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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  December 4, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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to destroy the independence of the judiciary. we have an administration that does not believe in america the democratic party that does not believe in america what do we have? one hell of a problem on our i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin". steve: breaking tonight a shadowland on last lockdown of the vaccines of the pandemic to suppress evidence that joe biden the democratic presidential candidate prefers presidential candidates with a pedaling operation with a foreign power and then they lied to cover up their crimes big texas establishment collusion has been exposed and we demand accountability we
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will get into it all twitter or facebook colluding with the establishment undermine democracy with the most totalitarian regime the fbi and cia the very people who are supposed to protect us working against us what did they do? how did they do it when will they be held accountable? we have an amazing lineup of gas and legal analysis from marsha blackburn on what republicans can do about it later we will be joined from our guest in here in the studio janel king rob smith and janel carter let's bring in tennessee senator marsha blackburn on the senate judiciary committee and on the
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case with big tech and all that nonsense for a long time senator what is your reaction. >> this is a continuum of what we are finding out about how big tech has worked through the 2016 and 2018 and 2020 cycle to tweak a message. and as we get to the twitter files this really adds to what we already knew about faceboo facebook, what we knew about google and how they would suppress different headlines and information it also gives us a lot of insight into what into covering up the hunter biden story and it is amazing we have big tech and social media and big tv and what are they trying to do? they are trying to bury the story about the cover-up.
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but this will give us additional information for oversight hearings and the ability to call them in and say to twitter explain to us what is going on to question different federal agencies and what they are doing and of course we know big tech is already an arm of the democratic national committee so as we look at all of these e-mails you and not the seals and direct correspondences but i do think what you will see is a different federal agency whether dhs fbi or doj maybe the social media platforms for the coverups to change the message whether covid or hunter biden.
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>> what seems to be the story emerging here and confirmed is that this was initiated by the fbi and our security services it's a collusion between big tech and the establishment. is that pattern of events make the most sense to you that they are spying on rudy giuliani and the hunter biden laptop the immediately take that information to twitter and facebook that it's russian disinformation to lead them to bury the story is that what happened as far as you are concerned? >> that seems to be a logical pattern of action and i think what you will see, the house republicans take it back to 2015 when all this got started hillary clinton came up with russia collusion why was it
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not china collusion or some other type of collusion that they would accuse trump of? why did she settle on russia collusion? what type of connection did she have? and then you see the fbi and doj get involved. what do they try to do? they spin the tail they make it up and write a script and carry this out on the american people and of course to them it seemed to be something that was just and enjoyment to make this up to see how much they could get away with. like a child who is a bully they push until you say no. we will reprimand you and there will be consequences but
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they just kept pushing and the further they got into it the deeper they got into the whole they were digging. now they cannot get themselves out and people are finding out the truth. steve: talking of consequences so the person that really has evaded accountability is christopher wray how can he still be had of the fbi after all that has gone on with the election after election meddling on his watch? >> the biden administration has chosen to keep him in his position it's amazing the last time he was before us i asked him if he was ready and then he wanted to quibble over the word hoax rather than go ahead and say it is apparent it is collusion and i look forward
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to the hearings and to see people held accountable and i look forward to more releasing of the twitter files because we know about facebook it took rubles for payment for campaign ads and they want to say they knew nothing about anything and that they were not getting information from other campaig campaigns? this is very difficult to believe. steve: senator we look forward to that. thank you for joining us. we will see you soon. sarah, your reaction? >> sunlight is the greatest disinfectant and elon musk expose them but also it is the greatest threat to our republic they are literally taking it upon themselves to
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run our nation almost as if a fascist state with the big tech companies and the democrats and by the way christopher wray we completely agree the fbi director has the gall this week to say tiktok is dangerous. yes i believe that because now the ccp can control the narrative what does he think united states government was doing when the intelligence community and the fbi and dni were working in collusion with the democrats to target a us president that is literally a weapon of war i don't know how to explain it hours cia is trained with the foreign adversary but the people within the community john brenna brennan, christopher wray use the same techniques using against an enemy or sitting us president and the
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american people but who will hold them accountable. steve: and this is serious what drives me crazy people call it the hunter biden laptop. now. the head of corrupt peddling of foreign power and while vice president that should have been an issue in the election just to remind yourselves how high the stakes were the presidential debate because they blew it off and buried the story biden could escape accountability for what he did. >> 50 former national intelligence folks what they are accusing me of is the russian plan to say this has former heads of the caa what this thing is a bunch of
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garbage. [laughter] >> that's what he's saying. [laughter] >> i was thinking of a lot of things but here is the thing. start with this. if you have to go to 50 former agents to find out if your sons laptop is really your sons laptop that is a problem so when i look at this i look at this from a totally different perspective i see it as a loss for america and those that should be the most outraged thinking that he would do something another option because they were so frustrated with president trump at the end of it all you have to see this for what it is this is an assault on the country as cyberinsurrection
