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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 29, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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♪ >> dana: i will host an event on december 9th. j.t. will be there in michigan. we'll raise money for a cancer charity there and they'll sing their amazing songs they've written. great to have you here. >> if you need a great stocking stuffer. this happened because of dana available every where. >> dana: harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. the push is on like never before because the stakes are higher now. our u.s. border with mexico is wilting. the dangers for the people trying to come here and our american citizens are more dire than ever. this is where republicans are beginning their new wave of leadership. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." republican lawmakers in texas and louisiana are waging a fight against the biden administration for a policy they claim is skirting immigration law. it advises border agents
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themselves to prioritize illegal immigrant detentions and deportations based on national threats to security. critics say this could have far-reaching implications. >> what's at stake is the well-being of the united states and whether we preserve the integrity of this country by protecting its borders. >> harris: tennessee senator and outspoken critic of president biden's border policies marsha blackburn is in "focus." we begin with david spunt outside the u.s. supreme court. >> good morning. another hot button issue before the nine justices of the nation's highest court, arguments began an hour ago and what makes this case interesting, yes, it deals with the issue of immigration, but the under lying issue here deals with raw power. at issue before the nine justices is a 2021 department of homeland security policy slowing migrant deportations and
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prioritizing the removal to only those who are considered a serious threat to public safety. this includes cases involving terrorism or espionage. texas and louisiana among g.o.p. led states suing arguing that federal law requires and suggests in some sentences the mandatory arrest and deportation for those in the u.s. illegally. the biden administration says it has discretion to enforce immigration policy as it sees fit arguing that challenging the current policy would only open up the flood gates and encourage other states to do the same on other similar issues. listen. >> it's our job to say what the law is. not whether or not it can possibly implemented or difficulties there. i don't think we should change that responsibility just because congress and executive can't agree on something that's possible to address this problem. >> there are 11 million non-citizens in the united
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states today. d.h.s. argues the department simply does not have the resources to deport them all. the argument today comes as we continue to see those record numbers of border crossings. secretary of homeland security has been told by top republicans that will be taking over the power in the house in january to either leave or be impeached. the justices will hear this case. they will go over it over the next couple months. we aren't expecting a decision probably until late in the term, late spring or early summer given the contentious nature of this issue. >> harris: thank you very much. marsha blackburn of the great state of tennessee, member of the judiciary and armed services committees, two of the four she serves on. great to see you today, senator. first of all, what does this case mean? >> what this is going to determine is if biden is going to be able to continue his open border policy or if title 42, if
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securing that border will be able to stand. and harris, we've had 2.7 million illegal immigrants to cross that border that were apprehended since october of last year. that's october to october number. in that, you had 98 known terrorists. now, these are going into every state in the country. it is why every state is a border state. every town is a border town. the drugs, the human trafficking, the sex trafficking, the illegal activity that is associated with this. now, in addition to those that are apprehended, you have the known gotaways. you also have the unknown gotaways. and these communities are saying we want to be able to protect ourselves. it is the united states government's responsibility. if they don't do it, we're going
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to pick up the ball and we are going to protect ourselves and they want that ability. rightfully so. >> harris: texas has been doing this. i flew with texas d.p.s. in their chopper a couple months ago. what i could see from the air as they were rounding people up. the federal government doesn't allow them to deport based on the reasons that they know they should. and to say whoo is a national security threat? look how long it takes them who among the group are activities. and there is no transparency in how they are doing that. so of course states want to be able to control their destiny at this point. >> that is exactly right. because it is your local sheriff, your local police department that is dealing with the fentanyl and the drugs. it is these emergency responders that are dealing with women who are being trafficked that are dealing with these gangs that
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are on our streets. and every city out there, even rural parts of the country, are seeing an uptick in crime. why do you have gangs that are now present in cities that had never had a gang presence? it is because they're coming across this border and they are spreading out. we have recently had the tennessee bureau of investigation talk about the cartels being active in tennessee. now, we are not on the border, but the problems that are associated with border states and border communities have now migrated to states like tennessee. and local law enforcement is saying give us the authority to deport these people. >> harris: that was inevitable. no state can absorb 2.7 million people not including the hundred of thousands of known gotaways and unknown so they have to fan out. 3 million people you would see
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in a heartbeat. i mentioned flying with the texas d.p.s. helicopter. this is what they just got. mexican police in riot gear evicting a camp of 2,000 venezuelan people living on the rio grand in mexico directly across from el paso, texas. some of them can be seen rioting, assaulting the mexican police, throwing wood at them. and setting fires. the venezuelans have been camping there waiting for title 42 to fall on december 21st. so those people want to come here. >> they are trying to come here. in this we know that there are people who have criminal backgrounds. we know this. law enforcement will tell you this, harris. and they are very concerned, as i said. you've got those that are apprehended and you also have the gotaways, the known
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gotaways, and then the unknown gotaways that are flooding into this country. local elected officials are saying please help us with this. if you're not going to defend the border, give us the responsibility, let us apprehend, let us deport, let us take care of the people in our communities. and title 42 ending in december, this is something that people are saying you have to keep this in place. >> harris: look, the people coming from venezuela, which is interesting because we're about to do an oil deal with them, right? we're allowing u.s. companies to l because we don't want to do it for ourselves in this country and be energy independent. post the mid-term election 21 days ago and the video looks like it has all along with millions of people waiting to come in. go around our checkpoints. do it their way. senator, let's move to this.
