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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 28, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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it's impossible not to think the worst, but i want you to know that we get our babies back . no, let's go , go , go , go . go , go , go . find i know you can't stop until we catch this guy. this is life or death. it's okay for me no matter where you go . find you. welcome to "tu >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson, st.. 's somet hope you had a great thanksgiving. here's something that we didn't know. but now dobut now in the wintef 2020 tony fauci. she wantedci to knowrt how the chinese communist party was responding to covid they had covid we had covered him. want to seonding sene what theye doing. so wa to fine sent one of his d, a man called clifford lane, to china to find out. and lane seemed stunned by whate hese saw. their entire chinese cities had been quarantined.
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the whole city, huge numbers ofs people were forcibly locked inside their own homes. starve in some cases to starvee crui to death. se secret police cruised f the streets, forcing pedestrians into windowless vans for the crime of being outside. re household pets, dogs and cats were declared unclean and beaten to death on the sidewalk. >> it was a dystopian scene.e . >> so laden returned to thetell us to tell tony fauci what he'd, seen there. >> but tony fauci fauci was noby disguste fauci wd. rights abu >> he was not appalled by thew human rights abuses at clifford lane had seen in china. in according to a new report in the epic times, basedt on depositions that emerged this month, tony fauci wasthey envious. >> h this is what weave what w o in the u.s. fauci toll lane. >> so it's very obvious now that from day one , china wass the model that americanwere w officials, public healthhy officials were using to respond to covid herid he. fact, and in fact, it still is the model. and in fact, lockdown's are still happening in they never really ended.ficial and our public health officials have never stopped applauding
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those lockdowns. >> in april, of this of this ye, the chinese government shut down shanghai. inanghai is thrgest citye largen china. it's one of the biggest cities in the world. shanghai has a populations th three times that of new york city. >> twenty five million people in all of those people, allillin twenty five million are now suffering indefinite lockdown. shanghai is the largest prisonma camp in human history. so why is the chinese government doing this to its biggest city??no hones well, no honest person believesw it has anything to dito with public health because it doesn't provably as of sunday, yesterday, there were no of sunn deaths reported in china, a nation of nearly a billion and a half people, no one covid death. so covid is not a threat to thet chinese government. political unrest, however, t iso threat to the chinesement government. always has. and that's the point.een. in chi as in the united states , covid policy is not a public health matter. healt covid policy is a tool of social control.
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covid policy is a wad y forto the people in charge to stripe o from their population the most basic civil liberties and remainbasic d remain in chas that's very clear and that's's h exactly whappeniy our leaders st what's happening in china tonight, because i'd like to see it happen here to hundreds of millions ofle people imprisoned across the country. that according to harvard epidemiologist eric feilding, is , quote, in everyone'sryone' interest really? >> >> well, here's what it looks like in china city. quarantine outside in th some were forced to quarantine outside in the coolant,, inideo the parking lot. this viral video, which cnh cnnn could not verify, shows others forced to stay in maleroom bathrooms,s, sleeping under. , h and this one , the video says it's a quarantine site for the teams in helmand province. r kidsa little boy jumping on bs to avoid the pool of dirty woman liquid. this is where they use sob the bathroom. this woman sobds on the ground, crying that after she was caught with her mask pulled
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down, the government suspended her for thirty days, losing a month's income about metal spikes, which the man filming says were installed on a compound gate to prevent residents from leaving him. thoe so a those are ad covid concentration camps, but there are new purpose built covid concentration camps under construction right now all throughout china. >> constructi the city of urumqi in the west of china hasen thfectively been its own concentration camp for the last three months. it's been completely locked oult . residents have been unable to leave their homes for any reason, including to get food or medicin te. e last week, a huge fire broke out at an apartment complex in that city.the gove the government had sealed most of the doors in the building, including the exits to theide. outside. itk fireme toon more than three hours to control the blaze, and by that time,roae ten people had roasted to death inside d, including a three year old child. so news of thi.s fire spreadcour throughouty. the country. in china, as in the united states , social media are
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censored by the people inth charge who spent a lot of timeso and a lot of moneyring there and here censoring it.t do >> but in the end, it doesn't always work. outrage has a way of gettings. through even the tightest filterm acros. so protests began to form across china and those protests have since grown to becomee si the biggest challenge to communist rule since the tiananmen square massacre more than 30 years ago. >> here's what the protests look like. na na na na na na na na yeong.
