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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 28, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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side effects are pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. shingles doesn't care. but shingrix protects. ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingrix today. ♪ ♪ ♪ come on over ♪ down to the corner ♪ my sisters and my brothers ♪ of every different color ♪ feel that sunshine ♪ telling you to hold tight ♪ you'll be all right ♪ try to find a better life. >> brian: if you look closely, can you see a bunch of 20-somethings working on something technically oriented in miami because that's san antonio will. >> steve: i can see the crew
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team. >> brian: crew team? you and like the they row it. >> steve: row, row, row the boat. >> brian: kind of cool brought a cruiseship into the in because they can't drink qatar. >> steve: beautiful weather and all those people from all across the country going down to miami to get on a cruise ship then to sale around the caribbean when it's cold up north it's always beautiful in florida. >> >> brian: coming up at will:00. huge news that will effect miami. >> steve: which is? >> ainsley: what? >> brian: can i tease it? it's a tease. >> ainsley: have to do with the cyber stadium? >> brian: close. >> ainsley: okay. that's at 8:00. i will be here is. >> steve: tease, you don't want to steal it. we want people watching until
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8:00. we don't want people to watch until 7:02. >> look at your face i have done something terribly wrong. >> we want to know what it is. >> we are pretending we don't. >> good acting. elites are clashing with protesters china unprecedented challenge. president xi's zero covid policy. >> a deadly fire that killed 10. setting offer the unrest with protesters call for him now to step down. >> mark meredith joins us live from washington with more. there were protests after that fire because his lockdown policies made it impossible for the people to leave the building or the rescuers to get there. protests breaking out in shanghai. it protesting not only with china's president with xi jinping all over the covid zero policies millions of people
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forced into lockdown for a long time. we have seen these protests. also show how especially rare this is in china. shows the frustration, so many people are feeling after years of covid restrictions as and regulations. fire did kill 10 people. reportedly started from power strip in apartment bedroom. but the tragedy also showcasing how many people are being forced to stay home. the fire plus some recent protest at iphone factory showcase the outrage that china's president now facing. while president xi shows no signs of a way. say the strategy ♪ going to work in the long run. >> china's pursuit is zero covid strategy. obviously that is not our strategy. we don't think that's realistic. certain liver not realistic for the american people. our strategy has been built up immunity in the population by getting people vaccinated. that's how you manage an incredibly contagious variant like omicron. i think it's going to be very,
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very difficult for china to contain this through zero covid strategy. >> there is also some strategy to back that up. china reporting today some 40,000 new covid cases today alone but the vast majority of those cases, guys can, are people who have no symptoms. covid is still spreading despite zero covid policies in china. back to you. >> brian: thanks, mark. kind of interesting test for the open forum policy of twitter. immediately crack down any time you put in china protest, you would come out and just say something generic now i just put in china protest and it looks like they got the protest actually video online. even though tesla is heavily invested. he is putting this out. >> the protest -- what you are looking at right there these protests show these people are turning against chinese communist rule. when the police showed up over the last couple of days, hundreds of arrested people out.
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thousands more showed up again to chant. and they were chanting release the people of those arrested earlier so, essentially. what it looks like is going to happen is mr. xi is going to be forced to either continue the draconian lockdowns that the people are so squarely against or he is going to have to abandon his signature covid lockdown strategy. >> brian: which is stupidity. >> the crowds are calling for him to resign. he wants to stay in power. is he doing something that is really hacking off the whole country. >> ainsley: that fire so devastating. think about the people strapped in that building and couldn't get out because of these policies. brian had a chinese immigrant and she is immigrant of mao's revolution. she was reacting to the protest and also saying be careful because this could happen here. listen. >> this is a huge deal because, for the first time, since 1989,
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student pro-democracy movement in tiananmen square, chinese people are demanding not just the stop it the lockdown, they are demanding political changes we hear slogans that we haven't heard for a long time down with cbp, down with xi jinping. and they want democracy not emperor and they want freedom of speech and freedom of press for american people don't think this kind of a lock down would happen here. if the left would have their way, this they would not hesitate to do it. we need to defend our freedom. never let it go. >> mr. xi is obviously and we have been talking about this over the last couple of years. he is obsessed with showing the superiority of totalitarian rule. and his regime because they have a total lock down and this is what is keeping china safe he says on the world stage.
