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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 19, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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you say the name of the veteran when you put the wreath on honor and remember. wonderful organization does this every single year not just arlington cemetery national cemeteries across the country. got to see the grave of a really good grandparents in arlington. >> greg: thank you for doing that. >> katie: it was fun. weather was pretty good. >> dana: more on the weather later this week. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: wreaths across america is awesome. thank you for going, katie. thanks, dana. good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight. we are following three big developing stories. a new document dump from twitter is giving us new clarity about how deep the interaction was between the fbi and the social media site on big stories such as the hunter biden laptop scandal. also, the select house committee investigating the capitol riot of january 6th has voted to recommend criminal prosecution for former president trump. but we begin with u.s. supreme court chief justice john roberts
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putting a temporary hold on wednesday's scheduled exploration of pandemic related asylum rules called title 42. several republican led states asked the court for intervention earlier today, already seeing massive surge of illegal immigrants but expecting even more if and when those rules end. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich joins us live tonight from the north lawn with what happens now after the supreme court move. good evening, jacqui. >> good evening to you, bret. chief justice john roberts' temporary hold gives the doj until tomorrow night to file a written reply. so the final order on title 42's future could come before it expires on wednesday at midnight. now, the white house is not weighing in on any of this legal back and forth but says when title 42 ends, they can use the lesser known title 8 to expel migrants who don't have legal asylum claims. we have few details on what any of that will realistically look like. >> two days before title 42
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expires and the white house is s still not shared detailed plans for how they will manage the coming migrant surge. directing blame at republicans. >> we were asking for $3.5 billion in additional funding. so, if congressional republicans are serious about this, then they would assist. >> even though lawmakers on both sides say that money wouldn't fix the issue mainly for food and shelters, processing, transportation. but it doesn't really talk about security. >> you can have an unlimited amount of soft sided facilities, the problem is enforcing the laws on the book. >> the white house is resisting eich the push to end title 42 in the first place. >> that is a-court order telling us to lift title 42 we will comply because we follow the law of law. >> sought to lift it? >> it is a court order. >> started by you guys. >> it was a court order that has been provided to us. >> the president made clear who wanteds it back in april. >> i straight answer we had
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proposed to eliminate that policy by the end of may. >> when the previously blocked the push the secretary says the administration disagrees with the court's ruling. now the title 4 # is ending. critics say, with no system to replace it. some in the president's party say he has another option. >> the president can basically, i think, ask for that extension. i think his administration is doing that or will do that i sure hope they do. >> the white house won't say if that's within biden's authority or if he wants to see it happen. so the court action from just this last hour means there is still a chance the supreme court could keep title 42 in place for the short run or indefinitely. the white house is moving forward as though it will end. and according to them, it is the courts that want to lift title 42. it's republicans standing in the way of securing the border. what the president has done on this issue so far has been a success and even though under his leadership, illegals
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crossings have hit time highs and anyone who suggests that the border is open is spreading misinformation for smugglers, bret. as you just said the president said they wanted to end that in may. do we know how they are going to file this response to the court? >> they have not indicated how they are going to respond to any legal action, what they would like to see happen even. what we have noticed though is they are really distancing themselves from ownership over this entire thing which, by the way, the biden administration pushed to end title 42. they have expressed support for the cdc's decision to eliminate it. this messaging shift where they are calling it a court order and not expressing a lot of support for it is something that we have noted, bret. >> bret: yeah. jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn, jacqui, thank you. come up shortly we will show you how drug cartels are looking to make major profits from the end of title 42.
