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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 20, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> twitter files part 7 discredited information about 2020. >> how many former fbi employees working at twitter they had created their own slack channel. >> they knew this was a real thing. >> brownsville through del rio. >> supreme court end of title 42 and hundreds of national guard troops deployed to el paso. >> border facilities already overwhelmed. >> have next to no agents patrolling the border. going to be doing administrative duty. >> massive winter storm beginning to hit seattle. hundreds of flights on the west coast already been canceled or delayed with 113 million americans expected to travel
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christmas weekend. >> my parents were like do you know this is happening? yes, i do. >> stanford releasing a guide to eliminate harmful language against using the term mexican u.s. citizen. insinuating the u.s. is the most important country. >> argentina men's soccer team arriving home to a hero's welcoming after their welcome triumph over france and greeted by massive crowd ♪ ♪ have a holly jolly christmas best time of the year. i don't know that there be snow but have a cup of cheer. >> rachel: good morning. and yes, texas is the best time of year. 7:00 here in new york city. i'm filling in for ainsley and so happy to be here with steve
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and brian. good morning. >> steve: great to have you here in studio m. >> brian: little sad looking at those stockings, no rachel. >> rachel: that's right. >> steve: had to point that out. >> rachel: i will just take ainsley's stocking today. >> brian: do you know what is so terrible? a lot of times when mom helps santa no one stuffs mom's stocking. [sighs] >> brian: person stocking really needs to be stuffed the most. don't you think so? so, again. beaware of that. >> steve: where is dad's? where is santa? brian, where is santa? >> brian: right. a lot of times people that help santa forget to stuff mom's in the past. in the past. other people have fallen short. >> rachel: because of people. >> steve: i believe this is one of the times when brian is revealing a personal story that has hoped at his home but using some people as his cover.
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[sighs. >> steve: in other words, mrs. kilmeade wound up with something with her stocking. >> brian: this is going to be the year i don't forget. i didn't forget this year. but now i have help. i have three people that can drive and say to me do you know we have got remember, you better. and don't forget. steve: you are talking about your children. >> brian: theoretically, if this was my story. if anything really resonated with me. >> brian: main street u.s.a. >> rachel: all right. well something else that's happening. not just on main street u.s.a.
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but all over we're hearing more and more about twitter releasing files that are affecting the -- that has affected americans and elections. so even more files exposing exactly how the fbi worked with the tech giant before the 2020 election. >> brian: you know, this has happened with twitter. you know can you only imagine what has happened with facebook. this as the "new york post" calls out twitter and the fbi, the white house is dodging questions about its work to censors the hunter biden laptop story. by the way, as well as the burisma story and the then vice president. >> steve: peter doocy is live at the white house with the very latest on this, good morning, peter. >> peter: good morning, and the documents in this dump take us back more than two years before joe biden was the president and we go to the eve now of the original "new york post" hunter biden laptop story. so, parts 8 and 9 of this latest twitter thread say the next day, october 14th, 2020, the "new york post" runs its explosive
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story revealing the business dealings of president joe biden's son hunter every single fact in it was accurate. and, yet, within hours, twitter and other social media companies censors the "new york post" article preventing it from spreading and more importantly undermining its credibility in the minds of many americans. why is that? what exactly happened? you scroll down in this thread part 30 says efforts continued to influence twitter's yoel roth. september 2020, roth participated in an as spin institute table top exercise on a potential hack and dump operation relating to hunter biden. the goal was to shape how the media covered it and how social media carried it. then part 34 says on october 14th, this would be 2020, shortly after the "new york post" plushes its hunter biden laptop story, roth says it isn't clearly violative of our hacked materials policy nor is it clearly in violation of anything else. buff he adds this fools a lot
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like a somewhat subtle leak operation. >> the only difference is that they told twitter that this was not truth, that this was a russian plant. not just twitter but "new york times" and "the washington post" reporters. so this was an entire censorship regime set up to ensure that no doctoring tore material about joe biden from the laptop would ever see the light of day before the election. it was strangled at birth. >> peter: so in these documents we are seeing, the fbi is claiming right before the election that there is some sort of foreign intelligence operation, foreign election interference at hand. a hack and leak played by some unnamed foreign government. we don't have the full context because elon musk is putting stuff out right now. the fbi is not choosing not to
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respond in real time to each of these data turns. back to you. >> steve: peter, it all comes down to who. it sounds like all the branches of our intel community were pushing -- were convinced by something and we don't know what. and it has not been revealed that it was russian disinformation. and when you were on the campaign trail, you know, everybody was talking about there is going to be russian disinformation stuff released. we still don't know the origin of where that came from. right? >> peter: no, we don't. again, that's what they were saying at the time. someone put it out there at the time. if the story has changed. they have not come out there to say that that has changed. to say that the reason they thought there was a foreign intelligence angle to this is different now. we just have not heard it. but, in terms of a lot of this stuff, when you think about how either long ago or not ago, we are sitting in a hotel in wilmington, delaware at the westin just off 95 as all this stuff was going on. joe biden was still a candidate.
