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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 29, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the united states versus iran at the world cup. this is really quite a moment to watch. steve will continue to eat pie the last 14 seconds of the show. that's "the story" for today. thanks for being with us. we love having you here at 3:00. we'll be watching the tail end of this game. see you back here tomorrow. >> sandra: the border battle is heating up as the supreme court takes a care that could determine if the surge continues. kevin mccarthy tells the president today he should see that surge first hand. mccarthy calling for the military to be embedded with border patrol to keep americans safe. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we have fox team coverage for you top of the hour.
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aishah hasnie on the hill. and bill melugin on the border and david spunt on an important supreme court decision. we begin with aishah. >> hi, sandra. the gop leader told fox news that he invited the president down to go to the border with him today at the white house. when fox asked him what the president's response was, it wasn't a yes or a no but mccarthy said he dodged the request. watch. >> what is the president's response when you invited him to come to the border with you? >> well, i asked him to the border. he said i'm sure you'd want me to. he said what do i want to see what happened on the border? i walked through exactly what i want to see happen. i want to see the border agents are able to do their job and not processing people. >> biden responded i'm sure you'd want me to come down. this comes as four moderates are
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pressuring dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas for a detailed plan on what the agency plans to do once title 42 ends on december 21. it's coming fast. the democrats say they have deep concerns and they have expressed concern with dhs' preparations for the end of title 42, especially as the situation has deteriorated at times. record annual encounters have led to untenable situations. at a senate hearing earlier this month, which i attended, mayorkas told lawmakers that dhs is actually just going to stick with its same six-part plan that it unveiled in the spring despite record migrant encounters this year. so no new solutions for alejandro mayorkas at that hearing. he's facing, sandra, as you know, growing calls from the gop on the house side, especially as the gop gets ready to take control of the house.
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sandra? >> sandra: aishah hasnie with the latest on the hill. now to eagle pass, texas where ten large groups of migrants have been spotted crossing in to the united states in a 72-hour period. casey stegall is at ground zero. what have you seen today? >> it's been an extremely busy day. an extremely busy week. a month a year, frankly, for the people in this sector. but first of all, we want to tell you about a clash that happened a couple of days ago between some venezuelan migrants and mexican police. we have video to show you what happened when they tried to clear a camp in juarez. they tried to dismantle a makeshift migrant cam that housed more than 1,000 migrants that said that they were waiting there until title 42 expired next month and then they were going to cross into the u.s. chaos and anger ensued as
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officials cleared the site and migrants were offered bus rides to official shelters. u.s. law enforcement monitored the situation. it's the same spot where weeks against migrants crossed and assaulted american agents. >> you're getting hit with people that are surrendering in the local area. you have to collapse your operations to be able to deal with those in processing, which means they're going to be huge blind spots along the border that you can't patrol. >> meantime, agents in el paso seizing close to 20 pounds of cocaine earlier and three pounds of fentanyl in just the last couple days. agents in nogales seized almost two million fentanyl pills. 17 pounds of raw fentanyl powder, some of which was died purple to be manufactured in to the rainbow fentanyl, which is marketed to kids.
