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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 29, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ the message coming from my eyes ♪ leave it alone ♪ ♪ >> brian: you are looking at the tiny nation of qatar who mysteriously got the world cup years ago. now they are playing it to record ratings thanks to fox sports brilliant coverage.
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the interest in the u.s. men's national team second youngest in the tournament. now after a stunning tie against britain the sixth best team in the world. queued up one win away advancing to the knockout round to the 16. kickoff at 2. coverage starts at 1:00. extra time but no overtime. a tie is a win for iran. a tie iran goes through. a win the u.s. goes through. a loss, the u.s. goes home. >> steve: that was such a beautiful shot. in the middle of the dessert and more skyscrapers than most american citizen cities. >> ainsley: we are expected to win. >> brian: i don't know the betting thing i don't know what you mean? >> ainsley: we tie. >> steve: you famously bet somebody $5,000 on the game. >> brian: i don't know how to do the betting game with soccer. >> brian: we tied with britain. >> iran on paper is real good. the coach knows the u.s. team inside and out.
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but a couple of things i think matter. number one is, iran has got this political turmoil knowing if they lose, they are going home -- they could end up in jail for what they have already done during the national anthem. >> steve: they are motivated. >> brian: which is not sing. the fact that they didn't sing got everyone saying what are they trying to do and the word was that they are actually and one of their best players. one of their best players is told you are not going because he came out in favor of the protesters, which is for women's rights in iran. where are the women's groups in america? what would hurt them to stand up and speak out for women's rights in iran. the 22-year-old was murdered because she didn't have her high hijab on right head gear on right. she ends up dead at 22. that spurred all of this. >> steve: you have done a good job setting the stage. >> ainsley: have you made me really interested in soccer. >> steve: watch at 2:00 today on
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fox. >> brian: 90 minutes. stop which adds additional intrigue. >> steve: i still don't understand that. >> brian: after you score you celebrate that might take you a minute and a half. the clock keeps running. give them a anyone and a half. okay there is a problem. injury on the field. keep the guy on the field for a second and see if his leg is broken. normally it's not especially if it's brazil be like a couple of minutes they add that to stoppage time. >> ainsley: if we tie which i hope we don't no one goes forward. >> steve: we're done. >> brian: the tournament stops i'm kidding. >> ainsley: we would both go forward. >> brian: iran and england move forward. >> steve: stay tuned if you have questions about it email brian kilmeade >> brian: three minutes after the top of the hour. president biden heads to michigan today to celebrate the economy that could grind to a screeching halt with a possible rail strike on the horizon. >> ainsley: president is calling on congress to pass legislation to avoid a work stoppage just a
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few months after bragging about brokering a deal. >> steve: jacqui heinrich is live outside the white house on this tuesday. hey, jacqui, i thought he was personally involved, not personally involved, and now he is saying hey, congress, why don't you get personally involved? what's going on? >> yeah, there has been a bit of a back and forth between the white house and the president over how directly he has been involved in these negotiations. we know that the department of labor, department of transportation is very involved. but, a little bit unclear what the president's role here is. however, this all is now happening with a big urgency just a day after congressional leaders said that intervention from the hill would really be a last resort. that's what the president is calling for to avrt this nationwide shut down that could shut down much of the economy. the strike could shut down much of the economy right before christmas. if it happens. that would be catastrophic for inflation, which the president has been talking about today in michigan. so before his trip he released a statement last night. as a proud, prolabor president i
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was reluctant to override the views of the people who voted against the agreement. but, in this case, where the economic impact of a shutdown would hurt millions of other working people and families, i believe congress must use its powers to adopt this deal. a strike would impact many sectors of the economy, including commuter rails, amtrak. though share their tracks with freight rails and disrupt up to 7 million travelers per day. and a month long strike would cost the economy about $160 billion, including 700,000 lost jobs. >> can you talk about what the hold up is, mr. president. >> i can't. because it's the middle of negotiations, but. >> have you been in touch with the parties again? >> my team has been in touch with all the parties. i have not directly engaged yet because they are still talking. >> meantime, the president's is talking inflation today in michigan as a top federal reserve final of official says the bank is going to need to keep those rates high to recover from stubbornly high inflation.
