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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 5, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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it's the mindset that looks at a woman and says, nice. >> tucke >> in other words, my exmy husband's cause climate change in addition to everything else ,it's all about her. appre so great. we appreciate your watching tonight. your wnight anwe'll be back 8:0y weeknight. >> here's sean hannity. here's shawnand we begin this mt with a fox news alert. >> we begin with sad news tonight as emmy award winning actress and friend of. the program, kirstie alley, hast passed away after a battle with cancer. in a statement posted justnd moments ago, her children, they praise their mother's passion for life. they continued, quote, herting eternal joy was creating was unparalleled and leave us inspired to live life to theu fullest, just as she did.n th we're going to have more on that coming up later in the show. >> first tonight, our country is facing a crisis of
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confidence. most people have not connected the dots. we're going to try to . tonight, the most dire threate to a free and fair elections in the history of the united states . it is now coming from within. explain it all by coordinating c with the dnc and big tech top brass at our own fbi havepun been putting their thumbs n on the scales of our elections now for years. the preside the lastntia two presidentiald elections in particular, and the mob and the medie mea ae totally and completely complicit through outright censorship. throughthrough lying, through disinformation, not vetting candidates. they allely wo deliberately work hand in hand to help elect count democrats all acrossa hand the country. but thanks to several new investigations, a handful of reporters and a guy by thet,t name of elon musk. that's right, the billionaire, the full extent of thiss corruption is now beginningl wa to come to light. and tonight, we're going p by to walk you through this step by step. it may seem complex, but it's also actually pretty simple. afr we'll begin tonight with elon
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musk after twitter's bombshell document dump on friday that centered around twitter's 2020 joe biden censorship campaign. well, musk said that all of a this during an open discussion on saturday at a roundtable over the weekend. >> take a listen.>> c clearly,le if if twitter is doim one team's bidding before an election, shutting down dissenting voices on a pivotal election, that is the veryn definition of electionio interference. and what the else we're doing? of course, it's like, yes, you know, that, frankly, twitter was acting like an arm of the democratic national committee. >> it was absurd. tha well, thatt wo would be electiot interference and an arm ofaccord the democratic party, but it twi getstt worse.e according to musk, twitter was b not acting alone. many in the media mob were not being truthful to you. the american people.
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>> shocker. those beke a look. well, i think those peopley they should be looking in the mirror and wondering why they werean deceptive, why did they deceiven the american public and instea d of trying to redirect blame to be accepting some responsibl red themselves i not being truthful to the american public. >>c. there'so doub now, there'st many so-called journalists are now downplayin musg revelations because they were, in fact, complicit in twitter in their censorship efforts. in twenty , twenty short, shortly after twitte r blocked f any and all sharing of the hunter biden laptop reportuy from the new york post.announ npr proudly announced that it would not be covering hunter'se laptop from because, quote, we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories and we don't want reade to waste the listeners and readers time on stories that are stories just pure distractions. now, countless other, quote, journalists, they falsely referf to the story as russianor disinformation or hacked material.
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now, this gave cover to twitter, which was blocking the report without any legitimate reason. according to newly released internal documents, twitteron blocked one hunter biden story. the story on the basisey that it could be hackedal pol material and they hacked materialic policy. but that policy reportedly requires that login. forssmann find evidence of w a hack that never happened because the laptop was not hacked. even twitt. r's laptop even twitter itself admittedd ex that the hacked excuse would nocut hold up, according to oneg former employee, quote, hackingy was the excuse. md but within a few hours, prettydu much everyone realized that. that wasn't going to hold. but no one had the guts to reverse it. aand yet twitter utilized an emergency tool only used forer the removal of child to blockng users from sharing the report, even over private messages. a now, twitternd officials also eagerly work with the bidenworkd campaign to remove w other objectionable, objectionable posts. this internal document from
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october 2020 features five links at the biden team wanted to removed. three hours later, a twitter employee responded, handle these. bew, keep in mind, journalists, matt taibbi reviewed these internal documents. and to be clear, matt is in nols way acting on behalf of the republicans. but the scandal is not about conservative or liberal ideology. it's a story about what is systemic political bias. it's a story about- ab censorsh. it's a story about propaganda and misinformation. that is now being- inst institutionalized in big tech companies. itbi that are seriously harmingr coun our country. and the next level of thisinvolm is our own fbi's involvement. and thates makes it far worse. and i'll get into this in a second and it goes well beyond the hunter biden laptop scandal. >> take a look. ol accounts d accounts that wery requested to have things taken t down by the dnhec and by the biden campaign, even ones that have nothing to do . with the hunter biden laptop,
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if they will also be releasedse. in to release all the files. so it's not like anything that's hidden. this is like whatever stasi files or your truth and reconciliation like nelson mandela would say. s you know, ifay you want reconciliation, there must wa. ruth so that's that's the intent. intent here is to just make to make it clear what wast th happening and provide transparency about the past. doe >> now, additional documentsntwn are forthcoming and we cani almt expect more of the same. and according to taieb, almostcc all of twitter censorship favoring the democratic party. that's and because in part, almd everyone that worked at twitter was a liberal democral det in 0 over 98% of political donations from twitter employees, they went to democrats. now, this year, thats number w3 up to ninety nine point seven three percent. that's nearly 100%. and that brings us to one former twitter employee in particular.
