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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 29, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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to unless it's been in their committee. there is a little bit of debate over whether this is a securities or whether it is a commodity, meaning whether it's going to be in the ag committee if it is a commodity much like we that kind of thing so it's not it does clearly. >> carley: congressman thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it and, with that "fox & friends" starts right now. >> todd: bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ christmas ♪ the snow is coming down ♪ christmas ♪ i'm watching it fall ♪ christmas ♪ lots of people around ♪ christmas ♪ >> steve: well, we are starting your tuesday. we are going to give you that bubbly feeling michael buble' as you look live at the all-american christmas tree there on fox square here in new york city. right now it is a brisk
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36 degrees. going for a daytime high in new york city of 46. by the way, i was reading in the "new york post," the all-american christmas tree this year is fireproof. >> brian: really? >> steve: they bought a tree. >> ainsley: don't even try, mister. >> steve: we placed the tree that was burned down last year with a fireproof version. >> ainsley: got enough security. >> brian: we built a fence, we built a wall. >> >> steve: we built a wall. >> ainsley: who paid for it. steve the north pole is going to pay for the wall. >> brian: it does look good. the fence adds to the brightness. do you know what i found out on tuesday and wednesday it has become a tourist attraction. now when they say meet me by the tree they will say which one. they come here and prefer our home game it looks like. >> steve: over the weekend, my daughter mary and her husband and i walked over to the 30 rock christmas tree, the ornaments were not on it yet. and it's not lighted up.
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but ours is. >> ainsley: there is a lot of scaffolding over there. >> steve: the scaffolding is down. nevertheless, that is america's tree. and we are panning it and right there, brian, you can see that wall around it, it's very protective. >> brian: very patriotic, freedom and liberty something china is lusting. >> ainsley: something elon musk is lusting for too. steve. >> brian: anti-lockdown erupting in china. >> ainsley: zero covid policies boiling over into the biggest uprising since the tiananmen square revolt more than three decades ago. >> steve: kevin corke joins us live from d.c. as beijing shows no signs of backing down. doing everything they can to try to calm people down. >> yes, they are. steve, ainsley and b.k., there
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is a massive, i mean massive police presence right now in beijing. iin fact, it started overnight. and it was designed, it appears to prevent a repeat of the previous evening which, of course, saw rare and open dissent against president xi jinping ongoing covid restrictions. that response protests erupted against 17 provinces over the weekend. demonstrators calling for an end to the constant pcr testing and lockdowns; however, the chinese government, as you pointed out, steve, isn't backing away from the zero covid drive. in fact, in shanghai in beijing, police there have stopped and searched people at sites of protests after crowds there and in other chinese cities demonstrated against the stringent anti-covid-19 measures. as for the white house's view of the ongoing unrest -- >> why is the white house's line that everybody has the right to peacefully protest and not the
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u.s. thinks it's bad to lock people up in their houses to stop covid? >> we have made it clear, peter, that that a lock june is not a policy that we're going to support here. obviously there are people in china that have concerns about that and they are protesting that and we believe they should be able to do that peacefully. >> boy, critics really panning that spawngets meanwhile, a reporter for the bbc allegedly beaten and arrested covering the protest in china. his company issuing a statement which reads in part: we have had no official explanation or apology from chinese authorities beyond a claim by the officials who later released him that he y had arrested him for his own good. in case he caught covid from the crowd. we do not consider this a credible explanation. one of the true hazards of covering protests and unrests, especially in china. the u.s. embassy in china is
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warning this morning that lockdowns are likely to intensify there in the days ahead. so, if you are an american or know an american traveling in that country, be forewarned. guys? >> brian: yeah, you need about two weeks of supplies, pharmaceuticals, food, drinks, because they like to weld you into your house or lock you in from the outside. >> steve: keep you there for four months. kevin, thank you very much. on the cover of the "new york post" today, the headline tells the whole story. it sets simply, point blank, in china, essentially, a protest sign can get you thrown into prison, so what are they doing? holding up blank pieces of paper. we have seen this around the world before. we saw it in hong kong back in 2020. we have seen it regarding the ukraine war and russians. not allowed to protest. so they simply hold up a blank piece of paper. so when you see that you know that that person is squarely against what president xi is doing. >> ainsley: also shows that they have been silenced by the government sending a loud
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signal, actually, around the world. in shanghai in beijing, police are stopping people at these protests. and they are searching them. and they are looking through your phones to see if their phones have virtual private networks on them which are illegal in that country. telegram app. which has been blocked by the chinese internet because they are using those apps to show their protest. their lives have been disrupted for three years because of this pandemic. and they are calling in these constant pcr testing they say and all of the lockdowns. analysts say china is unlikely to reopen until march or april. >> brian: put your mind in the mind of president xi. let me see, i don't like the way the uyghurs have made a terror attack in my direction five, six years ago. so i'm going to lock down an entire race of people. muslims, i'm going to make them convert. i will set up concentration camps and they got away with it. no one talks about it. >> ainsley: state media doesn't cover it. >> brian: the world lets them get away with it.
