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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 1, 2023 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> ainsley: today is the republicans first border crisis hearing. >> dozens of migrants are refusing to relocate from a manhattan high end hotel. president biden is being slammed for ignoring it. >> the failure starts at the border and ends in brooklyn. >> today tyre nichols will be laid to rest in memphis. >> our vice president kamala harris is among the notable names set attend. >> the death at the hands of police officers have led to push for reform. >> i can that be leader. >> nic killing hali has been it official run for president. >> expected to declare her candidacy on february 15th. >> armed robbery suspect prove that criminals take advantage of the weak crime laws. >> robbery suspect shocking warning comes after a team of criminals record 13 victims across three burrows. >> tom brady rocking the carpet last night 80 for brady. >> dodging questions on his future. >> many of those friendly with brady say it is likely he will return to the field.
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♪ hey, i heard you were a wild one ♪ oh, oh >> steve: how pretty is that you? are looking at syracuse university the quad right there. if it looks cold, it is. currently 15 degrees in syracuse. they're going for a daytime high of 27 and, as you can see, it is clear as a bell throughout portions of the northeast we had a trace of snow according to janice we have now broken the record and officially had some measurable precipitation in central park so it has snowed this year. >> brian: syracuse new york, the carrier dome back drop right in the middle of campus. they have disappointed so far with their basketball team. a lot of people think jim boeheim should resign. we will get more into that next hour. >> ainsley: 6:00 opened one a campus. we just did syracuse. what are we going to see at
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8:00. >> brian: new house over there might be the finest broadcasting institution. >> ainsley: what's that on the left. >> steve: that is the stadium. the dome. >> brian: carrier dome right on the left. >> ainsley: okay. >> brian: where the likes of jim brown, tim green, floyd little all starred. >> ainsley: look at you your. >> my son went there. >> ainsley: you have been there. >> brian: quite on. suction when we open up the door. >> steve: how many dynasty help. >> ainsley: kilmeade building? >> brian: i rebuilt the campus big dollar donation unlike other people we know. >> ainsley: six days away from president biden's state of the union address. >> steve: today the president is going to meet with kevin mccarthy sit down at 3:00. going to be talking about raising the debt ceiling. >> brian: let's see how that goes. peter doocy joins us live from the white house with more.
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peter? >> good morning. president biden has long said some variation of this show me a man's budget and i will show you what he values. sounds like that's where he plans to start with speaker mccarthy. >> wants to negotiate what -- >> show me your budget i'll show you mine. >> peter: new marist poll finds 62% of voters say the union is not very strong or not strong at all. just 36% say the state of the union is very strong or strong. and the biden white house is now being challenged by senator joe manchin, a democrat, plus every republican senator with a new bill written to block a biden proposal that would let retirement managers make official decisions about portfolios factoring in climate change. manchin co-sponsor is the republican mike braun who says president biden is jeopardizing retirement savings for millions of americans for a political agenda in a time when americans 401(k) have already taken a huge
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hit due to market down turns and record high inflation. the last thing we should do is inencourage fiduciaries to make decisions with a lower rate of return for purely ideological reasons. the covid emergency is going to end in may. that means we are a long, long ways from that american rescue plan and that means $2 trillion of federal spending off the books and that is something this white house wants credit for. >> as president, he has put forward a program that has cut the deficit and put in place programs that are growing the economy, that are creating jobs. that are growing wages as you just saw. is he in new york talking about how we are fixing tunnels and bridges and roads that are helping communities all across the country. he has done all of that while living by those values of fiscal responsibility. lowering the deficit. >> peter: speaker mccarthy says is he coming here to talk about the debt ceiling. but the white house is telling us this meeting is really about a range of issues and even though it's the talk of the town
