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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 7, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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well, there you go, that's gatlinburg, tennessee. >> looks like you take the ski lift to the top level and you can eat there. >> no kidding, it is fantastic. you plan to travel up the
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mountain and look up gatlinburg and takes on the sight and the trees. >> seems to be a great place to be during christmas time. >> it is snowing and it is raining here. r p>> there is the lites. >> meanwhile here in new york city it feels like spring. we got a little rain and it is 55 degrees. >> senator warnock keeping his seat in georgia and defeating herschel. >> warnock gave his speech in the peachtree state last night. >> lucas thomasson joins us. it sounds like warnock won with more than three points. many republicans are angry this morning. let's look at the score board, raphael warnock defeat by about two-points, 51-49. many
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critic early voting and recalled brian kemp won by 200,000 votes in the general election. here is warnock's victory speech last night. >> after a hard fought campaig or should i say campaigns? it is my honor to utter the four most powerful words ever spoken in a democracy. the people have spoken. [ cheers ] >> and here is herschel walker. >> best thing i have ever done in my whole entire life is run for the senate seat right here. we put up one heck of a fight. i want you to continue to believe in this country and believe in our elected officials and most of all, stay together.
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>> the victory means democrats expanded the majority and been the tie breaking vote in the 50/50 senate. now, democrats command a 51-49 edge. many blamed former president trump for picking walker. thom tillis are demanding an audit. some republicans say the former navy seal won the republican primary in georgia, he could have won yesterday. >> lucas, thank you very much. what does this mean? does it mean that democrats clearly control of the senate? it won't be a shared power agreement if they want to subpoena somebody they don't have to ask the republicans they can just do it. overall, more republicans vote during the midterm election but
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not the races to get the house by small margins, they don't get the senate by a small margin. i think it is a tactical thing. i would not be surprised if there is new leadership over where. i know lee zeldin considers running against mcdaniels. she wants to go back again. we'll see what happens and maybe strategy. >> well, that's the senate and in the house oversight committee, the republicans are going to take over in january and they want to investigate what happened with twitter and why they had all the censorship, they want to get to the bottom of it and why so many were blocked. elon musk buys twitter and vows to get to the bottom of this laptop story why san francisco censored right before the election. he gives all of these twitter files and all the information of what happened before he bought it to matt
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taibbi and barry wise. they looked through all of this information and last week they released some of it. this is what whatwhat whatwhat matt tai he said the twitter file was published here. many wondered why there was a delay. we can tell you part of the reasons why. on tuesday, twitter general council, jim baker, was fired. vetting the first batch of twitter files without knowledge of news management. >> the cover of the new york post today is inside jobs. the big question is, elon musk, did not realize he left one of the people who censored the story in char charchar charchar chacharga twitter asked elon was james
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baker to explain himself and musk responded yes but his explanation was unconvincing. james baker who's familiar to a lot of people name wise, he was in general council under james comey and he worked with andrew mccabe and all of them. they all left about five years ago. he wound up going to the institute and done some tv stuff. in 2020, just before the election he joined twitter. jim jordan was talking to brian about the connection of this man who left the fbi about five years ago. >> after an investigation leaked to the press, remember? >> there was suggestion of that being a big problem with him. here is what's going on with him now according to jim jordan. >> come on, so remember this guy was the chief council of the fbi in 2016 and 2017 when they were
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spying on president trump's campaign and president trump and he goes to twitter and he's the council who's making the decision oh it is reasonable to assume that the hunter biden story just days before the most important election we had, it is a hack and lead operations from the russians which we knew was not. big tech and big media working together to keep information from, we, the people. getting into the fbi roles and all this and those weekly briefings they were doing with big tech that said it was a russia disinformation operation, baloney. they knew it was baloney. >> as if you found out james comey was working for twitter. he's been with struck and paige and he's been with michael
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susman and now he's involved with twitter. the networks have agreed and retrospect the laptop pis real and the story shou never have been frozen. it is astounding he lasted this long. what worries me with the cyber connection with the fbi and his lawyer legal knowledge of the business. what was he able to get rid of permanently that we'll never see again that may be gone for good. to think he's not going to get found out? matt taibbi, why is this guy skipping out? could this be james baker. >> she says who's making you jump? what's jim's last name?
