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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  December 22, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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[ applause ] thanks so much. molly hemmingway and joe mackey and our beautiful studio audience. [ applause ] fox news at night is next. on behalf of greg gutfeld, i love you, america! [ applause ] thank you, tom, good evening, everyone, and welcome to america's late news, fox news at night. i am jonathan hunting, in for trace gallagher. ♪ >> and breaking tonight, a dangerous winter storm pounding the midwest and great lakes thursday, will it bring an arctic blast to much of the rest of the country, reeking havoc ahead of the busy holiday weekend
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as thousands of flights have been canceled. sam bankman freed was now back at home. he's released on a $200 million bail. the biden administration had not yet released border immigrant numbers for november or even a plan for what they'll do if title 42 is lifted as we await a decision from the supreme court. we begin with the huge $1.6 trillion spending bill that's on its way to the house tonight after the senate approves the measure on thursday, despite many lawmakers blasting the bill. jeff paul is following it all for us tonight. good evening, jeff. >> good evening, jonathan. the bill passed by a vote of 68-29. the 4,000 plus page bill heads to the house.
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before a shutdown that could occur just 24 hours from now. >> a lot of hard work and a lot of compromise, we funded the government with an aggressive investment and american families and american workers and national defense. it is one of the most significant appropriation packages we have done in a really long time. >> more than 700 and 70 billion will go towards non defense spending. $45 billion will help ukraine and nato allies, bringing the total give to ukraine to more than $100 billion. it is important to know that mitch mcconnell supported bill but his driving force was to boost the defense spending for the u.s. military. however, in the house support from republicans won't be as strong especially considering they're due to take control next year. current house minority kevin mccarthy is one of those republicans not in favor of this bill. he
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like others and the gop say it is bloated and in the end is going to cost all americans a lot more money. >> you have two senators writing the whole bill that people don't see and it is thrown before christmas and if you don't get it done, it will shutdown. and come january 3rd, it is all changing. >> the bill includes additional 45 billion to ukraine, making the u.s./ukraine biggest donor. when it comes to the percentage of the country's gross domestic products, seven other countries are ahead of the u.s. the baltic country by another region and there is ukraine's western neighbor of poland and u.s. is roughly tied at eight with canada, jonathan. >> thank you, jeff. it is an international coalition behind ukraine. let's hope it brings some results in 2023. thank you, jeff, we'll see you for a night cap later.
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breaking tonight, the house select committee investigating the events of january 6th has released its final report, the nine chapters, 845 page document claims former president trump engaged in a multi-part conspiracy to overturn the 2020 presidential results. speaker pelosi said this, the committee succeeded in demonstrating the fragility of our democracy. let's bring in kevin walling and the former chairman of the housover house oversight committee, fox news jason shaffer. jason, let me come to you fist on the january 6th report of the final version of which had been released, should we be done with
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looking back and is now for democrats and everyone else to look forward? >> yes, it speaks volume that they released it on thursday night like 10:00 p.m.-ish right before christmas. i don't think there is any new materials at this point? i think it is still a sham of the way they did it and the idea that republicans could not appoint people and ask questions that they wanted to see answer. i thought having read the report and having written and issued the report myself when i was in the house. nancy pelosi should have been the subject of the investigation but she wrote the forward. it is comical that they put it out. i don't think there is any new materials or anything will come of it? >> kevin, is it time to move on? >> jonathan, i think we have seen and now we are still unpacking this volume work from the house representative select committee, they turned overall those records to the department of justice
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that'll make prosecutorial decisions going forward. you have a very aggressive special counsel combing through these records. the process is going to continue on as it plays out. >> all right, we shall see, something certainly is not going away in 2023 is the crisis on the border, i want you both to listen here to senate majority leader chuck schumer speaking about it today, listen. >> i think first, i think the biden administration realizes it has to come up with a real plan for the border and that's not just pun punitive, title 42 has no consequences so you cross the border and you push back to the other side and the same people crossing over and over again. it is not a
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comprehensive plan that's ever going to work so the biden administration is coming up with one. >> jason, they're coming up with a plan, it seems like they had an awfully a long time to come up with a plan, when do you think we'll get to hear it? >> joe biden been in office for two years. the white house keeps telling us nothing is broken down there. even chuck schumer is now admitting that the place is broken. you know why don't we start with enforcing the current law because if you don't come in at a point of entry, you are supposed to be under the current law, you are supposed to be detained and fined and incarcerated and deported. that's what the current law is, why can't we do that? >> kevin, it does seem like a no-brainer, clearly there is a crisis on the border. i don't think anybody is really denying that now. why have we not seen a plan from the president?