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in d.c. today, it's going to be closed press in the oval office. >> brian: hey, peter, how shocking was it to find out the fbi was actually searching the biden center in washington yesterday and it was back in november. that was pretty well kept secret, wasn't it? >> steve: here's why that was such a surprise, brian. because a few saturdays ago, the white house special counsel's office and the president's personal attorneys put out a very detailed timeline. that dated back to the initial finding in november. and they said this is the day, dating back to november 2nd, that every single thing happened. i went back and i checked that timeline yesterday, no fbi search of the penn biden center listed on there. i emailed the personal attorneys and the special counsel here at the office asking us why they were able to tell us about an fbi search in wilmington and not fbi search in d.c., let me check, hold on, let me just look, this was yesterday that i sent those emails, still waiting
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to hear back. >> brian: unbelievable. you just won determine where else, where the fbi was. were they in rehoboth? were they elsewhere? >> steve: all about transparency. >> brian: university of delaware? >> steve: administration saying they are very transparent there you are with your email machine and they are not getting back to you. >> peter: but i'm sure that they are watching. i think they get an alert every time somebody is talking about this. please just check. let us know why they can tell us about one fbi search and in the another and why if they're going to go to the trouble to say we can't be fully transparent but because we don't want to upset the investigation or the justice department, but this is every single thing that has happened so far, why did they leave that off? we just don't know. but they did. >> ainsley: why did they search donald trump's house but not joe biden's office and his house. now they are saying. >> brian: two got hit. >> steve: peter, if you see any fbi agents go behind behind youo
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the white house would you tell us. >> peter: in fbi winter jackets because it's a little cold. >> brian: not wind breaker weather. steve, back to your point. university of delaware. how many boxes was sent to the university of delaware. >> steve: i have been talking about that since the first day because all of his senate papers are there. there's a lot of stuff that they are trying to keep off of our radar. so, it will be interesting to see whether or not anything happens. right now it looks like no. >> ainsley: one of the reasons so many people are not happy with the state of our union right now. because the classified documents and chaos trying to choose a speaker of the house. we're in january. it's after christmas. >> steve: to your point about the speaker of the house. to say win the speakership. kevin mccarthy had to agree that raising the debt ceiling would come with spending cuts. if there are no spending cuts. that's going to be bad for him. and ultimately bad for the country because there is a very dangerous game of chicken.
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>> ainsley: spend more then we have to cut back elsewhere. >> brian: very interesting to see if joe manchin will get some help because he is standing with republicans to negotiate as well as you think sinema might jump in and group of house moderate democrats are saying hey, i will sit down and talk with you. i will broker something kevin mccarthy let us in. kevin mccarthy said sound good, if some moderate democrats want to be responsible. >> steve: ironic they are trying to get rid of joe manchin. going to help? find out what happens when they have their wide ranging meeting today at 3:00. in other news, the a electric baldwin, the movie star, spotted outside a private club in new york city with his head hung low just hours after being formally charged with involuntary manslaughter. brian be brian those charges first announced earlier this month come a year after the deadly shooting on the set of rust. cinematographer helena hutchins lost her life that day.
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>> ainsley: todd piro joins us live with the latest details. >> good morning. alec baldwin officially charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of rust cinematographer halyna hutchins. tell fox news, quote. today we have taken another important step in securing justice for halyna hutchins. in new mexico no one is above the law and justice will be served. on the set of the western film. baldwin pointed his prop gun at her while practicing a scene when it went off. a live round also wounded director joel souza. the probable cause affidavit bad win has repeatedly claimed he
4:10 am
did not pull the trigger. >> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> well the trigger wasn't pulled. i didn't pull the trigger. >> so you didn't pull the trigger. >> no, no, no. i would never pull a gun and pull a trigger. that's the training i had you never pull a gun and pull the trigger. i feel that someone is responsible for what happened and i can't say who that is but i know it's not me. >> fbi investigators refute baldwin's claims. prosecutors say baldwin failed to appear for mandatory firearms training prior to flipping. and he was allegedly chatting on the phone with his family during a brief follow-up lesson on the set. rust armer gutierrez reid charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter with prosecutors that next led to the death of that innocent woman. the attorney argues the charges are the result of a flawed investigation and inaccurate understanding of the full facts. back to you. >> steve: just a tragedy. todd, thank you very much. >> brian: i can justed a this to this.