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employee in particular and his name w his name you've heard o before, james baker. you might recall i baker an 202e was working as twitter's deputy general counser l and ats the time, baker advised twitter staff that it was, quote, hun reasonable to assume that the hunter biden story is the product of hack materialck and urged, quote, caution. but a few years earlier, back in 2016, well, he wasd with the fbi and he was the topo legal adviser for the fbi. the and then baker threw all caution to the wind, reportedly disseminated hillary clinton's dirty disinformationclinton', rn dossier to the entire media. this is the same dirty put together by ex foreign spy christopher steele. on behalf of the dnc and the clinton campaign. it could not be karabo created or verified even after the fbi offered steele $1 million in early october of 2016 to back up anything or prove or corroborate anything in cos claims. now, that's because the dossier was always made up.
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it was a farce, unverified and unverifiable. itunveri is filled to the brim with actual russian disinformation o bar talr bar t, as they called it. but that did not stop the fbi from using a dossier on four separate fisa warrants to gain access. the the trump campaign, their transition team and the trump white hous whitee. even after steele couldn't corroborate it and collect his million dollars ml ands. source and then after his main source, dan chanko, said it was false and said it was bar talk, they still lied to the fisa courts. they saitod it was something thd was not. they said it was verified.e an they signed their daim to .o what do you think would happento to any of you if you lied to a e judge in a court of law? think about this. the fbi committed fisa fraud. they did knowingly with a fake document to spy on a candidate and then a president. but in 2020, they seemingly made no effort to investigate a laptop that they had had for eleven long months. o that, in fact, not only implicated hunter biden, but nopresidw the president, the
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candidate joe biden and a variety of seriouss pay to play schemes.n th in fact, on aprile fb twenty eight , 2020 one , when for fbi raided rudy giuliani's residence for whatever reason,y they didn't take his copy of h the hunter biden hard drive ,t t even though he offered itse the to them. they said they didn't want possession o because they alread possession of the laptop for yef nearly a year before the election, and it was handede over by the computer repair guy, john paul mac isaac. it was handed over by the computer repair guy. so he he gave it to them. he will join us , by the way, in a few moments. the fbi had plenty of time to corroborate and that 11 month period of time, the authenticity of hannah's laptop, the information on the hard drive , the crimes that are obviously committed th on that laptop, and they did nothing. instead, they heavily suggested the laptopt scandal was part ofw a russian disinformation campaign. now, the here's where the fbi's involvement. most people have not put thieths together gets very serious. no.w we know and now we have
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learned that the fbi,: as reported by fox,ly met with twitter and other big tech companies weekly in the weeks leading up to thew ler 2020 presidential election. acn fact, we're now learning that the fbi met with twitter and other big tech's companies. and according to twitter's former head of sites, integrity ,many of these meetings involve warnings about, quote, hack and leak operationsio by state actors with somn" by e involving hunter biden likely in october. one fbi agend t recentlyy testified that the bureau used these weekly meetings to lobbyob social media platformse an to change their terms of service and then censorn of content. now, clearly, the upper echelon of the fbi were putting in their fingers on the scale. lapt did it in 2016. they did it again in 2020.y re and we now know that hunter's laptop from is very real.ideo they had all of hunter'sdrugs emails, all of these videos doing drugs and hanging out with women of the evening. shal l we call them, and how
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joe biden was directlyd implicated and involved in his son's shady international business deals. l businetake a look.>> anoth >> and now to another keyigur figure in this impeachment story. inhis isjoe biden's son , huntes this morning, hiins business deals during his father's time as vice president are drawing new scrutiny. joe biden himselt drawinf, two family members, his son , hunter biden, of course,ja and his brother james biden, have received millions oars fly dollars from politically connected chinese interests. >> and i remembe>> i remr lookia jim biden and saying, how are you guys getting away with this ? aren't you concerned? and he saw how he looked at me and he laughed a little bit and said, plausible deniability . >> a 2013 trip to china getting new attention this morning. not for what joe biden did, butb for who he brought with him. his son , hunter, joining the then vice president on the official visit to beijing. >> of course, we have one email back on may 20th, 2017, where
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he's writing. and this is actually t james gill. you're writing to tony blonsky . don't mention joe being involved. it's only when you are face to face. i know you know that. but they are paranoid, unknownn to the press. back then, hunter biden f is forming a chinese private equity fund, planning to raiseai moneng ty, including from chinek investors. years later, hunter biden acknowledgednowledge h it. c during the trip, he met with a chinese banker, which his spokesperson describes as a a social visit, not a business pe one . >> the reanol conspiracyt a hee the democrats big tech, big media keeping this story fromepo the americanpl people just days before the most important election. we hav the ele election for president of the united states , election for who's going to be the commander inr i chief. and you have a family involved t with all kinds of foreign business interestshear t, and we don't get to hear that story. still no consequences. , no one hunter, no investigation into joe , no early morningd crm raidess, process crimes connecting anyone in biden's orbit. all at all. and just like there was no search warrant or charges or for contac hilt chances for hillary
