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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 29, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪♪ >> that's a live look at qatar, and brian has made us all really, really interested in the sport. >> brian: me? me alone? >> i want to watch the games. >> brian: we should go. if they win the knockout round, you want to go, bring our couch and fly to qatar and do the show from qatar?
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>> and miss christmas with my children, my child? >> steve: peter doocy flew over there not long ago, it is a very long flight. and also to bali, 30 hours one way. >> brian: we would get our own planes, private. >> each our own? >> steve: how pretty is that. you have to figure the boats down in the foreground may be there just to make that particular harbor look particularly cool because it does. that looks so cool. >> brian: would you like to have that one office right on top, like 12 offices and 10, 9, and on top, one office. >> steve: that's where the boss sits. >> those boats kind of have points on each end, what kind of boats are those? >> brian: a lot of people talk about soccer, we are talking about the boats. >> steve: you know what? >> brian: vikings looking to take the city. >> and see the building screen right, i think that's that really famous like seven star
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resort out there. yeah. >> ainsley: the hard rock? >> brian: yeah, i think it's a hard rock. absolutely. >> steve: i think it's a holiday inn express. >> ainsley: the game starts at 2:00, precovering at 1:00. >> brian: the pre-game is in -- is exciting. viewer is up by 24%. >> steve: 16 million people watched the last u.s. game, and probably 100 million around the world. >> ainsley: and more today, it determines if we go on. >> brian: say you have a cold or turned your ankle, leave work early. >> ainsley: or watch it on your computer at work. and hit the button and takes you
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back. >> brian: watch it in a sports bar. >> steve: soccer this afternoon. meantime, what's going on here. the white house says the people over there in china have the right to peacefully protest. >> brian: the ruling party is expected to make the crack down as tensions grow. >> ainsley: good morning. >> the chinese communist party are showing no signs backing down from the restrict 0 covid policy, and police are clamping down on demonstrators opposing the stringent measure, and reports that police are checking phones for apps being used by protestors to evade censors, and
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now they are weighing in to show sign for protest. >> why is the white house's line everybody has the right to peacefully protest and not the u.s. thinks it's bad to lock people up in their houses to stop covid? >> we have made it clear, peter, that a lockdown is not a policy that we are going to support here. obviously there are people in china that have concerns about that, and they are protesting that and we believe they should be able to do that peacefully. >> a reporter for the bbc was beaten, and they have had no explanation beyond a claim from the officials they arrested him for his own good in case he caught covid from the crowd. we do not consider this a credible explanation. as the u.s. embassy warned americans lockdown will intensify, encouraging the
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citizens to have a 14 day supply of medications, food, water. >> steve: and people in china are holding up blank pieces of paper. keep in mind, in china, you can get thrown in jail if you protest. so what were they doing? holding up something that does not have a message, but just the act of holding up the paper is the message. this is something we have seen around the world, in russia, seen it in ukraine, we saw it in hong kong in 2020, those people are saying so much by not saying anything other than holding up a blank piece of paper. >> ainsley: exactly, their silence is sending a very loud message and loud signal. griff touched on that reporter from the bbc who says he was kicked and handcuffed for hours, and now the chinese government is saying we had to do that because where he did not want him to catch covid. >> steve: did it for his own good. >> ainsley: why they beat him,
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allegedly. he was yelling call the consulate to people in the crowd, they did later let him go. >> brian: i understand, you don't want to get involved in every country's affairs, and chanting our name and saying liberty or death, and look to us, you might not want the responsibility that comes to being america. i'm not saying we should take action but voices of support and tell the regime to back off the way you treat protestors. ted cruz said the chinese communist party should know one way or another in the coming months or years, u.s. will hold accountable for atrocities against the protestors. if a senator from texas can say that, why can't a president from delaware say that. john radcliffe talked about the courage the protestors have shown. >> ever since tiananmen square, and we said we are not going to let that happen again, the largest surveillance state in
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the history of the world against our own citizens and even a whiff of discontent, we are going to stamp it out, and they have been successful in doing that. this is the first time in 33 years that we have now seen nationwide protests and it's not just the problem or the challenge for xi jinping and the chinese party, it's moved from a one covid issue to now a call for his removal and for regime change. >> ainsley: we are seeing they are hiding behind covid, using that as the excuse. sending the students home, you are going to finish the exams and the semester online, we don't want you to get covid. a lot of activism or protests on the college campuses. so, and with the reporter, we don't want you to report on it, we are going to spare you from covid so we are going to arrest you and beat you. >> steve: so we are going to remove you from campus so you don't get covid, oh, and you can't protest either. so, mr. xi has essentially, he's