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>> it is a good question. what you saw from leader schumer in the remarks he made, he acknowledges it was a crisis. i have been saying as long as jason that it is a crisis at the border. i am hopeful seeing additional funds especially progressing these migrants more funding for the judicial system that processes these my gallants as part of this $800 million more to hire more agents and border security that we can try to get ahead of it. it is a crisis. congress also need to act. the fact that we have not seen any con comprehensive immigration reform. it is a real problem that congress needs to address and maybe we'll see it with the republican house and the democratic senate. >> really quickly, guys, i want you to listen here to president biden, part of his christmas message. listen to this. >> our politics gotten so
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angry, so mean, so partisan. too often we see each other's enemies as not neighbors. and democrat republicans and not as fellow americans. >> in that spirit, that's your christmas message to republicans? >> my christmas message starts at home. i just got engaged to a republican. to me, bipartisanship starts at home and i wish everyone a very merry christmas watching fox news. >> that's wonderful, congratulations to you. jason, what's your christmas message to democrats? >> well, kevin, congratulations, kevin is a good guy and we disagree on a lot of issues. when have the kind of attitude and approach kevin had, we would go a lot further. congratulations on the engagement and merry christmas. we have a lot of problems in town, united states of america is still the greatest country, we still figure these things
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out. >> that's for sure. >> jason and kevin, you are both great guys. merry christmas to both of you. the founder of the collapsed crypto currency that sparked a growing invasion investigation is out on bail tonight in california. jackie is here with the latest. >> good evening to you, jonathan. he was released on a bail packet this afternoon as the largest ever pretrial bond. cameras were there as he arrived in new york over night, bankman-fried. he was in the courthouse and here at the southern district of new york. he was followed by fog photographers on the way out
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and now he's in california while ordered to stay at his parent's house while awaits trial. >> backup. >> get out of my car. >> the courtroom as bankman-fried sat between his lawyers and shackled between his ankles, a fraud of epic proportion, a former colleague and girlfriend, ellison, and former ceo crypto trading from alameda research, she pled guilty to several accounts and gary wang pleaded for four of his own. both are cooperating with investigators which could strengthen the case against bankman-fried. he was required to get a monitored bracelet before leaving the courthouse. his next court appearance is
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scheduled january 3rd. he's faced eight federal counts and accused of fraud to lenders. back to you. there is new reaction tonight to revelation the fbi paying million of dollars to twitter wile pushing to control information all of that happening before elon musk purchased the company. the bureau says it did nothing wrong. here is mike emanuel. >> reporter: fbi officials did not provide twitter of any specific instructions or details regarding the hunter biden's laptop story. when those officials saying the bureau provided no information to twitter r related to hunter biden. the fbi would say "we focused on activities and not on the content or narrative, we did not discuss or provide instructions regarding hunter biden's laptop."