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clinton when she mishandled top secret classified informatiod ton, no prosecutor,e were told, would prosecute. forgive me if i'm a little cynical and roll my eyes whend d they raided mar-a-lago looking fog mar top secret classifiedd u information or accused donald trump of collusion collusi. no prosecutors ever prosecute all of these things. because what he's and do republican and he's not a democrat. have do we have a two tiered sm of justice? it looks like we do. the fbi, the dnc, the big tech,t the media mob must all be heldan accountable before our wonderful american republic. is ruined forever. all right. here with a lot of details and reaction, missouri attorney general and senate elect eric schmitt is with us . he has been suing the bush sch administration over social medimidt a censorship. okay, did i connect the dots ink a way that makeses sense to you? because i think it can but get confusing. ngers on but did the fbi put had their finger on the scales? they had this laptop for 11 months.
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they did nothing with it. every and then the fbi is telling every week they're meeting b with these big tech companies and they are saying to them, oh, be on the lookout for these hack and leak operations. and it may even be about hunter. we're told they knew c thaomt su was likely going to come out because they had the laptop and they knew rudy giuliani had it. >> t >> that's right. ha sean,sean. and also, i think this is a story of the federal government with all of its vast power and authority colluding with some of the biggest companies in the history of the world. to censor americans to put their thumb on the scale, as you said, of what's out there, what people can actually read or know about before an election. and it ought to scare the bejesus out of every american. i don't care what your political stripe is . i mean, this is out of some dystopian novel. and what we learned, we tookr. the deposition of elvis chan, the fbi agent, last week.e hunt well, here's what's very clear . the fbi had one hundred biden laptop story in 2019.
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he sat on it. they didn't do anything with it. they knew it wasn't hack material. they knew it was legit. miranda devine of the new york post said that they had access to her emails. they also knew when this story exactly was going to be published. elvis chan testified that they were having meetings, monthly meetings, including weekly meetings, telling to be on the lookout for hacked and leaked materials. ity yoel roth, the integrity guy at twitter, in a sworn affidavit, said that in those meetings, heh ther there's going to be something, potentially something about hunter biden in thating aboubiden in story. ckdr so you connect all these dotso e and this was a backdoor wacty as to effect they're also advising themem on ha their what they're hacking leak or their hack policy ought to be. and yoguy, jimu also have the s, jim baker, who was general counsel of the fbi in 2016 and then general counsel of twitter in the fall of 2020 t is clear in those elon muskfilea that the twitternd files, he was the one saying, put the brakesia
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on this. so the fbis ve was very involven it. again, this is verey concerning for our republic. wee bee believe in free speech.t we believe the first amendment is the beating heart of the constitution. ederaland when you have the fedl government and law enforcement acting in this way, it'sy shocking. all right. so this guy, your roth, e is twitter's former head of site integrity. that s one that said he was oth meeting weekly with the fbi and they were meeting with other big tech organizations. let's fast forward to the fbi y and their special agent, elvis i chan. belie who you, i believe, interviewede last week. and he said in a lawsuit that the biden administration organized the meetings. and , in fact, your solicitor general said chan said the fbi warned twitter to be on guard for hack leak and that this guy, roth, confirmed that hacknh and leak will be on the lookout for something about hunter biden. if you seehunter , is probably goinge to be fake. isn't that what they did? is that what the fbi, and th apparitional did?ha
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that. yes. and the fbi knew that that wasn't a hacked hard drive .nd t they knew that that was legit. i they had thangt computer in wor their possession for years but were laifonthsd the groundwork r months that this could be something that comes up iners wrath. specifically, midge's in octobeo again,r. so, again, they laye the groundwork for this to be te censored material. then t the issue comes up and they know, by the way, the date in which, accordinga de to miranda devine, in whichnd this is going to be published. so the groundwork had been did f . twitter did what twitter did . and so now what's what's confounding the left is all these pieces of the puzzle now are coming together and throughr our previous deposition of anthony fauci, through the discovery, we've alreadyy fg gotten of the specific portal the government had with these big tech giantensos to censor americans, you know, banning people, platforming people, silencing people, you know, big gove was doing the bidding of big government. >> they were talking -- with th fbi. they were being instructedbeg almost by the fb anthi.
