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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 2, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> real. >> john: me too. you have your tree yet? >> not yet. i've been stalling. >> john: we have ours up already. >> rum for whiskey in your eggnog? >> john: rum. >> whiskey. >> john: sometimes whiskey. thanks for joining us. i'm john roberts. >> i'm jacqui heinrich. "the story" starts now. >> martha: thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum at fox news head quarters in new york. right now on "the story," there is a service that is underway for a celebration of life for the four university of idaho students that were brutally murdered in their off campus home now almost three weeks ago. madison mogen's boyfriend spoke moments ago. he said she was always smiling, dancing and loofing and that she
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genuinely cared about everybody. >> i know she would want us to be strong. be as positive and happy as we can through this time. just know that we have her watching over all of us. and i know she's in heaven. i can't wait to see her again. just give her a big hug. that's all i got. love you, maddie. >> martha: couldn't have been easy for that young man. oh, my. wow. really tough time for this town, for these families, their loved ones. we also have some new images. these started to trickle out yesterday. this is daily mail photos of what is inside the house where the stabbings happened in the middle of the night. and they basically show a glimpse of student life.
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this is pretty much what college kids houses and dorms look like. a lot of stuff around. obviously if you're looking at this as a crime scene, there's a ton of fingerprints. a ton of people. a lot of in and out in this home which has become clear. judge jeanine pirro is here with her analysis. first, to christina coleman who just spoke to police in moscow, idaho. hi, christina. >> hi, martha. yeah, i just had a chance to speak with a spokesperson for idaho state police. he says more than double the amount of law enforcement is here in this town. i asked him does he think a possible suspect may have left town at this point with so much law enforcement here. he says that is unclear at this time. this is all part of this investigation. as for the celebration of life, that is going on right now, we had a chance to listen to the father of xana. he said he will miss her more
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than people will ever know. now, xana was ethan's girlfriend. she was also a member of the alpha pi sorority. she was known as very considerate. i spoke with students and staff here at the university. they said they're devastated by the tragic loss of these students. >> i have been really dev devastated. for this to happen to anyone is just tragic. nobody deserves this. doesn't matter what the scheme of life or i -- i felt -- i am feeling like their lives were cut short. >> there's been a lot of questions about who had access to that off campus home where this crime took place. moscow police put out an update stating there was a sixth person
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on the lease but that person was not at the house during the time of this incident. i just learned, just spoke with hide he state police, he's been cleared from having any connection to this crime. they do not believe that he's connected to this brutal attack. they also tell me that additional resources could be brought in to help with this investigation. they also stated that the fbi, their processing a lot of tips right now. they have more than 260 pieces of evidence, video evidence that they're going through. i asked if they saw a potential suspect on there. they're still looking through this, still processing this evidence. so a lot to go over here. a lot of people hurt in this community. we'll have a chance to talk with the idaho -- the state police, the spokesperson for the state police department later today on camera. so we'll have more for that interview. >> martha: breaking news right now and then we'll back to judge
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jeanine. this is the prince of whale at the j.f.k. library on the for bore in boston as the royal couple spends their final day of this u.s. trip. let's watch a little bit. . >> martha: so what you rarely get from the royal family is a
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hey, q&a moment. so we didn't see anything like that there. that is not a big surprise. prince william and the princess of wales, his wife, katherine, have spent a couple days in boston, this is about the earth shot prize, something created by prince william. it's a competition for innovation in environmental projects. it rewards them and its based on the moon shot idea, which was j.f.k.'s push to get a man on the moon. it is that ambitious for the prince of wales in terms of what he hopes that it will achieve. that's why they selected this place in boston to have this year's earth shot prize. it's also the first time that we have seen the two of them here in this country as the prince and princess of wales and since the death of queen elizabeth ii. just wanted to dip into that for just a moment. let's swing back to a different
