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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  December 18, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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>> that's looking good. pete: thank you. >> very festive too. will: 20, i just heard. [laughter] pete: no! >> oh, shoot. rick: who won? rachel: jessica won. rick: who won? >> let's see what we've got here. you have a door, these -- ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. welcome to "sunday morning futures." today, corruption at the highest levels. america's intelligence agencies, the fbi, doj, the department of homeland security putting politics ahead of america's security. elon musk exposing collusion between the gi, the -- fbi, doj and twitter as they moved to change an election. coming up, election interference, who's to blame
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corruption politicians or globalists making money? the incoming chairman of the house intelligence committee, ohio congressman mike turner, is here on whether he'll subpoena the players at the fbi and doj over collusion and why were the same actors helping to cover up the origins of covid-19, potentially now a bioweapon. now the lawsuits are piling up. utah attorney general sean reyes leading or joining more than 50 lawsuits against the biden administration. a.g. on the impact of the democrats' failed agenda. plus, dr. ben carson is here on the cover-up and a scramble to hide u.s. funding of deadly viruses in wuhan. what will the republicans do about it? coming up, the battle to lead within the gop. harmeet dhillon moves to shake up the status quo ahead of the rnc's leadership elections next month. she will join me. plus, the clock is ticking to the flat gates bursting --
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floodgates bursting this wednesday when title 42 goes away. >> i think if they don't have a plan, then they need to -- >> the secretary of homeland security is admitting that we're going to have up to 15,000 people coming in illegally a day. maria: the broken border and the reality on the ground in texas and arizona with texas i lieutenant governor dan patrick and border patrol council president brandon judd ahead of title 42 ending this upcoming wednesday. the impact on cities and towns across america. it's all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and we begin this sunday morning with corruption in america's most important intelligence agencies and what congress is planning to do about it. the fbi, the cia, the nih, the department of homeland security all under fire for abusing their power, colluding with big ec to change -- big tech to change a presidential election, to
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suppress truth and amplify lies all the while targeting ordinary americans who did not agree with the narrative and encouraging a free-for-all of america with wide open borders while also funding a deadly virus and then participating in a cover-up of it. as the year comes to a close, it is time for some answers. here's former dni john ratcliffe on this program last weekend. >> this was a domestic disinformation campaign. it involved democrats like adam schiff on the, you know, house intelligence committee, it involved members of the media, it involved, you know, according to fbi whistleblowers, fbi agents. and then, of course, it involved twitter and all of these working in concert, putting their not just thumb on scale, but entire hand on the scale to mislead are the american people in the weeks and months preceding a presidential election. maria: well, a sad state of
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affairs. this weekend more twitter files were revealed with evidence of the fbi directing twitter which accounts to censor and which narratives to amplify. house republicans are set to launch multiple investigations in the coming weeks into the origins of covid-19, the u.s. funding of the deadly viruses in wuhan and the clear abuse of power and collusion between the fbi and social media companies to change an election. joining me right now is the ranking member of the house intelligence committee, he is congressman mike turner, expected to be the chairman of committee once the republicans take the majority. congressman, it is great to see you this morning. thank you so much for being here. >> morning, maria. maria: these are all tall orderses, and i want to ask you about this abuse of power. you're going to be the chairman of the intelligence committee, and you will have oversight of these agencies. what is your priority, and how will you use subpoena power? >> well, our committee became aware of these activities earlier this year, and i want to thank elon musk for bringing forward the information that the he had because why we pursue the
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intelligence community to try to hold them accountable, while we're doing that, elon musk is showing what's happening on the other side with the willing partners, the mainstream media, social media and really exposing coordination that was occurring between the fbi and them. now, it is my understanding from our contacts that we have at the fbi that there are secret files hat fbi has of these contacts they were having with social media and with mainstream media. and it has been our objective to get ahold of those files to see the extent of this so we can stop it, we can cut off the funding and prevent, obviously, average americans being impacted by fbi actions. they have been resistant to this point, and we certainly intend to pursue subpoena power to expose the extent to which the fbi has been doing this. maria: so you have already then put a request out there for documents from the fbi. is that that what you're saying? >> absolutely. maria: what have you learned so far? >> well, the fbi had, under the cover of saying that they were