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we'll see wherare this goes.t wk but again, these are the biggest protests that we know about to occur in china is sincthe nineteen >> but what's interesting is the reaction in this country. woe rooting fo those clipsse and you wonder who could be rooting for the secret polices? in those clips. >> how could any decent person possibly be on the side of the chinese government against the population of the country? people, the people against humac rights, against human decency, who could root for the tank against the lone brave mannforty standing in front of it?co >>uld and thebe answer is , unfortunately, some people could be on the side ofst the the tank. some people could supportd. the oppressors againstof the oppressed. and this country, many peoplem s do. one of them is tony fauci. s
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here he is from yesterday. as people are being killed in china, for seeking the most basic human freedoms, here is fauci suggesting once againfo that the chinese government is the model for our country. and that's why a wnd we may need to close down our schools once more . even as covid has become about c threatening. >> is the annual flu watch coming out of the holidays? should parents expect schools to shut down? >> i don't know. margaret. al i'm not sure when when you talk about shutting down schools, there's always the collapse. >> the brady act is exactly. there's always the collateral, de issues. so youin havg one to balance anu do it in real time depending upon the viral load of disease in your region. >> could we close the schools again? fascism with a chirpy face?s agi suren?, says fauci. we could once again deny your children an education. we'll see. we'll see. we'll make that decision at a future time. over at "the washington post", our internet reporter, taylor lawrence was not so circumspect. she just came out and said it.
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lawrence flatly praised what china is doing to its own people. unlike the united states , she said, china isn't choosing to ,. quote, kill off millions of vulnerable people. in other words, deporting your population to concentrationo concen camps is compassion. >> so you have to ask, since china is the biggest country in the world, our main rival, econt economy, what does the administration think of this? thinust have a positiot have a >> don't we have a state department that exists to think up positions on things like this? so what does the administration think of what's happening in china? apparently, they agree biden th? today a white house spokesman, john kirby, the famous john kirby, was asked for official reaction to the human rights protests raging today in china. >> and here's what he said. heis the president's what is the president's reaction when he hears protesters in china? chant freedom for xi jinping?t step down. it's not going to speak for protesters around the world. there are speaking for themselves. and so there's no reaction. act?
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these protesters are speaking for themselves. what we are doing is making itgf clear we support the right of peaceful protest. the protesters are speaking for themselves. we spent 16 billion dollarspropu to prop up the corrupt government of ukraine because they're on the side of freedom and democracy, even though it'so not a free democratic country. >> but that's the pretext we're for freedom. >> but here you have people saying, hey, i don't want to bee thrown in a concentration camp or starve to death on my own apartment. own apartmen and the biden administration can't even take their sidet,, really. they speak for themselves. they don't speak forth the u.s.y government. the u.s. government doesn't stand for basic human rights anymore. >> really. john kirby, you should be ashamed of yourself. it's hard to believe that's real. it is real. real. it is real. the u.s. congress ha and the us congress has, by and large , adopted the same posture. eric swalwell spends a lot of his life yelping about humanma rights on twitter, abortion, human rights, and he saidnothin nothing about what's happening tonight in china. >> now, we werg e nong weable to reach his former girlfriend, the chinese spy fang fang, for comment either. unfortunately, nor did we hear a word from the nba commissioner. >> that would be adam silver. now,heissioner, adam adam silves
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a lot of time yelping about yen countryreatenria this is and threatening the people who live herein with punishmenheret.t. lem thren he has no problem threatening american voters in north carolina. whorthfor example, or in texas who wanted separate bathrooms for little girls. throoms what does he think of killing. people for wanting to leave their apartment? or throwing people en masse t into concentration camps? we decided to find out. so we emailed his office today to get his view of chinese concentration camps. what does adam silver think of that? one of our premier moral voices . weof didn't get a reply.that why is that? maybe because he has made millions personally in the nba itself, makes billions of beca china.t so the nba has no word to say about china throwing its population to concentration camps, turning shanghapopulai in a prison. and in fact, when you ask nba coaches about civil rights abuses in china, what you a get is a lecture about how we're worse. >> watch. it is not come up in terms of>>
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people asking me about it, people discussing it, no, nor has our record of human rights abuses come up either. >> are people in china didn't ask me about, you know, peoplee owning our huffins and mowing each other down in a mall. >> i wasn't asked that question . the world is a placeex and there's more gray than black and white. >> oh, so china commits against muslims and locks down a city of twenty five million people. but we'v te gohe sect the second amendment and there pretty much the same. that's much a fa word from steve kerr, pretty famous coach . these people are allch take on the take from china. >> the nba is literally on the take from china and therefore they will not sayt a single negativive aboutthis their masters. this is not an american league.t these arede not people who are't loyal to the united states. they despise the united states , are on the payroll off china. how true. ue >> how is it not true? so they can't even criticize