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story here. we continue to watch what's going on the idaho. judge pirro joins me, co host of "the five." good to have you here. very heart wrenching as you watch these poor kids more in the loss of their friends. >> it is sad to see, but it's something that they're going to see throughout their life. people's lives that are taken from them by criminals in a society that we live in now. we're seeing it more and more. it's heart breaking. they're young. they go to college to learn, have fun. when you look at the college house, you know, with the coffee cups and the leftovers and the ketchup, it was like any other kid's dorm room or off campus housing. i think one of the problems that we have here is that so many people want answers. what they don't understand, number 1, is that the police right now tonight have answers. the closer that they get to identify a suspect, the more important it is for the police to keep it closer to the vest. you know, we didn't know the two
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girls were found in the same bed. the police did not release that. i think one of the parents did. that's the kind of information that maybe only the killer would know. so what the police are trying to do as we go forward is to keep something close to the vest as all of the forensic analysis was done, the blood, the hair, the fibers, the dna. i've been to a crime scene. i had a prosecution where a mother was killed with three of her children. she was killed in one room based on the blood. but on the knife where the other three children were murdered was the fabric from her bra. so it led us to believe that she had gone back to protect her children. on the knife are tremendous amounts of evidence. it may be the defendant's evidence, his own blood or may be fabric. which -- who was killed first? they can tell by the mixing of the blood, who was the first,
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second, third, fourth. we don't know if someone was targeted. >> martha: it's interesting. we don't. it seems as if when we talk about this crime, there's a lot of emphasis on the two girls. the couple -- sort of being treated as if they were incidental. we don't know that. we don't know that. i spoke to steve goncalves yesterday, the father of kaylee goncalves. this is what he said when i asked him if he believed his daughter was the target here. listen carefully. >> you believe your daughter was the target or any reason to think that she was hover someone else or someone else was? >> i do have some inkling that there was some behavior difference, i call them a footprint. when you commit a crime, you do
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different behaviors. >> of her or someone she knew? >> behaviors of the victims. >> i don't know what that means. there's some kind of behavior difference by the victim? >> martha: i don't know. you know, it obviously is -- it falls into that zone where you don't want to do anything to compromise this investigation. that's what goes through my mind as i'm asking steve these questions. he wants answers so december printsly. that's why he's going on tv. he wants to keep this in the front of people's minds. but clearly, that raises questions about were they sending some indication that somebody was frightening to them. i don't know. you know? i don't know. it's an interesting comment. >> i think they just got to understand, you got the fbi, you got the idaho state police. you got the local police. they are on this. he doesn't need to keep it in
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the news, this is something that is important to all of us. and this case will be solved sooner or later. may not be on their timetable. but it's going to be solved. >> martha: i just keep thinking about other crimes that we covered that people were ruled out in the beginning get ruled back in. when i hear these people are ruled out -- maybe that's to give them a sense of comfort so they keep going about their lives and they can be watch. we'll see. a lot to come here and there. we can see the live shot in post falls, idaho of these four kids that are remembering their great friends. thanks. we'll see you on "the five." >> i hope heaven knows how lucky it is to have her. i hope they have unlimited chicken enchiladas for you.
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>> hi. i'm emily. i was one of xana's best friends. xana was such an amazing ambitious young girl. she was someone -- she was someone my family thought of their own. we spent almost every night together whether it was a school night or a weekend.
12:13 pm
she was my other half. everyone knew us as a two in one package deal. if one was invited, everybody knew we would both be there. xana and i had an unforgettable friendship since the first day we met in the fourth grade. i knew she would be by myself forever. i can go on and share ale memories we have together but we would be here for who knows how long. i just remember how mad we got when they got when we went out. we should show up, have fun knowing our sisters were across the room giving us the side eye. we loved it. we loved knowing our presence meant so much to them. xana was all the fun, crazy one while i tried to keep up and made sure we got home safely. she us a care about everyone.