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we know that the people are not buying it and that's why people are saying he has got to go. >> brian: they have a total surveillance state. they have cap cameras everywhere. great people on loyalty to their country. that is almost like their credit rating that you and i would go over to take out a loan. they are doing it on loyalty to the country. now for them to rise up knowing this type of repercussions could be happening to them and their family shows the courage in which they have. and you just wonder where the biden administration is in saying hey hands off these people. people just asking for rights. show some humanity and discretion on campuses this is happening. huge vigils, happening in major cities like shanghai happening also, according to one professor at mit. the anger has been point up for a while. at the 209 congress, provided expectation that all this zero covid policy would wind down. when that did not happen. the frustration has boiled over. remember, they started this. they never owned up to this.
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and now they inflicted the world with this. millions have died. and they can't shake it and their vaccine sucks and they won't have -- they don't have the humility to ask for ours. so you get vaccinated against your will, and then you still have no life and they are shutting dowrch cities screwing up everyone's supply chain. you have to wonder why everyone would continue to manufacture there. >> steve: feel sorry for the people in china who are locked down. >> ainsley: not getting paid working walking off the job. people in apartment fire. we saw what happened in the u.k. remember when boris johnson, they ousted him. granted, he was out, he was telling them to stay home yet he was out. you can't go years and years and years with all of these lockdowns, people get sick of it. >> brian: welded them in their houses, what they do is don't feed them. you are not moving and we are not feeding you. they take their children away because their parents test positive or kids test positive.
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inhumane way to run a country. before anyone thinks they're 10 feet high, they have huge internal problems there they think that when they steam rolled hong kong and the world did nothing that they will do the same thing with taiwan. looking and seeing what is happening to russians and seeing what is happening to them inside and thinking to themselves you have to think twice. >> ainsley: see the video of all these protesters on twitter. they are not arresting them anymore, right? there are too many people. >> steve: arrested them saturday night. >> brian: throwing the bike racks back at the people they are arresting. this takes so much courage to do. this ains reasons really does. >> steve: more on that throughout the day right here on fox. in the meantime. whole foods, the rather expensive retailer, grocery store foods. has made a decision that they will no longer sell gulf of maine lobsters and the reason is two environmental groupings were worried about the way they fish for lobster in that neck of the
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woods. that they -- there are risks to a rare north atlantic right whales, getting entangled in the gear. here rches the thing, over the concerns about the whales, whole foods have pulled the plug. according to the fisher men, never ever has a right whale ever died due to the lobster gear. so it's a worry, concern, whole foods people who live on the lobster industry. >> never happened before. >> going to shut down the entire business for that area. at least whole foods is eej sure they buy a lot effect men like that on the boat. >> brian: unbelievable. this is according to janet mills, the governor, we are disappointed by the whole foods decision, deeply frustrated that the marine stewardship council suspension of the lobster sustainability continues to harm the livelihoods of hardworking
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men and women up and down the east coast. >> ainsley: also sent out that statement with the governor governor and congress men and women. >> they will continue to sell the gulf maine lobster that was produced before the certification was pulled. here is charles penny, talking a little bit with ainsley about how this is going to impact not just the environment, not just whales, but people. >> i think when it comes to whale whaling, still japan is still the main culprit. we look at the size of their catches that have gone smaller and smaller and smaller. they are cutting into generational growth of what else. this -- there is no way small, you know, fishermen in the united states should be paying a price for this. this is an international issue that really if you look deeper into it, it's just, again, one
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of these things doing this for public consumption. and i guests it's part of the whole foods imagery thing and going to hurt a lot of americans. >> steve: they say there are, i think about 350 surviving right whales in the north atlantic. and that is the concern. but, nonetheless, the lobster men say look, we have never hurt a whale, so don't kill our livelihood. >> brian: all right. there you go. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. somebody else never hurt a whale car slim can you say. >> u.s. industries are bracing for impact as rail unions threaten a massive strike on december 9th. just before the holidays. the union sales have come to an agreement over concerns about demanding schedules and lack of paid sick time. companies are now preparing for supply chain cuts as these railroad halls about 40% of the freight each year. according to the railroad association, the strike could cost u.s. economy about $2 billion per day.