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then they say in hong kong these people are protesting because main land china is starting to inflict some of their horrible principles on them so they protest for a year and they decide i'm going to arrest everyone. i'm going to take over hong kong and make it part of china. and nothing happens. so now all of 9 sudden i decide i'm going to end covid. i'm going to have a zero covid policy. what are they going to do about it? i got the guns and munitions. people standing up in 15 separate provinces and saying enough. they are chanting things like give me liberty or give me death. how hard would it have been for admiral kirby not only do i stand in harmony with the protesters and talk about the folly and how ridiculous and owe preserve it is to lock people up in their houses two and a half years after a virus you inflicted on all of us, poisoned the world, but i'm going to stand in support of them. what american will be upset by that? ted cruz came out in support of that pretty strongly. and also this miles u is a
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columnist in the "new york post" offered insight this has usually been working class people stood up in the past. people with very little options. this is more of a middle class and student led widespread rebellion. >> steve: because it is student-led. some colleges are sending the kids home and it's two fold. one, they are trying to tighten the covid controls but also with the kids arranged, there's a lot of protests. so what they are going to do is do jakub line classes. here is john ratcliffe. he used to know all the secrets in the country talking with tucker about what china is doing with covid policy. >> ever since tiananmen square chinese communist party has done we are not going to let that happen again. engage in the largest massive surveillance state in the history of the world against our own citizens. if we get even a whiff of discontent, we're going to stamp it out. and they have been successful in doing that. this is the first time in 33 years that we have now seen
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nationwide protests and it's not just the problem or the challenge for xi jinping and the chinese communist party. moved from just a one issue, covid issue to now a call for his removal and for regime change. >> ainsley: that bbc reporter that they say was kicked and arrested. they say he was kicked and handcuffed for hours and he was screaming call the consulate while he was being pulled away. they did release him. the state media is not covering. if all these protests was happening and the media dngted talk about it at all. urging citizens, instead, to stick with the covid mandates and rules. >> steve: one of the things that's happening right now with twitter in china is probably state-run bots. spam accounts are flooding twitter with porn to try to cut down on people getting the information. 95% of the stuff apparently is spam. also, regarding state media. the state television has had some problems because they are broadcasting the world cup. unfortunately, for the people of
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china, when they see that stadium filled with tens of thousands of people and nobody is wearing masks they go hey, i thought covid was really bad. so what china has started to do is gotten rid of the close-ups and occasionally they will do a wide shot and they will fuzz the people out. so you can't see that around the world, unlike china, some people walk around without masks. >> brian: think about this. our administration is allowing protests to take root in iran as people rise up against testimony. in brazil obviously put a criminal in power. biggest protest in the history of that country, maybe in the entire hemisphere. we don't say a word. in venezuela we are dealing with an oppressive communist regime that brought russia, iran and cuba flew our hemisphere and now we have this and we don't say a reasonable doubt would. not big business. not this administration with all those years of diplomatic experience. let's just keep our powder dry and not worry about it. let's condemn everything in america that we possibly can.