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let me ask you, the fbi was there, said if you shut down dissenting voices, that is by its very definition, election interference. when i was asked why the media is acting like this is ager nothing burger, he had a greatli answer. he said, because they're allcitn complicit in lying to theameric demoican public and that they're acting as the propaganda arm ofit the democratic party. do you agree with elon musk? is all of that true that our fbi and big tech and the media, did they all sort of collude together to put their thumb on the scale to prevent the american people from seeing a story aboutd corruption? se with joe and hunter biden in the weeks leading up to theup 2020 election that could have, if the people knew about it,d that could have impactedh, the s the result of that election, sir?en out >> yeah, this story should and l gone out thereed. there was no reason for thisroun to be bottled up. and the fbi laid the groundworks
11:19 pm
. i mean, this s waswo elvis chans sworn deposition. he said that they were having monthly and weekly meetings. they knew the joe biden laptop wasn't hacked material. and they specifically saidspeci according to twitter's integrity guy wrath, that they mentioned one hundred biden story. i mean, that's jus's just that'. that's nuts in our our federalhs law enforcement has no role in this. they shouldn't have anythinggove ce to do with this government shouldn't be censoringnsorellin government shouldn't be telling these platforms what they can publis h, what they can't cam publish. and also an interesting tidbit here, sean, that came out ofs ei that deposition was elvis. and his deposition also believes that this was influenced by democrat members of congress and their staffers going to silicon valley, sayingn that they need to affect their content, moderation, policyon polic, or else, mr. attorney general, senator , elect our schmidt of missouri. thank you, by the way, bringingt this to washington.. than i think you've got your works. cut out for you. thank you for being with us. t when we come back ,nored unsurprisingly, the mob in the media largely ignorethd
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the release of the bombshell twitter files. why? because they're complicit, john . paul , mac, isaac and clay travis will react. alsomerford , james comber is investigating the biden family. jim jordan is investigating if the fbi and the doj beenom politicized. they will join us and tell us about their whistleblower straight ahead. straightvery nice. >> 830 to three hundred. >> and today, 800 today. hi, i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. >> and i'm here today to tell you about a hidden health crisis currently affecting nearly every american sleep deprivation. and that's why you need to know about relaxium sleep. you see, getting a good night's
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three eight three one. >> that's 1-800- for one three three eight three one no. and now, not surprisingly,e reve the media mob is mostlyla surre hunter explosive revelations surrounding twitter and their efforts to censor the hunter. bide the wen laptop story in the wees leading up to the 2020 electione and even when they did cover it, fake news. cne n is stillru to retreatingss to the russian disinformation outright lie. >> take a look . ns a these are documents related to the internal discussions at twitter in 2020 around a laptopt that was found at a laptop repair shop that contained all kinds of really outrageous stuff from the president. now,no president's son .f th right. wor and inside twitter, what youyini din see are all these people who work there saying, is this real? this feels like russian disinformation. maybe it is real, but what it
11:27 pm
sort of shows is a real struggle at an importantthing so platform for how to deal with something. so outrageous, so explosive and what to actually do with it couldn't be more wrong. >> earlier today when the white house press secretary was asked about the new revelations, she called it, quotes an, old news. >> take a look. look, we see this as an interesting or a coincidence, if i may, that that he would so haphazardly twitter also haphazardly push this distraction that is that is a full of old news. if you think about it. a and at the same time, twitter is facing very real and very serious questions aboutan the rising volumger,e of anger, hate and anti-semitism on their platform. ttinand how they're letting it happen. >> actually , it's all new news . t was a laptop repairman, john paul mac isaac,h who gave the fbi the laptop.