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president biden is passing the buck in hopes of keeping that looming rail strike at bay. he is now turning to congress after labor leaders and railroads failed to agree to the president's deal. in a statement yesterday here is president biden, quote, congress has the power to adopt the agreement and prevent a shutdown. it should set aside politics and partisan division and deliver for the american people. that's him. speaker pelosi was quick to announce a vote on the legislation that includes only some things those labor unions are looking for. that is slated for next week. where is this going? >> well, the house is going to take it up. bear in mind this offer from the president's emergency board that met on this was $1 thousand a year bonuses retro active in 2020. the largest pay increase in 40 years. increased healthcare, increase in benefits and better working conditions. you had the majority of the workers approve this. some are still holding out
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because joe biden has said i'm the most pro-union president in the nation's history and he is not going to challenge these unions. he is not going to push them. harris, we're seeing this not only with the rail strike but we're seeing it in the v.a. the seiu in other sectors where joe biden won't challenge the union leadership. he would rather be popular than be respected and protect the u.s. economy and deal with these supply chains. i have heard from people in the chemical industry and the energy production and distribution industries and heard from people in manufacturing, they are very concerned about this. they have had to work overtime trying to deal with shortages and supply chains. and they are very concerned about this. but joe biden can't solve it. he is weak-kneed, punting this
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to congress and saying you do something about it. he is not strong enough to do it on his own. >> harris: we have christmas coming. you talk about delivering supplies and all of that and what's going on in china. the markets here already having a reverberation to potential slowdown as people are protesting the covid lockdowns and not at work technically. the supply chain slowing. all of that. the timing of this is critical. one last one with you and i appreciate your time. critics are calling out the biden administration's decision to let u.s. oil companies drill in venezuela. senator, this is what i spoke of moments ago. they say we should not be relying on foreign oil. we have our own. here is the white house on it. >> why is it that president biden would rather let u.s. companies drill for oil in venezuela than here in the u.s.? >> that's not an accurate take on the president's view. >> earlier this month he said no more drilling. there is no more drilling.