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gas prices did not move them to loosen restrictions on venezuela which would allow chevron to drill then dl again so long asthma during row regime elections in a deal designed to send the profits to a charity and not to maduro. >> why is it that president biden would rather let u.s. companies drill for oil in venezuela than here in the u.s.? >> that's not an accurate take on the president's view. >> earlier this month you said o proper drilling. there will be no more drilling. >> the president has issued 9,000 permits for drilling on u.s. federal lands, peter. 9,000 being unused there are plenty of opportunities for oil and gas companies to drill here in the united states. >> but the administration has not loosened any of the restrictions or improved the red tape that is causing those 9,000 permits to go unused and, of course, he repeats quite often his intention to end office sill fuels. back to you guys. >> brian: i believe, too.
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that, jacqui, that those permits were issued by previous administrations, not by his. >> a portion from biden but a lot of them from the trump >> steve: one other quick question for you. he is going to michigan today to one of these plants that manufactures chip waivers. wafers that semiconductors are made from. going to take a victory lap over the passage of the chips act which was bipartisan. did any of those billions and billions of dollars go to this plant? >> no. so, the chips funding has not been allocated yet. this is a private company that is pledging an investment similar to what we saw a couple months ago in ohio with intel. they pledged money to bolster their operation really probably hoping to get some of these chips dollars. but the president's aim here is to talk about how your tax dollars will also fuel private investment and this company produces chips that would go into electric vehicles. expect him to probably talk
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about green energy today as well. >> steve: okay. she knows all the answers to all of our questions today. a plus. thank you. >> thanks. >> ainsley: travel down to the border on the other side of el paso over the river is juarez, mexico. that's where you have all these migrants from venezuela that have made this camp. there used to be 500 people at one point. it was 1,000 people. families are there. they are waiting on the other side of the border until our policies here in america change so that they can come over. because joe biden said if you are from venezuela, every to be expelled from the country to mexico if you cross here illegally. they are there in that camp. and the mexican authorities went to the camp with riot gear and they ordered them to clean out. and they offered shelters to these individuals. and they were pleading with them to let them stay. >> steve: yeah. that particular carp is literally 50 yards from the river and on the other side of juarez is el paso, all those people said for the most part they said they were so close because they were worried that if they got any further away
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from the u.s. border that might jeopardize their chance of getting into the united states. but the research they are on that side is because joe biden, a while back said hey, look, if you are from venezuela for the most part every got to stay in mexico because if you have cross into the united states, you willable deported and we are not going to let you back in. >> ainsley: what happens when title 42 ends. exactly right. that he was one of the big questions. and that's what everybody is talking about. but that, you know, people started to set those tents on fire there were fights. there were all sorts of things. ultimately they were trying to get people, to your point, to go to shelters in the juarez area. a lot of them just walk the streets because they were afraid if they went into a shelter in juarez and you are from venezuela they might deport you back to venezuela. >> on some level i think that a lot of these biden people say these venezuelans are fleeing oppression much like the cubans. end up being republican voters why don't we take a stand there remember the remain in exin
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co. he did is a remain in mexico effectively. effective to keep venezuelans out. bill melugin tweeted. this seeing the video now. the mexican police yesterday cleared out a camp of thousands by the rio grande valley in juarez. same spot where migrants rushed into the u.s. and assaulted border patrol agents weeks ago. the venezuelans have been camping out at the river in el paso waiting to cross when title # 2 drops. when they will be cleared out. when title 42 drops it will be a mess. this according to anonymous senior agent in west texas to "the washington examiner." title 42 is a crack down. we know whether it breaks a huge flood is coming. flood of people coming in at once will cripple are already broken. customs and border patrol will have no other choice but to release virtually everyone. that is stunningly inappropriate. and not acceptable. >> steve: except to the administration. this is all part of their decision on what, you know it, looks like an open border to us, to the administration. it looks like a secure border.