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pursuing foreign malign influence, had really exploded into an activities that involved engaging with mainstream media and social media and really impacting what is the normal debate of democracy. now, what's very troubling here in my opinion, this was not based on intelligence. you had john ratcliffe on your own show saying, for example, the hunter biden laptop which the fbi was trying to intervene and saying that was russian misinformation, he said there was no intelligence that substantiated that. i believe in the end we will find there's no intelligence that supports the fbi doing this, that this is a campaign by the fbi that really is outside of the bounds of anything we would expect them to do and certainly very constitutionally troubling. maria: elon musk has are revealed a lot, but you've got people like devin nuñes, even jack to have city, for god's stakes -- dorsey, the former founder, ceo of the company saying, release it all. so are you going to subpoena twitter files in are you going
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to subpoena this information so that you have this in your purview to go through, and are you going to subpoena the fbi and doj players who were doing this? >> we're definitely pursuing the department of justice and also the fbi. and luckily, the january 6th committee has established some great legal press tent that shows that congress has -- precedent that shows congress has full access. so they're going to have very much a difficult time trying to prevent us from getting those documents. we're also going to be looking for who's the mast mastermind. this is not for malign actors if they turn out to be the fbi themselves. who is it that's coordinating this? how can we cut off the money, prohibit this in the future, and we will use our subpoena power to track that down and make certain it doesn't happen again. maria: so you can cut off the money, you can defund this operation, you believe. >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. and since the republicans are taking the house, this'll be one of the number one targets to make certain that the fbi does not fund activity which is clearly beyond the scope of what
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the fbi should be doing and very constitutionally troubling. maria: i mean, all of this in the face of the chinese communist party also hovering, wanting to overtake the united states as the number one superpower. it comes as the republicans on your committee, the house intel committee, detailed a new report that there are indications of covid-19 may be tied to china's biological weapons program, that it spilled over into the general population during an incident, a mistake at the wuhan lab. this is something that i have reported on before, that this was tied to the bioweapons program. what can you tell us? because president biden has met with xi jinping at least five times, once in person in the last year with, and not once did he bring up the origins of covid-19. we have no evidence that he did. what can you tell us about this bioweapons program? >> you know, our intelligence committee was established in part to make certain that your government doesn't lie to you. and what our members found in reviewing the classified version of the report that the biden
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administration had the intelligence community put together concerning the origins of covid-19 is that the it did not match the unclassified version. so we believe that the classified version and unclassified version not matching leads people -- it is, you know, having americans with the wrong impression. so what we did is we went into pluckily-available information -- publicly-available information, and we flagged things we don't believe the intelligence community has commented on it's certainly not something that they pursued. we've identified them as, look, not only is the i.c. hiding information in the classified report they're not sharing with americans which, absolutely, it should be declassified, but we also believe there are things they should look at, and that is what our report is about. you can go to the minority portion of the intelligence community's web site, you can read the report and our foot notes and find that all of these are publicly available sources. maria: we have spoken quite a bit on the threat of communist china and the stated goal of xi
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jinping to overtake the united states as the number one superpower. does the media, do social media companies not recognize the importance of this threat? to be getting in front of real information for the american people, i i mean, the average guy or gal out there the doesn't have a shot at freedom, at liberty with their hand on the scale the way it has been. even as it relates to covid. was there a cover-up that dr. anthony fauci was driving that the u.s. was not funding this? >> you know, it's very concerning because, you know, this should not be a partisan issue. getting the information out, cheerily identifying the source -- clearly identifying the source of covid-19 can help us avoid this in the future whether it be a bioweapon, whether it be a lab leak, all of that information should be out and should not be a partisan issue. then you have the next level issue of what was your own government's involvement. and certainly with the government reform committee, our committee, the judiciary committee, we're going on the trying to get to the bottom of this so that we can restrict
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funding of those agencies that might be involved including subgrantees that might have been involved that, in the end, could harm our people. maria: yeah. but let's face it, we have gone through this before, congressman. i mean, throughout the whole russia collusion narrative they stonewalled you and your colleagues. i spoke with devin nuñes and john ratcliffe practically every week, and they would say we're asking for this information, we're demanding these files. you're now telling me you're demanding files from the fbi. will anybody go to jail? will there be any accountability, or is this going to be another exercise where you're just asking for information and you're getting stonewalled by bad actors in federal agencies that are compromised? >> well, i do think that the not only are we, all of us, you know, the government reform committee, judiciary committee, armed services committee, energy and commerce committee, intelligence committee all willing to pursue subpoenas in this area, we're willing to back it up with court action.
