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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 2, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> todd: a fox news alert, the naval academy confirming it has denied all religious exemption for the covid-19 vaccine from midshipmen, but says none of them have been denied a diploma. this is a busy friday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: naval academy telling fox news digital, no midshipmen have been denied commission for declining the covid vaccine. a lot of questions remain. this is part of an ongoing debate over military members who don't want to get vaccinated, a lot of them have been removed from service and it is at a time where we are at a shortage of military members. >> todd: and congressman michael waltz on our show yesterday
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highlighted the nature of that problem. he's been on the program for two, three, four years detailing the recruitment crisis in the armed services and military, it is getting worse, not better. here is what he said yesterday on our show, listen. >> this military mandate has got to stop. the vaccine does not stop the spread, sometimes you need to reevaluate your order. we are in a recruiting crisis, it will take years to get out of and the pentagon is on the virge of discharging nearly 20,000, particularly in the reserve and national guard at time we are seeing massive military build-up from china. enough is enough and to the cadets, families, military members "outnumbered" there, robberies have told the pentagon and this administration, they can come to a common sense
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solution or we will legislate it, we are coming. >> todd: there is no real process here, when you deny all religious vax, that is not justifiable reason. that is a fake process, not real. >> carley: to backtrack a bit, because this is a big story and shows a growing trend within the naval academy and all branches of the military. the naval academy is confirming they denied all religious acoupleidations, 18 midshipmen filed requests and none of them were granted. separate situation with greg steube, who says one constituent was denied her diploma, after four years and she says she is not able to graduate all because
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she didn't want the covid-19 vaccine. the naval academy is denying that saying they have not had diplomas withheld, greg steube is skeptical and says since the naval academy is denying they are withholding diplomas, will the naval academy commit to providing diplomas for all midshipmen regardless of their vaccine status? if you get the vaccine, it doesn't prevent the disease and 60's % of people getting sick are the ones that got vaccinated. >> todd: these are some of the youngest people we have, this is hurting recruiting and this is bad. >> carley: when it comes to recruiting, the army 15,000
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soldiers short of recruiting deadline, number of soldiers to recruit, national guard loss of 7500 members, navy only met 10% of their goal and marine corps only met 30%. do you remember when zach lash was about to be fired because of president biden's covid policy, this will make anybody angry when you look at the national security threat we're facing now, what congressman michael waltz was talking about, lack of interest in joining the military. there is people who want to be a part of it, but thousands had to step back and be fired because they have not got vaccine. >> todd: los angeles could bring back covid mandates, listen. >> if both indicators, and proportion of staff in-patient
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beds occupied by covid patients surpasses threshold for high and our case rate is at or above 200 new cases per 100,000 people, l.a. county will federal the cdc mandates. >> todd: have we learned no lesson from the failure of mask, all we know now about the danger of lockdown to the economy, to the human psyche, to our children, how could you consider continuing such draconian policies again into the winter and beyond? these people, barbara ferrer, that you saw there, pushing masking, they are power hungry and refuse to acknowledge covid is something we cannot prevents, but something we have to deal with. >> carley: l.a. can do what they want, the rest of the country is rolling our eyes, you have to
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learn to live with this virus at some point. l.a. county covid-19 numbers came out, 4000 new cases, 1116 new hospitalations and 14 deaths, we don't know if those people were hospitalized or died for another reason and tested positive for covid on the aside. a doctor says i do not consent to masking my kid ever again, no one, not law enforcement can mask my kid, doing so is akin to assault, please don't try, parents do not comply, this will never end if we do. >> todd: we've lost two years, why would we do anything to lose more? this is an abomination. >> carley: feels like we're going back to the covid zone, where you have dr. fauci saying
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this is not over. >> todd: biden said it was over. >> carley: he did and dmou this. apple ceo tim cook dodging fox's questions about crackdown on anti-lockdown protesters. >> you regret restricting air drop protest protesters used for chinese government >> todd: and enes kanter freedom joins us live, don't go anywhere.
