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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 5, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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in front of the all american christmas tree. it is gorgeous. >> dana: it is guarded by british soldiers. maybe next year we can have american troops guarding the tree. >> you are a troop. you could stand here all night. >> you want personal security for the tree and i'm it. >> tag, you're it. see you tomorrow. >> thanks for filling in. >> bill: thanks, good morning, everybody. censor and suppressed new emails said to be showing how twitter buried the hunter biden laptop story. according to elon musk there is more on the way as we say good morning. new week begins now in new york on a monday. i'm bill hemmer. hello. >> dana: congratulations on the bengals win. >> bill: a great mood today. congratulations on england's win in the world cup. >> dana: everyone is my house is happy. i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." there is a lot of news here.
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twitter ceo musk is teasing there are more smoking guns to come how the tech giant sensored the hunter biden laptop story. a reporter published his big takeaways on friday. >> the f.b.i. said to have given twitter a heads-up that so-called state actors would try to smear the president's son with hacked materials. "new york post" columnist miranda devine writing about it and talking about it last night. >> the f.b.i. had come to twitter and told them in their weekly meetings before the 2020 election to look out for a hacked material. when twitter saw our story in october about hunter biden, they censored it immediately using -- what did they use? their new hacked materials policy that they had been
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coerced or encouraged, lobbied to modify by the f.b.i. during those weekly meetings. >> dana: fox team coverage plus reaction from "new york post" reporter john levine here on set. let's begin with alexandria hoff from washington. hi, alex. >> we're expecting another round of these twitter files to be released sometime soon. over the weekend musk said he gave sub stack writer access to the complete trove. he will report on the contents alongside him. the reporter detailed his round one findings. he wrote twitter's post users were routinely removed at the behest of a political party. this exchange he shared reads quote, more to review from the biden team. response from another twitter employee was quote handled these. during saturday's question and answer session elon musk was
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asked directly if he feels twitter colluded with the democratic party and team biden prior to the 2020 election. here is what he said. >> clearly if twitter is doing one team's bidding before an election, shutting down dissenting voices, on a pivotal election, that is the very definition of election interference. of course. yes. >> friday's thread also showcased the messy debate within twitter whether to suppress the reporting on hunter's laptop. the reporter noted the extraordinary steps taken to stop the story from being shared by the company marking it unsafe and utilizing a tool reserved for extreme cases like child pornography. he was also asked why the
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twitter files have been largely dismissed by major mainstream media companies. he responded, quote, because they were complicit. dana and bill. >> dana: thank you very much. >> bill: let's bring in john levine, a reporter from the "new york post." call for number six. we heard a sound bite from miranda devine. her headline f.b.i. warned twitter during weekly meetings of hunter biden hack and leak operation before censoring the post. the extraordinary revelation for the first time lays bare how the f.b.i. was involved in debunking the story of the laptop which had been in the bureau's position for almost a year. >> dana: it is key to remember we didn't reach out to the f.b.i. they knew about it because they had access to rudy giuliani's cloud and they were spying on him for a year. through other investigations
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they were running. they knew of the existence of the laptop. when joe biden was vice president they would have known of hunter's schemes in foreign countries at that time as well. they reach out to roth, the head of twitter site integrity with weekly meetings saying you'll get hacks about hunter. we know this because roth said in a sworn affidavit as part of another lawsuit these meetings happened. i think something we didn't see in the initial trove of documents with the reporter was more meat on these bones about the f.b.i.'s involvement. that is something i hope subsequent disclosures will reveal. >> dana: you had james baker, the general counsel at twitter who had worked at the f.b.i. under comey making decisions. when the general counsel of your company comes to you and says look, you know what, it's not clear-cut but out of caution we
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need to censor it. >> he was also involved in a lot of the f.b.i.'s discredited steele dossier investigation. so what are we to take of this? the media says the steele dossier, russia, this is a story but don't look at hunter biden. interesting. >> bill: the decision on behalf of major media organizations to virtually ignore what was dumped over the weekend is stunning. it may not be surprising to you. what comes next do you think? >> it is not surprising to me. what comes next are the house investigations, i feel. hopefully what comes next will be more disclosures from musk and we'll see what barry white puts out. >> dana: what else do you think is to be learned from additional disclosures? >> we need to see what the f.b.i. was doing with twitter and what they were saying back to them. we also need to see what the