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>> martha: this sun real. more fraud and a buicks in a covid relief program that dolled out $800 million to businesses. a new report accuses tech firms that reviewed the ppp loan applications of inexcusable conduct for raking in millions and ignoring red flags in the places that they sent money out the door. mark meredith reports on this travesty from washington. >> travesty it is. this is a story that should have taxpayers outraged. a new report shows financial technology companieses made it easy for people to steal money through the ppp program. it appears some companies didn't
12:19 pm
care if fraud was suspected. congressional investigators say they examined multiple firms how they conducted business during the pandemic. they found firms like blue acorn encouraged employees not to spend time and money waiting out suspicious claims. blue acorn gave nearly $300 million in profits to its ownership and spending about $8.6 million on its fraud prevention program, less than 1%. lawmakers want the department of justice to review the findings and hold companies and executives accountable. the inspector general told fox news that the department is well aware fraudsters star getted the ppp program. >> i'm not surprised that we see fraudsters going where the money is. that's what they do. the key is putting in controlling they detect and prevent the fraud from happening. that didn't happen in the earliest days of the pandemic. >> experts we checked with
12:20 pm
despite a huge interest in getting the money back, they don't think it's likely the government will recoup the stolen money. 17 new york city and state employees were charged with illegally obtaining pandemic relief loans. there's an effort to get some of the money back. we have no idea how much money was stolen in the first place. >> martha: i'm glad to hear somebody -- this is a crime when you steal money. it's a crime. it's thiefery. it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, especially during a time of emergency when people need that recovery money. it's just absolutely -- what a disaster. they should be much more concerned about it than they sound in those sound bites. mark, thank you. so president biden today telling americans that the economy is moving in the right direction as he celebrates better than expected job growth in november with companies hiring 263,000 workers. today's job report shows that
12:21 pm
wage gains lag behind red hot inflation, which we have seen throughout and finds that fewer people were looking for work than were in october as employers continue to struggle to fill the ten million open jobs out there. connell mcshane joins me now. good to have you with us. what do you make of this report? >> it was a strong report, right, martha? a perfect world, the high wages that we're finally seeing will probably entice more people to get back to work. that's when you look at that number up on the screen, 62.1%. that's what you call the labor force participation rate. the number of workers declining for three months in a row. with a overall strong market for jobs, something like this might be concerning for the labor secretary, marty walsh. >> different reasons why people are not participating in the work force. what we want to do is make sure that they come back in the work force. if they're looking for better
12:22 pm
opportunities and partnering with businesses america, what business needs are, we're doing it through work force development and apprenticeships. >> the fed chairman, jerome powell said that just there's too many retirements. economists say there's people aging out of the work force. but we're seeing more people retiring than you'd expect to see. walsh said to him, the biggest problem in the economy right now is immigration policy in so much that a decline in net migration to the u.s. has limited the number of workers that are out there for companies to hire. whatever the case, this is a challenging environment for policy makers like powell who we mentioned a moment ago. if it's a pretty strong environment for workers, for those workers that are willing and able to go to work right now. >> martha: fascinating. connell, thank you. let's bring in steve moore, founder of the committee to
12:23 pm
unleash prosperity. rick santelli weighed in on this earlier today. here's what he said. >> the labor force participation rate moving in the wrong direction. this is not good. 62.1. 62.1. that equals the low mark, which was in july also at 62.1 on a recent basis. the last year, we had 61.6. 61.4 in january of 2020. so when you look at it from the context of 2022, it's a big dis app appointment. >> martha: a lot of discussion what is keeping people out of the labor force. it was overall a strong report. what do you see in these numbers? >> well, you want the good news or the bad news? the good news is a it was a strong report in hiring.
