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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 30, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ ♪ jump around ♪ jump around >> scores! >> ainsley: the score was 1-0. u.s.a. wins and we move on. we beat iran yesterday. very exciting. brian, i thought of you when we were watching the game we move on to play finland on saturday.
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>> brian: no. >> ainsley: netherlands at 10:00 in the morning. >> brian: you are watching. i did not text you over the weekend to remind you. >> ainsley: saturday i have something at 10:00. i will have to record it and finish watching it. >> brian: no one tell her who wins. >> steve: one of the things about the world cup this year, wherever you are, even if the tv isn't on, people are talking about well we are up by 1. i was driving into the city. they broke into the 880, wcbs to say we scored 1. >> brian: dominating the first minute. able to score right there. brubruise abdominals. >> steve: what did he run noorgets the goalie. >> steve: how is the goalie. >> brian: goalie was fine, finished the game. able to get up and added 9 minutes of extra play time because of all the stoppages and that's where it got perilous for the u.s. team. so many chances including open
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goal got past the keeper. cleared off the line but they end up winning and getting through which is a human accomplishment this team ha only led one goal three games has not lost. gone against the netherlands we beat ecuador more than we have lost. you know we can actually win this -- the round of 16. it's indeed possible. >> steve: it's great that fox is bringing it to the world. ratings through the roof. congratulations to our broadcast brothers and citiesers. meantime on the "new york post" today you got matt turny the u.s. golly. >> brian: new jersey, right. >> steve: can you zoom in on that a little bit. good morning in my life i have ever yelled that loud or yelled that big. can you just tell that he is yelling with all 180 pounds of him. >> brian: matt turner like howard from new jersey. what's with you guys and
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goalies. >> steve: we're just good. just saying coming across the river. come to our side. >> brian: can you watch on the app. i was in transit in the first few minutes and it's just amazing on the ipad how quick, watching in qatar. >> ainsley: we know you watch. one time it was live. watching a game live while you are anchoring the show. >> brian: right. >> steve: you had to. >> brian: how was i know if argentina was going to be upset. argentina in trouble to. a lot of great teams having trouble getting through. >> steve: focused one team. pro-america. >> >> ainsley: rail workers furious with amtrak joe. >> steve: unions are calling out the president, to avert a potentially catastrophic strike before the holiday season. >> brian: right. here we go. jacqui heinrich joins us live from the white house with the latest. jacqui, this came down to the last moment. i don't think every democrat is
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on board to with this. >> they are not. there might be avenues around that, guys. speaker pelosi says she has got the votes in the house two. bills on the floor this morning. the first being the tentative agreement from september that some of the unions already voted down. and the second being another bill that will resolve some of their imreef advances and add some sick time. it's unclear whether there are enough republicans to pass this bill. they might have to overcome progressives who have vowed to tank this; however, chuck schumer said that he and mitch mcconnell are aligned on this. they expect strong bipartisan support and the president sounds pretty hopeful it's going to happen. >> congress, i think, has to act to prevent it. it's not an easy call. but i think we have to do it. the economy is at risk. >> mr. president, you are confident you can avoid a rail strike? >> the president's call for congress to act is already facing blowback from unions. some of his biggest supporters for undercutting bargaining leverage. unfortunately the most labor
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friendly president has opted to side with big business and thwarting of railroad workers right to strike. the september plan resolved their wage issues but left paid sick time for on call workers unaddressed. unpaid sick time in separate bill may resolve these issues for prorchs who have pledged to block the plan unions previously voted down from being signed into law. senator bernie sanders tweeted at a time of record profits. it's unacceptable that rail workers have zero guaranteed sick days. it's my intention to block consideration of the rail legislation until a roll call vote acan he cures seven paid sick days. progressive congressman jamal bowman said listen, i can't in good conscience vote for a bill that doesn't give rail workers the paid leave they deserve. we fumbled this in build back better. we can't do that again. pelosi's second bill does add 7 days of paid sick time. she expects strong bipartisan support for that bill.
