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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  November 27, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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i'm now on rumble. every time i watch the dan bongino show i think rumble. dan is always ready to rumble. "unfiltered" ready to star dan: tonight on this special edition of "unfiltered." thanksgiving wee weekend is almt over. now it's time to looked towards christmas. democrats have been feasting. i will break down examples their disgraceful lies pushed before the election and said just
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kidding afterward. the republican took control of the house. i have another debate for you coming up. farewell dr. fauci. your more than five decades in government are finally coming to an end. we'll make a final attempt to sort out his science with a doctor who has been right about covid all along. criminals are not taking the holidays off. we'll have self-defense tips to keep you and your family safe as you head to the stores at christmas. the liberal media love to tell you a story but not the story. they are not the same thing. they pick and choose what to report. they set the table with all their favor bs dishes. not only do these hacks in the
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media fail to correct, they recycle garbage debunked talking points. tonight i will show you examples of the media passing on a blatant high. the latest bombshell report about hunter biden's laptop. laughable break from twitter, cbs news did its own investigative work. >> cbs news obtained its data not through a third party for political operative. but directly to the source who told us they provided it to the fbi unsubpoena. when did a forensic review to determine its authenticity. dan: you just figured that it
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out that it was brought to the store by hunter biden, and only took you two years to do that. i showed you proof the laptop was real on this very show. this is the receipt from hunter biden for his laptop build to hunter biden with hunter biden's number, hunter biden's address, and there is hunter biden's signature. thise receipt. are you telling me this is fake? it's a receipt. >> we are coming under a tsunami of disinformation and we need to be able to counter. dan: that receipt may make an appearance later in the show so stay tuned for tonight' rebuttal. if you recall right before the presidential election cbs went
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head-to-head with president trump off the areification of hunter biden's laptop. off course it can be verified. they found the laptop. >> it can't be verified. >> why do you say that. the family on the laptop. he's gone into hiding for five days. dan: how does she still have a job. remember during that interview, sir! this is 60 minutes, sir! remember that. how is she still emmied. just like the "new york times" and washington times. they set the table with the story they wanted to tell you before the election. now after the mid-terms are over they think it's safe to admit now that the laptop we knew was real two years ago is real now.
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what's the worst that can happen now. here is example number two of the media pushing one story before the election and right after the election, oops, my bad. joe biden was made out to be a master negotiator-in-chief to strike a deal with the railroad unions. this was before the election. biden scores a deal on rail strike. what a champ. he scored a deal on a rail strike. look at that guy. he saved america from a catastrophic rail strike except he didn't. now after the election he had the deal air quotes crumble. from "axios," railroad strike looms over hole case after major union rejects deal. i thought joe struck a deal.
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weird how he didn't. if the railroad strikes it will be a massive disruption of the supply chain. i have got more, i'm not done. sheer is example number three the media pushing a lie before the election and an about-face afterward. joe biden botched the illegal student loan bailout program. he was taking a victory lap. then just days after the election. look at that. turns out the student loan bailout is unconstitutional according to a judge in texas. yet they are gill pushing the grift. >> i'm completely confident my plan is legal.
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we'll extend the pause on student loan payments while we seek relief from the courts. dan: even though it's unconstitutional, we are going to proceed anyway to steal your money and give it to your neighbors. it's too late for the gen-zers. the left saying after the election. our bad, just kidding. the worst part of the covid debacle may have been the rollout of the vaccine when trump was campaigning for reelection. the media boot lickers said this. >> would you trust the vaccine.
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>> not from this administration. >> should americans take it and would you take it. >> if donald trump said take it, i'm not taking it. dan: i am not gig you advice on what to put in your body, it's your call. here is how the media set the table. they did an about-face to this narrative. >> let's do it. >> i want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. it's safe. >> the bottom line is this, i promise you, they are safe. they are safe. more important hi, they are extremely effective. >> i got my shot. i was so excited. i was sitting there bawling my eyes out from relief. >> are you scared of getting the
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shot? >> me, too. get a shot. dan: we have a serious problem in this country, democrats are not honest with us, we know that. but they lie to you, they set the table with a bs narrative before the election. after the election they turn around and flip you the double barreled non-family friendly middle finger. it's time for us conservatives to step up and bring it back to the table where it matters. our good friend joe concha. joe, you heard my monologue. when there is a penalty to tell the truth, and after they think they have won, they say here is the real story. >> after the game is over. the press conference tells the losing team, we may have skewed
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that up but you still get that "l." like in diehard *. welcome to the party. that's 769 days and two elections after the "new york post" originally broke this story that cbs came forward. you are right about lesley stahl. she laughed at president trump. she said it can't be verified. and instead you had cbs, "the washington post," cnn moving with this narrative i provided to them by 51 intelligence former officers like john brennan and all those other intelligence officers saying this is russian disinformation. did they get a look at the laptop?