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and what we've seen with the january 6th commission is there's some great precedent where the courts have upheld congress' ability to get information, and it is our intention to pursue this to the fullest. what is our government doing, that's certainly our job and we need to make certain we're stopping these actions that could harm the american people. maria: all right. well, look, just to reiterate, you said your -- you are going to subpoena this information from the media companies, from the if fbi. you say you are going to hold them to account. and if it happens to be that you have to cut off money, you will defund these operations, correct? >> absolutely. absolutely. and, you know, another thing, just something for the media companies and the social media company, just because the fbi shows up in your office does not mean that you are protected. if you comply with the fbi and they don't have a warrant, then you're a co-conspirator in actions that could result in people having violations of their constitutional rights. people should think twice in what we're hearing from elon
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musk that twitter was doing. maria: and i guess companies as well given the fact that we know at&t turned over lots of communications from congressmen and women because the democrats went to at&t to get that internal communications, and at&t did it. >> right. and i think we certainly see in media companies and in social media companies that our investigations are certainly going to have an impact on the sharing of that privacy information and data that we should all have rights to. and if not, we'll change the laws for those. maria: congressman, it's great to see you this morning. thanks very much. we, of course, will be following your leadership as the chairman of the intel committee. thank you, sir. mike turner in ohio this morning. quick break and then we are continuing this deep dive into the corruption in washington in plain sight. why are america's most important intelligence agencies working against the american people? dr. ben carson weighs in. he was working at the white house when covid-19 was first discovered in 2019 and watched the cover-up play out.
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maria: welcome back. we are zeroing in on corruption many washington this morning, the danger it has sparked for america after a house republicans reported the origins of covid-19 may be tie to the communist party of china's bioweapons program. yet throughout 2020 and 2021, the democrats and social media pushed anthony fauci's misinformation and went as far as retaliating against anybody who dared disagree with the made-up narrative that it originated anywhere other than the wuhan lab of virology. my next best was a member of the trump administration when covid-19 first broke out in china in 2019 and watched the cover-up that followed. joining us right now is former housing and urban development secretary dr. ben carson is. dr. carson, thanks so much for being here. can you give us a sense of what you witnessed while in office as
7:18 am
far as covid-19 showing up and then in the mad dash on social media to make believe it did not escape from a lab and to make believe it was not part of a bioweapons program of communist china? >> well, thank you, maria, for having me. it's always a pleasure to be with you. it was painful being a part of the task force and watching the way that things were manipulated. the first thing that was particularly troublesome to me was the fact that the therapeutics were pushed to the back. and, of course, there's an fda rule that says in order to get a eua for the vaccine, you can't have another viable treatment. well, that doesn't make any sense. you've got a pandemic, you've got something that's affecting the whole population, you want to use every avenue that you possibly have in order to come up with effective cures. but, you know, the fact that we don't know where this came from
7:19 am
is very troubling. and the fact that our administration doesn't seem to be all that interested in finding out. what happens if this happens again? and if something even worse happens again? first of all, people have lost so much faith in our system, our public health system. and then way that they co-opted the the rights of the people utilizing social media and big tech to hide things and and the punish people who -- to punish people who dared to say something that was contrary to what was being put out by the government. you know, these are the kinds of things that happen in totalitarian governments. i was talking to a hungarian national a couple of nights ago who came to this country a couple decades ago because it was a place of promise. he says he doesn't even recognize our country anymore. and i've heard that from many other places. these are the kinds of things
7:20 am
that cause people to have doubt about our system. collusion with the government, with law enforcement against the interest of the people. it is terrible. and then, you know, obama administration concluded that gain of function research was very dangerous, it shouldn't -- it was something that shouldn't be supported. so what do we do? we shift it over to china, and we support it over there. and then we try to say, well, it's not really gain of function. i mean, come on, the people aren't that stupid. and so these are issues that i think have a tremendous impact on the future of our nation. and then, you know, let me just segway into the fact that the american people have been manipulated time and time again. maria: yeah. >> to the point where we actually think that we're each other's enemies because we may have a disagreement about something. and that we need to be canceled or hurt in some way. this is not way that america used to be. this is not what led us to
7:21 am