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if it passes, it will head to the senate and then to the president's desk if it clears the second chamber. back to you guys. >> steve: going to start after the 7, probably gets negotiated down to 4 or 5 so everybody leaves happy. jacqui, this is extraordinary. because the democrats have blown up the union. and the union -- there are four unions that didn't pass it. they are furious at the democrats in congress and this democrat president, who said he wanted to be the most prounion president in history. that's toast now. >> yeah. you know, the administration, i will say they have had their secretaries of labor, transportation, agriculture working hard on this for months. they have been bringing all the parties to the table to try to hash a deal. there were calls for biden to get more personally involved like he was in september. the two sides are just dead locked and the consequences of a rail strike would have so many impacts to many sectors of our economy from retail to energy,
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manufacturing, per perishable. the president was put between a rock and hard place. rescue the economy by undercutting the leverage of some of your biggest supporters or do you leave it and hope that it works out, you know, he tried to do both. now we are here right up against the deadline and congress has had to intervene. >> brian: just a quick question where is our transportation secretary? isn't this his area of -- that he should be focused on? shouldn't he be taking the lead on this has he been personally involved. >> he has been involved. labor secretary and tom vilsack has been involved. they have all had a hand in this. it's a tough issue. litigated since 2020 by the way. this contract is this issue is a couple years old and have to be rehashed again in '24 when it comes up for renegation. >> steve: all right, jacqui, thank you very much.
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remember, it was in the late summer, it looked like there was going to be a strike. and there are the midterms and what did the white house do? the white house negotiated with the union, they wound up with an agreement that they proposed, it's not what the union wants. but that's the deal that congress is going to force the unions into taking. >> ainsley: that's what kevin mccarthy was saying. he said i'm not going to commit to voting for this. i need to see you it first. the president told us this was solved long before the election. he said he told us it was fixed. this is just another example of them saying that they have done something and they haven't. he compared it to, saying that inflation was transitory. and that obviously turned out not to be the case. >> >> brian: here is john james. he joined us earlier. congressman elect. he can't vote on this. but is he outraged by it. >> joe biden is taking a victory lap for something he hasn't even done. joe biden has been in washington since 1970. and his policies have actually sent our jobs overseas, his policies are the ones that are
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forcing supply chains to break, not bend. and by paying people not to work. joe biden has done more to hurt our economy than help it. it's a supply chain. not a supply rubber band. it's not just going to snap back there are links in this chain that are broken, and even missing. >> steve: absolutely right. you know what's curious when joe biden was a senator back in 1992, he was one of six senators who said congress should not get involved. and what did the president yesterday, joe biden say? he said congress should get involved. obviously, you know, he want to have his cake and eat it, too. because he does not want to anger the unions. but, instead, he has angered the unions, now he is going to be able to say hey, blame congress. i think this is a sign he has decided he is running for president. he needs the union support. even though they are curious at him right now. he also, there is a story today, i think on nbc must about how he is suddenly courting big dollar
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donors. joe biden, with this action yesterday, i think it's a pretty good sign he is running. >> brian: yeah. nancy pelosi, yeah, she is out of leadership. what does she care? six more years for chuck schumer, what is he worried about? let joe biden keep his baseball card clean. most people are smarter than that they are going it know exactly that the president punted. we ask that to john kirby. he will try to answer that he is going to be on with us in 20 minutes. >> steve: he is meanwhile, we know that weather is impacting a third of the country and we start with a fox weather alert right now. look at this. a life-threatening storm system rocking the south overnight. 25 reported tornadoes overnight. >> brian: that number growing by the hours as many folks across the region wake up. >> ainsley: our fox weather correspondent nicole valdes joins us live from mississippi with our first look at the aftermath. nicole? >> steve, ainsley, brine, good morning. unfortunately, we are waking up to see damage just like this all across the state of mississippi, louisiana, and alabama.