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>> the president has issued 9,000 permits for drilling on u.s. federal lands. 9,000 of them being unused. there are plenty of opportunities for oil and gas companies to drill here in the united states. >> harris: first of all, before we go to that let's take that down. i want to go back to the senator. what is your reaction when you hear from the press podium what he is saying, what admiral kirby is saying? how hypocritical. day one killing keystone, then moving forward taking anwar off the books. can't drill there. you can't get new federal leases. in september alone they halted drilling on 58,000 acres of land. they paused 113 leases, and now they are trying to continue this war on american energy but they are turning around and saying oh, well, if we can't get it from russia, let's go to venezuela. and let's see what we can do with maduro, with the regime
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that is brutalizing people and these people are coming to our southern border. how about going to somebody like ghana that is right next there, that they could get oil from that is u.s. friendly? oh, no, they are wanting to do business with these dictatorall regimes and will not put into place drilling on u.s. land. go talk with anybody who is a wildcater or a bigger oil company and they'll tell you they cannot move forward right now because there is a lack of stability, a lack of consistency from the federal government in how they are going to allow these leases to be activated. you can say there is 9,000 leases out there, you can say there are people that own mineral rights, you can't do anything with it because this administration has locked down
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and has said no, we will not let you drill or explore or use this oil. >> harris: no one has said it as -- why not go into guyana? thank you for being in "focus." the white house's top doctor getting called out for forgetfulness on the important things about the covid pandemic and decisions that were made. his memory is failing him. all part of a lawsuit that accuses the biden administrations officials of colluding with big tech to control the narrative about covid. plus protests intensifying in china over the covid lock downs. >> the reaction of the chinese government should be a wake-up call to the world. these people want to be the most powerful country note world. if they do that to their own people, what will they do to you? >> harris: the white house so quiet said a little something in
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>> harris: critics are hitting president biden over his lackluster response to the scenes in chinese citizens. people risking punishment and death for protesting the covid lockdowns. you can hear them screaming. this united states president is practically whispering support for protestors at this point. with that the ccp will likely never give in to anything biden would say now. in its fourth day a nationwide demonstration against people being locked inside their homes from the outside.
8:21 am
an apartment building fire last week killed at least ten people because they could not get out all in the name of having 0 covid in china. you know they don't. the cover of the "new york post" today, firing blanks, empty sheets of paper become symbol of outrage in china. the white house defending its soft stance this way. >> we've made it clear, peter, that a lockdown is not a policy that we are going to support here. obviously there are people in china that have concerns about that and protesting that and we believe they should be able to do that peacefully. >> harris: tammy bruce, host of get tammy bruce on fox nation. admiral kirby with interesting words how we won't tolerate lockdowns. >> soft and leaving a nickel for a tip. that makes a statement. it tells the chinese communist party that we're afraid of you.
8:22 am
this is as much as we can muster. it would have been better to have said nothing because then people can use their imagination about the big, bad america that won't put up with this craft. we have gone past with afghanistan. there women are being tortured and held back from schools and locked in their homes and iran and what they're doing to women there and protestors. these people have protested because the tyrants have burdened them more because they know the white house is a paper tiger. so this is our problem. we can't run the world but my goodness, you can at least stand up and issue some kind of stern strength. but that would have had to have started from the beginning. >> harris: whatever the foreign doctrine is on china from this white house is so muddled at this point you can't even see it through the blurred lines. that's the point. the president saying we'll fight for taiwan. that's never been our policy and then he says no we're a one
8:23 am
china policy. when you can't get that simplistic straight for whatever reason. memory or doesn't know his own policy how would you advocate for people thchlt is happening for different reasons in iran for people in the streets and risking death and punishment. >> the videos you showed we're seeing a drop of what's going on in that country. we have no real idea in all these countries what's going on and this vague, confused response to china speaks to the rest of the world as well. it reinforces this. so this will be a bad time for innocent, decent people around the world for as long as biden is in the white house. >> harris: i want to get this in. i have long said when you don't stand strong, when you don't let a bully, an enemy know who you are in the room, even if you can't save every person in china, if you don't stand strong and don't represent america with that strength, that your enemy will turn and do things you
8:24 am
