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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 30, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. join the millions already taking ozempic®. ask your health care provider about the ozempic® tri-zone. announcer: you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> we need a self-sufficient law enforcement robot. >> sandra: new at 2:00, america's crime crisis so severe one city voting on bringing in real life robocops that would have a license to kill. and this in a city known for progressive policies going soft on crime. the>> john: the other coast, new
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york city's mayor making a move to fight crime that has many in his own party furious. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith in new york. great to be with you, john. >> john: good to be with you, too. a major city trying to stop the next senseless murder before it happens by getting homeless people who are dangerously mentally ill off the streets and into hospitals. the catch, could be against their will. we are talking about new york, a city that seems to wake up to a terrifying new headline almost daily about an unprovoked attack on the city streets or in its subways. people going about their lives pushed in front of a train tore stabbed to death. the suspects often found to be mentally ill. >> sandra: and it's not isolated to just here in the big apple. across the u.s. dealing with this. earlier this month, a homeless man grabbed a display knife and stabbed a child inside a target store. here in new york, the mayor says it's an necessary move but critics say it crosses a line.
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new york city's public advocate next in line to the mayor is among those critics questioning how effective and fair this will be. we'll talk to him in a moment. but we begin on this breaking news on the handful of crisis mounting for the biden white house. and this is a live look at the white house in the briefing room, karine jean-pierre is expected to face a great deal of questions from musk's twitter to china's protests. >> john: elon musk in a moment, but first passing a bill to prevent a railroad strike before christmas. also green lighting a second bill to mandate seven days of paid sick leave, and now all in the hands of the senate. >> sandra: after president biden shifted strategy calling on congress to intervene. he is now facing growing backlash for his handling of the crisis. >> john: outrage over the recent comments about twitter. >> we are all keeping a close eye on this. we are all monitoring what's
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currently occurring and we see it with our own eyes what you are reporting and what's happening on twitter. >> john: the administration keeping tabs now that it's under elon musk's stewardship. it has users concerned about free speech. >> sandra: marc thiessen is on deck, he will react. >> john: but first peter doocy, what other big issues other than monitoring twitter will the white house have to answer for today. >> a ton today, john, on the last day of november. a lot of things have come up since the last white house briefing, two days ago, including how is president biden going to rsvp to kevin mccarthy's invitation to join him at the border and what is the administration going do to back up this new talk about supporting protestors in china. >> we are on the side of peaceful protests, the side of individuals being able to freely assemble and to express those
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views. not what the protestors are about. >> the topic of social media generally, we expect there to be some follow-up to the white house comment that they are keeping an eye on twitter. something kevin mccarthy walked out of a white house meeting to say is offensive to him. we also hope to get some new insight into the administration's decision to let u.s.-based chevron drill in venezuela, and expect to hear the white house explain further how the president is supporting this deal that takes away rail union workers right to strike, the same week he is saluting union workers, like he always does. >> i've been so pro union my whole career, unions built the middle class. >> we have world class high skilled committed workers, union workers, highly trained, highly skilled workers in the entire world. >> there are some hurt feelings about this deal to avoid a strike. it passed the house but no sure
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thing in the senate. bernie sanders says he wants seven days of paid leave for these rail workers which is not in the deal. marco rubio is saying he thinks congress intervening is heavyhanded. president biden just put out a statement where he wants this agreement, something passed by congress to avoid a strike sent to his desk, but it's not clear if or when that's going to happen today, john. >> john: peter doocy for us at the white house. we should point out a separate measure on the paid leave did pass the house, that will be sent to the senate as well. they'll have an opportunity to vote on that. l>> sandra: peter doocy will be in the briefing room, it's going to begin shortly, marc thiessen joining us now, a former white house speech reader, washington post columnist and fox news contributor. our own hillary vaughn had an exchange with senator elizabeth warren, it's interesting. listen. >> republicans say that
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democrats are picking on elon musk. >> elon musk is doing just fine. >> do you think that users have a right to freedom of speech, even if what they are saying is wrong or offensive? >> i think that one human being should not decide how millions of people communicate with each other. one human being should not be able to go into a dark room by himself and decide oh, that person gets heard from, that person doesn't. >> sandra: your reaction to that, marc. >> i don't understand the liberal freakout over elon musk and twitter. the left controls literally every other social media platform in the country except for tiktok, which is controlled by the chinese communist party. and not even a conservative, he's a libertarian free speech advocate, gets control of one platform and they lose their minds and the reality when the left ran twitter, they were perfectly fine with the ayatollah kohlmeini had a
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twitter account and was not canceled, vladimir putin has a twitter account, spews anti-ukraine propaganda, maduro has a twitter account, the in cuba, chinese foreign ministry, all of that is fine. that's not censored. but talk about hunter biden's laptop, censored. they have destroyed confidence in the platform and now elon musk is trying to fix the mess they created and they are saying boycott, don't advertise, we are watching this carefully. why don't you watch tiktok carefully, that's a social media crisis we are having in the country, not twitter. >> sandra: just so fascinating to see the white house, closely watching it, see what she has to say.