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did they review the evidence. or was the hair standing up on the back of their necks. here is the worst part. when hearings began on january 3 when the new congress comes in, you will see the media dismiss the story. they will mock the story. they will call it political. if this was donald trump, or eric trump we would need another hour of news coverage to cover this story. dan: they would reopen alcatraz to throw the whole family in there. remember when the democrats said vote for us or we'll lose democracy or something. >> this is deadly ernest. democracy is on the ballot. dan: was democracy saved or will things get any bette
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the republicans took the house and the democrats kept the senate. can she expect more of the same crap because it never seems to end. joining me the former deputy press secretary. thank you for coming on the show. i love a frosty debate. the media finally validated the hunter biden laptop story. what part of the story was hard to understand. we had pictures of joe biden with hunter's business partners. we had the receipt from hunter biden's laptop, i have the receipt signed by hunter biden. >> i think the media might be at times slow moving like the government. but what i will tell you is republicans are going to take the house and 2023 will be almost like revenge for republicans. they will try to connect hunter
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biden with joe biden. i think they will fail at this. i think it's two years from today the american people will vote him out of power because they got nothing done for the american people. they don't care with the laptop of hunter biden. they care about the economy and inflation. dan: you said the media moves slowly. did they move slowly with donald trump? so why not verify the laptop hunter biden signed for and left the receipt right away. why not do that? >> i think that's a question for the networks. but even if it is true. it seems like it is verifiable and that's okay. what are they going to do with this information? they keep trying to die this
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back to the president, the fbi, the cia, you name it, said the president had nothing to .with it. hunter biden is a private citizen. they should investigate him. the department of justice said they are going to investigate him. and there may be charges come about and that's okay. do what you want with that investigation. but get some things done for the american people. that's why you got elected in the first place. dan: what mass joe biden done for the american people? inflation has gotten worse since he has taken office. and border encountered at the border are up, and inflation is three to four times worse since he took office. what have they done to solve america's problems? you say you want the republicans to do it. >> 10 million jobs created.
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nobody can argue that. 260,000 new jobs created. now we are net positive. i think that's important. gdp, 2.6%. the unemployment trait. struck very, gun safety, protection for veterans. i think the mid-terms spoke in part to what democrats have done. we were able to keep the senate. the red wave republicans were talking about didn't come. dan: i don't dispute that. certainly there is no red wave outside of florida and probably north carolina. you cite the unemployment number, you are not wrong. i am not challenging your statistics on that. they are working effectively for
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less money when real wages went up under donald trump. and they are making less money under joe biden. i acknowledge when you are telling the truth. i wish you would when i do. >> i appreciate you. is the work done? no, the gas prices are still too high. inflation is up 7.7%. we have to continue to work to get this done. again, we have only been a little bit over a year and a half. so we have a way to go before hopefully he runs for reelection. dan: you think he runs again in 2020? i don't know. >> i think republicans will have a tougher battle with trump. they will have to figure out
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what they want to do with their part, we are with joe biden. dan: thanks for your time. coming up on this special edition of "unfiltered." we warned them but they didn't listen. now the d.c. swamp is wising up to the threat with your kids using tiktok.