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we are getting new insight tonight into the cooperation between the fbi and twitter about the hunter biden laptop story. it is the latest in the series of revelations from the social media giant. correspondent david spunt is at the justice department with the latest installation of the twitter files. good evening, david. >> bret, good evening to you. this is the seventh drop of information regarding the twitter files as you mentioned. it paints a narrative of a cozy relationship between the fbi and twitter. specifically though this mentions information about that hunter biden scandal going back several years, independent journalist michael shellenberger was tapped by elon musk to disseminate this to the public to millions of people across the globe the following is from shemen berger. he titled the release the fbi and the hunter biden laptop and how the fbi and intelligence community discredited factual information and then he goes on shellenberger tweets about the delaware computer shop owner who
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contacted the fbi in late 2019 about hunter biden's laptop. the fbi took the laptop, took possession of it in december of 2019. shellenberger then reports by august 2020 the shop owner had not heard back from the fbi so he gave a copy of the laptop to trump confidante rudy giuliani who then, in turn, gave that information to the "new york post." shellenberger reports the fbi asked twitter to provide information without search warrants. on october 13th, 2020, an fbi special agent in the san francisco office sent 10 documents to twitter's head of site integrity yoel roth a name we have heard through tele porter one way channel from the fbi to twitter. roth was part of a virtual war room with twitter and other fbi employees. now, bret, what we don't know what was in those documents sent. we do know the next day the "new york post" ran this dover, the now infamous cover biden's secret emails exposing information about hunter's business dealings overseas.
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shellenberger paints a greater narrative of the fbi having that close relationship with twitter. he tweets as of 2020 there were so many former fbi employee, bu alumni. bureau alumni working at bitter they had created their own private slack channel and crib sheet to onboard former fbi arrivals. fbi top lawyer jim baker, we have talked about had him on this network who, according to shellenberger personally questioned the "new york post" reporting arguing it's possible some of the formatting looks fabricated and after joe biden won the election in november 2020, baker and other twitter employees sent fbi emails thanking them for their work. he points to this tweet highlighting that the fbi was paying and i mean shellenberger highlighting the fbi was paying twitter millions of dollars for its staff time. shellenberger says it's from an associate plaintiff baker. now, twitter owner elon musk yesterday posted online a poll
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on his new platform twitter asking if he should stay in charge of twitter. he said he will abide by the results. 17 and a half million people, bret, weighed in. 57.5% of the 17.5 million say elon musk should go. no response from elon musk about that poll yet. we'll see what he has in store. bret? >> bret: david spunt at the justice department. david, thank you. more on this with the panel as we dig into all of that information. meantime, history is being made tonight as a house committee sends referrals to the justice department recommending criminal prosecution for a former president. this time former president donald trump. it has to do with his actions and inaction during last year's capitol riot of january 6th. senior congressional correspondent chad pergram has details from capitol hill. >> unprecedented criminal referrals for former president trump. >> ours is not a system of justice where foot soldiers to go to jail and the master minds
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and ringleaders get a free pass. >> the charges? obstructing congress from certifying the electoral college. conspiracy to send in fake electoral votes. lying to investigators. and stoking an insurrection. >> president trump lit the flame, he poured gasoline on the fire committee referred john eastman. he cooked up the alternate electoral where trump would spend votes to washington. >> president trump directly pressured vice president pence to adopt the eastman theory and either reject the electors or send them back to the state legislatures. >> this comes as the doj is already probing the former president and a month after he announced his latest presidential campaign. >> no man who would behave that way at that moment in time can ever serve in any position of authority. >> the committee alleged that the former president tried to buy off witnesses by offering them jobs. >> we are concerned that these
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efforts may have been a strategy to prevent the committee from finding the truth. >> doj is not required to consider referrals. >> i would hope that they would not bring charges against the former president. >> but the committee says mr. trump's actions demand special consideration. >> he summoned a mob to washington and knowingly they were armed and angry pointed them to the capitol and told them to fight like hell. >> the panel also referred house minority leader kevin mccarthy along with three other g.o.p. members to the ethics committee. they refused to comply with subpoenas. bret? >> bret: chad, today isn't the only big moment on capitol hill for the former president, is it? >> that's right. democrats on the house tax committee have tried for years to get the president's tax returns. they finally succeeded after a long court patel battle. the law allows individuals to
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inspect tax returns. the committee meets about the returns tuesday but may not release anything to the public. the tax information could provide insight into mr. trump's finance as he runs for president in 2024. bret? >> bret: already announced. chad pergram, live on capitol hill. chad, thank you. from a riot on capitol hill on january 6th around what they called stop the steal to a year, the hearing concerns arizona republican gubernatorial last month's election results, which had her losing to democratic rifle katie hobbs. she contends, lake does, in court, problems at the polls were by design. chief correspondent jonathan hunt tells us what happened today from our west coast bureau. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening, bret. taking a page from the playbook of her highest profile supporter, former president donald trump, carrie lake is refusing to accept election defeat. her attorney is telling a superior court judge today that
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the arizona governor's race was stolen from her and her supporters by election day printer problems at some voting centers, signature verification failures, and chain of custody and ballot counting issues. >> kind of debacle that occurred on november 8th should never happen. there are processes in place to make sure it doesn't. and the defendants didn't follow thprocesses. >> attorneys representing lake's opponent governor elect katie hobbs and maricopa county appealed to the judge to throw out lake's case giving short it her attorney's arguments. >> if there is anything rotten in arizona it's what this contest represents. for the past several years, our democracy and its basic guiding principles have been under sustained assault from candidates who just cannot or will not accept the fact that they lost.