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in a pickle, and what he's got to do is he's either got to loosen his 0 lockdown policy, or double down. so think about that. if he loosens the policy, that's just going to create more protests because people all over are going to say ok, you loosened it, and this is crazy or double down and so angry. no suggestion the people will overthrow him or he will leave power but he just got another third term and people are very, very frustrated, profoundly frustrated the guy who is going to run the country for the foreseeable future is making them stay at home all the time. >> brian: any leader worth his salt would have listened to the people. the billions that are actually, he's in charge of, and say okay, i understand where you are coming from, it's worth the risk to not weld people in their
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homes, to strip them of their children, to make them live in smelly infested locker rooms, and let's give them a shot at getting back to work, getting back to life, and maybe get their economy back online. keep in mind, this guy has gotten no blow back from setting up a concentration camp of uyghurs, and treaty with britain and taking over hong kong, and we are the only ones warning him not to take taiwan. he has not been pushed back at all. he needs to get a message. according to the senior fellow, china center at the hudson institute, the thing that's different about this protest, most part it was lower parts of society. this is mostly middle class people who own properties and it's more widespread. as i mentioned, 15 separate provinces. let's see if it's possible to crack down on millions of people
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at the same time. >> steve: and we have been talking about how it's impacting people in their houses. also impacting the people who go to work and a number of factories are being shut down and once again that means our supply chain is going to get screwed up because even though we have been, you know, covid centric the last couple of years, we still rely on china for so much stuff. >> ainsley: reminder of why we love america. you have the freedom to download whatever app you want on your phone. they can't download apps. it's illegal for them to use certain apps to spread message of the protests. they are under so much control. state media is not even covering on the protests that covered 17 provinces. they are saying follow the covid rules, not reporting on them. leader has so much control over what is being reported and what's being done in the country. this is why we are proud to live in america. >> brian: sounds like the crackdown on the hunter biden
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laptop before the 2020 election. >> ainsley: seeing it inching in our own country, freedom of speech so so important. >> brian: i'll ask that to senator marco rubio when we come back at 8:30. >> ainsley: i'll hold you to that. >> brian: we'll tape this portion of the show and play it back. >> steve: mount holyoke, ainsley talked to somebody deprogrammed. >> annabella rockwell, she wouldn't to mount holyyoke, she took a gender studies course and realized they were teaching me to look at myself as a victim, everyone is attacking you. graduated with feelings of being anxious, depressed, unhappy. at 25 years old her mom was so concerned, she cut her mom off, she said mom, you've been opposed -- you've been oppressed your whole life and you don't
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even know it. and she felt like she was right and her mom was wrong so her mom hires, is worried about her and hired a deprogrammer and she charges, he charged $300 a day to work with her daughter and annabella went along with it and realized my mom is right and i am wrong. listen to this. >> i was brainwashed into believing our toxic patriarchial society had oppressed me my entire life and now my duty to be an activist. it was not until seeing the riots happening this is so hypocritical, why are we fighting for equality and burning down people's businesses. for students at school now, the gut instinct what you are told is untrue, like the u.s. was founded in 1619 instead of 1776, raise your hand. vocalize it. i know it's really scary but i can also promise you that other
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students will follow, and don't do what i did by not saying anything and alienating yourself. >> steve: how different is what mount holyoke is doing what they are doing in every college across the country. >> ainsley: you know, a lot of these schools -- this was established, one of the first all women schools. many of them have changed and they are moving in a different progressive direction but she's right. you -- as a parent we have 18 years to teach our children what our virtues are, what our values are, to be honest, kind, and be able to hear both sides. and make your own decision. or stand up for yourself if you really believe one way or the other as she was saying and not just accept whatever they are teaching you because you are scared of the blowback or not getting a good grade in your class. >> brian: if you have kids about to go to mount holyoke, open up the brochures and look elsewhere. we have reached out and they have not responded. i reached out to karla shimkins
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and said when i toss to you, would you accept the toss. >> i certainly do, yes. >> carley: lawmakers paying tribute to congressman donald mceachin who died after a long bottle with colorectal cancer. tributes pouring in, including from governor youngkin who said mceachin was a valiant fighter until the end. served virginia and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of his constituents and americans. congressman mceachin was 61 years old. house speaker nancy pelosi ordering the flags at the capitol to fly at half mast. it means the next congress will convene with a vacancy in january. virginia will eventually hold a special election to fill his seat and gop leader kevin mccarthy will need an outright
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majority to be house speaker. president biden will head to michigan in a few hours to celebrate the economy despite a warning that inflation could spread to 2024. the president is calling on congress to pass legislation to avoid a rail strike, as a proud pro labor strike i was reluctant, in this case where the economic impact of a shutdown would hurt millions of other working people and families. i believe congress must use its powers to adopt this deal. a cryptocurrency lender files for chapter 11 bankruptcy. first big aftershock following the collapse of ftx. block fi now owes the company $275 million dollars, and 30 million to the sec. and tom brady sharing advice to those who think there is nothing worse than losing.