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we were going to these events where we were having to sit in the circles and folding chairs t reporter. so there was a lot going on in the world and that was the big focus of everybody covid. but then this is something that was going on behind the scenes. we are getting some details but it doesn't seem like we have the full picture, at least not yet. >> steve: that's right. remembering back in the day when you were sitting 6 feet apart from those people from the other channels. >> steve: use my outside voice inside to try to get biden's attention. >> steve: peter, thank you very much. >> brian: what is pretty amazing is the whole pressroom mills of having the 80 fbi agents dealing with twitter who had dozens of former fbi agents working at twitter was on the premise that the russians would hack into our elections. they did try to hack into facebook. the amount of money that russians have put in, according to the mueller report, into hacking our elections in 2016.
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microscopic compared to how much trump actually put into facebook to buy legitimate ads and do microtargetting to would be voters. on the false premise that gave us the mueller report. which shows there was no collusion between trump and the russians, we unleash the fbi to make sure this election goes smoothly, focusing on social media to the point where this left wing leaning organization said can you please back off? some of the things you are asking me is almost like congressional testimony. and then, as michael shellen burger unveils. they end up going to collude -- the fbi ends up paying twitter $3.4 million worth of taxpayer dollars in order to disseminate and do what they wanted them to do with stories like the hunter biden laptop story, which they knew was authentic. which they clearly lied about, when they were meeting with -- at least being inauthentic in
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dealing with twitter saying look out for this because they hacked. they were spying on rudy giuliani. rudy giuliani contacted miranda devine and it became clear the post was about to get this story. they were doing table top exercises on what would happen should this be released over at the aspen institute with twitter. >> rachel: let's get this clear. the fbi has the laptop for a year. >> brian: 2019. >> rachel: for a year. they knew it was real. >> steve: if they looked at it. >> rachel: of course they looked at it. they were spying on. enough to you are saying incompetent? i don't buy that at all. they had 80 people on this case of twitter and that's just twitter. we don't know how many they had on other social media platforms. they had for a year. they were spying on rudy giuliani by the way rudy giuliani and the "new york post" have all been vindicated in this story. then they spent millions of dollars. i mean, this might as well have been inkind donation from the fbi. to the biden campaign because if
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this -- if, you know, donald trump jr. had done what hunter biden had done, that would have blown up that -- the trump campaign. this absolutely can impacted the election. and what you said, brian, is so ironic. they used a lie, the russia hoax and the so-called meddling of the russians and the trump campaign, which was a hoax, in order to meddle in the next election. absolutely unbelievable. this is not the job of the fbi. the job of the fbi is to go get terrorists, is to go get, you know, child sex predators and instead they are spying on americans and they are altering, censoring information and altering elections. unbelievable. >> steve: as we detailed yesterday. it was announced in 2017 during the trump administration, that the fbi became part of this foreign influence task force. it was the fbi, office of the director of national intelligence at did. hs. cyber infrastructure, all these
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people. and what they did, they announced this program at the white house. christopher wray was there with john bolton. >> rachel: all the bad guys. >> steve: they announced what was going on and they said it's three part. the fbi was part of it. the intel community was part of it and private sector partnerships and including twitter and facebook and everybody else. so it looks like what they did, the way the fbi communicated with them is exactly as this was set up. what i think is interesting. >> brian: really? they didn't do exact. they set it up like it was supposed to? well, here's michael shellenberger. >> steve: hold on, brian, let me finish what i was going to say. regarding what we have been looking at with this twitter file is at some point the fbi said, you know, we are going to give you some information because they said we don't know if we should take that stuff
