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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 22, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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complete, whales are a carbon sink. >> martha: we have to leave it there, james. we grew up with the sierra club. they're nowhere on this. merry christmas, everybody. that's "the story" for today. "your world" is next. see you tomorrow. >> neil: it's beginning to look like crist mess. fox on top of an arctic blast that is now on. flight delays and cancellations pack up as a deep freeze tends temperatures tumbling down. try minus 8 in fargo, north dakota. two degrees below zero in denver. minus 5 in minneapolis. we have you covered with robert williams in chicago where the temperatures are dropping along with the snow that's falling. charles watson in atlanta on the
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cancellations that keep mounting. jeff flock is in milwaukee with folks moving. and michael estime on how long the winter blast could be lasting. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. welcome to your chilly world. at least about a good 80% chunk of the continental united states world. it stands to get worse before it gets better. let get the latest right now from robert ray in chicago. robert? >> hi, neil. good afternoon. the snow has begun and so have the winds here in downtown chicago. the luke district. my hat almost blowing off here. the temperatures are in the teens and just in a few hours, they will be zero, neil. and then overnight go well in to the negatives. back almost on the negative 8, negative 9. 40 to 50 miles an hour wind gusts expected here in chicago. as you can see, this is the chris kindle market, a christmas market here in chicago. it's closing in less than an
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hour because of this weather system that is now marching its way with tenacity and voracity in to chicago. it's not going to be safe here for the coming days. travel is snarled. the interstates are starting to look very, very bad. the airports are in gridlock and here overnight, we are going to see dangerous temperatures with the possibility unfortunately of power outages for many people in the chicago metro. there's millions of folks here. you can see behind me, the holiday cheer, at least right now, before it gets too bad. just in the past hour or so, the temperatures have dropped nearly 10 degrees. the 40 to 50 miles an hour wind gusts will create situations that are 30 to 35 degrees below zero with the windchill. concerning over lake shower drive and the wave action off of the lake. we saw the major problem in 2011
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with the blizzard where cars were stranded on lsd, lake shore drive. don't want to see that again. a serious situation just a couple days before the holidays and unfortunately it's just going to create major issues in cities like chicago, cleveland, detroit and then it's going to march its way to buffalo and up the northeast. what a system. mother nature has a gridlock on us right now and there's not a lot that we can do except for smile and laugh the next few hourses and it's impossible to be out in these conditions. neil? >> neil: be safe, my friend. hang on to that hat. all of this on the same day that we're getting word of the 7,000 flights across the country have already been cancelled to say nothing of the delays. let's go to charles watson at heartsfield jackson international airport. what doesn't looks like there, my friend? >> things are running smoothly here in atlanta. make no mistake about it, the rush is on. not only are people racing to
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get home for the holidays, but they're hoping to do so without feeling the effects of that grinch-like arctic storm system that is causing travel delays as it marches across the country. we heard from president biden on this storm earlier today. he says it's no joke and had this message for travelers. >> please, take this storm extremely seriously. i don't know if your bosses will let you. if you have travel plans, leave now. not a joke. >> martha: . >> that arctic system is leaving havoc with temperatures hitting the northeast. no surprise, denver international in chicago, o'hare, two places in the thick of the storm seeing the most. nati nationwide, flight aware is
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tracking 15 delays and 2,100 cancellations. >> they changed my gate. then they cancelled my flight. i have to go back down here, rebook or either refund. i'm think i'm going to refund and go with delta. >> the biggest fear is getting one late that gets postponed to the next day. i'm one of the last flights out. hopefully i'll be good. >> you know, neil, we've been talking to people. it's amazing how calm they are even though they're going through these tough situations. another group of people going to have to be calm are the drivers hitting the roads on friday. it's expected to be a busy day. the aaa expecting more than 102 million people to hit the roads this holiday travel season. and they too could run into wet weather and slick roads, neil. >> neil: the calm folks are taking their cues from you. you're calm, they're calm.