become a great nation. and we have to at some point start doing something about that, and i think congress and the investigations that they're going to be doing about the origins of covid, there's got to be some teeth to it. maria: yeah. >> it can't just be another show trial. maria: so you've said a lot of things there, and they're really important. number one, the fact that we needed to see a vaccine sooner rather than later because we were afraid of covid-19, they wanted to make sure that it had emergency use. and without having emergency use, you couldn't get a vaccine in, what was it, 9, 10 months or is so, and that is why they wanted to make believe that there were no other therapeutics that could actually treat covid-19. that was a really important point that you made. and another important -- >> exactly. maria: yeah. is the fact that there's this
7:22 am
major cover-up. was that that the influence of the communist party of china? i know that they're following our debates and piling on on social media. >> well, i've noticed that our current commander in chief doesn't seem to be that anxious to point the finger at china -- maria: right. >> you have to kind of wonder what relationship is there there that may have some negative impact on the citizens of our country. and it's something that's very worrisome. look at some of the other negative impacts of some of the propaganda surrounding covid. maria: right. >> what happened to our children and their schooling, the mask -- math scores, reading scores, all of these things. this is every bit as important as disease processes. maria: and, dr. carson, you've spoken about that quite a bit. thanks very much, dr. ben carson joining us this morning. >> thank you, maria. maria: thank you, sir. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> you have them as election day talking points, you're not going to break through the funding disparity, the media bias, you're not going to break through to independent voters. maria: welcome back. that was former white house adviser stephen miller on this program weeks ago on republican talking points and why he says they cost the gop big, a bigger majority. ronna mcdaniel is seeking another term next we month as chair of the republican national committee. she has the endorsement of 107 of the 168 members of the rnc in which a simple majority is needed to win re-election. the support comes despite the lack of an expected red wave in november's midterms with mcdaniel overseeing senate losses in those key battleground statements as well as losses in a number of pivotal governors'
7:27 am
races. while republicans did win the house, they did it by a smaller margin than projected. joining me right now is the chairmanwoman of the republican national lawyers' association, harmeet dhillon is here. she is challenging ronna mcdaniel for the chair of the rnc. thanks very much for being here. what are your plans to take this? >> well, thank you for having me, maria. first of all, she had 107 on her list before i entered the race and, actually, those numbers have drop thed significantly, and i went from 0 to several dozen in less than two weeks, so it's been very encouraging to see the support amongst members for change. but i think accepting back, the chair -- stepping back, the chair has had six years of leadership, and in those six years we have successively lost the white house, the senate and the house and now barely performed in promised red wave. and so i think it's time to hank her for her service and move on and try something different, and that's what i offer. in my three decades of experience as a republican
7:28 am
election lawyer and activist and an activist even before that, i have a demonstrated track record of success. and more importantly, i understand that as our electoral landscape has changed and we have more ballot harvesting, early voting and other innovations in the law whether we like them or not, our party has not evolved at all to try to combat that. and so i feel like when we're talking about the getting our voters to vote on election day, we're doing ark ol dial-up from the 1990s -- aol dial-up from the 1990s and the democrats are in the fiber optic era. what i would do is bring our party into that era. i also hi that some of the failures that we've had, maria, have to do with really poor and reactive messaging despite the fact that we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy messaging experts. we've been really playing catch-up with the democrats and letting them set the agenda. so we don't need to do that. we need to have our own clear talking points and messages hard
7:29 am
independent of any candidate or any particular interest and really be leading and inspiring today's republican voters who are different than the republican voters of 20 and 30 years ago. and so if we don't change and adapt, maria, we are simply going to die as a party, and our country can't afford that. so outside the rnc, there's been a huge groundswell of support for my candidacy included from federal elected officials. so i feel like with six weeks left to go we have plenty of time to message and make sure everyone understands what's at stake here. what's at stake is the future of the party. maria: super donor peter thiel was interviewed recent9ly. he said the u.s. midterms were a disaster for republicans, and i just do not understand how it is possible that the gop hangs on by a hair of a majority in the house and loses the senate given the fact that the reality of this agenda, the democrats' agenda, has meant a fire everywhere you look that needs to be put out; wide open border,
7:30 am
crime spiking, inflation at 40-year highs not to mention clear abuse of power with the fbi, cia, collusion with social media companies and the general media. so how is it possible that voters are not responding more aggressively to the gop? >> well, you're absolutely right, and we should have had a historic pick-up here. and, you know, it blows my mind that, you know, our leadership is supporting this failed rnc leadership because we had the opportunity to message clearly on these issues, we had the opportunity to appeal to our voters, we had the opportunity after learning from the 020 midterms -- 0 -- 2020 midterms how the democrats used all these new rules, ballot harvesting, early voting and collecting people's ballots, not focusing on emotionally appealing to voters for election day. we didn't appeal to them very