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down. and the fbi said, you know what? we are going to give certain members of your team top secret clearance. and they did. this goes back to what we are talking about. so much we don't know about origins. >> rachel: twitter guy was already working. >> brian: they knew the laptop walls real. >> rachel: head of the legal department at twitter the fbi guy. >> brian: listen to what michael shellenberger said working on it for weeks he unveiled it yesterday afternoon. here he is. >> we spent a couple of weeks looking at a lot of the internal emails and slack direct messages among employees at twitter. the picture you get is one of existing fbi agents outside of twitter and former fbi officials joining twitter there were so many fbi officials at twitter that they had their own will internal messaging system. they actually had their own cue card training people going from fbi to twitter there walls this relentless pressure by external fbi agents on twitter to
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basically adapt its content moderation, also to share information. then you had these forces inside twitter. former fbi officials. particularly jim baker psychiatry strenuously argued for the censorship on the hunter biden laptop and the emails which showed these very questionable business dealings with china and other countries. >> brian: went on to say in the end the fbi's influence campaign aimed at executives at news media, twitter and other social media companies worked. they censored and discredit the hunter biden laptop story. they were also poised to discredit the vice president's link to the burisma story when he was briefed by, thanks to hunter biden hag a meeting with the vice president and hires him on wures that. he was being investigated by a prosecutor in ukraine month the vice president goes to the ukraine and says this guy has to be fired and bragged about it at a conference the other day.
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>> rachel: impeached a president over something true. undue influence that the vice president and hunter biden had in burisma and -- can i say one more thing. >> brian: go ahead. >> rachel: they also accused senator ron johnson and senator grassley of being purveyors. >> and devin nunes too. >> devin nunes as well. it all turned out to be true. the fbi was acting as a bad actor, incidence influencing elections and censoring americans and censoring, basically, our public square. >> brian: let's find the one story that they had to unmask about donald trump. let's find the one story that was untrue about donald trump that was out there. not one of these stories that they made an effort to say wow, that can't be true about the current president. but they found all this other stuff that would actually hurt the candidate on the democratic party and they made sure it never came out. they were war gaming it at the aspen institute to make sure in
4:16 am
october, when it emerged, they were ready to act and they were able to squelch it in a way that we didn't think was possible in america. and cbs, abc, "the washington post," and "new york times" all said sorry, i was wrong. we never should have destroyed that story. we never should have took kayleigh mcenany's twitter account down. we never should have stopped the "new york post" from tweeting. now that the election is over we apologize. >> rachel: i expect the chinese and russians to interfere with our elections. i do not expect the fbi. >>this is a massive scandal. >> steve: well, we will see because michael shellenberger said yesterday asked by tucker, he said there's a lot of smoke and there should be an investigation. so let's. >> rachel: we can agree on that. >> steve: that's what i have been suggesting all along the way the task force was set up investigate see if they played by the rules. >> brian: from what we know we
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know they didn't. we don't need to wait anymore. ted lu writes in this left wing democrat. i read these breathily twitter supplemental files from matt taibbi so you don't have. to say here is the summary, twitter disagreed with the fbi. matt taibbi comes back with a tweet it's very odd that people like ted lu think the fbi dhs relationship with twitter and other platforms is a partisan story. it's taken place in republicans and democrats administration. this should concern everyone. that is exactly my feeling. if you are at a another network at another newspaper, you should be more concerned. forget about about who you voted for. >> you didn't think it was possible for our law enforcement agencies to play a role like that. i didn't think it was possible from what i know now. let alone what happened at facebook and google and everything else. >> steve: it goes back to the origin of who in the intel community said it was russian disinformation then it was scattered to the wind and now here we are. investigation to come.