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the world's largest active volcano is erupting. the u.s. geological service confirming hawaii's volcanic started erupting. summit of the mountain and do not currently pose a threat to nearby communities. but the alert level has been upgraded from advisory to warning. big story there. twitter ceo reached all time high. platform is averaging more than 2 million sign-ups per day as of this month. musk also claiming users are spending a total of 8 billion active minutes per day on twitter since he took over. he is also touting twitter's future as the everything app. which will include encrypted direct messages and longer form tweets. how about this? several states picking a surprising favorite christmas movie in a new study edward scissor hand topping the list in
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arizona florida colorado and new mexico. the movie doesn't take place during the holidays. some fans are pointing to this iconic snow scene. ♪ die hard which does take place during christmas tops the list in idaho and montana. more said edward scissor hands favorite movie than die hard. >> steve: argument die hard not a christmas music. a lot of people stay is trying to take place everybody is trying to get too christmas party. >> ainsley: michelle on 34th street. >> steve: die hard. >> nothing says merry christmas like die hard. >> ainsley: love actually, elf.
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>> steve: elf. santa klauss. >> ainsley: fred kfred claus. brian's favorite. >> steve: all the movies you have mentioned fred claus the only one have you ever seen. >> miracle on 34th street. it's a wonderful life. traumatized when put in the hot box. all i saw was the gloves and nose. i did not think he was coming back together. i don't want to give it away but he does i don't know how. >> ainsley: i love that movie. do not put frosty in a greenhouse. i thought it was over. will besides that. >> ainsley: all right, besides that that. >> brian: before they had 1-800 numbers for psychological help. i would have called right away. >> steve: now got them on speed dial. dion warwick and someone else. >> predict future 900 or 800.
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>> ainsley: 900. 800 is free. >> brian: background check no problem. bill that could check criminals before moving in. >> ainsley: over two weeks notify answers. why investigators are still struggling to name a suspect in the idaho murder mystery. nancy grace is on the case next. ♪ won't believe. where? lowe's, actually. black friday is here! get our best deals on everything for the season while you can.