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the fbi responded we did not request anything of the sort. a house republican says he would like to ask fbi officials those questions and more. >> the fbi had the information but they were telling social media companies to do what they could to tap down on it and not let that information out. without a shadow of a doubt, that's interfering in an election. >> in the latest release of the so-called twitter files, it revealed the fbi paid social media companies, independent journalist quoted the internal document, i am happy to report that we have collected $300 million since october of 2019. >> baker's was the top
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lawyer at the fbi. the fbi telling fox the money was for a reasonable cause. >> fbi officials say twitter is not the only social media company that's paid but would not elaborate on any others or how much has been spent. >> jonathan? >> mike, thank you very much. for more on this, let's bring in our legal panel, criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor, andrew. good to have you both here. before we get to the discussion, i want to read something from "news week" which was published yesterday. and it proves without a doubt that over the past few years countless americans have under ggone a real violatio
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of someone's first amendment rights. >> the fbi is held up to the standard. when the fbi and doj are giving advice to twitter about who they should deplatform, we have a real constitutional issue. more than that, we have issues with how that's going to be enforced and the idea that the fbi is not there to enforce the terms of service of twitter, they're there to investigate criminal enterprises and instead they're essentially the police for twitter. that's a real issue with the american taxpayer dollars at the bottom line. >> brian, the fbi says it is business as usual. business as usual strikes me as frightening for americans in that case. >> yes, hey jonathan, excuse me, if i was advising republicans in 2024, i would have this story be the poster child of their election. why? this is
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borderline socialism if it is proven. i got bad news for the fbi, jonathan, he's testified under oath that he was instructed by fbi officials to quash any tweets that have to do with hunter biden and he was supposed to deem those as being a result of a hack from russia. that's flat-out categorical interference and violates first amendment rights and it should send goose bumps to every person in this country that our government is interfering with private companies to control a political agenda and to control elections. this is staggering. >> i want to move onto sam bankman-fried in the
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investigation in the crypto company. listen here to the southern district new york attorney talking about ftx's employees more general and widely, listen here. >> if you participated in misconduct at ftx or alameda, now is a time to get ahead of it. we are moving quickly and our patience is not aternl. >> they are looking to find anybody at ftx. >> i am skeptical that some of the deals they are cutting along the way. today we see that the doj socially agreed to this $250 million bail that was posted. i think they had a good case to make that he should have stayed locked up. they're cutting deals already with ellison and wang and why? frankly they should have you have evidence to be able to go after them to the fullest extent of the law as well. what sort of benefits are
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they receiving from these deals so early on in the investigation and of course we saw that they arrested sam bankman-fried prior to him providing testimony to congress. something i was concerned with because we were going to get a treasure-trove and not just with the prosecutor but with the american people. i don't know what those negotiations are in cutting those deals. >> brian, do you have any concerns of the way this investigation is proceeding? do you think it is being handled the right way? >> i don't think it is being handled the right way. if i was a federal prosecutor, i would not cut deals with gary wang and ellison. what incentive now for bank bankman-fried to tell us the whole story. i would have played this out longer and try to get out more information from bankman-
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fried and try to get him a deal first so he can tell the whole story and so he can implicate all these other people. now, there is 0 instead for bankman-fried to speak up. it was a big mistake. >> brian, it is great to see you and andrew, thank you very much for being here. ♪ a dangerous blizzard started to intensify tonight and it is affecting travel plans for tens of millions of people who are trying to get away for the holiday. our mike tobin visited o'hare international airport in chicago. >> reporter: nature chose one of the busiest times of the year and leaving many travelers with no way to rest but the floors of the terminals. some people got the news their flight was canceled because the weather was bad at the destination.
9:20 pm
>> they changed the gate and canceled my flight so i got to go back down here and rebook or refind. >> they canceled flights later in the day so it is not looking good. >> reporter: denver and the twins city seem to get the storm first while security lines pushed across saint paul. the delay causing lines wrapping around the corner at laguardia. with the prediction of wind gusts reaching 50 miles per hour in places like chicago driving the windchills of negative 30 and drastically reducing visibility, the storm had a potential to be much more severe. >> please, take this storm extremely seriously. if you all have travrl travel plans, leave now. >> reporter: millions of people trying to reconnect with families for the
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holidays, it could mean canceled plans again or at best a delay. >> everybody needs to know to be patience and give the airlines time and understand that we'll get you there efficiently and safely as we can. >> reporter: by 5:00 p.m., 2 250 flights of cancellations and 271 domestic flights canceled and millions of people are trying to get home. temperatures plunged to ten degrees with a negative windchill. it is only getting worser. five people were injured tonight after a fight broke out. hundreds of passengers evacuated off the ship wearing life jackets while the ferry was temporary anchoring crews on board and ultimately able to put out the fire. how a mercenary group is recruiting russian convicts
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. ten months into russia's invasion into ukraine, we are learning tonight that a private russian military group has been sending thousands of convicts recruited directly from prison to what the white house describes as the war meet grinder. >> reporter: tonight the man known as putin's chef is accused of buying weapons from north korea for russia's war effort. >> last month, north korea
9:28 pm
delivered rockets and infantry missiles into russia. a russian military organization recruiting fighting in prison. >> we estimates that vogner currently have 40,000 convicts. >> reporter: its fighters are accused of human rights convicts in america and now are in ukraine. >> they burn down and destroy everything they see. they send convicts to the war. >> reporter: the white house says in some instances, the vogner group is leading over operations over military officials in the eastern city and the u.s. says more sanctions are coming against the group. we'll send it back to you, jonathan.
