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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 6, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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yesterday was pretty much everyone playing music to keep everyone happy. the spirits yesterday were lower than the day before. one day without power everyone was pretty happy. yesterday it was starting to wear in and now we're hearing it might be sunday i think people are starting to be oh oh, we didn't plan for this. usually when a hurricane comes through our area we get ahead of the ballgame. >> bill: you live in a beautiful part of the world. hope it gets better soon. you have a great attitude. good luck to you and everybody around you. >> dana: you have a beautiful heart. thank you, rachel. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: republican lawmakers accusing the biden administration of colluding with big tech to censor free speech. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. white house responding to elon musk release of internal data on the hunter biden laptop story questioning the timing of the release. this from monday. >> we see this as an interesting
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or coincidence, if i may, that he would so haphazardly push this distraction that is a -- full of old news, if you think about it. at the same time twitter is facing very real and very serious questions about the rising volume of anger, hate and anti-semitism on their platform. how they are letting it happen. >> dana: the louisiana and missouri attorneys general have released the full transcript of dr. anthony fauci's deposition in the lawsuit against the administration. missouri's a.g. says the deposition shows the biden worked with social media to censor speech. >> dr. fauci is once again in republicans' crosshairs. state attorneys general for louisiana and missouri accuse him of revealing in these new testimony documents that quote, federal bureaucrats in collusion
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with social media companies want to control not only what you think but especially what you say. during no time in human history was this more obvious than during the covid-19 crisis where social engineering tactics were used against the american public. to limit your exposure to information that did not fit within a government-sanctioned narrative. jeff landry and eric schmidt are suing the biden administration over what they say is government collusion with big tech. the same platforms now face the wrath of elon musk and the white house yesterday sought to downplay friday's twitter gate revelations. >> frankly not healthy and won't do anything to help a single american improve their lives. and so look, we see it as an interesting, you know, you know, coincidence and, you know, it's a distraction. >> elon musk is teasing there is a lot more to come in what he is
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calling his quest for transparency. listen. >> there will be more smoking guns. what happened after the election? >> musk is allowing an independent journalists access to all the internal communications related about the hunter biden story. wise will release a long-form report once she has done a thorough investigation. >> dana: gillian turner in d.c. >> bill: now to america's health. the treple-demic, rsv, covid and flu said to be overwhelming hospitals across the country. states report dramatic increases in respiratory illnesses. dr. marc siegel with explain. the news and bryan llenas live in new york city. good morning. >> good morning. one expert on a cdc call with the media yesterday said treple-demic conditions now are a perfect storm for a terrible holiday season. more people got sick after
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thanksgiving. family gatherings. hospitals are strained further after people gathering and for the upcoming end of the year holiday celebrations. according to the cdc covid-19 hospitalizations are at the highest in three months. rsv cases are still high in children but beginning to plateau. the earliest and worst flu season since 2010. they've led to 8.7 million illnesses, 78,000 hospitalizations and 4500 deaths so far. flu season usually doesn't peak until february. >> what we're seeing today is an increase in number of flu infections. and that's because we know we are seeing pretty big numbers and know there are some people who are dying today from the flu. so we're asking folks to get vaccinated covid and flu. >> according to the national foundation for infectious diseases just 36% of americans
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said they would get both the flu and covid-19 vaccines at the same time. 41% of americans say they won't get either vaccine. still the cdc is urging people to get both shots. >> we all have booster fatigue. understand you could get really, really sick this year and ruin your holiday celebrations if you don't get vaccinated. on a good note, this year's flu vaccine formulation seems to be a good match to circulating viruses. >> the cdc is encouraging people to wear masks on public transit as hospitals see a surge in patients in their emergency departments and they are getting creative by adding spaces, opening up triage tents and other hospitals are starting to limit visitors. >> bill: bryan llenas in new york. >> dana: let's bring in dr. marc siegel. professor of medicine at langone school of medicine. >> i think rsv is on its way down.
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the kids have all gotten it. that's good news. up to the age of two everybody has to get exposed to it. they got it at times we weren't expecting because of all the masking and lockdown's and closures and got pretty sick. now starting to decrease. flu is on its way up. flu is a huge problem this year. about 10 million cases already. which is as much as we had all of last year. one of the worst flu seasons in decades. probably the worst since 2010. the messaging here is flu you treat differently than covid. you wipe surfaces for flu. you stay away from people. you stay home when you are sick. it comes on suddenly. you get hit like a ton of bricks. feel fatigued. i can tell flu clinically and you have to be separated. the flu shot works this year against this strain. >> bill: a couple things here calls for 1, 2, 3. symptoms for rsv and then the symptoms of flu. and then the symptoms of covid.
