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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  December 11, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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twitter today then there was the day before elon musk bought it. so i suspect there's going to be more transparency, why buy a company like that and not be transparent. i want to salute elon musk, i don't know him i'm not a special ea i'll see you next time on life, liberty and th >> breaking tonight new developments in the race for rnc committee chair, texas and delopmboatssive vote of no-confidence and the acalifornia gop executive challenger who joins us live later in the show with theo latest on that important election . now the main focus tonight a special investigation into the fbi and department of homeland security attack on our democracy as we reveal
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a corrupt influence peddling operation with a hostile foreign power. the vice president of the united states planning to becoment president bought and paid for through his family by our numbeg one global enemy china. this man, christopher wray, thev
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director of the fbi preside ovej a speciaoel operation by colludg with big tech. at best, christopher wray did nothing while rogue members of his agency meddled to protect the democrats. but christopher wray approved in or at worst, directs it. at the time we criticized this as outrageous political bias byh the e companies involved. we called big tech and the mediate alliance of bias. but now we know it was a thousand times worse. we now know that it was the fbi that was behind the suppression of the biden corruption story. zuckerberg was the first to go on the record.he f
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>> the fbi basically came to us, some folks on our team and said just so you know, you should be on high alert, we thought therep waros a lot of russian propagana in the 2016 election and we have it on notice that there's about to be a dump similar to that. so be vigilant. >> did they specifically say you needed to be on guard about that story? >> i don't remember that specifically, but they said basically it fit the pattern.l steve:as the fbi was represented in these meetings by an agent named elvis chan. on page 222 of his deposition elvis chan named another persono in these meetings.
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shelby pearson, the u.s. elections threat executive at the department of national intelligence. he was warned about a hack or leak operation. it was confirmed that a hack and leak operation would involve hunter biden. and it was worse than that. t haas miranda devine revealed tos last sunday night. y >> the fbi had come to twitter and told them in their weekly meetings before the 2020 elections to look out for a hack and leak operation that theye believed was going to be about hunter biden and it was going to come in october.n oc steve: it was going to come in october. how the hell did they know that? because the fbi had been secretly spying on rudye
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fbgiuliani. the fbi saw text messages between giuliani and miranda.e but hereco is the most damningtw fact oeef all. the fbi had the laptop for overa a year.ov it was given to him by the guy who ran the computer shop.ut but still they told twitter and facebook to be on the look for hacked material.t the only way they could getd twittemar and facebook to censo the material. they cooked the whole thing up. the fbi. that's election interference. that's unconstitutional. it's illegals . and it exposes our new dark reality that big tech and other
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platforms become a central part of everyone's life. these platt forms today are an extension of the democratic party and they are sphengs extensions of the fine and the other arms of the federalra governmentl security apparatus. bi g tech has been captured by the security state.nt you seire that revealed in the twitter files.e internal discussion where they debate the best way to hide the fact that they are censoring onw behalf of the should they call the fbi and dhs outside experts or juste partnersfb. ho w about buses? -- bosses. i nsthat's basically what they we. but the infiltration of security officials into those companies in senio r management roles.s
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inwe learned about jim baker, comey's crony at the fbi and involved in the steele dossier.e he d tried to suppress informatn before being fired by elon musk tuesday.of she ended up being appointed by the biden administration to sit on their cyber-security to help shapthe the policies. christopher wray's senior advisor at the fbi became the senior advisor for public policy trust and safety. the head of twitter's strategicy response. team. v the grouerp that was secretly sciencing conservatives. that group was run by jeff
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carlton. but not only a journalist archived it. matthew w. patrick g. 23 years as an fbi head of corporate it's not just the fbi. after 10 years of the cia analyst os policy manager fort integrity,ro trust and safety. greg anderson, a nato officialet who worked on psy-ops. and a british army officer. o
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ffand not just twitter. this man aaron berman bragging about running the team that writes the rules for facebook. he's from the cia where amongst other things he said he wrote the president's daily brief. here is sta few debrnfa berman, camera harris fm the cia. work on trust and safety, theup euphemishem for censorship. emily backer. 10 years in the the cia's mike tory was hired for contact information threat.
