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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: that's it for us tonight, that means the evening and the week are both over but the beginning of the weekend and we hope you spend yours with the ones that you love and you are recharged and refreshed for monday when we see you, have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of sp "hannity," i'm tammy bruce in person on tonight, the christmas season is in full swing let's begin with the gift that keeps on giving come of the twitter files. hours ago in all seriousness a new batch was published by journalist matt taibbi. irrefutable proof that your government was directing twitter to censor americans. according to him, twitter's
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contact with the fbi was constant and pervasive as if it were a subsidiary between january 2020 and november 2022, there were over 150 emails between the fbi and former twitter trust and safety chief yowell roth. he continued a surprisingly high number requests to take action on election misinformation, even involving joke tweets from low follower accounts. for example many of these tweets look like this. no lights, no comments, no retweets, just a message telling democrats to vote on wednesday, a day after the election. apparently the federal government believed that joke tweets like this were a threat to democracy. they were so worried about misinformation after the 2016 election the fbi dedicated
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dozens of agents to comb through social media posts year round. the ubiquity of the 2016 russian interference story as stated pretext for building out the censorship machine can't be overstated to. it's analogous to how september 11th inspired the expansion of the security state through hundreds of meetings, phone calls, and emails, twitter was getting a constant stream of censorship requests from multiple individuals at the fbi, the dhs, state government officials, even government contractors two as he concludes, what most people think of as the deep state is really a tangled collaboration of state agencies, private contractors, and a sometimes state funded ngos, the lines become so blurred as to be meaningless. in other words, the washington swamp was constantly directing big tech to censor speech they
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did not like including jokes and satire derrico that seems more fitting for the soviet union than the united states of america. here now with reaction, incoming house oversight committee chairman james comber. thank you very much for joining me tonight. i obviously am upset, i think most americans are upset this is a nonpartisan issue, right? this transcends anything else that we might be thinking about each other because what keeps this nation secure and stable is the constitution and the belief -- it should be the reality that the american people are genuinely free, we see nothing ever happened to people who do this kind of thing, get away with stuff at the irs et cetera, you are going to be in charge of looking into this, what can the american people expect from your leadership? >> this is serious and that's going to be a top priority for republicans on the oversight committee, we've been talking
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about this for three straight weeks. the increased attention, elon musk is starting to do the right thing to becoming transparent at twitter. my concern was this was a rogue fbi employee or two but we knew the fbi was the one communicating with the three twitter employees that this was russian disinformation pertaining to the hunter biden laptop which you know we are investigating the entire bite and influence peddling scheme but what we found today it was the fbi had its own ministry of propaganda, 80 fbi agents dedicated to nothing but censoring free speech on the internet, 80 agents as someone who is going to be the incoming chairman, that's roughly $12 million in expenses to the taxpayers in salary and benefits pick a look at our first amendment rights, anyone who cares about free speech should be outraged whether you are a republican or democrat,
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this has to stop, this has to be a top priority for the republican majority in january. >> tammy: it has to be i think you would agree that if they were doing this with such ease and with such a huge amount of people like its own cottage industry, this is not the only place where it's happening. this is the cultural attitude. >> right -- this is just twitter. can you imagine what they are doing at google and facebook and youtube and the other social media platforms? what about with the mainstream media? this is very concerning and to see what detail this ministry of propaganda at the fbi was going to censor parity tweets, are you kidding me? this is serious, what are so they involved in at the fbi? the entire fbi needs to be dismantled, we need to start all over. we need to enact strict reforms and their need to be checks and balances at the fbi.