11:28 pm
he gave it to them.n in eleven months before the twenty twenty presidential election in december of 2019, amid hunte the first trump impeachment. wat and by the way, after hunter had abandoned the laptop. so why wasn't the fbi honest? i why weren't they transparent? that thewhy didn't they make it clear that there was noan evidence that the laptop had anything to do with russian disinformation? why is there still no accountability from the fbi, especially its director , chris ? right. cially its more john paul , mac, isaac and founder travis. so, john paul, they have your you hand this over inis ove december of 2019. it is very easily verifiable wh based on what we now know is on that laptop. we have videos, we have pictures, we have emails all all it's all hunter biden and also involved in illegal activity. l acty, which is why you hand it over, v handed it over in the first place. >> so they could have verifiedyo everything on the laptop, the things that concerns you, and probably much more . i
11:29 pm
but t they didn't.ane fb and not only did they not do it ,then the fbi turns around in the lead up to the 2020elec election warning everybody about hack and leak, which is that maybe this is hack material. they're coordinating weeklg tecs with big tech to basically convince them. if you hear about this story be, don't believe it. don't publish it, don'itt disseminate it. and i just want to get. your reaction. >> all of that . ears toll, obviously, i've been waiting a couple of years form r this to come out. i'm grateful for elon and what he's done over twitter, bringing this to the surface. but i've for had a l my suspicir a long time. i mean, i gave the laptop to the fbi on december 2019. and when the impeachment trial occurred and that laptop was nowhere to be seen and wasn't admitted as evidence. and i had definitely expressed to the fbi from the time they reached out to me in novem november to when they finally came to pick u p the laptop, that there were concerns regarding ukraine and whatukrai
11:30 pm
the biden family were up to during that time. so i kneat time.w when they decd to ignore the laptop in the impeachment trial, that the fbi had no intention off ev ever doing anything with that laptop. >> i just assumed that itht wase at the bottom of the potomac and they clay then they went the extra mile and that was to prevent big tech from even publishing it when they got a hold of it and casting doubt in the minds of big tech companies to even put out orory, allow people to read the newi gs york post story. and i guess what's unbelievable to me is the most underreportede aspect of hunter biden. it's not the and it's not the drugs. it's fac the fact that hey repeatedly implicates his own fatherwn fat as being paid and f beneficiary of his foreign business dealingusiness. fter on top of photograph aftert dris photograph we have of joe biden ,hunter, biden and farm business associates. and at the at least 40 meetingsd we've identified with joe
11:31 pm
linter and hiseign farm business partners. so joe biden lied directly to the american people. all of that informationk is there. and you woulthd think the fbi would have open an influence peddling investigation by this point. >> no no doubt. >> look, we're talking about a scandal that makes watergate look like jaywalking. sean. and >> and the reality is , if he h had our gentleman here had not copied all of the thingsn hasn't on the laptop, i thinkve throw he's right. i think the fbi would have the thrown this into the potomac and it's important to contextualize the time frame here. thank god elon musk is sharing all of these internal deliberations. buternett remember, that's whatb happened when the story came out from the new yorut k post.n of w >>hy we still don't have a great explanation of why. why was the fbi out there w already? meeting weekly with all these ko big tech companies, letting them know that this kind of story was coming and telling
11:32 pm
them that it was going to be russian disinformation? they knew because they had what i believe was an improper warrant, checking out everything that rudy giulianid was doing. they knew he wasd th interactins with the "new york post". they'vare had this laptop fore o over a year.n they knew it was real.the who ordered a code red in the fbi showing? i mean, this is th e real essence of this question.sion t somebody ihan the fbi made the decision that they wereel going to rig this story and rig this election for joe bidenwho i through collusion with big tech. who did thatd at the fbi?appene we still don't know. thi we know it happened.t we don't we know it's somebody made thiso order, but we don't know who i s was. electil we know who was rigging this election in the fbi, wght e are dealing rigt now with an agency that's out of control. we kno know and we know there is someone in power there, someone at a high level who was rigging this entire election, who knew that this laptop wascog comp, who knew that this a story was coming and who was goingussd the tech companies and saying,
11:33 pm
hey, this is russian the lying and they were rigging this look out for it. they were lying. they were rigging this election anainst donald trump and for joe biden. and what we need to know, seanaf inve i believe the house of representatives should be investigating is who werewert those people who were calling all these briefings and whyy were they covering it up?s and we need to , i believe, to charge whoever was involvedn with it. you yowau wantnt to talk about democracy dying in darkness. you want to talk aboutns, the threat to our country of rigged elections. this guy or girl, whoever wasinl in the fbil is pulling all the strings here. >> the big story is they had for 11 months, they did nothings with it. the second part of the story is they created doubt in the minds of big tech to get them to not allow the american people to see this before an election. electjohn paul mcisaac will git the last word. >> you feel vindicated. you feel i know you lostl, you k your business over this. lps. well, you know, this obviouslyrc helps.