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>> lake got a rapturous reception at a meeting turning point organization over the weekend and told the audience she is not giving up her fight, whatever the ruling from the court in arizona. i'm going to take my election lawsuit, which is the strongest election lawsuit this country has ever put forth and i will take it to the supreme court if necessary. that's right. you do not steal our vote and get away with it. you don't. they messed with the wrong woman. >> a decision could come at any moment. if the case is not thrown out, then lake's legal team will be allowed to begin inspecting some ballots as soon as tomorrow. bret? >> bret: we will follow all of wherever it goes. jonathan hunt, thank you. the founder of the crypto currency firm whose collapse has triggered a widespread fraud investigation has agreed to be
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extradited to the u.s. sources tell fox news samuel bankman-fried should be back in the u.s. tonight or tomorrow. he was arrested last week as we told you in the bahamas. fox is also told bankman-fried will probably be released on bail in exchange for agreeing to come home. stocks fell on recession fears for a fourth straight trading day. the dow lost 163 today. the s&p 500 was off 35. the nasdaq dropped 159. the latest fox news poll indicates many families have not fully recovered from the pandemic slowdown. just 37% of those responding characterized this year as good. 52% call it bad. that's better than the past two years but not nearly up to the 47/26 split of last year before the coronavirus hit. up next, russia with iran's help launches another aerial attack with drones on ukraine's capitol city we will bring you there and have a live report. here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 10 in phoenix as 11 people
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are seriously injured when a flight to hawaii was rocked by severe turbulence. national weather service meteorologist says there had been a thunderstorm advisory that included oahu' in the flight path of that plane at the time of the incident. fox 11 in los angeles as actress amber heard says she has settled her defamation claim against former husband johnny depp. heard agreed pay depp a million dollars. depp sued heard for he was guilty of domestic abuse. the trial resulted in the judge ruling the pair had defamed each other. live look at fox 5. one of the big stories there tonight, the world's largest menorah is lit to celebrate the start of hanukkah. kickoff concert event was held yesterday. the daily lighting includes live music and gifts for the children. happy hanukkah that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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>> bret: a massive winter storm is brewing for millions across the midwest, great lakes, and northeast. it's packing dangerous threats of heavy snow, rain, damaging
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winds, and plummeting temperatures that could snarl travel at the peak of the busy holiday season it. will start wednesday with peak impacts expected from thursday through early saturday. blizzard conditions are expected in parts of the midwest and great lakes on thursday and friday which could lead to deficit stating impacts on holiday travel. as we said, please do go to fox weather for complete coverage and get the app. that you don't have it. ukraine said russia launched drones at the country before dawn with 20 of them targeting the capitol of kyiv. ukrainian forces shot down most of them. vladimir putin travels to belarus a country that provided his troops with a launching bad at the start of the invasion correspondent nate foy is in kyiv tonight. [explosion] >> as intense fights continues in the east, russia is, again, targeting kyiv with its third airstrike in six days in
3:22 pm
morning' five of 35 evaded air defense. damaging critical infrastructure. injuring three people an leaving three kyiv districts entirely without power. >> half of our citizens have electricity around 50%. klitschko appeared in so he if s square lighting the christmas tree for saint nick also a day. moderation more modest than in previous years. >> russians try to steal normal life from our citizens, but we don't get a chance to steal the biggest holiday new year christmas from our children. >> this on the same day that russian president vladimir putin met with his regional ally lukashenko russian soldiers conducted drills as ukraine prepares for the possibility of belarus entering the war
3:23 pm
directly. or, again, allowing russia to attack ukraine from the north. >> defense on the border with russia as well as belarus constant priority. we are preparing for all possible defense scenarios. >> bret, kyiv mayor klitschko is grateful for air defense systems provided by key allies like the united states. his top priority is the safety of ukraine's citizens as we near the 300th day of this war. bret? >> bret: nate foy, live in kyiv. nate, thank you. up next, we will have a live report from the u.s. southern border where drug cartels are looking to make big money once the title 42 asylum restrictions end. we will tell you how. first, beyond our borders tonight, five people are dead after a shooting in a condominium building in a toronto suburb late sunday. the 73-year-old resident who opened fire was killed by police.