12:24 pm
we continue to hire a lot of workers in terms of businesses. that's a good thing. but there's two really troublesome things that i find in this report. number 1 is what you were just talking about. where are the workers? where about four million fewer workers today than there were before covid. we have millions of workers that have not gone back out on the job. this has been the third year of covid. covid has been over 1 1/2 years. so employers can't figure out how to get the workers back. the other issue is the one you just mentioned. you have 7.5 to 8% inflation and 5% wage gains. that's not difficult math equation to do. workers continue to fall further behind in terms of their incomes. for example, that's one of the reasons you're seeing the rail strike. workers are financially stressed out. to maintain their standard of
12:25 pm
living, they have to go further into debt. martha, did you know we have almost a trillion dollars of consumer debt on their credit cards? because people can't keep pace with inflation. >> martha: incredible. quick comment, if you would, on mark meredith's piece which continues to show the unbelievable amount of fraud and waste that came out of the ppp program. you can hear officials saying, well, there should have been bet ever oversight. there should have been better controls on that money. it is such -- i'm amazed that people are not more outraged. we spent trillions of dollars. there was an incredible amount of graft going on. >> you're so right about that, martha. by the way, it's not just the ppp program. all of these programs that were created, the unemployment benefits, over 100 billion. not 100 million, 100 billion stolen from that program. as you know, a lot of those people don't even live in the
12:26 pm
united states, russia and china and eastern european countries and central american countries. the system was just so open to fraud. also, just erroneous payments. same things with medicaid and the other programs. the point is the democrats that run congress have refused to do any investigation. >> martha: it's crime. it's fraud. these are all prosecutable offenses. the fact that people just say oh, well, some of the money -- just encourages people to take advantage of these programs again. there's no discussion of fiscal responsibility and prosecution. stealing money is against the law. it seems like oh, well, the money just disappeared. it was covid and everything. what are you going to do? >> it's thiefery. it's theft. so we have to do something about tracking these people down and they should go to jail. we're talking about people walked away with millions and
12:27 pm
millions of dollars. >> martha: absolutely. you know, we need to see more from the department of justice on that front. we would love to see some results. thanks, steve. steve moore. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: president biden looks to shake things up in 2024. governor ron desantis explain what the gop missed that led to a huge underperformance in his words in our mid-terms. >> so the question is, you know, why did that happen. i don't think a question of divided as a party. it's like okay, how do you run and win majorities. le are workio build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future.
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>> martha: president biden calling for a shakeup of the presidential primary system that would let south carolina, which is one of his favorite states during the last primary cycle, they would go first ahead of
12:32 pm
iowa and new hampshire moving iowa way down the list and forcing the state to give up its caucuses. former republican congressman jason chaffetz is here. first to rich edson. >> usually american voters start the process of picking their president with caucuses in iowa and a primary in new hampshire. perhaps no longer for democrats, the democratic national committees rules committee is working on a plan this afternoon that would move south carolina to the first slot. then new hampshire, nevada, followed by primaries in michigan and georgia. this is president biden's plan. he argues democrats need more diversity atop their nominating calendar. in a letter, the president writes you cannot be the democratic nominee and win a general election unless you have overwhelming support from voters of color. we rely on these voters in elections but have not recognized their importance in our nominating calendar. it's time to stop taking these
12:33 pm
voters for granted. biden also wants to eliminate caucuses where voters gather in states like iowa and publicly declare support for a candidate. biden faces strong opposition from democrats in iowa and new hampshire and elsewhere who point out states have to change their laws to sync up with the national party. >> i will, however, say that new hampshire does have a statute. we do have a law. we will not be breaking our law. >> the dnc chair has the authority to unseat state delegators from the nominating convention if they disrecord the new rules. back to you. >> martha: thanks. let's bring in former utah republican jason chaffetz and robert wolf. both are fox news contributors.
12:34 pm
i mean, i covered the iowa caucuses. we after several hours in, we got laughing. we didn't know -- we had no numbers. the night before we had talked to the people running the caucus, we have this amazing computer system. they'll be sent to everyone on their phones. is it a good idea? >> yes. for the democratic party, the iowa caucus was a debacle. i'd say number 2, south carolina has been pivotal for the democrats. look at obama versus clinton, clinton versus bernie sanders and look at biden. on each of those situations, it defined where the electorate was going. it makes sense. adding georgia and michigan to the mix, two of the purple states, it's a very smart approach for the democratic party. >> martha: if they go that way, what will republicans do? >> the republicans should stay their cost. i love going to iowa, new hampshire. all the eyes do to south carolina. you also have to pay attention to nevada. don't forget all the people out west.
