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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 27, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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to advance against canada on thursday and this afternoon a match-up, germany and spain. you can catch that on fs1. arthel: team usa looking to move up when they play iran and head to knockout stage. tuesday on local fox coverage and we are back at 4:00 eastern today, please check us out. >> president biden facing renewed criticism over high inflation as americans tap into their savings for the holiday shopping season and potential railroad strike looms. welcome to fox news live, i'm mike emanuel, this as thousands of amazon workers spent black friday on strike here in the u.s. and 30 other countries demanding better pay and improved working conditions while the white house announces plans to allow oil drilling in venezuela. lucas tomlinson is live in
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massachusetts where the president spent the thanksgiving holiday, good afternoon, lucas. lucas: good afternoon, mike. first it was tapping the strategic oil reserves and many republicans fired up over attempt of biden administration to lower cost of gas this time by allowing chevron to resume oil operations in venezuela. >> the energy crisis that we are facing right now in america much that has been self-imposed. i don't know why we are going to come to dictatorships. lucas: biden enjoyed shopping in island in the coast of massachusetts, around the world thousands of amazon workers walking off the job. amazon protests come with massive railroad strike looming. trains move about a third of all goods in this country including
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all the toys. santa can't fit everything in the sleigh, mike. it wasn't just trains on president biden's mind but donald trump after controversial meeting in mar-a-lago. >> mr. president, what do you think of donald trump having din we are the white nationalists? what do you think -- [applause] >> you don't want to hear what i think. lucas: biden says he did not discuss 2024 with his family as he said he might do but one man he doesn't have to worry about is california gavin newsom reportedly said he's not interested in challenging president biden for the nomination. mike: we will follow it. lucas, many thanks. mike: live images from our southern border. biden administration is bracing for tend of title 42, trump-era
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public health order that turns away migrants at the border. senior correspondent casey stegall in eagle pass, texas, good afternoon, stacy. >> good afternoon, it's worth mentioning there's a notable shift in demographics in migrants caught illegallying the united states. at the beginning it was mostly people from northern triangle countries, honedula, el salvador, nicaragua you largely family units mixed in with unaccompanied minors. well, while all of those numbers are still high, cbp data shows last month more mexicans, cubans, c dominicans. all the while pursuits are almost a daily occurrence.
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this one in rio grande valley. texas dps tried pulling over a vehicle. the driver hit a stop sign, everyone bailed from the car. 5 migrants and the smuggler all arrested. >> i've been out here all this week during thanksgiving break with our troopers and border patrol agents seeing firsthand what they are dealing with. having to chase down illegal immigrants avoiding capture. >> also this week texas dps another smuggling incident this one involved a tractor trailer at checkpoint. 18 migrants found hidden inside and the driver arrested. it is a vicious cycle, i can tell you that and one that is a 24-hour 7-day a week operation out here on the front lines. >> casey, you're senior correspondent, you have been based in texas for a long time. i'm curious how you see the crisis at the border right now
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compared to what it's been over the year. >> well, it hasn't stopped. i mean, each time we come down here. it's the same thing over and over again. it's almost like ground hog day and then when you see the numbers playing out and you see it playing out in realtime, the apprehensions, the people being brought here to the shore and then you see the data on the pages, it's unprecedented and there's really no end in sights. there have been so many lawmakers and people that have come through here and they've held press conferences and had a lot to say but at the end of the day they get back to washington and nothing is done and there's a lot of frustration out here from the people on the front lines and the people who live and work in these communities and they really want to know frankly what the end game is, mike. mike: great context. casey, thanks very much. >> thank you. mike: let's bring in political panel, tony katz and jose aristo
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muñoz. i hope that you had a wonderful thanksgiving. >> thank you, you as well. >> let's start with numbers of migrant endoesn'ters at the border. fiscal year 458,088. fiscal year 2021, 1.7 million -- 1.734 million and fiscal year 2022, 2.78 million, how alarming is the trend, jose? >> it's alarming. continues to happen year after year. the only way, mike, that i see this having a long-term solution having republicans and democrats coming together. there's no other way around it. we need border enhancement. comprehension immigration reform. we need to do something with more than 11 million undocumented folks. the only way if we are going to do this, put partisanship aside and let's put country first for once and for all and get this
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done for the american people. mike: fiscal year started october 1st, the number of got aways as of this week, 134,649 a daily average of 26.93. that's not encounters, that's the number of people getting away from law enforcement. tony, your thoughts? >> right, that got away number is an extremely number, casey reports griff jenkins reports, bill melugin reports about it time and time again. if we want to talk about coming to the table and doing in bipartisan way. i'm start we don't allow illegal immigration, we have zero allowance policy. telling the squad -- >> no one is in favor of that. no democrat says they want open border. >> you must start with zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration, nothing can be allowed. >> that's not humane.