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f.b.i. and the intelligence agencies were sending to facebook and to google and to see whether the suppression of this information was more widespread. facebook, as you know, also they were going to do a fact check and suppressed the story pending the results of the fact check that never arrived. we know that mark zuckerberg was on joe rogan saying they were also reached out to by the f.b.i. >> bill: you have a new conscious. kevin mccarthy was talking about that issue over the weekend. >> now we need to start looking at facebook, at google. these now have become arms of the democratic party. arms of the biden administration. but they also used the intel community as well to lie to the american public. should those people keep their clearances and still be allowed to have information? >> bill: let's see what they do with hearings. we've been here before and they pretty much went nowhere out of washington. >> what kills me is the buried
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lead in the original tweets. all the members of congress saying this is the last straw. you can't censor the free press. we'll do something and then nothing happened. that was two years ago. nothing has happened. a couple of hearings. i know some senators screamed at jack dorsey and good youtube videos but nothing happened. i hope now in a republican congress we might start to see real teeth. >> dana: i think of the 51 national security people that signed onto this idea it was russian disinformation, i think it's very interesting how they got to that conclusion and a house hearing so expose that. >> i hope so. >> dana: great to have you on a monday. >> bill: more to come on this, right? >> definitely. >> dana: nypd on the hunt for the suspect seeing bashing the man in the back of a head with the baseball bat in broad daylight on a manhattan sidewalk last week and the police are asking for the identity of the attacker.
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david lee miller has more details. good morning. >> good morning. we've seen this movie before. once again the nypd is releasing video of a violent incident in the hope someone can identify the attacker. it was recorded last tuesday morning in upper manhattan. a man with a red jacket is walking down the street followed by a man dressed in black. a third man enters the camera frame and the man in black veers off as the third man walks away the man in black pulls out a baseball bat and hits the man in the head. after a few feet returns stomping his foot and shouts at the vick tm before permanently walking away. the victim was taken to a local hospital in stable condition suffering from cuts and bruising to his head. cops say the man they're looking for has a light complexion and gray sweat pants and sneakers. sources say the victim, homeless, had an earlier
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disagreement with his attacker. felony assaults such as the one caught on camera here up 13.2% in new york. spike in crime has many new yorkers calling for changes to the state's progressive bail reform and criticism aimed at the district attorney alvin bragg for downgrading more than half of all felony cases to misdemeanors. new yorkers who think they know who wielded a bat in this recent attack are asked to contact police. >> dana: thank you. >> sent my daughter to college to get an education. she came back in a box. i can speak on that. >> that is a strong statement. frustration growing in idaho where we're three weeks into the investigation into a quadruple murder mystery. could this hand print at a crime scene hold some answers? curious about that. >> dana: georgia on our minds.
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>> bill: as you can imagine the parents of the university of idaho murder victims are demanding answers more than three weeks after their own children were brutally stabbed to death inside their home just off campus. no suspect, no motive, no murder weapon. christina coleman back in moscow, idaho, for more now.
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good morning. >> good morning, bill. moscow police won't confirm how the different students were attacked in this deadly crime. was one student stabbed more than the other? it could shine on whether one of these students was targeted. kaylee's father was frustrated with the lack of information being shared in the case says there was a difference in the brutality of the attack between at least two of the victims. the coroner determined the cause and manner of death for all four students as homicide by stabbing. lawrence noted that there were differences in the kay kaylee and madison were killed per his sources. lawrence says kaylee's father confirmed that out of kaylee and her best friend, maddy, one had injuries more brutal than the other. kaylee's father would not confirm which one. on lawrence jones cross-country they referred to the different
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injuries. >> their points of damage don't match. i'm just going to say. it wasn't leaked to me. i earned it and paid for that funeral. i paid for that. it is my right. you are taking that from me. if you don't want to say nothing that's your bit but don't say i'm leaking anything. i paid that bill. sent my daughter to college to get an education. she came back in a box and i can speak on that. >> the father definitely very frustrated and upset as you can imagine. a hand print can be seen next to evidence tape on the window of the off-campus house where the students were murdered november 13th. possible it could belong to the killer. may have touched the doorknob and different areas at the home. unclear who the hand print belongs to. a number of people were in and out of this house. part of the ongoing investigation as detectives work to track down a curl. bill. >> bill: thank you, christina