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susanna threatl investigations manager allen nixon came from the fbi. and t the office of the secretay of defense came fromth a natione security council as did the head of cyber espionage. the former fbi director and general council.secu the security state has infiltrated the highest levels of the company. this is chris rose on the government oversight board. he was at the corrector of national intelligence.hi another one whngo wrote thewh president's dailo y brief.t at the fbi has even provided
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facebook with a spokesperson. the cia provided the head of legal on andra on it goes. the revolving door between thet fbi,go dni and dhs.t imit's totally outrageous. i'm not imputing the motives.rv they alle chose to serve their country. but the scale and extent of the security state's takeover. the toes questionness, the crony -- the coziness, theut o cronyism. it's about our fundamental freedom as americans. imagine what we would say if as. russian social media platform is chock-full of
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thrte ruling establishment withs all ittas arrogance and contempt fohar anyone who challenges this group think. as we'll see in part two of of our investigation next week.p. the chilling thing about this it the way they have set up a shadowy network to outsource the dirty and illegal work of o censoring americans forethought crimes. the federal lawsuit filed by the attorney general. the "new york post" filed a lawsuit for violation of their first amendment rights. later tonight we'll be joined be jay b bhattacharya. i lived in the heart of silicon valley for more than a decade.
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they truly believed in democratizing information.n. but like the pigs in george orwell's animal farm, they have become the very thing their revolution was against. now it's our own governmentg attacking usus. i understand that big tech has a responsibility to police itso platforms.posk even elon musk said that.nm buent when the government trieso doalle it, silicon valley should have been pushing back. the fbi has now meddled in two presidential elections to help one political party. done nothing about it. the media is silent about it. no one has been held accountable. how can thisen happen in americe thade wring leaders this plot mu
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be identified, prosecuted andca punishedrr forway what they didd wray shoulowd step aside while investigations are carried out. legislate a balen on tech companies hiring from thepe securityci state unless special exemptions have been we should not stop jl until justice has been done and faith in our democracy has beenth restoredat. that's "the next revolution" we need. twitter is free now. it's a great time to follow us on twitter. now, here with reaction,he californiare congressman darrylo issa on thnge house judiciary committee. congressman, great to see youas tonight.ed d like to focus on
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christopher wray's role and what can be done particularly by your committee to gete up to answers and questions about how this happened at the fbi. >> i think what we'll be able ti do is starting january 3 led by jim jordan we can ask questions and expect them to be answered. the last six months we have been sending out letters saying retain these documents.docu but other than that we haven't had the power and chairmane nadler hadpo no up tension or willingless to whole these kind of hearings or whole anyone accountable.r but your monologue leading into this was so right on. we have to formulate publicly ae methodth to stop people from leaving the fbi, the cia, and using those contacts, that special relationship to implyha
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they have access to do good. i was on the selections committee for many years.en those agencies only tell you t what they want you to know. e shown, they wanted you to know things that weren't true. sometimes i ask myself, amerst i overstating this, thate fbi interfered in an election to help joe biden. it could be rogue elements inou whicldh case why does someone to to find but the whole operation here. there is no doubt this is what happened. p the fblai led the effort to covb upi the joe biden corruption scandal. it's really a big scandal, isn't it? >> it is. and there are two sides to it. there is the i am going to protect joe biden or hillaryy clinton and then there was
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thison going hate for donaldth trump thatat transcended his election. even when he was their boss he was on their how do we bring hia down. ways our plan b to bring themti down. the fbi anonald the department f justice was at the center of it. steve: that's an important point. many people when you make these arguments they say what are you talkinpherg christopher wray was appointed by donald trump.ffec but the point that's missed is there is an establishment, a swamp, a group of of people who e time during the trumpag aiadministration were working against him. >> there is an establishment mentality in washington. members of congress are not part of that establishment. e bureaucracy that says these guys come and go absolutely.