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and december 21st, as you can see right there. the red letter day is when title 42 ends. here is tom homan on "fox & friends" first earlier talking about securing that border. how secure does it look to tom? >> my guess is they were asked by this administration to do it. they are trying to lessen the blow that's going to happen to end title 42. they are trying to control the optics, so, you know, getting rid of this camp is going to give them a little bit better picture for the first day when title 42 gets exhausted. this administration, everything they do is about optics. they send more agents to the border. not to secure the border. not to enforce the law. to process aliens quicker. release them quicker so there is not overcrowding because if there is not overcrowding, they can claim there is no crisis like the secretary still claims today. >> steve: yep, what they say a crisis. does it look like auto crisis to you. the projection is from the people inside the department of
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homeland security as soon as title 42 ends coming up in a couple of weeks, close to 20,000 migrants will stream across the border every day, obviously overwhelming our people on this side, nobody is going to be watching for fentanyl because herb is going to be processing somebody okay, where are from? writing it down and putting it in the computer. even if they do that. there might be such a logjam they might not be able to properly paperwork. >> ainsley: word does spread when laws do change i'm sure they all know title 42 is ending at the end of december. >> steve: cartels are making sure they understand that. >> brian: 12 minutes after the hour. carley shimkus is poised to do the news. >> >> carley: i certainly am the university of idaho is stepping up security for the final weeks of its fall semester. following the murders of four students. the school says it will have more visible security on campus. officials are also providing safety tips. authorities still do not have a motive, murder weapon, or
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suspect in the killings of cailee, ethan, madison and xana. a vil itible i .>> children dren bondage outfits. the statement reads we strongly condemn child abuse. balenciaga says it is conducting internal and external investigations into the photo shoot that sparked major backlash. the church senator warnock once belonged to often hosted a controversial professor. leonard jeffries was ousted for anti-semitic and black supremacist teachings. he spoke at warnock's church at least three times while the democrat was a youth pastor there. meanwhile, form everywhere president obama is heading to atlanta this thursday to rally for warnock ahead of the georgia senate run off. yesterday, the state broke a record for the most ballots cast in one day during early voting
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with over 230,000. and will smith opens up about the infamous oscar slap on the daily show with trevor know a, he detailed that night as who are risk saying even his 9-year-old nephew called him out for hitting chris rock. >> i was going through something that night. into the that that justifies my behavior at all. disturbed the idea. hurt people hurt people. >> carley: the actor says the joke about his wife jada pickerington smith did not warrant a physical reaction. smith has been banned from the oscars for 10 years. more news on the slap. >> brian: he has got to get out there. this movie is he great in. wants to get publicity. how much longer can he hide? doesn't veto speak out. >> carley: he just did. >> steve: he said some other stuff as well. >> ainsley: did chris rock accept his apology?
4:15 am
>> brian: nope. not as far as i know. i hate to get between those two guys. >> steve: thank you for all that news from tinseltown. >> carley: you are very welcome. >> brian: coming up. whole foods is yanking maine lobsters from shelves and call it an effort to protect endangered whales. a lobster man calls the move extremely unnecessary. he'lhe'll be next. >> ainsley: rescuers rush to at rescue a trapped man. then own it support your immune system with a potent blend of nutrients and emerge your best every day with emergen-c
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is ♪ >> steve: whole foods grocery store is under fire after deciding to pull maine lobsters from their stores nationwide. it follows environmentalist concerns that the fishing industry is allegedly harming a rare species of whales. right what els whales they are . joining us is kurt brown lobsterman. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve how are you doing? >> steve: i'm doing good. let's start at the beginning so supreme understand. two environmentalist groups they are worried that the right what else as they are called could get entangled in your gear. you don't have nets. you just have lobster pods, they are cages that set on the floor, rights, of the water. >> that's exactly right. the only way we can legally harvest lobster is with a trap or a pot. we do that in a very sustainable manner and have been for generations at this point in
4:21 am
time and we have been protecting right whales with our gear since i was in high school back in the late 1990s. i remember when i was a senior in high school buying my first whale safe gear. over the last 20 years our industry has worked extremely hard to protect this endangered species and we have done it effectively. the last document entanglement of right whale lobster gear was all the way back in 2004. there has never been a documented mortality of a right whale in maine lobster gear. this whole issue is bad pr for our industry. but nothing more, really, like i said, we have done amazing job as an industry protecting white whales for generations and we will continue to do it for generations to come as you can see right there. that's my son and my daughter out there on my both with me. we take sustainability very seriously because this is a generational fishery and we are very proud of what we do out on the water. >> steve: okay.