11:34 pm
i've been waiting for justice for this for over two years. ded ilan's and i hate to say it if my lawyer's listening is probably brotton delivered me the most justice i've beentns able to witness.ors. and i support him 100%. i have no intentions on revisiting my lawsuit with twitter, even though no w it's apparent that they were cheating. i don't want to stand in ove the way of what ilan's building. over there and i support himia 100%. hn paul ma >> and the media was complicit, too. all right, john paul mcisaacaac travis, thank you both. now, all of these major thing developmentss into all the things we're talking abouthe will be the subject of investigations in the republican controlled congress as of january , as tope gop lawmakers now are vowing to conduct oversight and expose the failings of major tech the companies and top government institutions. like the fbi to hold bad actors accountable. here to explaihere tn more ,l bi congressman james comey.he he will be investigating the bidens and the judiciarys jn
11:35 pm
committee. >> jim jordan, h ae will beher r investigating whethe nr or not our fbi politicized and department of justice's we. onizes >> congressman colmer, i'll begin with you. now that wie, the fbi, had this laptop for 11 months, there is low hanging fru but that's not the big one .n the you said when you made your announcement about your investigation, this is an investigatnounceme e into the presidentthat l of the united states .ap that laptop implicates joe biden. we have photographs that proveet that he was with hunter and hise foreign business associates. we know that he went and attended meetings with foreign business associates and kw hun groans and complains. he's paying dad or pops all this money. so the question here is , is this the biggest influences t peddling scandal? >> congress is investigating? >> absolutely.s is there's nothing like it in the history of america. we've never had a family that pl
11:36 pm
has influencede peddling to thir degree. and if you look at the the whole purpose of what we're o talking about today, it's because this investigation of the biden family influenced lo peddling, the evidence is based a lot in part with what the documents are in.m breaki the data is on the laptop. so, sean, i'm breaking on your show tonight based on the internal documents that elon musk released this week in the oversight committee,orrow mo will be sending a letter tomorrow morning to the three twitter employeethres, mie ghadi, wrath and baker, that were implicated in the cover up of the laptop story. three letters requestinguary their presence in front of. the oversight committee in january . but wasn't the fbi putting pressure on big tech companies? oh, yes. they're going to try. ahead go ahead, sir. right. m is w and what we'reho going to ask them is who was influencing unia your decision making? did you do this unilaterally? tey oror did you do this based
11:37 pm
on what you were told from the biden campaign, from the democratic national committee or even worse? and as i suspects from the fbi, this is going to be andirectly opportunity for the american people to heare thre directly f the three twitter employees implicated in the data releasesn that elon musk just up thise weekend. so they'rea fe going to have a weeks to get their story straight and they're going to be able to come under oath in front of the house oversighta committee and tell the american people what really happenedd wh and why why were they so intent on suppressing this story? and jim jordan, as the head ofw judiciary, your investigation will be working in tandem with congressman colmer because wh looking into whether orng otr not based on whistleblower testimony among other things,ur whether or not our fbi has been politicized and our department of justice weaponizes. what is your takaponnizee on thg that they had weekly meetings t warning thesece big tech companies all be on
11:38 pm
the lookout? they're probablyyou going to ge you a hack material.o pr some of it may be about hunter biden. woultech frod they trying to prt big tech from letting that story go out? why didn't they do anything forh the 11 months that they hadavin the laptop themselves? vestthey could have been t investigating all of this. >> sro shocking resp the answer to your question,ston who at the fbi was responsible these big tech platforms and and going and briefing these big tech platforms to answer whs to question who is that key person? we know where to start. timothy tybalt. that's where you start because a whistle blower, fbi agent gr a whistle blower went to senator grassley and said, this is the guy who was pushing to suppress the one hundred w biden story. his name also came up with a different whistle blowere who came to us. so the place you start is with timothy tebow to get the answers. but here's the key fact. the guy that jim baker that mr. colmer just mentioned, that'sthu the key, because jim baker waslt the chief counsel at the fbi back when they spied on president trump's campaign. and then jim baker, shazam goess to twitter and is their general counse
11:39 pm
l and is the one who did the email saying, well, it'sg reasonable to assume that thise is a hacking operation and therefore we can we cant throttle back this story abouttw the biden laptop. so that's where you start. timoh jim baker and timothy tybalt.ane and we have been trying to getet mr. boult in for a deposition. we will make sure that happens in january . jamie's already working on mr. baker. that's how you get to the bottom of this. elo and the way you stop it is to al get the facts. everything out there like elonth musk has started. but we'rs oue going to continue yoanu get the facts out there.rp that's sur the first step into making sure this kind of baloney and garbage never happens. again. >> jim jordan, is elon musk right when he says that whenm jd you shut down dissenting voices ,that is by very definition election interference. do you agree that the media wast complicit in lying to the publi american public and acting as the propaganda arm of the democratic party? that and do you believe that the fbib is behind all that pressure joe to prevent big tech from
11:40 pm