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alec baldwin knows how to handle a gun. his dad was coach of the rifle team. and people -- i know people a little older than him. i actually met one on the book tour. said he used to be a little kid running around helping out. so he was very familiar with guns will. >> ainsley: on the cell phone during gun safety training maybe because he already knew. >> steve: mandatory thing. before they do it on the set. they have got to go through it and doesn't seem like that happened. >> ainsley: might have been a two-hour course and checked his phone once. we don't know. >> steve: we will never know. all going to be adjudicated. 7:11 in new york city. >> ainsley: hand it over to ashley for headlines. >> ashley: tyre nichols will be laid to rest this morning in memphis. vice president kamala harris and the family of george floyd are expected to attend today's funeral. nichols died earlier this month
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after being beaten by five memphis police officers during a traffic stop. body cam footage released by the police department sparking nationwide protests this weekend. the reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy. the g.o.p. led house judiciary committee is holding its first hearing on the border crisis. zeroing in on security. it comes as president biden faces backlash for avoiding the trip to new york city. dozens of migrants are refusing to relocate from hotels to shelters. one city councilman it's absurd that he wouldn't want to visit the migrants. that is really disgraceful to say the least. the president is pushing his agenda but he doesn't want to fix the border mess he created. judiciary committee chairman jim jordan will join us live next hour with more. massive layoffs continue as paypal announces plans to cut more than 2,000 employees. that's about 7% of its workforce. also planning to cut its staff
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by 7% as the company is hit with inflation and tight customer budgets. workers at the publishing giant harper collins aren't being spared either as the company announces plans to cut 5% of its staff in the u.s. and canada. it comes as the company struggles with unprecedented supply chain and inflationary pressures. super bowl history in the making. philadelphia eagles senator jason kel see their mom donna showing how proud she is of always competitive sons telling the "new york post" it's going to be tough. i'm going to root for bot of them to score a lot. steve will be are having break in assistance city. blin be live in arizona run up big game. those are your hofd lines, guys. there you go, brian. >> steve: was the mom -- can we put that image up again of the
4:14 am
mother? because it looks like she was wearing a jersey different team split down the middle. right on the scene. change from kansas city to the other team the eagles. >> ainsley: won't she be happy for the son who wins? what do they say only as happy as most unhappy child? >> brian: i think about the harbaughs coaching against each other in the super bowl jim and john. that must have been really tough. remember that? >> steve: sure. >> brian: that's why it's always good not to have too many kids. you don't want them playing in the super bowl. >> ainsley: i have my favorite. >> steve: speaking of mothers. she has a dilemma. who who root for. she is going to root for her kid. >> brian: bigger dilemma. >> steve: here is something people all across the country are facing. on reddit, online. a mother is asking the people on reddit should i ask my daughter to split the rent 50/50? the daughter apparently is 25 years old.
4:15 am
she has graduated from college. and she makes money. so the question is this: i have asked her to split the cost of rent and utilities in half with me and she doesn't consider it fair. so, the mom is asking people should she be asking for the money? >> ainsley: what do you think? did any of your kids move back home? >> steve: yes, indeed, they did. >> ainsley: did you make them pay? >> steve: here's what we did. we kind of negotiated because we had already paid off the house. so we had them pay for different stuff. my suggestion for the mom, we don't know how much the mom needs, we don't know how much the daughter makes. so, they should negotiate. maybe she can't pay 50/50, what about 10%? >> brian: go keeper into the story. turns out the kid does not like the way the mom decorated of the house. tired of the old stuff around. why don't i put up my stuff. she is too embarrassed to bring people home. >> ainsley: too much stuff in there. >> brian: also says trying to save for higher education to go back to grad school. she can't do that.
4:16 am
>> steve: to buy a house. >> brian: she can't do that and pay rent. >> ainsley: did your kids move back in, brian did for a little bit. >> brian: i'm right at that cusp because i guess living there the pandemic hit and then i guess maybe for a month. but i made the decision i had two this college and one is away right now. a couple of things, does the mom need the money? the answer seems to be yes. what the woman should do is lay out the bills and say, listen, i. to you save, i want you to do. this i'm going to need help here. that's just a fact. because you are costing me money. what my mom did, too. we got we lived at home. she would just explain what the bills were. and we wanted to work extra and give as much possible into the pot. for some reason their relationship is a divided one where it's her against them. seems like almost a competitive one. they are competing against each other. >> ainsley: totally normal for a mom and daughter. mom, you have so much stuff. you are a pack rat.
4:17 am
i need room. can i please is some room and i said this is my house. i do what i want to do. i'm if you are going to live hee contribute a little bit. >> steve: the 50/50 that was first round of negotiation. it's like okay. 50/50? >> brian: negotiating with your kid? >> steve: absolutely, brian. >> brian: come on. >> steve: that's ultimately what have you got to do. okay, you can't pay 50/50. can you pay your phone bill? >> ainsley: i agree. the mom is already paying for mortgage, right? >> brian: rent. >> ainsley: or rent. the electric bill is definitely going to go up when you have more people living at home. let her pay a little bit of that phone bill pay little bit of that. cable bill a little bit of that. >> brian: they need a therapist. >> ainsley: i feel sorry for the young girl because she is not making enough money to move out on her own. live in a high rent area according to article. when i moved back in after college i wasn't making a lot of money. i'm going to find a way.