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coleman in moscow, idaho. more to come on this. we don't have answers, dana. >> dana: we don't. the parents we just heard from have a little more to say about the entry point here. watch. >> the entry point was the slider, the window, the middle floor. so to me he doesn't have to go upstairs. his entry and exit are available without having to go upstairs or downstairs. looks like he probably may have not gone downstairs. we don't know that for sure. he went upstairs, so i'm using logic he chose to go up there when he didn't have to. the investigators are tight lipped and keeping everything close to their vest. >> bill: it gets confusing. show the home again if we could for our viewers and we'll bring in paul morrow in a moment, detective on the scene there. this is a three-story house where that ladder is floor number one on the bottom left. floor two would be the back
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porch with the sliding down and number three is on top which is what they're referring to in the sound bite we just played. the question that parent was asking is why would the killer choose to go up to the third floor? what does all that mean? he don't know. >> dana: let's bring in retired inspector paul morrow. you've walked us through what you've seen. now that we're almost three weeks after the attack, parents are very frustrated. i'm sure investigators would like to tell more if they could. how do you see it there on the ground? >> so, the atmosphere here for lack of a better term a settling in. the police department stopped giving press conferences. they aren't talking to the media. it really starts to feel now as we begin a new week, three weeks after the event, as you have said, it is down to the police
6:21 am
department, task force behind me here in this building hunkered down going through the minutia of this case looking for the thing that will break the case open. someplace out there is the perpetrator thinking he can outlast them. >> bill: is there any talk that there could have been two killers? has that come up? >> there is talk of all sorts out here. in all honesty, i don't think that seems to be the way things are going. it doesn't seem to be the theory that you hear most often. at this point, bill, anything is possible. we all have to admit we're outside the investigation. i do believe that this premise the killer came in the back door is likely accurate. for those who walked the area it is a lot more exposed in the front of the house and entirely unlikely that the killer would have gone in the front door even in the middle of the night when he had the option of the back door where you can see into the house and plan what you do before you do it. >> dana: i think you've heard
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what the parents were saying, kaylee's parents floating a theory. what do you make of that? >> so, you know, this is one of those confounding cases where every theory has a counter factual. the idea he went up to the third floor because he came in on the second floor and had no reason to stay on the second floor and must have gone up to the third floor for a reason, sure. feels logical. there are other possibilities that could explain that. we have to be careful. i am aware of the source of the idea that there is a disparity in the injuries to the two victims that were found on the third floor. apparently the disparity in the injuries is pretty extreme. it does seem to argue that one of them might have been targeted but again, there were counter theories that could go against that. one thing i would add to just end with a little bit of a hopeful note, the police department's last press release said they were making progress
6:23 am
on the case. one of the things we got out here working with lawrence on the show saturday through some of the sourcing we've developed is that the families are being told the case is going in the right direction. so between that and the fact of a lack of a reward being put out, etc. , you have to hope you can take the police at their word and they're making progress. >> bill: one last question. one of the other parents said that they believe they cleared too many people too quickly. based on your own experience, do you find that at times or not? >> i would take the clearances here with a grain of salt. first of all, people that have been cleared can come back into a case depending whatever new information is developed and they have a ton of stuff to go through. all kinds of digital forensics and physical far en six. anybody clear can come back in. at the end of the day the police will be receipt sent to shine the light on somebody they're
6:24 am
looking at it. i would take this idea that people have been cleared with a little bit of a grain of salt. >> bill: we shall. paul, thank you. stunning comment from the father. i sent my daughter to college and she came back in a box. we feel for what he is going through for a long time to come. paul, we'll talk later this week. heartbreaking developments in the abduction of a 7-year-old girl in texas. how police found the kidnapper by a fedex driver. president biden trying to revamp the democratic primary schedule. will it play if his favor? is that fair play? we'll talk to someone who has been around the block, the former rnc chair reince priebus coming up. >> i feel that democrats have given middle america the middle finger. helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients
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veteran homeowners: gas, groceries, everything's costing more. if you need cash, call newday. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value. veterans get more at newday usa. >> dana: more than 40,000 people without power in north carolina and law enforcement suspects