12:35 pm
there's people that believe they should go to regional primaries and rotate that so it doesn't keep focuses on one direction or the other. what are you trying to fix? i don't have any problem with where they're at now. >> martha: we'll see where it goes. i want your thoughts on something else. newt gingrich put out an interesting column. it says quit just under mating president biden. i thought about football and winning and losing, a measure by his goals, biden has been more successful than we have been willing to credit. jason, let's start with you. >> i agree with that. he lurched the left. bernie sanders said he was going to be the most progressive president ever. >> biden said he was going to be. >> it's not what he campaigned on. he said he was going to be the unifier. i think it's a lie and i think it's fiction and never came to reality that he was this big unifier bringing the country
12:36 pm
together. >> legislatively, you can argue he's been the most important president since f.d.r. the infrastructure act, we heard about president trump saying weekly the infrastructure act -- >> i don't see any of those projects yet. it passed. >> it was bipartisan. 20% of republican senators. the chip act was incredibly important. republican senators. the inflation act, i know we can debate the name. for democrats -- >> the minor thing like the name. this is what newt gingrich is saying. he ebb doesn't agree with these policies but you have to look at the points on the board, right? you have to acknowledge. i think republicans did not acknowledge that properly going to the mid-terms. i remember president biden saying i think we're going to keep the senate and might keep the house, too. everybody thought oh, he's just saying that. that's what he's got to say. he was right, jason. >> he was right. unfortunately he did pass his legislative agenda. republicans should have said no, we have to put a stop to that.
12:37 pm
they overextended republicans. they put the bar so high and never achieved that. >> martha: governor desantis says -- let's play this about what happened. watch. >> yet some of those voters throughout the country, not in florida, but throughout the country, even though they disapproved of biden, even though they disapproved of the direction of the country, they still didn't want to vote for some of our candidates. >> yeah. that's stating the obvious. i think after the shellacking that the democrats took in 2010, the way we voted saying show up on election day instead of recognizing that ballot harvesting was real. we were behind on day one, hour one of an election. 20% more of the vote out of the box because democrats have already put hundreds of thousands of ballots in the box. republicans were chasing votes. democrats were chasing ballots. there's a different. >> i think democrats are better at this new voting system, which
12:38 pm
is mail-ins and papering an entire state with ballots. doesn't concern you? your side is winning based on this new system. but a lot of people are a little -- are concerned about it to say the least. >> martha, here's what i would say. i said this on fox and made a bet on fox. i bet the dems would bet the seat. normal is better than crazy. candidates were talking about insurrection and biden is not president. people go in and they want to vote for something. honestly, the republicans weren't for something. >> martha: something said today, republicans did more ticket splitting than democrats did, which is interesting. all of these candidates need to pay close attention to. this is a matchup with biden an desantis. they come in even. 42-42. 11 say someone else should concede. desantis has climbed quite a bit
12:39 pm
since the last polling there. biden versus trump, biden wins by 10%. since it's your party, i'll let you close. >> i think desantis helps lead the pack. they need a new generation of people out there. the contrast between a ron desantis who is like 35 years younger than joe biden would be amazing. >> similar amount younger than the former president trump. >> yeah. >> martha: thank you, guys. so why the founder of a collapsed crypto empire doesn't think that he will be leaving his bahamas penthouse any time soon for a jail cell in the united states. and what tik tok is now saying about reports that it helped china spread propaganda about american politicians ahead of the mid-terms. clay travis and joe concha next. >> specifically, the chinese state-run accounts criticize some candidates, mostly republicans, and favored others,
12:40 pm
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12:45 pm
this is absolutely unbelievable. in palo alto, california. how frightening for the employees. why hope they get caught and stay more than overnight in jail when they get caught. black friday. store was full of shoppers. a witness said the thieves ran into an alley and the police barricaded it but they got away. so hopefully they can find these guys. meantime, tik tok is responding to a claim that china posted videos taking aim at american lawmakers during the mid-terms. or ahead of the mid-terms without making it clear that these were chinese messages that were being endorsed with these videos with u.s. politicians in them. forbes reporting that most of the videos slammed republicans and praised democrats for the most part. they were against republicans and for democrats. tik tok telling fox business "we
12:46 pm
have expanded our approach to label videos and profile pages and improve visibility through better positioning and design. we plan to introduce our state controlled media policy next year. the global roll out will include china and state media." with that, we bring in clay travis. hi, clay. good to have you here. what do you make of this whole thing? >> look, everybody has been obsessed with twitter and elon musk. let me tell you a couple things. elon has said he's going to release at 5:00 eastern all of the details surrounding the hunter biden censorship that occurred at twitter. so get your popcorn there. second, unbelievable performance by you in that ebb -- reporting against john kirby.