9:29 pm
>> thank you, for reporting so from ukraine over this. the taliban is barring women from attending universities in afghanistan. women there are protesting. countries around the world are condemning the ban. we have the latest from our bureau. >> reporter: afghan women marched through the streets of kabul in protest. days after the taliban banned them from attending higher education. they are determined to have their voices heard. >> when the doors is closed for the women or half of the society, it means that the process of human revolution is paralyzing. >> reporter: destroying widespread condemnation from the international community.
9:30 pm
ned prize condemning the move as in defensible. >> it is unacceptable. we'll eliminate the taliban from their community and denying their legitimacy that they desire. >> reporter: the roles of women in afghanistan have slowly rolled back. their strict determination forced a female to have a male out at night and keep their head covered. >> this banning of students from attending the university is not human. we do not find it right. hopefully, they'll give up on this decision as soon as possible. >> reporter: today former president bush released a
9:31 pm
statement saying that women should generate outrage among all of us. jonathan. >> thank you, trey. russian and chinese are practicing joint actions in the east china seas. the series of drills reflect a growing defense between the two nations. china's military also sent 39 planes and three ships towards the island in a 24-hour display of force. coming up, what would be your top entertainment moment of the year? see if your choice matches what our culture club panel of experts had to say, first -- a tourist finding himself driving literally on the edge of scotland and the edge learns the hard way noo thu e steal. the day's best viral videos is coming up next. ♪ epair.
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tonight's viral video, a man visiting scotland found himself to navigate quite a narrow seaside road. that i can a look at this video. no card rails and waves were clearly crashing on his vehicle. he said his confidence did grow after a few days did driving there. an alaskan couple captures this sight of a moose shedding its antlers. the moose shook its head and after the antlers fell off. apparently it is a natural occurrence. the antlers measured 15 inches.
9:38 pm
>> now this, a four-year-old girl in austria regretted her decision to climb into a restaurant after she got stuck inside. her oldest sister convinced her to do it and of course they did. you can't blame them. it is impossible to win anything from that machine. she was able to climb back out with some help. she took two teddies out with her. theft! her parents gave them back. lessons learned. in ohio, santa claus paid the animals the visit offering tasty presents to the zoo's hippos. the elephants got some gifts, too they pushed it around with their trunks. looks like my seven-month-old daughter getting their gifts. that's one way to get at them. ♪ ♪ up the red nose reindeer ♪
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♪ had a very shiny nose ♪ >> one of the facility's co-owner celebrated them with that christmas "rudolph the red nosed reindeer," if you had any viral videos to share, hit us up on fox news on social media. to a football legend retirement and divorce. what were 2022s top headlines and entertainments and sports? let's bring in our michelle polino and fox news radio sports reporter, eric. let's remind if anybody forgotten that slap first. here it is. >> i am out here, oh!
9:40 pm
>> oh wow. oh wow. >> will smith just slapped the [ bleep ] out of me. >> michelle, i remember watching that and thinking it is an act. >> right. >> it was not. >> i did the same thing. so did millions of people around tp country. and, it was surreal to watch him then when the best actor, oscar for "king richard," the crowd gave him a standing ovation and all the while they saw him hit him. i had backstage access and so i did hear it. when we realized it, it was just a shock to the system and it took away, do you remember -- do you remember who won best picture? >> no. [ laughter ] >> eric, were you watching
9:41 pm
at the time? >> i was, i thought it was a bid and it was so shocking. afterwards there were people that defended him. not many, and they were vocal. i could not believe that. in recent months, i think his apologies have been sincere and he genuinely feels bad about it. >> absolutely. >> celebrities' bad behavior, johnny depp and amber heard, let's remind us of that terrible trial. >> i am harassed and humiliated and threatened every single day. >> any person that i abuse in my life is myself. >> watching that everyday was just - it was awful. two people behaving pretty badly. >> yes, it was two people playing out their traumas. she clearly believered her
9:42 pm
stories and there were a lot of holes in it. the people watching it saw that. >> eric, did it seem like a popularity contest? >> there were some serious allegations but johnny deputy came out with a win in court and the win of public opinion. he's back with having endorsements and movies again. >> all right, sports, let's get to the big moment in sports. it was none bigger than this past wee weewee weekend, eric? the world cup. let's remind ourselves what happened there. yes! >> it gives me shivers and not just because he took his shirt off. >> that was argentina winning the penalty shootout and therefore the world cup. it was all on fox, of course, what a great world
