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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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are they now file, which we couldn't resist bringing to you because it was the kind of thing you could have predicted. no, he's totally normal. no, he's skydiving with a porn star and losing his way. we have a great show planned for tomorrow. the happiest night with the ones that you love. in the meantime, we have great news that sean hannity takes over now. here he is. >> sean: anyway, tucker, hope you had a great thanks giving, welcome to hannity. early voting is under way ahead of next thursday's runoff. we'll get newt gingrich's take on it. plus, stunning new scenes out of china. look at that. protesters now taking to the streets against the country's oppressive communistic dictatorship risking life and limb. some echoing patrick henry's give me liberty or give me death. joe biden, of course, missing in
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action, nowhere to be found, not standing up for the freedom fighters in china. the self-proclaimed defender of democracy, he can't be bothered to weigh in. now we're seeing a similar level of moral cowardice when it comes to iran. iranians have been protesting. a video for months a woman was murdered for not properly wearing her head scarf. but joe biden, great champion of women's rights, doesn't seem to care. the u.n. is speaking out against the mullahs but not joe biden. now eastern europe is supplying them with weapons and ammunition. speaking out against the anti-war movement growing inside of vladimir putin's russia. tonight we have a moment in history where the new axis of evil, china, russia, iran, are all facing serious crises from within, and biden, early silent. no tear down this wall moment from joe biden.
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no powerful speeches about liberty and justice abroad and freedom. not even a kind word here or there for those risking their lives in the name of liberty. why is that? for starters, joe biden wants something from each one of these tyrannical governments. that means he's weak. that means he's allowed himself and our country to be unnecessarily compromised because of his mysterious reluctance and resistance to getting our own energy here domestically. by the way, we have a trade deals when you wanted the iranian pact, why, so we can make the mullahs in iraq rich again. so perfectly normal, i guess, to wonder if bide b's family syndicate and shady international business deals are playing a role. make no mistake, when joe bide b wants something, his deeply held principles, his morals, they go right out the window. he accused -- remember, the saudi arabian crown prince of
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murdering a journalist and vowed to treat the kingdom like a pariah nation. but then gas prices went up. and biden travelled all the way to saudi arabia. got on his hands and knees to beg mbs to pump more oil. by the way, they said no. and even worse, biden asked the judge to grant the saudi crown prince legal immunity. not only did they deny the request to increase output, they decreased output and then they told the american people the truth. joe asked them to withhold that announcement until the midterm election. oh, that would be a quid and a pro and a quo. now he's given mbs immunity. saudi arabia is considering to increase the oil production. not a quid pro quo if you're a democrat and joe biden. not only saudi arabia. breaking this weekend, biden lifted sapgss on venezuela and granted energy giant chevron
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permission to restart oil production inside the murdering dictator thug meduro's socialist hell hole. whether it's opec, saudi arabia, or venezuela, joe wants deals with america's enemies, brutal dictatorships that murder opponents, shun all human rights, all decency in the civilized world. by the way, the producers of the dirtiest oil, gas, and energy on the planet. joe biden, think about this. kills the keystone xl pipeline, restricts all domestic drilling permits. blocks oil explorations on federal lands, kills the anwar deal in the name of the environment but now expanding oil production in saudi arabia, venezuela, and probably eventually iran. these are countries with dreadful environmental track records and today our very own peter doocy, he asked the question about this very issue. take a look. >> from the sngss for venezuela,
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why is it that president biden would rather let u.s. companies drill for oil in venezuela than here in the u.s. >> that's -- that's not an accurate take on the president's view. >> earlier this month, no more drilling. there is no more drilling. does the president think there's some benefit to the climate to drill oil in venezuela and not here? >> it has nothing to do with the benefit of the climate, peter. >> sean: tell many the difference, the impact on mother earth if you drill here or anywhere else. he's about right. it's not about the environment. joe biden doesn't really care about climate change. he's not the champion of human rights and democracy he claims to be. doesn't value high-paying blue collar american jobs. he's compromising our national security, abandoning high-paying career jobs in the energy sector. he's calling all of us to pay higher costs to fill our gas tanks. wait until you get your heating bill this winter, going to be much higher than it used to be.
