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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  December 17, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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maya millette lisa: i am here with aishah hasnie, joey jones, what is untapped to us? aishah: we got new surveillance images the reveal more about what happened when those university of idaho students were stabbed to death while they slept. the murder mystery may be unraveling tonight.
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joey:you may be surprised the education system is going work, college students demanding pay for their grade and going to class. raymond:they are taking a stand on tick-tock as a national security risk, new research reveals how harmful the apps is to kids and 2 thirds of them are using tick-tock every day. aishah: they are trying to make the citizen's for a process more work by making it easier, the citizenship test will be multiple-choice. 3 years ago "fox and friends" celebrated what it means to become an american at the first naturalization ceremony on fox square. >> i will perform work. >> i will perform work. >> of national importance. under civilian direction when required by the law. and that i take this obligation freely.
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without any mental reservation. or purpose of evasion. so help me god. congratulations. aishah: they serve their country before that. a simple test that shows how much they wanted to become an american. they study to answer a lot of questions. they are asked ten of the questions at random and the biden administration's plan plans on changing the test the multiple choice in 2024. let's look at this. the first five questions, the first citizenship test, what is the supreme law of the land? what does the constitution do? the idea of self-government is in the first three words of the
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constitution. what are these words? what is an amendment? what do we call the first we 10 amendments to the constitution? that is what is in there now. why would they want to water down this process. shouldn't it be hard? lawrence: when we have 14,000 people illegally crossing into the country every day we have to do something with them. if you read closely the biden administration wants to adjust the naturalization text because they say we've gotten feedback from people involved in the process. that is people who thought it was too hard. the naturalization process is just that, to naturalize people from other countries into the american experience and ensure they are in a path to becoming americans. it is an idea, my father came to this country. he was an immigrant, he served in the marines, he had to learn english. my grandparents coming over from italy, it should be a
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trial so you are conversant in the language of the country you will now be part of. that's in the best interest not only of the country but those coming into the country. i worry about this naturalization test into a fast pass or turnstile system into citizenship. that's not what it was intended to be. it was to help the new immigrants, the new american in the country. >> or uncle served in the united states navy, your family from pakistan. talk about that process and what are your thoughts on this? aishah: my parents had to take the test. you had to wait a few years to apply for citizenship. finally get to a point where you can take the test. it's very hard. i was 11 or 12 years old, i moved here when i was 6. i helped my mom study for the
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exam. i remember thinking as a 12-year-old these questions are hard. kudos to every one of those servicemembers able to pass and become a citizen. it's the most emotional, one of the most emotional memories i have. i remember it in indianapolis, watching my parents put their hand over their heart and take the oath and feeling so proud of them. at the end of the day when you put this to the side. becoming an american, not just an idea. it's a process and a lifelong process. this great nation, so many beautiful things about it and you are learning that when you come from the country that i come from and there are a lot of differences, freedoms that are mind blowing for someone who comes from a country like that.
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my question is what are the priorities for this administration. you mentioned title 42 where everyone wants to talk about what is happening on the border, that hundreds of thousands of people leaving their homes, packing up their families and bags to come up here because they are so desperate to or because of an economic situation but where are the priorities where you have democrats or republicans begging for answers, what we are going to do come wednesday went title 42 goes away but there's no answer yet. why we talking immigration exams, when we have a crisis at the border? lisa: we are expecting the floodgates, up to 15,000 illegal immigrants, that gets to the sacredness of be an american, which you know having served this country so bravely. what do you make of this?
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joey:we need to understand the opportunity to come here legally is there and rampant. you have to answer 6/10 questions. as of 2020 donald trump doubled that, 12 out of 20. 100 facts about our country. every single one of those facts we remembered over 12 or 13 years of schooling, probably years to learn it because you can't just become a citizen. through the immigration and citizenship services website, you're doing an interview with a basic understanding of english and answer 6/100 facts, it is difficult. i appreciate that but it's not about making you earn your citizenship but making sure you understand what you are becoming. if you don't know the constitution how much can you be taken advantage of as a citizen, if you don't understand what the bill of rights are, how do you stand up
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for yourself as a citizen? the idea this is punitive, you don't turn citizenship, you partake in it. don't know fat is the perfect way of doing it but i didn't earn it when i was born here, i just earn it by military service, this test, answering 6 or 10 questions out of 100 may seem enter mountable donations surmountable. you can show your knowledge in another way. the test is oral for a reason, you have to take time to learn enough english to show you are proficient in it. i don't know there is somebody out there, you said declaration of independence, should have said constitution, explain the difference between the two. there's lots of opportunities to orally pass this test. if that is what the biden administration is doing, they are throwing red meat to the bone, not doing it to change anything.