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>> steve: well, i will tell you what, chinese stocks actually finished up today in china because investors are betting on further loosening of the covid restrictions because of the protests. so, in other words, the protests investors think may actually have an impact and they put their money where that forecast is going. >> ainsley: the government said they have loosened them enough. senator marco rubio is coming up at 8:30 on our show to talk about this. still ahead spilling twitter's secrets elon musk says he will share files on the company's history of their censorship. the fight for free speech on social media. >> brian: could kick them out of the app. store. watching us. you will love this news. what a new study just revealed about early risers next. i urge you now to please get dressed ♪ honey i'm good ♪ i could have another but i probably should ♪ somebody at home ♪ if i stay i might not leave alone ♪ no, honey, i'm good ♪ i could have another
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kinda like this- welcome to 30 rock! join xfinity rewards for free on the xfinity app today. our thanks. your rewards. the people of virginia's fourth congressional district lost a hero who always, always fought for them and put them first tributes pouring in he valiantly served to the end. he valiantly served 'virginia to improve the lives of his constituents and americans. he was 61 years old. president biden will head to michigan today to celebrate the economy, despite a warning from
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the fed that inflation could stretch into 2024. meanwhile, the president is calling on congress to pass legislation to avoid a potential devastating rail strike saying, quote: as a proud prolabor president, i was reluctant to override the views of people who voted against the agreement. but, in this case, where the economic impact of a shutdown would hurt millions of other working people and families, i believe congress must use its powers to adopt this deal. to monday night football, the pittsburgh steelers move to 4-7 after pulling off a big road win over the colts 24-17. the offense coming up big led by rookie quarterback kinney pickerington. >> to snell, he has got it. touchdown pittsburgh back on top ryan lets it go and this one is broken up. no flags, steelers will take
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over steelers look to wrap a two game road trip. fates cowboys sunday night in dallas. turns out the early bird gets the word. early risers have higher verbal intelligence than night owls. that's good for us, guys. the study from the university of the with a finds that daily rhythm and activity levels in the brain tend to be higher in the morning for most people. that suggests intelligence actually peaks in the morning. experts say this all depends on sleenk patterns and age. the study found young adults tend to have better brain activity at night. cool. i like that. well, the only thing is that i actually wake up in the middle of the night. so maybe this is not good for me. >> steve: you probably peaked an hour ago then. >> carley: all down hill from here guys. >> ainsley: kids are in school early. the earlier the better. eat a good breakfast.
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listen to classical music before you take the sats. >> steve: early bird gets the word. i like that. time to do wordle today. ted, what's the start word? >> cause. c-a-u-s-e. we all start with the same word. we don't pick our own and we compete against everybody. >> ainsley: when are you going to participate? >> brian: carley personalized that whole thing. i throughout it was going to be about the whole country and all about her. read the story and commented on the story and commented again before she even at all timed to us. steve: it applied to everybody. >> brian: something that has got to stop. i don't want this to happen the whole show. read the last story and just talk about it. >> carley: stories about me, guys. hello. >> ainsley: she started the story with this is great for me. hold on, but it might not be good. >> brian: next thing going to commercial and. >> carley: i said this is good for us, including the three of you as well. steve: indeed you did.
3:20 am
>> ainsley: look at you quick little momma. baby is due some three more months. >> carley: two more months. >> brian: really flying by for us. >> ainsley: that's why she can't sleep. >> steve: talk a little bit about twitter. elon musk, it sounds like is he about to spill the beans on what exactly was going on at twitter before he paid 40-some billion dollars so he could carry a sink through the headquarters. he just yesterday tweeted this out. the twitter files on free speech suppression soon-to-be published on twitter itself. the public deserves to know what really happened. and, of course, we would all like to know exactly what happened. why did the "new york post" get censored? why did donald trump get deplatformed? why did the babble blown beget thrown off? these are things we want to know about because it seemed like it impacted on.