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baker. her jaw hits the floor. >> on the way out, what was he able to do? did he give all the reporters all the stuff? we don't know. elon musk wants to get to the bottom of it. what's becoming even clearer is that as we hear these story of how these task force met with social media in the run up to the election and the task force and was not just the fbi. it was members of the trump administration from the vhs and cyber community and according to elvis chan who was testifying in a court case in missouri the last week or so. there were five or six or 7 members of the trump administration in the room talking to facebook and twitter and saying look, we don't know what it is but we think something is going on there. it was twitter that used that excuse to go ahead and censor it. it would be great if elon
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musk can peal out the onion skin to find out if there is any connections. >> our reporters resumed searches through file materials. a lot of it today. the next installment. there will be more of the twitter file will appear at billy wise. >> another fbi agent, they do everything except for pull the trigger. you have the fbi breathing down your neck because zuckerberg said to joe rogan, you guys understand that you guys are pretty much being implied and this is what you do and what you look out for if you know it is right for you. >> jim jordan wraps up the interview saying would it be great for the fbi to stay out of elections and stop radiating places and a few of the attorney generals say i need go raid mar-a-lago, listen, there must be another plan because you do
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not want the fbi involved with another major political figure. do do you? do do instead, they raid mar-a-lago and they're right in the middle of this all again and distrust people. have the fbi to reinforce. >> some of them don't care. they just want to win elections andtail do whatever it takes. >> i guess so. if we have a dozen whistle blowers and not everyone is comfortable with them taking the posture. >> there will be an investigation and we'll know what happened. it is been nearly a year since the baby wide shortage. the shortage, enfamil says it could last until spring. p>> joining us with a clos of the reality where mothers are facing, lydia. >> reporter: good morning, guys, the reason why the
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administration saying the formula crisis is not getting better because the national out of stock rate. you can see there are around 86% of supplies in stock as of late last week. that's close to the level we saw before the pandemic. all you have to do is look at social media and there are still many parents out there desperately searching for the formula they need to feed their infants. one website called they enrolled 7,000 people the past couple of weeks, 60% of those help are formula called f- it is for babies that can't consume regular formula. they say this crisis is getting worse and not better. >> for us it seems like it is only getting worse. no stores
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have it in stock right now within this area. >> one day i called 30 different stores and i gone to the supermarkets where somebody said oh yeah we have it in stock and get let down because they des desdon't have it. >> it breaks my heart. this is our future and as a great country we live in, we can't feed babies. >> reporter: an independent report issued yesterday taking a hard look another the fda fining a lack of leadership has led to perceive con standpoint turmoil at the agency. the commissioner dr. caleb saying in response that plans for changes at the fda will be released in january but, guys, that does little to offer comfort to parents who need formula right now to feed their babies. you can see the cvs behind me and none of that enfamil in
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stock and they don't know when they'll get it back. we reached out the maker of that formula for comments and we did not hear back. >> thank you very much. >> lydia just had a baby, too, so she's going to be facing the shortage. >> i have a friend living in jersey and he's buying the formula and shipping it down to. carl, you don't have to worry about baby formula yet. >> yes, when you hear this is a major issue, you start to wonder so much of yourself and other women. it is crazy that this is still going on. >> it is. >> i got some more news to get to. starting o you in iowa, police in moscow are planning to collect and remove the victims' personal belongings from the crime scene and give it back to the family. an emotional exclusive interview from fox news. >> my dad. it is tough. we are
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humans. we don't go to these and just turn it off. it affects us but we have a job to do and we are going to continue do do that job. we'll continue to push forward. >> it has been nearly four weeks since the gruesome murder of four students and police still do not have a suspect. san francisco already shutting down its $22 million open air drug market afterless than a year. it was advertised as a safe place for addicts to get high. krilt i cans say the project was the massive waste of taxpayers money. american girl is coming out with a new book offering advice to young kids on how to change their gender. if you have not gone through puberty yet, the doctor may offer medicine to delay your body's changes, giving you more time to think about gender identity. if you
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don't have an adult, you can trust. there are organizations across the country that can help you. parents are outraged, calling the book dangerous since the company markets to kids as young as three years old. "time" magazine revealed the person of the year of 2022 is vladimir zelenskyy. he had led ukraine with support and strength after the launch of russia in february. he's now named "time" magazine person of the year. elon musk was on the short list and so as kim jong-un and ron desantis as well. >> i didn't know they still made "time" magazine. >> they do. >> 16 minutes after the hour.
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come up next tucker carlson will join us live about ten hours before his show. first, biden dismissing the crisis unfolding at the southern border. >> mr. president, why go to the border state and not make it to the border? >> former arizona gubernatorial kari lake had seen the crisis firsthand and she's going to react what joe biden said yesterday, coming up next. uil us you sleep better and longer when you need it most. its non-habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil.