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lisa: it seems like this lack of respect for america, america should be this sacred thing, we should make it difficult to come here, it should be something special. >> it degrades the sacrifice of people sitting at this table who not only offered their lives but left their homeland to pursue this ideal. when you diminish that or make it so simple it is like a turnstile, i do worry you are diminishing over the last few years, by trash talking the police and making them the enemy or reducing what they do every day and the risks they take. we put ourselves in a position where people don't want to be cops and public safety is threatened. i worry when we start dislocating what it means to be an american in teaching and passing that on to those who want to be.
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we get less of an america when it is over. not only those coming in but those who are already here. lisa: i don't know we can make it more difficult for people to become americans. i want this american dream for everyone. most magical thing that has ever happened to my family and myself but i think about it all the time. what americans want is more organization. they want to know how the process is working and when they see what is happening at the southern border it lets them down. there's no control over the situation. >> lawlessness and chaos is the way to go. lisa: we got to go.
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aishah: we are back with a fox news alert, fox news digital obtaining this exclusive new surveillance image showing you two of the university of idaho students in the hours before they were stabbed to death as they were sleeping in their home. matt finn is live in moscow, idaho. what can you tell us about this image? >> reporter: that video came from a business not far from where i am standing it appears to show kailee gonzalvez and madison malvin in the same clothes we saw them in the food truck surveillance video and it
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appears perhaps they are with the same man from the food truck surveillance video many people theorized could be a suspect but police maintain he has been cleared. it is unclear who is talking but it is possible they were talking to each other. you are woman ask what do you say to adam? a second later a woman replies, like i told adam everything. here's the sound. >> what did you say to adam? >> reporter: again, we don't know exactly who is talking in that video and we are showing a still frame to protect the business owner who wants to remain anonymous. the full video was provided by the facebook group, quote, university of idaho murder case discussion. fox has reached out to police for comment and we will let you know if we hear back from them.
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aside from this new video the only thing police have released, they are asking the public to be on the lookout for the 2011-13 white hyundai alondra, that driver has not come forward and that is adding fuel to the speculation. aishah: thank you, keep track of this and bring us any updates. meanwhile, elon musk's newest twitter file showing how cozy were the relationship was between the fbi and twitter before he took over. journalist matt taibbi showing there were one hundred 50 emails between the fbi and the safety chief between january 2020, and november 2022. some of these exchanges were, quote, mundane, others were
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requests for information into twitter users related to active investigations. how much attention the fbi paid to twitter's election tampering, that was revealed in the latest dump. the fbi social media focused task force which was created after the 2016 election grew to 80 agents. how is the mainstream media reacting to this? network news virtually ignoring the sixth installment of the twitter files since they dropped yesterday afternoon at reporting on reporters elon musk suspended so let's talk about all of this, twitter craziness. when you think about this relationship the fbi did release a statement. it regularly engages in private
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sector entities, they do this all the time. >> the mission of the fbi to keep americans safe? or to spy on americans? seems like the latter instead of the former. ron paul said that was the mission of the fbi, to spy on americans who disagree with the president and charge policy and pointed out to woodrow wilson, using the fbi to spy on americans, arrest americans who disagree with his policy in regard to europe. the first nationwide to mystic surveillance system including wiretapping and it looks like the intent of the fbi is to spy on us when you look at what they miss, nicholas cruz who killed 17 people edge marjory stoneman douglas posted on youtube he was going to be a school shooter.
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look at fort hood and intervene with the pulse nightclub shooting which killed 49 people in orlando, the boston bombers as well. you've got 80 fbi agents dedicated, including jokes and they missed the big ones that they are supposed to stop and instigating it like january 6th and gretchen witmer. aishah: i want to listen to dan bongino who make the point what the fbi's role is. >> when acting on behalf of the secret service or the fbi it is assumed obviously you are acting on behalf of the united states government. there are constraints on what you can do, those constraints
2:21 pm
are limited by the constitution. the fbi has a process, there are rules of evidence, criminal trials, you can't just go to private companies, take this, take that. aishah: you can get more of him on unfiltered at 9:00. a little plug for dan the man. raymond, i want to come to you because obviously not only were there 80 fbi agents looking into these twitter threats but there's also revelations there were justice department employees that went to twitter to work there, embedded into twitter. >> fbi employees including the general counsel of the fbi who left the fbi and went to work at twitter so they not only embedded but began to create platforms and processes within
2:22 pm
twitter to collude and work with former employees and friends to censor any information that was politically disadvantageous to their point of view. congress has to look into this and i know the fbi and twitter say we made suggestions to a private organization, twitter could have done what they wanted, they didn't need to act on our suggestions. when the fbi walk into a control room and say every time arroyo speaks hit the mute button people might worry and it is intimidating when the fbi says it and given the partisan purposes of those involved, that has to be unraveled, did they twist or distort information before an election? aishah: that was the last time we saw raymond and joey.