4:18 am
i have got three other roommates. i love you mom and dad but i cannot live with uranium again. >> steve: here is what happened when i graduated from high school, everybody out in kansas either got their own place or went to college or went to the military. ultimately i went to college but then after college i needed a little help it was my parents who actually helped me a little bit. it's like okay i can give you an extra 50 bucks a month can that help? listen, absolutely. >> brian: what do you think about that? do we have a way of recording people? take phone calls. where do people write in. >> ainsley: friends at. >> steve: >> brian: write us. >> steve: tag us in facebook and on instagram. >> brian: now that you have insurance until you are 26 years old so that's taken care of, too. this girl a walk in the park. she needs to be reigned in.
4:19 am
>> ainsley: my dad bought all three of us one car. paid for the insurance for the car. ly to pay for all my food or i wanted to. i wanted to help my parents. >> steve: i paid for everything. when i gold home to visit my parents they would give me gas money. they would give me $5 to make the 100-mile trip. >> ainsley: when i was walking out to door for high school $5. i didn't need it i had a job. >> brian: $5 for lunch? what are you eating? >> steve: in the 70s. >> ainsley: 90's. coming up a texas high school is offering an alternative to four years of college debt. the program now, spag students' interest. >> brian: here is a dollar. go out to eat. president biden pushing his green agenda claiming climate change is a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear war. douglas murray says exactly, mr. now you are singing my song. >> steve: hello, douglas. how are you ♪
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plus, you can save up to 60% a year when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card. complete connectivity. one solution, for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> brian: president biden warning about the real threat facing humanity and it's got nothing to do with nuclear warfare. >> ainsley: in a closed event in new york city a fundraiser biden telling the fundraisers if we don't stay under 1.5-degree celsius we will have a real problem. it's the singling most existential threat to humanity has ever faced including nuclear weapons. >> brian: so true. >> ainsley: so we have a real big problem. >> steve: we have a real biggest. douglas murray joins us now. douglas, so he was behind the scenes, closed door, talking to his base. and he was saying exactly what they wanted to hear.
4:25 am
hey, climate change is bigger than anything else so keep it going, mr. president. >> yes. bigger as long as it's the latest crisis. because, remember, in this country as across the world staggering from alleged crisis to crisis in recent years. we had the covid crisis, we have the financial crisis, we have a cost of living crisis and so on. whenever we sort of haven't got an imminent crisis always the left say we have got the climate crisis. >> steve: right. >> they always fall back on it. to claim that it's a bigger crisis than the threat of nuclear weapons, as there is a hot war going on in europe,. >> brian: just shows misplaced priorities. >> steve: selection crisis. >> brian: do you think he believes this. >> i can't read the president's brain. what i do know you say he is definitely playing to the base. the base love this talk. they love the talk of the climate crisis. the climate used to be a problem we used to talk about. there is a climate problem. there is a climate emergency. that's one of the ones.
4:26 am
they want people to sign up for the agreement we have a climate emergency. this is very, very popular on the left. it gives huge fuel to their own political side. everywhere in the world this is the movement. they know particularly because we have discussed this before, brine, they know particularly because it riles up the youth base of their voters. all the figures show the extent to which young people in america and around the western world have been persuaded that we do live in a climate crisis and that, you no he, you see this in polls young people want to have children and number who won't because it's irresponsible to have children considering we are in a climate crisis. you keep telling people this kind of propaganda. you know, keep telling them people are the problem instead of human beings are the point and are the solution. give us this planet. keep telling them that and they will believe it. and eventually it will just become a self-reinforcing
4:27 am