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on bond, stabbing a good samaritan to death in texas. greg downs was writing down the license plate number of a man robbing guests. the man forced his way inside and stabbed downs. he has 27 cases against him, 11 felony cases, five prior
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convictions and been freed on bond twice. he is being held on bail. joining me on greg downs daughter. what was going through your mind when you heard what happened to your dad? >> good morning and thank you for having me. honestly, i'm still in disbelief and it just aches that something like this happened to my dad when it easily could have been prevented had our judiciary system done what they were supposed to do. >> of course these wounds are fresh, this happened november 3rd. it is one thing to lose a parent to violence, it is another when this guy should not have been on the streets in the first place by any stretch of the imagination, how infuriating is that, ashley? >> it is honestly so infuriating
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and it scares me for my daughter and our future for the crime in our cities and it is not only in our cities, it is moving to the suburbs and it is worry some >> todd: 156 people killed in harris county since 2018, by criminals released on bond. 156 people should still be here but for some decision to let a bad guy out on bond when they shouldn't be. where do you lay the blame, ashley? >> honestly, i lay the blame on these judges, people need to set aside political affiliation and really do their research before thap vote for these individuals, this could save liveses. >> todd: reading notes on your
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dad, kind-hearted, friendly, two daughters and the one that got to me, one granddaughter, only six months old. how do we make sure another good guy like your dad is not taken from us, not taken from his two daughters and that one grandchild six months old? >> you know, again, people just need to educate themselves before they vote for these people, they can change the lives of so many people in our community and it is so important to do that. >> todd: i feel like we do a segment like this once a week and it is frustrating to listen to folks like you, when will our country return to the time we did not coddel criminals, we focused on am haves. ashley, thank you for sharing your story, you're in our
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prayers, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: new report accuses ice of underreporting number of illegal immigrants released into the country without any way to track them by 18,000%. pat fallon is joining us on that and new york city looking to hire a rat czar to clean up the streets and could cost $170,000 a year. jimmy failla reactses to the jon listing that is coming up next. . wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual!!! what does it do, bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> janice: we made it to friday, how about that? big round of applause for everyone. cold temperatures across the west and upper midwest and the northeast, it is feeling like winter time. we have a winter storm, active times for the west coast and
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toward the rockies, heavy snow warning, winter storm warnings, round one today, friday and another moves in saturday and sunday bringing epic snow to the mountains and heavy coastal rain for california toward coast of the northwest, that is beneficial rain, but a lot could cause flash flooding. talk about the snow, it will move toward northern plains on saturday and sunday. this active weather pattern will hit the same area storm after storm. here is the rain forecast for california. this is awesome for them, but flash flooding is a concern, especially across the burn area. drought monitor, extreme to exceptional drought, they need that rain and that snow pack, but too much of a good thing
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could cause problems for travel. there is that storm system in upper midwest friday and saturday, your forecast highs, very cold for the northern plains, northern tier of the country, cold air sinks southward. we go over to todd and carley, happy friday, we made it. congratulations. >> todd: thank you. it is friday. president biden serving lobster dinner with side of controversy at his black tie state dinner with french president emmanuel macron. >> carley: jimmy failla joins us now, this is story of the have and have-notes, butter poached maine lobster, cav ier, poached pears, wine, democratic congressman jared golden says if
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the biden white house can purchase 200 lobsters for a fancy dinner, take time to meet with the lops lobstermen he is regulating out of work. does he have a point? >> it is called lobsterman, you can't cull them men anymore. this goes back to when democrats were flattering their own covid restrictions, my biggest gripe is not with the dinner. who made a guy in biden condition eat lobster? it is not easy to do, he will look like a mermaid from splash trying to deshell that thing. this is biden 101, man. carley, we ran into each other yesterday on "outnumbered," they
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don't care about the crime they are causing. no world where a decent person regulates lobster out of business and then serves it a week laters, they can't be that dumb. but i don't believe biden picked the lobster, if it were him, it would be a pudding cub. -- >> todd: back at home, new york city is seeing somewhat blood thirsty with killer instinct and oura of -- can i say this? b bad-assery offering yearly salary high as $worn -- $170,000. describe the perfect person for the job and maybe stop leaving bags of trash on our streets
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like we have for decades and stop letting the homeless use our streets as a public toilet. >> there is that, whoever this person is, let's hope they show up unlike our border czar, who never went to the border once. under terms of the kamala deal, be the rat czar and never show up. this is why everyone is setting foot outside of new york and we lead the league in u-hauls going the other way. if you are watching in the middle of the country, refer to you as fly-over state, you are the geniuses. you are not living like a ninja tu turtle. that is what the city has come to, it is disgusting, a rat czar, how is this not the moment we as a people collectively realize we've let ourselves go a little bit. >> carley: you are not wrong
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about that, i can't get over this was on the mayor's website. those words was the official ad. someone somewhat blood thirsty and the salary for the rat czar issue not even not bad, incredible. >> todd: pick a person at fox who fits that description, i am going to get you in trouble. >> who would be my rat czar, for real? i mean, you need efficiency here, breathless, it would be me. i think you put me back on the streets, where i belong, i will straighten this place out for half the money, i want half the food those rats are eating, to
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your earlier points, we have rats in our city that need to go on diets, not just a rat problem, have you seen the rats? half of them look like a guy going to a halloween party in a costume. >> carley: on the screen now. it is scary in the morning when i'm going to catch a cab and a rat scurries out from the trash. >> todd: only in new york. >> carley: recently a raccoon, too, by the way, can you believe that? >> todd: shoot out between police in raleigh, north carolina and a teen suspect accused of murder. >> come on. [shots firing] >> where are the shots from? >> that way. >> todd: show you what happens next. >> carley: just learned about a sixth person on the lease where the idaho students were
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murdered. what this means for the investigation next.