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here in caledonia, mississippi, not far from the alabama border, you are looking at a power pole that has just penetrated this mobile home here. you are looking at the insulation, all the siding there. all of this yard and it's just filled with debris. metal shingles lying all over the ground. this is what is left of at least one family's home. unfortunately, as the sun comes up today, we are going to be seeing that continue. and really start to see the evidence of some of these intense tornadoes that just tore through so many communities. we know of so many in alabama. this area in particular saw one of the most significant storm lines that moved through yesterday evening but we're also learning of others reported in alabama today as well as caldwell parish, louisiana. >>this is a horrible situation for these families to look up to today just after the thanksgiving holiday. so many trying to prepare for christmas and they are left with
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almost nothing is a heart breaking situation steve, ainsley, and brian. we are hoping to learn more about the extent of the damage here and just how many tornadoes and their strength as the sunrises later on today. >> steve: that's right. start looking at the radar information. nicole, thank you very much. this storm is marching across the eastern third of the united states. if you are watching us in the eastern time zone right now, there's a real good chance you are going to wind up with rain, right, j.d.? >> janice: the cold front associated with this system sweep across the east coast. these storms won't be as damaging as the ones we saw in mississippi and alabama. take a look at the statistics right now think is live information. so six current warnings. those are thunderstorm warnings no. tornado warn storms right now. close to a million people under some sort of bank, whether it be flooding or severe thunderstorm warning. we have had dozens of reports of hail and damaging winds. over 800 lightening strikes. that can be very damaging and the wind reports coming out of louisiana, over 60 miles per
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hour. and two inch diameter hail. you see the yellow polygons, severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for parts of the panhandle up towards alabama and georgia and then you could see the potential for flash flooding. the severe storm threat today in those areas in those regions from louisiana all the way up towards georgia. not as potent as the storms were yesterday and last night. but we could still see the potential for tornadoes, the large hail, the damaging winds and the flooding rainfall. there is your forecast today. that cold front will sweep across the east coast. lake-effect snow machine up running. next storm system moves into the west. we will be watching that air travel delays we have already that happening. we have other 900 flights on route. over 90 cans sell labor relations and worst airline cancellations, delta, top airline southwest, delta and united. we will continue to keep you up to date. fox by the way. we are on top of this situation, giving us watches and warnings ahead of the storm. i highly recommend down loading
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the app. for the latest information as well. >> brian: phone blasts you awake. >> janice: absolutely. really important in the overnight hours when people are not paying close attention. >> steve: janice, you were warning people about this storm yesterday. >> i appreciate that too. thank you. >> ainsley: carley has nor medicine lines begin with information, on the delphi double murder case. a newly released document reveals shell casings found at the 2017 crime scene matched the gun owned by the suspect accused of killing abigail williams in liberty german. jed a judge unsealed the affidavit related to richard allen's arrest it. revealed a 40 caliber unspent round was found less than two feet away from the bodies. 13 and 14-year-old victims were also recording on their phones when the suspect approached them and they can be heard saying the word gun. florida governor ron desantis calling for congress to step in if apple remost twitter from the app. store because of elon
4:15 am
musk's actions as ceo. >> i think from the congressional perspective though they need to look at antitrust with these massive companies because they are exercising massive amounts of power over our society. >> carley: musk says apple has threatened to withhold twitter from the app. store from unknown reasons. he previously said the tech giant has made demands regarding twitter's content moderation, the final numbers for cyber monday are. in and it's one for the record books. shoppers spent $11 billion online. according to an adobe analytics report. that's nearly 6% more than last year. some of the top items including pokemon cars, hot imheels, playstation 5. smart tvs and air pods did. you see this? commanders' running back brian robinson following up big game on sunday by donning a big hat. the rookie sending are sales of the oversized head gear soaring supporting his friend's company. the company called noggin boss.
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since robinson's debut big hats have seen 2,000% increase in orders. the washington capitals even joining the trend after their win on monday. that's a big hat. >> ainsley: those are great. that's really funny. >> steve: steve that's a big look. >> carley: when i woke up this morning i didn't know i was going to be talking about big hats. >> steve: problem is it makes it look like you have are a really little head. >> carley: if you have a big face get a bigger hat and it will slim you down. >> brian: that's a good point. that's excellent. you know if you have a big face out there, no one needs to tell you. >> steve: this morning when i woke up i didn't realize carley was going to be giving us hat tips. >> carley: see you guys. >> brian: crypto crisis another lender filing for bankruptcy follow the bust of ft exrmt what block phi is telling customers this morning. fox business channel anchor after my long pause cheryl casone breaks it down.