3:21 am
>> the critical moment really in terms of ensuring that twitter does not become a bastion of misinformation. are you concerned about that. >> this is certainly something that we're keeping an eye on and, look, um, we, you know, we have always been very clear, implanted, and that when it comes to social media platforms, it is their responsibility to make sure that, um, when it comes to misinformation when it comes to the hate that we are seeing that they take action, that they continue to take action. >> brian: so the question is, why they feel so threatened by elon musk. why they are all over twitter. a major story found out to be true, which we knew all along, and a mistake that the ceo of
3:22 am
twitter said it was a mistake to take that "new york post," suspend the "new york post" account and everybody that retweeted that "new york post" story about hunter biden. "the washington post" said the same thing. the "new york times" said the same thing. cbs said it last week which is farls call. why is it such a threat to the community, to the media that elon musk is just loo is lookino make things apparent. >> if there is a controversial story or some sort of opinion story, underneath it they will give you the other side of the story. >> steve: they will flag it. >> ainsley: which i actually like because then you can go to the other article and compare and make up your own mind. >> brian: just little things ron kessler did the fact check on the hunter biden story. and s wrong. you wonder about the counter story about how accurate that is and the people at instagram are smarter than the people who originally posted? elon musk tweeted this out why are so many in the media against free speech? this is messed up. what really is messed up, if
3:23 am
they take twitter out of the app. store. that is what the rumor is. he is ready should it happen. if you are out of the app. store. you are out of luck. >> steve: these are two different things. one is spilling the beans about what happened before the election. and ultimately, what would be curious would be was there collusion or some sort of communication between the biden campaign and twitter to try to tamp down the hunter story and stuff like that? separately, he -- the world's richest man got into a spat yesterday with apple. and, in particular, with tim cook, also known as tim apple because he is steamed that for the most part apple gets 30% take. he also went online and he said, essentially. he accused apple of threatening to pull twitter from the app. store and trying to censor. apple reduced the advertising spending on twitter and said we are ready for a war. some people think that what he
3:24 am
is trying to do is he is trying to negotiate that 30% down to something closer to 20%. it's a business negotiation. >> ainsley: apple and a lot of other companies are not advertising as much on twitter and i'm sure he is upset about that because that's where they make a lot of revenue is trying to pivot away from all the advertising on twitter. and's to go toward of the subscription service is they make their money there and don't have to rely on advertisers. brian that's true lost a lot of major advertisers make the space more open to people, advertisers and major corporations are the ones now all of a sudden i don't know if i want to be involved there really? >> ainsley: g.m., volkswagen and general mills eli lilly either slowed or stopped spending on twitter. >> steve: a lot of advertising is bought by media agencies separate from the company. they work for the company they place ads. is he essentially leapfrogging
3:25 am
the middle men. the middle men who are trying to say cut it with twitter. is he calling the ceos saying did you realize you are doing this because you are screwing up free speech essentially what is he saying. >> brian: doing such great work. i don't care what his political persuasion is he is helping the country by doing. this. >> ainsley: america loves freedom. >> steve: also, there is a picture this morning that was published of his nightstand. and it shows a couple of empty diet cokes. a picture, i believe, of like the founding of the united states. and a gun. >> brian: washington crossing the delaware. 25 minutes after the hour. historic day for the united states as they face off against iran in their fifa world cup match. there are so many subplots to this story we can't begin to untap it all but we are going to try with fox sports host rob stone. he joins us with a preview from qatar.
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>> ainsley: we are back with a fox weather alert. another cluster of severe storms expected to hit the southern u.s. today after a turbulent weekend across the region. a snowy system in the rockies is set to collide with moisture
3:30 am
moving up the gulf of mexico and this about l. put about 30 million americans under threat for strong winds, hail, and even tornadoes. let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice? >> janice: yeah. we are confident right now we are going to have a severe weather outbreak. take a look at it. one of the main ingredients we need is cool artic air from canada. ahead of it warmer than average temperatures, unstable air and this is some of the ingredients that we need for the severe weather outbreak including damaging, possibly deadly tornadoes. so i need everyone in this area, you know from, texas up towards the ohio and tennessee river valley with that risk, that bulls eye for parts of louisiana, mississippi, arkansas, alabama, you really need to be on alert. especially in the evening and overnight hours when we are not really paying attention to what is happening with the storms. have a way to get those watches and warnings. we have the noaa weather radios.