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sabotage. yes, the sheriff in moore county east of charlotte says gunshots fired at substantial is took two power grids off line saturday night. they said it could be days before electricity restored and temperatures are at or below freezing. >> not no heat. we don't have a fireplace. we don't have no gas grill or anything like that. >> the state bureau of investigation and f.b.i. are working on it. >> bill: unique story. 9:30 here. markets open. president biden trying to convince democrats to shake up the presidential primary calendar. his plan will shun the states that did not vote for him in 2020. peter doocy has more from the north lawn. peter, intriguing. how will it go? good morning to you. >> this has already been a joke here since joe biden became the president, he has laughed at the fact that he finished so poorly
6:31 am
in iowa. he was fourth and new hampshire he was fifth. >> president biden: i got what we call in my own neighborhood in delaware, i got shellacked in the first two primaries. i kept saying i'm waiting to go to south carolina. >> and he won. now he wants south carolina to go first followed by new hampshire and nevada, then georgia, then michigan. >> the president decided he thought south carolina ought to go first. i think he did so because iowa is not as reflective of the demographics of this country as south carolina is. and when you look at south carolina, it is a microcosm of this country. >> officials from iowa and new hampshire oppose the plan and so does bernie sander's advisor writing as a dnc delegate i get
6:32 am
to vote on the plan. as long as south carolina remains first i will vote no. i will urge other delegates to do the same. let's honor the goal of the primary calendar to pick strong democratic nominees who best represent our values and principles. we're so close to getting this right. let's fix it but there are some iowa voters who are not surprised. >> i do think iowa represents the country very well as a whole. we are the first to legalize gay marriage and the university of iowa is the first country to admit women in the rust belt. >> one of the main decisions i assume we don't have the diversity. >> i think biden pretty well got loss -- lost the iowa caucuses and i think he thought a little payback. >> if biden seeks the nomination he is trying to make it easier to fend off a progressive challenger.
6:33 am
>> dana: let's bring in reince pri priebus. you dealt with this. you have thought about it a lot. what is your top line? >> well, you have to look at it in -- through the lenses of the democrat candidates like we do on the republican side. if you look through that lens who does it help and who does it hurt? it hurts pete buttigieg, gavin newsom and bernie sanders and it helps joe biden. it hurts white liberal forties and it helps diverse conservative voters in the democratic party. number one it tells me joe biden is running. i will tell you why. i've been on the other end on the republican side in trying to rewritten these rules twice. it is a huge effort to not just get the rules committee on
6:34 am
board, the first step. they need to get the entire dnc on board to pass this remove. they would not be doing this -- joe biden would not be doing this unless he was running for president. and so to me, that is exactly what this is. it's a pure political shell game. we played on our side of the aisle every four years but this time joe biden won this battle and he is going to do it through sheer force. >> dana: i was thinking about south carolina because now that south carolina would be third. in the past south carolina has been the decider, right? that's where everybody races to south carolina. you think about george w. bush when he won his way to the nomination. biden last time around where he sealed the deal. they rejected bernie sanders and the other types you mentioned. so is there benefit to being first if you are south carolina? or would you prefer to be the decider? >> well, i mean, i'm sure the
6:35 am
folks in south carolina like it. obviously it puts them in a greater position. maybe they'll still be the decider even if they're first. the bigger question from my standpoint would be what does iowa do? under state law they have to be first. new hampshire has to be first. yet on the calendar so everyone understands, the first primary generally cannot be held in a year other than the year of the national convention, which puts it at 2024, which means iowa will have a hard time because they would have to jump into a date which would probably bring them penalties for delegates. so everyone understands, the election for the -- the nominee for these parties, these are private political organizations and delegates, members of those organizations, choose the nominees. they are not chosen by the primary voters.
6:36 am
everyone thinks that's what happens. no, primary voters vote and caucuses or elections and those delegates go to conventions and generally vote to reflect the outcome of that election. so there is a lot going on here that involves secretary of state, governors, a lot of people in grassroots in the states. >> dana: thank you. hold my hand through all of this. a lot of ups and downs as we go through. very interesting. >> bill: great guest on all that stuff. we'll go every where, i guess. before this is settled you know that iowa and new hampshire still have a lot to say about it. >> dana: yes, what reince is saying in their laws on the books that they have to be first. so then if you were hoping that american election cycles would shrink, that's not happening in this scenario. >> bill: this is a year-round operation now. disgraced ftx founder sam
6:37 am
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>> dana: sad story here. fedex driver charged in the abduction and murder of a 7-year-old texas girl who went missing wednesday. the sheriff says 31-year-old tanner horner confessed to killing the 7-year-old. casey stiegel is live in dallas with the latest. good morning, casey.