might not predict. you know where they are landing? look at this. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson tweeted this morning the price of freedom in the u.s. 1 million covid deaths, 40,000 gun deaths per year, 107,622,000 fentanyl dells in one year along. what we want is to protect our people's lives and insure them a better life. dripping -- dripping with hypocrisy and irony. but hello. >> the fentanyl thanks to china. sending these ingredients to mexico. moving it into this country. covid, what they allowed with flights when they knew what was happening in and out of that country is the -- for theme
8:25 am
freedom is being sautered into your house so you can die during a fire because the development knows that. they are writing a book about the use of fear to control society. we know what's best for you and you have no idea. freedom is for you to die alone in your apartment building. >> harris: what a thumb in the face of america. don't preach to us about what freedom looks like, end quotes. >> to mention fentanyl. are they bold. thanks, joe biden. >> harris: speaking of covid, the man in charge of the nation's safety and well-being when we needed it most, dr. anthony fauci, has a memory about covid that is so bad maybe he should stay silent. he was deposed last week in a lawsuit about accusing biden's team colluding with big tech
8:26 am
about covid. they would sticker me on twitter and have the science right there in the tweet. in a recent closed door deposition, those attorneys general say fauci said he has forgotten much of his work advising presidents trump and biden. >> for a guy that proclaimed to be he was the science and this all-knowing being his middle name was i don't recall. we got a lot of that. >> harris: louisiana attorney general says i think that the public is going to be shocked as to how much dr. fauci cannot recall. some of the most important actions and discussions that he had at the time when the pandemic was on our shores. it is certainly disturbing. >> well, maybe he should refer to his own book. he has a book coming out about everything that happened and about his life and the choices he make and suddenly can't remember. either he is mentally deficient and should never have been in the position he is in or he is lying. what this ultimately says either
8:27 am
way. either one that it is, he should either be shocked that he can't remember and say so and say my god, i'm appalled, i'm sorry, i can't remember all of these things that we did that affected and will affect the next 50 to 100 years. but he says certain things with a smirk. he has been no acknowledge -- acknowledgeable. you keep notes and have diaries when you write books. you want to have a legacy and that's what we're seeing. if he really doesn't remember, then get other people at the dhs. his wife who works there and others who received emails and kept diaries and find out what it is that dr. fauci doesn't remember. >> harris: that is right there in with an investigation at this point. >> it has to be. >> harris: what you said, the two choices, mental deficiency or lying. >> i think so, yes. if you don't remember things,
8:28 am
we've all had that happen to us. you are a little stunned and you want to get back. you are testifying and you bring your notes and you bring your diaries. if you are fading, you say forgive me, doctor, but i'm having some memory issues. >> harris: he is 81. 38 years on the job. >> he knows what he is doing. >> harris: he retires in december. tammy bruce, thank you. i can't wait to read your book when you finish writing it. so good. elon musk is teasing the release of twitter files on free speech suppression. you remember how long it took certain networks to admit that the hunter biden laptop story was real. plus more democrats are dodging on a biden 2024 run while other big names say they would back him. should he or shouldn't he run? power panel next. ♪
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with thirty grams of protein. >> harris: we've been talking about this. a record number of border crossings under the biden administration. we're expecting 8,000 additional people a day when title 42 ends in mere weeks. you heard senator blackburn really drill down on this. border officials are begging for help to handle an already overwhelming situation. the liberal media, well, they can't seem to get on the same page. >> this united states is not being overrun, flooded by uncontrollable situations on the border. that's not happening in terms of tens of thousands of people trying to get -- no. there is no crisis at the border. if anything, what we need to do is highlight again the stunning hypocrisy of the republican
8:35 am
party when i illegal immigratio southern border is crazy right now if you go to the southern border. >> just on the matter of the border crisis. it is a crisis at the border without question. >> harris: power panel. mercedes schlapp and desirae tim is here. mercedes, i'll start with you and i started this hour is this is where new republican leadership will lean into. this is where they can begin because this crisis just got worse. >> i have to say this is why i think the republicans have had the strongest message which is that on talking about the lack of border security at this point. as we know, you are having close to 200,000 or over 200,000 illegal immigrants crossing the border per month reaching a number between over 2 million illegal immigrants just this
8:36 am
year. i mean, that puts an enormous amount of stress into our communities and quite frankly what we have seen under the biden administration and under secretary mayokas is the fact that they have weakened some of the organizations like ice, which are not taking into custody some of these more dangerous potential criminals. secondly, they are not enforcing immigration laws. what is happening in latin america you see the traffickers preying upon vulnerable immigrant families to cross the border and there is sexual assault happening daily on these immigrants, these women crossing the border. this needs to stop. it is not only a humanitarian crisis, but it is also a national security crisis that the biden administration has failed on. >> harris: this point about not
8:37 am