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they hate something like aut ronald t reagan and really hate something like a donald trump. steve: can i ask your broader reaction on what we have seen the past week with the twitters files? what have yocomeu been thinkingn i see the documents come out. m us>> elon musk has beenin brilliantlsuy insulating twitter from what is likely to be investigations and even charges against the other companies. too he said these are individual, it could not represent the company i bought and paid for. when you look at facebook and google. to quote an old comedy ofl, lucille ball. you have got some sks plainingnt to do. a it will be lawsuits of civil ann criminald . investigations by congress. we are getting the answers
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steve: in the second round of twitter files released d steve: in the second run of the twitter files released weem iclearned that voices on thed un pandemic were also dr. jay bhattacharya joins us along with our pal tammy bruce. i want to play these clips from jen psaki. >> we increased information research and tracking.surg we are flagging problematic posts for facebook that spread s disinformation. theroe are proposed changes we made to social media platforms t including facebook. we engage with them regularly and they know what our asks are.
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>> do you think censoring you was one of the bideniden administration's asks at jen psaki put it?on will you be taking action on first amendment grounds? >> i don't know for certain that it's true. but i see resume it is true. impart of the a lawsuit already. where we found cases of regular contact between the government agencies and twitter and other social media companies telling them what to censor, sometimesto who to censor on covid issues. there is no doubt in my mind that there was a significant government effort to suppress discussion about covid policiess that contradicted government policies during the pandemic. it wouldn't surprise me to learn that the twitter's black listing
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of me was in response togove something twitter was telling them to do. steve: you were right about everything and they were wrong. tammy, your reaction to all of this. what i said in the opening. a what do you think? >>open i can't say enough how shocking and destructive what's happened really i. and especially to the youngyo unpeople watching who don't knoc anything else. they might not realize what this means to the stability of the country, to the legitimacy ofma oucyr government. none of this is normal. it's not normal for the government to censor peoplens based onor this orwellian word f disinformation which is simply having a contrary opinion to the approvedy narrative by the
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government or by a political party.t what worries me, it's a miracle that there is an american private citizen who happens to be a billionaire, who happened to be interested, who happened to be able to do it. all of these things needed to t hecome together for us now to be able to prove this, completely, and see the degree to which it was being implemented.e de what worries me also is it was done with such ease and such an organized kuhn of smoothness. clearly they have been doingn so this in some fashion throughout how many generations. clearly legacy media must have made it easy and obvious this was some kind of relationship a they would have controllingki information thatnd went into the public view.
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social media changed that because of normal people's access to it. i know with the doctor and other high-profile people were censored. regular americans, average joes and janes had their accounts blown up entirely, completely cut off, who don't have access to television. it's dangerous. it's outrageous. not it's not normal. for kid listening, this can't continue. you hear your clip of jen psakiu they were admitting it. and nobody stopped it. this cannot continue. i think it's our generation.i all of us in the frontier who must work. tha literally thank god for elon musk. steve: you captured it so perfectly, tam question. that's why i always think don't bet against america, because
9:29 pm
america find a way. jay, just as tammy laid out how destructive this has been for something as big as our faith in democracy and our system. confidence in science which isce the foundation of so much progress. you are there at stanford university.wh what do you think is the impacto ofrs this censorship on the reputation in trust and science in the country. >> science depend on freeci speechen. s it depend on scientists beingot able theo talk to each other freely without fear of being censored or social discredit. which is the effect of this kind of censorship. th if you think back on the pandemic., imagine ifim there had been a free, honest discussion about pandemic policy?