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this is a massive cause of our record high inflation. now it all connects together. and sadly, nothing means anything to biden who really only cares about politics. and like every other slimy politician, he's just kind of lying his way around life. so, tonight, if you really are worried about the climate, you're worried about pollution. if you care about mother earth, you might want to re-examine your support for joe biden because his policies have actually increased pollution. we do it cleaner, we do it faster, we do it cheaper. for example, drilling for oil in venezuela and in the middle east is far worse for the climate than producing it here at home. transporting that oil and gas on ships and trains is worse for the environment than pumping it through the keystone xl pipeline. 900,000 barrels of canadian oil a day if we finish it. we could have finished it a year ago. signing on to that ridiculous paris climate accord, that gives china and india a free pass to
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pollute pretty much as much as they want. because while we're paying billions of dollars, those countries are classified as developing nations and they do absolutely nothing to improve the environment or our economy and we're bearing the brunt. we happen to be doing it cleaner than everybody. as we speak, this country is barreling toward a period of economic doom, inflation remains at a four-decade high. two-thirds of the american people are living paycheck to paycheck. interest rates continue to climb. 401(k)s are tanking. now, as we've been predicting, home values are beginning their collapse. so, are we on the verge of very deep recession with no soft landing in sight? or is something even maybe worse? i hope not. here with the latest, the host of an upcoming fox business town hall on small business survivors on these troubled economic times. charles payne is with us. i've never been able to get an answer to this question -- we have more natural gas, oil,
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coal, than we could use up in a couple hundred years. so, we could be energy independent. we've proven we can be energy independent. two years ago, we were energy independent. >> right. right. >> we do it cleaner, cheaper, faster. why would joe go to america's hostile regimes, enemies of this country, beg them and help to make them rich and cause us to pay more and, by the way, their methods are far less cleaner than ours. can you explain the impact on mother earth? >> well, you know, sean, i thought about that so many time. the low-hanging fruit part of the answer is the war on fossil fuels, how evil it is. we've been indotrinated in this over the last couple of decades to movies. you turn on a faucet. fire comes out instead of water. and you know how fracking became a four-letter word in this country for a long time, even though it created energy
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independence that you described, created an amazing number of jobs, revitalized small or rural towns seen as enemy no. 1 by folks who don't care, they fly around in private jets and live in ivory towers for real. it's all for them theoretical. it's all ideological. they'll call an uber four or five times in one evening to go to one restaurant and another one for dessert. they're in a different world. and for some reason, anyone who puts john kerry in front of an issue like this tells you what you need to see. i worry about the other part of this. the disdain for america who benefit, the people who work in that industry, the states that benefit. i hate to say it, i believe that plays a big role on why you would rather give this to a dictator. you know next month will mark the 23rd anniversary, 19 9 when venezuela voted for socialism. they say you can only vote for it once, right? it's gotten
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prohibitively worse. they used to produce 3 million barrels of oil a day. they're down to up 00,000. they need america to come in there, chevron to come in there. they need to come in there with their tools and expertise. it does nothing for america. to your point, this is dirty oil. one other part of your story, i don't think, is getting enough attention. this administration is not guyana, one of our key allies in the region from getting a major grant. they have 11 billion barrels of proven oil, significantly cleaner than venezuela. we won't give them the money because they won't fund fossil fuels. not even in this country, but small countries that are desperate for financial independence, we won't help them either. >> sean: let me go to why would joe biden make venezuela rich again? just for background, there are the organization of american states, 50 other countries, including the u.s., we don't even recognize meduro as the legitimate president of
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venezuela. i don't know why we would go into business with him. this is a guy that shuts down all opposition. he shut down 115 media outlets, 41 printout lets, 65 television outlets. this is a guy according to the oas -- the organization of american states has been killing people by the hundreds. and putting people in jail for no reason at all. this is a guy that our very own doj charged with drug trafficking. bill barr called him a narco terrorist. and the people there are starving. why would joe biden work hard to make venezuela and meduro a murdering thug dictator drug trafficker human rights abuser rich? >> it's heart breaking to think that he's picking all of that that you just described over folks in north dakota, folks in texas, folks in oklahoma. he's made a choice. that's his choice. >> well, i mean, it's -- it's not the best we can do.