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while democrats like elizabeth warren are going after elon musk and twitter, republican leadership is coming to his defense. here is kevin mccarthy. >> that is offensive to me. governments going to go after someone that wants to have free speech? what do they have to look at twitter about? do we want to go more after american public about whether they can have an opinion on something? i think they should stop picking on elon musk. >> sandra: interesting moment at the white house earlier this week. why is it the white house -- why do they think that is their role to keep a close eye on twitter, marc? >> it's not. you know, and the reality is it's the left instinct for control. the answer to offensive speech, and i'm on twitter, plenty of offensive speech on twitter, is not censorship, it's more speech. that's the answer. and they don't seem to understand that. they want to control what people
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say, like with the pandemic, they want today control our lives, now they want to control what we say, and if the white house has no role in this. what the white house does have a role in, dealing with tiktok. tiktok is used by 140 million people, americans every month, it's one-third of the u.s. population is on tiktok, the control is so pernicious, they not only track what you do on tiktok, they have it so embedded, they can track every website you go to, every conversation you have, every text message you have, every key stroke on tiktok. not on tiktok, on your phone, when you are not using the app. so you go to the bank and type in your user name and password, the chinese communist party can accept that. an encrypted text message, they can read what you said and they store it. that's what they should be focussed on, not from elon musk.
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>> sandra: marc, appreciate your time. thank you very much. good to talk with you. hey, john, if we could have our team tee up the sound from mark warner, we had a chat with him top of the last hour, democrat congressman in washington, oh, not have it, ok. ok, we do have it. let's play that out, we asked him about this as well. >> i'm concerned if suddenly the communityist party says we don't want twitter traffic that defames xi jinping, or does not say good things about the communist party. and if we saw with facebook a number of years ago in burma, they basically sided with the regime there, and it resulted in genocide. >> sandra: the senator sort of took the side of the white house on all of this, that there's reason for concern and reason to keep a close eye on the social media giant twitter and elon musk. >> as we pointed out, elon musk is hardly the only entrepreneur or company in america that is dealing with china.
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now he does have twitter, but you know, i mean, maybe there's a potential for that scenario to unfold. all of this hand wringing over twitter. i've been on twitter 15 years now i guess and because that elon musk owns it it's going to be a cesspool of anger and vitrile and insults, what did they think it was before he took over? >> sandra: exactly. >> john: hello. >> sandra: and we covered the story of alyssa milano is going to give back her tesla because of this. >> john: and buy a volkswagen, yes. and passing a bill to prevent the railroad strike and approving a separate measure to guarantee seven days of paid sick leave to the railroad workers. those now go to the senator approval.