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the data shows a 435% increase in two years time with the amount of that deadly drug that is being smuggled through the southern border here. sandra? >> sandra: eagle pass, texas. thanks, casey. now to the supreme court. justices are expressing skepticism about the administration's migrant deportation policy. david spunt at the court on what the justices are signalling. david? >> this is one case today dealing with immigration. arguments lasted about 2 1/2 hours to show you how complicated this case is. while it deals with the issue of immigration, it deals with an underlying issue, which is simply raw power. before the justices is a 2021 department of homeland security law put out back in 2021. it tells the department that prior tieses the removal of those not only considered a
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serious threat to public safety or cases of terrorism or espionage, there's about 11 million noncitizens in the united states as of today, sandra. dhs argues that they don't have the resources to deport them all. texas and louisiana are among the gop led states, suing, argumenting the federal congressional mandatory arrest and deportation for those 11 million must happen for those in the u.s. illegally. the biden administration says it has discretion to enforce immigration and policy as it sees fit. but it's arguing that challenging the current policy, sandra, would open up the flood gates and encourage other states to sue on other similar issues. listen. >> federal courts should not now be transformed in to open forums for each and every policy dispute between the states and the national government. on the merits. >> that was the solicitor general for the united states. this argument today comes as we
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continue to see record border crossings. secretary of homeland security alejandro mayorkas has been put on notice by the incoming republican-led house on capitol hill to either step down or be impeached. >> this is a really important case. because the biden administration has run up the white flag when it comes to enforcing our border. >> in the 6-3 conservative majority of justices seemed skeptical of the government's arguments. this case has many different parts of this entire puzzle, we're expecting to hear something from the justices likely towards the end of the term. probably mid to late june, perhaps early july. sandra? >> sandra: david spunt, thank you. a lot to unpack. let's start with kevin mccarthy calling on the president to get down to the border and put troops there to help. what does our next guest think of that? lieutenant chris olivares joins
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us. first off, what is the news that you have on this tractor trailer, a semi trailer, that was found and suspected of concealing illegal migrants? what was discovered there? >> good afternoon, sandra. what we saw there is one of our criminal investigators from the texas department of public safety located a junk yard in laredo, texas where they found five illegals that were son sealed in a semi trailer. they continue searching the area, they found 50 more illegals a were concealed inside a shipping container. seven of which were juveniles. if it wasn't for our criminal investigators locating those immigrants, who knows what might have happened. that's a staging area where they will smuggle illegals in these semis which we've seen tragedies taking place in san antonio and move them in to the interior. great work by our criminal investigators being out there and locating this criminal activity taking place along the
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border. >> sandra: republican leadership, kevin mccarthy has invited the president to join him at the southern border, this is not the first time the republicans have called on leadership in the white house to get down there and see what is happening with their own eyes. you think he will go? >> well, sandra, we know for a fact that won't change anything. regardless of any person from the federal government comes down, they should. technically they should. they're not doing that. they have not acknowledged the fact that we have a crisis. the reality is, they need to implement the rule of law. that would slow the migration and stop the criminal activity. most importantly, you need to actually go out to this organization and not just have a strategy or have a plan in place but do something about it, have a plan of action and do something about it. i think it's important. again, it's not going to change anything. we need policies in place to
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stop this flow. >> sandra: with no sign of the migrant surge slowing, how much is hinging on this supreme court decision? how much of a difference could that make? >> well, it's going to make a difference. i spoke to some of our federal agents as well, some of the speak that i have spoken with. they have told me that the federal government is releasing, mass releasing immigrants in the country and we don't know where they're at. the only way you can vet them is if they commit a criminal in the united states. they could have committed a crime in their home country and we wouldn't know about it. thousands have been released in the country and we don't know where they're at. it's interesting to see what plays out with the supreme court hearing. sandra, the reality of the situation is, this situation is not under control until the federal government acknowledged that we have a crisis and implement the policies that work. >> sandra: this is the deadline to lift title 42 is quickly approaching, lieutenant.
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what do you believe the impact of that will be? >> the impact will be significant. we're seeing daily 6,000 to 8,000 a day. worst case, we could see double or triple the numbers. it's tying up resources for border patrol agents where we have to fill in the gaps. the fact that they don't have a plan in place when title 42 is lifted, we have to fill that void with state resources and national guard. we'll see what happens. we're preparing. see mass mygation or a surge. it's going to fall back on the policies. >> sandra: lieutenant, you have a huge task at hand. thanks for joining us. thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: we'll bring our viewers this update. it's final. the u.s. men's national soccer team has defeated iran 1-0. they're advancing to the knockout round. the big star of that team right
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out of the gate scoring the game's only goal in the 38th minute of the first half. the knockout stage begins this saturday. we don't know who the united states will yet play. we will be watching. that's a live look in qatar as obviously the united states will celebrate the big win. one thing leaders in washington might be able to come together on, averting a national rail shut down is congress set to intervene? what happens if it does not? we're on it. and with china protests ramping up, growing pressure on president biden to call on xi jinping to step down. should he? the lead republican on house foreign affairs, michael mccaul is here. i promise to be a careful steward of the things that matter to you most. i promise to bring you advice that fits your values. i promise our relationship will be one of trust and transparency. as a fiduciary, i promise to put your interests first, always.