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thanks, charles watson. now to milwaukee where it's 14 degrees. jeff flock could be inside but we said no, come on outside. what's the latest? >> you might as well sit back and enjoy it, neil. i'm walking a cross wisconsin avenue here in downtown milwaukee. perhaps you can see, it's snow covered and as you report, these temperatures are going way down. i want to show you the interstate, too. take a look out there. this is interstate 94. this goes between chicago and milwaukee. as you can see, traffic moving slowly on it. the plows have been out, the salt trucks have been out. when it gets as cold as it is right now and with the wind blowing, that's what we said from the outset. it was going to be a lot of wind associated with this storm. it's not only blowing the snow around, not that much snow, but the cold and that wind really freezing things in place.
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it's unpleasant out here. they say it's going down tonight to a negative 9 degrees here in milwaukee. when you factor in that wind, the windchill, you know, we're talking double digit windchills. perhaps that's why i have such an elaborate costume on here. i'm warm at the moment. but i'll tell you, might not look so hot. neil? >> neil: the coat isn't the problem there. jeff, seriously, take care of yourself. be warm or try to be. >> all good. >> neil: jeff flock in the middle of that. so how bad do you think this is going to get? we're in the middle of throes of this. michael estime what are we looking at here? >> this is truly a nightmare before christmas for travelers. this is worst case scenario. we had blizzard warnings in effect for over nine million americans. here's what things look like right now as we speak. if you're joining us from chicago, o'hare international,
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chicago midway, i know it's a huge headache for you. our friends in grand rapids, this is knocking on your door step. same sort of story in indianapolis. get ready in detroit michigan, detroit metro airport, cleveland, hopkins. when does it get here? time stamp overnight. my goodness, detroit, flint, saginaw, up to the up in michigan, it's snow. there's a ton of wind with this as well. it's the reason why blizzard conditions are expected. not to be left out, notice the east coast if you're joining us from new york, up to boston. you're going to feel this as well. it's more a rain event for you. the problem is that as the arctic front washes through parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast, everything is expected to freeze. we call it a flash freeze. so icy roads especially as we head in to friday evening and early saturday and places like
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nyc, up and down the i 95 corridor. things could get slippery and dicey. southwest michigan, 12 to 18 inches of snow certainly possible out of this. as we mentioned before, check out these winds. oh, my goodness. buffalo, new york, 60 to 70 miles per hour wind gusts is what we're anticipating on top of feet of snow. so yeah, neil, all i got to say is for folks that were dreaming of a white christmas, this is going to be a reality sooner than later. >> neil: and it comes at a cost. thanks. michael estime. the fox weather guys do a fantastic job at this. taking a look at the cold shoulder from investors. see what i tried to do there? as bad as it looks with the dow down 350 points, it was touching better on an 850 point hit.
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the latest gtp report came in better than expected. you know what that means. they start thinking if we're doing so well, the knuckleheads at the federal reserve will raise rates even more, even longer and we're so out of here. today they were. by the way, the so-called santa rally that they're hoping for is not materializing. they're running out of time. the fact of the matter is, it's a down month, a down week and it's a down year at the rate we are going, my friend, this is the worst year for the markets since in 2008. you might recall, we were in the middle of a meltdown. we'll have more on this and the impact of this coming up in just a little bit. meantime, the latest on the border and the frustration over a title 42 that might get delayed. it doesn't mean that problems are denied after this. l across , people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom.