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the impact of the strike is still, not just to consumers but also to farmers. madison alworth is in monroeville, new jersey. what concerns are farmers voicing about a potential rail strike? >> john, biggest concern is fertilizer. 50% of the fertilizer used on farms in america travels by rail, it's essential for making any produce. if that went off line, it would be devastating and keeping an eye on the timeline of all of this. fertilizer, even sooner than the strike. so the strike would start the 9th if it were to happen. fertilizer would stop shipping on rail this sunday. it's not stable, if a strike were to happen, it could not be stranded on rail lines across america. fertilizer institute saying they are looking into other options but right now, no elasticity in
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the transportation market. take a listen. >> catastrophic to global food security. we ship about 50% of all fertilizer via rail and if a strike occurs and we have to find alternative sources, there are not great options for moving that much fertilizer right before spring planting season. >> fertilizer is already at a record high price. faerps like the one here say their fertilizer cost has increased by 100% this past year. a strike would increase that by another 50%. putting them in a tough position. >> the costs farmers are facing, vegetable farmers, labor intensive farmers, we are under a crunch and we are not going to be able to make it. >> so you know, of course, all of this does come down to us the consumers. if the fertilizer costs more, input costs are more, the end
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result is higher prices for us at the grocery store at a time when we are already dealing with high inflation. a lot to think about, john. >> john: madison alworth, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: new at 2:00, we told you about new york's push to expand rights to criminals making sure they can rent the home they want despite past crimes, even murder. >> john: with crime on the rise, who exactly thinks this is a good idea? well, you'll meet one person. the city's public advocate is here to make the case. plus, can he get on board with the mayor's big move getting people in danger and mentally ill off the streets and into a hospital for help. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.
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>> john: the national weather
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service warnings proved to be deadly correct. at least two people were killed, 30 twisters, mostly in mississippi and alabama, and large hail, wind gusts topping 100 miles an hour. continuing coverage tune into fox weather by downloading the app for free, you can also use your phone to scan the qr code on your screen. if you can't get to it, hit the dvr pause button and then back to us live. >> sandra: a developing story we are watching, the closest to paradise, like a red hot scene from hell. the eruption of the mauna loa eruption in full effect. the volcano's lava not a danger so far, but families on the big island are prepping in case it does change. many haunted by more than 700 homes incinerated in 2018 when mauna loa's little sister erupted.
11:21 am
william is live from the west coast news hub. what is the greatest risk at this point knowing what is happening today? >> sandra, the worst case senrio is this, it could hit kona or wipe out parts of south kona. leading edge of the lava has slowed considerably, we have a photo taken by usga 90 minutes ago, moving a football field every hour, burned through one road and 2 days from connecting or cutting through the main thoroughfare that joins the west side to the east side of the island. cutting off the road would be a major hit to the island economy. but right now it's flattening
11:22 am
out, the topography is not as steep. but you have more infrastructure and native habitat at risk in the lower elevations. >> really good forest habitat up there we would hate to see lost. >> no evacuation orders so far, but two shelters have been closed. for tourist, a dream come true, as many flock to volcanoes national park for a firsthand look. many native hawaiians are not celebrating as much on the eruption. like the return of pele, the goddess of fire, they want everyone to respect their culture. >> time for everyone to come, children to come and witness what is happening as history is being made every day. >> air quality is an issue, those with respiratory issues are told to stay indoors because
11:23 am
of the sulfur dioxide, and little shards of glass are blowing, closing the road could be problematic to get around. >> sandra: john. >> john: got to remember that mauna loa, and mauna kaa, and the volcanos built the other islands as well. mother nature will not stop because we built towns and houses and roads, pretty spectacular to look at the eruptions. almost like looking at the surface of the sun in some ways. really incredible. >> sandra: incredible. all right. and now this.
11:24 am
>> john: robocop could be a reality in one city. ones now under consideration in san francisco would have a license to kill. >> sandra: and new york city also taking a major step to protect city residents or at least attempt to by hospitalizing mentally ill we have seen creating ha vic on the streets and subs. next in line to the mayor, a public advocate says it may not be the most effective plan and he joins us next with his thoughts. >> john: new development gs in the delphi murders case, including what led investigators to narrow in on the suspect.