7:31 am
well, we did not have candidates that fit the districts. we allowed democrats to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into, in dark money spending into our races to define who our candidates were going to be. we had no plan to combat that, and i don't think we have a plan under the current leadership for the next two years, and that's a presidential cycle. so unless the republicans are addicted to losing and want to continue losing, we must make changes in our leadership. i can't vote for the leadership of the senate or the leadership of the house, but i can vote as a member of the rnc for changed leadership there. and, again, this is not about a personality, this is about what we did for the last six years has led us to this disastrous place. we must do something different, and i have a specific plan on how to do that. i've shared that with the members, and aye been talking about it all over the place and, you know, outside the are rnc tens of thousands of voters have contacted our members to tell them why we need change. maria: all right, we're going to be watching this. rnc chair candidate harmeet
7:32 am
dhillon, or thank you so much. we'll be watching. quick break, and then joe biden's dereliction of duty at the southern border. america is bracing for a record surge of illegal migrants at the border beginning this upcoming wednesday when title 42 expires. texas lieutenant the governor dan patrick is here along with national border patrol council president brandon judd on what the fallout will be for the country. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> his own secretary of homeland security and is admitting that we're beginning to have up to 15,000 people coming in illegally a day. >> i think if they don't have a plan, they need to wait to end. >> a nation needs borders. those borders should be secure. at the same time the, we need some orderly process for immigration. maria: alarms are sounding from both sides of the aisle now as a key deadline are approaches this upcoming week. title 42 will expire at the southern border on wednesday of this week. border agents expect the number of illegal crossings to go from 8,000 a day currently, 7-8,000 to 18,000 a day to surge into america after wednesday. that's an additional 6.5 million people a year as president biden refuses to acknowledge the dangerous impact his policies have had on american families. last fiscal year border patrol agents encountered a record nearly 2.4 million migrants at
7:37 am
the southern border with up to 1 million gotaways who have evaded apprehension on joe biden's watch. so that's 5 million people illegally crossing on joe biden's watch and another 6.5 million expected over the next year. joining me right now is texas lieutenant governor dan patrick and national border patrol council president brandon judd. gentlemen,st great to have you here today -- it's great to have you. thanks very much for being here. i want to get both of your takes on what it looks like today on the ground and how you're expecting things to change come wednesday. kick us off, dan patrick. >> well, you gave great numbers, maria, and brandon knows what every person in law enforcement knows. we ap rehend 2 the million a year -- apprehend, maybe we apprehend 1 out of every 2 or 3 that actually cost. so now you're talking about 6 million a year plus the gotaways, that's 20-25 million people coming here illegally. many are coming for jobs, but nixed in with them are
7:38 am
terrorists we've caught, criminals we've caught. fentanyl has come in by the thousands of pounds. the number one killer of people 18 to 45 in this country. so when i hear the democrats say their own president doesn't have a plan, actually, he does have a plan. he's allowing america to be invaded. our founding fathers thought that no president would allow us to be insaided, but they saw an invasion as an army with a gun. this is a different type. intended one day in the next 15-20 days to become citizens and voters so the democrats, in their view, have a lock on this country forever as a one-party system. it's a danger today on the street whether it's people coming here up out of manhole covers that we now hear from el paso where the mayor's declared a state of emergency for additional resources, or it's up country in this -- people in this country being harmed by these people coming here illegally. the real damage is to our democracy and to our constitution in the long term the. >> yeah. and if you look at an invasion, although this might not be an
7:39 am
army, it is still being orchestrated by a organized group -- >> yes. >> it's being orchestrated by the cartels. they're orchestrating everything that we're seeing on the border so, yes, i absolutely do believe that this is an invegas, and i do believe -- invasion, and i do believe we can declare it as such. you showed some staggering figures right now. you look at the facts. if we considered effort being judged on success, then cartels are working extremely hard at their craft while the biden administration are doing absolutely nothing, the exact opposite. but effort is judged on lying and deflection, then the white house is getting an an j +. that's what -- a+. they don't care about the truth, about the facts. they don't care that we have already added to our population just since he has been in office 4 million people, the people we've released into the united states and the gotaways. when you look at the crossings, the vast majority are being released into the united states,
7:40 am