9:43 pm
cup it was? >> it was incredible. that final match was one of the most amazing sporting events i have seen. i am not a soccer guy but it just sucks you in. you could not ask for a better world cup and messi going out on top. >> i like the fact that there was no beers sold. at least we didn't get english soccer running around, drunk? >> and we got the highest ratings here in the u.s. over 25 million people watched that, the highest rated men soccer match. only second to the women's soccer match back in 2015. >> wow. >> quickly, eric, tom brady retires and unretires and gets divorced and the buccaneers suck. >> there is still a good chance they can make the playoffs. he's 45 years old, we don't know what happened or if it came down to football or the marriage. if it did, he came back for
9:44 pm
this you would think he's regretting it. >> michelle and eric, we'll have you guys for the night cap, get your cocktails and recipes ready. the house of representatives welcome more than 17 members to office when the new congress begins in january. the man, our man was the task of filling them all by heart is the the congre congressional correspondent, chad berger. >> new faces and new names. >> new members are stumped, too. >> obviously, there are people who i have met and names i have forgotten. we have met so many people. >> i studied the pictorial directory for weeks. >> all right, so nobody studies harder than you, chad, let's put that knowledge to the test. some of the new members coming into the new house of
9:45 pm
representatives, start right here. >> freshman from iowa, republican, flipped the seats from blue to red. i am struggling this one. >> zach nun? okay, okay. >> give me another one. >> all the other biogra other biographical information is correct. >> that's gin higgins flipping from blue to red succeeds elaine muriel. >> i will let you know which member i think is sodium. >> and which member is radio active. >> i think those are more
9:46 pm
obvious. my wife makes fun at me because i am at home exercising early on the weekend and i am just studying and beginning through the book. >> everyone struggles to learn the freshman. >> she won that trump's seat and she's on the democratic side. her and her husband own a car, mechanic shop. >> perez says determining some similarities help you learn your colleagues. >> trying to make sure i know where people are from and we may have something in common. >> the nfl has a number of system for players who play certain positions, something like that could help on capitol hill. the chicago white socks were the first team to add players' names into uniforms in 1960s. chad
9:47 pm
pergram, fox news. >> chad is really a genius. >> have you completed your holiday shopping list? did you get more gifts for your pets or in laws? i think we know the answers. the night cap crew is here with dogs, cats and cocktails. next. s's ...medicated vapors go straight to the source of your cough... you can relieve your cough to breathe easier. vicks vaporub. fast-acting cough relief.
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let's bring in the crew for our last night cap of 2022. you know a recent poll shows that 34 americans will be purchasing gifts for their dogs this year and 22% for their cats and a lonely 19% of people will give gifts to their in-laws. michelle, you have a cute really pup and you bought him gifts? >> of course, he does. i got him treats from santa and a bunch of bones. >> i know that you have delightful in-laws but have you spent more on ned-stock, the best dog in america?
9:53 pm
>> she bought him fancy christmas hats, its got presents and she bought him an orthopedic bed. >> jeff, you have the bruce. what did you get him? >> i got him some lamb chop and he's got some balls he's going to play with and fish sticks. >> jackie, you hate animals? >> what? >> no, i have a five-year-old who acts like an animal at times. >> that five-year-old is being spoiled this christmas, right? >> that's true. >> i want to get to some favorite cocktails. what's your favorite? >> i like mocktails. lime
9:54 pm
and mint leaves, so goods. >> jeff? >> eric? >> i never had a good christmas cocktail. i usually reach for red wine or a beer. >> you can't go wrong with that. >> michelle? >> old-fashioned with rye. >> i would personally go for a peppermint mocha from star bucks or something like that. i am really boring, i am kind of a jackie. >> hey, i am not boring. >> hey, i did not mean that. >> no alcohol? >> no fun? >> she has a five-year-old, what's more fun than that? >> and at seven months old, i can tell you from experience. night cap crew, it is such a good year for the night cap crew, thank you very much and merry christmas everybody, happy new year and see you in
9:55 pm
2023. thank you nor watching america's late news and thank you for our late night producers and thanks for trace gallagher for letting me sit in his chair, i am jonathan hunt in los angeles, have a very merry christmas, everybody, and a very happy new year! ♪
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