prophecy. that's where the president is with his base. are. >> ainsley: why is this his new message or fairly new? >> it's an issue of riling up the base. an issue of priorities at the moment. i think people have to, first of all, realize we cannot stagger from alleged crisis to crisis, existential emergency to existential emergency. you have also got to give people some hope. i mean, american politics has always been about this if nothing else. also to say okay, these are challenges we face. but we also have hope in the future. you can't keep telling people we are on the edge of armageddon. >> brian: every 10 days vladimir putin i think i will use nuclear weapons. the president says if we go up 1 degree existential crisis. while vladimir putin says find out cheating on nuclear agreement. >> ainsley: wouldn't a good leader say we're not going to let this happen? if this is his issue, we are not going to let this happen? >> nuclear weapons used by putin would get things an awful lot hotter an awful lot faster. >> steve: no kidding. douglas, thank you very much for
4:28 am
dropping by. >> great pleasure. >> steve: still ahead on this wednesday. vice president kamala harris will attend the funeral of tyre nichols later this morning. his death leading to renewed push for police reform. a police panel weighs in on that coming up next. ♪ get our baby to sleep, so when our windshield cracked, we trusted the experts. they focus on our safety... so we can focus on this little guy. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ray's a1c is down with rybelsus®. i'm down with rybelsus®. my a1c is down with rybelsus®. in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. in the same study, people taking rybelsus® lost more weight. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2,
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♪ >> ainsley: vice president kamala harris along with family members of george floyd and breonna taylor will attend the funeral of tyre nichols today. nichols' death has has led to renewed push for police reform. comes as areas are officer shortages leading to lower standards like college degrees and fitness requirements. president of the national fallen officer foundation and retired dallas police officer dr. trey penny, national vice president for from a term order of police joe go maldi and retired nypd inspector general allison esposito. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> ainsley: allison i will start with you, what needs to change? >> i think we can always strive to do something better. we can always be better with what we do. if you look at the last 30 years of police training, there is so much that we ask our officers to
4:33 am
do. and in the past 30 years, not much has changed in the way that we're training them sometimes inconsistent and outdated in 30 years we are asking them to response to crisis individuals. mental health crisis. they are being big brothers and big sisters, divorce counselors and mediators. we are asking them to wear so many hats. not giving them the training and resources to make these split second decisions. we have officers that are tasked with doing amazingly scary things, amazingly great things on a day-to-day basis. this is why we can't defund our police. we have to fund them to give them the training, the resources and the tools necessary to do the job that we need them to do with the compassion that we demand interest them. >> ainsley: yeah, dr. penny, these are the toughest people they have to protect us when we are in an emergency situation. so we want the best of the best. and the strongest. but the requirements have been loosened in many departments around the country.
4:34 am
because so many people are leaving the job. they are resigning, they are retiring. and many are saying that's because the defunding or they don't feel like they are getting support or the qualified immunity issue. what do you say? >> no. you are absolutely right. let me first say that i'm disgusted that the white house would exploit this family's pain at the expense of law enforcement. they know, like i know, that the white house and joe biden don't give a damn about the black community and law enforcement only ones out in these communities trying to keep the communities safe. so we don't want to run off our police officers. we need our officers there to protect these communities. and the bottom line is if we continue to allow them toe push this george floyd after to defend themselves civilly against civil. plant a snake every law enforcement across this country
4:35 am
and police officers won't be able to do anything. our police officers will be so judged to taking a bullet than to defend themselves because they are afraid of being prosecuted and we cannot allow that to happen in these united states of america. >> ainsley: joe, he makes some great points, how do we make sure though that something like this doesn't happen again this is a new story it seems like every year. >> i think what's important for everybody to understand at f.o.p. want more training for law enforcement. that comes at a price it. costs money. yet, we still have people like aoc and her cronies asking to deal fund the police it. takes time. we have to pull officers off the street in order to train them. we are in the worst staffing crisis than we have ever seen in law enforcement in new jersey they are down 90%. 70% of the agencies right now cannot find qualified applicants. there is only two solutions they have to reduce services to their communities or they have to lower standards, which we're seeing nationwide.