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children burning alive in a high rise apartment building becaustment bue the doors have v nailed shut because of covid, which doesn't actually pos e a threat to anybody. so the nba is taking a pass. eric swalwell and his chinese spy girlfriend are taking a pass. the white house is takingmsnbc how state department, msnbc you ng a pass.ta so you havhave te to ask, what t the basic ideas behind some of the most basic ideas in american life is that it's my body, my choice. we have bodily autonomy in this country. bodily autonomy, bodily autonomy is central to the abortion debate. aut you can't force meon to carry my child to term because it's my body. in cntrol my body, not the government. yoin case you haven't heard tha. argument before, here it is . this is from recently. r >> watch the right to choose is on this ballot. >> we want to protect a woman's right to choose. are yoriu ready to stand up for a woman's right to choose? woma >> remove all doubt thatose. a woman has a right to chooseg protecting a woman's right since
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to choose? abo >> i mean this sincerely aboutue what's on the ballot this year. your right to choose is onker: , the ballot. >> oh, the right to choose to choose abortion. what about the right to go outside of the right to choose whether to send your children to school or the right go to choose what drugs go into your body? or the right to choose not to be thrown intothrown a concentration camp? are those viable right is to are those also examples of bodily autonomy? do the one point five billion people who live in china or the three hundred and forty million who live here, do they have bodily autonomy? 1no, they don't. ina, do according to those people, they don't care about bodily't a autonomy. they don't care about human rights. whatbout they care aboutu is controlling you forever. and that's true. laura ingraham is the host of o the ingram angle. >> she joins us tonight. laura , thanks so much. for coming on . >> it's a little weird to get these lectures every day about how we have to drain the u.s. treasury and send to some in
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a tracksuit in ukraine because human rights. but china is throwing people into concentration camps and no one will say one word, including john kirby, who should be ashamed of himself. >> yeah, all, the people thatwh you mentioned, steve kerr, of course, lebron james silver of,d larry fink from blackrock, heads of goldmanof sachs,s. med the nike ceo, the u.s. mediaia, a lot of libertarians, sadly,eyr in the republican party, clear they're all complicit here. let's let's be veryina is clear what's going on .o gray china is a slave state. there is no gray area.n they are an evil dictatorshipd i and they seek world domination . they hate they hate the blued i states , the red states and everything in between integ the united states . the only people that are makinga billions of dollars in china care about is their own power. their own access and their own bottom line. om line.their they'll sell out their mother for a buck.r power. they'll sell out their mother for power. appare sell ouand apparently tht their national interest. so there are a lot o of pef peoe
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who are collaborators and complicit here, tucker, and yet they wand compli t to hold upan the russia, russia, russia as the biggest threat in hold up the world. i'm not sayingussia, it's nott a a threat. it is a threat. it' but comparing china with the largest standing army inaring the world to russia, whose economy, i believe is about the size of france's, is ridiculous. in china, as we know,e is funding the war in ukraine.rn right now., so i'm gla so it's i'm so glad you're doing us tonight because this is the single biggest threat to freedom and our owny sovereignty, independence in the world right now. itence in is china and our southern>> tue border. >> s'd be o i coulhappd i'd be y to live in a country that sort of let other countries do their thing and they've got weird customs in afghanistan or brunei or south korea, even chin a, whatever .n chin and like they doa. their thing.i we do ours. i would be happy with that. what i'm bothered by is that. the same people who are defendin g mass concentration camps in china are attacking america. these suppos adag mam silver, eric swalwell, joe biden, it'ss
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all about attacking americawhy as immoral. why can't they just support their own country?coun if they're not goingtr to criticize china, why not have made millions and millions of dollars in china, number one . and number twomber, these people love the american tradition. we we. buan tradithey belt they believ, awful, racist nation with sins that can never be redeemed and can never be reparations. ver --are never going to be eno. so we can never do enough to atone for our sins, in their view. into your point about kirby and what he wouloughd not sayr today, remember what joe biden said on june 2nd? 2020 after the floyd protests really exploded? he sai d they are veryor legitimate grievances and they should be a wakemerica up call r america. that's what he said. when our nations and in many cases were erupting in violence and flames, yet they're mute ex a slave state in china. and there the civil rights crusaders excuse me, they're all frauds.
10:17 pm
>> john kirby is supposed to bet an adult. he comes on fox news. resig hen he should resign his job tonight. thathoul should ashamed of himsf that he is a mouthpiece fors this grotesque policy. and i hope that he has enough dignity and self respecttucker to resign. >> w e need a republic and wey also need republicans. tuckerspeaki the, who are finalr speaking the truth about this issue. e noand are not beholden to the investment banks on the multilateral corporationn that are continuing to fundgime this military regime. aand dictatorship in china.g >> we see what they're doing and it is horrific. >> tucke i agree with that completely. laura ingraham, great to see you tonight. thanks. good to see you, tucker. thanks. so john ratcliffe knows more than almost any living american about what'china.s the actually happening in china. he was the director of national intelligence under the lasthe fw waministration, and he has longv warned he has been one oshft the few voices in washington to point out that china is thepe threat, the preeminent threat. withohn ratcliffe joins us tonight with his reaction to what is happeningis in that country tonight.