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>> neil: all right. a live look at capitol hill where the 1.7 trillion omnibus bill passed with 17 republican
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votes. chad pergram has more. >> the vote 69, 28. 18 republicans voted yes. lindsey graham says he's disgusted the process but the alternative was worse and could have hurt the military. >> i think it's better to fund the government this way than do a continuing resolution. next year, we'll see if the house can go back to regular order. a continuing resolution is a disaster for the military. so that was my biggest goal was to get money in to the pentagon above inflation so in case we have a breakdown next year they'll be okay. >> it took a lot for the senate to pass the bill. but the senate closes out 2022 funding the government through next september. >> the omnibus was appropriate metaphor for the last two years. a lot of ups and downs. it's one of the most significant
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appropriations packages we've done in a really long time. >> house republicans are warning that they will not tolerate another process like this again when they seize the majority in january. >> we're being very clear with the senate. if you continue to go down this rabbit hole, we'll have to show you that no, we will not maintain this and the american public doesn't want to see it. they want accountability in washington and we're going to provide it. >> congress blew their deadline of avoiding a deadline before christmas eve. it will take days to prep the bell for president biden to sign. that's why congress is now writing a short term bill to fund the government through december 30th. the timing for the house is unclear. the senate adopted multiple amendments. it will take hours to place those amendments in the bill and send it to the house. neil? >> neil: thanks, chad. i want to show you something in politco.
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unprecedented emergency. dem-led cities brace for an influx of migrants. it's largely one wart. republicans have been bashing the action on the border but you've heard democrats even my next guest saying something has to be done and fast because we have a crisis and it's getting bigger. vincente gonzalez kind enough to joins us now. good to see you. there's frustration on the left, on the right, of course and now the hope at least in the next few days delaying title 42's expiration will give somewhat of a reprieve from this but you're not convinced long enough, right? >> it's a huge concern that we don't have a permanent proposal in place. people continue to mount across the border from where i represent. it happened historically and happened during the trump administration and happened
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again. title 42 is a band aid. i said that during the pandemic when it was initially triggered. i have the safe zone act that i gave to president trump and now to biden's administration to create a safe zone on the border of guatemala and mexico that allows all migrants where they must process at that juncture, 1, 500 miles from our southern border. it does many things. if we're going to let them in, we should process them there, give them a document and let them go to the airport and fly to their final destination. that takes the pressure off of the border and eliminates the cartel effort. cartels are making billions. the only way to address it is to have a new idea. clearly coming through mexico is dangerous. women get raped. children get abused. pillaged out of a lot of money. i calculated last year cartels made about $5 billion bringing
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people to our southern border. have to add, this is not a democratic or republican problem, this is an american problem. here it's a personal local issue that is hugely concerning. >> neil: we're looking at some of the overnight drone shots of those trying to get in to this country. in fact, when you were last joining me, congressman, i got quite a bit of e-mail reaction from people on both sides of the aisle that found your idea about working at the mexico and guatemala border -- >> i haven't heard a better one yet. >> neil: what has the president said about that? what have you heard from your colleagues? >> sandra: doesn't seem to be gaining traction? >> it's unfortunate. i have given this proposal to the vice president, which is about a year ago. i'm talking to colleagues. >> neil: what did she say when you gave it to her? >> they were going to look at it and never got back to me. i'm sometime waiting.
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i want to talk to people and figure this out, whether it's a democrat or republican in office, whoever is in control. i gave this to president trump as well. at the time the administration was interested. then the pandemic hit globally and they triggered title 42 -- >> neil: wait a minute. she's in charge of dealing with the border. she's the president's point person on this. you tell her this a year ago and you haven't heard back? >> well, i gave it to the administration. i filed the bill finally. we're trying to get folks on both sides of the aisle on this bill and continue this conversation. when i gave it to them, title 42 was still in play. there wasn't an urgency that we have today. we need a long-term immigration infrastructure plan further away from our border. it took me a long time to get in deal with the president of guatemala. i'm hoping the state department and the administration gets behind this. this is going to help us for a very long time. right now the vast majority of migrants are coming from
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el salvador, nicaragua and honduras. it could be ecuador, it could be bolivia. until we have this permanent infrastructure in place, we'll see massive influxes at the southern border. it's the greatest country in the world. those folks are mostly fleeing poverty and looking for jobs. we have a huge labor shortage. they need the jobs. we need the labor. >> neil: bottom line, people have to get back to you. you have a lot of good ideas. you have to start talking. thanks, congressman. very good seeing you again. meanwhile following the sam bankman-fried, he's back from the bahamas, showed up in a manhattan federal court today and he even got something that he's been looking for, the right to be at home or at least some home. just not jail. but pretty penny for that opportunity. connell mcshane has more.