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>> tammy: before we are able to get to that we've got to get to the truth of the matter and no one ever cooperates -- i trust you are going to expand this beyond the twitter. you mentioned google, you mentioned perhaps facebook, meta in general with instagram, are you going to expand and include those platforms which we also know at least from mark zuckerberg, he too was contacted by the fbi. i think we only know a portion of that, are you going to expand this investigation? >> this is going to take several committees focusing a lot of attention. big tech is going to be a priority for the republican majority, you have the commerce committee, the house intelligence committee and the oversight committee, all committees investigating certain areas with a maze to be oversight, things becoming a pattern here -- the fbi was involved in censorship in every form or fashion whether it's with the election, whether it's
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with the joe biden agenda, they have stepped in -- with the government does not belong in this has to end come a people have to be held accountable and we are going to have to start with the budget, that is what is so frustrating about what's going on right now in washington. >> tammy: let me stop you right there. we want to see things get done, we know you can pull everything into the swamp and everything into the volcano, it's about the budget, we want some results. at this point it's been the united states of the fbi and that is unacceptable to the american people and i love that you understand this. i want to thank you for joining me tonight, i want to talk now with jonathan turley who was kind enough to join us who certainly has his perspective as a law professor dealing with a lot of these issues to say the least, thank you congressman comber. per usual the fbi -- he's saying the fbi has to be dismantled, the fbi has admitted no wrongdoing let me start with this. they have admitted no
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wrongdoing -- why would they? writing in a statement the bureau regularly engages with private sector entities that make decisions about what if any action they take on their platforms and for their customers after the fbi has notified them. fox news contributor jonathan turley, what is your reaction to that kind of statement with what we know now from this recent drop of the twitter files? >> was disturbing about this statement is it shows absolutely no self-awareness of what has already been disclosed. it's showing utter contempt of the american people. the fbi could have said we find these allegations disturbing, we are going to conduct our own immediate investigation to see if these types of contacts went too far and instead they say we did nothing but correspond with companies, that is not what these new files are suggesting, they are suggesting censorship
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by surrogates, by proxy. you have dozens of fbi agents who supposedly were tasked to go through social media, you have 150 contacts with just one twitter executive giving lists of users that should be banned, including satirical sites, there's very little runway left for the fbi to continue to deny that there isn't a serious problem here. people i think largely agree, i hope that while the first amendment applies to the government, it also applies to agents of the government -- if the fbi uses a proxy, uses an agent like twitter, it's still censorship, it's still a violation of the first a first amendment. >> tammy: what is interesting here too and i think americans are frustrated because with the fbi, whether it's the russia dossier hopes, the interference some argue in the 2016 and 2020
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elections is that nothing ever seems to happen. are we missing something that congress can do other than have reality television committees every day? is there something that can be done immediately especially with your remarks about their statement which effectively confirms that they seem to be fine, they knew about it, they weren't outraged or shocked -- what are the options here? >> obviously it's going to take some time to build the type of case for substantive change, i don't think most people are talking about dismantling the fbi, what the representative is talking about is dismantling these troublesome components of the fbi, if there is a censorship program going on and we do need to look at that but a case has to be made. these files are not just an indictment of the fbi, they are an indictment of congress. congress has shown a steadfast refusal to dig into the censorship allegations, many of us have been writing about this
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for years. the democratic members have refused to pursue this and in fact democratic members have pushed social media companies to expand censorship. in the very hearing where jack dorsey apologized for the hunter biden laptop debacle, the immediate reaction of democratic senators were to say don't backslide on us, we want more censorship. now we have not just censorship, we have blacklisting, we have these shadow bands, all of that is open to the public. in some ways he has forced people to choose sides. i think some of the anger using the media borders on self-loathing, they are happy to embrace not just censorship apologist but blacklisting and shadow banning and also lying because that's what we've seen for the last three years -- that's a lot to take on yourself and still claim that you are a
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journalist or you believe in free speech. it's going to take a while but i cannot tell you how long overdue this is, we need to see it all and hopefully the house is going to pursue that. >> tammy: great stuff and you have been one of them, this has been on your plate for years and an excellent point about congress and their abdicated responsibility or their complicit nests -- for those of us who are classical liberals, we used to be against the government spying on us, it's like we are in some kind of netherworld, jonathan turley thank you very much for joining me tonight. keep in mind for years democrats in the mainstream media excused censorship on twitter. they praised big tech for hiding the hunter biden scandal, they leapt with joy when donald trump and other conservatives were banished from social media. last night after a few left-wing journalists were banned from twitter for allegedly doxxing elon musk, the mainstream media was very upset, take a look. >> we can't say why these
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suspensions happened but this pattern is concerning. we are keeping an eye on it and we will report back if we learn more. >> as we saw with the guest tracker last night, he seems to be stamping out accounts that he doesn't like. >> this seems really scary -- these are reporters who covered elon musk, who have covered the changes on twitter since he took over. >> this is pretty clearly a cover for him to start making really capricious decisions about the journalists he wants to be able to leave and to throw an elbow at all of media. >> this raises a big question about the future of the free press on twitter and what that looks like. >> as much as we all have treated this platform as the town square, the public forum, it's not any more. it's elon musk and he's going to do with he wants and it's bad for the rest of us. >> isn't that amazing, with reaction fox news contributor miranda devine.