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mr. president, why go to the border state and not make it to the border? >> there is miss things going on. >> great question, bad answer.
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president biden dismissing thing crisis unfolding at our border ahead of his trip to arizona yesterday, this despite 2.3 million encounters during the last fiscal year. 2.3 million came across the border. in a tweet, the national border patrol writes, quote, "visiting an ice cream shop was very important," kari lake is joining us today from phoenix, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, steve. theretheret are a million ways answer that question. he sure does not think what's going on down there is important. >> well, he created the problem.
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it was within minutes of him taking the oath of office that he hold back all of president trump's border policies that were keeping arizonans and the rest of the country safe. within minutes, he did that. he pulled back every single plan that president trump put in place and he stopped the construction of the border wall and he basically told the world, come on over, we are open for business. i am appalled he would say that. you look at the eyes of the mother who lost their son to fentanyl poisoning and you tell them what happens on the border does not matter? i am sorry, this man is disgusting. i can't believe he's coming to the border creating this crisis here without acknowledging it. >> obviously the people at the white house and the
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communications team think it is bad optics for the president to be on the border. look at this. let's think about this for a second. if the president was standing there looking across at the unfinished wall and looking across the river or whatever, it would make it seems like he's addressing the issues of the people coming in. forget about the fact that republicans are saying look, you got to do something to stop the people from coming in and at least it would make it look like he cares about the people. >> well, maybe he would have to care about the people first. the issue is that even if you could not make it to the border to sit down with parents who lost a child to fentanyl poisoning and hear their stories, i think he's afraid to go to the border. he's afraid that he may hear from the border patrol agents who are having to process hundreds of thousands of people every year in arizona. he may get an ear full from the people who are on the front lines of this crisis
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that he created. i think optically, he kept it real safe and he does not go out in public as you noticed, he goes to visit where they are making a lot of semiconductors and the huge factory and the plant they are starting up here in arizona, which is fantastic. he's the president, he gets a free flight. he can make it to the border and there is no address for him not addressing this issue and at least showing he cares a little bit. >> you are absolutely right. the president flies free anywhere he want to go but he does not want to go there. kari lake, we thank you so much for joining us here from phoenix. >> thank you, steve. democrats making a major concession on biden's vaccine mandate. clay travis reacts to that, coming up live, next. ♪ over the last 100 years,
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we are back with your headlines starting in virginia with the loudon school board unanimously voted to fire the superintendent scott ziegler.
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>> that whole report laid out a bunch of, you know, missed deeds and criminal situation perhaps and at the end of the report, we get six recommendations of things they should do better next time. i hope that the grand jury is not done with their duty yet. >> virginia's governor glenn youngkin applauding the report. the suspect lost his kicks while on a beer run. a form of shoplifting where a person grabs beers and run out without paying. police are asking anyone who recognize them to contact the sandy police department. saint nicholas greek orthodox church reopens to the
5:31 am
public after being destroyed in 9/11. an emotional reopenin service, the church was destroyed back in 2001 when the tower collapsed. after more than two decades of setbacks and construction delays, church goers can return to service. to the world cup, 6-1 victory over switzerland, portugal. ronaldo starting on the bench. they'll face morocco who reaches the quarter finals for the first time after upsetting spain and penalty kicks. >> morocco is making history ad spain into the world cup. >> the quarter finals get under
5:32 am
way on friday with crotia against brazil before the netherlands facing argentina on fox. >> pretty amazing. the first nine european teams getting into the quarter finals. this news is just in. ken rosenthal at fox, aaron judges agreed with the yankees of a 9-year contract, $300 million contract. it is the exact term you signed for before this year. >> that's exactly. i am waiting for a couple of those zeros to kick in but who knows. >> absolutely. >> well, you put a salary over the cap and so ansly is going to have to take a salary cut. >> they're okay with it. >> just a quick note, we are about to get clay travis up in a while. thank you for everyone
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who met up on friday, you had a chance to see me on friday in st. louis. we are sold out. next friday with dana prino at a book shop. in the mccallum area. twitter fires an executive with ties to the fbi, what it release to the public without elon musk's approval. tucker carlson is waking up early and he's going to expand on all this and more. mom, let me see your phone. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning, everyone, i have a special guest doing the weather with me. amy, how are you? >> good. >> where are you from? >> > > > > .