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connell? >> you know, neil, the prosecutor said this is the largest bail package that has ever been dished out. he doesn't think there's been a larger one and then the judge sent sam bankman-fried to live with his mom and dad in california. we'll have the details next life from new york city. we'll be right back.
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>> neil: all of this wicked weather is not only hitting those that want to fly but those waiting for packages as well. they're marooned and santa is concerned after this.
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what should the future deliver? (music) progress... (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold. your strategic advantage. (music) visit >> neil: for now, sam bankman-fried is a free man but he had to pay a record and very pretty price for the pleasure. connell mcshane has more from new york city. connell? >> hi, neil. $250 million bond package. it's a record. it was secured using his
1:27 pm
parent's home as collateral. that is quite fitting. a judge ordered sam bankman-fried to await his trial living with mom and dad at their home in california. we were here seeing him walk out, not much expression. he's not asked to enter a plea. the judge said he had to be back in court on january 3. it was a chaotic scene as s.b.f. made his way to the car. >> back up, back up. >> sam, what do you say to your investors that lost so much? >> well, i tried to get a question in there. maybe he would have a message to his investors. he's notice answering any questions. you saw him in the courtroom sitting as the sketches show in between two of his lawyers. the prosecutor called his bail
1:28 pm
deal the largest ever pretile bond. among the requirement, he's got to surrender his passport and undergo mental evaluation. the judge asked him if he understood the conditions of his release and he said yes, i do. the other condition he needs to understand, two former colleagues are set to testify against him. one is caroline ellison, the former head of alameda research. she's pleaded guilty on seven counts. gary wong has pleaded guilty on four counts. the two of them are cooperating with prosecutors which could strengthen the case against sam bankman-fried. so you think about it. here's this 30-year-old that was the head of a $30 billion firm. now he's living with mom and dad in california waiting for a trial that could send him to jail for a long time. neil? >> neil: connell, no one covered this better than you.
1:29 pm
were you aggressive. connell mcshane at manhattan federal court. i want to go to john yoo. he helps us out on these legal matters. good to see you. the $250 million bail, i think you put up 10%. we were told certainly that he didn't have the money. certainly not that kind of money. that he lost his billions. so where did this dough come from? >> you know, usually these kind of situations, there's some bail bondsman that will let them the money. he's probably not is that strong of a flight risk. he's staying at home with his parents. probably because his parents are stanford law professor. he may be hanging out in stanford faculty housing the next few months. it's probably -- it's mostly symbolic. talking about $250 million bond. it's almost like saying we were just not going to let him go. the amount is really symbolic to show how important this is to
1:30 pm
the government and to the courts to give him a fail trial. >> neil: you mentioned the parents. weren't they being scrutinized as well? i'm thinking the oddity of that. >> well, as a law professor, i don't want kids to be thrown in jail. but this is the problem. you've got people turning government's witnesses here and they're going to be testifying against bankman-fried. anybody that is receiving money from bankman-fried that knows that it was illegally taken from ftx and pulled over and used for his personal accounts, used to buy his parent's houses, political contributions and so on, they might be at risk because it depends how much knowledge did they have of the illegal transfers and did they do anything to help. i don't think the parents would have participated in an illegal scheme but they're going to be scrutinized as are a lot of people that might have
1:31 pm
benefitted and received money from sam bankman-fried. >> neil: the fact that two former confidants, caroline ellison and gary wong, they're obviously singing like canaries. they made a deal to cooperate with the government. if you're sam bankman-fried, what do you think? >> i would say plead early, plead often. the best thing he can do is never go to trial. if you've already got people like his top two lieutenants already agreeing to the government that they will testify against bankman-fried, i don't know how he will put up a successful defense that he didn't know what was going on. they're going to say that he told me to do this, to move the money. sam bankman-fried is up on seven or eight counts of security fraud. he's talking about over 100 years in prison. it's to his advantage to plead now and plead and hope to get a good plea in the government.