6:43 am
>> good morning. police say the driver confessed to the horrible crime they have yet to release a possible motive. investigators have confirmed they don't believe he knew 7-year-old or her family prior to last wednesday. that is when the little girl went missing from outside her home in paradise, texas. it's 40 miles northwest of fort worth. amber alert was issued and community joined in the search until friday evening when the body was discovered. a tip that led them to the fedex driver ultimately apparently employed by a third party company contracted by fedex to deliver packages. while he has no prior criminal record officials confirm 31-year-old tanner horner did make a delivery to the home around the time the girl vanished. when police caught up with him days later he admitted to abducting and killing the young girl. >> they are devastated.
6:44 am
they are angry because of what happened. precious child taken from their lives. it will be a difficult few days, some sleepless nights. they need our support. >> horner's bail set at $1.5 million. meantime fedex released a statement saying words cannot describe our shock and sorrow at the reports surrounding this tragic event. first and foremost our thoughts are with the family during this most difficult time as we continue to cooperate fully with the investigating authorities. it is not clear at this time when horner will be back in court. we're trying to track that information down. so stay tuned. dana. >> dana: casey stiegel. thank you. horrible. >> bill: tough story there. okay now 15 minutes before the hour. animals gone wild. parents come to the rescue. crazy video. a mom in connecticut. listen to that sound fighting off a raccoon chomping on her daughter's ankle on the front
6:45 am
porch and wouldn't let go. there is mom. also in california a dad chasing off a coyote after grabbing his 2-year-old girl on a sidewalk. get out of here, wow. jimmy failla, host of fox across america on fox news radio. good morning to you. when animals attack. >> the animals are in a bad mood. u.s. lost the world cup. i think the key to both stories is location. connecticut the readyness with which the man dismisses the raccoon speaks to a country upbringing. that mom was not messing around. >> dana: mamas are going to mama no matter where they are. >> all day that raccoon picked the wrong fight. the coyote, i don't know the dad had a lot of coyote handling experience. if you spend time in l.a. you get used to fighting off people and there is a little experience there. >> dana: this is upsetting.
6:46 am
the coyotes don't have enough food. too plentiful. there needs to be some sort of -- something happens that will cool this pack. >> no question that's the concern there. the kids are okay. on a superficial level as a yankee fan i was impressed the dad threw that. if we can get him out at the bullpen we might have a shot. >> dana: what happened is we have built our houses in their neighborhood. so we're encroaching on their habitat. >> bill: it oh would make a good cable network. here is what would also be good for cable news or not. oh, no, amber heard wants a new trial. yes, sir. she does -- should she be afforded one? >> this is the one hollywood production that doesn't need a sequel. haven't the american people been
6:47 am
through enough in the last year and a half, two years to have to go through this again? i bet it would rate. there is a weird thing in watching them fight ute out. everybody feels better about their own relationship. i know i had a rough day and my wife wasn't going potty on the bed. that's the reality. it was a train wreck of a trial. >> dana: mostly for her. >> she looked terrible. why do it to herself again? >> dana: johnny depp's has rebounded. >> if he didn't sue her it was over. he was about to be doing a film called porch pirates of the car jib ran. she destroyed her image. somebody should whip per to quit while she is behind. it won't help her the second time around. >> if it is maybe there is a camera in the courtroom again. just what america needs to 2023. >> dana: we need more jimmy
6:48 am
failla. have a great week. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: check this out two taylor swift fans not ready to shake it off. more than two dozen suing ticketmaster plus the left trying to downplay elon musk's data dump on the hunter biden laptop bombshell. musk says there are more smoking guns to come. according to elon musk. so, you're 45. that's the perfect age to see some old friends, explore new worlds, and to start screening for colon cancer. yep. with colon cancer rising in adults under 50, the american cancer society recommends starting to screen earlier, at age 45. i'm cologuard, a noninvasive way to screen at home, on your schedule. and i find 92% of colon cancers. i'm for people 45+ at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your provider if cologuard is right for you.