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>> you said you wanted to do the weather with me. >> yes. >> are you ready? >> let's do it. >> i got you a little present. >> well, that's more important than the weather so let's take a look at that. >> it is your idaho spuddy buddy. >> it is so amazing. i will put it on my christmas tree. let's take a look at the map, my friend. you see where the cold air is in chicago and kansas city and here in new york city is above average. do you know what the temperature is, can you read it for me? >> i think it is 56. >> you did a great job. we have a cold front that's going to move across the central u.s., do you see that green on the map? that's rain. >> it is a lot of rain. >> the blue on the map, what do you think that is? >> i feel like it is snowing? >> you are so smart, you are already winning this forecast. >> you know what snow is all
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about? >> are you going to have a good christmas? >> i think so. >> i am so happy you came on "fox and friends" today. if i go on vacation, are you going to replace me? >> yes. get use to the space. >> oh my god, amy and brian, a star is born! >> she will be working with us one day. >> here you go, amy. >> she will be our boss. >> great job, honey, you did great. elon musk firing top twitter james baker who used to work for the fbi for a key role of the censorship scandal. >> the reporter who released the twitter document revealing that baker vetted the files behind elon musk's back. our next guest warrants government ties to big tech and threaten democracy as we know it, mr. tucker carlson is here with the latest. >> oh, good morning, i like that
5:40 am
girl from idaho. >> oh, she did well, didn't she? >> you should do the weather in your show, have you thought about that? rp>> apparently, i can't affordo pay for my daughter to go to college because carly needs a mansion. >> 20 of them. >> what do you think of this whole thing because and more of the onions is being pulled back. >> this is the core of the onions, the story is not about some private company decided on language permitted or content moderation, censorship being over seen by the tust government which is a crime. it is a violation of the first amendment. it is the core freedom we have and that's why this country is different from every other country. that's america's exceptional, that's the first amendment, that's the founfoundation of all freedom. you find yourself in a place where the government is
5:41 am
censoring political speech at the ruling party is preventing criticism of itself which is exactly what's happening then you are in a crisis. we are. so t tthis jim baker over the fbi,e center of the russia gate hoax and disaster and attacks on human rights is a guy who tried to put mike flynn in jail for knowing too much, it is not an overstatement and now he was not vetting the files, he was sensoring out the files. this story is about the fbi and not about twitter and it is not about facebook. we know the fbi went top facebook because seshg zuckerberg told us that. they had possession of the laptop since 2019. it is not a complicated story, it is a
5:42 am
simple story. the fbi weighed in on the last presidential election on behalf of joe biden. period. we need to respond to that. >> absolutely. i think the thing is they want to make it complicated. you break it down every night and we like to do it, too. very simple. this is something else and we can put it bback bb up. this is what elon musk tweeted out. >> after he fired him. >> after he fired james baker, was he asked to explain himself and elon musk was asked and he said, yes. his explanation was unconvincing. no joke. this guy is apart of the mueller report on everything. how is he able to keep his job? i am not cyber-savvy enough to know. did he do something already to get rid of some files that did not exist? did he find a way to bury something that was worth humiliation of getting fired for the world to see again. that's my worry. >> i mean probably, you know in
5:43 am
retrospect, it would have been wiser for musk to hand the entire file to wikileaks and put it on the net, they did not do that. they ran it through their general council who was working on behalf of the fbi. bebut, th core true does not change. you just can't have that and maintain a representative democracy. the two are in compatible with eep other. i am not sure why that's not clear to everyone. you don't have to be a right-winger or a trump supporter. that should be obvious to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. do you want to live in the country where the fbifbi fbi tamfbi fbi tampers
5:44 am
p>> he's making the decisid then we are all made aware. wait a minute, this guy jim is jim baker and elon fires him yesterday. i want to know did jim baker hide anything and will we see it all and will musk dig deeper into e-mails and others. some of these people throw away their phone and get new phones. i don't know if we'll find out all the answers. tucker carlson's originals. we have a clip from biden inc. the impact of hunter's scandal and how this affects biden's win. >> the person would follow out a favorite and they would air brush the person out. they air brush the hunter biden story out
5:45 am
of the image people have. >> polls taken after the 2020 election shows that 80% of vot vote vovoters vot vote vovo including a major democrats believe the outcome of the election would be different if coverage of biden's laptop had been, quote, censored. it was not disinformation, he was authentic. it was too late. biden had already won. they got what they wanted. >> tucker, we know covering the news for years right before an election, we know that things are going to drop about the opposite candidate and scandals are going to come out a week before so they can change the direction of the election, is that what this is about? is that what they did? >> well, the fbi did it. that again is the difference. it is as mad scramble having done this for years in the weeks before