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>> carley: the second funeral for the slain university of idaho students will be held today. >> carley: police throw more confusion into the case. ashley strohmier joins us with
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the latest. >> ashley: 20-year-xana will be -- were in fact targeted, moscow police department says we remain consistent in the belief this was a targeted attack. this comes as it revealed a sixth person was on the lease of the residence. authoritieses don't believe that individual was there when this happened. there is no suspect, motive or murder weapon,un students are weighing in on safety around campus. >> the girls have chosen not to come back. >> i text my mom when i leave,
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when i get to class, it makes her feel better. >> i'm more conscious now, i don't keep my doors unlocked, it is not knowing who it is. >> investigators have followed up on hundreds of pieces of information, kaylee goncalves's dad says he's going nowhere until the killer is caught. >> i want this guy to be scared, i don't want him to be confident, i want him to be sick of seeing my face and i'm not going nowhere until this guy is off the street and last thing i want is another family to go through this. >> todd: it gets more and more horrific. raleigh police department releasing body cam footage of a fight with a teenager. this video can be disturbing. >> come >> [shots firing] >> where are the shots from? >> that way.
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>> todd: officers and canines tracking the upon issed shooter to the shed when shots started ringing out frommed in. the officer was hit in the knee, the teen was taken into custody, he is accused of killing his own brother, three women and an officer. >> carley: the southern border crisis is getting worse, 73,000 migrants slipped past border agent in november alone, 2400 migrant got-aways in what is believed to be a high. that is the size of a large stadium, how much of a national security risk is this? >> it is a huge national security risk, we don't know what the people are. 160 countries have been represented, it is clearly a
2:34 am
global crisis and this is a record number. in april 234,000 illegal border crossings and there are folks we know have crossed illegally and there are got-aways and law enforcement and border patrol are busy processing people and see other people crossing and they document they have crossed, but can't encounter them, probably over 300,000 or more for the last eight months in a row. >> carley: daily caller is reporting ice is underreporting number of illegal immigrants released into the country without monitoring technology by 18,000%. there was an internal document released to ice agents saying there were 50,000 illegal immigrants without tracking
2:35 am
technology, but the website only says publicly discloses 266, what is the discrepancy there? >> seems to be a massive one and we'll get to the bottom come january, republicans will be back in majority and adults in the room will be asking the questions, we'll have, i think parking space outside the rayburn building for mayorkas, homeland security director, he said the border was secure and then got caught saying it was chaos shortly thereafter. he knew hatian migrants, he went with the false narrative anyway. >> carley: ask about the student loan bail out, supreme court will be upholding a block on the president's bail out plan and say they will hear this case in february. how do you think this will play
2:36 am
out? >> i believe, i agree with judge pitman who found this was unconstitutional, i do not think the president has authority to cancel this death, it could be up to $930 billion. it will be transferred to all these other people, this is a horrible thing, horrible policy for joe biden to tell young people they don't have to follow through with commitment and responsibilities. 70% said they would spend money on travel and food, vacation and dinners is how they will respond it. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> ink thats, carley, god bless.
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sunshine state is sending a big message to woke corporations by pulling 2 billion from blackrock over their environmental and social policies. >> todd: florida ag ashley moody and cheryl casone are here on that next.
