. paint the picture of what migrants go through, honestly, host one in the back of an 18-wheeler. stay there for three minutes and see how you feel. people stay there for hours and sometimes days. you got to show what migrantses,
2:22 pm
the left is good when it comes to compassion, if it is misplaced at times. >> remember when aoc was crying at the border, never forget that moment. >> take her to the real fences and interview the young girls that are raped along the journey. it is not a stunt when you take them to different stages of the crime. this is a criminal enterprise and you got to show people the destination and what it takes to get to the destination. >> greg: the reason for a hearing is to talk about the whip, right? isn't that like, mayorkas you could, he is an inept person, you can tell, but if he threw all his employees under the bus, he tried to destroy agent lives by acting as though he didn't know it wasn't a whip. isn't that something worthy of
2:23 pm
investigation >> dagen: he knew it was a lie when he said it and the vice president of the united states said it and castigated border agents on horseback and compared to slavery where it was a lie and the president of the united states stood behind presidential steel and repeated that lie about the whipping of the migrants and to compare and contrast, that is the only time biden and his cal us cronies got angry was when it benefited them politically and they stood up there and they lied about border agents whipping hatian migrants. they have not gotten angry about women being raped or about children drowning and people suffocating to death in the back of a tractor trailer and the cartels and the human traffickers and the drug traffickers prospering from the wide-open border and then tens of thousands of people dying
2:24 pm
from fentanyl poisoning every year, they have not shed one tear about that, but they did get angry to pedal a lie to discredit our border agents. >> greg: all right, gutfeld destroys jessica tarlov. >> shoes being thrown. >> greg: president biden giving borrowers a break in the $400 billion student loan handout.
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>> the judge doesn't know who nat king collins is. >> jeanine: i know who that is.
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>> more student debt after bribing young voters ahead of the midterm. pause on the handout as it faces serious legal challenges and biden blaming republicans. >> president biden: provide student loan debt relief, officials sued to deny this relief, even for their own constituents, i'm confident my plan is legal, it is not fair to ask borrowers eligible for relief to resume student debt pandemic while the courts consider the lawsuit. >> judge, before i go into the bribe, how does this play out in court? >> jeanine: it will play out in court and he'll lose, amazing thing, forget the bribe, he lied to the american people, do you recall when he said i got this passed by congress and passed by one or two votes.
2:30 pm
he lied about it, gave him a bump for the midterm and start trashing the republicans saying the republicans are making us -- putting a halt on this i think this, the truth is, it is costing $195 billion so far, as i understand it and the average medical student that we thought get 10,000, 20,000 at the most, they get like $107,000 credit based on all the pauses and based on an emergency that does not exist. that's it. [laughter] >> all i have to say. >> jessica, your friend and mentor nancy pelosi, said he couldn't do that. what happened? what changed? >> jessica: times change, lawrence, peep evolve. a lot of people said this wasn't legal, a lot said it wasn't legal, elizabeth warren have
2:31 pm
been behind this. biden changed the direction of this and follows clyburn and it became a major piece of legislation he thought was important, we'll see how it plays out. i'm interested to see how republicans who have gen-z in their district and millennials will benefit from this deal with it. you see people on the campaign trail, democrats have been in power, and you see them touting infrastructure money coming in or american rescue act money and these are things they voted against. how do you look students in the eye or former students and say, you got to tell them you are happy about this, it will get you relief that you need, but you voted against it and people hold folks accountable for things like that and three issues mattered to young voters, it was climate, student debt relief and abortion and
2:32 pm
republicans have a hard time explaining lack of support for all three. >> greg: you can explain this to a young person, they are not as stupid as you think they are, they understand other people are paying for this. when they did this they found people were going to spend their money on gadgetry, booze and dining out, so basically you are taking money from hard-working americans to pay for idle luxury of over educated lay-abouts and acting like that is relee, playing games with relief. we're the chumps, so easy to be generous, if you run into a young person. why would i be against it? why would i be against that? that money should be yours and you should get relief? why be against it? it is taking from somebody else, that is somebody else's money. i think this is a good
2:33 pm
opportunity to teach people where, how redistribution works and how this is sheft and why it is unconstitutional. i would prefer if somebody were to do this, go after banks and high interest rates and colleges, who encourage people toic tathe most absurd majors and take the loans and i wonder if you are going to school right now, you got to be thinking, i'm not paying off those loans, this will happen again, it is only to build it back up. >> jeanine: borrowers with debt unaffected by forgiveness are exempted, too. >> dagen: for 33 months been moratorium on making student loan pandemics and no interest accruing on the loan, in number one, it is another hand out, that is a bail out, when you defer a loan with no interest accruing on the loan, it is declining in real value because
2:34 pm
of the inflation. >> greg talks about declining value of money, it upon hads borrowers, the burden is not just $150 billion plus because interest is not accruing on loans, this is wildly idiotically inflationary at time the federal reserve is hiking interest rates to the moon to fight the inflation. what is happening? people who don't have, there is a financial burden somewhere, if you go to buy a car with a lease, your rate is going through the roof because the fed fighting inflation because joe biden is handing out money. if your home is going to collapse in value next year because of the inflation and because of the federal reserve is fighting it, all these financial burdens that people will feel and bear because of what biden is doing -- >> they don't care it helped
2:35 pm
them last election. >> straight ahead woke warriors coming after thanksgiving and complaining your meals contribute to again, climate change, that is next on "the five." don't go anywhere.