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they have a lot of similarities in all three of these, okay? you are looking at this from a health perspective. as a physician, someone walks into your office, can you tell what they have? >> yes. >> bill: really? >> i've been studying flu and covid for a long time and i know the difference. the strain of covid is presenting with a sore throat, fatigue and low grade fever. flu is higher fever. rsv is mostly respiratory congestion. those are differences. i can do rapid covid test. if i'm worried about covid i do a rapid covid test. flu we have a rapid flu test not as good. rsv we have to figure it out. again we're looking for young children who have changed their behavior and suddenly knocked out that are having trouble breathing. that's really key that we get them right away. >> dana: a different topic. marijuana use we talked about this and percy has a problem. he seeks it out at the park when
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it's on the ground. marijuana use among children soared 250% over the past 20 years, it has passed alcohol. states we can show you call for number five with legal marijuana and it is more potent than it used to be. >> that's the key. the key is it's up to 15, 20% or more thc content. when i was a kid it was 1.5%. you mentioned kids. it is not legal for kids even in the 21 states where it is recreationally legal but they get it anyway. pregnant women i'm worried about. in states where it's legal, five times more pregnant women are smoking it than in states where it isn't legal. pregnant women get exposed to marijuana leads to problem with fetus's and behavior. a disaster for pregnant women. >> dana: is it only if you smoke it or also the edible stuff. >> edible also. anything with thc.
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>> it is all here. 250% over the past two decades. you see that slowing down? >> no. >> bill: if it doesn't, then what does that lead to? >> emergency rooms will be called with people with cannabis induced sigh companiesis. this is a total mess. a big business decision or government decision or political decision. medically it's a huge danger. when we see a number it's exceeding alcohol in terms of poisoning in young children and in children, yikes. >> bill: washington is considering legalizing marijuana and cannabis products for the entire country. as a physician would you support that? >> no. i don't like the results in the 21 states that already have it. in the 36 states combined where it is for medical use, bill, a lot of times it is not really medically used. they use it as a reason to get
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it but it is not necessarily decreasing pain. is there a medical use for cannabis or cbd? yes. but under carefully controlled circumstances, which is not what we have. >> bill: nice to see you in person. >> especially good to see dana. >> bill: more americans could face increased scrutiny from the i.r.s. after the agency lowered a key reporting threshold. what it could mean for your taxes coming up. >> dana: officials investigating the murders of four idaho students addressing an alleged stalking incident involving one victim. what they are saying about that and where the investigation stands three weeks after the brutal stabbings. >> the police will be receipt sent to shine the light on somebody that they are really looking at. and so there is cleared and then there is cleared. it's called the newday 100 because it lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's value.
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>> dana: merck set to pay $168 million to resolve 360 legal claims. the rental car company falsely reported its customers for vehicle theft. some customers say they were arrested and spent time in jail over the false or erroneous reports. i followed the story at the time. can you imagine? terrible. thankfully this got resolved in a way those people feel like they were taken care of. >> bill: so much for the gold club. the i.r.s. could be taking a look at more americans after the agency lowered its payment reporting threshold to $20,000 to only $6 hundred. hillary vaughn. how will this work out? good morning. >> these are not new taxes but you could end up paying more in taxes than you have in the past
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due to the new reporting requirements. now you have to report any payments for goods and services totaling more than $6 hundred to the i.r.s. anything that could be seen at supplement income is what the i.r.s. is interested in. a big burden to the average person who uses payment apps like venmo or pay pal. >> the little guy now simply trying to pay their bills, do what's right and, you know, they have to be fearful of making a minor mistake that could put them in the crosshairs of the i.r.s. this is really not only a waste of government resource but certainly a heavy hand of government that should really scare people and alarm people. >> the i.r.s. wants to know whenever you get more than $6 hundred in goods and services in one of these payment apps and these companies are now required to send you a tax form to report it to the i.r.s. as income because of a new rule in president biden's american