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>> sandra: we head to washington. congressional leaders huddled with the president talking about the railroad strike. chad pergram has more. hi, chad. >> sandra, the head of one rail union accused the president of not being union friendly. president biden asked congress to intervene. >> we'll send the bill over to
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the senate. it is a compromise. this is what we must do. >> nearly a century ago, lawmakers deemed railroads as so important that congress passed a law allowing it to intercede and avert strikes. pelosi says she has the votes to pass the bill. house minority leader kevin mccarthy would not say if he would vote for the bill. even if it passes the house, it could face a senate filibuster. there's bipartisan opposition. >> i think there's mixed views. you'll have to work harder and talk to our members. >> you get the sense though that there's people that are adamant against going against this? >> some may be inclined to vote against it. others are arguing that the economic price of doing that is to great. >> members of the squad like cori bush oppose a bill that
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does not provide sick leave. liberals don't support a plan to fort union workers to return to the job. >> there's no example that i can think about corporate greed more than what is taking place. congress has to protect these workers to make sure that the railroad starts treating them with the respect and dignity that they deserve. >> firm that make chemicals will refuse to ship later this week. water treatment plans could lack chlorine to purify water. >> sandra: chad, thank you. if congress doesn't get this done in time, how would a rail strike affect the economy? gerry baker is here. how big of a hit would the economy take here at home and globally? >> a huge hit. rail is very important for the transportation hoff goods, raw materials.
1:19 pm
things like as you just heard from chad pergram, purification of water. enormously damaging to the economy. economists were starting to factor in on the growth. you also heard from chad and nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell, it does look likely that congress will get it -- is going to do a deal here, pass the legislation through both houses. it puts the democrats and president biden in a bind here. as you heard from bernie sanders, it does mean they're letting down the union friends. the unions have been negotiating two years here. most of them are unhappy with the deal. it's a classic piece of democratic progressive measure that democrats and the president that pronounces himself pro union wants to achieve. they have to drop their union friends here if they want to avoid this economic disaster. so it is a pretty difficult moment for the democratic party. they have a choice between
1:20 pm
damaging the economy or really hurting their union friends. it does look like they're going to choose doing what they can for the economy over their union friends. >> sandra: it's a potential $2 billion hit per day. gerry, if somebody stopped and asked you, what is this really about, what do you say to them? what is this coming down to at this point? >> i think it's what you're seeing in the country more generally at the moment. we had these tight label markets for the last couple years coming outs of the pandemic. we've seen workers, even with those tight labor markets, getting sizable pay increases. pay increases that lack inflation. they're not keeping up with inflation. the overall standard of living is not keeping up with inflation. in many industries, private companies, real pressure from unions from workers to get better pay. we're at an interesting time here. we're at the point where the economy is probably about to
1:21 pm
turn down -- the economy has been strong the last count months, but we'll see pressure from the interest rates, pressures on the housing markets, financial markets. we'll see the market turning down. we'll see unemployment start to rise. the leverage that unions have had, workers should have had the last couple years to increase their pay when they vice president been able to increase it in real terms, that will go away. so this is a pivotal moment. it's quite a significant moment in terms of the overall balance between labor and management. >> sandra: maybe you have a quick answer. what does it mean for the holidays? people are saying it was rough last year. are people going to have a hard time getting what they need on the store shelves? a lot of retailers say all the stuff is already on the shelves. it's the last minute shoppers potentially that are most affected. it could be the days before
1:22 pm
christmas that the shelves run empty if this were to happen. >> yeah, december 9 is the deadline nor the deal. it's a little over a week away. if congress doesn't pass the legislation, you'll see disruption. most retailers particularly probably got most of their stocks in place by now. they won't be at versely affected. the broader damage going forward if that strike were to happen, it would be supply disruptions, there would be disruptions of coal to power stations. there could be significant other utility disruptions. it looks like congress will move to avoid it. >> sandra: economists will have to look out for retail sales saying shoppers went shopping on the front end. thanks, gerry. good to see you. >> thanks. >> sandra: millions of millions
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are bracing for the breakout of tornados in the south. we'll have the latest from fox weather. then republican mike mccaul on what the u.s. should be doing as china cracks down on those protesting. he will join us. people are wo build a better future. so we're hard at work helping them achieve financial freedom. we're proud to serve people everywhere, in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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>> sandra: parts of the south bracing for a tornado outbreak ands this calls for chinese president xi jinping to step down. mike mccaul is here. to the no-tt future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪
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>> martha: bundle up and hunker down. major weather systems putting millions under alert across the south and northwest. nearly 3,000 flights already delayed just today. to adam clots with the latest forecast. adam, what are you hearing this hour? >> this is going to be a big storm system sweeping across the south from right now running you all the way to early tomorrow morning. it's not just the tornado.