ending title 42 right now as the crisis deepens seems like a lay-up for president biden. they could work past the christmas holidays, come up with a way to segue into the next step on this whole thing. desirae, i want to start with agreement with you. all three of us would agree on this. when you go to the border and see the danger that these people are under from the countries as mercedes has laid it out, the countries they're leaving, the cartels, and then standing trying to see outside checkpoints what will happen next to them. when you see that its he understandable our hearts break. we get it. it is such a broken system. but 2.7 million people in addition to close to a million that we don't even know where they are right now. so with all of those people these states along the border cannot absorb this. they need help and a slowdown. you say what? >> i say that i agree. my heart does break for the many
8:38 am
people who are traveling, who are trafficked and fleeing war and climate change. for a better opportunity and reaching our shores. we do have to work together to get something done. that is where we absolutely have agreement. i don't care who is in the white house, what party is in power, we have to come together to solve this problem. it has been going on for years and at some point our lawmakers have to get it together. my hope is that republicans will come to the table to work with democrats to help solve the problem, to help bring people back to safety so that they aren't trafficked across the country by republican governors like ron desantis but they have an opportunity and hope and they are safe from danger. >> harris: all right. if you look at the numbers of people that have been put on a bus or a plane by these governors who didn't have one democrat's attention other than henry cuellar in texas, if you look at the number how small it is compared with 2.7 million of
8:39 am
people fanning across the country because they can't all live in border cities it is a ridiculous stance but i respect that you actually think that all of this is because republican governors decided to stand up and get some attention on an untenable situation. i get that. >> that's not what i said. i said we need to work together and not traffic people across the country. >> harris: obama being the deporter in chief. he was deporting people. do you want to comment on that, desirae? >> my comment is that republicans and democrats need to work together. we've seen presidents be successful at these policies and seen presidents and administrations not do so well. the time to work together is right now. >> harris: mercedes? >> i have been part of these negotiations when president trump was in office and the democrats refused to come to the table. they were never interested in border security or providing the needed and necessary resources
8:40 am
for our customs and border patrol agents. it was never the case. what are we seeing right now? our border patrol agents overwhelmed at the border and not receiving the support from the department of home repeated security. this administration including the infamous border czar kamala harris are ignoring this crisis that is happening on the border. let me tell you, this is about human lives. i visited a shelter where there were victims, girls between the ages of 10 and 17 victims of human trafficking in mexico. tragic stories. people are dying. we need both parties to come to the table but it takes a leadership in the white house, the president, to put together a common sense plan to solve these critical issues. we're not seeing any action coming from the white house. >> harris: quickly desirae. >> the republican plan is to put the children back over the border and it doesn't work, either. >> you have to come in through a legal process.
8:41 am
there are consulates in the latin american countries. instead of putting the lives of these immigrant children in danger like we're seeing when you allow the drug cartels and human traffickers to take the lead on this issue. >> harris: desirae, i get your point. what i was talking about deporter in chief was obama sign signeding -- sending the criminals back. they begin to pick up a track record if they've been here several times and that's what i was talking about. great discussion. i'm glad you were both here. thank you very much desirae and mercedes. let me begin with gratitude and love for readers who have picked up "faith still moves mountains" now number one on "the new york times" best seller list. i am trying a virtual book signing event at 6:00 p.m.enter i can talk with people, you can register and
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pre-submit questions and we can get deep. we'll figure out how to do a prayer circle as i've been doing in person at book signings. this should be exciting. register at premier or go to my twitter page for the registration link. also on the twitter page of "the faulkner focus." thank you again for reading it. god bless you this season. fox news has learned ftx founder sam bankman-fried gave a lot of money to news organizations in addition to the millions he gave to political action committees for democrats. what was he buying? plus politics is taking center stage at fifa, the world cup. >> there is a lot at stake here, far more than who wins the match. this is a seismic day on the global stage not just for sport but human rights around the world. >> harris: a tense political
8:43 am
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of all, i think it's really important for people to know that we left -- if we don't have an option, we may have to have a year-long cr. we don't prefer that. we don't think it's a good idea, but nonetheless we have to have a bipartisan agreement as to what the top line is defense, domestic, discretionary, non-defense spending and that's what we have i think in good spirits have said we'll go to the next steps. >> all four of us trying to have a meeting of the mind we could get enough votes to pass in both the house and senate. >> that is something that we would like to get to work on right away. our appropriators have been working on it and now we want to take it to the next step as soon as possible.