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court documents show francesco had a long running dispute with the condo board. police say three of the victims were on that panel. prime minister of the netherlands is apologizing for his country's historical role in slavery. mark ruta says the government is now offering -- is not offering compensation to grandchildren or great grandchildren of slaves it is however establishing a $212 million fund for initiatives to help tackle the legacy of slavery in the netherlands and his former cyclones to boost education about the issue. and the celebration is on in argentina following that country's winning of the world cup. did you see that sunday? unbelievable. argentina defeated france in a penalty shootout after dramatic 3-3 draw over 120 minutes in sunday's final. really the best final in the world cup anybody can remember. it is argentina's first world cup trophy since 1986. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight.
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we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ in the sweet, sweet a carefd victoromisy
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♪ ♪ >> bret: recapping our top story at the bottom of the hour. u.s. supreme court chief justice john roberts has put a temporary hold on wednesday's scheduled end to pandemic related asylum rules at the u.s. southern border. a massive surge of migration is expected if and when those rules end. the homeland security department says it continues to prepare for that surge and echos the white house position that more funding from congress is needed. correspondent bill melugin is again in eagle pass, texas tonight with the latest. good evening, bill. >> bret, good evening to you. brand new data from the city of el paso shows the federal government released more than 10,000 migrants into their city last week alone. hundreds of them have now been living homeless on the city
3:31 pm
streets. the mayor has declared a state of emergency there. he says he fears what may come as f. title 42 drops on wednesday. >> brand new fox news video shows large amounts of migrants camped out throughout the el paso airport following their release from federal custody. as the migrant crisis there is now on full display. this afternoon, several c-130s landed at the airport as texas governor greg abbott is now surging hundreds of texas national guard soldiers to the city to help deal with the current crisis and what could be looming on the horizon. >> and now fox news is getting a look at the severe overcrowding taking place inside of border patrol facilities in el paso. texas congressman republican tony gonzales providing this video to fox, which he says he shot while inside a border patrol processing center on friday. the capacity of the facility is just over 1,000. congressman gonzalez tells fox when he shot this video, there
3:32 pm
were 4,600 migrants in federal custody. the congressman tells us in part, quote: processing centers are at four times their capacity with women and children packed in closely, shoulder to shoulder. the hundreds that can't fit are released onto the streets every single day. nearly 500 miles away in eagle pass, fox news thermal drone footage shows part of a group of more than 350 migrants who crossed illegally early this morning. the border patrol union says the border is about to break it have an administration knew title 42 on last leg and not do anything about it that is bad governor ge and people should hold this administration accountable. >> bret, there was another series of major fentanyl busts in arizona over the weekend. cpd reporting that their officers nogales six different fentanyl bust.
3:33 pm
stopping six different smuggler cans and ended up seizing 1 million fentanyl pills as well as 22 pounds of fentanyl powder. we will send it back to you. >> bret: wow. bill melugin, live along the border. bill, thanks. now to a different angle on the border crisis. tonight we look at how two of the world's biggest cartels are eyeing a massive payday if title 42 asylum rules are allowed to expire. here is senior national correspondent rich edson. >> mexican cartels make billions of dollars a year smuggling migrants and drugs into the united states. >> the sinaloa cartel, the cartel generation they have a strong hold on all these different corridors along the border and they have been operating for years. the cartels are mexico's two largest cartels controlling significant areas in mexico and along the southern u.s. border.