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all of us have been gob smacked listening to all of that sudden concern about censorship -- you know about censorship, you know about being banned, "the new york post" was taken off and there was joy in the streets, how do you explain this sudden concern about journalistic integrity and free-speech? >> it really is incredible the lack of self-awareness from these people who did not raise a peep when "the new york post" the country's oldest newspaper was censored for publishing an accurate story about one of the candidates for president. nobody cared that twitter locked our account for two weeks, that twitter and facebook didn't allow our story to be disseminated even by direct message. kayleigh mcenany was suspended
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for trying to share our accurate and factual story by direct message to one other person. these days of horror now because they are being censored or suspended for basically violating, literally violating a twitter rule which is you can't docks people, you can't give other people's private home addresses or other personal details and elon musk is concerned because his small son was traveling in a car and some guy who looks like antifa was obviously tracking him and photographing him and jumped on the hood to. that sounds a terrifying episode and he blames that on the fact that they were accounts on twitter that were monitoring and broadcasting's location, his airplane and so on.
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that's his excuse for censoring these accounts -- but maybe he has a good excuse, maybe he doesn't, it will all come out in the wash. the fact that these journalists are now suddenly finding that free speech is worthwhile, you're just about two years too late. >> what is astounding, a friend of mine noted that it's possible because he had tweeted -- i'm paraphrasing a little bit ago, his own amusement about how these journalists suddenly were concerned or aware of freedom of expression, that in fact maybe this is a bit of a trolling of everyone, generating a reaction that sort of exposes them. >> maybe it is, i don't know, he owns the joint. twitter was quite happy to censor people on the say-so of the fbi, and that is really what
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you -- >> tammy: i would have to say, it's one thing as a private company or even a publicly held company to have management make decisions, you always say you can decide whatever you want -- elon musk is. the horrible shocking news is the fact that it was our government they were colluding with come acting as state agents against their own customers. isn't that the story in the middle of all of this? >> that is the story and as jonathan turley just told you and as the missouri attorney general and louisiana attorney general trying to prove in court, that was a clear violation of the first amendments. you cannot as a government agency whether you are the fbi or the cdc or the department of homeland security, you cannot coerce a private company to do your dirty work to censor american speech.
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>> tammy: it impacted election there was some discussion that this was an attempt by the fbi to push the election towards joe biden, do you agree or disagree with that argument? >> 100%, they wanted to stop donald trump, they wanted to ensure that he didn't win the election, there is no other reason i can think of why they buried the laptop that they had had a since december 2019, why they also buried the five hour interview tony gave them expressing his concerns about joe biden's exposure to china because of the millions of dollars it came through from the chinese government to his family's coffers. he went there before the election, he handed over the contents of his phones, three of his phones, we published our story before the election, the american people never got to hear it because the story was censored, half the american public was in the dark, their
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media organs of choice which are now screaming blue murder about censorship uttered not a word. they ignored a story that was bigger than watergate about corruption potentially with the future president of the united states. >> tammy: amazing, they had that laptop for ten months, a enough time to make their own asser tatian about whether or not it was fake or russian, knowing what it was, that it was real and it still was working with social media to impart a completely opposite story, it is astounding -- thank goodness for your work, for your versatility and for your doggedness in staying with this and been a great reporter, thank you very much for joining me. according to a new fox news poll a majority of americans on both sides of the aisle want the bidens foreign business deals to be investigated, this comes as a federal government is expected to release a new trove of documents surrounding hunter biden in the coming weeks, here
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now with the latest, fox news contributor leo tirrell and legal analyst gregg jarrett. lots of stuff tonight for those of us who are classical liberals and care about personal freedom and love this country and our kind of romantic and we see all of this happening and now it's undeniable as we are looking at something like hunter biden, aren't we still dealing with joe biden and the nature of the corrupt -- is not even a scandal, it's a corruption volcano and we are all wondering what to do about it, what's your take on where we stand tonight? >> this is not the democratic party you and i used to belong to, this is something different, this is weirdness. i'll tell you what i see i see a situation based on all the previous guests you just had to come i see a standard where the democrats will used to keep their secrets a secret from the american people, they aren't going to have an equal system of