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>> for all of us, but i would rather lose and play than not play at all. obviously there is challenges every year, everybody has unique challenges, you know, on and off the field. you work as hard as you can with the circumstances that are presented. >> c >> carley: brady offering the take after they lost on sunday. advice from tom brady. >> brian: pete rose was going through a public divorce and terrible, and hitting .400, and he said i would rather go through a divorce hitting .400 than .200. and take a second to reflect on that. >> steve: thank you for the set-up. >> brian: you like that?
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>> carley: i did, brian. >> brian: ok. >> ainsley: critics slamming a george gascon supported bill for allowing thousands of convict the pedophiles to be released from california prisons. leo terrell blames the d.a. for making his state more dangerous. . but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual!!! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ over the last 100 years, lincoln's witnessed a good bit of history. even made some themselves.
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>> steve: a terrifying investigation revealing the troubling impact of l.a. d.a.'s george gascon's soft on crime agenda and potential risk to the safety of children. "daily mail" finding thousands of convicted pedophiles in california accused of horrific crimes against kids are being released from jail after serving
5:22 am
less than a year. fox news contributor and former democrat leo terrell lives in california and joins us now. leo, these people were convicted, are convicted pedophiles, and because they, according to gascon, because they were nonviolent felons in his estimation, they get to leave. >> steve, this is so crazy. george gascon should be ashamed of himself. prop 57, how can you have a sexual act against a child and not be a violent act. prop 57 allows nonviolent criminals out, committing a sexual act, child abuse, human trafficking against a child is not a sexual act, not a violent act. and you are taking away the innocence of a child and you are allowing these predators to roam the street. makes no sense whatsoever, steve. >> steve: leo, we have seen the
5:23 am
soft on crime prosecutors and learned more of them over the last year or so, where you know, the line was always right here. you cross that line, you get in big trouble. now they moved the line. you cross that line, you might go to jail for a minute, you might go to trial for a minute, but ultimately the line has moved. >> people in the country should know it's called prop 57. where george gascon is using his prosecution discretion to allow these criminals out. he can charge these individuals with serious felonies, he does not. why? because he focuses on the criminal and we are not talking about adults, these victims are children, steve. under the age of 14, lewd acts, rape, human trafficking, intoxication. when you take a child's innocence away you are violating them and it's a serious crime.
5:24 am
george gascon does not see that and why this state is a laughing stock when it comes to crime. >> steve: leo, you know they had a chance to recall him and throw him out of office, the people of his district said he's ok with us. >> yeah, and that's a problem. california has gone so far left. they can change this law steve right now, but george gascon likes the law, he supports prop 57 and our wannabe governor gavin newsom, nothing. this entire state is soft on crime, and we are being laughed at because i'll tell you right now, it's not a safe place to raise children when children can be the prey of sexual predators and be released within a year. that's what's happening in california as we speak. >> steve: it is indeed, it appears. leo, thank you very much for getting up so early. it's 5:24 out there in l.a. thank you, sir. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: coming up on this tuesday, police across major chinese cities are preventing more protests as people push
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back against the communist country's leader and his covid 0 policies. marco rubio sits on the senate foreign relations committee and joins us to react coming up on "fox & friends".