12:47 pm
truly great questions. but this is the concern here, right? tik tok is a chinese-owned corporation. we know that the rig game has been in effect in the united states when it comes to big tech companies. those are ones that are actually based in the united states and owned by united states-based companies. the island that china wouldn't use tik tok to try to influence chinese interests at the expense of american interests is crazy. of course they're going to do everything they can. they're putting pressure on apple already to keep anyone from being able to protest lockdowns in zero covid. they're going to do everything they can to rig elections. while everybody was focused what happened january 6, i think big tech collusion with the biden administration is far more dangerous to our democracy than anything that happened on january 6, than anything that happened in 2016 election and i hope we're going to start to get some clarity on that when elon musk begins to release this information he says at 5:00 p.m.
12:48 pm
this afternoon. >> martha: thank you for that, by the way. and these are just questions that need to be asked. i noted that tomorrow cook is one of the guests of honor at the state dinner last nights. it's not that he's a bad person or just that we have to have a comprehensive policy where these entities are treated the same. if apple is allowing people -- is helping the chinese government to keep protesters from being able to communicate with each other and at the same time you're saying you're going to keep a close eye on twitter, it raises questions about when they're in your favor, you like what they're doing, you treat them one way. when they don't, you get treated another way. >> you did what media do, points out hypocritical standards for people in power. a shout out to hillary vaughn. he was at the state dinner with the lead table with joe biden. as he walked through capitol
12:49 pm
hill to meet with political leaders, he refused to answer any questions from hillary vaughn at fox news that did a great job asking four really fantastic questions while walking down the hallway with cook surrounded by his security apparatus in some way. he just sat there stone-faced and refused to answer any questions. that's what media should do. hold the powerful accountable. >> martha: hillary is great at that. thanks, clay. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> martha: you too. sam bankman-fried the founder of the crypto firm ftx reportedly lost billions of dollars in investor money, but is still living at his multimillion dollar home in the bahamas. he can't be extradited to the u.s. unless he volunteers to come back at this point. he hasn't been formally charged with any crime. >> how concerned are you about criminal liability at this point? >> i don't think that -- obviously -- i don't think that i have -- i think the real answer is that's not what i'm
12:50 pm
focusing on. >> let's bring in joe concha, media and politics columnist for the his. that. sbf's appearance at the "new york times" forum when he was questioned about, you know, what happened. how did you lose all of these millions and millions of dollars for people. he doesn't seem to worried about prosecution here, joe. >> no, he's not. if he's staying in the bahamas, martha, at his $40 million penthouse because everybody needs a $40 million penthouse these days the avoid extradition, sam bankman-fried should come back and face the music with the fbi, the sec instead of doing interviews at the "new york times" and good morning america. at one point, he makes a joke. the audience laughs. do we have that? >> martha: let's play that. >> right now i mean -- look, i've had a bad month.