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we cannot close the border. that's not the way america is set up. >> america is not set up properly to deal with the border so i start with the baseline. the standard baseline. we don't allow illegal immigration. we can agree on that. >> what about asylum cases and people that are dying in other -- >> do we agree we can start with zero illegal immigration? asylum are other subjects. we start with illegal immigration, agree or not? >> we have record apprehension. i agree with you. the vice president of the united states kamala harris went to central america and said if you're trying to come here illegally, we do not want you, do not come. we've been very clear but the situation in this country is a whole lot worse. i agree with you, we should try to apprehend them and get them out but we have to do it in a
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humane way and make sense. >> opportunity for congress to get something done. we have divided government coming in january. democrats in the white house in the senate and republicans in the house. sometimes that's gridlock. sometimes it's an opportunity to lock arms and get something done. maybe not full-blown comprehensive immigration but maybe some of the lower-hanging fruit. >> you're not -- you will see me in favor of it. of course, it's a bipartisan issue. an issue affecting border states and affects indiana and all the states across the country. they are not coming into texas. they are coming into the united states. we must be focused on this. we have to end fentanyl coming into the united states killing kids, killing adults, killing everybody. it has to start with a baseline. you have to start somewhere and stop throwing excuses or exceptions at me. if we can't start with don't allow illegal immigration, we can't get anything done and until that's the baseline, we are going to stick in this
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gridlock. mike: house republican leadership has argued that alejandro mayorkas, dhs secretary should resign or potentially be impeached, josé, does that lead to change in tactics by the administration? >> we have known that republicans when they were going to take over the house, they were going to do a whole lot of investigations, the president's son, mayorkas, you name it. let them investigate. i think that's fair. that's why we have democracy. i don't think they will find nothing there because i don't think it's a mayorkas issue. it's an immigration issue as a country. i don't think they will find anything there. i advise my fellow republican to look for a solution or two years they will vote them out of line all over again. mike: your thoughts on resigning or be impeached? >> clearly mayorkas has failed, clearly vice president harris as the border czar has failed. clearly the policies that they took away in the biden administration have failed the
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country, they failed the country on the border. this isn't a debatable solution. this is in the black and white right here. so that mayorkas has to go and you need people who actually will engage policy that matters including possibly a policy that trump was in favor of. there's worst things in the world. the policy worked, the policy worked. stop worrying about the man and start worrying about the nation. mike: i need you to weigh in on something else. the crime crisis in new york and convictions in new york city specifically manhattan have way down, plummeted under manhattan da alvin bragg, that he is declined to prosecute more than 35% of felony cases. jose, what's the impact of that? >> well, look, there's no correlation and more convictions meaning less crime. first and foremost when we talk about convictions we are not seeing the people are getting away with murder.
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these people are getting misdemeanors, some sort of apprehension of what they did. republicans are going come and say, democrats are letting criminals on the loose. that's just not true. we don't need more convictions, we need start convictions. mike: more from new york post. bragg's office wins conviction just 51% of the time. down from 68% in 2019, the last year before the pandemic disrupted the court system, tony, your thoughts? >> well, that's an interesting conversation about how well equipped alvin bragg to do the job but the same things could be asked about what's going on in los angeles, san francisco and chicago and my boulevard indianapolis where you have a common denominator amongst prosecutors and don't engage prosecutions of crimes. that connected tissue is the political party that they are a part of. we do have an issue culturally. we shouldn't deny that. if you are going to say publicly that we don't go after
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criminals, you are encouraging the criminal activity and until that changes, nothing changes. mike: tony katz, jose aristo muñoz, great energy, appreciate your time. >> take care. mike: jennifer griffin is filling in for shannon bream. republican congressman brian fitzpatrick coming up right after the show. stay with us. at least two people are dead and several others are hurt after a boat capsized in the surf off of imperial beach, california. city located just minutes from the u.s.-mexico border. officials believe one more person is still missing. surfers in the area at the time helped pull people the shore. 7 of the people rescued from the waters are now in border patrol custody. it is unclear where the boat came from or where it was heading. still no official suspects or persons of interest in the quadruple murder in idaho.