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>> headlines, starting with this. a former nuclear official charged with stealing luggage. get the teleprompter in the right spot. you saw the picture, now tell you the story behind it. non-binary nuclear official from the biden administration is charged with stealing a woman's luggage in september. according to a criminal complaint, sam brinton was caught taking a bag off the carousel at a minneapolis airport, removing the name tag and leaving with it. the luggage and its contents were worth nearly $3,000. brinton has since taken a leave of absence from his white house position. he faces up to five years in prison if convicted of felony theft. former reality tv star not holding back about the effects that reality tv had on his life. "jon and kate plus 8" one of the
5:30 am
six sextuplets, now 18 years old, says he has not talked to his mother or siblings in years. kate gosling is happy and at peace in a smaller home in north carolina. cleveland browns officially activate deshaun watson after he served an 11 game suspension after violating the personal conduct policy. will play this weekend, against his old team. he was accused of sexually 25 different women during massage sessions. he has settled 23 of the 25 lawsuits against him. one is still active, the other was dropped by the plaintiff. those are your headlines. downstairs to you. >> brian: mass protests across china, demanding an end to strict measures and lockdown. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said firing back at criticism saying "the price of
5:31 am
freedom in the u.s., 1 million covid deaths and 40,000 gun deaths per year, and more than 100,000 fentanyl deaths in 2021 alone. the american people deserve something far better, thank you for that. what we want is to protect our people's lives and ensure a better life by actually locking them in their house and letting them burn alive." senator marco rubio joins us now. senator, did you enjoin that perspective from china? >> it sounds like the left wing talking points we often get hit with here in washington and across the country and america. but also reminded of the early days of covid when trump was in the white house and the media here was going on about how much of a better job china was doing than america was doing. what we are learning, the people of china are human beings. human beings don't like to be locked up, don't like to be told they can't go out, can't go to work, can't socialize, can't see family members, they can't go to entertainment and have fun.
5:32 am
for long periods of time by their government. every country in the world where that's been tried people have rebelled. even in china we are seeing it play out and i think the things will continue and the reaction of the chinese government should be a wake-up call to the world. these people want to be the most powerful country in the world. if they do that to their own people, what would they do to you. >> brian: and can they stop the uprising in 15 separate provinces, people of all ages and wealth brackets, and if you love the chinese policy, do you love giving up your 2-year-old and ripped away because he or she tests positive or you do, and you are separated from your family, that's the country. you look for some support for the protestors who are chanting give me liberty or give me death in some cases, but here is what john kirby did say, listen. >> why is the white house's line that everybody has the right to peacefully protest and not the u.s. thinks it's bad to lock people up in their houses to stop covid?
5:33 am
>> we have made it clear, peter, that a -- a lockdown is not a policy that we are going to support here. obviously there are people in china that have concerns about that, and they are protesting that and we believe they should be able to do that peacefully. >> brian: how weak is that. >> i think it's very weak and part is self-awareness there are people in the party of the president, the democratic party who are governors, mayors, people in different parts of the country who wanted people arrested, and some cases did, wanted people fined and businesses closed, who had people removed from airplanes, who had all kinds of things going on, all kinds of restrictions. now, nothing compares to what the chinese are willing to do to someone, i'm not making that comparison but i think he's self-aware he cannot go too far criticizing the restrictions because it was not so long ago in this very country there were governors and mayors and even federal officials who wanted to see very strict enforcement of covid regulations at a time when frankly we had what was in many
5:34 am
parts of the country covid 0 type policies. nothing like china, of course, but basically the same spirit. >> brian: you would know, you are in florida, a lot of people cueing up do this all again. quick, very few people know more about central and south america than you. john kirby weighed in on a decision to do business with the communist regime, oppressive regime of maduro in venezuela. listen to what he said. >> earlier this month he said no more drilling, there is no more drilling. >> the president has issued 9,000 permits for drilling on u.s. federal lands, peter. 9,000 are unused. plenty of opportunities for oil and gas companies to drill here in the united states. >> brian: really, is that an explanation? >> those permits -- the problem with the permits is number one, they are getting sued by activists, so tied up in court. two is banks won't lend you
5:35 am
money, and the third is you've got a president going around saying he's going to put fossil fuel out of business. who is going to undertake the drilling, they will never make the money back. they get a permit because they qualify, but you need to be able to invest money it and have a long-term return on it to make it happen. >> brian: senator, tell everybody how evil this maduro regime is and what they have done to their people and plan on spreading throughout south america. >> 4 to 5 million venezuelans have had to leave in the last five years, torture people in jail, anti-american, host iranian forces on their soil, invite the russians in, the source of harm in this hemisphere, harmed all of their neighbors as a result of it and concessions by the biden administration are all about getting closer to them because it's full of leftists in this white house who want to cut a deal with maduro. >> brian: gave up brazil, not saying a word, put the criminal in charge, maybe corruptly and trying to go to bed with this
5:36 am
clown. unbelievable. senator marco rubio, thank you. administration without moral standing. free bird, elon musk teases the release of twitter files proclaiming the public has the right to know. harris falkner is here and joins us on the couch with her best selling number one book. ♪♪