10:18 pm
mr. kim, thank you so much form coming on . so it's hard to have perspective on this for most people, including me, when youee see these videos, how significant, how serioushoio are these protests potentially?w >> do you think? years >>in well, we've never seen protests like this in overwill 30 years in china, and it really will force the chinese evvernment to change their governance model. ever since tiananmen square, tucker, what the chinese communis since t thet party has. they said we're not goingengage to let that happen again. th're going to engage in i the largest, massive aga surveillance state in the history of the world againsinn ci.t our own citizens. and if we get even a whiff ofmp discontent, we're going to stamp it out. and they've been successful inat doing that. nais is the first time in thirty three years that we've pl now seen nationwide protests.em and it's not just a problem or the challenge for jinping and the chinese communist party d from just a one issue covid issue to now a callt for his removal and for regimeme change. so i don't think anyone knows
10:19 pm
exactly how this will play out, but it's very serious and very clearly the chinese communist party is going to have to adopt a different governance model going forward. >> in lighat's gt of what's hapc there, i don't a day has passeda in the last two years for the rest of us , haven't gotten a lecture about, quote, democracy from the biden administration, given their commitment to democracy, h how can they not haveey a position on this? >> well, the president's statement toda presidey was, le, be nice. it was it was late, slow, weak and cowardly. that's about the kindest thing you can say. this same president who had an opportunityty t to confront the chinesewere k president after three years and a million americans were killed by a virus that originated in china and he didn't do it. so so as disheartening as it is , it's not surprising. you know, i thought you and laura really outlined the d here. i saw the silence from the left is deafening. dmi, i saw thiels typeligenc ofl intelligence on a daily basis t onout how brutal the chinese
10:20 pm
communist party could be . but on the left, on the left, d what we've seen is some are silent because of greed. that's your hollywood crowd, your wall street crowd, your nba groupss to and organizations that want access to one point four billion chinese and no 1.4 b mar what they do, it's not goingt en to be enough to turn them away e from that. but the other, as laura said th' are are the group that'ss complicit. that's your washingtonliti politicians, your blue state governors, your dr. anthony fauci,cian your teachers union president , randi weingarten. these are the people fau who cas condemn the chinese communist party because to do so would be to condemn themselves. they are the group that has praised and protected and defended and in some cases emulated the same locklockdo don measures that the chinese communist party is engaged in right now.ondemn t communi party would be tand it condemned the e communist party would be to condemn themselves into the ammit, the americae n peopli that they've been lying for three years and that they were wrong. and i don't thinng, and n't thkg to see that anyone who's awake at all can see exactly what's
10:21 pm
going on here. and i think they're playing fir with fire. you can't you can't keep lyinge. to this level forever, i would say. general, it's greao t to see yos tonight. thank you solevel, much. thank >> youyo, too. thanks, o sone in many one of the many, many intentional humiliations he's committed as president, where the degraded institutions so thoroughly that you can't help but have contempt for your own country. >> that's the whole point. joe biden hired a gender fluid activist to oversee our country's nuclear waste. >> someoner countr is interestei something called play. seems like kind of a weird guy . >> well, i t he was hethe cr was just charged with ima serio. crime with crime is next. >> plus, one mother is now paying big money to deprogram her family from a cult. >> now from a you should consider doing this actually , the successfully deprogrammed daughter of this wise mother joins us next. >> last chance, get vaccination for only one fifty alone for a full year stream over big
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four four nine now or visit us at misso fund .com. so sometimes when there'sere a crime, you ask yourseltherf, e there signs? could we have predicted this? when joe biden appointed today play loving nonbinary dude to oversee our country's t nuclear waste, could somethingra possibly go wrong? >> wwaste,e aren't sure. that pe but that person assurance that was just charged for a bizarre crim e. gallag >> tracehe gallagher of the foxa news channel, as always, has
10:27 pm
a story for trace 80%. >> britain is now on leave fro the department of energy. unknown if the leave is connected to britain being accused of stealing a woman's clothing and luggage from sts saint paul airport . anthony gutkowski of alpha news reports that britain initiallye luggag to the luggage, then agreed to return, but apparently has not yet done so. britain is the the firstd openly gender fluid person to hold a leadership post at the official, title is deputy assistant secretary of spenttary waste disposition. that means disposing of spentof nuclear fuel. >> interesting that britain's doctor is a drag queen alter ego is sister radioactive. britain is also controversial for lecturing at colleges about 101, talking about things like a pub play fetish, you know, dressing up young men in dog d collars and muzzles. britain is also a member o collf muzzles, and part a drag queen society that uses graphical, graphic, named