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i'm ashley strohmier. now back to "unfiltered" with dan bongino. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." a lot of the conservatives including me are convenient sounding the alarm on tiktok. president trump first called for a nationwide ban on the social media platform in 2020. now even frieb director chris wray, even he's catching on. >> we have national security concerns about tiktok. china's vast hacking promise the world's largest. and they have stolen more of americans' personal and business
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data than every other nation combined. dan: morgan, what is the biggest threat tiktok poses. why do you think we haven't moved to ban this application. >> when you have mark warner, the chair of the senate select intelligence committee. when you have these people in congress saying tiktok is a national security threat. the only thing i can think of is some people like the app so much they willing to trade off their privacy not realizing it's the biggest influencing operation. in tiktok marketplace they will be selling stuff using all our information. i don't know what they are having for thanksgiving, but they are loading up on all of
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our data. it will get worse before it gets better as long as we allow it to propagate the way it is. dan: this is a democrat senator acknowledging trump was right about something. >> i think donald trump was right. tiktok is an enormous threat. if you are a parent and you have got a kid on tiktok, i would be very, very concerned. all of that child that your child is inputting and receiving is being stored somewhere in beijing. dan: morgan, i said on my radio show, i'm not a fan of banning things. but i think there have to be clearly some controls with tiktok. the relationship with the chinese communist party that even democrats ared a meriting trump may have been right on this. >> it's the issue of
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reciprocity. try finding facebook, and snapchat in chain a. you can't. it's like the police stations operating in the u.s. when will we draw a line? i get with you not banning stuff, but we have to put the reins around this. dan: that's an excellent point. trade deals aren't free unless they are free both ways. holiday kinds of buyer beware. the better business bureau is warning with online security risks ahead of cyber monday. how do you know that click you are click on to buy something for a friend is real. >> it sounds too good to be true it usually is. if you want that, find a reputable place, amazon,
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walmart, target. every time you don't think and you click that link, you are allowing potentially spyware and malware. slow down, take a breath. if you are find it from a reputable place it will save you the bucks. dan: coming up on this special elysian of "unfiltered." after the endless mandates on masks and school closures. dr. fauci's time at the white house is coming to an end. >> the record will show we didn't recommend shutting everything down. i recommended to the president that we shut the country down.
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dan: welcome back to a special edition of "unfiltered." the woke won't stop until we conservatives take a stand. while some medical schools are scrapping the mcat the american bar association is making the lsat optional. why? inclusion, diversity, and all the buzz words.
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joining me is someone who refused to wow to the mob during covid. this stands dangerous mixing wokeness with medical training. i have a golden rule which is don't get dead. i just want you to be a good doctor. >> imagine you are being wheeled back to the operating room and the light sedation is starting to take hold and you learn from that moment that your surgeon and anesthesiologist were admitted to medical school and residency programs based on criteria that were related to an ideological statement they made in their admissions packet. or the standards in their training program were lowered to accommodate them because otherwise they wouldn't have qualified for admission.
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in that moment you will be a little worried. you want character and competence. you don't want ideology being pushed under the banner of medical education. this is very, very dangerous. dan: i never once asked my doctor who he voted for. the white house covid response coordinator is shocked saturday sentencing opinions. >> you can decide to trust america's physicians or some random dude on twitter. for journalists and people who run platforms, you should be thinking about what your personal responsibility is. dan: i get it. i don't want to listen to a random dude on twitter. but the health authorities told us things that were wrong. the random twitter dude was probably right more of the time. >> look at their track record.
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thesed a hoop then attacks -- thesed a whthese ad honinen att. the trust of physicians, thes ones that stand up in press briefings. but don't trust people colluding with social media companies. it shows a kind of condescension to the american people. they have good instincts. they don't have the expertise but they have a nose and they can smell bs. they can determine when someone is trustworthy saying and doing something that turns out to be
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correct. dan: they went after you. you were one of the doctors attacked. dr. fauci's time at the white house is coming to an end. here have some of his hall of shame moments. >> the record will show we didn't recommend shutting everything down. i recommended to the president we shut the country down. >> there is no reason to walk around with a mask. it's not no riding the perfect protection people think it is. >> at minimum wear a makes. put a cloth mask over. >> attacks on me are attacks on science. dan: it's note my problem with him is that he was wrong. it's that he was so certain in being wrong and attacked anyone who was right. >> that's right. he lacks the validity of a scientist who is always open to discussion and criticism and new
12:40 am
data. fauci doesn't need critics anymore. all you have to do is listen to him and he does a good job of discrediting himself. i will give you a teaser in our lawsuit ledge that the federal government was colluding with social media. fauci was deposed so he had to answer difficult questions from our lawyers. i am not at liberty to discuss those yet. but once we have those transcripts i will be happy to come back and talk about what we found when we questioned dr. fauci about his coronavirus policies. dan: coming up in this special edition of "unfiltered." not sure what to say when politics comes up at the holiday dinner? president biden told everyone what to say.