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>> we have been very consistent we have said we do not have a suspect or person of interest at this time. we are trying to put all the pieces together. when the time comes we will most definitely put all that information out as quickly as we can. >> steve: more than two weeks since the gruesome killing of 4
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university of idaho student and authorities still, as you just heard, have no suspect, no weapon, not even a person of interest. >> steve: fox nation host nancy brace is following the case. she joins us right now. nancy, it's frustrating because this is such an horrific crime and people would like to feel like there is some motion going on. we are getting closer to catching the bad guy or bad guys. but it doesn't seem like they are giving us any information. but, you know, cops don't always reveal their hand keep stuff back to camp the bad guy. >> we saw this in the delphi double murders abby and libby. cops held back and still holding back a lot of information that ultimately got the local pharmacy tech. same thing happening here. there's a lot swirling that the cops didn't know what they were
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dodoing i don't agree with that let me remind everyone that the idaho state police and fbi are also on the case. there has not been a homicide in this area since 2015. his or her though another thing has gone largely unmissioned there was a huge football game that day in the stadium seating 16,000 people. they only live about a mile away two blocks off of campus. does that have anything to do with it? probably not, but it's another neelingsdz in the haystack for cops to flip through. all the people sitting in that stadium. i believe the killer was with ie of the victim's circumstantial. i believe the killer came in from the second floor. if you come in from one angle you don't even see the bottom level through that sliding glass door. >> absolutely right. see exactly what you are talking about. nancy, one of the details they came out with after the first week at a press conference they said yes. one of the roommate's phones that made the 911 wasn't the
4:23 am
roommate who made the call. why wouldn't they reabsolutely. that's one of the reasons they think the cops are thinking thing from us that would be an easy detail to give us. >> roommates names now been revealed i believed the roommates freaked out when they realized what happened. called friends over first and one of those friends used the phone to you will can a. they have had a lot of those access to those roommates. of the roommates have been now exonerated they are out not suspect. we know there was one perp. not two. we know two other stabbings are not connected this to this stabbing. we know that random animal skinning not connected though. this if somebody within one of these, i think one of the girls orbits or circle.
4:24 am
not necessarily a boyfriend. a pizza guy, grocery store. somebody they know but not necessarily intimately. they are not bound bound and gagged. weave know there with a no, sir rape or theft. i have worked several multiple victim murder scenes they have to go through all that blood, all that hair and all those fingerprints to determine if any of it was left by the killer not convicted felon not popping up on a voice or codis. tell me a lot about who this is. >> steve: nancy, you say because they would not pop up on those databases the way to find that particular killer would be with ancestorial d.n.a. >> like the golden state killer when i find your fingerprint at the crime scene but never given your fingerprint to the cops i don't have anything to match it
4:25 am
to. with d.n.a. take that blood and go all the way back and rebuild the family tree. great, great, great-grandparents and come down to who would that be in town at that time. that's how you do it and it takes a lot of time. it takes days to even process a scene like this. i know. and another thing about not getting from the cops. their duty is not to spoon feed us the media. forget about it. their duty is to solve this case so everybody back off. >> steve: there you go. well said. nancy, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. 7:25 now here in new york city. acting on instinct, the life-saving moment an off duty firefighter rescued a woman as her car was engulfed in flames. the wild video we will explain what happens coming up next. determine to drill anywhere but here. newt gingrich calls out the administration for allowing chevron to tap oil in venezuela
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>> carley: we are back with your headlines, starting with. this the white house former and short lived information czar nina zank wits taking her, talents overseas. ♪ ♪ >> carley: jankowicz registering foreign agent u.k. based disinformation. supervising research and digital investigations. wild video out of connecticut shows the moment an off duty firefighter rescues a woman from her burning car just as flames engulfed her passenger seat that firefighter noticed the single car crash and woman knocked out inside on his way home from his shift. instincts and training kicked in and he rushed in to rescue her. she has been badly injured and had to be hospitalized. super bowl champion wide
4:31 am
receiver odell beckham jr. says courted off american airlines flight after reportedly failing to put on seat belt. the crew says beckham was in and out of consciousness and concerned for his well being so they deplaned all the passengers until police arrived and escorted him off. beckham reacted on twitter saying he has never experienced anything like the incident before. as well as labeling it comedy hour. his lawyer blaming the incident be on over zealous flight attendant. wow. the lawyer is suing velveeta macaroni shells and cheese because it takes longer than three and a half minute to cook. the packaging is false and misleading and the cook time is just one of many steps in the preparation process class action lawsuit seeking $5 million in the clear how long it took mac and cheese. kraft calling the lawsuit frivolous. i think i side.