5:46 am
the election to control what the public knows about the candidate. what you have not seen before at least in public is a government agency weighing in on behalf of one candidate. again, that's a new and different thing. it is completely incompatible of our system. no one had asked chris wray about this. he was the director of the fbi and posed as an honest person. >> he's completely corrupt. >> either the king of england had nothing to do with politics or he's just royalty or he's allowing this to flourish. here
5:47 am
is the other thing, tucker, you worked at msnbc and cnn, calling me naive, i thought they would be forced to cover the story but they cover what president trump put on true social about this story. they ignored it over the weekend. if everybody else ignores it, does anything happen? >> well, of course nothing has happened at all. but underneath and on a deeper level, this is bad because it disstabilizes american society because people know the system is not on the level and this is not legitimate. people are seizing to believe in the effectness of elections. think about the consequences of that. this has been a common stable happy peaceful country for 250 years for the most part because people believed the system and well, not perfect but legitimate. this is showing them that it is not. unless you fix that, or you can wound up in a bad place. you have to fix that. that's a core
5:48 am
concern. it is bigger than any other concerns. >> we reported that abc and cbs did not even report this story, i don't know if that changed over night. the country does not know some of these stories because they watch those channels and those channels get to decide what they get to put on and they're not giving us whole story. >> my favorite remains fox nation. it is still number one with me, brian kilmee. tucker carlson original is my go-to. available on fox nation right now, you are looking at an expansive look at the bidens in a way that nobody ever seen. >> and tucker, brian and i went to i love that christmas card. you can get a christmas card, here it is with tucker's face on it laughing with a santa claus hat and it says "merry christmas," and there are coffee mugs and
5:49 am
all kinds of gears. >> i have no role. my producer, thank you. >> thank you so much, we'll watch tonight if that's okay. >> i can see you, brian, by the way in your boxer shorts. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next, democrats making major concession on biden's vaccine mandate to fund our military. how this sets the stage for beefing up our forces. >> clay travis is live. let's check in with dana on what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> the firings continue at twitter. elon musk the top lawyers at the door and what's the connection. herschel walker losing to raphael warnock and what walker said in his concession speech. china begins to unwine their strict covid policy. joining bill and me in a few minutes,
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the u.s. house is set to roll back the military covid vaccine mandate despite opposition from joe biden. james
5:54 am
langford of oklahoma is blocking all the nominees until the pentagon claiming of why few recrec recrecords. our clay tr joining us now. last week, we were talking about the protest in china and now apparently china is actually rolling back some of their strict covid requirements and apparently took a lot of dough to get the pentagon to do the same thing. >> this is a big win, i was ecstatic when i saw it and the wall street journal broke this last night. eventually, we'll get to a place, steve, where everybody who lost their jobs who's a federal employ over the covid shot mandate gets their jobs back. there is a big start. a lot of people out there who's
5:55 am
inte inte interested in serving our country does not want to get the covid shot. i believe thousands of people lost their jobs over this mandate. this does not prevent you from getting covid or keeping you from spreading covid, why in the world should it be mandated in order to represent our country in the arm services. this is a monumental win. it sends the message to so many universities and businesses out there. your mandates don't make sense either. it is time to get bold in america and this is a big part of that. >> ultimately, the winner, clay, is our national security. it has been hard to fill people standing in the combat boots. >> you are 100% right. we had difficulty getting recruit in the first place and everybody is missing their recruiting targets and all of that aspect and given what's going on in ukraine and
5:56 am
given the dangers and i hope they move on from 0 covid from china and given the danger it existed in china with the potential of invading. we need a military that's 100% ready and this will help to make it the case. >> clay, thank you very much. check out his website. thank you very municipal. >> appreciate it. have a good morning. we'll step aside, more "fox and friends" live in new york in a couple of minutes. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold.
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♪ >> just puts you in the spirit. thanks very much for joining us on this december 7th live from new york city. see you back here on the couch. >> i'll see you on "outnumbered" today. brian has the radio show coming up. >> and then you'll be on friday, too. >> you'll be on "the five" one day next week. >> bill: good morning, everybody. another major shake-up. twitter reeling from another one. elon musk firing a lawyer who went rogue. guess who that lawyer used to work for? long night last night. i'm bill hemmer. hello at home and my partner. >> dana: this is "america's newsroom" i'm dana perino. james baker worked as f.b.i. general counsel under james comey. a central figure in the russia investigation as well as twitter's decision maker to censor the


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