6:21 pm
justice. there is a bipartisan consensus among americans to investigate hunter biden, to investigate joe biden, how can we expect that when the democratic party has weaponized the justice department against republicans only come against conservatives? to be expected joe biden to present equal access to the information that's available? i expect him to implement an executive order to block that foia request, they are going to make it as difficult as possible for the congressional house to do an investigation into hunter biden and find out who the big guy is. >> tammy: you could be absolutely right of course as you are so often. you've written books on the russian hoax, the corruption of the government going after trump in general, what do you think? it seems obvious they're going to fight this, where do you see this going? >> joe biden has 60 days to decide whether to stop the
6:22 pm
release by the national archives of his emails, hundreds of them involving hunter biden and burisma. i would hope his lawyers have correctly advised him, you cannot legally use executive privilege which is confidential advice which if disclosed impairs the function of government, these emails have nothing to do with the functioning of government. instead they relate to potential crimes and a criminal investigation based on documents that show joe biden may have been complicit. i have mentioned this before but the u.s. supreme court made it clear that decades ago in the knicks in case you cannot use executive privilege to hide incriminating information relevant to a terminal investigation or crimes. that was corroborated by a couple of other cases involving
6:23 pm
monica lewinsky, fast and furious case, that standard is an important one and it has been repeatedly upheld. if joe biden tries to use executive privilege, i think it will not only damage him in the opinion of the american public because it looks like he's hiding incriminating evidence, but i think it will be debilitating. he's got a tough choice here, he can stand for truth and honesty and divulging information, or you can do damage to your own presidency. >> it seems like i have to say there is nothing he can do that he seems to think is a problem and this is what the american people have seen over and over again which is a level of corruption and hiding things and sometimes even crimes and a system that holds itself up and protects itself. thank you for joining me tonight, hopefully this time will be different. bidens border crisis is going
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from bad to worse. sara carter and tom homan will be weighing in less you want to believe with the by the administration's latest woke initiative is, we'll discussed with dr. ben carson as we continue, stay right there. don't settle for silver. harness the power of 7 moisturizers & 3 vitamins to smooth, heal, and moisturize your dry skin. gold bond. champion your skin. ♪ over the last 100 years, lincoln's witnessed a good bit of history. even made some themselves. makes you wonder... what will they do for an encore? ♪ - [narrator] if your business kept on employees through the pandemic, can qualify you for a payroll tax refund
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they are preparing for the influx, details are still few and far between. here is the white house press secretary trying to blame republicans. for bidens border disaster, watch this. >> we are not asking for political stunts we continue to see stunts for many republicans out there and that's not how we
6:29 pm
are going to fix this issue, they want to secure the border, we have been doing that work on our own and we are asking them -- there's an immigration reform plan of the president put out on the first day can they should work with us and do this in a bipartisan way. >> tammy: what do you say to that? let me be clear, this is a border crisis caused by joe biden, enabled by joe biden, and worsening under joe biden. joining us now as fox news contributor, former acting isa director tom homan along with fox news contributor sara sara carter. you hear that it's the ultimate gaslighting, it's like rod sterling walking around the corner and a second he's going to start laughing at us none of it makes any sense and we are already in a disaster -- what can we expect one title 42 goes down? i don't know what they are planning, picnics, what do you think is going to happen in a week? >> first of all the white house
6:30 pm
hopes -- what color is the sky in her world? this administration has it of a single thing to secure the border and i'm sick and tired of her saying they inherited a broken system -- no, they inherited the most secure border in my career which spans 35 years and data proves that, i wish she would stop lying, she's lying is much as secretary lies. they got a plan and the plan is more ngos will be sent to mexico to processes people for asylum because the ngos believe it or not have access to databases, law enforcement databases these ngos have access to, they are making billions of dollars they're going to be processed in mexico giving a piece of paper and enter legally. they will say illegal immigration is down -- no it's not, go to a port of entry, it's a bait and switch -- mark my words, it's going to expand
6:31 pm