3:31 am
heavy rain will cause flash flooding in some of these areas. the most dangerous will be the multiple tornadoes, long-lasting, large tornadoes. then, of course, you mentioned this, ainsley on the back side of this storm, heavy snow, feet of ♪ snow from the midwest stretching back towards the northwest. fox has you covered. i really urge residents along the gulf coast you need to pay close attention. i know a lot of folks think severe weather happens in the spring. we have a secondary season that happens in the fall. we will keep you up to date. anxiously, back to you. >> ainsley: thank you so much, janice. hand it over to carley for headlines. >> carley: airlines and hotels roll out big sales today for travel tuesday. the day after cyber monday is the time to get deep discounts. meanwhile, frontier hangs up customer service help line for good. the airline now going fully digital. so if you need to change your flight or contact customer care, you will have to do so on frontier's website or social
3:32 am
media. active lava spilling out of largest volcano on the big imed of hawaii. marijuana low a erupted first time in four decades. still flowing this morning. surrounding areas are under advisory for fallen debris and ash. lava flows are mostly contained at the summit of the mountain so it's not yet posing a threat to nearby communities. first lady jill biden unveiling the white house christmas decorations. the first couple's 8 grandchildren have stockings hanging over the fireplace. even ones for the first commander and first cat willow. for the first year no stocking for hunter biden's 4-year-old daughter navy who he had out of wedlock. the biden family including hunter never met her even though she was born in august of 2018. army football team unveiling the new uniform players will wear during of the team's annual rivalry game against navy on december 10th.
3:33 am
the team will pay homage to the heroes of the first armored division in world war ii on the 80th anniversary of one of the most important mission. space themed to celebrate the 54 navy graduates who have gone on to become astronauts. how cool is that? steve, over to you. >> steve: looks good. carley, thank you very much. nfc strategic communication coordinator john kirby defending the white house decision to ease oil sanctions against venezuela this week. watch. >> why is it that president biden would rather let u.s. companies drill for oil in venezuela than here in the u.s.? >> that's not an accurate take on the president's view. >> earlier this month he said "no more drilling. there is no more drilling. >> the president has issued 79,000 permits for drilling on u.s. federal lands, peter. 9,000 of them being unused there are plenty of opportunities for oil and gas companies to drill here in the united states.
3:34 am
>> steve: that's a really good reporter. but our next guest lost his job when the xl keystone pipeline was shut down. will neal crabtree joins us in studio. >> nice to be here, steve. >> steve: good to have you. what do you make of john care biff saying from the pentagon 9,000 leases or permits are out there? >> i think it's a bit of a smoke in mirrors there's a huge difference between the government making leases available and actually actually issuing the permits. there may be 9,000 spots that we could drill but the administration making the leases available also control the per middle. right now the permitting process in this country is it's ridiculous. there is probably a dozen different agencies that have their hans in it and any one of them can shut you down at any time. i would really like to see something done where one agency controlled the permitting for all energy projects in this company but that's probably something another president will have to tackle. >> steve: day one he essentially got you fired by pulling the
3:35 am
plug on the keystone pipeline and now rather than produce oil here in the united states, expand production here in the united states, going to venezuela they are doing the process. infrastructure is shot. going to take like $50 billion to fix it up. we are going to get 20,000, 30,000 barrels a day drop in the bucket but he would rather go there than talk to the governor of oklahoma or texas or south dakota about increasing production. >> you are right about that. and that's probably one of the most frustrating things to me as a worker, you know, in this country is we're not going to get a lot of oil from them at the beginning but it's the willingness of the administration to invest in another country, help build back their infrastructure. get them up and going. but, i guess when you support socialist ideas you support socialist countries. >> steve: it's not just that. it's a dictator. and when you look at the guy who is running the show over there, mr. maduro, look at that
3:36 am
opponents jailed, tortured, attacked, killed, stuff like that. that's our partner, that guy right there now. >> that's a bad partner to have. i would rather be partnered up with our companies here after the home. one of the things i find really interesting about this is earlier this year i actually testified before congress. when they brought all these companies in there chevron was there and told them they are going to stop producing oil in this country and now here they are basically giving permission to do it elsewhere. it's like if we don't see it hang here in the united states, it's not happening anywhere. >> steve: neal, you know, this administration wants everybody to drive an electric car. and forget about the fact that the electricity to drive the car comes from oil or coal electric car, that's the future. >> women, it's not in my future. you know, i'm not a political science major but can i look look at a map and see where the democrats are supported by four or five major cities in this country. and i don't think energy is a big issue to them.