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but if we can't get the fundamental answer to why -- how is the environment any better off when you drill in these countries that hate our guts versus producing it domestically. i'll never get a good answer out of that. charles grain, great to see -- >> dirty, heavy oil, takes forever to refine it. it's ridiculous, sean. a travesty. >> sean: wait until everyone gets their heating bill. charles paib, thanks for being with us. eight days from the all important georgia runoff, the race is neck-and-neck. a brand new ad, the walker campaign is doing something that the liberal media will never do and that is vetting rafael warnock. take a look -- >> character is what you do when nobody is watching. >> mm-hmm. and warnock thought no one was watching when his ex-wife called police to report abuse. >> he's a great actor. >> warnock thought no one was watching when he evicted poor people from their homes. >> here with reaction, fox news
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contributor, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. you raised a question. we talked about it twice. but i want to look at your question differently at this point. that is, you -- you feel after the midterm you have to rethink every election model you have believed in in your entire political career. and as a great historian. my question is, my only fear about georgia is not that herschel can't win, i think he can. the question is, whether republicans that have been reticent to buy into early voting and mail-in voting, are they going to continue to allow the democrats to rack up these early voting lead numbers? and mathematically, almost make it impossible for somebody to come back. if you can't change the system, don't you have to eventually buy into it and do it better than they're doing? >> i would say based on the early voting we saw on saturday, that republicans were turning out at least as much as
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democrats, a huge turnout state-wide in the counties that had begun voting that early. and i think for a couple of reasons. one is that you have the most powerful and most popular politician in the state, governor brian kemp, has thrown his weight into the race on behalf of herschel. and i think he's mobilizing the thousands and thousands of georgians who had voted for him and skipped the senate race. second, georgia, this saturday, will be the super bowl and will be in the sec's championship game. the last time georgia was undefeated for the entire regular season, herschel walker was playing at georgia. so, i think he has what vince dooley had which just as he passed away endorsing herschel, i think herschel has an emotional pull for a lot of georgia yap -- georgians. third, republicans are realizing being 50-50 is different than
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50-49. at 50-50, you have power sharing in every single committee. at 51-49, the democrats control every single committee. this is a big race. and i think georgians are beginning to respond to the idea they don't want warnock, a hard left, big tax increase, beyond joe biden, frankly, beyond bernie, really socialist kind of guy -- they don't want warnock being the deciding vote in the u.s. senate. and i think you're going to see herschel do very well. i do think you're going to see a lot of republicans turn out before election day. >> sean: if herschel runs, tell me if you think i'm wrong, i think the odds that joe man chin switching parties is far greater than it's ever been for this reason -- when he's going against the administration, ending the administrative filibuster and going against chuck schumer, the approval rating was in the 70s. since he went along with the
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inflation reduction act, it's in the 30s. what's interesting, he was promised a pipeline if he would go along with schumer and biden. after he went along with that deal, they didn't give him the pipeline and they're not giving him the pipeline. and joe biden, just before november 8, made the comments about eliminating all coal-fired power plants and ending all drilling in america completely. that would destroy the economy of west virginia. if herschel won, would that give an opportunity? would it be a possibility that joe manchin said i've had it. you broke your word and promise to not only me but the people of my state? i'm out of here. >> it's clearly possible that manchin at that point can decide to switch parties and join the republicans. he -- if, in fact, warnock wins, they won't need manchin. they'll be able to govern at 50-50 with manchin voting no and kamala harris will be the
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tie-breaking vote. but if herschel wins, then all of a sudden, i think once again, you have enormous power in manchin. he's got to decide, does he want to go back home and run for re-election? and in which case he would be vastly better off as a republican. i doubt if he could win as a democrat in west virginia because it's so alien ated by the left wing radical anti-fossil fuels policy. of the biden administration. and the cultural wokeness which is very, very opposite of the values of the people of west virginia. >> explain to me why biden is allowing a country that we the united states don't even recognize as a duly elected president, why would he make a deal with maduro for energy when we have more than they do and we can produce it cleaner, cheaper, faster here. why would he look at another -- why would he give immunity to mbs who he called a murderer.