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rescue plan that changed the reporting requirement from $20,000 in gross income that had to be reported from these apps to now just $6 hundred. as biden beefs up the i.r.s. republicans say they should hold up funding for the i.r.s. in protest. >> there is a way we could regain the power of the purse. we need to pass 12 individual appropriation bills and on 1 or 2 of them we should lay down the gauntlet and fight. 87,000 i.r.s. agents, we should hold up the department of treasury, bill, and say we're holding it up and we're not going to fund the i.r.s. agents. let's have it out here. >> if you were running your small business out of run of these apps, a hairstylist you would be reporting this as income to the i.r.s. for people who maybe were babysitting on the side or selling some things for profit these are the people that now are facing the new requirements that are probably going to realize that the i.r.s. sees
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those things as income that can be taxed. >> bill: you keep the accountants in business with the tax laws always changing. many republicans especially in the house said they'll make sure the 87,000 new i.r.s. agents does not happen. is that still the idea and can they do that, hillary? >> republicans in the majority in the house when they take over that's something that kevin mccarthy if he is speaker has made clear he is going to do. but ultimately that would take both chambers in congress, the senate and the house to get on the same page to try to do that. the senate doesn't seem like it will be likely to do that. we'll see. bill. >> bill: maybe there is a manchin or sinema out there. who knows? nice to see you on the hill. >> dana: police releasing new details on an alleged stalking incident to one of the murdered females in idaho. police say it does not appear to
7:20 am
be connected to the murder. let's bring in nancy grace. that's a little bit of a new nugget. they say it was an isolated incident, nancy. what do you think? >> well, this is what we've learned. we believe that local business is a grocery store and kaylee goncalves went into the grocery store and when she left either 1 or 2 guys followed her out, apparently they were trying to meet people and meet women. pick up women in the grocery store. now, is it isolated? i don't know. according to some of the victims' families the believe that cops are ruling people out much too quickly. i don't think you can separate a potential stalker who kaylee told her father about. she told other people about it. she sold that vehicle. publicized she was moving across the country. are they connected? you can't rule it out. i find it very interesting right
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now that there is a possibility according to the father, that kaylee goncalves was, in fact, the target. why? according to what we know now, the perp came in through the second floor sliding glass door and there he killed ethan and xana and then went upstairs and that's where he killed maddie and kaylee. if the second floor inhabitants were the victims he would not have gone upstairs to kill more and left the bottom two unharmed. also i think we'll find blood evidence that would show the second floor victims were first and there is blood evidence from them on the third floor. if we can isolate who is the victim, who was the target, that will go a long way in helping us find the suspect. >> dana: and yet, nancy, here we are 3 1/2 weeks since the incident. we have students, some who have not come back doing it from
7:22 am
zoom, some about to go on -- many of them that will go on christmas vacations coming up pretty soon. and that means that you have this killer out there who probably thinks that they can outlast the police here. >> i think the killer is not entirely wrong. so far i've totally supported the idaho police. but when i hear steve goncalves speaking out desperate and frustrated angry. i can hear his wife in the back going calm down, calm down. number one thing you do is you speak to the murder victims' families and you assure them and reassure them and give them enough evidence to know you are working and you will find the killer. that's not happening here. they are having to go out in their mind and hire a private eye. that is all wrong. clearly the families are not
7:23 am
feeling they are getting the information and i believe they believe the cops are botching the investigation. >> dana: nancy grace, we'll stay on top of the story and you are, too. thank you for joining us this morning. everyone can catch new episodes of "crime stories are nancy grace" every day on fox nation. really good. >> doesn't make sense to me. it was easy as that. >> warnock supporter, one snapshot of today's georgia senate runoff. democratic incumbent senator claims he has the momentum. we're live in georgia for that. big rundown today. the goat sets another record. what tom brady last done now after a late monday night comeback. huh, perino? what's your guess? ♪
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>> if you don't vote you'll get more of chuck schumer and also president biden. senator warnock has shown he is always going to vote with them. if you vote forherschel walker you will give someone to give you a voice in washington. >> he is unfit to represent the people of georgia in the united states senate. >> dana: it's election day in the closely-watched georgia senate runoff. raphael warnock and herschel walker making the closing arguments to voters. warnock victory would mean a 51 seat majority in the chamber for democrats. karl rove is standing by. let's go to charles watson in buck head, georgia as people are trying to get to the polls today, charles. >> good morning, dana. we just heard from the georgia
7:30 am