10:28 pm
names to mock catholic nuns. britain, by the way, seen here with rachael levine, the first transgender associate secretary of health and human services. britain is alsonceo proud of onh visiting the white house in high heels. >> tucker the great trace tra gallagher, host of fox news, night, midnight eastern, a show that's killing it in the ratings for good reason. >> trace, thank you so much..s e so a lot of parents have had this experience. send your kid off to college. hy you're proud dylan got hime to do so. happ y. and then the kid comes back andh hates not only you, butces of the countr ty and himself and tv chances of that child having a happy, productive personal life go to about zero.l arts that's the fruit of liberaltr arts in this country now.experi so it's a very commondecide experience. but one mother decided to try and fix it.r she sent her daughtetor to a town ten mount holyoke university of massachusetts tuition overe fifty a year. the child comes back totallychi progracom like a cult member.. so the mom spends three hundred
10:29 pm
bucks a day for a deprogrammer to undo the brainwashing. and it workeo thd. >> annabel rockwell is thes daughter. she graduate mount holyoke. she's nothw a development director . prager, she joins us .ank yo so, annabel, thank you so much. for coming on . so deep program suggests undoing unreasonable religious belief. >> did you feel like a cult member after mount holyoke? tucker, thank you so much for having me. first, i'm going to say that bush i arrived at mount holyoke bright eyed and bushy tailed. soo exci excited to be there in. and as soon as i got there, i was told that, you know, i should refer to myself as a first year, not a freshman, because we are a historically women's college. i was left a not ae in my mailbx saying he may be a she she may be a he. ma don't assume anyone's gender . and i thought, oh, okay, that's new . and then the last thing was we had the moho job, which was this ritualistic haircut that people did in the first semester where everyone would
10:30 pm
shave their head sort of as an act of a so to answer your question, o yes. i mean, as time went on and i studied history, i became completely brainwashed into believing that i was oppressed by our toxic patriarchal society. d by ourand i left school. i was sad, anxious, intellectual, and by 2015 when i graduated, i completely estranged myself hd from my family. h >> yeah, well, that'ads that fam we joke about the lunacy on college campuses, but the real cost is not that they'll vote democrat. the real cost is tha wton't love their parentsof i anymore. and that's that's the mostt upsettini thind you geg part of. so how did you get better so in this panic of me not communicating with my mother, sh e consulted a cult specialist. this person gave perso herke i devastating statistics that most people don't make it out. but a glimmer of but hope that t tends to be young women who do so. shhe mediae spoke to him and hed
10:31 pm
very clear to her, do not affirm your daughter'sld new found you know her best. she is your child.n't affi h erdon't affirm press.mmunic >> so shate was taught how to communicate with me now to actually be deprogrammed. coc i had to humbltee myself a coupe of things. i reconnectemoved with my famili i moved i asked for, i mai admitted i was wrong.. secondly, i made a lifestyle change. i stopped drinking. i started to believe in god again. and lastlyrn m, i had to unlearn my four years of welches by watching five minute program videos. >> i'm online for free. s a cult >> oh, mesic. it is a cult. lov its aim is to separate you from the people who love you most. and .i just i'm so impressed and i have such respect fortook your mother for taking itusly as seriously as it deserves to be taken and for you for getting out of it. annabell g, rockwell, prigg, you thank you so much for coming on . >> thank you so much for havingg me. so me. you remember vividly whee
10:32 pm
social media twitter specifically censored one hundred button laptop story in order to get joe biden,p who is senile and charged with his own daughter, elected d president . how did that happen?t. well, elon musk is about twi to tell us he has wil the documents. he owns now, you can telwhl us howat ha censorship happened. who pushed for it?ofdoesn't what were the mechanics of it?ft well, applioe doesn't want that information to come out. why?thre they're threatening to punishatw twitteitter r if he releases it. >> an amazing story straight ahead. some of the best traditions start under a tree. >> it's where we gather as a family where we experience the excitement of opening day. >> it's where we caught our personal best. and this tree, it all began this christmas start traditions under your tree shop now for special savings on gifts for the whole family. in-store and online bass pro shops celebrating 50 years of christmas memories under your tree. >> hello, i'm mike lindell.