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why do we talk to the iranians we don't need their oil and gas or any. why would he make enemy countries rich when we could make america rich and also help out our allies in western europe. >> in 1984, the republican national convention, jeanne kirkpatrick gave an amazing speech in which he talked about the democrats as blame america first. went through a series of things and said in every case, we blame america first. the evolution of the democratic party towards the new -- i say two wings, "weird and insane," and that evolution has led the democrats to undermine america first. so when we have a choice in the policy that would strengthen america or undermine america, they pick undermine. so, you could pump oil, as you point out -- you can get oil and gas out of western pennsylvania, eastern ohio, west virginia, north dakota, oklahoma, texas,
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louisiana. all across the country. or, you could rip off the american industry, lay people off, cripple us as a country. and buy it from dictators around the world. you -- you know, the logical rational explanation is biden and the weird and insane wings of the democratic party believe that undermining america is the best thing in the human race than a weak america, a helpless america is better than the human race. and they're better prepared -- if trump was for america first, they're for america last. and you're seeing it in all of these decisions. >> sean: wait until -- everybody going to see their heat heing bills, predictions of 20% to 30% increases and shortages that may result in blackouts in new england this winter. if that happens, that would be a disaster. newt gingrich, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. when we come back, anti-covid lockdown protests are sweeping
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through china as president xi in trouble and the administration has a predictably weak response. we'll show you. and fauci's failures are going to come to light. we'll put it together for clay travis and dr. nicole sapphire, straight ahead.
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have gone all in on lockdowns and releasing massive violations against innocent citizens as residents are being locked into their own homes and apartments unable to leave all facing severe punishment and prosecution. if they dare to question any of this. sadly, it appears to only be getting worse. as a new warning is suggesting, lockdowns are about to intensify. they're standing for freedom refusing to go on with the lockdowns. but the biden administration has nothing to say at all. why don't they stand in solidarity with the people who believe in freedom. take a look.
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>> what do you think when they hear the chinese shouting freedom. >> the president is not going to speak for protesters around the world. they're speaking for themselves. >> there's no reaction. >> these protesters are speaking for themselves. what we are doing is making it clear that we support the right of peaceful protest. >> does the white house support the efforts to regain personal freedoms in light of the lockdowns. >> the white house supports the right of peaceful protests. >> maybe, just maybe china has the biden family compromised, the $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china, the $5 million no interest rate forgivable loan. i wish i had that deal or the shopping spree for hunter and his family. i don't know, deutsche bank, goldman sachs, jm. i'll go with hunter biden, the crack guy. here with reaction, the chief of staff, reince priebus. and the author of the coming
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collapse of china, gordon chang is back with us. why not even a word of solidarity. to me, everything goes back. everything is suspect as it relates to china, russia, kazakhstan, ukraine, and other countries where the bidens made money. now why would they not stand in solidarity for the people of china to freely express their view and stand up against what is obvious tyranny and a crackdown against innocent people. >> i'm with you, sean. this -- this weakness, this theme of weakness that just keeps popping up with joe biden just doesn't go away. starting with afghanistan, then it started -- obviously with inflation. then afghanistan, and it continues through iran, through russia, now china. and, honestly, it's -- it's even baffling to me because, you know, i do events all over the country. a lot of time with democrats.
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and i find that one of the only things that we can agree on is china and taiwan. and the fact that he once again sides with this -- this side of weakness which ronald reagan coined the phrase -- peace through strength. the other side of that is weakness invites aggression. and these people have opinion locked down in some cases since august 8. they're holding blank sheets of paper up symbolizing the fact that they've got no voice. we've got a president in the white house who at one time when it came to protesting our police officers said that the protests that took place in the united states that were burning down buildings and police precincts were right and necessary. when it comes to china, he says nothing. he should say we condemn the ccp. and we stand up for these protesters who are standing up for freedom. this -- china and -- steven
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knows as good as anybody that china isn't just looking to win a battle with the western world. they're wanting the western world to melt down and completely go away in a practical overthrow of the west. and, so, the fact that we have a president who won't at least stand up and be strong at a time when it makes total and complete sense, even through probably most people in his own party, is completely baffling. >> sean: gordon, the last time i could think of anything similar was tiananmen square and i think most people remember that iconic image of the guy standing in front of the tank and the tank would move and he would move in front of the tank. the tank would move again to get around him. it would move back in the other direction. so, this is very unusual for china. but they're also calling for president xi to step down. that's not something i expected to see. now, it's fascinating to me