1:32 pm
>> neil: last time i had you here, i was liking to it the ponzi scheme that bernie madoff was famous for. he did through the trial get to stay out of jail, stay in his apartment in new york, i believe, at the time. in this case, sam bankman-fried has the same right to be at home, his parent's home. we don't know where that will be. but should he worry? to your point, this could be a short-lived freedom. >> yes. i think the government given how quickly they're moving, given the plea bargains they're getting, they i think want to make an example of bankman-fried. they won't go away. madoff got a long sentence. i think over 100 years. he died in prison. so bankman-fried has to be worried that the government wants to make a symbol out of him, too. he should hope to plead quickly
1:33 pm
and get a reduced plea. maybe mental illness. maybe plead he didn't understand what was going on. he should never go to trial. that would be a disaster for him. >> neil: he's a younger man, 35 years younger when madoff was in the same position. if found guilty, he too could end up in jail the rest of his life. john yoo, thanks very much. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: taking a look at wall and just a broad sell-off. as bad as it was, it was a lot worse. but the freefall continues. forget as santa rallied. someone has been following this through rallies and recessions alike. teddy wiseburg, the guy on the right is an institution. with the selling going off, he probably wants to check into one. we'll ask after this. charging something like a hundred bucks a window when other guys were charging four to five-hundred bucks. he just didn't wanna do that.
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>> neil: all right. hold the phone on the santa rally. nothing like a little good news
1:38 pm
to put a grinch in investors today. the latest catalyst was a better than expected read on the third quarter economic activity moving at a 3.2% annualized rate. we were expecting less than that. didn't get it. because it was so strong, the attention turned to the federal reserve that will keep hiking interest rates, maybe longer than we thought. enter teddy wiseburg that despite his youthful good looks, he's seen more than a few cycles in his incredibly accomplished life. thanks, ted. what happened today? >> well, good news is bad news. unfortunately. we get any decent economic news, which is normally good, it just reinforces the direction of interest rates and the fed montra that they're going to continue to raise rates until they can get their arms wrapped
1:39 pm
around the inflation problem. what we need is a little bad economic news. that would help the marks at this point in time. >> neil: that's interesting. something that hints at a slow down, something that hints that people are capitulating. what do you tell people that look at this and say oh, no, this is overdone? i'm going to dip in? i have a feeling that this is my moment? what do you tell them? >> well, you know, hope springs eternal. there's always opportunities, neil, as we know. otherwise we wouldn't get up in the morning. this time of year is particularly interesting for investors because the weak stocks tend to get weaker because of tax selling. i don't know why folks wait to the end of the year to take tax losses. it takes to take the weak stocks that have been done most of the year and make them weaker. so in those lumps of coal -- by the way, neil, they're trading at the year end lows for a
1:40 pm
reason. they're usually not positive. you take those lumps of coal, i make a shopping list every year. i'm pretty agnostic in terms of what sectors or what the companies do. i look at stocks trading at this year's lows or hopefully multiyear lows and you go through the lumps of coal in the hopes that you find a few diamonds. every year we do manage to find a few diamonds. the problem is this is a short-term trade type of tactic. it's not a fundamentally long-term trade kind of tactic. within this year's list, i must say there are some pretty interesting companies, some good companies that for one reason or another are trading at their lows. >> there's tesla and apple.