4:22 am
so, it sounds like because we see the lobster pots, those cages, they sit on the bottom. and then there is essentially aa buoy on a roof on the surface of the water. they are worried that the whale would get entangled in that. you said one happened a long, long time ago. >> yes. >> steve: kurt, what does it say to you though that whole foods would say okay, no whale has been hurt in a very long time but it might happen so we are going to pull the plug on maine lobsters for now? >> unfortunately, it just sounds more like p.r. cause than anything else in my humble opinion obviously this isn't doing anything to protect right what else. whales. it won't impact our market very well but what it does just sends the wrong message to consumers. i think that's why i appreciate this opportunity this morning because it gives maine's lobster industry the opportunity to tell
4:23 am
your audience that what we do out on the water is not harming right whales. we have a sustainable wild fishery that has plenty of proactive measures in place to protect both lobsters and right whales and your audience can feel good about eating maine lobster. >> steve: well, we do love maine lobsters. whole foods put out a statement they said this, curt. as part of our commitment to it standards 2012 all wild caught will fisheries certified by the maine stewardship council msc or rated either green or yellow by the mba seafood watch program. we will pause the purchase of maine lobster until the msc suspension is lifted or the rating changes to yellow or green. you know, while you are here, we know that times are tough. across the board. inflation is killing us. i know you pay a lot more for
4:24 am
fuel than did you last year. but how much is this going to hurt you financially? >> it's just bad publicity realistically, like i said, it's one customer so it won't have a huge impact on markets but it's the pr component of it and sends the wrong messaging, i just have one line from msc's recent audit. one of the sustainability partners that you just mentioned there. this is from their recent statement a week ago. quote: there is no recent evidence that the main lobster fishery is responsible for endanglements or interactions with right whales. that's their own statement right there. so, all of there is based on a technical cattle believe it or not that is held up in the federal court that has nothing to do with the overall sustainability of our it fisheries. even msc is not questioning our sustainability when it comes to right whales. >> steve: you would think, curt, somebody at whole foods could have got on the google and looked that up and would have seen that and you know what?
4:25 am
maybe we shouldn't pull the public right now. >> maybe that's giving them too much credit. who knows. >> steve: all right. curt, we thank you very much for joining us. have a good day out on the high seas getting lobsters. >> thanks so much for the opportunity. i appreciate it. have a great day. >> steve: thank you, sir. i think in the history of "fox & friends," that is the first lobster man we have ever talked to live from maine. all right. coming up, the white house backing peaceful protests after china's covid lockdowns intensify and the demonstrations. but is the message strong enough to call for more action coming up next. plus, harris faulkner will join the curvey couch on a busy tuesday morning. she has a number one book coming up. ♪ cold as ice ♪ you know that you are ♪ cold as ice ♪
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♪ >> what is the president's reaction when he hears protesters in china chant "freedom" or xi jinping step down? >> the president is not going to speak for protesters around the world. they are speaking for themselves. >> does the white house support
4:30 am
their effort to regain personal freedoms in light of these blockouts? >> the white house supports the right of peaceful protests. >> brian: gutless. the white house weighing in as china is gripped by large scale protests over his draconian lock down measures. here to react of china's victory. dr. jonathan ward. always great to see you. your reaction are to the scope of these protests in 15 separate provinces right now? we see it from a far. he you really understand what goes on in that country. >> hi, brian, great to be with you. still very early to tell. what matters is this is happening a across the country there are common symbols. the sim above these protests is a blank white piece of paper which means essentially here's everything we can't say to this regime. the fact that people are actually calling for xi jinping to step down and for the party to step down. this is the reaction to years of pent up sort of repression here.