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11:30 am
playbook. san francisco approving a plan for police to use robots unlike in the movie they won't be armed with guns but have the ability to deploy deadly force with the officer's push of a button from remote control and that is sparking some big debate. >> i think it would be irresponsible not to make some kind of plan to use that technology in that horrific eventuality. >> use of deadly force, to a button on a remote control. >> sandra: officials say only used as a last resort in situations where it will prevent further loss of life. john. >> john: sandra, new york city mayor eric adams taking a big step to keep the city's streets safe but many on the left are upset at him. when they see someone mentally ill and at risk, officers and first responders will be able to
11:31 am
take them to a hospital for help, even if they don't want to go. praise from some city workers, activists are slamming it claiming it will do more harm than good. the new york city public advocate. i want to get your response to the plan, but also point out the state of california, washington state are taking similar steps and florida, for 50 years has had the baker act, allowed authorities to do the same thing as the mayor adams wants to do. >> first frame it correctly. the question, are there some people that need to be removed and put into hospitals at times, i think that's correct. i think one of the big problems here is if you ask people even in new york city who ride the train and including my family who want to be safe, do you want people to get the continuum of care they need. the answer there will also be yes. what's lacking in my opinion from this plan are some of the answers about what happens after
11:32 am
that. you can hold someone for 2 or 3 days, but we don't have the details of the plan for people to get care after that. and that's a big flag, and we put out our own report which described how we can make sure that everyone gets the care that they need. and also we are broadening how and who can be removed and voluntarily, and also causing police officers to make medical decisions they are not likely trained for. >> john: a lot of people are probably questioning saying it took so long, so many high profile incidents, violent incidents that were perpetrated by mentally ill homeless people. stabbing of the emt, another stabbing in the bronx, michelle in january was pushed in front of a subway train by a man in and out of hospitals for mental illness some 20 times, and what eric adams said, when you do an analysis of the subway crimes you are seeing it's driven by people with mental health
11:33 am
issues. so, for people who say this paints too broad a brush, it's discriminatory, gets people with mental illness, it scapegoats them. obviously there is a lot of concern it is mentally ill people who are perpetrating the violent crimes. something needs to be done. >> john, you just mentioned someone who was cycled in and out of the hospital before something occurred. and that's a great point. the question i have is, is that person going to get the care that they need, and there's nothing in the plan that says that they will. and so are we just trying to put someone out of sight for a small time period? or are we actually trying to get the care they need, and i agree and have been pleading for us to broaden out how we provide the care that's needed for people who need mental health care and wellness. and as i said, there are parts of the plan that make a lot of sense. the ones that make the most sense i think still need some questions answered. like will they be funded, how many beds will be available,
11:34 am
what is a continuum of care the person will receive once they have been put into the hospital and let go after 2, 3 days. i don't want to make it seem as if we are answering a question when we may just be moving it so some people don't see it. >> john: i was digging into it this morning and found an article, a study in the archives of general psychology, looked at 47 incidents in new york city of people pushed on to subway tracks. of the perpetrators referred for psychiatric and evaluation and treatment from the crimes, 95% were psychotic, 65% homeless. and most had extensive histories of psychiatric hospitalization and several prior arrests and convictions often for violent crimes. the study was from 1992. and it covered 17 years between 1975 and 1991. and nothing has changed in the last 20 years. why? >> you actually are making my
11:35 am
point for me. obviously if you have mental health, there's no increased chance you will commit a crime but there are some folks, unfortunately, not getting the care they need that leads to some instances we don't want to see. but your exact example, those people don't seem to have gotten the care they need and seem to have been cycled out, and i don't want people to be cycled out of jail and hospitals and not get the care they need, that does not help. what i am saying is while at times you may have to remove people, we understand that, we want to be very clear on when that time is, we have kind of broadened the definition. but most importantly, the plan should tell us how people will get the continuum of care they need so when they are released from the hospital everyone feels better and right now some of those questions are outstanding, and my office is looking into this. >> john: yesterday news was the new rule in new york city that private landlords cannot conduct
11:36 am