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live report near the crime scene up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> two weeks since four college students were stabbed to death
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in off campus house in idaho and police yet to name any person of interest and dan springer joins me live from moscow, idaho for more. >> i get frustrating, no suspect, no person of interest, not even a sketch of a possible suspect but police insist to us that they are making significant progress but with all those unanswered questions, of course, in the college town people are on edge but the killer is still out there. we do know that by now we think that physical evidence the killer left behind in the house has been processed at the idaho state police crime lab, a finger sprint, hair, could tell the police who they are looking for. if they have some of the answers, they could be closing on some on the arrest. the father of kaley was on fox news with lawrence jones last night and said he's hired a private investigator that has
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come up with some new information but police asked him not to release it to the media. >> just today i reached out to the officers and said, hey, this guy is treating me through respect on the show. i'd like to share some things can him that i found out on my own and they asked me to not do that so we are holding our tongue, we are waiting patiently but we are definitely concerned. >> so that's moscow police being very tight lib not only with their information but other information being developed. this a telling day for the university of idaho and classes are resuming tomorrow after thanksgiving break. we should see some students coming back to their dorms and apartments today if they don't feel safe they can finish out semester with online classes and memorial on wednesday, whenever students do come back, student
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body will be at the memorial filling the campus on tuesday. mike. >> dan springer on murder mystery in idaho, thanks very much. for more on unsolved murder, ted williams, former homicide detective and fox news contributor joins me now. ted, we can show our audience at home the timeline from moscow pd in terms of how they think this all played out two weeks ago. there is it is on your screen, how do you assess the investigation out there after being out there right now. >> hi, mike, i think what is going on and our public should understand is that law enforcement has a lot of information that they've not given to the public i think that perhaps they have some leaks they are following up on and the timeline is essential and important in this case. we know that by 1.45 all four of the couples were back in the
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home there in moscow iowa -- idaho i stand to be corrected. but this is the key. we know that the murders took place on the second and third floor of that home they believe that someone at home was a target and that's essential because what law enforcement is going to do if they've got some that they believe was a target, to try to find the perpetrator or perpetrators that killed these four young people. >> there hasn't been a great deal of information released. the police captain out there is basically calling out on the community to trust them. let's play it. >> we don't want to put our investigation in jeopardy by releasing what we have. we told the public very clearly from the beginning that we are looking for a knife.
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we've told the public very clearly from the beginning that we believe it was a targeted attack. to be honest, you are going to have to trust us on that. mike: is that fair, ted? >> i think it is fair at this stage or in the investigation. i think that quite naturally the family as well as the public are somewhat frustrated by the lack of information but what they've told us somewhat is important. we do know it was a knife. one of the things we at fox have kept from doing and that is speculating and there's a great deal of speculation out there and i can tell you with the forensics that was established and collected, it is more likely than not that sooner or later they are going to have a person or perhaps under arrest. mike how critical is it for this investigation for someone who
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the public who may know something to come forward and tell authorities? >> mike, it is absolutely critical. whoever killed these four young college students had a great deal of blood on his clothes or her clothes and as a result of that, someone out in the public may very well have seen someone either blooded or they know someone who came home maybe with some wounds about the body, their own body, meaning the perpetrator and that's essential that they contact law enforcement and let them know. is that one little small nugget, mike, that could resolve the four murders. >> ted, while i have you i want to ask you about another heartbreaking crime that took place before thanksgiving in chesapeake, virginia. a guy who worked at wal-mart going in and shooting and killing 6 coworkers.