3:37 am
>> where i come from, public transportation is not available. i could probably actually live here in new york city and never own a vehicle my whole life but where i come from it takes trucks, it takes tractors, and it takes diesel fuel to make this country run. >> steve: i grew up in a spot much like that. neal, thank you very much for joining us from arkansas today. >> thank you. >> steve: switching gears for just a second. i have got to say thank you. our simply happy cookbook is america's number one cookbook right now. this friday night at 7:00, join my wife kathy and me for a virtual live book signing rsvp at simply happy that's also where can you get an unsigned copy for less than 20 bucks, perfect gift for the person on your christmas list who loves to cook and everybody who loves to eat. go to simply happy all right. makes us simply happy. all right. coming up, simple simply crazy. college craziness, a recent graduate says woke culture on
3:38 am
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[cheers? >> [. >> brian: today the u.s. men's soccer team capturing your attention they being take on iran fifa world cup rally of the group play. the game could make or break the u.s.a. if they tie or lose they go home. wales and england played them to a tie. team u.s.a. facing a tense press conference ahead of the match yesterday. listen. >> are you okay to be representing a country that has so much discrimination against black people in its own borders? >> you know, there is
3:43 am
discrimination everywhere you go. in the u.s. we're continuing to make progress every single day. as long as you see progress, that's the most important thing. >> brian: what a great answer and that's why he is captain. tyler adams weighing in there with a hostile question from an iranian journalist. joining us now to discuss this game and all the subplots along with it is rob stone. is he fox sports studio analyst and does the scoreboard show. he can do it all. have you seen him everyone in every sport. covering the cup. describe the subplots to this one. besides what's happening at the game, what other story lines are brewing? >> well, i mean, there are certainly the political undertones taking place right now. not the waters at the men's team wanted to tread in. these two teams met in 1998 political tension before the world cup really exploded on an american stage so to speak. i remember walking in to that
3:44 am
stadium and looking up and taking in the surroundings and we were curious would there be protest? what type of activities would be in and around this match. the one thing that caught my eye, looking up, top of the stadium. snipers sitting up there. so there was heavy political unrest back in 1998. i think the iranian journalists are trying to make more out of it leading into this game. as far as u.s. soccer is concerned, brian. this is all about the game. it's all about getting that win and all about moving onto the round of the 16 for the u.s. men's national team. >> brian: the coach was asked hey what's with the flag you taken the symbol off our flag and posted it online i don't know anything about it. when tyler was asked about racism in america i thought his answer was brilliant. didn't seem phased by it. you know them. what do you think, were they fazed by it? >> i don't think so. i think there had to be some form of preparation knowing not to provide any inspiration for the opposition. we have already seen that here at this world cup, brian.
3:45 am
the canadian head coach john herbertman after opening game loss had some comments which got back to croatia and served as the tremendous form of motivation for croatia. they ended up winning the game in the post game they remarked about comments and how much they helped that team and nation. greg enter halter, the entire u.s. men's national team well aware of that and went out of the way during the press conference to calmly handle all these questions no matter how bizarre and out there they might have been. they handled them just perfectly to a tee. exactly what you would want representing your country. and they created no locker room material for of the opposition they handled it as well as anybody could have done. >> brian: two significant. iran won. iran coming off 2-0 win over wales. u.s.a. outstanding 0-0 tie against britain. what do you expect today because iran is coached by a coach knows
3:46 am
american soccer as well as anyone. >> it's a crazy story he is from port gal but spent a lot of time in the united states. head coach in major league soccer 1996 for the then new york, new jersey metro stars. now the red bulls, r50eu69? then he was also in an advisory type role for u.s. soccer. actually wrote a blueprint for u.s. soccer on how the men's team could win the world cup in 2010. so this gentleman has a ton of knowledge and also respect for the u.s. men's national team. so he knows what's going to be going on, you know, in the other camp as well. but his focus is clearly on iran. he spent so much time there representing this country and preaching and trying to grow that nation as a soccer country. and, by the way, they are a really good soccer team. they are ranked number 20 in the world. best team from the asian federation. nobody was talking about iran coming into this world cup in our group. always about wales and england and the united states. never just kind of sitting there
3:47 am
doing my research, brian, saying wow, iranian just must be loving this under the radar type thing that is going on with them because they are really good, sneaky good. they didn't show it in first game got blasted by england 6-2 a lot of the political tensions back home got to them any were able to rally and take care of wales 2-0. a tie to modify on for the first time ever. >> brian: u.s. can do it. they should pull this off? >> we're america, brian, of course we can do. this yes, listen, this team has been building to this for years and years. whether it's resources or manpower. players playing across europe, playing across major league soccer as well. >>this is a team that should win it. if you would have asked them brian before this tournament, hey we are going to put new a win or go home situation vs. iran everyone would say yes, please, bring it on.