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>> todd: president biden making apology for status of inflation thanks to government spending, standing behind his tax and spending spree, the inflation reduction acts, despite saying it has glitches. >> carley: cheryl casone, tell us about the glitches. >> cheryl: after french president emmanuel macron called inflation super aggressive, president biden did an about face, watch. >> president biden: there are cases when you write a massive piece of legislation, 360 billion for the largest investment of climate change in all history. there are going to be glitches and need to reconcile changes. >> that is all we know, what the
2:42 am
changes are can't tell you. president emmanuel macron spoke from the white house has americans are struggling to put food on the table, the president taking flack for this feast, featuring cavier, the world's best cheese, sparkling wine, 200 maine lobstering. europeans are dealing with sky-high inflation. janet yellen seems to be blaming the american consumer for inflation. >> when president biden was elected, put policies in place that generated very rapid recovery, turned out the pandemic had special impact on the economy. remember everybody stopped spending on surfaces, started splurging on goods and bottlenecks started developing. >> cheryl: yes, silly americans,
2:43 am
quit that spending issue today we'll get a fresh look at the labor market. experts predict unemployment staying at 3.7%. >> todd: she blamed people buying grills. tone deaf. how much california think reparations will co >> concluded black californians who ancestors were in the usz in the 19th century was due money. potential payout represent largest effort in recent history. final report is due out next year, it will be up to the state legislature what they do with that. >> carley: tell us about
2:44 am
blackrock florida. >> cheryl: it is popular out there, florida pulling 2 billion from investment in blackrock and chief financial officer writing using our cash to fund the project is not something florida signed up for. it has nothing to do with maximizing return, it is opposite of what an asset manager is to do. blackrock says we are concerned about sacrificing access to high quality investment, jeopardizing return and hurts florida cit citizens. florida congressman elect joined us last hour. >> biggest advocate tried to push esg, has a standard to meet as a company, this is forcing wokeness and making every business owner, force me to have
2:45 am
a certain category or certain score rating on esg to maintain operation in my business. >> cheryl: environmental social and corporate government policy, blackrock has said this is what they want to do, it should be about the best return, best profit for people, these are pension funds we're talking about. >> todd: cheryl casone, thank you. let us bring in florida ag ashley moody, what message does this send to the woks of wall street? >> ashley: governor desantis has been clear, florida is where woke goes to die. bigger picture, you have large financial titans controlling access to capital and controlling infusion of capital or control of corporations, using power to social engineer
2:46 am
ideological agenda, that is problematic, in florida, we shut that down. we don't want weak policies governoring our state, think that this would be like having florida funds in large institutions that were doing anything other than looking at risk, return and diversification, any ideological agenda, like a salesman coming to your door and you saying, i don't want that, getting rid of the salesman and the government saying, no, no, no, you do want that, you do like that, we know what is best for you and we'll use your taxpayer money to be sure that is supported and get that for you. that is happening when money goes into firm with other agenda. so florida has been clear, we passed resolution making sure
2:47 am
our pension funds and managers are looking at those for interest only. and i think you'll see florida continue to push back until this is no longer an issue here in florida. >> todd: thank god somebody is, biden wants this to be part of your 401(k), all 50 states. >> carley: the dea is warning six in 10 fentanyl laced fake prescription pills are lethal. there is 60% chance you are going to die, your message to you go doctor dealers, if you deal fentanyl, you will go to prison for a long time, do you think that message is resonating with people? it feels like we're losing this battle. >> ashley: think about this statistic, one pill can kill, it is evolving into one pill will
2:48 am
kill. six out of 10 pills are deadly, one pill will kill. i commend you and this program for talking about this, i've been pushing this for years as attorney general, law enforcement has their hands full. people are being poisoned because of open u.s. mexico border, there is direct relation, dea will tell you that, only person that won't tell you that, this administration and biden. folks who are concerned, moms like me, telling our kids, don't take anything, it can kill you, what do we have to do, light ourselves on fire to make this administration pay attention to the fact americans are dying everyday to poisoning because of their lax and insane dangerous policies at the border. >> carley: 96% of fentanyl in
2:49 am
our country comes through the southern border and it is porous and that statistic is not changing with the president in office because he is not doing anything about it. attorney general ashley moody, thank you for joining us. >> todd: apple accused of turning blind eye to ccp and silence protesters. enes kanter freedom has been outspoken and he is here next. suffering from sinus congestion, especially at night? try vicks sinex for instant relief that lasts up to 12 hours. vicks sinex targets congestion at the source, relieving nasal congestion and sinus pressure by reducing swelling in the sinuses. try vicks sinex.