1:41 pm
their earnings were about half of what they were a year ago. what do you think of technology in general? >> well, i think the markets need technology to get revived for the overall market to do better. clearly with the exception of perhaps meta and that is not trading near the end lows, i don't have any names on my list. the flip side of the year end lows scenario is don't try to catch a falling knife because it can get expensive real quick. most of the names on my list are not tech names. companies like metronix or verizon or disney. i didn't benefit when tech stocks were going on. by the same token, most of our accounts have not been damaged with the sell off. most accounts are down with very few exceptions. >> neil: verizon just reported
1:42 pm
that they're looking at their worst year on record. maybe do you catch that filing knife for timing. thanks. >> thanks. >> neil: will you have a lot to do where this economy goes? does and hitha herzog know it. a lot of people are focused whether you're shopping. a good many that are, but complicating things is this big old storm that will put the kibosh on more shopping in the days ahead potentially. what do you think? >> yeah, i have to tell you, neil, a lot of consumers out there are still shopping to the tune of about 30% of consumers. i just got new data in from oracle. they interviewed 1,500 people in this new study. 30% of still shopping. the worst offenders, it's the men, of course. they're out there.
1:43 pm
54% of men have not even started and not paying attention to the budgets. so many people were on budget. they're throwing the budgets out the window compared to the women who are last -- there are last-minute shoppers, but 27% don't care about budgets versus the men at 34% of them are not caring about the budgets. >> neil: i told you the last time we chatted, expect a boom in processed meat and cheese sales. that's panning out as i said, hitha. but with presents likely to get delayed because people can't fly on planes but the packages underneath can't get to their destinations. what impact do you see there? >> yeah, you're absolutely right. sure, the packages underneath the planes won't get there. if you look at what the truckers are going through especially, i follow a couple of them on twitter. they keep posting the roads that they're driving on, it is another supply chain 2022
1:44 pm
situation that is going to really impact the delivery of those products to homes. in fact, neil, i went into the mall today to try to buy some socks for my husband. and their answer was that the supply chain has impacted the delivery of socks. i wasn't able to get the specific ones that he wants. so it's impacting things like socks, regular things like socks. if you're buying from digital retailers, online retailers that have this digital safety net according to the data catalyst institute, those digital retailers had their stuff in order. they have gotten their packages out. they probably had been able to have a tight handle on supply chain hand have gotten those packages delivered in an efficient way. similar to what we saw during the pandemic. >> neil: good stuff. i was surprised your husband is home to get the update on the socks thing. i thought he would be shopping frantically to make up for that. hitha, good seeing you.
1:45 pm
you have a merry christmas. i appreciate your help. she's the bible of all things on that. meantime, after the triumph addressed to a joint meeting of congress, depends who you talk to about that, now comes to good stuff that president zelensky really wanted to see. how soon will he get it? nate foy in kyiv with the latest. nate? >> hey, neil. president putin is saying that he's going to increase the amount of forces in the russian military, but on top of that we're also learning the russian war effort is receiving help from another country and it's not just iran. we'll have more on that as well as president zelensky after the break. i'd like to thank our sponsor, liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go!
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. >> neil: all right. help is on the way for ukraine. that you know. but there's problems building for ukraine. particularly because of that help on the way. nate foy in kyiv with more. nate? >> hey, neil. president putin said he's ready to have talks with ukraine to end the war but everything he's doing is signalling the opposite. he's talking about increasing the russian military by 500,000
1:50 pm
troops and an intercontinental ballistic missile that will soon be deployed. not only iran but north korea is helping the russian war effort. take a look at this picture right here. i'm talking about the wagner group. they've been very active in ukraine's east. you can see a private military organization that u.s. officials say is made up of predominantly in ukraine of convicts. u.s. officials also say the group is buying weapons from north korea. listen to this. >> last month, north korea delivered infantry rockets and missiles in to russia for use by wagner. we're certainly concerned that north korea is planning more military equipment. >> of course, russia is getting drones from iron. president putin is promising to deploy a new ballistic missile
1:51 pm
that can evade air defenses. speaking of president zelensky, take a look at this video. on his way home to ukraine, he stopped in poland for a meeting with president duda. he thanked poland for the aid that has been provided and he discussed strategic plans moving forward in to the new year. back out her live, neil, the u.s. today announced new sanctions on ten russian naval entities. a combination of manufacturers and research centers that are aiding the russian war effort. the u.s. plans additional sanctions on the wagner group in the coming weeks and months. back to you. >> neil: back and forth we go. thanks, nate. nate foy in kyiv. you have war tensions rising, stocks tanking. you've got a lot of people flying around the country unable to really get off and start flying around the country. people are losing it.