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>> bill: more stunning video this time out of southern california. crews responding to a chain reaction crash on a highway. check this out. a truck falling off the side of an overpass. >> dana: oh my goodness. >> bill: smashing into cars below. two people were injured. authorities say weather appears to have been a factor. you see that s.u.v. right there trapped up against the concrete
6:54 am
wall? that is not the place where you want to be. that's a day where you can say i'm unlucky. however, only injuries there and we believe everybody will be okay. >> dana: that is so scary. i've never seen anything like that. thankfully they are only injured. that might be a real testament to the strength of the cars that we have today and people being able to survive it. we have this. less than 24 hours now believe it or not until another election georgia's senate runoff. it comes down to the wire as the democrat incumbent warnock and walker make their final pitches of the hard-fought campaign. they got no break after the november election. charles watson is live in flowery branch, georgia that sounds beautiful. >> good morning. herschel walker wrapped up 1 of 5 campaign events he has scheduled across the state today. at this first one in flowery branch he showed up with his wife and mother-in-law by his
6:55 am
side and spoke to some of his supporters and encouraged folks to vote tomorrow and kept his distance from the press. we tried to ask him how he is feeling about this race and what some of his legislative goals would be if he wins this election. he didn't have much to say to us about it. take a listen. >> what is your plan to fix high inflation? >> if you win tomorrow do you have any priorities for legislation? >> legislative goals? >> how do you feel you'll do tomorrow? >> so incumbent democratic senator warnock has been busy as well this morning. he just wrapped up a visit to get out the vote work site in atlanta as 1 of 4 stops in the atlanta area where he is trying to run up the score. he is not taking his foot off the pedal. >> the message this morning is
6:56 am
we can't let our foot off the gas. we have to press through the finish line and run through the tape. so if you haven't already voted, tomorrow is the last opportunity to vote. >> it looks like these two candidates are solely focused on getting the voters out to the polls on tuesday. you know, dana, i'm sure you can see the rain behind us. interesting if that has a damper on election day tomorrow. >> dana: we'll have to check with fox weather. >> bill: on the map this is where we were four weeks ago. warnock and walker. stay law in georgia you have to get 50%. they didn't get there and they have the runoff four weeks later. it was close. a difference of 36,000 votes between the two. we'll see who is voting, all right? significant question to ask. the advance vote, this is really impressive. you are at 1.8 million who cast a vote early.
6:57 am
i believe it was 2.24 weeks ago for the mid-term. with me now let's bring in brian robinson former spokesperson for a former georgia governor. we've been taking bets here trying to figure out what's going on down there? do you have a read as to who has an edge or do you believe the race is too close to call? >> it's georgia so it is always too close to call here. it's a purple state. the vegas putting money on this tomorrow, we don't know. if the votes were counted as of the close of friday warnock would have a very big lead. the democrats had a huge turnout operation. we had record turnout during early voting. the democrats have an advantage. big democratic counties were open thanksgiving week and most republican counties weren't. on election day in the general herschel walker got 220,000 more votes than raphael warnock.
6:58 am
you have to assume a lot of his vote is back dated until tomorrow. now, charles is right in the last segment. the rain could put a damper on it. that is a concern for the walker campaign. a lot is on the line for walker as far as turnout tomorrow. if you see a small turnout tomorrow it is really good for warnock. if you see a massive turnout tomorrow it's really good for walker. >> bill: the redo from 2018 kemp had a 300,000 vote margin over abrams. what has kemp down during this campaign for herschel walker? >> he has leant herschel walker all his giant bags of political capital. no one has more influence than brian kemp right now. he has been in super pac ads making an economic argument talking about 40-year high inflation saying if you want a
6:59 am
change in washington, my man is herschel walker. so he is speaking to those voters that voted for kemp but not walker. he is saying you trust me and i'm telling you, it is okay to vote for herschel walker. we need him in washington. a huge voice. probably the most important voice we've seen during the runoff for walker. >> bill: there has been some polling real clear average puts warnock 51, walker just shy of 48. it's a three-point difference there. was i right on the early vote numbers? 2.2 a month ago, 1.9 now? if that's the case, what do you read into those numbers? >> well, you will have some drop-off from a general election. that always happens. the walker people would love to see 1.5 million show up tomorrow and get us up to 3.5 overall and gives them the best shot and their pathway to victory. if it falls below 1 million the
7:00 am
pathway gets more narrow and the margins have to be even bigger for walker in order for him to have a chance. >> bill: okay. i take it we'll have a late night. maybe not. brian, thank you out of atlanta. nice to see you, sir. >> dana: love having brian on. fox news alert. top of the hour topping the news. ftx founder sam bankman-fried is headed from the bahamas to the hot seat on capitol hill but he may not be ready in time for a planned hearing. what's behind that potential delay? a class action lawsuit against ticketmaster after the taylor swift ticket fiasco. we'll talk to the team leading the case. the biden administration is now considering quote drastic measures at the border. what could those be? we're live in eagle pass, texas with more on all those stories throughout the hour. first elon


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