background checks on people to see if they are guilty, or have a criminal past. but the city and city housing can still conduct these background checks. why is it one rule for the city and another rule for private landlords? >> well, we want to make sure we frame this question carefully. the question is the people who have committed crime and paid their debts, do they have and need the ability to work and to live someplace, the answer is yes to both of those. and so we do want to make sure, like work, we don't ask the question to prevent someone from working. we don't ask that question to prevent someone to have a place to live. resitivsm goes up. >> why the discrepancy between the city and private landlords can't. >> there actually shouldn't be and we have had these issues with the housing authority for quite some time, we don't have the authority over them, which
11:37 am
is part of the problem and we see when we are preventing someone from living someplace, wherever it is, then they fall into the trap of being homeless, then that causes other issues. what we want to do is make sure we frame it so we want people to stay out and be productive residents where they live. >> john: does seem to be a double standard here. great to see you today. >> sandra: newly unsealed court documents what led investigators to a suspect in the murders of two indiana teens, affidavit revealing police tied an unused bullet from the crime scene to richard allen who they arrested last month. alexis mcadams have been covering the case since day one for us. we are learning police talked to the suspect just days after the murders? >> nearly six years ago investigator talked to richard allen and he told police he was near the crime scene that day
11:38 am
when the girls were murdered around the same exact time. he even admitted he was wearing the same outfit as the guy in the picture that police were looking for but investigators did not search his home for nearly six years and ended up being a single bullet found near the girls' bodies that finally led to his arrest. 13-year-old abigail williams there and 14-year-old libby were murdered in 2017, bodies found out in the woods in rural indiana. allen used a handgun to scare the girls and force them to follow him in the woods. libby started rolling on her cell phone camera and captured the killer's voice before she was killed. >> guys, down the hill. guys, down the hill. >> last month investigators tested richard allen's handgun from his house, it matched an unspent 40 caliber round between the girls' bodies and determined
11:39 am
to cycled through his gun. witnesses saw allen that day describing him as creepy. they believe he was walking back to his car in clothes covered with blood and mud. he saw girls near the trails but did not speak to them, explaining he was looking down at his phone. he was free to go home, leading law experts what police are withholding here. >> the amount of information in the probable cause affidavit less than what it would have expected, certainly is more information to come. >> more information like this, sandra. the prosecutors said the other day in court in indiana there was a second person involved in the murders, and the document i just took a look at, a witness out on the trail said she spotted a heavyset man with all black clothes on and that person would not have been allen. who that person is, we are hoping to find out. >> sandra: thank you very much. john. >> john: sandra, house republicans putting pressure on
11:40 am
the ceo of tiktok, plus america's largest company accused of helping china crack down citizens by limiting critical feature on iphones in china. a nation where citizens already feel the crippling impact of censorship. >> sandra: it is a huge story. brand-new reaction from south carolina republican senator lindsey graham will be joining us live from the hill next. e to pay down high rate credit cards, personal loans, even car loans. veterans get more at newday. (woman 1) i just switched to verizon business unlimited. it's just right for my little business. unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data. (woman 2) you know it's from the most reliable 5g network in america? (vo) when it comes to your business, not all bars are created equal. so switch to verizon business unlimited today.
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>> john: the senate pass respect for marriage act, requires the federal government to recognize all marriages that are legal in the state where they took place, including same-sex marriages. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle praising efforts to pass the bill. >> after months of hard work, after many rounds of bipartisan talks, and after many doubts we could even reach this point, we are taking the momentous step forward for greater justice for lgbtq americans. >> want to thank the broad array of faith-based groups that worked so closely with us to ease concerns that many of our colleagues had. >> john: the bill now goes to the house which is expected to
11:46 am
pass it before making its way to the president for his signature. sandra. >> sandra: john, thank you. the chinese communist party cracking down on protestors as they rally against covid lockdowns. we are now learning america's largest company, apple, has restricted the use of its air drop feature in the communist nation. allowed users to share content between apple devices and dodge china censorship. now elon musk says apple is threatening to boot twitter from its app store. how did we get to the point where big tech companies consider 280 characters a bigger threat than the communist regime? bring in south carolina republican senator lindsey graham. good to have you here today. >> thank you. >> sandra: why are we here today and why are we not going tougher on china for its behavior? >> money, you got a billion people in china, corporate appeasement of the chinese communist party is rampant, i