immensely after title 42. >> both of you obviously have been at the border, you are down there almost every day, you are right in the middle of it. it really doesn't seem like they are going to be using a lot more money to facilitate these individuals coming in and of course it's the human trafficking we talk about the sex trafficking we talk about the crime increasing in the united states, there are no plans to deal with any of that -- isn't that what we see? you don't see any kind of adjustment on the ground? >> i don't and i will be visiting the border next week and one of the things that karine jean-pierre said that's shocking to me as she talked about republicans political stunts. today i posted before coming on the show a grave site, a makeshift grave site where migrants including a baby, including other children are buried along the border committees are unmarked grave
6:32 pm
sites where people have died making their way into the country -- that is not a political stunt. over 853 plus migrants have lost their lives, that was in the last fiscal year and that's just the ones we know of. what about all of the people who are being traffic -- all the children, all the women that we have talked about on this show, we have shown the people we have interviewed at the young children who have traveled all by themselves, what about them? if they really care about the migrants i'm going to say it again -- the biden administration needs to shut down not to the need to stop perpetuating this financial game for these narcotics traffickers and human traffickers that we've got to start finding a way to fix it because it's going to get so much worse and tom is 100% right. >> tammy: this is again in a week at the word is already out, this gets telegraphed -- they
6:33 pm
are incentivizing this to increase. it's almost sociopathic what is happening here and the american people have got to know i'm proud of the work you guys are doing that we are able to bring it to the american people, thanks to both of you. the biden agenda is as we know failing on every front obviously end rather than admit their shortcomings, the response is always the same -- double and triple down on more destructive, delusional, dangerous and far left lunacy -- for example we are now learning more about a new 1.5 billion -- with a b -- dollar grant from the transportation department to fund woke pet projects surrounding so-called racial equity and economy killing climate change initiatives. the best part, all of the funds are coming from the input structure bill that biden signed last year but just like their covert relief bill wasn't actually about covid, the infrastructure bill covers way
6:34 pm
more than traditional infrastructure. here with more giving us a bit more background and analysis, former hud secretary one of our favorites of course dr. ben carson. thank you for joining me ton tonight. we know the nation is in some degree of trouble pickle you are an example of the kind of man that this nation produces and delivers it to help the american people. you serve this country, you serve her now with the work that you do. $1.5 billion, the difference that kind of money could make and the quality people's lives as the economy continues to crumble would be astounding, what do you say when it comes to this kind of spending of money on absurd projects? >> it's quite sad that we would use this excuse to funnel money in for the pet projects, the christmas wish list of the woke left.
6:35 pm
singling out racial favorites, that doesn't really do anything. if you think back to the last administration, it was a philosophy that a rising tide floats all boats and we had the lowest unemployment for minorities particularly blacks and hispanics, we had the highest wages. we had prison reform, we created a situation with hbcus they didn't have to come cup in hand every year. there was a whole plethora of things that really worked much better than this equity stuff. if people would just stop and evaluate things on their face as opposed to listening to the propaganda, i think we would be much better off. these gifts are used to further divide the american population if you favor one group or another all you are going to do is create tension.
6:36 pm
we've gotten to the point where we think we are enemies, with the american people -- we hunt each other's enemies, the enemies are those purveyors of hatred and division who seemed to have a tremendous mouthpiece and facilitated by the media. >> tammy: i think you are absolutely right, it's a very wise assessment because looking at the nature of what they would propose, things like the department of transportation, we have heard them about the racism of highways and how every decision effectively that is made is this structural racism and that money is somehow going to cure that. what makes everybody think is, the system you can't win at all, you are lost, even the roads are against you. doesn't that go too far? or do you think the democrats actually believe that? >> i don't think they believe it but they have discovered ways to manipulate and if they were
6:37 pm
really interested, they would be dealing with what you were just talking about at the border. we got all because of people coming into this country including people who want to destroy this country, it's only the grace of god that is saving us, we certainly don't have a government that seems to understand the dangers that are presented by doing things -- that's truly the reason that american cornerstone was created to help focus people on the things that make this into a great nation, things that are being attacked on a daily basis, our faith in our families -- we are going have to be smart enough to recognize what's going on and not allow ourselves to be manipulated. >> tammy: thank you, appreciated, straight-ahead -- chuck schumer and nancy pelosi want joe biden to run again in 2024, is this the best idea for the democrats? keira davis and congressman
6:38 pm
ronnie jackson weigh-in as a special edition of "hannity" continues.