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so start saving by switching to the mobile service designed for small business: comcast business mobile. flexible data plans mean you can get unlimited data or pay by the gig. all on the most reliable 5g network. with no line activation fees or term contracts. saving you up to 60% a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> steve: crypto currency lender blockfi has filed for bankruptcy. it's the first aftershock following the collapse of ftx, another crypto company. blockfi blaming ftx in part for the filing. what does this mean for the crypto industry? fox business anchor and host of american dream home cheryl casone joins us right now. cheryl, over the last couple of weeks we talked a lot about
4:22 am
crypto. a lot of people don't understand it. i don't fully understand it. if you cannot explain something, you probably should not be involved in it. >> if you don't understand something, you should not be investing your money into it. would you put your mother into crypto? and my answer was always from fm the beginning, no. nfts, no. which is those digital images of say monkeys. >> steve: i still don't get that. >> nobody does. that's the point. the more they would sell this stuff. i have some impassioned pitches for nfts or crypto and i have never been convinced. did i my homework a long time ago. >> steve: you have gotten in on the ground floor. >> i would have to bail out of bitcoin 50 grand which i never did. bitcoin 15,000 it was at 16,000. some of these crypto brothers sold all their and bought real estate. now you have a hard asset. so many people out in some instances millions of dollars. it's sad. this reminds me of
4:23 am
bubble which i did cover as a business correspondent. i watched it implode in 2,000. a lot of similarities to be known now. >> steve: some day digital currency is going to be great and everybody is going to use it. we're just not there yet. >> let's regulate it. that's why we have central banks around the world to guarantee that our money is safe. >> steve: right. why is blockfi blaming ftx for their problem? >> because blockfi had basically ftx owed blockfi a good chunk of change. i think it's $729 million. carla trust and peter thiel backed company. so peter thiel chels has a black because of this blockfi bankruptcy. the other side of this is that, you know, sand bankman-fried is supposed to speak at the "new york times" conference today no. lawyer anywhere in the country thinks this is probably a good idea but he plans to appear. >> steve: all right.
4:24 am
let's see what happens. it's wednesday. that means american dream home tonight. >> all new episodes from american dream home. our first ensofd we are going to hawaii. we are going to maui. i love this couple. they never thought that they could afford to buy a home in hawaii and now they can. >> steve: watch. >> who would not follow their partner to hawaii? let's be honest. i'm hoping that a house near the beach with the sounds of nature we can calm our life down. >> the whole sort of aloha lifestyle is really more of a spiritual sort of way. don't sweat the small things. stop and smell the flowers and that's something that i think we both gore really look forward to. >> steve: i love that show. >> thank you so much. people work so hard and i love seeing them finding that dream home and actually, you know, the fruits of your labor. they pay off eventually.
4:25 am
>> steve: watch sharyl on american dream home tonight 9:00 p.m. on fox business. all right. thank you very much. >> cheryl: you bet. >> steve: meanwhile, side note. hey, the doocy family "simply happy cookbook" is top of the charts. join kathy and me this friday night for a live virtual signing. lots of fun. ask questions mod ter rated by our own peter doocy. all you have to do is rsv simply happy badger at the top. find sun signed copies for less than 20 bucks. perfect gift cheryl casone me >> cheryl: i have the book. i paid for it. >> steve: thank you very much. if you would like to comic it out sign up for the signing simply happy it fighting for freedom, covid protests erupting across china
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my most important kitchen tool? my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger. car consider we are back with your headlines starting with a tragedy here. jake flint up and coming sing
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from her oklahoma died in his sleep saturday hours after his wedding. the cause of death has not yet been determined but his wife brenda flint posted this heart breaking video from their wedding with the caption i don't understand. flint's former manager also sharing this touching tribute saying i loved him much like a son. the funniest, hardworking dedicated artist i have ever worked with my career. jake flint was just 37 years old. god bless him. a new win for parents in loudoun county, virginia. the school board voting tuesday to require teachers to keep parents in the loop about sexually explicit content in the classroom. the new policy gives parents the right to fight against the material if they believe it's inappropriate for students. also requires moms and dads to be notified 30 days before the material is distributed. actor joe pesci revealing he sustained serious burns on the top of his head while filming this scene from home alone 2.
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>> awe, awe. oh,. [explosion] >> half of the wet bandits in the christmas classic telling people magazine he also suffered other bumps and bruises, film celebrates 30th anniversary this year. how about this? a cute story to cap everything off. a public's health in naming newest litter canine pups were, search for missing children, serve as comfort dogs for kids. you have until december 2nd to suggest names on the brevard county sheriff's office page. get to pin the new wages on them during their swearing in safer money. look at those faces.