10:24 am
what about that, ted? >> let me use the word i rarely use, this case pisses me off and i will tell you why. it was that morning before the shooting of the six individual that is that individual was allowed to purchase a gun and now if f you backtrack, they have searched his phone and they found that he was sending messages to god. that tells me that you were dealing me with a disturbed individual and what we need to do in this country is keep disturbed individuals, mental ill innocence the forefront and not have these individuals be permitted to purchase firearms. mike: the sixth person, a 16-year-old boy. i can only imagine what that family is going through thanksgiving week or any time. just horrific. what more should people do if they feel like somebody in their workplace, somebody in their lives is disturbed? >> you know, we have to -- if we
10:25 am
see something, mike, we've got to say something and, you know, it's hard for family members to turn in another family member to law enforcement but, you know, sadly we now know what occurred there in virginia and, again, as i said, we have to keep the guns out of the hand of the mentally ill. mike: ted williams, former homicide detective, thank you for your time and analysis today. >> my pleasure. >> arrest warrant against american woman suspected of killing another american in vacation villa in mexico after video surface online which appeared the woman being attacked and beaten by companion shortly before she was found dead. christina coleman live with the latest. >> disturbing case here. a vacation for some american tourists is now the center of a
10:26 am
potential homicide investigation. federal prosecutors in mexico are now trying to get an american woman extradited to mexico to face charges. so here is how this all started. a 25-year-old american tourist from charlotte, north carolina died at rented luxury villa in cabo san lucas. her friend told her she died of alcohol poisoning but robinson's autopsy revealed the cause of death as severe spinal chord injury along with instability. robinson's cause of death clearly concerning for family and friends especially after this video obtained by the new york post circulated on social media. it shows a woman who appears to be attacking robinson, wsot tv that robinson's mother identified the people in the video as friends of her daughter.
10:27 am
also a man can be heard in the disturbing video during this attack saying can you at least fight back. take a listen. >> can you at least fight back. >> did not appear to intervene during that attack in the video circulating online. the fbi is now investigating this case. hundreds of people showed up to robinson's funeral just over a week ago in north carolina. robinson's father vow today figure out what happened to his daughter in an interview with news nation he said he would like all of the friends who traveled with robinson, his daughter to be sent back to mexico for questioning. >> every last -- every last one of them because, you know, my father should not have fight her. i raised her to be that kind of way. i raised her to lover and respect people. i'm a people person, you know, i try to make sure that you put yourself people around that will not do body harm to you.
10:28 am
christina: mexican authorities reportedly issued an arrest warrant for one of robinson's friends, now authorities did not dislose the identity of this person but they are trying to get this person extradite today mexico to face charges. mike. mike: power has been almost completely restored in kyiv as russian shelling continues in parts of eastern and southern ukrainian. we will speak to a ukrainian member of parliament after theal break.
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hello, colonial penn?
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>> days of intense shelling forcing civilians to flee from kherson, city liberated by ukrainian forces weeks ago. jeff paul live from kyiv, ukraine. hello, jeff. jeff: this city continues to sit in the dark despite officials in kyiv saying most people have had
10:33 am
their power restored and it really goes back to this country's effort to conserve as much energy as possible as you can probably see most of the lights deemed unnecessary have been shut off and they are also warning folks, there's still the possibility of the planned outages and all of this is coming at a time when temperatures are getting colder and colder today most of the kyiv region blanketed by several inches of snow on top of freezing temperature that is hoovered right around the freezing mark or just below it and millions right now throughout ukraine are dealing with not only the lack of basic utility at times but starting to feel like winter around here and despite turn in weather the fighting continues especially in eastern and southern ukraine. even with the recent withdrawn of russian forces, the newly liberated city of kherson is still getting shelled the strikes on civilian areas are forcing many of the families who return today pack back up with they can and evacuate.