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♪ ♪ >> tammy: now despite joe biden's never ending struggles with stamina and stability, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are giving their blessings to a biden 2024 run, take a look. >> i think president biden has done an excellent job as president of the united states. i hope he doesn't seek reelection. >> he has done an excellent job, if he runs i'm going to support him all the way. >> tammy: they say that while they are eating -- despite the endorsement from democratic leadership which is what that was at least one progressive group is urging him not to run.
6:43 pm
earlier today another word salad where he once again confuse the name of his wife's father and grandfather, watch. >> my claim to fame is i used to be his county councilman. thanks for being here, you're the best, thank you. i may be irish but i'm not stupid. i married his daughter i have a little italian in me now. >> tammy: wow. also today once again he exaggerated his visits to iraq and afghanistan while speaking to veterans at the town hall in delaware. here for reaction the author of holding the line congressman ronnie jackson and read that state keira davis. let me start with you i found it interesting that nancy pelosi who has this direct pipeline link to gavin newsom would effectively endorse joe biden when gavin newsom trotted down to the border to make it look
6:44 pm
like he's presidential and cares, what do you make of that democratic leadership endorsing a biden run? >> all i can say is nancy, chuck, blinked twice if you're in danger. those endorsements were the most lackluster endorsements i have ever heard. i'm quite sure this a lot of jockeying going on behind the scenes as you know gavin newsom has said he's not running for president in 2024, i don't know how many of us believe that, that tells me those conversations going on between him and auntie nancy. i know joe biden isn't ready to give up her position as first lady -- i feel like there is a battle brewing behind the scenes and i also feel like chuck and nancy for now know what side their bread is buttered on it so they are playing it cool. >> i never really feel sorry for the democrats but considering
6:45 pm
their talent bench, it really is embarrassing when this is leadership, this is with the democrats have. how do you see is unfolding for 2024? >> i think there endorsements are right on they want him to run again as long as there's not a leader in the white house the democrats in the house and senate get a call all the shots. it's the best thing that ever happened to them to have this lack of leadership in the white house. i think a lot of them are hoping he runs again and gets elected again. the conversation shouldn't be about whether or not he's going to run again in focal years the conversation should be who is going to replace him over the next two years? i don't think he's going to make it. this man is completely and as you know i took care of three presidents and three administrations i know what it takes mentally and physically to do the job and this man cannot do the job, there could have dealt look at a way to get rid of him at some point in the future, it's embarrassing. >> tammy: i would agree with you, i refer to the president as
6:46 pm
a mascot. it's clear in my humble opinion that he is not running the country, that there is a group in the white house that wants to stay in the white house because if it's any other democrat they won't be running the country anymore. the bureaucracy enjoys running the country even though they are bringing it down. do you think he would switch out kamala harris? what do you think the strategy would be? he can keep on keeping on and the midterms weren't too bad for them, what do you think they are going to do? >> i think they're going to try to get away to have gavin newsom in there because he is very connected to ten nancy. if you're talking about some buddy who is going to do what they are told to do, that's how he rules this states. he rules the state by doing what he's told to do. i don't think there's a lot of love between kamala harris and the current top of the democratic party for a lot of
6:47 pm
reasons that we know and some we probably don't. they are in a conundrum, all i can do is sit back and eat some popcorn. i really, genuinely believe gavin newsom is heading your way for better or for worse and i don't think joe biden is going to make it all the way. >> tammy: both of you, thank you very much. we have an interesting two years coming up, merry christmas to everybody. as we approach christmas, the attacks on christianity are only getting worse -- wait until you see the latest examples -- franklin graham reacts as this handy speciaif yl continues.
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musical >> welcome back to the special edition of hannity, the countdown to christmas is well underway. but not everyone is feeling the spirit of the season.