3:34 pm
i stood 100 yards across the border you could see lookout that they literally decide who comes in. >> federal officials say they seize most drugs at legal border crossings. though these cartels use tunnels, drones and increasingly they say the diversification of a migrant crisis and agents spread thin across the border. >> we are supposing to be seizing the drugs that are crossing the border illegally and we just aren't able do that. >> wednesday, the biden administration was set to end title 42. shorthand for a pandemic era policy giving border agents authority to immediately expel certain migrants. congressional aides say as a result the administration expects up to 15,000 migrant crossings a day around double the daily rate over the last two years. the white house says the administration is focused on mexico's two largest cartels. >> this is the kind of approach you take to organizations that pose a national security threat we're using intelligence, we are using cyber means. we are using informs. >> texas state law enforcement
3:35 pm
says they are also preparing for an increase in drug smuggling, especially fentanyl and methamphetamine. as they say border -- federal border agents will be overwhelmed processing migrants, bret? >> bret: rich, thank you. a story we have been following. idaho surveillance video released over the weekend shows two of the victims of last month's student massacre shortly before they were killed. kaylee c goncalves and morgan discussing a local bartender, in the company of a man in a hooded sweatshirt. both of those men report wantedly have been cleared of involvement in the murders. we're continuing to follow this, obviously. and a story about education. a teacher in ohio is suing a school board and the principal who used to be her boss, over what she says was her forced resignation. it has to do with her refusal to call students what they wished.
3:36 pm
chief washington correspondent mike emanuel looks at the details tonight. >> i told them that i would not because of my religious beliefs and within two hours i was forced to pack up my belongs and escorted out of the school. >> vivian is an ohio teacher who claims in a lawsuit she was forced to resign when she would not accommodate two students who asked to be called by different names and pronouns. the school board voted to accept her resignation in september. we have blurred her appearance due to concerns for her safety. >> >> i am a processing christian, i go to church four times a week. it is the largest part of my identity. i do believe that god only created two sexes. >> the alliance defending freedom filed the lawsuit on garety's behalf against the jackson memorial middle school principal, the board of education and two district employees seeking reinstatement to her teaching job. >> the case here raise as critical issue whether or not
3:37 pm
public schools can order teachers to set their religious beliefs aside as a condition of public service. >> christopher v. goff, president of the jackson, ohio local board of education sent this letter toe parents, faculty and staff last week. goff insisting he was seeking to correct some misinformation that was circulating, quote: the jackson local school district does not have a policy regarding our teachers and the gender identity of students. garety's attorney expecting this issue to toledo afternoon bigger legal fight. >> this issue, i think, will go to the united states supreme court. >> the school board is pledging to vigorously defend its actions in the u.s. district court for the northern district of ohio. garety says she loves her students and would like to go back to her classroom to educate there again. bret? >> bret: mike, thank you. up next, the panel with what twitter and the fbi were discussing whether it came to hunter biden's laptop. and the january 6th committee wants the justice department to
3:38 pm
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>> we are to survive as a nation of laws and democracy, this can never happen again. how do we stop it? there is one factor i believe is most important in preventing
3:43 pm
another january 6th. accountability. >> i would hope that they would not bring charges against the former president. the president's actions and words on january 6th were reckless. but i don't know that it's criminal to take bad advice from lawyers. >> bret: january 6th committee moving forward with criminal referrals today in that business meeting. andy mccarthy writes in the national review a congressional criminal referral, even from a traditional committee that has the bipartisan political legitimacy that the j 6 committee lacks has no legal force. sometimes a congressional referral can be counter productive. the justice department may shy away from indicting because doings so could appear like a decision driven by politics rather than evidence. meantime, the former president on truth social responding after the committee's actions today with one line it looks like but liz cheney lost by a record 40 points. let's bring in our panel, guy
3:44 pm
benson, political editor at town and host of the guy benson show. mara liasson "national public radio" and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. trey, let me start with you. you have seen the referral business before. what did you make of the januar, four specific referrals about the former president and what the doj may or may not do with them? >> you know, bret. i thought andy was a little nice in his article. can i summarize it. it's utterly worthless. it means absolutely nothing. let's think about what we are talking about today. the fbi, which is the world's premier law enforcement agency is monitoring social media for mean tweets while congress, which has no authority to investigate or prosecute crime is making charging decisions. that's where our country is. it is not congress' job i think andy is right. it actually -- i used to tell my colleagues this. do not inject politics into