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>> brian: now to a fox news alert. a massive winter storm is plaguing the city of seattle as much as the country is preparing for heavy snow, rain, and a blast of artic air. >> rachel: hundreds of flights on the west coast are canceled or delayed this morning with 113 million americans expected to travel this christmas weekend. >> steve: and they are talking about a bomb cyclone prompting several airlines to offer early waivers for flights in and out of the midwest, which will be greatly impacted. adam klotz is outside with very latest and the folks in the midwest. oh, you are inside now. the folks in the midwest and the pacific northwest right now. they have got to worry about today. >> they do have to worry about today. that initial blast of really cold air already settling in to the center of the country. that will give us that cold air you need for the bomb cyclone to sweep on through and bling blizzard like conditions. these are what the temperatures are going to look like over the next several days, taking you all the way into friday morning. negative 20, 30, 40. it's going to be really cold particularly in the northern plains. even across north texas,
4:19 am
negative 5 to 10 is feels like temperature. negative 25 in chicago. negative 30 in columbus. very frigid air. and then that low pressure system sweeps on through that cold air, bringing very heavy snow conditions. blizzard conditions. particularly in the midwest. here's your snowfall forecast and everything in the pink. probably 4 to 6 inches. you get across some of those purple areas and talking about a foot of total snowfall. in is going to be a big one. and, again, that's thursday and friday when that snow really picks up. of course watching it and download the fox weather app. to follow along that also. >> steve: can i ask one quick question? >> rachel: sure, go for it. >> steve: given the fact that the temperatures are going to be so he so low and winds high. going to be the worry that people will be out of power. so people should probably plan accordingly. what if the power goes out, too. >> absolutely winds at 60 miles per hour. if you are out in that 10 minutes is all it takes to be in a situation where you could have frost bite and hypothermia. so you need to be inside and you
4:20 am
need to maybe think about generators and something like that. >> steve: thank you, sir. >> brian: coming up next, mike huckabee joins us on what is going on with january 6th and everything else. don't move. after years of chasing the big idaho potato truck... i finally caught it. oh man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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4:25 am
>> rachel: that's okay. you are interpreting the quote. >> brian: wait until they decide you can't charge. >> rachel: it's about control. go ahead, brian. >> brian: i will take it from here, rachel. a former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us now. governor, the toyota is not marching to the beat that supposed to. >> yeah. there's a reason that i drive toyota and lexus vehicles because their president actually has some common sense. he understands that the marketplace is not ready to go exclusively to electric vehicles. we just don't have the infrastructure. and in order to get the electricity, to make those cars run, we're going to have to use the very fuel, the fossil fuel that inbe environmentalists think is so evil. so it makes no sense. this is a political agenda. this is not an agenda about the environment or about the economy. this is an agenda of people who want to see something happen. they don't care how it happens. they don't care what it
4:26 am
disrupts. but they are going to push for it. i just thought bravo to the president of toyota for speaking some sense into the issue. >> steve: you know, one of the things, governor, is the fact that the democrats famously pushed during the, i believe, one of their infrastructure things that you could get a subsidy, a tax subsidy up to 7500 bucks. you read the fine print. the car has got to be built in america of all-american parts. i would like to see what that car looks like because there are not that many whether it comes to electric vehicles. >> well, steve, you remember the flintstones car they ran it with their feet? that's where we are headed if that's what we are going to do. fred and barney drive these cars parts come from all over the world no. such thing as a car that is so totally made in america. be nice if it was. but, that's not where we are. >> rachel: governor it also means we are going to be
4:27 am
dependent some other countries for input to this electric vehicle including we just saw we did a report yesterday on this show about the deal that the biden administration is making with republic of congo to get miners that we know are mined with child labor. with child slave labor in africa. i mean, this is inhumane. this is a human rights abuse. and we could produce these minerals if we wanted here. one quick thing here, governor huckabee, i know you are saying he is talking common sense. but he is also the president of toyota saying there's a silent majority. is he literally admitting that people within the industry are afraid to go against this regime, the biden regime and talk about fossil fuel motor cars. >> and i do think that's one of the significant things that he mentioned is that the marketplace ought to be driving this. >> rachel: right.