12:51 pm
this is not been fun for me. >> martha: ha-ha. >> yeah. one of the largest frauds in u.s. history just occurred. people lost their life savings and the audience finds it funny. what is amazing about this story, martha and you covered this 15 years ago, here you have a guy that is 30 years old. his voice sounds like your average sophomore. with bernie madoff, you can understand why people respected him before his arrest in 2008. look at sam bankman-fried and said i'm going to give that guy a lot of money. now we're looking at a $8 billion shortfall and sam bankman-fried looks like he's going wind surfing. >> martha: and didn't have corporate controls or accounting policy. it's unbelievable. because he was cool. they thought he was cool. they figured if you're cool and you went to mit, you must know what you're talking about. thanks, joe. >> happy friday to you.
12:52 pm
>> martha: happy friday. this is quite something. reports of a full blown royal war over this suspicious timing of harry and meghan's bomb shell trailer on netflix for their new documentary just dropped during william and kate's big i have cyst, the first time here since 2014. >> i had to do everything i could to protect my family. >> when the stakes are this high, doesn't it make more sense to hear our story from us? king . i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms...
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say hello to an easier way to do medicare. ♪ >> martha: democrats have taken their first step to giving south carolina the first presidential primary ahead of iowa and new hampshire. iowa goes all the way down the list and would have to give up
12:57 pm
its caucuses that have been in place for a very long time. the full democratic national committee still has to approve the plan. it could happen early next year. this for your reports of a royal war between the wales and the sussexes with no signs that there's any effort to mend fences here for prince william and harry, the one close brothers. as the sun puts it's, meghan and harry re-ignite war with the new netflix movie to ruin their u.s. tour. amy kellogg live in london with the latest. hi, amy. >> hi, martha. that sizzle reel of a trailer teaser may very well be taking some of the wind out of the wales sails on this very important tour for them. but it really, martha, depends how you look at it. you can see it different ways seeing kate and william trying to connect with people on issues close to them and relevant like
12:58 pm
environmental innovation. this could actually make the netflix special and harry and meghan's participation in it frivolous or publicity seeking with all of those already shots of them displaying their love, their marital and family bliss. the sussexes say the pain they experienced drove them to where they are today, there's been many tears and suffering with the stakes so high, meghan asks why shouldn't their story be told by them? others call the project and the timing war on the wales and the royals. piers morgan said on instagram, it's clear that prince harry and meghan markle are intent on destroying the royal family. you can think they're repulsive, narcissistic, hypocrites but their agenda is indisputable and constituteses a threat to the british monarchy. this little boston boy is a fan of the royal family. that's one thing. kate's stock has in fact risen
12:59 pm
at home since she and the prince of wales have had to shoulder so many royal engagements now. they can no longer divide and conquer with harry and meghan or i should say conquer hearts and minds at home. martha? >> thanks very much. very interesting to watch all of that unfold. thanks for being here, amy, in london. before we go, look at this tweet from elon musk teasing that twitter will drop the information on how the hunter biden story was suppressed at twitter. what was going on behind the scenes? who did they talk to or listen to? what was the communication with twitter and where was it coming from that that story was russian disinformation? that is going to land at 5:00 tonight on twitter. we'll be watching that very closely. thank you, everybody, for being with us today on this friday, december 2 as we kickoff the month that we'll see christmas
1:00 pm
and the holidays. very exciting with the tree and everything. we'll see you back here monday. have a great afternoon. there's our beautiful tree. have a great, great weekend and we'll see you back here monday. thanks, everybody. >> charles: the jobs report out this morning coming in better than expected. that's good news. and there's some bad news. it could continue to fuel inflation and keep the fed hiking rates. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." the white house happy about today's numbers. why shoppers may not. first to susan li on the fall-out on main street and peter doocy at the white house for reaction. we begin with susan. >> yeah, charles, in this case, especially wall street, this is a case where good news is bad
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