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took my shirt off for the first time in 25 years. it's golo. it's all golo. it's smarter, it's better, it will change your life forever. ♪ >> dagen: woke warriors want to make you miserable this thanksgiving. "washington post" getting mocked for assessing the climate impact of every food at your table, others want to rename the holiday, tweeting happy indigenous survivors day, f thanksgiving. other activists are pushing the name thanks taking and gather at plymouth rock for national day of mourning to highlight the treatment of indigenous people throughout history.
2:40 pm
one of these folks said he was leaving twitter and came back to tweet that. >> greg: amazing, somebody told me yesterday he's playing a movie star and that is, i think wrong, isn't that cultural appropriation? i can't remember who. i love the story, perfect sim biotic relationship for haters and for , haters create click bait for whiney block post or articles and we get content for a slow thanksgiving week. it isun if. everybody who celebrates thanksgiving, they aren't doing it for the history, they are doing it for the family, my guess and it goes back to whatever his name is, people who do this stuff, their family hate them. they can write off thanksgiving, nobody wants to be around them, right? they think that everybody is doing this for political reason, i celebrate thanksgiving because of the pilgrims.
2:41 pm
i don't even know what the pilgrims are to be hon efts with you, what are they? >> who knows. >> jessica: not much anymore. >> these people don't eat the food, they're vegan, this holiday doesn't matter to them. honestly issue the left is so not fun anymore, it used to be you throw the best parties, great time and now letting the crusty republicans take over. >> people still do it. >> jeanine: the left are not making sense anymoring, a reporter said teach your kids to eat insectses, they are so upset about emissions. >> greg: what they heard, crickets. >> jeanine: matter of time before they say get rid of cows issue get rid of people who are over 70 because of emission,
2:42 pm
question of when they get to you, they hate everything and everyone and they hate the country. thanksgiving, nothing to be thankful for, really? >> moving from green bean casserole to hating the entire country. >> greg: i hate green bean casserole. >> jeanine: it's a slippery slope, thank you. >> i don't think these things are real, i get it, this woman's name, remember the politico europe article, the emissions toll of the war in ukraine? >> jeanine: yeah. >> dagen: everyone is going to keep fighting that are wa, no matter what level of pollutants come out, it is click bait, i would never say it is slow news week or our producers had us talk about something that is not meaningful. fun. >> greg: that is how slow it is, i had to do it on my show. >> and tonight? >> greg: no two days in a row.
2:43 pm
>> how fun liberals are, good comedians are -- >> not true. >> they are libberlibertarians. >> jeanine: get this straight. >> greg: blow off the five. >> no. >> what? >> no wonder you have never been on greg's show. >> greg: she was great, i enjoyed it, never again. gutfeld bans jessica tarlov in heated discussion. >> we love jessica. >> best meal for vegetarians and vegan, everything can be, all the sides. >> greg: you're vegan. >> not in my texas household. >> jeanine: not in mine either. >> greg: turkey is gross, isn't it gross? >> it is. >> you ever killed one? >> you are vegan? >> vegetarian. >> oh, we got to go on that note. >> yeah, >> perfect.
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2:49 pm
there? sacrificed people, sacrificed virgins, dancing is not the worst thing that happened on this pyramid. watching the mob, they look like they were going to sacrifice her. it is weird, don't you think? >> it is not weird. >> greg: they should be dancing and having raids. >> i wish americans would do that when they come after our monuchlts, this is pride. >> greg: we don't have monuments where they kill people. >> dagen: it is wrong i was hoping she would get struck by lightning or like a stone would break off and she would fall and tumble to her demise, is that wrong? >> for the video? >> dagen: people die taking selfies, get near the cliff, whoa. >> greg: she blamed booze, why
2:50 pm
blame it on alcohol. >> jeanine: i suspect she was drunk. they are entitled to have something old protected and she looked drunk. >> sloppy. >> greg: judge, a lot of people who are drunk and don't drink on pyramids. >> jeanine: that is true, never get to mexico, it doesn't say she gets jailed, she shouldn't do this, it is old -- scombl place they kill people. >> you got to be kidding me, tsa workers find cat inside luggage, the tabby climbed into the bag on her own, it is crazy this wasn't this person's cat. >> jeanine: where was he this cat snuck into his luggage? first thing i thought. sometimes my dogs, in years past, would step in luggage. they are too big, could never get away with it.