publishing that story to help joe biden get elected? >> yeah, i thet sure 5 looks, bl remember the fiftys one former intel official send the letter says this has all the classicars earmarks of a russian disinformation operation. the real disinformation operation was the one the fb onei the big tech were running on the american people. and jim baker was at the heart of it. t hiso let's get him in here to talk to jamie and his team and then we'll get timothy tybalt into the judiciary committee to talk to him and get to the bottom of it. andll get the facts to the her honor people. as i said. jim >> so we get the facts to thest american people. >>m , we'll give you the last word tonight. >> well, remember, sean, the whole purpose of this y investigation is to determine whether or not thiouk ats whitee is compromised. when you look at all the bad policies coming out of this white house, especiall out oy with respect to things like energy policy and the fact thato biden is trying to embrace this great new deal, who wants the green? you deal more than anyone othern than a few liberals in california, china. they want to puts as at a competitive disadvantage. so a lot ohif the bad decisionsi this administration'stratis makg may be because they're compromised because of the millions of dollars theys th
11:41 pm
they receive through influence peddling from our adversaries in china. s of russia, russia and the middle east. that's why we're investigatingmy the biden family and that's why we're going to kick into highin gear. we have subpoena power and the gavel. and you are e investigatingin t the president ofhe uni the unit? states for influence peddling, is that correct? absolutely. investhat is the investigation, sir. >> congressman james comey, thank you. congressman jim jordan, thank you also. now, also tonight, we have developing information. a former scientist at the eco health e alliance is cominge forward to blow the whistle on massive failings insideorn the organization and inside the nih because in an explosive new book, dr. andrew huff reveals major security failures surrounding gain of function research. at that juha n virology lab and more evidence bolstering the lab leakt wu theory and not the wet market theory thate they some wanted to believe.ived y remember, itou was the eco healg alliance they received your taxpayeh thr money throughf ree form of grants from the nih
11:42 pm
to conduct gain of function research at the juhan lab, something that fauci appeared takeie about under oath when he was asked by senator rand paul . take a loo >> tk. >> the facts are clear . the nih did fund gain of function research and move on . despite your protestations, pr takeake rey finally some responsibility for funding gain of function research? and we werspfunde on . >> senator , with all due respect, i disagree with so firs oee with f the things thate said gained, first of all, gainn of function is a very nebulous term. we have spent, not us , but, a outside bodies, a considerable amount of effort to give a moree s ecise definition to the type of research that is of concern right now.ce >> we did reach out to the icoie health alliance. they dismissed dr. housein conclusion, telling us that mr. huff makes a number of othere ne speculations and allegations about the nature of the collaboration between ico
11:43 pm
health alliance and the wuhan institute of virology. given that he never worked at or with the luján institute of virology, his assertions along these lines cannot be trusted. here to explain himself is the author of the truth about wuhan, dr. andrew hough. what do the american people need to know about gain of function and coronavirus research at american tax dollars? >>ing to that virology lab? >> well, sean, thank you forr having me. it's ha clear as day thatunited the united states government, united states people we funded l gain afunction research ate of r the wuhan institute of virology . it's interesting that he calledh lyons and dr. das have prettyty much ignored the statements that i made under oatho u.s. with penalty of perjury in a report that we submittedntelle to the us congress, house. intelligence committee and members of the senate, i actually reviewed the understanding, the risk of understanding the risk offunc coronavirus gain a function proposal that was submitted by eco's alliance to the
11:44 pm
national answef healthr to natil institute of health, which was reviewed or approved by . i think i think you left by the ico health line's been 2016.ance >> how would you know this waswo happening in 2018 and nineteen . what.ening in work you have to take a step back . so actually this whole gain of function work began under us . i'd predict that's where they're collecting the samplesal and genetic material to actually construct this virus that happened befores d hs gain of function proposal. >> so if you actually look at the genetic evidence of thiss al this disease, it has allwork. the necessary parts that were collected from this surveillance wor sean: tk and tk in 2012, 2013 and we know that0, they were told that very early on . and even then in e twenty , twenty early, 2020, that had had all these signs, said it was manipulated by man. sir, we're going to continue o to follow it. thank you. straight head, all eyes betwe on georgia. pivotal senate runoff between
11:45 pm
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eight five nine one four. that's 805 five eight five nine one four. all right, it's game time in georgia. herschel hersc walker barnstorme all over the state ahead of tomorrow's senate runoffrunoff
11:51 pm
against radical raphael warnock. and like we always say, the onlye poll that's goingblic to matter is the one onio election day. republicans need a big electionn ,a turnout to win the seat, which could be a major gop flip ,was more georgia senate candidate herschel walker, along with south carolin a senator lindsey graham. all right, herschelle, you know, game days, you understande it better than anybody. the onlythan any thing that wors about your race is one thing is that it seems in every staten democrats have embraced and even perfected early voting, which puts every and republican behind on election damyy and if my calculations are right, if you got the exact turnout that you got win on election day, november 8th, tomorrow, you'll win.u sa but that's a big undertaking. yoat do you say those people, men in particular, seem to haveh voted in lower numbers. what do yoat hu say to them that have not voted yet and why it's important to vote tomorrow? well, what i would say to them is they out to get out to vote.