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elon musk says he's going to expose twitter's history of censorship insisting the twitter files on free speech suppression soon to be published on twitter itself. the public deserves to know what really happened. you know what, he's right. >> brian: and a lot of critics, including the white house, don't sound too happy. >> we have always been very clear and -- that when it comes
5:41 am
to social media platforms it is their responsibility to make sure that when it comes to misinformation, when it comes to the hate that we are seeing, that they take action. again, we are all keeping a close eye on this. we all are monitoring what's currently occurring. >> carley: harris falkner is here to react. we are going to pull the curtain back and find out who is behind the censorship. >> harris: and how crazy if they have to do to live to us, do it on a friday afternoon. >> brian: or the day after thanksgiving. >> harris: look, i watched you guys talk about this with will cain earlier, and i agreed with so much of what he was saying. i want to take it a little bit further. yes, we should know what happened with the hunter biden laptop story, especially now all
5:42 am
this time that some of the legacy networks, outlets, media outlets. all the alphabet soup guys, abc, blah blah blah, now that they have come clean about it, i want to know what gave them cover for so long. so i do think that the information behind the scenes is important, but i want to take it to the next step. what do we do when we get that information? because who is to say it won't continue to happen? what are the punitive damages for these outlets and for people, and for twitter finding all that evidence. what would the punitive damages be for the censorship that happened? i know he fired a lot of people and a lot of people have left. but what else -- he's such a smart guy. what else does he have in mind to help prevent that from happening next time. you were talking about the censorship versus corporation status, so on and so forth i was watching this morning. this also has to do with the integrity of your product and building trust in your product.
5:43 am
and so people have to know when they go on this platform, they really are seeing the last bastion, the fight, what we are at fox for the truth and make sure it sits there without fear. >> steve: that is such a good point. essentially what he's saying is look, they made mistakes, but i'm supposing what he's going to say, they made mistakes before, i've righted the ship, you can trust us going forward. i think that's ultimately what he's going to be to go. harris tonight will be busy at 6:00 p.m. >> harris: 6:00 p.m. eastern. a virtual live signing and people can presubmit their questions and lisa booth is going to host it with me, and i'm so excited about this because she knows me really well. so we had a little bit of news break this week with the book and i just hesitate to even say it out loud. i'm so excited, so my kids have been telling people but it's been hard for me, it's number one "new york times" best seller
5:44 am
right now, that's on all the readers and all of you guys who supported me and also been reading the book. i'm so blessed by this. so i wanted to reach a lot of people and i've been doing book tour signings, you know what that's look. but i wanted to reach people who have said no, my mom is in a wheelchair, my father is blind, will you do, you know, a virtual with us, and so i'll be reading tonight, lisa and i will take questions at 6:00 p.m. eastern and you can join us wherever you are. the link is atop all of our stacks right now on twitter. so harris falkner, go to "outnumbered" or the "falkner focus." you can get the link. >> steve: fun tonight, 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> brian: and keep it number one. >> harris: i'm going to try, i think i have a good start. i'm with you guys and you guys are winners. >> ainsley: it's a great christmas book, and gift, "faith still moves mountains," and the
5:45 am
country needs messages like this now. >> harris: thank you, ainsley. people are telling me they are buying it for relatives and teenagers, especially. my teenagers are reading it. >> steve: we need some mountains moved. >> brian: you don't toss to weather in your show, i would like you to do it now. is that possible? >> harris: is it janice? another cluster of severe storms, actually, we are hitting this on the focus, expect today, after a turbulent weekend across the region. >> brian: moisture moving up from the gulf of mexico, put about 30 million americans under threat for strong winds, hail and even tornadoes. >> ainsley: oh, no. senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast. >> we are concerned for a severe weather outbreak, texas, louisiana, arkansas, alabama, mississippi, one of the main ingredients for severe storms is the cold air, the arctic air will slam into some very warm
5:46 am
unstable air and we are going to see those thunderstorms fire this afternoon in towards the evening and the overnight. significant risk for our friends in mississippi, including just the south of tupelo, yazoo city, and jackson, all the ingredients will come together, around the dinner time hour and another round overnight. have a way to get the watches and warnings will keep you updated, noaa weather radio, we expect large, long lasting touchdowns, heavy rainfall and damaging winds. a big story we are following not only for fox news but weather as well. download the app today. ainsley and steve -- oh. >> harris: i am ready. >> i want one of those. >> harris: i'll save you everything. are you kidding? >> steve: some fox stuff. somebody in need. >> amazing. you do this with everybody who
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is a guest on the show? >> steve: oh, no way. l it's a lovely parting gift. a whole outfit. >> ainsley: because it is giving tuesday, we are teaming up with blankets of hope to help spread warmth to those in need this holiday season and we are going to tell you how you can help. but first, check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> bill: we get nothing, dana. what do we get? >> we have a hat. >> bill: fundamental question today, does the white house have the backs of those in the streets of china? we'll check in on that. musk versus apple, a good one, iran versus the u.s. in soccer, that's a good one, too, today. is the president outsourcing the rail strike to congress and will smith explains the slap. big two hours, a lot to get to. dana and i will see you in 12 minutes, top of the hour.