4:28 am
it. >> not environmentalists. let's hope the rest of the industry wakes up and gets the message. >> steve: all right, governor. thank you joining five days from christmas. merry christmas. >> rachel: merry christmas, governor. >> merry christmas to you guys. >> rachel: stunstun coming up stunning rettles. the man who blew the hunterll bideyn laptop to john paul isaac coming up next. failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. heart failure can change the structure of your heart, so it may not work as well. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. and just imagine where a healthier heart could take you. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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>> brian: the seventh installment of the twitter files reveals quote how the fbi and intelligence community discredited factual information about hunter biden's foreign business dealings both after and before the "new york post" revealed the contents of the laptop for a day and then it was sidelined. remember, the fbi obtained the laptop in december of 2019. after first being -- after first contacted by computer repair person, john paul mac isaac. who joins us right now. john, i want to speak to you right away. as soon as this started happening. i'm so glad you are here now. your biggest take away, as you reveal what was going on behind the scenes, after you gave the laptop to the fbi in december. >> obviously i had my suspicions about the fbi and after witnessing the weapons of the agency over the past three years
4:33 am
with the mueller investigation. so, when they finally reluctantly collected the laptop 2019 i hope it was admitted as evidence. i gave them enough information about burisma i even assisted them multiple times after they collected the laptop to access the data. i'm very confident they knew exactly what was on that laptop. what is afounding to me is i thought maybe there were just a couple bad apples at the fbi. now we are discovering that there was something like 80 agents assigned to working with twitter over controlling information. and so this is quite a bit bigger than i initially thought it was. >> brian: this they were he aspen game should your laptop information become public. how astound something that? just to review you gave to rudy giuliani when the fbi did nothing with it. giuliani was being spied on then it became clear he was going to
4:34 am
the "new york post." they got everybody ready for the release of your story taxpayer funded exercises to brief the media and social media on how to handle this situation. i'm glad that i afforded them enough time to have practice. i'm just, again, it's astonishing to me that they were able to pull this off. that this kabul of fbi agents have so much influence. and we are only talking about twitter. we he don't know -- i mean we have seen a glimpse. so we kind of have a feeling this might be transposed across multiple social media platforms and probably mainstream platforms as well. >> brian: i want you to hear michael shellenberger disseminating the latest tranche how they primed the social media. participated in table top exercise on a potential hack and dump operation relating to hunter biden.
4:35 am
the goal is to shape out a media covered it and now social media carried it. now, keep in mind. you told me in the break, your dad contacted the fbi in october. they didn't want to take it. when they finally showed up reluctantly with subpoena and took it from you, they did nothing with it until august, you said that's it. i'm tired of waiting. this is going to affect what the american people know and then you put it public. and then they had a plan to -- game plan against you. and then john paul, they came out, cbs, "new york times," "the washington post." said, you know what? this is correct. this a authentic. how did that make you feel? >> well, a little bit vindication vindicated my bigger concern is why are all these outlets silent now. this is the story of the century this is watergate 2.0. can i only imagine that the reach why the mainstream media is so silent on this is because they were so complacent two years ago.
4:36 am
>> brian: and complicit. >> complicit. >> brian: might be a part of it. and your name was brought up, too. john paul mac isaac, in other words, you were contacted by hunter biden's lawyer when this was about to go public. i appreciate you joining us. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me on the show and merry christmas. >> brian: all right. same to you. coming up an el paso resident is fearing for her safety after watching migrants climb out of a water tunnel and manholes to enter the country illegally. what does she think about title had42 on the chopping block?. we'll as k her. when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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welcome back to "fox & friends." supreme court justice john roberts is putting a temporary hold on tomorrow's scheduled expiration of title 42. border communities remain on edge. witnessed migrants manholes to enter the country illegally.