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because for two years i've been warning about this axis of evil which is a relationship between russia and china and iran. all three of the countries are now experiencing this at the same time. is it possible? i don't think you win revolutions with slingshots? is it possible that president xi has to worry about his regime? >> i think it does. because the protesters on the chinese streets over the weekend were not only saying that xi should step down, they were saying that the communist party has to leave china. the chinese people want to govern themselves. and that is revolutionary. and right now, the communist party is rounding up people. because china has maybe 620 million surveillance cameras. it has artificial intelligence, facial recognition, which by the way, they got from microsoft and others. and they can identify all of these people. it is the number one job of the american president to clearly
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and proudly to defend and promote freedom and democracy. we didn't hear it from president biden's statement. shame on us. these are our values. if we don't promote our values, the chinese notice. >> sean: the thing i would like to see, just a vote of solidarity, the vote of support. reince, it comes down to this with me and the bidens, why would china give a $1.5 billion deal to hunter biden and his associates with zero experience rather than deutsche bank, goldman sachs. you pick whatever big financial institution you want. why would they do that unless, of course, they have the biden family compromised which, you have to look at in any one of these deals. don't you? >> i think they have to. congressman koemer is going to
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do that. this issue is going to be front and center quickly. joe biden is going to answer the questions. but another thing through this odd and baffling silence is maybe it strikes too close to home to democrats. they're the ones that want to close schools, be in masks forever, they're the ones in ha constant covid hysteria. this is what they're all about. this is hitting too close to home for them. it makes no sense. the businesses out there, the fact that other than joe biden, main stream republicans and main stream democrats agree on this china issue, my advice to you in business out there, if you're investing in china, you have offices in china, get out. because this is the one thing that i think could unify the united states, which is very strong position against china, which makes joe biden's position here completely and totally out of the main stream. >> comber said or congressman comer said this is an investigation into the president of the united states. so we'll see.
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reince, thank you, gordon, thank you. the flip-flop fauci is on a farewell tour and still refusing to take responsibility for his covid policy disaster. and he's now saying he has a completely open mind about the lab leak theory. a little late. anyway, despite downplaying all of this publicly and frequently in the height of the pandemic. we've got the tape. take a look. >> we keep a completely open mind as to what the origin is. having said that, if you look at the examination by highly qualified international scientists with no political agendas, they published in peer review journals that the evidence is quite strong that this is a natural occurrence. does that mean we've ruled out there was something funny going on? absolutely. i and all of my colleagues keep an absolutely open mind. we've got to investigate every possibility. >> now, remember the fauci
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emails that came out in december of 2021 and from february of 2020, those emails showing that he was warned about the unusual nature of this virus and that it looked like it could have resulted from a leak from a lab fueling more concerns about the dangers of gain of function research? now, we did know that the nih money went to the ecoalliance. we know that the ecoalliance -- go back. we know that the ecoalliance in fact themselves were involved in coronavirus research and the gain of function research. we know all about that. did you, the taxpayer, was it your money that was used to create the coronavirus in the wuhan lab with your money because don't forget fauci downplayed the lab leak theory unlike what he's saying now again and again and again. now, despite all of that about the destructive effect of lockdowns and school closures, fauci said yesterday that he
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can't predict whether or not some schools will face shutdowns this winter. here we go again. take a look. >> coming out of the holidays, should parents expect schools to shut down? >> i don't know, margaret. i'm not sure. when you talk about shutting down schools, there's always the collateral -- >> that's also radioactive to talk about. >> exactly. there's also the collateral issue. so you have to balance. you do it in realtime, depending upon the viral load of disease in your region. >> sean: despite fauci being mr. know-it-all, when he sat down for a deposition in a lawsuit filed by state attorney generals, fauci conveniently couldn't remember anything about some of his most crucial actions. but we have the tape and we have his flip-flops. and we have him in his own words. for example, remember when fauci said, oh, a mask isn't going to work. maybe it stops a dropless or two. one mask, two masks, we might need to mask imperpetuity. take a look.
6:37 pm
>> when you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask that might make people feel better and it might even block a droplet. but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. >> what the cdc is saying is at minimum, wear a mask, okay? this is what they're saying. make sure you wear a mask. so you wear a mask. then you want it to fit better. so one of the ways you could do it if you would like to is put a cloth mask over -- . >> sean: okay, it didn't stop there. that's the same dr. fauci who told you if you got the vaccine, you got vaxxed, it would stop the transmission. it would stop you from getting sick before admitting the opposite. take a look. >> when you get vaccinated, you not only protect your own health and that of the family, but you contribute to the community health by preventing the spread of the virus throughout the community. in other words, you become a dead end to the virus.