4:32 am
>> steve: carley, name each one or all of them. >> carley: i was thinking people would do a theme name like. >> ainsley: justice or blue. >> brian: or the gasps. >> i like your idea even better. >> ainsley: law enforcement words. >> carley: america words. >> steve: there are 10 of them. >> carley: 8, there are 10. you are right. >> steve: i have been counting since i was 40. thanks, carley. >> carley: you are welcome. check it out at the brevard county facebook page. coming up from the white house. strategic communications john kirby is going to join us coming up very shortly. ♪breeze driftin' on by...♪ ♪ know how i feel.♪ you don't have to take... [coughing] ...copd sitting down. ♪it's a new dawn,...♪ ♪'s a new day,♪ it's time to make a stand. ♪and i'm feelin' good.♪
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♪ >> ainsley: mass protests growing across china as protesters demand an end to the districts covid measures and lockdowns. >> steve: meanwhile here statewide critics accusing the
4:37 am
white house of being so soft in response to those chinese protesters pushing back against their communist leader. >> brian: white house national security coordinator john kirby. admiral kirby is here to respond. how do you feel about the lack of firmness in the response from the administration? is there a reason why we are being so soft about not supporting fully the protesters on the ground and what they are standing for -- along with the journalists that are getting beaten. >> hey, brian, good morning to you all. good to be with you guys. i would not say at all that we would agree with criticism that we have been less than firm or consistent. in fact, brian, we have been very, consistent about the right of peaceful protest and very vocal about it in china just over the last few days. we believe that these individuals should be able to peacefully protest and assemble and make their minds known to their government there in china just like we have said the same in iran and around the world. we stand up for peaceful protest and again we have been very
4:38 am
consistent about that. >> steve: absolutely. the white house is always for peaceful protests but, i don't u know what the protesters are saying hey, xi jinping has got to go or loosen the covid restrictions keeping people stuck in their houses for months. so between he has got to go or loosen restrictions, which side is the white house on when it comes to supporting the protesters? >> steve, wear on the side of peaceful protest. we are on the side of individuals being able to freely assemble and express their views, whatever those views are. we are not taking a side in terms of what these protesters are about. largely though, steve. >> brian: why? >> these protesters are really out there about the lockdown. their main concern that drove them to the streets was the very severe, very strin jentd cody policies by xi's administration and that's what has really been driving all this public protest. >> ainsley: you said the president is not going to speak for the protesters you got a lot of criticism for that saying they can't speak for themselves. they risk being beaten or
4:39 am
arrested. dan crenshaw tweeted why is it so hard for this administration to support freedom, pure coward to dis? what do you say? >> what i meant by saying that we are not going to put our words into their mouths. they are speaking for themselves. they are out in the streets. they are braving the elements to make clear what their views are they are speaking for themselves. we'll stand up for the right of every citizen around the world to be able to speak up freely and peacefully for what they believe in. that's what i was talking about. it's not about us inserting our language our our rhetoric into what they want to talk about. >> brian: here what happens they said. the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson put this out there. the price of freedom in the u.s., 1 million covid deaths, 40,000 gun deaths per year and more than 100,000 fentanyl deaths in 2021 alone. by the way they are responsible for that the american people deserve something far better than that what we want is to protect our people's lives and
4:40 am
ensure them a better life. so, so, admirable, by you speaking back and having a weak response that's the response you get. in your face their propaganda. >> i don't think, first of all, brian, i would disagree that we are taking a step back or we got a weak response. we have been very clear consistent and very publicly so. number two, i don't think we are going to take lessons or advice about freedom from the prc. that we have been working very, very hard here in the united states to move past this pandemic. getting people vaccinated. making it obvious and clear about what the information that you need to get well out there is and putting a therapeutics out there. and, of course, making sure that we're staying ahead of each and every variant. we have been very, very aggressive about that. we don't believe, here in the united states that lockdowns are the answer. what the answer is more vaccines, getting people more informed. getting them ready to deal with this as these new variants evolve and change. >> steve: as you have said, the white house supports the protesters. you know, in the past, john, the
4:41 am