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the scientific evidence was strongly against it back then. how many school kids have been harmed because we censored that discussion from happening. would we mosques, synagogues.done e measures that harmed the lives of so many people that didn't protect people from the virus at all. we put in place vaccine mandatea that forced people to make difficult decisions. i don't think so. i think we would have won that argument if we had had a fair argument at the time. steve: you were here on this the show in march 2020. this is not being wise after the event. you were saying it at the time. and it's outrageous to what
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steve: donna mcdaniel was a fourth two-year term at th steve: ronna mcdaniel wants another term as the head of the rnc. >> i believe the question our party needs to have is whether she should be running for a fourth term and i believe theev answer to that is no. steve: lee zelle dib did prettyo well. maybe people should listen to him. joining us harmeet dhillon,e challenging macdaniels for the chair. >>heat the race has begun to pip steam the last few days. the texas gop executive committee came out big with aw vote of no confidence for thefo currenr t
9:37 pm
thg e arizona leadership did something similar a few days ago. and eei hear ad from other stats well that this a deluge of emails from supporters saying there needs to be changed.ying i don't see this as a refer even couple on ronna. six she did say she would serve of 6 years and now she is seeking fro another term. i am hearing from voters and donors that there is a crisis of confidence in the rnc. we are going to need to make some changes at the rnc with a w focus on efficiency, modernizing, making sure we are using all methods to chase ballots to get them back to the election box. make sure we train and recruit
9:38 pm
the best candidates. and we are poised to opinion in 2024. i think if we do the same thing we have done the last six years we'll not have confidence in a 2024 victory. this isn't just about a party winning. it's about the future of ourcoun country. and i as an america didn't see another member stepping up. so i'm poised to step aside from my law practice and non-profitf to step up. i have been overwhelmed with support from the federal and state level, and voters and it's bee pn exciting to talk to people the past few days. steve: give us a sense of the mechanics of this.'s t >> the vote will be january 27
9:39 pm
at the winter meeting of thee rn rnc. there are 168 voters. each of them gets an equal vote. it's a trench warfare. it's hand-to-hand compact. a lot of them are pledged toniel ronna. but a lot of them aren't. i hope we'll be able to persuade them to vote for a better future for the rnc and better country in 2024. steve: competition is always good. so good for you for steppingd fo into this. we'll be back after this short break. market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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steve: house republicans d.c recently voted to continuousing congressional earmarks to allocate millions of dollars to their districts with pork projects. it's corrupt and at odds with the constitution. california congressman and member of the house judiciary committee, tom mcclintock. t i can't believe republicans want this stuff. >> it's a consequence of too. much spending.f to we are spending and putting trillions of dollars we don't have.. it's the biggest debt in our history. it ignited the worst inflation in0 four years. the next congress will have togh learn to pronounce the word nord and earmarks make that job so much harder. >> we talked about this on theis
9:46 pm
podcast and you made a compelling constitutionalti argumenton about why earmarks ae so wrong. could you quickly try and capture that for us tonight? >> it's been a principle of a government since f the days of e magna carta, the power toen appropriate funds should be separate from the power to spenu those funds. congress appropriate funds but can't spends them and the president spends funds but can't appropriate them.ia inte 1817 president james madisr vetoed a o bill with earmarks which he said subverted on separation of power as and wasted money on what he said were the worst and uselessmo projectsne. that hasn't changed. steve: it adds up to a lot of t money, doesn'tha it.
9:47 pm
>> in march there were nearlyea 5,00rl0 earmarks totaling $9 billion. but that's not the real damage. the real damage is the log rolling that goes on, and the multi-billion dollar spending bill that those earmarks grease the skids for. that's why tom coburn calls them the gateway drug for spending. steve: the whole argument for these is it's a way of getting members of congress to vote for things they don't agree with. that seems completely twisted.yw >> it's true the bill a membersi own judgmentns tells them it's a bad thing. i don't know why they wouldou supporntt legislation they know
9:48 pm
will hurt the country justhis, because it helps their district. steve: we had a great consideration, much longer on the podcast. go check that out. stay with us, much more up ahead. flu symptoms hit harder than the common cold. so it takes the right tool for the job... to keep it together. now there's new theraflu flu relief with a max strength fever fighting formula. the right tool for long lasting flu symptom relief. hot beats flu.