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both these teams. there's a ton on the line this weekend. where are you on jalen hurts. i love winners. he plays big when the moments are his ability to lead and elevate the players around him. we play together at the moment. aj brown is the monster. yeah, i was shocked that the titans allowed him to leave . the titans are depended on derrick henry. you certainly know how dominant he can be . a so much fun to watch the nfl sunday on fox full of super bowl. >> fifty seven , as in china, social media in the united states are censored. that's not compatible with democracy. you can't have censorship in a democracy. a country that censors is not a democracy. elon mus he b country, knows that he bought twitter with the aim of stopping censorship and restoring free speech. he jus spet saidec this. twitter >> there's been a lot of censorship on twitter and we're goinfind og to find out what it. quote, the twitter files t on free speech suppression soon to be published on twitter itself. the public deserves to know what really happened its
10:38 pm
and quotew wh shut that? why shouldn't we knoting down ws shutting down free speech in a country that claims to bey in pani power is panicked over this?om apple is threatening to remove twitter from its app store. so if twitter no longer can get its app on the app store, there's no more twitter because you access twitter through tw so they're essentiallyuse an threatening to shut down twittedia arr. probl meanwhile, the white houseems no and the media are tryingin to convince you thate in the problem is not china throwing people in concentration camps, suppressing free speec speech,h the problem is elon musk,o rest who is trying to restore free speech. >> he's the evil one .s amazin watch. >> it's amazing to watch i someone like elon musk who is such a he's such a child. you know, he's immature. tim you need attention all the time. and these guys with these moneyi and these detention and thesthe daddy issues, i'd say this libertarian nonsense is destructive. >> i to american nationalo security.
10:39 pm
and he has gotstit to reinstitue the same restrictions that were on twitter before he bought it., >> i when it comes to social media platforms, it is theircome responsibility to make sure that when its comesseeing, to misinformation, when we when it comes to the hate that we'ret seeing, that they they take action. >> there's something very dangerous about me. reminds me o.f a bond villain.rl as i said, when the richest guy in the world buys a social media platform goo, it's just nt a good equation. >> i think he's a dangerousgeros fellow and that's sort of speaks to how he's been governing over twitter. not much transparentt twitte ino what's going on , just really him ruling by tweets so youeveri could deconstruct every singleni one of those statements.yo here's the cia officeru .we the guy lied for a living cen telling we need more censorshipa ,but they're not actually coming out against, quote, hate. what they're saying is wee deci decide what you can say and what you can in this democracy. and if you try to speak freely, will crush you. >> that's exactly what they're saying. jason whitlockejason wh, , is tq
10:40 pm
fearless. >> he has been relentlesslioyn f focused on the questio n of for y social media when most peoplewe are ignoring it for years.ho and we arein honored to have him join us tonight. >> jason whitlock, thank you o for coming on . so e'twaun mosque has suddenly ascended to the place that saddam hussein a used to occupyc as the most dangerous man in the world. >> what is his crime exactly? his crime is potentially radhimi . now, the people that have been using twitter and social mediawt as mind control. and that is what they've beenat doing with twitter. they've been controllingpl the narrativee and what people are allowed to think. al control what people are allowed to think long enough, our what they actually believe are o thoughts. leadur to our beliefs. they've been controllinghr our thoughts through sociaough l media with their algorithms that suppress certain thoughtsu. and uplift other thoughts they've been controllingey've b.
10:41 pm
by smearing people. if you raise questions, hey,'t g i don't think the police are just out randomly killing black people. s well, here comes that twitter algorithm to smear you as a wor racist and one of the worstng. people on the planet. shut up. don't sas go ay anythinglo. let's just go along with this narrative. let's create let's put inkillin people's minds that the police are out randomly killing black men . therefore, these riots and theet burning and looting of citiesin is justified. everything that they think or they accuse donald trump of doing inspired. he justified the january six riots and all that. that's what they've been doing with twitter. justifying riots and looting and violence. g and violen >>ce and chaos and anarchy and the destruction of america. for a decade over twitter. you know, the only things my concerns, like elon musk almost sounds too good to be
10:42 pm
true, that there would actually be someone with that kind of money carey who wouldhas actually care to stop these people hate s off to the man.. so far , i'm thoroughly impressed. >> i am, too. if he goes through with this,lei though, it sets a very bad's li precedent for the people in charge. it's like someone could comen in and break the rules. someone could think freely and say what he really believes, liket he that couldus. be contagious. > well, and i'm going to really irritate people and give someone credit thatspid deserves credit for being the first domino. he trumpstablish inspired this. he k on the establishment ofe fake fake news industry and upsetstah the establishment narrative and contro,l started calling it fake news. and now they're what they're afraid of. tr the forlike trump through thf his personality and opinions. e. shook up the establishment. it sounds like elon musk wantsg to come with the actual receipts and justify everything that trump has said overth the last five to six years.