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they sent out talkin
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have missed this week. joining us is host of fox across america, jimmy failla. number one. you were a huge hit last time so you better not disappoint. you blew up the demo charts. now in is a standard you better meet. topic number one. instead of being thankful over the holidays, some gen-z influencers are scheduling crying sessions. take a look at this. >> put a finger down if you ever cried when someone raised their voice at you. put a finger down if you ever cried because a character died on a show. i have been keeping track of every time i tried in 2020. quarter one i cried 42 times. in quarter three i cried a total
12:46 am
of 130 cries. dan: you were a cab driver in new york. did anyone get in the back of your cab and cry? >> when i was a kid when didn't have crying sessions. we just watched the jets. tiktok makes more sense when you realize it's a reality show called america has got issues. dan: you are right. it's one big freudian super ego session. it gives you kind of like, you know when we were younger you had the mystique of leave it could beaver and your friend's today the had mythical powers?
12:47 am
now, you realize we are just a bunch of flawed sinners. >> broken people. just a land of misfit toys. bottom line. >> topic number two. you know the liberal war on christmas continued. and they go crazy when we mention it. a salvo in this war, a nuclear bomb. they are making ceasar salad candy canes. >> you know how miserable you have to be to eat a ceasar salad candy canes. according to reviews, people who bought this item also bod a bathtub and junked it. ceasar would rather go to the senate than eat a ceasar salad candy cane. >>
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dan: some things don't work like steak flavored ice cream. the white house released holiday talking points of joe biden's major accomplishments for you to discuss with your family around thanksgiving. can you think of a worse idea than coming around uncle joey with a bag of donuts, isn't joe biden great? >> nothing says i want to get choats lines from my brother the cop. that's joe biden's biggest accomplishment. if you mention him you will get hit with a chair like you are in the wwe. thanksgiving is behind us. but christmas is coming. folks you need to lower the temperature at dinner so show up with a nice bottle of trump wine. dan: i have got a makeup artist
12:49 am
here thankfully. whenever you are on i start crying and it ruins -- yes, folks, we have makeup on tv. coming up on this special edition of "unfiltered." it can get wild out there. stores crams shoulder to shoulder with shoppers but the criminals aren't taking time off. we have some sel
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big blender power on-the-go. throw in your favorite ingredients and blend up a delicious smoothie anytime, anywhere. blendjet 2 even cleans itself. just add water, a drop of soap, and blend. recharge quickly with any usb port. order now from and get our best deal ever! >> it's sad i have to say the crime surge is not going anywhere. this holiday season you have to keep your head on a swivel. i have a friend who was just acost in a parking lot recently
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joining me is a jujitsu instructor. thanks for your time. busy shopping season coming up. what can the average american do to protect themselves during a hectic holiday season. >> more money changing hands. more people out and about shopping. more crime is going to occur. two cit -- two critical self-dee tech leak ins. the triangle for victimization, three things must exist. you must have a predator, a target and the opportunity. the opportunity is largely a function of bystander intervention. the higher the likelihood of bystanders intervening the less
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likely the crime. what does this mean for the average consumer and shopper this holiday season? when you are out there in an isolated area, in an unground parking garage. get your face out of your phone. get your eyes up and survey your surroundings for potential threats so you are ready to protect yourself. neutral threat analysis. this is so critical. let's say you just purchased a $50 gift and someone tries to rob you. your impulse might be to defend yourself and take the gun from the attacker. it's a terrible idea. if this person is desperate enough to hold you at gunpoint to rob you, they are likely desperate enough to pull the trigger and the question is is it worth risking your life in
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every foxnation. every weekday. don't forget to follow "unfiltered" on facebook and instagram. that does it for us tonight. we'll catch you back here next saturday night at 9:0 9:0 see you next week. good evening america and welcome to this special edition cross-country in moscow, idaho. we remember even, xana, kaylee and maddie. life getting started, cut short by unnamed criminal. it's been about two weeks since the university of idaho students


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