4:41 am
so what does she think now about title 42 coming to an end? el paso resident rose joins us now. rose, first, can i ask you manhole and then what happens? >> >> and then i think about the wall. that's useless because now they are using manholes to come into the u.s. >> rachel: right. once they come out, is there a smuggler there waiting for them? who is helping them? >> there is a guy that would open the manhole. he stands by the manhole. and he leads them out of the manhole. 10, 15, 30 at a time. once they are out of the manhole. they lead them to our back parking lot. they hide in our back doors. they hide by our bedroom
4:42 am
windows. then later two cars come in and park in our parking lot and they are using that as a pickup zone for trafficking for human smuggling. it's crazy and it's very dangerous. >> rachel: i was going to say you live with your daughter and two grandkids and 100-year-old father god bless you for taking such good care of your family. how unsafe do you feel with this happening and now knowing that it's going to get even worse tomorrow or today or whenever they decide to lift this stay from the supreme court with title 42? >> correct. i feel very unsafe for myself. and my family. and not only for that. i feel unsafe for our neighbors because most of my neighbors are elderly. they walk up the street to the corner story. there are kids playing outside. come rushing in and a kid almost got ran over.
4:43 am
>> rachel: wow, what do you want the mayor of el paso to do? >> i want him to not sugar coat the situation. he needs to know what's going on, you know. he need to talk about it. he needs to stand up and speak. it's just not -- once title 42 is -- it's going to be chaos. it is already chaos. i feel invaded by these people we don't even know that are -- who knows what criminal history they have. >> rachel: right. >> you know. it's horrible. it's horrible. >> rachel: i will just point out that you, your father, and your late mother came here from mexico, they imgreat legally and, yet, you feel this way. one last word. what is your message to joe biden who has opened our bor
4:44 am
borders? >> >> the message is the borders, when they cross they say thank you, joe biden. they thank him for this mess. and this is, to me, it's an open invitation for another 911 to happen. >> rachel: god bless you, r rosy you are a brave woman. thank you for sharing what is happening in el paso. it's shocking merry christmas. >> merry christmas to all of you. stay safe. >> rachel: thank you. you too. carley, over to you. >> carley: rachel got some headlines a family of three in southern california feel lucky to be alive after someone opened fire on their car during an attempted robbery as they were leaving a christmas party the mother grazed in the head by a bullet another bullet struck the back of her 2-year-old's car seat. >> they were chasing us and still shooting. i'm pretty sure they emptied both of their magazines on us. as soon as i felt that i was
4:45 am
hit, i looked behind me because my child was directly behind me. and i was afraid that she was hit. >> carley: police say two's is are still on the loose. the cdc says pandemic restrictions may be fueling child drug cases that are overwhelming hospitals. lockdowns, mask mandates and school closures could be the reason for the spread as limited exposure over the past few years may have weakened people's immune systems. it comes as cvs and walgreen's purchase limits on children's cold medicine. the chains say is a spike in demand from the try demic of covid, the flu, and rsv is causing major shortages. chicago's wrigley field getting into the holiday spirit. the santa baby bar feature a multi floor experience that's decked out in decorations. featuring hundreds of ornaments hanging from the ceiling. it's been a tradition for the last several years and draws visitors from across the
4:46 am
country. its festive menu featuring the grinch, the clausemo mary mow my mohito. >> rachel: it does. got have one. >> rachel: now we have a fox weather alert. 113 million americans are set to travel this christmas week a majority of the country preparing for a bomb cyclone prompting several airlines to offer early waivers for fliers going in and out of the midwest, we are going to check in with our meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. >> good morning, rachel. >> good morning. >> big winter weather system going to be tracking really all week long. it begins with cold air that is already settling in to the northern plains. feels like negative 28 degrees in ms. mark. this runs the entire we're week. look how that cold artic blast dips into the country. negative 5 to 10 degrees what it is going to feel like over by
4:47 am
the end of the week. getting into friday. negative 30 in chicago. negative 20 in columbus. real cold air. that's that low pressure system. live right up along the east coast. heavy rain. some very cold wind. blizzard though back across the midwest. there is going to be widespread areas getting at least six inches of snow. probably especially in parts of michigan as much as a foot of snow, maybe up to 2 feet of snow. that's a big -- that's the big winter weather system. we have got some fox fans here. the pearl girls, right? >> yes. >> adam: you love new york city? >> yes. >> adam: can you help me toss it back in to rachel say rachel back to you. >> rachel back to you. >> rachel: that's awesome. merry christmas, girls. >> adam: merry christmas, guys. >> rachel: coming up country music star lee brice joins us live. first, the wide men who found christmas. my favorite christmas book this year dispels the widely and conceived notions about the three wise men. fox news contributor and our friend raymond arroyo joins us
4:48 am
to share a clip from new fox nation special he is bringing king cake. ♪ i am a poor boy, too.