4:31 am
under the covid lockdowns that is every day repression in communist china the people have experienced across the country. so there is a lot of pent up frustration and anger here. to say direct that at the party to some extent, i think it's still early to see if this is going to become political, a real challenge to the regime or if it's essentially frustration with the lockdowns and the handling of covid. >> brian: what are they thinking by locking people in their apartments by welding their doors shut? in this case ten people die as firefighters can't get to them which causes this ripple effect. how does this work to china's advantage? are they really that -- are they really that thuggish in the way they are trying to corral the virus or are they trying to do something different? >> well, i think xi jinping is first of all experimenting with how far can communist party control of the chinese population really go? i mean, this has been the dream of the party for most of its existence, the idea that you can create stability through essentially force. i mean, they have the largest
4:32 am
surveillance state ever built in history, the largest police and internal security forces ever in existence. and i think they are experimenting with both, you know, digital and physical repression here. and that could have a lot of different ramifications, for instance, if there is a war with another country. if there is an invasion of taiwan being able to hold down the population or control the population is something that i think they would want to be able to do. and, yes, it's obviously bad for their economy. i mean, their economic think something really very different from. this they seek to have independence from, you know, they call it d d. >> brian: i know we have to be smart with it and have reels with china and just had our first meeting and china dethat youd them. what is the responsible diplomatic reaction to
4:33 am
capability of fighter of freedom and preserver of liberty around the world up what is the correct response? and is this administration close to it. >> i think you are right, brian, it could be much, much bolder here. these are the significant cries for free dom that we have seen out of china in many, many decades. i think it's true that we don't know the direction this is going to take. but the fact that you actually have that is important. and i think american diplomacy has to be values-based and this administration has said that so, to stand with those who stand for freedom in a regime like this, i think, is the duty of any, you know, white house. >> brian: for the most part, we say nothing about the iran freedom fighters. we say nothing -- we say nothing about what is happening in brazil where they feel the election, they put a criminal back in charge there and do dealings with a communist country like venezuela. mixed messages to be kind. jonathan, i look forward to your insight along the way and hopefully this unrest continues to grow. thank you.
4:34 am
>> thank you, brian. >> brian: quick announcement my book the president and the freedom fighter now out on paperback. i will be talking about that on stage in newark, new jersey friday night. special appearances by carley shimkus, pete hegseth, and rachel campos-duffy. i hope to see threw in person. it's going to be also streamed at 8:30, beginning at 8:30 on fox nation. so it's going to be fun and unscripted. hope to to see you all in jacksonville the next day. tom bush bmw around 12 and then doing a great event with colonel west at night. just go to brian to find out more. coming up straight ahead, the high court will hear arguments in a case that will challenge president biden's power at the southern border. bill bennett and what's at stake next. ♪
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♪ >> ainsley: today the supreme court will hear a challenge to president biden's immigration agenda involving a lawsuit filed by texas and louisiana over a
4:39 am
dhs policy halting most migrant deportations. prioritizing only those deemed a serious threat like terrorism to our public safety. meanwhile, one texas county is on pace to double the number of fentanyl deaths recorded the previous year. here to react, fox news contributor and former drug czar under president george h.w. bush bill bennett. good morning to you. >> hey, how are you doing? >> ainsley: i'm doing well. thank you. what's at stake with this case? it's the u.s. vs. texas. >> what's at stake is the well-being of the united states and whether we preserve the integrity of this country by protecting its borders. and texas understands that these cartels are foreign terrorist organizations. and should be treated as such. the second thing that's at stake is fentanyl. we are losing about 100,000 people a year to opioids. most of that fentanyl. that is the rate that was of
4:40 am
death in world war ii. we lost about 100,000 men each year. that's what we are losing now to opioid deaths principally from fentanyl. >> ainsley: look at these statistics. i know you were the drug czar under bush. >> yeah. >> ainsley: fentanyl-related deaths in travis county. this is the austin texas area in 2021, 118 people died of fentanyl. this year 2022, the first six months of this year the same number. only six months. in we stand to double in that county for fentanyl deaths. how concerned are you about this? >> very concerned. this is a fundamental question about the well-being of our country. this is an invasion. and those numbers are very, very real. and it's not just at the border. this goes all the way through the country, into the heartland and into our cities and people know it. and it's directly proportional to the people who are coming in, the huge numbers of people. as the huge numbers of people
4:41 am