2:23 pm
do doxingthat raised eyebrows too. so many headlines, he's done a lot of good work revealing through twitter files a lot of information we have been waiting for but what about that? suspending the accounts of journalists that basically shared information that was artie public and out there? joe: we always have a caveat, there are fbi agents on the ground, that is true. at the end of the day my posture is neutral investment with law enforcement because as someone who believes in civil rights and personal ability to govern in the day-to-day of my life, every day i see more places where the government is trying to take control of my life. i can't think of anything more, we have the citizenship
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conversation, that should matter. elon musk has shown himself to care about that is a topic but what has twitter turned into? a big drama we are all watching. he's taken it very personal and the end result of his efforts have been very good but his goal has been to destroy twitter from the inside out. aishah: what is the future twitter? does twitter stay or go? >> it should stay but there are going to be political contests within it. aishah: the dude sent people to space. you think twitter is around? >> twitter will stick around. facebook, the user base is changed a little bit, people moved to instagram. there's always something on the horizon. aishah: what happening to the education system? you tell us, the college
2:25 pm
students that are demanding automatic ands no matter if they went to class or not. i will show you how to do this, coming up next. ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage. ♪ energy demands are rising. and the effects are being felt everywhere. that's why at chevron, we're increasing production in the permian basin by 15%. and we're projected to reach 1 million barrels of oil per day by 2025. all while staying on track
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. entrust you heart to entresto. joe: students in a private university in new york city occupying the school building demanding a major boost. the protesters wrote, quote, we demand every student receive a final course grade of a about attendance shall have no bearing on course grade. that is one of 16 demand students are making. it started a few weeks ago to support striking faculty members who want better pay and benefits. that strike has ended and is still going. you have sent a couple kids to
2:30 pm
school, raymond w paid for more tuition than i paid in taxes in my life. neil: to your day is coming. joe: what is your take? neil: to i went to nyu and i knew some professors. the new school was artie design and layout and architecture. they focus on the art but in recent days their real focus is inclusion, equity. it is clear the kids got the lesson. they want to the resignation of the officials in the school. they want the disbandment of the board, they want the president's has to be a communal pace and they want universal as. they don't like the new school, they want the new new school, go find that, leave this one alone. you can't change an institution and its standards. go to that institutional create your own but you are not
2:31 pm
allowed to come and devolve the institution you claim to be part of from within. the administration should get tough with these kids and say you are all out. aishah: i will give you straight as for $50,000. you or me. it joe: i went to georgetown in dc after i got hurt, started at parris island. i had a professor who said it's not my job to decide that, it is my job to decide if you learn the information. is there potential for pass or fail? what do you think? aishah: i love the abc def, whatever. i am a little jealous of these guys. i was not this bold. how do you get this bold? i was trying to not get in trouble for wearing a shirt that was too short or something
2:32 pm
like that, getting attention. school was hard enough. this is crazy. i think i wonder if there was a class they took on how to occupy a school and it is coming back to bite you know who in the you know what. >> the school for kids who can't read good. joe: not a university alone. got to get that. neil: to aishah: everyone wanting handouts, something for free without having to put the work in and we saw this accelerated during covid when the government destroyed people's livelihoods and businesses and paid them to stay home, becoming dependent on the federal government. i think that is the point of moving us in that direction, you dumb down america, increase dependency and people in charge
2:33 pm
have more control over our lives and at some point this will head to a head, surgeons who can't operate and don't know what they're doing, pilots who can't fly, a military that is weaker, we will lose a world war. all of this will come to a head and i don't want to be a country with this weakened culture on work or burning things. lisa: we don't know if they got the as. occupying -- darn it. neil: to the school says we are listening to our students. that's the wrong answer. the answer is we are an institution, you wanted to come here. we give you training you can't get anywhere else, you are either in or out. joe: you want people to get there so they can achieve the standard, not so the standard gets pulled down to the. i argue the same thing with military recruiting. aishah: that was it,
2:34 pm
georgetown. joe: coming up, an update on the action to ban tick-tock in congress as new research shows how doctor mental this apps is 2 teenagers. 2 thirds of them use tick-tock. that is next. ♪ ♪ this is a leading healthcare system with five nationally ranked hospitals, including two world-renowned academic medical centers. in boston, where biotech innovates daily and our doctors teach at harvard medical school and the physicians doing the world-changing research are the ones providing care. ♪ there's only one mass general brigham. ♪ [christmas music] ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech gift cards have the power to wow everyone on your holiday list. offering a variety of american made products.