4:49 am
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4:51 am
steve listen to this, a well-known priest speaking out after poppy francis removed him
4:52 am
from the priesthood over what the vatican calls buckingham ballisticmissilist social media. >> why are they doing this cancel call temperature against president trump and members of the democrat party. this is an effort not just to silence me but to so many of us. people are losing their jobs, as you know, because they stand for their conservative values stand untrying to do it in a church. my vocation is to be a priest and pro-life leader. >> rachel: our next guest has known the father for years. raymond arroyo joins you now. raimondo, what is happening and does it say more about poppy francis than it does about the dear father pa zone. >> >> he probably got out over his
4:53 am
skis. to say buckingham palace must is grounds from removing the guy from the priesthood is absurd in a day when i cover each week, financial, there is a financial trial underway on for years. a a jesuit known to abuse nine nuns. excommunicate wanted. >> the poppy lifted it the same month. mercy is dolled out distinctly and only those within the circle of friends. the moment you get somebody on the other side politically at odds with the vatican they strike him down. >> steve: what did he put on social media? what was the topic. >> it was calling joe biden saying g.d. loser joe biden. i won't say the word, family show. and there was apparently an aborted fetus on the altar in front of him. so, shocking? maybe not the moment political
4:54 am
discourse is it grounds for removal from the priesthood. saint fan sis creating a field hospital for sinners. for orthodox looking more like a crematorium. >> brian: pro-life guy? >> rachel: absolutely. talk about your book. >> it is christmas. let's not myer. i brought you a king cake which i hope you will dive into. >> steve: one of us will find the baby jesus. >> they bake the baby in. rachel dug in. anchor with a baby and cake with a baby. >> brian: what is important for your story you hunted for the real story with the three wise men. >> we know about these figures we see them every year. now we created a fox nation special that takes you in-depth. look, have you done this with founding fathers, with our presidents. i'ed to do this with the wise men to take families picture book that introduces you to the historic reality of wise men.
4:55 am
there weren't kings, there weren't three of them they were not to from the far east. >> rachel: why are you ruining the story? >> brian: it's better. >> much better. the stakes are higher. their call is higher. teaches us something. all of us. when we keep our gaze high above the things of the world above the things we obsess over every day. can you hear and see god's voice. when you see those lights of truth sparkle for you, it is your obligation to run out and chase it. that's what these wise men. >> rachel: show a clip from your special on fox nation. >> christianity is unique. it's not just a myth, it's not just a fairy tale, it really happened in history with real people in a real place at a particular place and time and that's what we call the incarnation. this is why this is actually important and the details are important. and the details are historical. >> steve: a lot of people sadly don't know the story. >> no. they accept the imagery we see. and we see it everywhere at christmas. the three kings.
4:56 am
we even have the day of the
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ ♪ >> from brownsville to del rio. >> the supreme court postpone the end of title 42 and hundreds of texas national guard deployed to el paso. >> next to no agents patrolling the border. during administrative duties. >> twitter files part seven. >> so many former fbi employees working at twitter that they had created their own slack channel. >> this is the story of the century. mainstream media is so silent on this because they were so complacent two years ago. >> a major winter stor


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