and that's the magnet that is driving people to cross our borders. and that's how the cartels are making so much money. they're going throughout the world and advertising their services saying all you have to do is give us thousands of dollars, we'll get you to the border, and the biden administration is going to release you. we can expect to continue to see this because there are no plans, operations or programs in place right now to deal with what's expected. maria: this is just extraordinary. and you mentioned, brandon, the cartels. i went to the border five times. some of those times i went embedded with you and your team, and i watched it up close firsthand. you just mentioned the cartels. are they making $300 million at least a week as i was told a couple of years ago just on human smuggling? i mean, they are getting rich, and they are ones that are deciding who comes in and who doesn't into america. >> yeah. the profits are absolutely staggering, what we're seeing right now. when we seize 97 million worth
7:41 am
of drugs in 48 hours, this that shows you how bad it is. and then on top of that, if you count how much migrants are paying, if you're from central america, you're paying $6,000 to get into the united states. if you're coming from china, if you're coming from countries that are not contingent to our continent, then you're paying upwards of $35,000. these cartels, the profits are staggering. and it's all based upon our policies. we are making them rich, president biden is the best friend to these cartels. >> and, maria -- maria: go ahead, governor. >> something that brandon mention end, $6,000 up to 30,000. where are these poor people getting the money? they scrabble together a little bit of money, but they become a new slave population. they come to america and they send their money back to whatever country they come from, particularly in central and south america. if they don't, their families are at rusk. so these people coming here will be indentured servants to the cartels forever.
7:42 am
and also you have to understand, maria, that something that brandon just said, they're lying to us. st one thing when government lies, but it's the another thing when they know they're lying, they know we know they're lying and they don't care. that's a dangerous government, indeed. they know they're lying, people can see it for themselves. maria: yeah. and, you know, you look at the change that has occurred throughout texas, throughout arizona. i know that these trucks get to big cities like new york -- these drugs get to big cities like new york within 48 hours. but, dan patrick, what can you tell the us about how texas has changed and then, brandon, tell us about arizona. what are you seeing on the ground how this is impacting our cities? >> sure. from an electoral standpoint, it's turning the valley that was all democrat into a republican area, number one, politically. most of those folks down there were democrats not long ago. it's a democrat mayor in el paso that declared a state of emergency. secondly, maria, the president will never answer this question, where do these people go, what do they do?
7:43 am
they don't have citizenship now, so they can't legally get a job. how do the kids get to school? do you put a 15-year-old into fourth grade in an american school? they can't do that. they crop out -- drop out quickly, so how do they make a living? where do these people even go during his 4 or 8 years, heaven forbid he get 4 more? they're a blight on society. they're not a plus for our society which immigrants coming here talk about should be. and at the end of the day, they don't care. this is a cold-hearted administration. they don't care about those people coming here, women who get raped, the children into sex trafficking, and they don't care about the american population, and they don't care about texas, which i care about. and quickly, i heard a democrat say we're going to put 4 billion to work on border security. we spend $4 billion a year ourselves in texas. so their $4 billion from the federal government is a joke. we need, and brandon knows, this
7:44 am
is going to the take a massive effort of money and manpower. we can do it with new leadership in '24 and, hopefully, the republican congress can slow down this president. but he's determined to undermine this country. >> i am so grateful that i'm not a governor or lieutenant governor in texas or in arizona right now. what they have to be dealing with is absolutely monstrous. but when you look across the entire southwest border, the cartels operate differently depending upon where they're at. the gulf cartel, they operate in higher numbers, lower cost. that's why everybody's crossing illegally are giving themselves up. texas, they have to bear the brunt of all of that. if you look at arizona, you're dealing with the sinaloa cartel. all of these people are trying to evade apprehension. they're crossing illegally, and they're in camouflage. they're not just giving up, they're trying to evade. maria: wow. >> and hen on top of it, look at what texas is dealing with. maria, you've been down to the board or. i'm sure that when you went down there you developed ideas on
7:45 am
what we could do to secure it, yet we don't have a president that's willing to go down to the border to see firsthand what's going on to try to develop some ideas. maria: just extraordinary. texas lieutenant the governor dan patrick, national border patrol council president brandon judd. gentlemen, thank you so much for your leadership -- >> thank you. maria: -- and we will brace for wednesday's floodgates to open. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ nnovation refunds can help your business get a payroll tax refund, even if you got ppp and it only takes eight minutes to qualify. i went on their website, uploaded everything, and i was blown away by what they could do. has helped businesses get over a billion dollars and we can help your business too. qualify your business for a big refund in eight minutes. go to to get started. powered by innovation refunds.