4:32 am
>> ainsley: could be her microwave. >> carley: that's true. >> steve: add another 30 seconds. >> brian: they should be honest though. how long will it take? >> ainsley: some m microwaves might take that i have the worst cheap aluminum. i cook that kind of thing for my daughter all the time the annie's won. annieone. it doesn't always cook well. >> steve: microwaves are different watt tages. >> brian: maybe it's not your microwave. maybe the problem is the food. maybe your microwave is not bad. maybe your microwave ask a lot better. >> ainsley: i remember when my child was born i refused to use the microwave. heat up everything on the stove. too scared of the microwave. after seven years you are like i'm cooking this in the microwave. right, chris? >> steve: i side with velveeta on this any time they do a package we write recipes. any time you put something instructions on a package, you test it hundreds of times
4:33 am
microwaves vary ultimately. we will see if she gets 5 million bucks. >> brian: go buy it, if you have the same problem, write us. but everyone has got to go buy it and bring it home. >> ainsley: now it's a class action. is she asking more feel join? >> steve: we open add can of worms with velveeta. >> ainsley: is it worth hiring a lawyer? cook it 30 more seconds. >> steve: janice dean joins us where she has got a coat and a scarf but you don't need it. >> ainsley: and umbrella and it's raining. >> janice: you think some people would check with the weather forecast to see if it's going to rain. thank you for the person who brought the umbrella out. take a look at the maps. quite a bit of storm activity happening across the u.s. see where that colder air is moving across the rockies and midwest? that's a cold front that is going to bring not only snow behind it but severe weather ahead of it. this is the beginnings of a storm that's going to travel across the country and i am concerned with severe storms
4:34 am
that are going to start on thursday afternoon and lasted until wednesday for part of texas and arkansas and louisiana. why could see the potential for hail, damaging winds large tornadoes, damaging tornadoes. i need to you download the app. fox for latest warnings and warnings. that is going to come tuesday afternoon. and i just need everyone to have a way to get your watches and warnings because we are going to see potential for watches. certainly on tuesday and wednesday. and then the snow behind that other a foot of snow for parts of the higher elevations and the rain ahead of it could get a couple of inches some case in an hour or two. >> so that's going to the cause the risk for flash flooding. fox for all of your latest details. had i checked the app. i would have known to bring out my umbrella for this weather report. over to you, steve, ainsley and brian. >> steve: it all worked out. >> it did. >> brian: president biden facing backlash as he turns to venezuela for oil.
4:35 am
easing substantials on the communist country over human rights violations. steve: "wall street journal" op-ed putting it this way, boat quote: the u.s. government thinks you are a fool. not only because it waited until americans were on route to grandma's house for thanksgiving to let news slip of a deal to increase revie output controlled by a dictatorship or that it expects you to believe venezuela is considering a return to free elections in exchange. which was part of the deal. >> ainsley: our next guest agrees fings contributor and author of the book defeating government socialism joins us now, good morning good morning. what do you think so of turning to venezuela for oil? >> one more anti-american act by the biden administration. you know, texas doesn't have a dictatorship problem. north dakota doesn't have a dictatorship problem. west virginia doesn't have
4:36 am
dictatorship problem, why is it the place they select to buy more oil happens to have a dictatorship, the idea that he is going to give up the dictatorship because watched him with iran and saudi arabia. he has now forgiven the crowned prince of saudi arabia for the killing of a journalist because he wants the oil. again and again you see the biden administration make decisions which hurt americans also going around the world promising to give away billions of dollars to dictatorships in the name of climate change. these are dictatorships that are corrupt and have no reason to believe american taxpayers owe them a penny continuing process of weakening america and finding a way to help dictators if you look at what maduro has done. jails and brutal attacks and dictators. communist studied under castro wiped out all the freeps and
4:37 am
nationalized all these government entities which brought the governments to their knees made alliances with iran, russia and china and trying to effect all of central and south america. now essentially saying it is okay. like we are backing the brazilian leader mentored by cass strorks it is okay. we are giving away our whole hemisphere. >> look, i mean, the biden administration, i think, wants a weaker and weaker america and is willing to facilitate and help dictators around the world. you will notice that they have not intervened on behalf of the iranian demonstrators. >> brian: not a word. >> and their whole policy on natural gas and oil virges on insane. we could be europe natural gas bring us money and strengthen western europe and are weaken russia. we're not doing any of that the