1:28 pm
we see a tornado watch now in place from louisiana stretching up to mississippi. flash flooding, damaging winds, large hail all likely with this system. it's a large area. there's a bulls eye there. we're taking you from the gulf coast stretching up in to central indiana, areas where you could see the severe weather, but really the bulls eye is largely across mississippi, stretching a little bit back to louisiana and up in to alabama. areas that you can see the biggest tornadic activity as much as an ef-2 tornado or higher across a large area there again from portions of northwestern alabama and stretching into arkansas, back over to portions of louisiana. what we're currently looking at and yes some of these tornado worn storms on the ground, everything in that red polygon box, this could be a tornado warned storm currently. these are likely only going to see more of this the next several hours as we watch this entire system. it's not just a tornado threat.
1:29 pm
we're looking at a possibility of large hail from louisiana stretching through this entire region back up to memphis and even further to the north. continuing on with the large hail. we're looking at perhaps heavy rain as this system continues to make that move. of course, damaging winds. winds up to 70 miles an hour. so even if you're not in an area where you see a tornado, winds could be a real problem with this system. pay attention to the future track. it takes you from this evening all the way in to early tomorrow morning. sandra, very heavy rain. unfortunately, this is something we're paying attention to from now until at least 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> sandra: you'll keep us updated, adam. thank you. from the lockdowns to the crackdowns, chinese police clashing with protesters as they call for president xi jinping to step down. should president biden be echoing the calls? we'll ask republican mike mccaul in just a moment.
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>> sandra: with protesters in china rising up, pressure is building on president biden to call on china's president xi to step down. susan li has the very latest as china is beginning to lift some of the lockdown measures, susan. >> while the white house is reiterating today the right to peacefully protest in china and support for fundamental freedoms there, mitch mcconnell said it's still not enough. listen here. >> the biden administration was response was too tepid. what we need are not just stronger short term words but longer actions and strategies. >> that includes building up military, ammunitions and weapons for future security.
1:35 pm
we've had several chinese localities easing back on covid restrictions including apple's fox con facility. the lockdown was lifted after keeping five days of residents inside. tougher restrictions have impacted apple's reinstructions. now wait times are five to six weeks. meantime, quarantine rules have been cut back now allowing close contact to ends covid cases. and while protests have pressure the government to cut back on some covid measures, the chinese police have been limited and identifying protesters not only stationing a heavy police presence in known gathering sites but using mobile data. they are now scanning social
1:36 pm
media accounts. that's one of the main reasons that protesters have chosen to use a simple piece of white paper. a blank page that unites a common message to beijing. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, susan. how should the white house be handling this situation? joining us now, michael mccaul. great to see you, congressman. what do you want to see from the white house on this? how should they be responding? >> they should be responding supporting the people of china against the oppressive chinese communist party regime that is locking down their entire civilian population. it's really fascinating to me the weak response that came out of the white house. we always support freedom and democracy over tyranny. in this case, communist china couldn't be more tyrannical.