protesters there in china have been able to use their apple phones and air drop from one protester to another to avoid censorship. but now apple in china has changed apparently the technology so that air drop only works in like 10 minutes now. what is the white house's response to it appears they are essentially helping the government of china clamp down on the protesters being able to freely communicate with each other? >> apple should speak to their decisions as a corporate entity of course. >> steve: john, you are standing up for the protesters. the protesters want to communicate and apple is making that impossible. >> in general, steve, and you know, this we have talked about this many times. we want to make sure that as people freely assemble and protest that they have access to as much information as possible and are able to share information with one another. we are always in favor of open, free, communications with
4:42 am
citizens around the world. >> ainsley: let's talk about the defense department's annual report it is saying that biden's fumbled withdrawal from afghanistan was a propaganda gift to china. do you agree with that? >> no, i do not. and i don't know that that's the pentagon's assessment that it was a propaganda gift to china. if anything, nations like china and russia took a look at what we did in afghanistan. and we have talked about this many, many times over the last year and had to marvel at the speed, the efficiency and the effectiveness. >> brian: oh, please. >> very small number of troops, brian, you listen to knee now, hear me out. small number of troops were able to move that many afghans safely out of that country. no other nation in the world can do that. >> brian: the way you withdrew is the issue admiral. the way our military moved in and out is a separate issue. your defense department claim as part of its annual report to congress on national security developments, suggest that china capitalized on the withdrawal to
4:43 am
convince world leaders the u.s. is not a reliable ally. it's not brian kilmeade talking. it's your defense department. the prc employed multiple diplomatic tools in an attempt to u.s. and partner influence and highlights the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. the death of 13 and how many people we got out, that's one issue. buff the way we did it, the way we promised that government would stand up the way we were going to leave and have a transition, the disaster that took place is one of the many problems along with the soldiers that are suffering now by the way you ended that 20 year war not you but the administration is that china is using it and you could argue that russia invaded ukraine because of it. >> brian, so the report said that china attempted to capitalize on it. that's a big difference from saying that they did or were able to capitalize on this. i mean, they spread propaganda about everything, brian. you know that but, look at. >> brian: how do you rate the way we left?
4:44 am
how don't ask. >> rallied around ukraine. china has not been able to succeed. i tried to convince people with some sort of weakness by the united states. >> brian: as a military officer, forget about the people that got out because the government collapsed that you promised wouldn't, how do you characterize the way we left afghanistan? because most clear-thinking people say worst than the embarrassment of saigon. whether a do you say? >> i will say the same thing to you, brian here today that i have said to you many, many times in the past. we have admitted and acknowledged that not everything about the withdrawal was done perfectly. that there were certainly mistakes made. we have investigated those mistakes. we have observed up for those mistakes. >> >> brian: the president has not been taking a briefing i know this for a fact. they had a report put together about what went wrong in afghanistan. the president wouldn't even take an oral brief on it. why is that, admiral? >> it was the right thing to do for the president to end our war in afghanistan, brian. it was the right thing to brightening our troops home. right thing to be able to focus
4:45 am
on other challenges like china. >> brian: could have done both. a thousand people in afghanistan does not get your eye off the ball. we have a massive military. you could have left a few thousand in there and stop what we're witnessing now which is a terror haven for al-qaeda and, guess what? bin laden's son is now back there. >> brian, ask some al-qaeda leaders how safe they feel in afghanistan right now. >> brian: you killed one. you killed one. > there are thousands back. >> the leader of al-qaeda inside afghanistan, not just one. >> not just some guy on the street corner, brian. >> brian: turning your back, admiral. >> executed. >> how many back, how many isis are back in. >> we said that al-qaeda would be back in afghanistan even before we left they were starting to move back in, brian. we are watching it very closely. the fact that we were able to execute that strike, the leader by the way not just some guy on the street corner but the leader tells you that our over the horizon counter-terrorism capabilities are actually quite
4:46 am
effective. >> brian: really? he is the over. if you had over the horizon capabilities you would killed more than one because thousands are back. >> not about killing every single thousand terrorists every given day. we watch these carefully. where they develop to a degree we think our national security is at risk we take action and we did that. >> brian: our assets have left. you know they are gone. >> we have over the horizon capabilities. you and i have talked about this. i'm not saying that, you know, we have every single asset available to us that we did a year or so ago, but we have enough and we are working to improve them every single day. >> steve: john kirby joining us from the north lawn of the white house. always great to have you and getting the point of view from the white house. sir, thank you very much. >> you get. good to be with you guys. >> ainsley: nice to see you. more "fox & friends" after the break.