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>> carley: the ceo of apple dodging questions on capitol hill as the company is being accused of helping the ccp crack down on anti-lockdown protesters by disabling features they use to communicate. >> todd: brooke singman joins us with more. >> tim ap cook have from apple s failing to answer questions
2:54 am
after a tense meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill. caught up with the ceo to get his perspective on these issues but he remained tight-lipped on every one of them. watch. >> do you regret restricting air drop access that protesters used to evade surveillance from the chinese government? do you think it's problematic to do business with the communist chinese party when they suppress human rights? >> apple has been catching heat for its new software update, exclusive to china which makes it harder to use the air drop feature on iphones. the change occurred on november 9th, just weeks before the historic nationwide protests broke out over the country's zero covid lockdowns. cook's meeting with g.o.p. lawmakers may be a signal to how house republicans plan to tackle antitrust issues with big tech. >> he was candid. perhaps a little tense because we both have important issues to discuss. we need to make sure that he keeps the commitment he made to
2:55 am
me, which was to keep his thumb off of the question of politics, to be switched over if you will relative to the left and the right. g.o.p. lawmakers say they plan to hold cooke to his promise. carley, todd? >> brooke singman live for us. thank you so much. bring in former nba player enes kanter freedom. thank you for joining us. what do you make of the silence coming from tim cook? >> good morning, thank you for having me. i remember seeing that clip and, you know, i just want to say apple presidential slave labor from china every year. and whenever i had seen that he did not want to answer the question, i was just like shame on him. you know. it just so sad to me when they see you you manipulate and business over morals values. we need to do what we can to stand with our brothers and
2:56 am
sisters in china or bravely and they are sick of this brutal regime of chinese government. >> todd: carley and i were sitting next to each other at the patriot awards when your story was told. and when you told more about your experience confronting the nba over these issues. over china slave labor and all that happened to you basically you lost your family. think about what you were willing to sacrifice, wealth, family, all to speak truth to power. and when you see tim cook. >> referee: to do so what goes through your mind? >> it's just a shame. because while i was dribbling a ball in america on the other side of the world, people were losing their loved ones and losing their lives and homes. i was like it doesn't matter what it costs me i have to stand up for truth. i was just hoping that every athlete or company would do the
2:57 am
same. unfortunately, that's not the case. and shame on ceo's like tim cook and many others. he is not the only one. when you see wall street. when you see big tech, when you see some of the congressman and local congress, hollywood, ports world is, they are bow don't to big tech and business. and ccp. >> carley: china is easing covid restrictions and that was the original goal of the protest. do you think that shows a crack in jill jinping's role that could turn into something bigger? >> you know, the last few weeks is unbelievable. you see these unshakeable the regimes are now being taken at their very core. you see what is happening in iran, you see what is happening in china now. people are sick of it brutal dictatorships because people want their freedom.
2:58 am
people want democracy. people want to be able to do whatever they can but, you know, it is starting to crack up. i'm praying for them every day and they are so brave that they are literally risking their lives to protest the most brutal regime in the world. >> todd: and you told fox news this week that not only china was in your sights but also the protest was that you have seen in iran. where does all of this lead at the end of the day? >> you know, like i said, people are sick of it. people are sick of these brutal regimes and brutal rules. and now people are risking their lives and you see the brave women from iran to go in the streets and protesting the dictatorship regimes. at the same time with china. and i just hope that american people can see that sometimes in america i want really want to
2:59 am
take them to the dictatorship america on the other side of the world this is what people are going through. >> carley: i thought it was very interesting. the french president emmanuel macron is in the united states right now for a state dinner and the president, president biden and he released this joint statement. and in it they said that they support the protesters in iran, but they said nothing about the protesters in china. and i'm just wondering what you think about that why the silence there and also, do you think that the president, president biden speaking out in support of them would make some sort of difference? >> it's unbelieve it or not i feel like just not president biden but leaders need to be more vocal about human rights violations about china more. for some reason they are talking about every problem happening in the world when it comes to one specific country, china, they remain silent. so they have to be vocal about it. they have to stand whether it's
3:00 am
protesters in china or they have to stand up for the human rights, you know, in -- everywhere in the world including china. >> carley: absolutely. i marvel at the bravery of the people in iran and china who are speaking truth to power and willing to risk it all for freedom like you enes kanter freedom. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> maine lobster. >> the white house serve lobster at biden's fi state dinner at te mommy. >> the marine declared lobster unsailable. >> world foods stopped selling maine lobster. >> sends the wrong messaging. >> every time i leave. >moscowclarifying a statement te causing confusion. >> we did believe this was targeted attack. >> staples that create more questions. >> film cook refusing to comment on the protest i


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