6:38 pm
when there are a lot of dead ends around, the virus is not going to go anywhere. >> one of the things that ear -- that is clear from the data, even though the vaccines because of the high degree of transmissability of the virus don't protect overly well as it were against infection, they protect quite well against severe disease leading to hospitalization. >> sean: everything was an evolution. fox news contributor dr. nicole sapphire good to see you both. dr. nicole, let me start with you one mask doesn't work? then one mask, two masks, maybe masks forever. if you get the vaccine, joe biden said it, fauci said it, you're not going to get covid. are we on booster four or five. i don't know, i don't listen to these people, ever. i refuse to ever listen to them again. >> well, sean, you know, first of all, you cannot blame someone for changing science. but at the end of the day, the
6:39 pm
science hasn't really changed. he was basing a lot of initial comments on no data whatsoever. these were his opinions. anyone who spoke out about his opinion was labeled misinformation even when more data came forward to prove him wrong. then he started to walk it back a little bit. but what i found to be the most insulting from that resent interview this weekend is the fact that just last month if you watched some of the media tour, he had denied any role in shutting down schools when we started to see high school graduations were down, math and english, the rates are so low for our elementary kids. he had no role in it. and he asked should schools shut down this winter, he says, i don't know, i'm not sure. here's the facts, sean, we have schools wide open, masks have largely been removed from private and public entities since late spring, and yet cases -- daily cases right now are less than half what they were last year. daily deaths, weekly deaths, less than 20% where they were last year. so unequivocally, when he was
6:40 pm
asked this question, his answer should have been no, schools should no way, shape, or form shut down because there's no science or scientific benefit to it. we know the devastation. but, he's falling in the same dangerous path that we had in the aids epidemic. he was criticized for letting people die because of his authoritarian regime and being way too strict with the fda and other policies. he's doing the same thing. not speaking out for our children, the most vulnerable. he did not learn his lesson. he needs to stop doing media interviews and he needs to go away. >> sean: this impacts, i argue, clay travis, b our elections. because it's accelerated migration. baby-boomers, one of the reasons they're leaving wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan, they've had it with covid lockdowns and shutdowns. they want their kids to have in-person learning. they're sick of high taxes, cold weather. they figure they're going to move anywhere, they go to the carolinas, tennessee, texas, florida, they're getting the
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hell out of there. the question is, is anybody ever going to be held accountable for being wrong pretty much on every issue? >> sean, i think that's the biggest point. i'm glad dr. sapphire is pointing this out as well. dr. fauci had a clear opportunity here to say we should never shut down schools over covid again and say, we got it wrong in march of 2020. but we were a little bit panicked. we didn't know all of the at an at a. certainly by may and june. we knew that schools should not have been shut down. they stayed shut down for years. this points to the largest issue here. fauci has been trying to say, oh, i didn't shut down any schools. i don't have that power. but what he did have the power to do, and unfortunately continues to have the power to do, is help to influence the recommendations that the cdc puts out there. and i'm so fired up and furious about this, sean. because what happens is, the cdc
6:42 pm
says we recommend x. and they say, we can't mandate it, but this is our recommendation. and then all of these local officials say, well, we're going to follow the cdc's recommendation because we're going to defer to the experts and what ends up happening is there is no actual decider. and the point of our entire republican and our voting is to allow us to hold the deciders accountable and so far dr. fauci, who, sean, i really believe 100 years from now when they write the true definitive historical study of our response to covid, i think dr. fauci is going to be the villain of this entire story. i think he's going to be on the wrong side of history. because we will not have political persuasions influencing things. and the long verdict of history tends to be far more honest than the short term. and fauci got everything wrong. unfortunately none of us now today are going to be around for when that reckoning comes due. >> sean: i'm going to live forever, don't worry. >> that's what's so frustrating
6:43 pm
to many and others out there. >> sean: i'm going to be decrept, but i will still be here. we lost how many americans -- world-wide, how many millions of people died. they never focused on therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies are the gold standard. they're not keeping up with it, they're ignoring it. dr. sapphire, thank you. clay, good to see you. straight ahead, the woke left are at it again. the latest on the fallout from -- remember the group, balenciaga and their ad campaign and the cambridge dean is defending the sermon about jesus having a trans body. you can't make this adam shift up. but it's true. straight ahead.