4:47 am
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the insurance company getenwasn't fair.ity y cablele. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ >> brian: musician winston marshall played banjo and guitar as a member of mumford and sons. that all changed last year after he tweeted praise for a book highlighting the truth about antifa. in response to that tweet, "hardball" faced outrage from the woke mob and ultimately left his band. but now he regrets doing. this. >> i had antifa online activist changing my wikipedia page to winston marshall to winston
4:51 am
marshall as a banjo player winston marshall has a fascist. blind spots author and conservative journalist in that period was attacked once more by anarchists antifa, mobs in portland, oregon. so i decided then the only thing for knee do was to quit the band, redistract my apology. now i live in the truth and i feel liberated by that i'm glad for that now i don't have any regrets. >> brian: fox news contributor douglas murray joins us now. he went back and studied you, douglas. listen, i like the book. antifa is a problem. look at who got hurt. mostly african-american businesses and people. and he doubles down on it now. >> yes. i know winston marshall a bit. is he a very good and honorable man. is he not particularly conservative. is he simply an inquiring mind. you know, he is somebody who wants to read and absorb things. and he read this one book said i enjoyed, this you are a brave man to the author. for that, winston's entire
4:52 am
career was destroyed. his band mates who he had helped to such enormous international success, dropped him in no seconds flat. they made him as far as can i see have this forced apology sort of mao's china style. a promise struggle session and now winston quite rightly says you know, i didn't do anything wrong. i read a book and i said that i had read a book. now, he stepped away from the band. is he an extremely honorable and decent person. a much more decent person i have to say than even i am. he is a very decent person truly. i thought frankly he should allow his band to go hell. when your friends have behaved so badly towards you he you should shame them. is he a very, very good and decent person. he believed he didn't want to embarrass his band mates through all the things they put him through, so he just stepped away quietly. he is an extraordinary person and great demonstration to sort of small act of courage in the
4:53 am
mad modern era. >> brian: see if he has a future in music. we know he has the talent but it looks like he will be on his own. douglas murray, thanks so much. >> it's a great pleasure. >> brian: go over to ainsley. >> ainsley: thank you, brian. you might be investing in woke causes and not even know it. the biden administration issuing new regulations allowing 401(k) plan managers to support environmental and social issues. our next guest writes this will, by design, empower left wing employers to fund managers who use retirement accounts to push leftist causes. justin haskins is the policy director at the nonpartisan group, the heartland institute and joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. how can we protect ourselves? >> right, so there are three steps that people should take absolutely right away to stop their money, their retirement funds to going to left wing causes. the first thing is that they should tell their employer right now today and their investment manager i don't want anything to do with the sg causes or
4:54 am
investments. this rule by the biden administration doesn't force you to go into esg investments. it just allows companies to make this an option or kind of impose it on you. but there are ways out of it. tell your employer right away do not make this an option for us because we don't want it. the seconds thing that people should do is this rule allows employers to select the default option as the esg option. meaning, if you don't go into your 401(k) account and make selections for yourself, your employer can choose esg for you. if you work for awoke company, that's what they are going to do. go in and make the option for yourself. don't allow them to automatically make those selections for you. that's number two. number 3 is go talk to an independent investment adviser who works for you. i know a lot of people are concerned about money and it's difficult to pay for an independent adviser but they are actually not that expensive. and they can provide you with options that will allow to you get out of these investments if
4:55 am
employers start trying to impose them on you. they are obligated legally to do that if you tell them hey, i don't want anything to do with esg and there are ways out of this like individual retirement accounts, that's an iras and other tax deferred vehicles and things to help you get your retirement in order without promoting left wing causes. so those are three really simple steps people can take. massive impact on pushing back on what biden is trying to do here. >> ainsley: if you don't know what you are doing, go to someone you trust rock onto your 401(k) account online and change your investments. it's pretty easy. >> it's really easy. don't give joe biden what is he looking for here. there are $7 trillion as much as $7 trillion in 401(k) account oea cross the country. 60 million people involved in this trying to clearly get that money promoting left wing causes so the country is fundamentally transformed. don't go in that direction. go your own way. >> ainsley: good advice.
4:56 am
justin haskins read his op-ed on thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> ainsley: 55 minutes after the hour. we have one more hour. john kennedy, herschel walker and clay travis all going to be live with us. ♪ ♪ it's nice to unwind after a long week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! (limu squawks) he's a natural. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better...
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