8:47 am
on the subject of the rail strike, to avoid the rail strike, the president made his statement yesterday. tomorrow morning he asked congress to act. tomorrow morning we'll have a bill on the floor, we could come up as early as 9:00 in the morning with the legislation that accepts the original agreement plus the additional benefits that were gained in further discussion. i salute the president and secretary walshe for their leadership in improving that. it was a negotiation between labor and the railroads and presided over about the administration. we will bring that agreement in the floor. it is not everything i would like to see. i think that we should have paid sick leave. every developed country in the world has it. we don't. nonetheless, we have an improved situation and again i don't like
8:48 am
going against the ability of unions to strike, but weighing the equities, we must avoid a strike. jobs will be lost, even union jobs will be lost. product will not be going to market. we could lose 750,000 jobs, some of them union jobs. that must be avoided. so tomorrow morning in the house we'll bring up the legislation. send it over to the senate. >> leader mcconnell and agreed we'd try to get it done asap. while the actual deadline of the railroads being shut down is the 8th, our real deadline is sooner than that. as the speaker mentioned many of the suppliers, if they believe there may well be a shutdown. will then not send their goods. chlorine, desperately needed
8:49 am
perishable and cities and towns throughout america need that chlorine for water supplies to keep them safe. so the real deadline is sooner and we'll try to solve this asap. and just -- the one other thing i will say on the budget which the speaker mentioned and on the funding. there was goodwill in the room and desire to come together and solve this problem. and that gave -- made us feel quite good about it. >> do you have the numbers? >> to pass? look, the leader and i are going to have to get together and try to get that done and we are working on it. >> if i just may close on the personal note as the leader began, yesterday sadly we lost one of our members, congressman mceachin of virginia. my last communications with him
8:50 am
during thanksgiving were about the strike and he was expressing the concerns of his constituents about the down side, shall we say, of a strike. and i told him what i thought that the president would be making a statement. i couldn't speak to what that would be. but that he should be alerted to that. he thanked me for keeping him posted. little did i know that by monday he would no longer be with us. but up until the end he was advocating for the people of virginia and for his district. >> thank you, everybody. >> harris: so the notes that we got on this meeting in the white house that would have had republicans mcconnell and mccarthy and the democrats nancy pelosi and chuck schumer there with the president were on a lame duck congress.
8:51 am
what the president handed them was a big steaming pile of poop. the rail strike that he can't seem to solve. he has now put it on congress and saying they'll try to get it done. i would hope so. when you heard when senator blackburn said earlier this hour it affects every bit of our supply chain and so many other things in this country. the president doesn't want to anger the unions he is so married to. he picks up the steaming pile of poop and gives it to these four people. if the republicans step up to the mic we'll also show you them. for now let's move on. elon musk says the twitter files on free speech suppression are soon to be published on twitter itself. the public deserves to know what really happened. part of that disclosure is likely to include the full story of twitter's censorship of the hunter biden laptop story before the 2020 election. jimmy failla, host of fox across
8:52 am
america on radio. >> i love what he is doing. i hope he has an escape running at all times. did you hear the threat from the white house yesterday? it sounded like a threat. we're monitoring twitter's activity and watching this closely. sounded like it's a nice app you have here. a shame if something happened to it. very shakedown. i want to say this quick. you know who should be behind elon musk disclosing the hunter biden suppression? anybody who truly means they want to protect democracy. if you are truly a defender of democracy and he is sitting on proof that the government may have colluded with big tech to censor a story potentially damaging to a candidate, that is by definition election interference. >> harris: they should be looking into that. i don't know if you watched any of that white house exchange with the press secretary.