increases, so does the fentanyl and then the odessa. this administration has turned a blind eye toward it. you know, there is virtue in the sprift sphere and virtue in public policy. this administration has not shown virtue in public policy either here or in regard to china as you all have been talking about, ainsley, this morning. >> ainsley: i'm glad you mentioned the word virtue twice already because i'm holding up your book it's relee leased the "the book of virtues" i know you sold close to 3 million copies of this and this is a special anniversary edition. tell us we you wrote it and why you are rereleasing it. >> people want new book new stories of virtue. the publisher wanted it. this version i wrote with my wife elaine bennett, so it's co-authored. i get her help on a lot of things and got her help on the book. look, the point here, ainsley, as you know, there is a lot of virtue signaling going on out there. but not as much virtue as virtue
4:42 am
signaling. we need to pay attention to these fundamentals as we raise young people and so i hope as we come close to christmas time, people will think about that fundamental work and maybe look at this book as a resource. >> ainsley: you talk about how our world changes but our virtues should stay the same and virtues never waiver. will you read an excerpt from your book about that. >> sure in the introduction, ainsley, i say this -- we say this. today many people who are searching for the good life are not sure what they're really searching for. it's an age of smart phones and social media and noise. people are being influenced by what others say. whether it's valid or not, what we need is the cultivation of character, the architecture of souls. and that's what the virtues. self-discipline, courage, compassion and faith with all about. >> the world all changes but the virtue does not. good, solid virtues we are all in need of them and it's time we paid a little attention to. they i hope parents and
4:43 am
grandparents will think about in this christmas. maybe take a look at this book. it did sell very well 30 years ago did we need it then. >> we need it more now. >> ainsley: if we feed it the in 90's we need it now even before the 90's when it was released. self-discipline, courage, compassion and faith, the answer to the good life. thank you so much. everyone pick up his book "the book of virtual do yous it's on sale today. great to see you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. i think carley has some headlines now. >> carley: the man accused of shooting and killing 10 people in a supermarket in buffalo, new york in may pleading guilty to domestic terrorism and murder charges yesterday, peyton is facing mandatory life sentence. seen here in a court in may before judges barred cameras from the courtroom. he still faces federal hate crime charges. he could face the death penalty if convicted on those federal charges.
4:44 am
about 200 people fishing on a frozen lake in northern minnesota are rescued after a chunk of ice broke off and started floating away. they were stranded at least 30 yards out yesterday as the ice began to melt quickly. first responders deployed boats, atvs and a temporary bridge to get them to safety, thankfully, no one was hurt. 200 people on a chunk of ice. can you believe it? disney ceo bob iger is shutting down rumors that the company could merge with apple. yesterday he also said the company had no immediate plans to make any large acquisitions; instead, disney will maintain its hiring freeze as it looks to cut costs and grow revenue. disney stock has spiraled after suffering a $1.5 billion loss last quarter. and if you are in the market for a unique christmas gift, you might want to get on the waiting list for this. the cheeto's duster quickly selling out. the gadget grinds cheetos into powder. some are calling the dust
4:45 am
cheadle, the purpose is to sprinkle it on to food like burgers, chicken and hot dogs. fans can still visit the company website to be notified when the product is back in stock. a little blender there, ainsley. >> ainsley: those rule at little duster that's get on your fingers if you eat a bag of cheetos. >> carley: use a meat mallet, right? >> ainsley: then it gets everywhere. >> ainsley: eat them whole. >> ainsley: put the whole ones on your cheeseburger. >> carley: filled with solutions here. >> ainsley: thanks, carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> ainsley: check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. you have friends. >> janice: i do have your friends what's your name. >> ashley. >> and what's your name. >> jeanne and milton. >> and you love "fox & friends"? >> yes ma'am. >> janice: thank you. i want to talk about severe weather. it's going to move into louisiana. are you leaving today. >> nom, no ma'am, i don't leavl
4:46 am
january. >> i leave thursday. >> janice: severe storms tonight into wednesday. all the ingredients for severe weather outbreak and that includes our friends in louisiana and texas and arkansas in towards mississippi. so, a significant threat for louisiana, parts of louisiana in towards mississippi where we could see long track, dangerous, potentially deadly tornadoes, so i really need all the folks in this area, including jackson, mississippi, to pay very close attention to your local weather forecast and have a way to get those watches and warnings. the worst of it coming around the dinnertime and overnight hours and that's what i'm concerned the people are going to be sleeping. again, listen to all your watches and warnings, fox has them. the watch means conditions are facial. warnings means that tornadoes have been spotted. all right, ainsley, friends here from louisiana. make sure that they are all safe and listener to fox keep you posted. >> ainsley: i love she is staying to january why. >> i'm a traveling nurse and working in summit, new jersey. >> janice: god bless you.