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raymond: a lot of people are worried that tick-tock is a national security risk because china has access to an end all the information you put on it. tick-tock, for those not familiar is a highly addictive video sharing apps where dancing videos, sing-alongs are commonplace, congress is taking
2:39 pm
steps to bandy apps on government devices, the senate passed the bill this week. counts republicans say more needs to be done. >> it can't end up tiktok. others are using bots or stealing information. >> i hate tiktok for all sorts of reasons. >> if you have tiktok on your phone you should delete it and get a new phone. it poses a severe threat to your privacy and security. >> it is owned by bite dance which is controlled by the chinese communist party. >> i had a tech expert tell me if you downloaded the apps get rid of your phone and get a new phone, they suck up everything. your content, where you went on the web, your emails canopy everything is accessed by the chinese government. the senate approved the ban on
2:40 pm
federal employees using tiktok, 15 states, trump and mike pompeo wanted to ban it in america period. why not bar it across the country? lisa: i will never get on it because it is a trojan horse for china to surveilled americans, but more portly, to brainwash our youth, 67% of teens are on tiktok, suicide rates increasing in america, 15 to 24-year-olds, increased by 51%, the increased rise of transgender as well. if you are china and want to destroy generation of country, wouldn't tiktok be the way to do that and brainwashing americans? i will not get on it. raymond: important part of the cyber war. regarding these bands, it is troubling that rather than
2:41 pm
encouraging the administration to conclude its national security review some herbs of congress have decided, push for politically motivated bands that will do nothing to advance the national security of the united states. speaker pelosi has attached this federal tiktok band to her omnibus bill to fund the government in the coming week. there seems to be bipartisan support. aishah: hard to understand that statement that this is politically motivated because both parties have been scrutinizing this apps since it came to the market several years ago. this is a very bipartisan effort. this is not a republican thing or democrat thing, both sides realize how dangerous this is
2:42 pm
on two fronts and something will happen. you have two bills that are in congress, what is senator josh valley --howley's bill and it will the other one takes it a step forward because that bill just gets rid of government devices which is important and the next one, marco rubio's bill banded together. that's a tough sell because some lawmakers on the hill, tiktok can be good. tiktok can be good. but maybe there is a way to regulate it. whatever they want, they can regulate it and make it safer. raymond: we both have children. when you look at this, the data on tiktok usage is not
2:43 pm
reassuring, 67% of teens use it, 60% almost constantly. one problem is the algorithms, spitting out highly addictive content to keep kids on the hook, remember the stories of the algorithm sending these kids self-harm videos, eating disorder videos. what should we be doing as parent and concerned citizens? joe: we should be parenting. there's a lot of distracting, the same apps our kids are using our distracting us. i take my son's phone out of his hand and push evaline or bow and arrow or chores in it and he loves every minute of it but doesn't have the discipline to do those things on his own. i have to bring the horse to water and tell him to drink and when he drinks he loves it. that's called parenting, but if you're going to make a baby, raising away the human being
2:44 pm
doesn't get so addicted to the adulation of strangers they want to do a dance that is meaningless to get people to clap or feel good about themselves, build self-esteem within your kids by teaching them skills, talent and hard work rather than 5 or 10 seconds videos. if you went to vietnam and came home, married homecoming queen and took over your dad's hardware store, you reach every goal you set for yourself, the king of your hill, in this generation we went the entire world to know who we are, how special we are. the special within your home. neil: to the jones family is off of tiktok. 1-family out. straight ahead on the big saturday show just in time for christmas, the worst gifts you can give your family and friends. you don't want to miss this. ♪
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worst christmas gift you ever received an look at this, number one, defective items bought at discount. i don't like that. followed by fruitcake, who eats that? 20 one% said weight loss items, out, and political gifts and out of style clothing. moving down the list, with christmas ties, chocolates, a weight scale, lap of luxury items and a gym membership. you get me a gym membership and i will come around. okay. is an about the gift or the thought? joe: if you took time to buy me a present i'm already happy. here's what happens. my sister bought me the same shirt two years in a row and it was the wrong size and i still have one of them. i used to get wrong size stuff when people buy me clothes. we didn't have a lot of money. they bought it on sale and
2:50 pm
nowhere to take it back to. aishah: workers gift ever? lisa: i don't know. i really don't know. all i know is i have come full-circle on the christmas process. when i was 3 my grandfather gave me kisses and hugs and told him i don't want kisses, i want presence. now i love giving gifts. for my parents, i give them a weekend away. it depends who they are from. let's be selective here. joe: when you buy that -- neil: to the worst, a fruitcake of that when i opened it literally had mold on it. it was a decade old. a book that was given to me inscribed to the person who gave it.