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and borderline treason if you think about what the executives did at twitter so i fast-forward to where we are right now and where we could have been to get the proper information this is the democratic party saying i am smarter than you know better than you and i will make the decision for you. steve: this is why it serious and they want to blow it off. ever since musk took over to liberating twitter. but the complete meltdown in the establishment on the left and this really captured from the end correspond are. listen to how she describes what is happening on twitter
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as you see more people going back onto the platform because the shadow banning is ending people are coming on from the right and people on the left or departing. >> so who was coming on? the neo- not size one —- the neo-nazi in the far right the trolls, these are the people and those that are leaving other more reasonable folks are those who are left-leaning thinking is not been any more. >> it is completely delusional. i am not neo-nazi or far right but i have seen my personal following on twitter explode and i was so deeply shadow
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band before but let's talk about how the entirety of the mainstream media is melting down so telling us democracy dies in darkness but they are the same prepared talking points with the twitter files and elon must taking over twitter it's a haven for the far right and those who do not like the twitter files say a very respected journalists reporting on government corruption now they hate them because he's reporting in government corruption that benefits the politics. >> someone who has been all over this randy you are there at the beginning of all the seven love to get your reaction. there were so many aspects of the release of the e-mails
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that we should i get to overexcited but it reminds us of the fact we still have not had accountability so what happened here particularly the role of the fbi and initiating all of this. going to twitter and facebook or the fbi going to twitter? what is your sense of the anatomy of a cover-up? >> we have a story in the new york post tomorrow on the front page that gives us a lot more detail about the anatomy of this plot. we know that now the fbi former head of site securities for in a declaration that the fbi had come to twitter and told them in the weekly meetings before the 2020
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election, to look out for a hacked material that they believed was going to be about hunter biden and come in october. so of course, when twitter sought a story in october about hunter biden, they censored it immediately using the new policy that they had been coerced or encouraged or lobbied to modify by the fbi during the weekly meetings. steve: that is a bombshell. they have dates and the nature of the intervention of the election so that is what prompted them to use that. that is amazing. >> not only that. we know the fbi has been spilled on —- spying over rudy giuliani despite violations and had access to e-mails he
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was receiving from the whistleblower at the computer repair shop guy who had hunter biden's laptop and it was abandoned and concerned he contacted the fbi already in 2019 and had almost one year before the election. he was concerned about national security issues to do with payments from ukraine and china to the biden family. that's why he took it to the fbi. now we know they buried it from the fbi whistleblowers. so listening to giuliani and looking at his e-mail and spying on the text message they saw the e-mail august 2020 so they knew the cat was out of the bag. and then they had access to my messages with rudy giuliani so they knew exactly when the
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post would be publishing in october so they bumped the story with twitter and we can only assume with faith —- with facebook as well because zuckerberg said they gave information. >> everyone needs to check out your story tomorrow. it was plush in the first at getting the accountability is the information out there. we wil (fisher investments) it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same, but at fisher investments we're clearly different. (other money manager) different how? you sell high commission investment products, right? (fisher investments) nope. fisher avoids them. (other money manager) well, you must earn commissions on trades.
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steve: welcome back to our special so on big tech establishment collusion. we are going deep into the whole fbi aspect and joining us now so you have been all over this story but the fbi part, tell us your thoughts as
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he once again confront the severity of what went on here. >> it is a violation of the first amendment for the government either covertly or overtly to engage in censorship. so if the fbi was indeed pressuring twitter and facebook to banish people for purely political reasons and killing stories those critical loved biden to unduly influence the election, that is a violation of the first amendment of free speech i command democratic congressman the only one who sent an e-mail to talk twitter executives that said what you are doing are violating the principles of free speech but
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the sacred principles of free speech and of course executives there including james baker formally of the fbi said censor any way to help joe biden and to protect him and his complicity and influence peddling with the biden laptop. steve: being our guest many times let's see if he can join us tonight we are very happy to see that in the meantime this character seems to be intimately involved what was his role when he was at the fbi quick. >> he was general counsel he was the main attorney and you everything going on going back
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to 2015, 2016 originally broke the story we were talking about it when james baker actually went forward finding out the doj was looking into him because of his expansion basically feeding information he was giving him information and was the attorney for the dnc working with hillary clinton behind the whole mess. but this is what is so importa important. it's not just the first amendment but the fourth amendment as well the expansion of powers who what happened under the obama administration that allowed the government to spy and then to look at journalist records between clergy and this is a
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ripping apart the constitution what we have seen but think about what happens way back in 2016 and then in 2017 when comey and brennan and clapper went and briefed president trump on the dossier only. >> so how do we get accountability? >> you have to get rid of the cesspool of corruption in particular james baker baker is featured prominently and was under criminal investigation for his partisan actions and suspected malfeasance so naturally he goes to his compatriots and works at twitter where he was
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pretty much doing the same thing. the remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true is not censorship or shadow banning or canceling people's twitter accounts i worry about the department of homeland security grade the standard and that disinformation but now it appears they do the same thing surreptitiously and this is what happens when you create a behemoth government with immense powers and unlimited resources. steve: because if we don't get it we will keep on doing it. much more ahead. don' the first-ever all-electric chevy blazer ev. 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. and up to 320 miles of range on a full charge. evs for everyone, everywhere. chevrolet.