3:45 pm
criminal charging decisions. and that's exactly what they have done. it's utterly worthless. it is not worth the paper it's written on. here's my last question. why does the fbi or doj need congress to provide it with information what's their budget for? why do they need congress to say hear, let us give you the evidence. go find it yourself. >> bret: right. and the special counsel, we should note, mara, is in the process of that, jack smith and who knows how far down the road he is. and whether there's an indictment coming on whatever he is looking at. from a politics perspective, the january 6th committee, it appears had a bigger influence on the midterms than maybe some people thought if you look at pure politics. >> yeah, the january 6th committee when you ask voters in polls do you think donald trump had a direct involvement in january 6th, was directly responsible. those numbers have been dropping over time. but i do think the hearings were
3:46 pm
one of the many, many things that have so muched donald trump's response nationally. he still has a very strong loyal base. but there's no doubt that the thousands of pages of testimony and all the witnesses and all the tape that we heard about his role on january 6th, i think has undermined him i oea imree with trey gowdy legally what happened today has almost no significance. but they are going to be sharing everything they found, the january 6th committee with the department of justice lot and lots of witness testimony. i don't know that that information will help or hinder the justice department's own investigation but that's going to continue independently. >> bret: they also, guy, had a referral to the ethics committee for leader mccarthy, congressman jordan, congressman perry, congressman biggs who refused to testify to the committee. your thoughtsen the whole january 6th as they wrapped up the committee?
3:47 pm
i'm not sure this outcome is much of a surprise we started to hear the rumblings they were going to make these referrals a couple days ago. look at the political composition of that committee. they knew their time was running out. this committee will cease to exist very soon because the republicans are going to take over the house of representatives. and they are not going to keep this going, obviously. so, they had just a few more days left in the year to put out something. this was their final tenth hearing. it has no legal bearing on what happens at the justice department as everyone has pointed out. perhaps it has some political bearing and did in november in the midterms, but, there's going to be a new team running the show in the house very soon i think this was the last big moment that the committee knew that it had and this was their last shot. >> bret: speaking of big moments, we have seen a number of these document dumps from twitter. the twitter files. we have covered every one and there have been some serious developments throughout. some of it is drip, drip, drip.
3:48 pm
but today the seventh iteration as you mentioned tray, really showed a lot of behind the scenes on the hunter biden scandal between twitter and the fbi. asked the white house about this today. here's what came back. >> does it bother the president and those at the white house that a government agency like the fbi was involved in suppressing a legitimate news story? >> again, i'm just going to refer every tout fbi. i'm not going to comment from here about that. >> bret: so, basically didn't get much. twitter files number 7, michael shellenberger is responding to this tweet that -- from these documents. as of 2020, there were so many former fbi employees, bureau alumni, working at twitter that they had created their own private slack channel and a crib sheet to onboard new fbi arrivals. trey? >> it is not unusual for law enforcement to stay in contact
3:49 pm
with utility companies or messaging apps. google. to investigate a crime. my question is what crime were they investigating, other than protecting their own image or getting involved in politics? i wish the fbi would stay out of politics. i wish they would. if i can't get that i will just settle for them not being wrong every single time they do get involved. >> bret: "new york post" headline: fbi reached out to twitter, sent trove of docs hours before post broke hunter laptop story. and that really was quite something. that chain of events, mara. it has not been picked up by other news organizations. they got very upset and a lot of coverage over when there was a blocking of different journalists for what elon musk said was doxxing. but, the actual story of the hunter biden laptop and the "new york post" and twitter is really quite something. >> well, it's also really confusing. i think that's what a lot of republicans are looking forward
3:50 pm