1:37 pm
reagan stood up for these people. voice of america stood up for the people of russia over the soviet union that led to the collapse. what i see is the emporer of china, chairman xi that made his case to become the imperial president is now an emperor without close. the people of china, he does not have control over them. we need to do everything we can to support them. >> sandra: a defense department report today said china is accelerating their nuclear expansion program among this. what is your reaction to that? >> i've been briefed on this. it's very alarming where china is headed in terms of its military and technology. the hypersonic weapon was a first demonstration where they are and the fact is, sandra,
1:38 pm
built on the backbone of american technology. we have to stop selling this technology. when i'm chairman of the foreign affairs committee, that's what i intend to do. they're the number 1 threat now to the national security of the united states and the free world. >> martha: would you say that that is a bipartisan reaction? would you say you're hearing a similar reaction from your democrat colleagues? >> it should be. that's just a lie. our committee is very bipartisan. one thing i think we can agree on is china is a threat. it's not in my words, it's not in any politician's world here. all you have to do is look at chairman xi's language and what he says in his 100-year marathon for complete economic and military domination of the world. if we don't keep our eye on this, if they move in to taiwan where 90% of the semi conductor chips are being manufactured, if
1:39 pm
we look at the south pacific, he's signed a security agreement with the solomon islands that my dad's generation liberated and now they're going to try to take it back and redraw the maps in the pacific that the greatest generation liberated. >> sandra: we all had our eyes glued the past couple hours watching that world cup game where u.s. pulled off victory against iran. that game happening in the middle of rising tensions, obviously, congressman. i want your thoughts on that in the political hostility that we've seen around the games. >> what is great, iran lost to the united states 1-0. that is fantastic news. it shows you china, russia, north korea, iran, this censoring free speech. they got mad at their own players that didn't sing the
1:40 pm
iranian national anthem or the u.s. player that had the iranian flag without the republic symbol on it. china censors people, surveil. north korea, iran, russia, they're all aligned. we need to stand up for the people of iran as well and the women of iran that have been so brutally cracked down upon by the ayatollah and the irgc. we have to have their back as well. >> sandra: now the usa will advance to play the netherlands in the world cup knockout round. thanks very much, congressman, for joining us on that. we appreciate your time today, sir. thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: as i just mentioned, the men's national soccer team. here's the celebration. beating iran 1-0 advancing to the knockout stage. this is brand new video of the fans here at home in the united states celebrating that big win.
1:41 pm
let's go to alex. you've been reporting on this all day. it is final. 1-0, u.s.a. >> hi, sandra. it's so great to see some of the videos of people celebrating and cheering back home. that's what we saw here along the waterfront in doha. the crowds that gathered here starting erupting and chanting u.s.a. in the final moments. it was 1-0. that one goal that christian pulisic managed to get in before he collided with the goal keeper. he's injured. there's another goal by tim waya, that was ruled offside. but still as the clock rang out just at halftime, there's sometimes the fear and the worry that this team could come back and could take it back. we've seen that a lot so far. some amazing upsets. the underdog coming back after halftime and stealing the show. but the u.s. did manage to hold
1:42 pm
out until the very end. had the u.s. not won this match or even tied, it would have meant that they would be packing their bags and they would be heading home tomorrow. that is not what we'll see after this pretty amazing win and a lot of excitement here for u.s. fans and people that came out from other teams and countries supporting the u.s. a lot to look forward to in terms of what happens next. there will be the round of 16. the u.s. will play netherlands. they have about four days to square up for that. get themselves ready. we'll likely hear from the players in the coming days as well as the coach about how they're getting their mind in to this next shift and where they need to move from here, checking in with christian pulisic. the match will begin saturday at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, alex. go usa. thank you very much, alex.
1:43 pm
coming up, why something the white house just said about twitter is not sitting well with a lot of folks. charlie gasparino is here on that. first to georgia and both parties scrambling with the senate run-off one week away now. early turnout shattering records. what is that signalling? georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger is here. mited. i earn 5% on our cabin. hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. [narrator] why is aaron happy? well, carvana has tens of thousands of cars under $20,000. so aaron's folks could help hook him up
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>> sandra: the georgia senate run-off, one week away. georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger on what he's seeing in just a moment. but first, to charles watson on both sides scrambling with just days to go. hi, charles. >> hi, sandra. yeah, it's been a busy few days here in the peach state. so far moore than 468,000 people casting their ballots in person during the early voting period here in georgia what is interesting is more than 300,000 of those voteds that were cast came monday alone. that shattered the previous record for single day early vote turnout, which was set in 2018. people are keeping voting locations very busy. we've seen waits at some polling places that were as long as two
1:48 pm
hours. most votes are coming out of dekalb, fulton and gwinnett counties. they make up about a third of all votes cast. a big question on everyone's minds is who has the advantage here. is it warnock or is it walker? we speak to one expert that says that's a hard question to answer right now because of differences in when early voting started across the state. but she says the winning strategy will almost certainly come down to who has the best ground game and voter outreach. take a listen. >> what both campaigns need to be doing is amassing huge armies of volunteers that are willing to do that work of hitting every voter personally and making sure that they turn out to vote. >> yeah, that's largely what we're seeing so far this week. both warnock and walker out on the ground trying to energize folks to not only vote but to bring someone with them to vote. these two candidates have not shied away from taking shots to
1:49 pm
get the job done. >> this is no longer about republican and democrat, right and left. this is right and wrong. >> it is crazy. it is crazy. >> yeah, it's all about ground gam, sandra. the two candidates will continue the rest of the week on the campaign trail. herschel walker has campaigns events throughout georgia as well as raphael warnock that is expected to rally with president obama before the last day of early voting, sandra. >> sandra: thanks, charles. so what is behind this massive turnout? georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger joins us now. thanks, sir, for joining us.