2:51 pm
i don't know about this. >> greg: that is not worst thing that could be found in your bag. >> jeanine: you could tell us what is worse? >> no, we got to go. >> i almost packed a vacuum cleaner. >> that was not a vacuum cleaner. >> the cat was trying to escape the owner. >> it was zipped up. >> i hope he doesn't have kids. >> probably drunk. >> drunk and high. >> one more thing up next -- ♪ ♪ get up, get up tonight. ♪ ♪
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2:56 pm
>> dagen: fox weather has you covered coast to coast. kendall smith from fox weather is here with your forecast. >> hey, dagen, how are you doing? we are just a few hours away from thanksgiving. fox weather we are tracking a significant storm system that will be bringing multitude of hazards. heavy rain for folks especially in the central and southern plains and this system is going to stretch all the way into the great lakes and unfortunately live going to be bringing some snow to locations in the texas panhandle like amarillo, potentially anywhere between 3 to 5 inches of snow by the time it's all said and done. flash flooding is going to be the big concern for folks traveling along the i corridor. we have the threat to see some strong to marginally severe storms. also for folks in southeastern texas and southwestern louisiana. biggest concern, strong damaging winds upwards of 65 miles per hour. elsewhere across the country, the northeast and mid-atlantic are looking nice. temperatures will remain mild,
2:57 pm
lots of sunshine, as well as as the west coast from seattle down through los angeles, temperatures ranging from the 50's, 60's and 70s. and don't forget to download the free fox weather app. to get the very latest on your thanksgiving holiday forecast, and also, you can watch fox weather live at any time on all of your. >> greg? >> tonight, great show, great show. julie banderas, buck sexton, johnny joey jones, kat timpf. tune. in let's do, this greg's i don't really know what is happening here but it's almost thanksgiving and i just want to go home. take a look at this video. kind of strange. two snakes getting tangled up together. it's not a weird perverted thing either, lawrence, so get your mind the oof the gutter. i think they are fighting. >> jessica: is that a thing that snakes do? >> greg: i don't know do i look like a snakologist? >> judge jeanine: how do you know it's not weird and
2:58 pm
perverted? >> greg: i have been on the beach for a long time. it's like? all right. you done? >> no i think i want to keep going. i want to know more about the weather. >> a shutout to the press foundation. they are going to be hosting dinners starting free meals for military and first responders this season. i would also like to congrats local on the 8s late its founder ken faulk on being inducted into the u.s. veterans hall of fame. they just launched a fundraising drive called operation struggle well with the hopes of sending 1500 heroes through their programs. they take on crises like suicide and stress that is so rampant among military and first responders. to say learn more about bolder crest mission. donate or get involved. bolder great organization. they need your help. >> that is awesome. >> beautiful. >> thank you. all right, lawrence, just for that you go next. >> lawrence: it was in the prompter. all right. tomorrow 4:00 p.m. eastern time, the giants take on had america's
2:59 pm
team the dallas cowboys watch it on fox. don't miss it. also saturday night 10:00 p.m. eastern time lj cross-country live in idaho to try to get answers on this ured m hopefully get something from the police. families want answers. >> and they are entitled to them. jessica? >> jessica: so, after the all-american christmas tree lighting, i got to go attend a screening of steven spielberg's new movie the fable men which he wrote and directed tony kushner about his own life. gabrielle, paul williams and more. it's awesome. comes out this weekend. all about how steven spielberg found his art traces his whole history how he started out with the tiny camera. how his parents invested in him but crazy stories about his parents' marriage and what happened and the panel after steven spielberg tony kushner moderated incredible. amazing experience.
3:00 pm
i hope you all go see it. he is a genius. >> greg: what's your favorite spielberg movie? >> jessica: jaws. >> judge jeanine: how about you, dagen. >> dagen: i'm going to cat parent's house. i'm not joking. jessica jessica i'm going to be with my family. >> judge jeanine: you are going to where i am. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: hey, judge, happy thanksgiving i'm grateful for "the five." terror at walmart, a team leader opens fire on his co-workers. we'll have a live report there. hitting the road pre-pandemic level travel for this thanksgiving holiday but everything costs much more. and deaths from above. russia continues to pound ukraine with missiles killing civilians. ♪ but, first, breaking tonight, police in idaho laying out a


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