11:47 am
like apple, a great american party but the communist party writes the rules of the road and to do the business in china you leave the customer base, nba has appeased china, movie industry has appeased china and now apple. i think it's a mistake. so you've got apple threatening to take twitter out of the apple store and at the same time doing the bidding of the communist party, restricting sharing of information to people who are trying to protest. i think we got it back regards here and i think what drives this is just money and market share. >> john: obviously, too, apple has got a lot invested in this because the protests against the covid lockdowns at foxcon factories looks like apple is going to be short some 6 million iphone pros, it's going to hurt their bottom line. but also gets into the idea of free speech when we pull back to 30,000 feet and look at the idea that apple, according to elon
11:48 am
musk, may reexamine whether the twitter app is available, and musk has tweeted apple has mostly stopped advertising on twitter. do they hate free speech in america. >> all i can say, apple is a private company and twitter is a private company. they have their differences, i would hope that apple would keep allowing twitter to be part of the apple store, but big tech, you can't sue these people because section 230, and there is no regulatory scheme that works. so, i'm going to unveil a digital regulatory commission to deal with social media companies like apple and twitter and google. we need some regulatory environment to control the abuses of power here, so i'm going to do that with elizabeth warren. you look for something that can bring us together in washington, social media is out of control, they need to be regulated in some fashion, and i think that brings both parties together. >> sandra: ok, so then maybe you
11:49 am
agree with karine jean-pierre at the biden white house who said this, listen. >> we are all keeping a close eye on this, we are all monitoring what's occurring and we see it with our own eyes of what you all are reporting and just for ourselves what's happening on twitter. >> sandra: the white house says it's keeping a close eye on what is happening at twitter. do you agree with that? >> no, i think somebody needs to regulate social media companies who are the largest companies on the planet, if they take down your content, i like elon musk. well then maybe somebody in charge of twitter tomorrow that i don't like. so what happens if you are a consumer if twitter or any other group takes your content down. you have to appeal to the company itself. i want to create a process where a consumer can make their case that my rights were abused to somebody other than the company,
11:50 am
i'm not asking the white house to watch twitter, we have a commission for securities, we have a commission for about every activity in america to make sure the consumer is protected. when it comes to social media, your privacy is at risk, your content can be taken down, because somebody doesn't like you or what you are saying, we need to have a system to deal with those problems. >> john: senator, we started off by talking about the covid protests in china, and covid still is a matter of some controversy here in the united states from the standpoint of many people have lost their jobs, decommissioned from the military because they refused to get the vaccine. you have introduced legislation to address the military aspect of that. tell us about that. >> so in the coming days and weeks up to 30,000 people will be discharged from the military for a simple reason they refused to take the vaccine. at a time when we are falling short of recruitment, we are discharging able-bodied people, most have had covid, because
11:51 am
they refused to take the vaccine for personal reasons. i think that's silly, i think that's insane. so what i want to do is stop the policy of discharging someone who is qualified to serve simply because they won't take a covid shot. it's odd to me that you are willing to get shot for your country but kick you out of the military because you don't take a shot. millions of illegal immigrants have come across a broken border unvaccinated. and we are talking about not expelling them under title 42, we got a policy to take able-bodied men and women out of military service at a time we are falling short of recruitment. that needs to stop. >> sandra: senator, i want to ask you about what is about to happen down in georgia, we have seen you campaigning quite a bit with herschel walker. seems to be some record turnout as far as the early vote is concerned. what does that tell you about what is going to happen for your party there in that state? >> well, the democrats are much
11:52 am
better about getting early votes banked. i doubt if these are people, probably voted anyway, just voting early. we have republicans can trained to only vote on election day, that's a mistake. we should be voting every opportunity including election day. 59% in georgia disapprove president biden as president, and walker, if you want to help herschel walker,, 51-49, if warnock wins, they will be in charge of the committees. if you can give 5, 10 bucks, help close the gap. >> john: your sense of enthusiasm among republicans in the state of georgia. not everyone gets the nuance
11:53 am