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>> ainsley: today is giving tuesday, we are teaming up with blankets of hope. started by two brothers so dedicated to helping our homeless that they decided to quit their 9 to 5 jobs. this year for every purchase of $50 or more at the fox news shop, if you want to buy some of our gear, we are going to donate a blanket to someone in need
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this holiday season. we have mike and nick, and they join us now. welcome back, guys. >> thanks for having us again. >> ainsley: we talked two years ago, maybe before covid. >> a year or so ago. >> ainsley: tell the folks at home your story. >> mike and i quit our jobs in 2016 because we were pretty unfulfilled doing what we were doing and we kind of took this leap of faith and pursued a more meaningful work and six months later we founded blankets of hope, just to solve a simple problem in our back yard and it has taken on a life of its own now. >> ainsley: we need it now. homeless situation is worse now than when you started. where did you come up with the idea giving blankets to the homeless? >> started with nick. he was commuting to his job every day, and a man in need, and here is a blanket for people living on the streets, and the mission of kindness, we partner with schools across the country
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to donate the blankets. >> ainsley: how are they involved? >> one blanket is two lives impacted. one kid, one student practices empathy and kindness in the classroom and one person experiencing homelessness feels warm and loved and received that blanket. >> every student is actually making an impact in their local community by donating their blanket to a homeless shelter. >> ainsley: you tell the children, buy a blanket and donate to the organization or they go with you to put the blanket on the homeless? >> schools reach out to us and we ship them blankets and a 30-minute kindness workshop we put on, they practice empathy, write handwritten letters, attach them to the blankets and donate them to the shelter in the community. >> ainsley: how sweet, i'll tell my daughter's school about this. >> is everything you need to know and spread it far and wide. >> ainsley: if you meet the homeless individuals, give them a blanket, and you try to get
5:54 am
them in a shelter or figure out how to help them further? >> one of the most important things when we interact on the street is humanizing them, getting their name. so many people on the streets have not heard their name called. first and foremost, the sense of human connection we want to bring these people. but anything we can do beyond that of connecting them to the resources definitely something we want to try to do. >> ainsley: what did your parents do, mom and dad, we are making a lot of money, you live in brooklyn, and we are going to quit our jobs and help the homeless. >> our parents are italian immigrants, go to school, stay there, and yeah, they wanted to kill us. >> ainsley: proud of you now. what inspired you to do this? >> what inspired us to do this. i think it's realizing we have one life to live and live a life that actually matters and means something and i think that combined vision got us to do it together. >> it was a little bit of a mistake we fell into blankets of
5:55 am
hope because it started with one act of kindness with nick, and then we kind of got addicted to that feeling of giving, and it's giving tuesday today and what we like to like live by and the thing that drives us is this idea that the secret to living is giving and the more we give and become part of something bigger than ourselves, the more alive we feel inside. >> ainsley: you learned the lesson early on. many learn it later in life. i'm proud of you both. god bless you. >> thanks for having us. god bless you. >> ainsley: y'all go to for exclusive limited edition fox news gear. buy some gear, if you spend 50 bucks or more before december 22nd, you are buying a blanket for someone who needs it who is cold and living without a home. more "fox & friends" moments away. ♪♪
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6:00 am
>> look at all the stuff we wear for ten minutes and we're forced to put it back on the table until the knock-out. >> we're so excited. coverage starts at 1:00. game at 2:00. >> one suggestion to the u.s. team? stay within themselves today. play a good day. >> thank you very much for joining us live on the couch. that's it for today. now we go to "america's newsroom." [shouting] >> bill: those are the sounds of defiance the chinese people staging historic protests against the country's communist rulers. can they count on american support? we haven't seen this since tin men square. let's get it rolling in new york. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." the images are stunning but already some changes happening over there. this is the biggest show of dissent in decades. chines


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