3:48 am
this is what we have been training for and live for. win the game, move on and continue to spread that gospel of american soccer that it is bigger, it is better. not just the women's national team which continues to dominate on the international scope. it is the men's team that keeps on climbing themselves back that up ladder. >> rob stone, doing a great job all tournament and keep it up and hopefully more u.s. games to call for the realms of this tournament. they are in the knockout phase if they can get past iran today. thank you very much. kickoff 2:00 p.m. eastern time. appreciate it. meanwhile, download the free-to-play fox bet super 6 app. before today's u.s.a.-iran's match and enter the six match outcomes that you think will happen for a chance to win $10,000. remember the u.s. men's national team 2:00. coverage beginning at 1:00. don't miss a minute. meanwhile straight ahead. a college graduate is speaking out saying the woke curriculum brainwashed her so bad it took years to reverse the damage.
3:49 am
that student is coming up next. ♪ so why don't you just meet me in the middle. buy more save more on qualifying appliances like our lg kitchen suites. get $300 off instantly when you buy select 3 pieces. shop daily steals this black friday, exclusively at lowe's.
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the mount holy goat graduate telling the "new york post" i left school very anxious, nervous depressed and sad. i saw everything through the lens of oppression and bias and victimhood mount holy oak graduate anna bella rockwell joins us now to share her story. >> it was my junior year i took this gender course. i was brainwashed into believing our patriarchal society this oppressed me my entire life and i didn't know. and it was my duty to look for injustice in absolutely everything. it was this heavy burden. >> ainsley: i know you said when you graduated you felt anxious and depressed that you were a victim. you looked at yourself as a
3:54 am
victim and everyone was attacking you. you became estranged from your mom. she was trying to help you out. and you estranged yourself from your mom. she had to hire a deprogrammer. what is a deprogrammer and what is that process? >> so, i'm annual only child to give you an idea of how close my mother and i are. in 2015 i estranged myself because i had all of these ideas as a woman i was oppressed and she didn't understand that in her woman hood she had been oppressed and she wouldn't agree with me. so she ended up hiring this deprogrammer in the panic of not communicating with me. so she ended up speaking with o. occult specialist who gave her very devastating statistics that most people don't come out of it. tends to be young women who don't. don't affirm your daughter in new found divisions and identities. you know her best. you know her. stay to that you are her parent. in order to get through to me she hired this person. and on my own and to deprogram myself, it started with humility
3:55 am
over time i ended up reconnecting with my family. i apologized. i asked for help. i moved back home for a bit. i made lifestyle changes. i stopped drinking. i started believing in god again and then lastly i had to take on the job of unlearning everything from four years of wokeism. and i actually watched five minute prayer videos for free. >> steve: when did that light bulb go off? when did you realize your mom was right? >> really, it was around 2020. i had been working on restoring the relationship with her starting in 2018 when i moved back down to florida but it wasn't until seeing the riots happening this is so hypocritical, why are we fighting for quality and empowerment by burning down people's businesses? it just doesn't make sense to me. >> ainsley: what's your advice for students looking at some of these liberal schools? >> i would tell students, especially if they're conservative, make sure you go
3:56 am
off to school with your conductions and to parents reinforce your values at home. i would say self-educate. definitely check out prager u and watch some videos. students at school now when you get that gut instinct that what you are being told is untrue, that the u.s. was founded in 1619 and instead of 1776, raise your hand. vocalize it. i know it's really scary, but i can also promise you that other students will follow. and don't do what i did by not saying anything and alienating yourself from the truth and everything you have known. >> ainsley: anna bella, you are very brave. thank you so much for coming on and i'm glad you restored your relationship with your momma. >> thank you very much. >> ainsley: you are welcome. still ahead, the nightmare before christmas. how border patrol agents are preparing for the end of title 42.
3:57 am
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♪ the message coming from my eyes ♪ leave it alone ♪ ♪ >> brian: you are looking at the tiny nation of qatar who mysteriously got the world cup years ago. now they are playing it to record ratings thanks to fox sports b


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