4:38 am
result eastern europeans are going to face a very severe problem relationship is going to weaken because the main level. >> steve: the way we got into the negotiating table is we said okay, the whole idea was we can restore help restore chevron to start pumping oil down there in a larger way part of the negotiation billions of frozen for humanitarian aid would be released to venezuela. with maduro in charge. melania trump of that money is actually going to get to the people who need it? >> this is a problem we have had in north korea and problem every anywhere where you have a dictatorship. dictator makes sure first of all his secret police and military get the bulk of the money. cronies and friends get the bulk of the money. some tribunals down to the poor but, again, here is another example just as john kerry and
4:39 am
iran during the obama years where have you got a willingness to give away billions to a dictator who has not changed. who is not in any way pro-democracy and totally unreliable. i think these people think we are fools and around the world must be dictator's fault where they call each other and say did you see what the dumb americans just did? why don't you try something? if i was a dictator somewhere around the world i would be trying to figure out how to get money out of the u.s. because biden seems eager to shovel it out. >> brian: we recognize juan combine dough we went and did this deal with maduro. unbelievable. a country without ethics all of the sudden. >> steve: newt, thank you very much for joining us. ainsley: thank you, mr. speaker. pick up his book for christmas "key meeting big government socialism." >> ainsley: taking a big bite out of the apple.
4:40 am
stunning numbers of plummeting convictions. >> brian: plus, it was time to pay up and he did. >> i like to bet you a thousand pounds, go to a charity that the u.s. ties or wins against u.k. >> $5,000 says you do not get anything out of that game and england beats you. >> brian: piers morgan is here of an announcement of our world cup wager. ♪
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♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like.
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more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: shocking numbers reveal just how wad crime is under the big apple under manhattan district attorney alvin bragg compared to 2019, the last year before covid, convicted felony cases dropped 17% and convicted misdemeanor cases dropped a stunning 24%.
4:45 am
but braggs office is calling out the report saying, quote: this is a false data comparison that doesn't take into account the challenges of discovery, impact that covid had on our city. here to react is new york city republican council woman eaten in a, thank you for joining us good morning, thanks for having me one of five production on the council out of 50 council men and women. i know that's a hard job. talk about this first. is he soft on crime and we are seeing since he took office he has downgraded half the felony cases to misdemeanors and managed to lose half of his felony cases that do go to court. what's your reaction? >> this is a district attorney who on day one in his memorandum that he issued promised to downgrade serious crimes to misdemeanors. quite frankly i think why this guy is prosecuting crime he should be working for legal aid. under his watch our crime has only increased if we look last
4:46 am
election where congressman. you know what? he did phenomenal. he didn't win but he did phenomenal as a republican in new york where there is so many democrat. and there is no introspection that's been done on the part of the democrats, on the part of this district attorney. he keeps doing what he is doing and we keep living in gotham city. >> ainsley: have to decide on new law being considered by new york city lawmakers, strip the landlords of the ability to do background checks on anyone moving into their buildings, and that's pretty scary. that means if a rapist or murderer moves in, we wouldn't know it. >> i mean, this is just insane. we have 30 members of city council sponsoring this bill. this bill would prohibit any criminal background checks to be done by a landlord, which like you said means anyone, a murderer, exmurderer can move building next to you. this is being done in the name
4:47 am
of equity and inclusion. so funny the title of the bill is so-to-prohibit housing discrimination against those with an arrest record. >> if you are a mom you want to know if there is someone that, you know, doing harmful things to little kids that lives next door. >> absolutely, and should have the right to choose to who to accept and look at the criminal record. >> absolutely. i'm not saying we shouldn't give second chances but not to be able to look at the criminal record is absolutely insane. >> the mayor backs, this he says no one should be denied housing because they were once engage with the criminal justice system plain and simple. we will work closely with our partners in the city council to ensure this bill has maximum intended impact. and it looks like it's going to pass you said 30 of the 51 council members back. this for now. we are really trying. reaching out to constituents from all over the city to encourage their council members to vote against this bill. >> all right. you have a tough job to do.