2:51 pm
raymond: i don't know. it is not a present. aishah: i'm a good gift giver. i really research and think about it even if it is a white center or a white elephant, we do one of those and i have to stick to it, the worst i forgot, i give someone such a good gift, travel steamer and what i got was chocolate. joe: lisa: did you know that life is like a box of chocolates? aishah: that was good. raymond: zulu land or and forrest gump. aishah: your big saturday flops are coming up next. ♪ immune function. supply fuel for immune cells and sustain tissue health. ensure with twenty-five vitamins and minerals,
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." 9 it's time now for big saturday flops, our picks for the biggest fails of the week. here's mine, department of homeland security secretary the al hand troh mayorkas. he went down to the border this week and got a frosty reception from border agents, no wonder. he's hamstrung these poor men and women's efforts to enforce the law, and he's released more than a million illegal aliens into the country. the el paso sector alone had a 255% increase in migrant
2:56 pm
encounters since october. then the latest twitter file drop showed dhs was working to politically censor speech, presumably with mayorkas' sign-off. now members of congress are calling for mayorkas' impeachment. he certainly should be investigated. this is a dhs chief who can't even protect ladies' bags at airports from a notorious luggage snatcher, another biden official. sam was fired this week. let's hope it's the tart of a trend. >> that is an interesting character. all right, another tall tale from president biden. on friday biden told this story about his father making this request on behalf of his uncle when biden was elected vice president. >> he said -- and he op won a purple heart, but he never received it, he never got it. do you think you could help him get it, we'll surprise him. so we got him the purple heart. he had won it in the battle with
2:57 pm
of the bulge, and i remember he came over to the house and i came out and presented it to him. i said, uncle frank, you won this, and he said, i don't want the damn thing. he said, i don't want it. no, i'm serious. i said what's the matter? you earned it. he said, yeah, but the others died. i lived, i don't want it. >> so turns out that wasn't true because biden's father had died before he became vice president. my favorite story about joe biden and one of his lies, he said he drove an 18-wheeler, and when the white house was pressed on it, they pointed to a 1973 article that he'd been in one, he was a passenger, and that's all the evidence -- >> real quick. did we confirm that he ever had an uncle frank? just curious -- [laughter] probably not, because the man lies through his teeth, and he lies about things that matter most in this country. the actual sacrifice of those of us that don't really matter. those of us that'll never be in
2:58 pm
a political ruling class, those of us that'll never if bend and twist our son's death or our first wife's death in order to gain political advantage in our lives and allow our son to go and sell us way. -- away. the fact that this disgusting human being talks about purple hearts and his son dying in iraq and every veteran in this country doesn't want to squeeze their ears out every time they hear it blows my mind. amount of disrespect on the day we're placing wreaths on the graves of the men and women who have died, the way he uses his son's death and now his uncle's service to advance himself and bring credibility to himself among veterans is one of the most dishonorable things i've ever seen. >> so what joey said, will you go. [laughter] no, or i'm glad you got in there. what joey said. >> okay, i'll take a little lighter touch. a number of athletes and celebrities who promoted ftx are now being sued by investors, and that includes shaquille o'neal.
2:59 pm
[laughter] it's kind of hilarious, because shaq actually came out and said he doesn't even understand how clip coe -- crypto the works, he thought he was just doing a commercial, and now he's on the hook for all of this mess. you've got people like tom brady and so many other celebrities hard involved in in this that probably didn't know what they were doing. then don't get involved. don't pitch something if you don't know how it works because it led to billions of dollars being lost. >> even with my podcast, i'm really careful -- >> my flop is that meghan and harry put out a christmas card. it's a digital paperless card, it doesn't even say christmas. if you care what these two people think about christmas or their card, you're the flop. [laughter] >> ouch. we always have a good time together. thanks so much for joining us and, hey, we'll be back again tomorrow. >> yea! >> more fun, more flops, all of that. we're going to see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 eastern for
3:00 pm
"the big sunday show." 9 the fox report with jon scott, it starts now-ish. [laughter] ♪ ♪ sit right here and have another beer in mexico -- ♪ let the warm air melt these blues away ♪ jon: concern growing over the crisis at our southern border as a major tool used to slow the tide of illegal migrants is set to go away in just four days. i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: the trump era policy known as title 42 is expected to wind down on wednesday and illegal border crossings are projected to surge significantly in the aftermath. the department of homeland security warning we could see anywhere from 7,000 to


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