10:34 am
>> they shell us, there's no other way than to leave. i don't see another way. 3 or 4 other days after they left kherson, strong shelling started. a lot of people were killed, injured. the russians are shooting at city center, houses, everything. jeff: as we get closer and closer it being officially winter here in ukraine in just a few short days it's really unclear and really hard to tell how that change and whether it's going impact the war moving forward but, mike, i can tell you just being out today with our crew speaking to some of the locals here in the kyiv region. when you're watching, mud and few feet and there's ice. we will have to pay attention to see really how this weather could impact this conflict moving forward, mike. mike: jeff paul in ukrainian capital tonight, jeff, thanks very much. for more on the war in ukraine joining me in the studio member of ukrainian parliament álexi,
10:35 am
welcome. >> thank you very much for your invitation. mike: so it appears the russians are trying to be pretty vicious in terms of attacking the water supply, attacking the electricity and use ukrainian cold winter as a weapon. >> yeah, they are weponizing everything and they are weponizing winter but i just want to show and people to understand that all what's going on in ukraine is war crime. from a military point of view it's absolutely nothing, they do not change everything on the battlefield but russians want to make ukrainians to suffer. that is their aim. this is a clear genocide. we can't call it any other way. mike: what's the latest european parliament efforts to impose more sanctions against the russians? >> we have very good news and support from parliament recognizing russia as state sponsor offed terrorism and also
10:36 am
consul of europe and organization and security in europe and cooperation in europe. this is like a common position today that russia is state terrorist, is state sponsor of terrorism and hope very much that it will also supported in the united states. mike: texas republican congressman you know well michael mccaul commented on the war today. let's play it. >> we give them what they need, they win. we don't it's a long war. mike: is that correct in your view, álexi? >> absolutely. 100%, congressman mccaul is strong in foreign relations. i know him personally and i have this honor, he's absolutely right. we can finish the war quickly, ukraine if we receive more weaponry and that's the benefit of the whole world. it will be very long if we do not receive the weaponry. i just want to tell you, that is the best investment, i think, one of the best investments in
10:37 am
american history. the united states gave to ukraine 3% of its military budget, annual military budget and with this support we destroyed at least 50% of russian war capacity. so that is extremely effective investment and russia is like off to china the second biggest rivalry for the united states and now diminished significantly thanks to ukraine courage and american weaponry. we receive more american weaponry. believe me, not less ukrainian and we will finish with the war and finish with putin's regime. mike: i would like to make something -- a personal question if you don't mind. how is your family holding up nine months into this war? >> it's very difficult for me because i just arrived this night to the united states because it's very important for me here to speak with politicians, officials but my family, my wife and two my kids,
10:38 am
my sons are in odessa, my native city and they are without power supply for the moment and it means no heating, it means problems with water. so it's quite difficult. but for our guys, for our men and women who are fighting on the front line, they are our real heros. all of the country, we are ready to suffer as long as we will need, but to defend our freedom and to defend our basic values for all of us and the whole free world. mike: everyone in the country has been touched by the ukrainian people. safe travels. >> thank you very much. >> travel numbers are back to pre-pandemic levels with triple a expecting travelers to hit the road today. steve harrigan is at the jackson international airport as people make their way home from thanksgiving holiday, hi, steve.
10:39 am
>> one of the biggest challenges here is simply getting to the airport. there's heavy traffic on the roads and few parking spaces to be found. inside the airport things running smoothly and opened up a lot of new lines just 25 minutes to get through security inside the airport, as many as 2.5 million people expected to come through this airport during the thanksgiving break and officials tell us the single busiest days are wednesday before thanksgiving today and monday. >> and just those days alone this airport is expected to screen over 1 million passengers. a lot of people we talked to said they got here 4 or 5 hours before flights hoping preparations will get them home safely. >> so far it hasn't been too bad. i got through baggage check line pretty quick. so now i'm just hoping that tsa precheck is not a mile and a half long before i can make my
10:40 am
flight. >> it was really good. i was nervous because i didn't know i was going to get on or not but it was a good trip, we got here a lot earlier, at least 20 minutes before i was supposed to get here so the pilots were pushing it coming from new orleans. >> overall travel expected to reach or even exceed pre-pandemic levels. another thing going up the price of airfare. tickets up 43% over just one year ago. mike, back to you. mike: sounds like folks have the right attitude, patience, it was worth it to get home for thanksgiving, right? >> that's right. a lot of hugs here at the sidewalk. families saying good-bye to each other. >> beautiful. steve harrigan in atlanta, steve, thank you very much. dramatic video after nypd officers rescued a man off the tracks in the nick of time. more on that story next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> heroic thanksgiving caught oncoma ea. new york city cops sprinted to the tracks in east harlem station where good samaritan assisted a man who fell off platform. appears unable to get up even with the help of the bipartisan the 3 men managed to pull the man back to safety just moments before a train barrel intoed the station.