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call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating,... changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand, and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy... ...and save at steve: welcome back not just here in america seeing being tech colluding that the dictator is aided and abetted by one's great american company descending into the getter of brutality and evil under the rule of this appalling man the chief executive of apple the biggest protest in response to the cruel and arranged zero covid
9:33 pm
madness tim cook restricted the function of airdrop they were using to organize and invade the censorship this was a latest collaboration undercut capital has become an empire of shame from the world's most be the one —- brutal totalitarian regime last year despite endless grandstanding apple denied it to the chinese users just as they did five years ago pulling virtual private network services from the app store they sucked up to the dictators by putting apple data center in china and handed over $1 billion to a regime backed company designed to crush american companies apple supported president xi's concentration camps through the slave labor that ended up in their supply chain and then
9:34 pm
lobbied congress against the bill that tried to stop it of course they denied this turning into a pr net nightmare they threatened to yank twitter from the app store because they cannot stand free speech but who can't believe a word the apple ceo says tim cook is a publicist of the worst authoritarian dictator. >> in the environmental leadership today is very clear and aligns completely with apples values. >> they are on doing the right thing to ever climate change. steve: what like a new coal plant every week the world's largest producer of carbon emissions one third of global output according to tim cook
9:35 pm
that aligns completely with apples values. what about china's war on gay and lesbian rights does that align with their values? tim cook gay speaks of her favorites in america as to why i been an advocate for marriage equality for decades the difference is i am consistent unlike tim cook who is part of a regime right now cracking down on the gay community in china that sensors the plot plot lines on tv shows and by the way guess for the blood many through the loyalty to the ccp is going in our political system? tim cook and two other top apple executives paid nearly half a million dollars personally to democrats the wonder apple just spent a record amount to lobby congress there is not enough
9:36 pm
blood many to scrap the stink of apple empire of shame once respected american company that now genocide censorship and oppression but the collusion of demented hypocrisy watch this. >> apple has always been at the core of changing the world and arguably you cannot change the world if you are ignoring the world. i think silences the ultimate consent. if you see something going on that is not right the most powerful form of consent is to say nothing. >> changing the world is the ultimate consent you mean like this? >> to support the chinese people right to protest?
9:37 pm
do regret restricting airdrop access protesters used to invade surveillance one —- evade surveillance from the chinese government? do you think it's problematic to do business with the communist chinese party when they suppress human rights? steve: silences the most powerful form of consent i quite agree, tim cut. thirty years ago i lived in hong kong for one year into my work met an amazing entrepreneur lost a successful newspaper apple dealer as they started to mind democracy even when they shut down his company and threw him into jail where he remains to this day the quibbling tim cook who runs apple is free while the hero who ran the daily and stood up languishes in prison if there were true justice it would be the other way around
9:38 pm
tim cook that apple is not just in china it is of china and that has to stop we have to stop the global corporations that take every advantage of being american than betrayer values and our country. we need a new crime of economic treason and tim cook should be first in line for prosecution. tell us what you think at the new free twitter and share this message when we post it. here with reaction former - - your thoughts on president xi's future, china and our stance in the light of these protest quick. >> great to be with you i think president xi is in trouble in the sense that has a maniacal crazy covid policy that it will be very difficult to get out of and they don't have a good solution that the brutal authoritarian but unfortunately tragically
9:39 pm
ruthless and efficient from companies like apple in the case of the air pod incident and unfortunately it is looking like from the mainland the protest is fizzling out because how can you trust the information? a calculator today the communist party ran for 74 years to come is party of china's at 73 unfortunately they are likely to surpass that. steve: if he survives thi this, we're looking at is taiwan. are we sufficiently prepared to deter anything happening there quick. >> i was at the national defense forum the last couple days covering the events and i was disturbed because the secretary of defense of the united states basically said everything was hunky-dory and then you listen to the other people including lieutenant
9:40 pm
and senior pentagon officials. the defense industrial base is using up stocks on ukraine and it will take a decade to replenish. maybe the chinese are not ready right now. maybe not in the next years but that's not anything in planning terms. even former obama administration officials say they want the capability to invade my 2027 we don't know if they can but if he cares about it, then it stands to reason they are more likely to try. steve: also with the australian prime minister talking about early 2030. everybody assumes it will happen but nobody says no. >> i feel like i am on crazy pills i sat on twitter we need a national mobilization even democratic officials say it is a distinct one —- a distinct
9:41 pm