4:48 am
are you all able to work with the mayor a little bit alvin bragg on certain issues? >> we do. i mean, we work with the mayor all the time. the mayor responds to our issues a lot and sometimes we just agree with the mayor i have hope on this issue the mayor is going to take our side. >> did more republicans get elected? >> yeah, we had five republicans now, three that we had in the past and would definitely expecting more seats in the council next year. >> ainsley: thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> all in for wind. gavin newsom insists is he not running for president in 2024. rachel campos-duffy is going to react next. ♪ where can you get holiday ready... and host-the-entire-family ready? lowe's, actually. black friday is here! get our best deals on everything for the season while you can.
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>> steve: well, despite his attacks on potential republican candidates, reportedly even meeting with donors. california governor gavin newsom says he is not running at this point for president in 2024. >> far left democrat insisting he is quote all in for president biden. >> even though he went to the house when no one was there and pretended he was president. "fox & friends" co-most rachel campos-duffy reacts to this how she knows how is this a big
4:53 am
relief for the biden white ho house. >> rachel: governor newsom knows by deferring at this moment while joe biden appears to have wind in his sales after the midterms not quite the disaster we all predicted he looks goodbye deferring to him. we know that gavin newsom loves to look good which is why he went to the white house when he knew joe biden wasn't there. and roll up his shirt sleeve. throw his jacket over his shoulder and his slicked back hair and walk across the lawn. basically audition and say i look the part but, more importantly, it's important to note, he has the policies that the democrat base radical as they are they like what he has done in california. we are repelled by it. sensible common sense people have left california. there is a lot of radical democrat primary voters who love him for it.
4:54 am
the problem has been joe bidens who a very big incentive to stay put. because joe biden is the big guy. and right now he has the protection and the power of the doj and the fbi who are his guys and i think that he is going to stay there because he would rather spend his last days in the white house than in the big house in prison because put protection of his guys at the fbi and doj he doesn't know who could be in there and he may be in big trouble with these investigations that are coming. >> i bet something comes out about hunter pretty quickly. rachel, here's the thing. over the weekend, up at nantucket reportedly at according to dnc talking about whether biden should run. i'm doing okay. we did okay in the midterms. i'm in if he wasn't then
4:55 am
suddenly gavin newsom would rocket to the top because you know he was magnanimous and say i defer to the biden administration. >> i think he is the top choice right now if joe biden is not the guy. maybe joe biden makes it, health-wise to 2024. we don't know what could happen, but definitely gavin newsom is doing a good job of positioning himself and look at him. i mean, he looks like a spring chicken next to joe biden. look at those pictures. who looks more presidential. gavin newsom thinks it's him. >> ainsley: i don't think -- i think he will run eventually, don't you think? it's not going in two more years gavin newsom has a future. hard for republicans to look at california and conceive that don't turn our florida into california. will they like the mess created
4:56 am
in california. >> brian: lost congressional seat. he ruined san francisco. and promised to do the rest of the state and he has fulfilled that promise. >> rachel: look at the midterms, you guys. there is young people that were hurt tremendously by these policies the biden administration and covid they still voted to put joe biden back and his policies and his democrat members of congress back in power definitely bad at tied for these policies as hard as it is for us to admit. >> ainsley: hard to understand. you are right. >> steve: rachel, thank you very much. >> rachel: you got it, thank you. >> brian: coming up, mid-air mayhem a plane crashing into power lines, two people on board. we have the must-see rescue. and more. ♪
4:57 am
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