10:43 pm
the receipts put on display fora everyone to see. >> ncto, people who fear factsjo are dangerous. i would sak yoy jason whitlock, who again hau sos it on this lor than anyone i know. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, tyler.ecry so you just heard the white house spokesperson decry hateleg on the internet hate campaign, the single biggestge hate campaign of our lifetime wastion waged by the biden administration against the ,vact quote, unvaccinated people are unvaccinated. we're uncleannespeople ws thankt with them. they're bad people.ans, t they're not really americans. they could kilhey could kil youp >> well, now facts have overtaken that story. the majoritythis poi people dyim covid at this point are vaccinated. so it's not a pandemic vaccine. no one has told jetblue, though, jetblue apparently still believes thatunvacc the unvaccinated are dangerous. but here's the amazing thing. jetbluine is fine with a violenn felon on its plane. no problem at all. >> an update on jetblue next. are you over the age of 50 and
10:44 pm
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way cuteto save some tiny lives. today, visit best friends, dogs, kittens, so as we toldless you, and as you doubtless saw, t brazil had its presidentialct election several weeks agoiou c'
10:49 pm
contthe left won. >> and when the left wins, youce can't contest the outcome because, of course, it'ss legitimate. but not everyone in brazil is convinced of that effect. millions people thinks the election was rigged and they now have a criminale ar as president. so there are protests underway a across the country. there are reportrouns tonight fm investigative journalist matt termine that the brazilian s with thetand incumbent president . >> terrible scenario. matt sherman joins matt, th us tonight. >> matt , thanks so much for coming on . i know it's a complicated situation, but you follow this as closely as any english speaker. how would you summarize it? >> well, you're right. it is how a complicated situatio we are in day twenty nine of mass protests in brazil, talki a democratic country with free elections. and we'rngnot tense talking notf thousands or hundreds of thousands, but millions. mill looks to be when allid is said and done will be tens of millions. this is the largest democratic protest and possibly human history and the global mediatic oa is crickets on thisk itet is totally being memory hod not eal time.
10:50 pm
but the people are very clear . they do not want to be led by a convicted criminal. >> and recall lula da silva was convicted in three separate courts of 12 charges by 19 judges, unanimously, not pulcinella, our appointees. this was years before. also, narrow and his judicial appointees in the supreme court had freed him in the last two years just so he could run inint this race. and they annulled and vacated 1- his multiple sentences. twelve year sentence, five days he they let him r out to run. has a and brazil has a law on the books. it says no convicted felon can i be an elected office and thecty. vacated that. they absolutely put hi mchessb on the chess board. sooa that they could attempte to control the outcome. and now the people in mass areoh crying foul, even in the districts where heon supposedly has a stronghold, say, the amazon with indigenous peoples. they're marching on brasiliath.y every city in the country is filled with protesters. and now the question is , what is to be done when you have a judiciary that is not
10:51 pm
comprised of judges in the classical sense, impartial, nonpartisan, judges, but political appointees and partizans who are working to skew the electoral outcome. and so the military hasskew a special role in the brazilian constitution. article one forty two that says they are the ones to adjudicate separation of power disputes.oki and it looks likkee this will be coming to a head. h >> tmazingea. and of course, de silva would would be a willing servant of china, some from america's 100% ad. but the bush administrationn th is on his side, of course. bu t thank you for your reporting tonight on that. >> appreciate it. yingso the majority of people d. right now of covid have been vaccinated against covids weir obviously didn't work the majority. so with that in mind, it'stoin a little weird to learn that the airline, jetblue, is still refusing to hire peopllle who haven't taken the covid vaccine, even though they'reth the minority people who are dying of covidey say. they say it's part ofnt their commitment to safety. but as it turns out, thato safe commitmentty safety does have limits. so jetblue just hired a violent helon calledje a john perry's aa pilot. >> thi nine s mayen spent nine
10:52 pm
prison for breaking into the home of a judge. he's on probation until 20 , 40 for. sto is this a real story? he'll look rosa back broke it. >> he's an investigative c reporter with the daily wire the . joins us to confirmonfi do look, those are, i think, the bare bones of the story. i it doesn't seem like that could be real, but it is . >> yeah. john perry has committed a heinous crime. he broke into the home of a judge and brutally assaulted the judge's daughter. er in thowerin the shower with l baton. she fled the home, bloodied naked. when he was arrested, he was found wearing a bulletproof vest. and in his car , he had knives, handcuffs, parachute and mostor disturbingly, a shovel. so this is a bad dude. now, jetblue forced all i twenty five thousand of its employees to get vaccinated last year, whether they liked it or not. havethey won't hire you if you haven't had the vaccine. but they did hirtheye john perrs .. and interestingly enough, i thought you get a kick outintf this. the crime he was convicted of was assault with a
10:53 pm
deadly weapon while wearingmask a mask. >> so, look, most people wan believe in redemption and you wantto s to see violent felons get better. but to be a commercial airline pilot, you'd think you'd haveo to meet a separate and higher standard just because you have be your passengers in your hands. >> hasands. jetblue responded to your increase on . >> no, they wouldn't answer any of my questions. and it really is liks.e it'spito the epitome of logic here where violent criminals are noteat. a safety threat. they should be left out. le should outt out of jail. they should fly us in steel gasl tubes full of to but what's a safety threat is not wanting to get a vaccinen . itsm doesn't reliably prevent ye from getting or transmittingas a disease that pretty muchr: yea everyone has gotten now anyway. >> yeah,h.reases y and that dra. increases your risk of heartat's problems in flight the. >> so, yes, that is the epitomep of logic. as you jus it so perfectly put it. look, prozac, thank you for the story and confirming it. appreciate it. thane tok you.ld yr >> we told you a number ofpretty weeks go .