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steve: good evening, fellow
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americans, i'm steve hilton andi i'm herelt to talk to you about the threat to jobs from artificial intelligence. if we are honest there are many opportunities. ai is not something to be feared but something that could be usey to our advantage.ha ait will automate many of the mundane tasks we have to do every day. we m can use the technology to drive innovation. we should use ai to improve our education system. it can help with a discuss comized learning experience so every student can reach theirim full potentialpr.a. at thei. same time we must insue no one is left behind. we must make sure that those displaced by ai find new opportunities. it's not just about the potential for job losses. it's also the potential for job
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displacement. we could see jobs move from onem sector tovo thome key to navigating this br. new world is education.ed we need to insure workers have the skills and knowledge to compete in a future where ai is commonplace. only then can we be sure the promises of ai don't leave toohi many peoplnde behind. so let's embrace artificial intelligence but do it responsibly. that's the only way to trulywe benefit from the opportunities it provides. every word of what you just heard was written by an artificial intelligence programt that can do everything from write poems to creating scripts in the style of anyone, including i thought good evening my fellow americans was a bit tooer presidentialwi. but for dnipro special that
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involves writing, kids in schools, and students in college. ai is "the next revolution." we all need to understand it. let's move on to the artificial intelligence to the intelligence of tammy bruce who is back with us. kyrsten sinema was announcing her departure from the democratic party. her own colleagues are turningno on her. >> i support progressive candidates all over this country. people who have the guts to take on powerful special interests. t >>he does she have the guts to take on special interests? >>al no, she doesn't. she and senator manchin sabotaged enormously important legislation.
9:56 pm
>> the special interest is the democratic party, thety government d.ow he ir leaving the democratic pay y is a slap and rejection of the special interests which keep you from being able to do what's right for the country. i don't know if she'll deliver in thag wht regard. d but whatel i do know, having alo left the democratic party. if you are middle aged you can't justify staying in a specialist leadership. there is a point where there has to be a recognition where the a countrmey does come first. and the republicans have their own problems. but we are at a point where we realize the system is not goingn to fix itself. that individuals have to take steps. she does anticipate competition and perhaps having a this is ara smart move. the democrats are not only
9:57 pm
turning on her now. they always turned on her. people chasing her into the bathroom. who knows what goes on in the halls of congress. it's sinema and manchin that represen t the better core of the democratic party .st but at least they are not insane. that's our new standard and low bar. steve: she is feeling liberated. there is a strong sense i get is she is so sick of having to mouth this woke nonsense that everyone knows is nonsense, but they all have to say it to pander to their activists. >> that's why the democrats don't like>> any deviation is a threat to them. the house is so fragile -- that's's why they censor us.
9:58 pm
if people hear a contrary opinion or realize you can do things differently, that inspires people, it's a spark. you make a different turn. it's got to be very freeing. it might not land her back inin her officeg .ck but that's i what this countryh stands for.or the government relies on us being able to operate in thiss fashion freely without fear of punishment for standing up for ourselves or the country. she may not be that noble, butbl at leaste, the democrats hate it because she have to have such a rigid structure. god forbid should anybody realize things could be better and done in a different way. that's the ultimate crime of donaldte trump and elon musk. and all of us saying never again. we had it. steve: you tied that together beautifully.
9:59 pm
i couldn't help think as i was e sanders thisnd people who think he has given u in his ambition to be presidente sii think it's completely wrongk watching him this morning. he's intending to run in 2024. >> running for office is aelf, career, being the per pet fuel candidate. he has -- the perpetual candidate. running for office he's able to talk aboutabou socialism. it's theater. it's pure theater. of course, he's going to run again. and beto is going to run again. and stacey abrams is going to run again. while americans' lives are beine ruined becauseop of people who t and win.wa wesh have had a handful of these
10:00 pm
trolls. that's his career, running for things. steve: what a great way to even the show. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you next sunday when "the nexe yot revolution" will e tellvo advised. [solemn music] - they didn't expect to see what they saw, and, when they saw it, they could never forget it. [solemn music] ferdinand hayden was hired to lead a team into the northwest territories. [solemn music] the 32 men headed west. [solemn music] they weren't here to protect yellowstone. they were here to tear it to shreds in the name of progress.


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