4:47 am
can i give you a hug? >> ainsley: our heroes. and sum 34eu9 is a couth little town. tell them i said hello. >> yes, ma'am. >> ainsley: so sweet. her manners. elon musk teasing to spill twitter secrets in his fight for free speech as the white house pledges to keep a close eye on the billionaire owner. will cain will react to musk's latest move next. ♪
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♪ >> ainsley: elon musk is vowing to expose twitter's history of censorship. the twitter files on free speech suppression soon-to-be published on twitter itself. the public deserves to know what really happened. >> steve: and a lot of critics,
4:52 am
including the white house, not too happy with mr. musk. >> we have always been very clear, um, and that -- when it comes to social media platforms, it is their responsibility to make sure that when it comes to misinformation, when it comes to the hate that we are seeing, that they take action, again, we are all keeping a close eye on. this we all are monitoring what's currently occurring. >> brian: "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain. will, why is everyone so upset that elon musk is going to be so transparent? >> that's great question, brian. i thought it was a deep american cultural principle to believe in free speech. listening to karine jean-pierre right there. we could say first of all, that's more than disappointing. that's dangerous. first amendment of the united states constitution is there to protect us from government censorship.
4:53 am
now, we're yet to find out and hopefully elon musk will help us know what role the government played in conducting this regime of censorship on big tech. buff, beyond that brian, i'm concerned, as you said, some people, i mean, shockingly, journalists have embraced the idea of censorship. it's one of the most concerning things about modern american culture we have distanced ourselves, we have walked away from one of our founding values, cancurly. even if the government had no involvement why are we so willing to shut each other up. the rest of the world does that the rest of the world doesn't care about free speech the way that we do in america. what happened to america? >> ainsley: it is a slippery slope. we are seeing what is happening in china. state media won't even report on the riot. >> brian: iran. >> ainsley: iran, too. we had a lady on f mao's revolution it could happen in america.
4:54 am
we have to be careful. >> will: we know it's already happened, ainsley, to some extent. that's why it's so important that elon musk reveal what is he calling the twitter files. we need to know what happened in the past. we need to know how our minds are manipulated who was turned up and down and off. i think it is as he says important to restoring public trust. important to know what happened in our past equally as important now to know what is happening in our present. suspects not just twitter. and this cultural an tag done nism towards free speech is revealed in a way apple has responded to elon musk, it makes did you go okay, what is apple doing? what are they doing on podcast platform? who are they turning down and turning up? how about google? does anybody, the four of us, does anybody believe that google search results aren't run through some type of misinformation filter? i don't. i mean, i am 100 percent confident that google is turning up what they think is right and turning down what they think is wrong. and so it's what is happening in our present. not just on twitter but throughout big tech.
4:55 am
>> steve: sure. first of all, twitter is a private company, they can do anything they want. and the first amendment does not apply to a private company, but here's the thing. what elon musk probably will reveal is that people, perhaps, align with joe biden when he was running for president somehow coordinated the message with twitter. who were these people. the big question is once that's revealed on twitter, will, who is going to cover it, other than us? >> twitter. it's going to be revealed on twitter. and on fox news. you are exactly right. steve, everyone will self-censor. well, you know, i'm going to assume it's self-censor. you are exactly right. look, i appreciate you highlighting the definition and the purpose of the first amendment for protection against government suppression and censorship. and i think that what we will see is that the government did play a role in at least highly encouraging, you know, i don't know if we are just talking about the carrot but the stick
4:56 am
as well. censorship and private enterprise. but, steve, i don't want -- i do not think we should just sweep under the rug the idea that because you are a private business you can embrace censorship. i think it's equally concerning that private businesses believe so heavily now in censorship. i mean, just curly, once again. college students come out today not believing in free speech. people walking around they don't have to win the battle of ideas. they need to shut up their opponent. i'm as concerned, maybe not -- maybe government censorship here with you right under that cultural censorship is very, very concerning. >> ainsley: keep in mind elon musk is not a conservative he is not a republican. is he doing this because he sees the danger. >> brian: good news for you, will, coming up next hour, marco rubio, i hope you have cable at home. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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♪♪ >> that's a live look at qatar, and brian has made us all really, really interested in the sport. >> brian: me? me alone? >> i want to watch the games. >> brian: we should go. if they win the knockout round, you want to go, bring our couch and fly to qatar and do the show from


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