1:50 pm
what do you believe is behind this record turnout? >> well, obviously voters are engaged watching this process. we've had returned turnover. over 301,000 people yesterday. that has been all over the state. chatham county, i'm here in tift county in the south georgia office. we had strange turnout here. metro atlanta. voters are really engaged. >> sandra: for people seeing this happen in this key race, with just days to go, what should it tell them? what is your take-away from that turnout? >> people here in georgia know that their vote counts. they know this is an important race. both sides are working hard to getting their people out. four years ago, i was in a run off race myself. i know what it's like. turn out your base and running hard all over the state. i can promise you one thing, we'll have honest and fair elections in the state of georgia. that's the most important thing.
1:51 pm
>> sandra: what can you tell us about demographics with those that have shown up to vote? >> the weekend, it look like it favored one side of the aisle. now it's balancing out on the other side. it's going to be a race. the county election directors are working hard making sure that they can process the votes that came through. today we'll beat yesterday's numbers. that's how strong the totals are. if it keeps up, it's going to be a very strong turnout election. we're excited about that. counties are prepared. so are we. >> sandra: we saw nearly 90,000 cast ballots sunday. you just referenced yesterday. and said today might out pace yesterday. can you give us hard numbers? >> yesterday we had 301,000. so far today, we could surpass 301,000 again today. so this is just record territory. we're excited.
1:52 pm
voters are excited. >> sandra: can you give us any more information on the demographic? you said it favored -- obviously on the black vote as well. >> we look at that. right now obviously we're more of the urban areas had early voting locations than larger metro areas. now monday, tuesday, all over the state has mandatory enough days of early voting. all of the polling locations are open. i'm down here in tift county. a friend said how long the line was here. people are talking about how long the lines are in chatham county, in cherokee county. voters are engaged. they know how important this seat is. we're making sure that they have access to the ballot box and fair an honest elections. that's what the counties are charged to do and that's what we're doing. >> sandra: got it. you're seeing a lot of things happening there. let me ask you about the timing here. early voting goes through friday in all 159 counties for this
1:53 pm
election. so far you're reporting record turnout. any other information that folks need to hear out there as this day is quickly approaching. >> no, people need to understand in georgia, we have know toe i.d. for all forms of voting whether you vote absentee, early, election day, you need an i.d. we are going to be asking our counties to audit districts, do a risk limiting audit of the senatorial race. we know how important it is. here's what the ballots said. here's what the risk limit said and look at the numbers. they're the same. you can trust the votes here in georgia. >> sandra: okay. we are quickly approaching that big day. it's coming up quick. i can't believe it's already here. feels like we just made our way through the mid-terms. we'll see you soon. tweet this.