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after years of chasing the big idaho potato truck... i finally caught it. oh man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> well, they're an absolute tragedy across the board for not only american energy producers but more importantly, american consumers. and now with this latest move where we're seeing literally hundreds of millions of dollars, $200 million in case, going to a company called my to -- microvas, the infrastructure money that is supposed to be creating national security for america, jobs for americans, and it's being controlled by a commune country.
7:49 am
maria: that was former energy secretary rick perry with me last week op on this program on president biden's energy policy which supports china rather than america. biden's climate change agenda has increased america's reliance on foreign oil while greatly benefiting communist china sending manufacturing of electric vehicle components such as batteries among others which are made largely in chai massachusetts attorneys general from across the country are suing the administration now over agenda. among them, utah attorney general sean reyes who wrote an op-ed about damage esg policy are having on the economy with tens of trillions of dollars at stake. joining me right now is the man himself, utah attorney general sean reyes. a.g., thanks very much for being here. i want to ask you about this whole of government approach to esg and how you were actually successful in beginning to get some of these big-moneyed institutions to shop stop
7:50 am
pressuring -- to stop pressuring banks to not bank fossil fuel companies and get out of this climate change agenda. tell us about your work. >> yeah, thank you, maria. merry christmas to you. it's not just banks, it's asset managers, it's companies, it's government agencies. and one of the things that we just had great success on, we asked the federal energy regulatory commission, ferc, for a hearing to look at vanguard which had just applied for, again, for investment with public utilities, to look at vanguard and the effect that its stated esg policies would have on prices, on grid stability, on inflation. and we asked ferc, that ferc make sure to hold vanguard accountable and, amazingly, vanguard took a step back, removed its membership from the net zero asset managers' association and, i think, sent a
7:51 am
signal to other large asset managers that they have to think twice or even three times about consequences of these activist, progressive esg policies. maria: you know, i find it really hypocritical, these same people -- the larry finks of the world -- are over there saying, oh, we're not going to invest in oil companies because we want to do esg, but we're perfectly fine putting our money in china and communist china and what they're doing is funding the expansion of an adversary who may turn the a tables around on america. why are they doing that? >> maria, it is mind-blowing, because they're putting our national security at risk. finish they are putting our consumers at risk, and we feel it at the pump every single day. the cost of energy and electricity and heating the home felt in this economy is felt by every single american. there is no good reason for them
7:52 am
to be doing that. empowering china, cutting america off at its knees in terms of energy not just independence, but energy dominance, we should have energy dominance, creating opportunities for rare earth elements for us to be even more dependent on china because of these esg policies. all of these things are intermixed in that op-ed. i talk about all of that as it being an existential threat to our society. maria: yeah. i want to take a short break, but i know back in the day you ran a technology fund before you were the a.g. of utah. i want to get your take the on twitter, and i was with you at the border, you and many other a.g.s, last year. i want to get your take as title 42 is about to end. we'll be right back with more from a.g. sean reyes. stay with us. but i haven't even thrown yet. you threw good money away when you bought those glasses. next time, go to america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95.
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can't beat that. can't beat this, either. book an exam today at
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maria: and i am back with utah attorney general sean reyes. a.g., you ran a tech fund, you mow these companies well. what's your ache the on -- take on this collusion between the fbi, the doj and twitter among other social media companies? >> well, you're right, maria. i love technology. it can be used for great good for humankind, but the it can also be abused, and i can't hi of a worse manifestationen than child sexual exploitation materials. elon musk inherited a crime scene of csem. and i want to give kudos to him because my day job, we use our internet crimes against children task force every single day to fight against child pornography. we arrested 19 just last week in our state through our task force, and it's astounding what was going on at twitter -- maria: right. >> -- that people didn't take seriously and didn't take
7:57 am
proactive measures, and i'm so pleased with what's going on right now. ella irwin, new head of trust and safety, has given me some of the numbers right there. maria: yeah. a.g., you're doing a great job. sean reyes, thanks very much for being here. that'll do it for is the "dunned morning futures. -- sunday morning futures." the chairman of chevron will join me on "morning s with maria." join me for -- all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're providing greater access to investing,
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