secretary of state's office say things are moving pretty smoothly and expect votes to top 1 million today. today is all about turnout. that's what we've been hearing from both sides, the warnock and walker campaigns. republican herschel walker out in marietta, georgia this morning trying to get voters to the poll is getting an assist from georgia governor brian kemp, who walker under performed in november by 200,000 votes. listen to this. >> i voted for herschel walker. i want to encourage you to do the same. we have to have a big turnout today to win this thing. >> meantime warnock will hold a canvassing event in nor cross, georgia in about half an hour from now. one of the areas where warnock's campaign has invested heavily in terms of their ground game. we spoke to a campaign surrogate who says their machine on the
7:31 am
ground will surely make a difference in this race. >> i think the ground game has been impeccable and not just in the metro area. you have seen them spend a concerted effort in rural areas to expand the electorate. >> one of the reasons why you've been hearing about turnout is because both sides are looking at the early vote numbers, which historically have benefited democrats. those numbers 1.9 million votes was a lot. but they are down by about 40% compared to the runoff in 2021. republicans are thinking that if they see a strong turnout today that they can overcome any lead that democrats may have built up in the early vote. >> dana: you are saying it's close. charles watson, thank you so much. >> bill: let's bring in karl rove. want to get analysis on how you see it today. i imagine there are a few white boards in austin. size it up for us. can walker beat warnock in the
7:32 am
runoff today? >> he can but let's look at each side's advantages. first of all the polls. these are the polls that have been conducted since the end of november. warnock up by five, up by 4, 3, 2, 3. real clear politics average 3.5. he has led in every poll and every poll has been inside the margin of error. this indicates a small but persistent lead for warnock. the turnout in the early voting, 1.9 million is way down from november but it is a pretty significant sum and let's just put it in perspective. if today's vote is a million plus, and let's assume that warnock's lead is ten points in the early vote, then walker has to win today's vote by 20 points in order to eke out a victory. here is his advantage. there have been 11 runoffs, georgia is this odd state that
7:33 am
requires the winner of any contest to have 50% of the votes. 11 runoffs since 1992. republicans have won 8 of 11. republican percentage increased in 8 of 11 as well. the percentage of the vote that they received in november and the percentage of the vote they received in the runoff increased in 8 of 11. also if you take a look at the early vote, it is much older than it was in november. that is to say young voters who favored warnock by an ovov ovov ovov over whaming in the early vote. it has not worked out in the early vote. the question is are they bringing out voters who otherwise would not have come out or are they bringing out voters who would have come out anyway or would have voted on election day? we don't know. each side has some vulnerabilities and each side has some strengths. it will be a long night. >> dana: we'll be paying attention to it. i wanted to ask you about this.
7:34 am
president biden is suggesting changing up the primary and caucus calendar for democrats. the senator from new hampshire doesn't like it. the president's proposal unnecessarily makes democrats in new hampshire from the top to bottom of the ticket vulnerable in 2024. she is focused on helping to make new hampshire's case heard. they want to be first. how do you think it will end up and does it really matter? >> new hampshire republican and democrats believe fervently as a matter of faith that new hampshire having the first in the country primary. state law is written the secretary of state is authorized to move the date of the primary one week in advance of any other states that attempts to get in front of them. this proposal that was laid out requires new hampshire to go along with it. which they ain't. it requires the republican legislature and governor of
7:35 am
georgia to agree to move georgia's primary. it requires the republican governor and democratic legislature -- republican legislature of south carolina to move and it requires, you know, the michigan democratic governor and democratic legislature to move. there is a lot of moving pieces there. i think it's very hard to assume that we will see anything like this proposal from the president enacted to law. new hampshire will be first. other things may occur but it will require working it through state legislatures and the iowa -- iowa doesn't require state law. it is a party caucus. i bet we have a republican caucus in iowa and no democratic caucus in iowa. >> bill: can you give us a one-word answer on this, the fact that he is wanting south carolina first, does it mean he is running for a second term, yes or no?
7:36 am
>> i think it does and payback. remember, he came in fourth in iowa, fifth in new hampshire, and he moved back up in nevada and first in south carolina. payback to the early contests that weren't too friendly to him. as of today he is more likely to run than not. >> dana: i think so, too. thank you. >> bill: thank you. >> dana reads sports. >> dana: tom brady does it again. the legendary quarterback throwing two touchdowns in the fourth quarter leading the buccaneers to beat the saints on monday night football. three seconds left in regulation. brady has 44 fourth quarter comeback wins. he pass he peyton manning on the all time list. >> bill: you had that stat. you knew that.