1:52 pm
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1:56 pm
their homes. >> i hope the west is over. >> i had saved to be able to do christmas with the kids. >> it is just hard times. >> worries, i'm delighted to say that the evan russell jr. is here. and he's a director of st. mark clinton episcopal church in houston. and he just wrote a best seller, which is the dignity which chronicles george and barbara bush and they did through our hard. and i do want to get into the book, but i would like to expand here, what they talked about on what they went through to what we are going through now. they offer hope in the face of some hard times. george bush sr., surprisingly losing to bill clinton when only a four months earlier, he had an 80% prove a rating positive rating. he had to deal with that, and adjusted that and they had tragedy in their life is well losing a little girl vary on in their marriage. so a lesson can we live for them
1:57 pm
to get through what we are going to now? >> that is a great question. it is always good to be out with you, and i appreciate you reaching out especially in a time like this. that we are facing a kind of things that we just reported on from your folks on the street. i do think, that the president, and barb, they were stellar examples of how your faith can shape you and strengthen you and very difficult times. they were not people who wore their faith on their sleeves, but i have believed then i can't experience and i tell them about them in this book, they were shaped by their faith. they came out of places and families that, that their faith, and what we believed was real and honest in them. unfortunately, if you become so much a part of the dna that when they face the challenges of... they were able to get through them from the time the president was shot down.
1:58 pm
in the specific and began the question that he asked her why did god spare him. when they faced, sadly the sickness and decline and eventual death of the dog is robbing the president was in texas at that time, and every day, on every day on his way to work as she was going through that treatment every morning at 6:30 he would stop by his church, privately, he didn't seek any attention to pray that god would get them through it. and then when they lost their daughter, when had she passed away robin, despite their deep grief they would say that that was one of the most intensely spiritual moments in their lives. but they did say, but the two hardest moments, the death of robin, and also the life of that election was very hard for the president. and there was a time and time again, what got them through, their friends, their family, their faith. >> i wish we had more time but we don't pay brenda 90 seconds that we do one of the things
1:59 pm
i've heard in a great deal a new cnet with the pews, they've heard the news about synagogues that are not nearly as full. and church pews that are not nearly as full, churches that are shutting down in some areas. but where is that faith? >> i would say, and i would try to be brief. it's hard for a preacher but i'll try to be brief. one thing is that we've gotten too used to being away from each other and places of worship. obviously, the pandemic kept us away from each other. and i really do think it's to our detriment and to the detriment of our culture and, i earnestly believe that that time out of our spiritual homes really made america suffer. >> what's the second thing? >> the second thing is we need to get back in now so i think being back together sans off our rough edges. i love that piece by edward markham that american poet that
2:00 pm
said, hate is a despised bank to file. and they left drew a circle to let me out. but love is the through the circle that took me in. i think the job of the faith is to draw a large circle so we are brought into faith together. and we work towards that greater goods that were called to do. >> thank you very much. the book is "witness to get the well as finding our own. that'll do it here." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm judge jeanine pirro, along with jessica tarlov, katie pavlich, and jimmy failla. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> christmas is so close you can almost taste it. we're going to get to the news, but first let's have a lot of fun. time for the fastest. ♪ ♪ missing your holiday package? just check you


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