10:46 am
in china protests pushing against strict covid policies in notable defiance against president xi. alexandria hoff live with the latest, hi, alex. alex: breakout demonstrations for the past two and a half, 3 years, unlike anything that the country has seen in decades. protests resume in shanghai today where the situation escalated. police were seen at times shoving demonstrators. large crowds have gathered in roadways calling for an end to continuous lockdowns and repeated covid-19 testing. these rare acts of defiance can be coupled with bold chance, some demanding that president xi jinping along with communist party step down, resounding anger over the president's zero covid policy was amplified after thursday's deadly apartment fire in the city, many claim was made worst because of covid barriers that were put into place in the
10:47 am
building. residents had been under lockdown since august. similar demonstrations have been breaking out in cities in college campuses across the country where pieces of blank white paper are being used to represent censorship. critics of china zero covid policies feel that social and economic toll of extreme lockdowns are most costly than the benefit of trying to contain an uncontainable virus. while there have been some officials talking about potentially easing covid restrictions in certain places, it appears that the chinese government is doubling down on that. there have been certain cities where rising covid cases is leading to new lockdowns, the city where you had the iphone factory workers, people will have to stay in their homes again. mike: what does this mean to the chinese president? >> he's been in power for just a month now, third term and really i think comes down to the way he
10:48 am
responds to this. we have not seen overt show of force. it really comes down where he takes this from now whether he finds it embarrassing or takes it as a sign to scale back some of the restrictions. mike: alexandria hoff live in the studio. thanks so much. holiday shopping in full swing this weekend. we will learn how one organization is making wishes come true this christmas.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
mike: make a wish is helping make dreams come true for children this holiday season where families for wishes virtual campaign. the organization has granted more than 350,000 wishes for ill children across the country since its inception in 1980. joining me today is leslie, the make a wish america president and ceo, leslie, welcome. >> thank you so much, mike. mike: so talk about the impact of delivering a wish for a young person who has a dream. >> absolutely. it is so impactful when children are facing a life-threatening illness, they don't have control over much in their life anymore, whether it's hospital visits, painful treatments, et cetera.
10:53 am
a wish actually gives them the opportunity to reclaim a piece of their childhood. it gives them the opportunity to dream, to wish if they can meet anyone, if they could do anything, if they could go anywhere, et cetera, they have the opportunity to be a kid, to use their imagination and to have something to look forward to when they don't have control of much in their life, when they are facing a critical illness, they have control over what is their one true wish and that's where we come in to play and are able to help grant that wish and make those wishes come true. mike: looking at those happy faces, really touching. who is eligible to receive a wish and how are those wishes funded? >> yeah, absolutely. thank you for having. so we don't receive any government funding. so our wishes are granted due to the generosity of individual donors and our corporate partners. so this is such an important time of year for us between now and the end of the year we actually raise the majority of
10:54 am
our funds that allows us to grant those 350,000 wishes that you mentioned since our inception in 1980. we have plans to grant more than 15,000 wishes this next year as well and, again, all of that is our corporate partners like a subaru, my first reading club, wise pies, disney, et cetera. individual donors and the generosity of viewers, fox viewers as well. so that's how our wishes are funded and our audience, our eligible children are those facing life-threatening issues, life-threatening illnesses from the age of 2 and a half to 18. so the wishes are as unique as each of the children's imaginations as you might imagine, who they want to meet, what they want to be, et cetera, and they're beautiful to see the wishes granted are really extraordinary. mike: obviously some of the children are facing life-threatening situations but for others who maybe are ill but
10:55 am
hopefully not life threatening, do you feel like delivering the wish helps their overall health? >> oh, my gosh. what a great question. i have had the opportunity to speak with so many wish children, we call them the wishh allum and we hear about the impact of a wish. it's such a pivotal point. many medical providers use this as part of treatment plan, something for the child to look forward to once they finish treatments, et cetera, or wherever that might be on the medical journey. it's such a pivotal, pivotal point for the wish child. i had the pleasure of speaking with wish children that have talked to me unfortunately how they were in such pain and just had lost control of their lives and were ready to give up and then they had this wish, they had something to look forward to that gave them emotional and
10:56 am
mental well-being and were able to continue their journey and i've heard wish children credit where they are now, the vocation they are in or whatever to where the wish being granted where they needed it the most. same thing with medical providers who have the opportunity to introduce this -- this slice of joy into the wish children's world as well as the families, for many families it's the only sense of normalcy they only get to see, having the participate in a wish with their child. mike: god bless you and your team and is the website. thank you for your time. >> thanks, mike, that i can care. mike: that's all for this hour of fox news live. fox news live with jennifer griffin in the chair. thank you for watching. have an awesome day. ♪ ♪ ♪
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