to laying out for the public when they take control of the house. we're going to hear a lot about hunter biden and his laptop, and twitter but, right now, i think to somebody who doesn't follow this 24 hours a day, it's pretty confusing. like exactly what happened that was wrong or ethical, but, i think all that is going to be laid out next year. >> bret: guy, can you lay it out? >> well, it looks like the fbi was doing things beyond just the type of work that you would expect them to be doing with a platform like this, going after child pornography or people trying to build bombs or something like that. if they were getting into political misinformation and trying to adjudicate what that was, it looks like they were, to some extent, or policing american speech, that opens up a whole new can of worms and really gets much closer to an actual first amendment issue, literally not just in the spirit of the first amendment because this is a government entity that was described into the twitter files as being in, quote. constant and pervasive contact with bitter. that's probably a phrase we
3:51 pm
might hear more about in the new year. >> bret: all right. panel, stand by if you would. up next, the supreme court gets involved in the border crisis. plus, first responders rushed to save a driver in danger. you will want to see this. ♪ ♪ helping them achieve financial freedom. we're providing greater access to investing, with low-cost options to help maximize savings. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> what the white house has done has said very publicly we want people to avail themselves of a lawful process. what we are seeing happening is that many people are taking
3:56 pm
advantage of the fact that title 42 may go away this week. >> the removal of title 42 does not mean the border is open. anyone who suggests otherwise is simply doing the work of these smugglers, who again, are spreading misinformation and which are -- is very dangerous. >> bret: okay. but the numbers along the border are pretty dangerous as well. meantime, the u.s., the supreme court chief justice john roberts has put a temporary hold on the removal of title 42, a number of republican governors filed that with the supreme court. now waiting for the administration to come back and say their response to all of this. so far that's kind of been slow walked. the dhs statement on this, while this stage of the litigation proceeds, we will continue our preparations to manage the border in a safe, orderly, and humane way while the title 42 public help order lifts. we are back with the panel. trey, know, there doesn't seem any urgency to either lay out
3:57 pm
the plan post title 42 or vigorously say to the court hey, listen, we do need to keep it in place because these numbers are increasing. >> it's the natural most probable consequence of this administration's border policy, including the campaign rhetoric. if you will recall, bret, i'm pretty sure kamala harris was put in charge of the root causes of migration any of would you say have to go into her boss' office to determine that. house g.o.p. if they can elect a speaker to hold investigations because i do think people will care -- not impeachment of mayorkas, which is never going to happen. buff the root causes and this administration's failure to act, good investigative ground. >> mara? >> yeah, look, title 42 was a kind of helpful tool when there was a pandemic, public health role while there was s. a
3:58 pm
pandemic, it was another pool to stop people from coming to the border and massing there but, when it goes away, because covid is gone and every other way we say that it is it's going to be harder. we have had a big surge at the border and it's the administration either doesn't have the resources or hasn't surged the resources to the border enough and something they will have to get their hands around. >> bret: guy, this is a little bit of rhetorical jujitsu from the white house. the president said they wanted title 42 lifted now saying only because of a court order and saying congress is really at fault for the immigration issue on the border they are at the same time filing a response to the supreme court or at least they haven't as of yet. >> it's just preposterous and incoherent, the policy is the problem. karine jean-pierre today and we just suggested that people saying that the all right is
3:59 pm
open. criticizing the open border policies is the problem. other have echoed some in the media as with. it's absurd. the policies are the problem. we all understand it. if title 42 goes away on wednesday as expected, it we will see what happens at the supreme court. the huge catastrophe is going to get worse. >> all right. panel, thanks so much. ♪ >> a salute pickup tumbles over the railing of a bridge fort myers, florida. officers rushed to the scene. they dive into the water. they rescue the driver and perform cpr on top of that nearly submerged vehicle. the man was taken to the hospital for treatment, is recovering. we salute the amazing deputies for their quick thinking and fast action nice job. republican senators take over the pentagon on mandatory covid vaccines and dismissal of troops who refuse to take it.
4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair balance and unafraid. a busy busy news day. we expect it to be a busy news week. we got you covered. "jesse watters primetime" starts, you know what? he starts early. 10 seconds early. >> jesse: that would be a first if you stop talking. thank you so much. [laughter] >> jesse: merry christmas. >> jesse: the crime wave just got personal. nope, i wasn't assaulted. my nose just looks like this. but i was violated. the peace and sanctity of my idyllic y upper side was. i have several celebrity neighbors including all of me were targets all of us could be targeted at any time. i was returning from my physical therapy appointment in the add strong of reporters outside a town house around the corner from my place. what was this about, i thought to myself? which celebrity neighbor of mi