7:37 am
>> dana: a couple weeks ago i said listed as having the most backs. dana, you know it's because he has been playing so long, right? >> bill: you said yeah, that's right. he did it again last night. >> dana: 44 fourth down. >> bill: 44 fourth quarter comeback victories. you only do that if you play football for a very long time. well done. two gma hosts put on ice after they are having a reported affair. an elderly home depot worker dice from injuries after trying to stop a robbery. the suspect is still today on the run. his family is pleading for help. >> my dad was just trying to do a job and now he is no longer with us. it is paramount to me and my family that we find this particular person and that he
7:38 am
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>> bill: a push to limit gain-of-function research gaining steam. gain of function manipulates viruses to make them more dangerous. we became familiar with that
7:43 am
term during covid. several scientists are urging the white house to ban funding for said process. we have the follow-up in d.c. >> they're asking the administration to adopt a policy from the obama administration, restoring a full ban on federal funding of this type of research. these scientists and senators argue that any government money to gain-of-function research only fuels the potential for a very dangerous situation. the senator from iowa says any time there could be an incident or lab leak it's a major problem and there are always concerns it could spark a pandemic. they cite reports from october of a boston university study where scientists combined two covid strains and infected mice. killed 80%. they deny it was gain-of-function research and note scientists only tested mites. the institutes of health scrapped the full ban.
7:44 am
senators accuse nih of poor oversight and quote in the letter we're extremely troubled about the enduring culture of non-compliance at nih and their failure to properly oversee domestic and foreign research. conduct appropriate research risk assessments of studies. the intelligence community says it is unclear whether the covid-19 pandemic began naturally or that it leaked from wuhan. there was a grant. last may nih denied it had ever funded this type of research. >> bill: stay on it: thank you, rich. >> dana: it's not a very good morning for t.j. holmes and amy robach. they were yanked off air after reports of their affair. they did not break company
7:45 am
policy. let's bring in tom shillue. i don't know what they would have done for them to be yanked off air. is there something we don't know here? >> more of a cyi than gma. maybe i will inform you here. this is not a morning show scandal but an average show scandal. gma3 -- i was thinking to myself how are these people in bars together at all hours of the night when they have to wake up at 3:00 in the morning. they are in the all my children slot. shows you abc should have kept all my children. it was a hit. people got all the scandals and affair out of the way. >> bill: it was not a violation of company policy but they will take them off the air while they figure this out. >> yeah. it is -- definitely they didn't use the phrase, the one you
7:46 am
hear, out of an abundance of caution. but i think it's ironic. they didn't break company policy. two married people having an affair. whatever they're doing that's it. but it would have been a scandal if you had two single people who were supposed to be doing this kind of thing who happened to have different positions in the company. that's the scandal and shows you how -- the power dynamic. that shows you the moral compass of our society has turned corporate. people say they didn't break rules or didn't do anything wrong. according to the corporate thing. that's the way people think in terms of their policy. >> bill: we'll see what they're taken off ice. home depot story. >> dana: an assault in home depot. 83-year-old man tried to stop a robbery and got attacked and he passed away. we have that video that you can see it happen. and very hard to watch. very hard to watch.
7:47 am
his family is asking for anyone to get them information because this suspect is still out there. anonymous crime tips can be reported to this number. if you know anything please call that. a real shame. >> this guy, he came from the generation that would step in. he sees a guy stealing. this is corporate policy. a lot of corporate policy is hands off, let them shoplift now because they don't want to get into stuff like this. guys like this, the greatest generation, they say no, the guy is stealing something andly stop him. this guy is like -- he is a hero and it's so sad. i saw pictures of his family around his hospital bed. they thought he would make it. but this is a shame because the people who make the policies that have led to this kind of america that we're living in don't shop at home depot. they hire people and they go to
7:48 am
home depot. >> i do not like to see this. tom, nice to see you however. tom shillue. we'll check in again before christmas. religious rights versus gay rights. our guest is the colorado website designer that's challenging her state's anti-discrimination at the highest court in the land. lor lor lorie smith was there yesterday and she is here today coming up after this. it's your powerful va home loan benefit. it lets you borrow up to a full 100% of your home's value, not just 80%. with home values near record highs, that could mean a lot more cash than you imagined. and at newday, there are no upfront costs to get the cash you need. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market...