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surrounding the luxury designer ballenciaga involving the sexualized ads involving kids. they filed a $25 million lawsuit against the company who made the sickening ads. now the group continues to face a massive backlash as big names like kim kardashian are re-evaluating their business relationship with the designer. the troubling woke insanity
6:50 pm
doesn't stop there. as a dean at cambridge university in the uk is actually defending a colleague's sermon about jesus having a trans body. a sermon that prompted claims of heresy. here with reaction, joe concha and fox & friends weekend co-host, rachel compos. rachel, let me start with you. you know, it's interesting to me that if you make it an attack against some religions is one reaction. if you attack christianity, it seems to be fair game in that particular case. and why is it that they're trying to overly sexualize kids with ads like the one that this particular designer group is involved in? >> so, i'll take your first question about the religion part. i mean, what's really disturbing about this is this attack is within that church. that's how far things have
6:51 pm
gotten in our culture. the attacks on religion are coming from within. and i haven't seen any -- any other, you know, major outcry -- i mean, where's the pope on this? i know it's not a catholic church, but other leaders should be making a statement about this kind of attack on christianity and this kind of desecration of our theology and everything that we believe in as christians. so, that's for that. as far as balenciaga, there's no excuse for this. this is the party -- remember #metoo was about consent -- women who didn't consent to this kind of treatment and abuse. what about the children in these ads. this is so disgusting. it's so over the top. and they have a lot to answer for. there are two campaigns -- not just this campaign where they're trying to blame it on the production company. now they're finding also
6:52 pm
sexualized child exploitation symbols and imagery from their spring collection as well that was hidden in those pictures. so, they have a lot to answer for. the left has a lot to answer for because they have waged a war on childhood innocence. they have been sexualizing childhood and children for a long time. look at our schools -- birth controls being thrown at kids. condoms, our curriculum is sexualized. it's trans and encouraging children and child castrations. it's just gotten out of hand. and parents and really the culture in general needs to fight back against this. this is a really disturbing, i think, evil satanic trend. >> okay, chief media correspondent joe concha, i don't see a lot of outrage in the news immediate kra? why? >> you would think in this situation that that would be a number one story here as far as outrage, sean. and i'm going to take off the media hat for a moment and put on my parent hat like rachel.
6:53 pm
she's met my two young children. and i see these images of child pornography, child abuse is what it is. it's patently disgusting to use rachel's word. the fact that balenciaga is suing north 6, the company with the ads with children holding teddy bears dressed in bondage outfits. they green lit these ads. of course they did. now they're responsible. they're not apologizing because they're sorry. they're apologizing because they got caught. >> sean: why are they filing a lawsuit? you're saying they did an ad campaign, nobody at the top, management signed off on that? that's hard to believe? >> of course they did. oh, we have this great ad campaign, i trust you guysish go ahead -- we're not going to look at it all. of course they did. now the lawsuit is supposed to hide from that fact. nobody is buying this whatsoever. all of the criticism that they're getting right now on this network anyway, they
6:54 pm
deserve it, times 100. >> sean: do you believe the balenciaga management knew? >> of course they knew which. >> sean: why are they suing? >> we didn't realize there was a book in there -- the book from the spring collection -- there's no way they didn't know that. i mean, product placement is a major issue. if -- if you are an anybody and you put a product in the back of an ad like that, you pay for that. this is intentional. there's no doubt about it. balenciaga needs to respond to why they are doing this and what is the issue behind it and parents need to fight back in general because the culture is sick.
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>> sean: unfortunately, that's all the time we have. thank you for joining us and making this show possible. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. if for news all the time every time, fox, and in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura, look what i got. you ready? there it is. there's a picture of me frying my turkey. 20 pounds. laura: wait a second, just stop. this is so long. hannity just sent me -- first of all, you just sent me a video that was supposed to be of you cooking your turkey. how do i know this is you cooking it? >> sean: i did not want you to air it. i knew you would. >> laura: i wanted to air it. this is why i'm trying to get it on the screen right now. this is the meaning of television. you have been doing this for a quarte