11:52 pm
and that's what we're trying to do now, is get turnout. come rain, sunshine, snow. you got to get out and vote because if you don't vote ,on't you're going to get more chuckle schumer and also president biden, because senator warner has shown that he's alway schumme s going to vote with them. and if you vote for herschel walker, you're going to get someone who's goine withg to giu a voice in washington, becauseil i'm going to be with the georgia people. i alwaysl be w ople and y will be the georgia w people. so you, gotbu to get out and ve is raining right now.e ra footdon't let that stop you. and i say this here. i play football in the rain. i play football in the snow.wara i play football in warm weather. right now, whaterst matterse bea is getting outus to vote becausw that's the most important thing you can do rightte now is the vote vote, vote . turn all about turnout tomorrow. lindsey , i wish republicans,eng even though i don't likeh he the system, if it's the systemns we have, not the one we wish wew have the republicans, i think,hd allow themselves to to get behind. so hershel's vote tomorrow say
11:53 pm
will make all the difference.e >> yeah, i want to say a couple of things.the republican i think herschel walker and his family for representingeorgig the republican party in georgia so well, they've been beatenup i and hershel still standing. this is the year the georgial bulldog, and there's no bigger georgia bulldog than herschel walker. urience.i want to thank your au. i've been on your show a lot,u begging for money. s so win and you responded. thist osed the gap to give us the resources to win this thing. you're about to get a returntilm on investment tomorrow. blei look at numbers, turn blun the face, high propensity voters, thoshighe who did not e vote in early voting. there's three hundred and thirty thousand more republicans who are high propensity voters to vote thanut democrats if they will turn oute tomorrow t. the people who vote all the time, no matter what the weather, we'll have a threel hundred and thirty thousand lead. so if you show up, herscheins.l wins. c well, i think that's really what it means. i know there's l for rainyou play tomorrow. i think people need to remember what you said, herschel.e snow
11:54 pm
yo,u knou played in the snow, u played in the summer heat. you played in the rain, you played. if it's game time, you go out se and play. 1-49 there's so much at stake. the difference betweenev fifty one , forty nine and fifty fifty, i believe is dramatic. >> your last pitch las. well, it is . and you know, right now you canv chec the committees, they can be even mean and we can put a stop to joe biden. we can put weg. can put a check on everything he's doing. and i cabelievn promise you i'm, to do that because i believe ins america. people i've always said i believe in the people, notse the government. so coms e out,is vote , vote , vote . electiobecause this is the moss important election of our lifetime. all right, herschel walker, you people in georgia, it's in your hands, your country needs you. when wking deae cometh back , mn the shocking death of actress kirstie alley straight ahead. >> if your business kept on employees of the pandemic innovation refunds could qualify for a payroll taand allr refund of up f to twenty six thousand dollars per employee. employee. even if you go
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as we did mentioned at the top of the show, legendary actress kirstie alleedy died at the age of 71 following a short battleth with cancer and an emmy winner, an immensely talented, beautiful soul, kind heart. bef. she had been on this program before and we wish her and herun family there in our thoughtse and our prayers and all tonight. that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with le wt noe hat your heart be tro. laura ingraham is standing withith a killer kick show. >> well, she gave us so much great humor and comedy. and i mean, she was a real blessing. and that whole cas she wast wasr a blessing to our country when we needed to laugh and we needed to be entertained. >> sthere way s no politics in any of it that was golden ages of tv.ll b and she will be she will be for missed. i mean, we hav sure,e comic relf on the hill, that's for sure. p buick itt we're going to we're g to pick it up where you left off handedly. awesome show. al show.l i have a great show. >> all right. i'm laura ingraham. this is the "ingraham angle" from washington. washthe mo cri