10:54 pm
a pretty bizarre story, even by the standards of 2020 two, a canadian shot, you're wearing fetish gear in the classroom wagging fakeclassroo at childrei pulling the kids into his fetish world so that teachers wd has been sighted outsideer guess the classroom. you'll never guess where that teacher was cite where thahed.r >> we'll tell you next. the world doesn't come together like this very often. but when it does, the results can be extraordinary. qatar is committed to that idea. growing its potential as a partner, investor and innovator with possibilities that are unlimited and rewards that are priceless. let the world play and become part of our story. >> but all that was good and all you had was touched with grace. this is all you can eat.
10:55 pm
how a buffet smorgasbord of all you want, all you need. >> did i sit at the wrong table soon after the war? in ukraine broke out, city serbs started rescuing women, children and the elderly. and as winter approaches, they need our help more than ever. from your neighborhood to the nation's cities, servehe internationals providing food, sheltelp u ukrar and transportan to millions through a vast network of churches. help us serve the people of ukraine this winter. by donating. >> now go to cities, serve us to give georgia yellowstone look the same today as they described in these journals. one hundred fifty years ago. i'm walking in the shadow of the pioneer following the trail they blazed.
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that's as low as twenty nine . ninety eight quantities are extremely limited at these amazing prices. so please order no tomorrow on minako for the stars and stripes in a crucial porkchop's, he just simply needs the u.s. young guys as they try to keep their world cup dreams alive in a must win showdown against iraq. usa, iran and coverage begins tomorrow with live on fox and the fox sports . and catch up on for free on tv. i do not know what my breaking point is . down five . that's what i'm here to find out. this is not an adventure race. can't call your agent. no one's coming to save. i've become a little soft. i still have that fire . this is a real experience.
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a little bit more belief in yourself. now, you did it for yourself. special forces world's toughest test premieres january fourth on fox. it's your last chance to join fox nation for only one film stream. all the biggest series and specials, including yellowstone one fifty with kevin costner and christmas at the greenbrier side at the screen fox station for just one fifty fifty lens on cyber monday. >> so don't miss out. >> so in canada, justin trudeau, civil liberties arenada gone., freedom of speech is gone. freedom of association has gon e free with self-defense is gonesi . >> ngoo more guns and peoplenona with nontraditional gender expression are now protected. clasonal s one shopkeeper in ontario, chup teacher decided to take advantage of that, re le wearing large prosthetic to class and getting the kids involved in this fetish. tha so whatever happened to that guy? well, he recently went skydiving with a star. y you're seeing the pictures, hi on your screen. his wig apparentlys wig flew offt yo while jumping out. >> but you'll be happy to know o his enormous prosthetic stayed on .
11:00 pm
steso that's from the where ar they now? >> file.ul budnt sh'te couldn't resistingit bringing because it wasng the kind of thing you could have predicted. >> no, it's totallvey normal. . >> now he is skydiving with a star, losing. we're out of time for tonight.a we've got a great show already planned for tomorrow. we hope you have the happiest night with the ones you love. in the meantime, we're be great news that sean hannity takesow. over. >> now, here he is . and that's great news for every family. anyway, tucker, i hope you hadya a great thanksgiving and welcome hannity. now, tonight, early votingwelco is now underway ahead of next tuesday's georgia runoff. coming up, we'll bring youof nex the very latest from this critical election. l get newt former speaker of the house newt gingrich, we'll get his g take on a plusingricon it.. stunning new scenes out of china. look at that protest is now taking to the streets against the country's oppressive communi communist dictatorship, risking life and limb. some demonstrators , by the way, echoing patrick henry, give me k liberty or give me death. people are bravely calling for president xi to be removed from power. e


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