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>> dana: inflation putting a strain on american farmers driving up the cost of seasonal labor, weed killer and fertilizer. grady trimble has more from omaha, nebraska. it's a real problem. >> it is, dana. fuel and fertilizer and equipment costs have also gone up. we're at the farmers business network conference. i'm with mike galway, a rancher
7:54 am
in wyoming selling directly to consumers. you are the one who is having to raise the prices because your costs have gone up. >> everything we raise on the ranch is 100% to the consumer. the only thing we can do is pass the cost onto the consumer. >> you are worried at some point they'll stop paying with food costs up more than 12%. >> at some point every family has to make a choice. more important to have quality or quantity and what we're running into. >> how do you deal with it? >> we are raising a premium product that we know people will pay for. >> it's to help farmers become more efficient, which is what they'll be doing today and chatting about that from farmer to farmer to hopefully become more efficient on the farm, save money for them and eventually that could help consumers out with lower prices in the long run. dana. >> dana: grady trimble. tell everybody hi from us if new york. appreciate it. >> will do.
7:55 am
>> bill: next guest challenging a state law in colorado, an anti-discrimination law at the u.s. supreme court. the court heard oral arguments yesterday in the case involving religious and gays rights. lorie smith is a website designer. she joins us with her attorney. good morning to both of you. lorie, explain in shorthand here what you were presented with and what decision you made for your website. >> well, i want to design custom unique artwork and create and design custom artwork for weddings. i can't do that because colorado is censoring and compelling my speech and forcing me to create and celebrate messages through my heart work that goes against the core of who i am. all to speak freely not myself but every american should be free to consist artwork with their deeply held beliefs.
7:56 am
>> you should not be made to adhere to other's beliefs in terms of sexual discrimination is what you're saying, correct? >> what colorado is saying is that if i create consistent with my beliefs i have to set aside those beliefs and communicate artwork, messaging that celebrates a message of marriage that goes against the core of who i am. i serve clients from all walks of life including those of lgbtq, for some messages i can't create no matter who requests them. >> bill: kristin, give you a chance to answer that. some of the questions in the back and forth were fascinating. a sample of that from yesterday. listen here. >> their view of what is being depicted is that a scene with sanities yeah and a child on the lap and all of that trying to harken back to the good old days should only have white children
7:57 am
in it. that's their firm belief and they are not willing to take photographs of black, hispanic, asian children on santa's lap. why is that any different than a situation like this? >> if there is a black santa at the other end of the mall and doesn't want to have his picture taken with a child who is dressed up in a ku klux klan outfit. the blank santa has to do that? >> it went on and on with many examples from all the justices. you were shaking your head no in disagreement and asking lorie that question. >> this is about speech. lorie serves all people including lgbtq clients. justices said it's about what the message is, not the person. she is creating custom graphics, words and messages. no matter how the court rules in
7:58 am
her case discrimination, refusing to serve someone because of who they are is still illegal. it doesn't change. those were a bit of a distraction. >> bill: a case out of colorado four years ago that dealt with a baker and it was settled. does that case still apply here? >> i had the privilege of arguing that case and 24 days later colorado came after that baker again, he is still in litigation ten years later asking to again have to design a cake that has a clear message. so again this is about the rights of all americans. those who oppose same-sex marriage but those who don't want to express something that would criticize same-sex marriage. or a black sculptor who may not want to create a cross for an aryan church. we should have that freedom. >> bill: can a gay couple be told no just as you cannot tell a minority couple under the similar scenario? >> the same standard applies to
7:59 am
both. if an artist is not serving a proptect being -- if they're saying we object to this message you want us to create and the message is in the speech we all want the freedom to tell the government they can't censor or compel speech. >> bill: fascinating case. we probably won't get a decision from late june and we'll bring you back probably at that time win or lose. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ sweet caroline, good times never seemed so good ♪ >> dana: there is an electric filing moment in new york city last night.
8:00 am
a new musical in town called a beautiful noise. neil diamond himself led the theatergoers there in singing "sweet caroline." when did they start saying so good. >> it is not in the original song. it goes with the horn, right? >> dana: i'll see that musical sometime this year i guarantee. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert. georgia runoff election is here. hopefully very soon right after the polls close. we're hoping to find out who will grab the final senate seat and shape the upper chamber for at least the next two years. i'm harris faulkner in "the faulkner focus." warnock and walker spent four weeks of runoff campaigning getting down and dirty. it got pretty nasty. all the ads. if you've been near the peach


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