threat and even president xi is a threat has are mentioned and not just pouring money into it we have to do in a way that is equitable and efficient. but i am not on that crazy bus. the equation does not add up. he was the labor prime minister he is famous to china and says it will happen so that should really worry us. steve: i had a fantastic conversation that was great. he'll be on the podcast this week to explain how we can get that military buildup without entrenching that corrupt part of the military industrial complex we are concerned
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steve: welcome back over and over again we hear the establishment defending collusion saying it does not apply to the companies but elon musk says it is a first amendment matter but the first one to make that argument was in "the wall street journal" two years ago. the founder strive capital and the founder of woke ink that also has a bearing on this. i'm delighted he can be with us today. so to make the case about why this really is the first amendment matter. >> classically the argument is private companies are free to decide what does and does not show up on the website. that is true but the argument goes away if they are doing
9:48 pm
the bidding of state actors with the case lot if they are either coerced or engaged of willful participation that is coordinating activities or if they are responding to inducement, anyone can convert the action into the action of the government for constitutional purposes basically saying state action in disguise in the constitution still applies the government cannot delegate the dirty work to the private sector what it cannot do through the front door under the constitution that includes a first amendment violation. that is the argument in general form. to be clear that counterargument is president biden was not actually president biden. that is the new ones. steve: put up the tweet from the congressman from california he said i am
9:49 pm
telling you elon musk to put this on twitter. i am in the government that does not constitute first amendment issue it is a private company. he says just telling the company is not enough. >> there can be any one of three standards. government pressuring companies are offering inducements and the two were put together. so years ago there is a case of a bookstore owner who didn't want to sell a book. not because they threatened them and said if you sell it he will get into trouble and the supreme court so that is the action of the government acting based on pressure from the government. there is another case that railroad said giving full immunity to railroads they could search passengers even though the government could not. the supreme court said no because that is the inducement
9:50 pm
to do with the government could not do and that's exactly how section 230 works with companies getting immunity. multiple prongs actually understand the constitution better when we read that case law. there can be state action in disguise if they are coordinating with a private actor on —- the private actors. steve: woke capital. that plays a role with the advertisers leaving twitter now talked about the pressure they put on the platforms to censor that's a big part of the story. >> a huge part. it is about the weaponization of capital. whether a democrat or republican democrats did not like the weaponization back in the citizens united era it's not left-wing or right-wing as 1776 issue living in a
9:51 pm
self-governing democracy were people decide what the right answers are two political questions or do we live in the autocratic autocracy with state pillow. when you hear the term book capitalism and it has been overused that is the issues separating the two to preserve the power of each. that is what the experiment is all about and the foundational issue of our time. making sure government coming government and business can be business and don't pollute the activities of the other. steve: you are the best. thank you for being with us. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ let's dive in!
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steve: just time for a couple of other stories that we could hardly let this go by without comment. >> i know this bill doesn't have sick leave. [laughter] you know he needs an easter many outfit. and he needs that person full-time on staff.
9:57 pm
>> every single time but what is going on? >> i don't know we all laugh about it but we know that president biden has a lot of issues. but then to sable with that. >> marcus lafayette. [laughter] >> talking all night about the collusion and the establishment that's a different topic but what we saw from the democrats this week rigging the presidential primary way changing all-around to south carolina
9:58 pm
that saved him when the candidacy was collapsing. >> i say here in georgia but i'm in new york but we see our election bill jim crow 2.0. that is the whole suppression tactic and then they tried to suppress it with the name-calling but what we saw in georgia was record turnout all the bills about jim crow so then with south carolina was payback and to bring in the vote and he pleaded emotionally for black voters to vote for biden and that's
9:59 pm
how he operates. the classic machine politician and everything has been pointing out but it makes it much harder for the new insurgent candidate with not a lot of money to get going and favors the candidate with big money because you have expensive tv in the big states all the same time. >> but then asked the question that democrats don't have the advantage pete buttigieg? elizabeth warren? kamala harris? they do not have a long bench so probably will be biden because there is literally nobody else. >> i think it will get michelle obama to try to run. >> i disagree think they would love to the most popular politician that is not a politician but i don't think she will do it. steve: she is popular until she runs then it is over.
10:00 pm
>> she pretends that she doesn't like it. steve: a fantastic show. thank you for watching the great christmas debate is up next we will see you next sunday when "the next revolution" is televised >> christmas is supposed to be a time to come together but crackling with contention? i say enough. right here right now. this is the great christmas debate. ♪ i am your host we have two teams playing for bragging rights and a cash prize for charity we have the green team and the red team


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