1:54 pm
the white house catching flak after saying they'll keep an eye on elon musk's social media site. connell mcshane is here to break it down. hi there. >> elon musk has spent the last couple days going after apple in a big way. the company that might matter more to twitter's success than the white house. first, the app store. it is sign by many as a gate keeper. they have tight control over software distribution. to that point today, musk reresponsibilitieded to a tweet on all the power these big tech companies have. it's a real problem. apple controlling access via their app stores. and then there's advertising. apple says the add spending is over $120 million a year. it contributed to more than 4% of twitter's revenue. apple he says has mostly stopped advertising on twitter asking do
1:55 pm
they hate free speech in america? apple has threatened to withhold twitter from its app store but he says they won't tell us why. on the first of the two we just showed, questioning apping, they have said to restricted the use of the air drop feature over in china. that feature has been used in the past to get and the censors in china. that could open up to questions about a double standard. those are questions not being answered by tim cook or anyone else at apple. the company has not responded to our request for comment. we don't know for sure how much apple has cut back on twitter ads and we don't know their plans. we do know they have kicked other apps off because of content moderation. that's a history of this. that's what happened to parlor a couple years ago. >> sandra: thanks, connell, for joining us. let's get right to charlie gasparino. he's on set with us here. charlie, what a treat.
1:56 pm
great to see you. >> you never say that, do you? you're full of it. >> sandra: you're the end of my day. i'm happy. >> it's over. >> sandra: close eye controversy. why is this of great concern, charlie? >> it's of great concern to the biden administration. twitter is no longer a public company. it's a private company. elon musk can do what he wants with it. part of what he wants to do with it -- i don't agree with his business moves. i think buying it was insane. he paid $44 billion for something that is probably worth $4 billion. he's a rich dude. so he can do what he wants. now that it's private and it is a public square, you know, it's kind of -- it's a little bit -- i think that whole notion is a little overwrought. it's powerful of information. the white house is concerned that its going to start reflecting elon musk's political
1:57 pm
views. >> sandra: what did you make of the white house that -- is that the role of the white house? >> they could. this is the back doorway to censoring twitter essentially. the back doorway is to use an ago situation, the committee for foreign investment in the u.s. that's the way they'll do this. that's because there are some foreign investors in twitter. i believe there's some middle eastern money, who knows, chinese money. have no idea. i know there's foreign investors in twitter along with musk's majority stake. that stake is private. through that mechanism, they can >> jessica: they can do they can what trump tried to do with tiktok for different reasons. remember trump tried to ban tiktok from the u.s. using cfius, he thought it was a vehicle for the chinese government to spy on people. they can kind of use that
1:58 pm
mechanism to go after twitter and him. i think if they do that, though, it is so obvious a violation of the first amendment, i mean, such a cynical ploy to create free speech, but they're worried because it is no longer a public company, it is in his hands. he can theoretically do what he wants, shut it down tomorrow, but he is going to have fun with it. while he has fun, have you followed his tweets about biden? >> sandra: very much. all of elon musk's tweets, as a matter of fact, the night side table one the other day was -- >> it wasn't a real gun, it was a fake gun. and coca-cola. >> caffeine free diet coke. what is happening with twitter since he has taken over. he is reporting he is getting more users, more tweets, it is more active than ever. >> i think this is a tough business to run. i think it is coming at a time the market is
1:59 pm
correcting. he used his tesla stock to buy this, loaded with debt, doesn't throw off cash flow. if there was ever a company you say you predict might go bankrupt because this is essentially a leveraged buyout, he wborrowed a lot, not just his tesla stock, he borrowed from banks. if it wasn't for elon musk, this would be a candidate for chapter 11 in a second and he said that. i think the business prospects for twitter are pretty bad. i think he will throw everything he can at this in terms of blue check mark, green check mark. different ways, maybe edit your tweets. he will try to figure out a way to improve. >> sandra: the concept was simple. >> but you have to make money. and i don't know how you make money when so many, you've been on twitter. have you seen the stuff that gets rolled at us from anonymous accounts. guys with 15 numbers after their name.
2:00 pm
>> sandra: the u.s. player who shot the only goal in today's game to beat iran, we are told christian has now been taken to the hospital with an abdominal injury. this is just being reported by the ap out of doha. i am sure more is coming up. did you watch the big game? >> i did not. prayers to the gentleman. >> sandra: thank you very much for joining us. thanks to all of you, i will see you tomorrow. here's "the five." >> greg: i am gregg jarrett, with jessica tarlov. dana perino, jeanine pirro. "the five." >> comes into the box again, an iranian player looking for a penalty. and the game is over! >> greg: i called it.
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