8:53 am
how are you going to do that? she turned to the binder and repeated what she said. >> you'll never go hungry in the white house, a lot of word salads going around. ridiculous, i agree. >> harris: you'll let me know if the republican leadership comes out of the white house. i'm asking my team. they are coming outside now. jimmie, we'll bring you back. >> i miss you already. >> harris: we heard from senators schumer and outgoing house speaker nancy pelosi about trying to solve the rail strike. and now we'll hear from the leader of the republicans in the house kevin mccarthy and can we take the picture to see what's going on here and senator mcconnell. as they gather at the microphones, kevin mccarthy there. their original meeting with the president today was supposed to be about the lame duck session of congress. that's what is happening between now and january when republicans do what they do, taking over the
8:54 am
majority of the house. and we don't know until december 6th in the runoff in georgia what the numbers will look like in the senate. right now if republicans don't take that seat with herschel walker, it will be a bigger gap. it will go to 51-49. right now if they do it will be a 50-50 split which makes it squeaky tight in the senate. while they're doing this let's pull back until they all get to the microphones. is he talking? he is. i said they were going to pull back. we want to hear. we heard from the democrats. kevin mccarthy. >> we just had a meeting. what i explained to all of them i can work with anyone willing to work to get our spending under control. to work to make america energy independent, to secure our borders, crs are not where we want to be but if we cannot get our work done now, the outgoing majority if they don't want to work with us we can get the work
8:55 am
done in january as well. but we had an in-depth conversation about the security of the border and the fentanyl coming across. ways that we can make energy and our natural gas be able to produce more to help those in europe, our allies and others, and ways that if it is possible to work together, get our spending in control because of how much has been wasted throughout. take questions from you. >> what about the railroad? >> do you have yet to condemn the former president for -- >> i don't think anybody should be spending any time with fuentes. he has no place in this republican party. president trump came out four times and condemned him and didn't know who he was. >> he didn't know who he was. he didn't condemn or his ideology. >> i condemn his ideology. it has no place in society. >> the president didn't know who he was. you know what?
8:56 am
he didn't know who fuentes is. >> did you get a sense that anything would be different with this white house now that republicans are going to have the house majority in dealing with the border or energy independence? >> i think the administration got an indication it will be different. >> how so? >> i invited the president to go to the border with me and explained to the president. he asked me about the border and told him about my current trip. just in el paso in one overhang of a freeway 70,000 people have come across in the last seven weeks. if we would send people back, to the country they came from the border agents will tell you they stopped coming. the border agents there aren't enough of them. they're processing. if we could have somebody else
8:57 am
do the job so they could be out front. i explained to the president what we saw. shooting tracers at our national guard. a woman hung because she didn't pay the cartel. her feet cut off and put on fire. that the cartels controlling as you watch them cross. i also explained to him what's happening when it comes to fentanyl. there is not just any city. every city today is now a border city. your affinity with bakersfield now in our own junior high, a junior high the age of 13 brought 150 fentanyl pills to school. it is killing our youngest generation from 18 to 45. the number one factor coming from china making these cartels wealthy. so you have to lean on president xi. you have to stop the cartels and my expression to the president, too, was it is a different situation now that it has become
8:58 am
so bad we need to have our own military embedded with the border agents to be on the level competing with these cartels and what they have done. the control of our border is lost right now. that is why i asked homeland security secretary to resign. come january 3rd we'll have an investigation of why the border has become the situation it is and not allow them to continue along this same path. >> the border patrol. >> the position on the rail legislation. >> it's unfortunate we're here. the president told us all it was solved long before the election. and now we find ourselves in the last moments, in the last hours asking us to rush a bill to the floor. nobody wants the economy to fail. nobody wants this to happen. but this is another situation where the administration told us one thing just like they told us about inflation. it's transitory, we found it was
8:59 am
not. this was a negotiation that was selected by this administration celebrated that it was fixed. right before the holiday season, when farmers need to ship their goods and others who have to rush something to the floor. this -- i think it will pass but it is unfortunate that this is how we're running our economy today. this has all got to stop and change. we need an economy that is strong. if you are passing a bill to force the rail workers to work, how strong is your economy? if you have gas prices that you can't simply depend upon that it continues to rise, you are going into winter and you are wondering can you afford your winter heating? that's not an economy that's strong. i think that's why in the selection they made a change in congress and this is what we'll focus on for the american people. an economy that's strong, it is
9:00 am
not government dictating where somebody can work. we'll have an economy that workers can work. have an economy that has energy prices that are lower. that you have money to fill up your tank >> we're going to secure our boarders so your kids know they are safe. then we're going to have a government that's accountable. no learn is the administration going to look you in your eye and lie to you and tell you the border is secure when it's not. >> keeping on eye on twitter under elon musk ownership and leadership. >> that's offensive to me. government is going to go after someone that wants to have free speech. what do they have to look at twitter about? do they want to go more after american public about whether they can have an opinion on something? i think the american public have spoken on this and the first amendment stands up and they should stop picking on elon musk. you know, elon musk has succeeded in many places. i'd bet on him more than the


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