6:52 pm
the small main town of bucks port, was forced to temporarily remove the nativity scene that had been displayed for years, after an atheists rights group threatened litigation. but tom resident spoke up in a council meeting, and successfully got their manger scene restored. meanwhile, in the rotunda of the illinois state capitol, a christmas tree a change then a with the menorah, and a satanic holiday display featuring a snake, and a book of copernicus. this display has been put up annually by an atheist group since 2018. great hall, here right now with a reaction simile on know and trust in the food is incredible is for graham, a terrific organization which is running its annual operation christmas child. reverend gran, let me just say it's gonna be, with the work you do, that's got to fulfill your soul and your mission in life
6:53 pm
that you know is a great one. and yet you still here as you all do these horrible stories and what can you tell the audience about the importance of the season, the natured of the work you're doing, compared to this other ugly stuff going on that really impacts what people see around our country? >> well, first of all thank you tammy, christmas is about god's love. it's about god so much love in this world that he sent his son jesus christ from heaven to this earth, to take our sins. and that he died and he shared his blood 33 years later on a cross, for the sins of this world. and if we repent, of our sins, turn from them sis and believe from the name of the lord jesus we will be safe. it is what christmas is all about, is about god loving us. jesus christ didn't come to condemn us he came to save us. so, christmas is a wonderful time, and we certainly celebrate it, and i'm glad bucks port the
6:54 pm
time the town stood up -- and that the city council back down to them. and right now we are in the process of sending shoe box gift like this, to over 11 million children this year. in this actually represents the 200 million in the last 29 years, so 200 million boxes like this, and i'm taking this went to the ukraine later on, and this is due to be given over there. and were sending 450,000 boxes to this did ukraine. and the children they are suffering this year, they're afraid, they're called, and his dark, and so are then a show little bit of god's love. in the most important thing to me that those in this box, people pray. i ask people to pray for every box, before they send it to us pray for the child is gonna get the box. i don't know who's gonna get it, but that does. and we know that god hears prayer, and to think that
6:55 pm
11 million children are 11 million boxes or lists people pray for children -- just think mike got might do for the children, especially for the children in ukraine. >> beautiful. incredible works are, every year i love your organization, all the work you do in this year in particular has been showing pictures of smiling children, not receiving your gifts, your love, and the prayers. it just changes lives. and all of us here, we cannot thank you enough and we pray for you and you are very extraordinary example consider what we're facing this your world. thank you for joining me tonight a merry christmas story. more of the special edition of hannity right after the break. ♪ ♪
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[sfx: cards shuffling] this holiday, weathertech gift cards are perfect for people to pick exactly what they want. laser measured floorliners that fit your vehicle precisely. keep your seats safe from messes with the child car seat protector. sinkmat protects under your sink. there's even something for our furry friends with the pet feeding system. order the weathertech gift card instantly for the holidays at ♪ ♪
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merry christmas to each and every one. as we celebrate christmas you may wonder if jesus christ can make a difference in your life. you bet he can. that's why he came, to save us from our sins. he came to this earth as a baby, took our sins to the cross 33-years later, and he shed his blood on that cross, and he died for you and for me. but on the third day, god raised him to life. he's not dead. he's alive.
6:59 pm
if you have never invited him into your heart. if you've never trusted him as your savior, you can do that right now. just pray this prayer with me, just say, "dear god, "i'm a sinner. "i'm sorry for my sins. "forgive me. "i believe that jesus is your son. "i believe that he took my sins to the cross, "that he died in my place, "and i believe that you raised him to life. "i want to trust him now as my savior, "and follow him as my lord. "i pray this in jesus' name, "amen." if you prayed that prayer, call that number. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the
7:00 pm
special edition of hannity, unfortunately that is all the time we have this evening, and it went so fast didn't. you can catch me on get tammy bruce which is on fox nation that you can catch me there, and read my, met a mack that u.s. they can find me a tammy bruce the ingraham angle is next, but i want to thank sean hannity, and his entire team and a lot of people to bring the show to you. and i am grateful, merry christmas. ♪ ♪ i am "the ingraham angle" one, this is "the ingraham angle." stay one that is the focus of tonight angle. biden hits by the fans. they helped put joe an office and liberals everywhere find that they too are not immune from the consequences of his bad policies. now the variety scene layoffs, hitting the big tech sector which is overwhelmingly provided employees at a


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