50/50, versus 51/49 the operations will be quite different. >> a poll out today basically tied. 3.6 million vote in the general election. probably around 2.8 to 3.2. if republicans will turn out we will win. it's a plus 9. do you prefer a republican or a democrat in the senate, the generic ballot, plus 9 for republicans. kemp won almost 54% of the vote. republicans have to turn out, if they do, we win. if they don't we lose, and if warnock comes back to the senate it's a very bad deal for conservetism. herschel walker is an african american willing to put his name behind the conservative cause. we owe it to herschel, he's been belittled beyond belief to help him., the run-off is a week from yesterday. we can win this. it is there for republicans to win, if our people turn out and
11:54 am
the money helps get people turned out. we need the money to turn our voters,, it will help. >> sandra: my last question, senator, with democrats already having majority in the senate, what's at stake with this seat? >> ok, if warnock comes back, that's another vote for the biden agenda. if herschel comes up here, he's not going to empower the most radical agenda modern history. 50/50 senate, that means all the committees have equal representation. if it's 51/49, they have one more vote than we do on every committee. 2024, a very favorable map. we don't want to be down 51/49 in 2024, and walker is a breakthrough candidate. like tim scott and john james, we need more people of color wanting to be republicans, and more women, more minorities, so this is a very big deal for us. it matters how the senate is
11:55 am
run, it matters the future of the republican party and if you can afford it, i know it's tough out there, go to and a lot of people giving a little will close the gap. herschel's ban outspent 4-1. >> john: senator, always good to spend time with you. >> thank you. >> john: hope you have a good christmas coming up. >> sandra: thank you, senator. >> john: sad news to report to you just in to fox. fleetwood mac founding member singer-songwriter keyboard player kristine mcvee has passed away at 79. she joined in 1970 when it was more of a blues band than everything. they exploded on to the north american scene in 1977 with their album "rumors," and lindsay buckingham and stevie
11:56 am
nix. she has passed away at the age of 79. i remember, sandra, when i was a disc jockey at a top 40 radio station in toronto, canada rumors cake out, "you make loving fun" the first single off the album and blew everything else off the charts. what an incredible record that was. >> sandra: the band announced her death on social media and issued a statement there are no words to describe our sadness at the passing of christine mcvie. one-of-a-kind. best musician anyone could have in their band, and the best friend anyone could have in their life. individually and together we cherish christine deeply and are thankful for the amazing memories we have. she will be so very missed. signed, the band, fleetwood mac. john, so sad to see her passing. >> john: it is. an incredible story about the band in the documentary "sound
11:57 am
city," about the famous recording studio in los angeles, dave grol from foo fighters bought the console and took it to his house north of there, and mick fleetwood, the drummer of the band, and the guys who ran sound city said we have a couple of people down the hall who are trying to record some solo material, two of them, record some material and mick fleetwood went down the hall and listened in and thought he heard something magical out of the control room, and turned out the two people in sound city recording at the time when mick was there were lindsay buckingham and stevie nix and said i need to have them in my band, they recorded "rumors," and retooled band exploded.
11:58 am
>> sandra: we just read the statement, her family, mcvie's family has issued a statement, following a short illness, the family said, she has passed. she was in the company of her family, kindly ask you respect the family's privacy at this extremely painful time and would like everyone to keep christine in their hearts and remember the life of an incredible human being and revered musician. rest in peace, christine mcdemeanor -- christine mcvie. after suffering a short illness. >> it's amazing when you stop to think about how much time has gone by. the music is timeless, you listen to classic rock radio stations and have it on high rotation. but you know, it was 52 years ago that she initially joined
11:59 am
fleetwood mac, some 45 years ago the "rumors" album was released, and you never think about people like christine being almost 80 years old. and like kenney chesney saying 100 years goes faster than you think, and late 20s or early 30s when the music inspired a generation, suddenly they turn around and they are up there in age, and then they are passing away, and it really is sad to see her go. she was a real force, she was a giant talent. >> sandra: and responsible for some of the biggest hits, and joined the band in 1970 as you were mentioning, john. and she inspired a generation. you think about it, it's 2022, and there are so many young people today who discovered that they love fleetwood mac, and their legacy, it's incredible. reached so many people over the decades. >> stevie was thought to be the star, as the star of fleetwood mac, but christine mcvie sang
12:00 pm
lead vocals on "go your own way." >> sandra: exactly. and here we go. >> john: all right. ♪ >> martha: incredible. such a loss. christine mcvie passing at the age of 79. so much great music came out of that band and amazing woman and musician. we remember her today and thank john and sandra for taking us through the last couple hours. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. joining me ahead on "the story," ari fleischer and victor davis hanson and john kirby as the white house continues its restrained response to the situation that is quite shocking that is unfolding on the streets of major cities in china. president xi's eff


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