4:36 am
over 50% of agencies have already lowered their standards to get more people through the door. and what's happening is we are hiring people that would not have been a police officer just a few short years ago that only exacerbates the problem. the decisions they are going to make impacted our profession as we tried to build trust with our community. here's a novel idea. let's support our police officers on the streets. let's fund our police departments maybe we will find qualified applicants that want to take this job. >> ainsley: god bless you all. stay safe. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> ainsley: you are welcome. new information on biden's document discovery including inside the fbi search of the penn biden center. democrat congresswoman christie hula alan warns that this is just the tip of the iceberg with classified information. she's coming up next. ♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. a blood test helped show my asthma
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>> brian: unbelievable. bipartisan backlash growing over the handling of classified documents as we learn now the fbi searched the penn-biden center in mid november. let me check the clock. one democratic lawmaker used to work at the facility feels this is the tip of the iceberg. coming woman chrissy houlahan joins us now. were you surprised to find out the went through his office at the university of pennsylvania? why are they telling us in february? >> >> i certainly can't answer questions on behalf of the fbi, i was as surprised as the public to find that out. what is important for us august to know this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of all of these conversations whether the executive or legislative branch in the way we handle classified materials. there needs to be a overhaul and
4:42 am
really serious conversation and possibly legislation about how we collectively manage these really sensitive pieces of information. >> brian: pretty apparent though you guys in the house and the senate have it down. you go into the scif. you are not allowed to leave with anything. if you do, it's basically a crime surprised senate documents ended up in his house. >> i would pass and say i wouldn't agree with your suspect social that we have it under control in the house and the senate. in fact, i find that our processes and procedures are very different and more loose, frankly, than they ought to be. which is one of the reasons i wanted to elevate this conversation. it's not just an executive branch issue. it's not just a presidential issue. i believe we also in the house and the senate need to be more thoughtful about how we handled k4r5e68d materials and information. i believe we ought to have the same kind of background checks and training that we do when we're in the military. i served active duty in the military as you mentioned in the
4:43 am
scif. >> brian: so if i have information about the ukraine war and it's top secret, and you're a sitting congresswoman, how would you see that information? >> so, we would as you mentioned either see it in a scif or a classified environment in a classified briefing i serve on armed services and foreign affairs as an example. i might see information in a classified environment. but once i see that information, i have an obligation not to share that information even if it's available in open source material. even if i hear it on the news. because i then know that that information is valued and protected at that classification level and it's my obligation to protect it that way, too. this is something that i think that we in the congress don't totally understand, frankly. because i don't think we have adequate training in understanding of the sensitivity of these documents. >> brian: so, congresswoman, can you give us an idea of thousand change things. >> sure. a couple things. one is training. cultural training and as an example during our onboarding as we come in as freshmen, we have
4:44 am
no training right now at this point in time in how to manage classified information. we are literally signed into our clearances. something that took me more than a year to obtain when i was a young lieutenant. it's something that is something that is instantly granted to us. there needs to be more thought process put to that i think there just needs to be -- there can be some legislative changes. i know some of my colleagues are putting forward ideas on how to manage the executive branch. there may also be legislative changes required for the congressional seats as well. >> brian: i think there is going to be interest on both sides to get this down. so correctable at the white house. you get the archives showing up with security. they go through it. nothing leaves until you sign off on it. i think both sides should have that thanks so much, congresswoman. look forward to to you making those changes. should be leaning on someone like with you a military background. congresswoman houlahan, thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: meanwhile over to ashley for more news. >> ashley: convicted felon in custody after the killing of a police officer in central california. the 23-year-old suspect who was out on probation opened fire as
4:45 am
officers investigated a call of shots fired in fresno. they believe there is a gang connection. the officer whose name was not given died from his injuries at a nearby hospital. he was with the department for only two years. now to an incredible save on the las vegas strip. watch as police and a good samaritan from out-of-town risk their lives to save suspected drunk drivers just moments before his car burst into flames. >> come on, come on. [sirens] >> come here. drag him. drag him. >> the driver was taken to the hospital, and now faces dui charges. the cdc is warning about a brand of eye drops linked to at least one death as well as dozens of infections in 11 states. the agency says at least three people were left with permanent vision loss after using he is are a care artificial tears. the cdc advises people to stop using the product until its
4:46 am
probe is complete. students in brooklyn creating yesterday's presidential parade was the adorable culmination of the class project. and those are your headlines. pretty cute story there. >> brian: absolutely. i'm pro-cute. >> ashley: i'm pro-cute, i like it. go out to senior meteorologist janice dean for the forecast. >> janice: you didn't mention me speaking of cute, . >> brian: i should have. i did propose having this show on tape where i fix stuff but they didn't listen to me. >> janice: no, no. it's better that i say you should say i'm cute. >> brian: gotcha. >> janice: take a look at the maps. it's not cute across the south. look at the current temperatures, below freezing. a lot of these areas minus 29 in parts of minnesota. and then we have this ice storm that's developing across texas
4:47 am
in towards arkansas, parts of louisiana, mississippi, in to tennessee. we have ice storm warnings. so this is one of the most dangerous weather events that you can have because it means ice on the roads and the power lines. we already have tens of thousands of people without power and then people in and around the dallas area are being told to stay home. don't go out anywhere. so, wow, there is texas right now. power outage track are over 200,000 people without power. this is going to be a big deal because it's going to be long-lasting. then, the cold air is going to come in towards the northeast. the coldest air in years for parts of new england with -- it's going to feel like in some cases minus 50. minus 50. the coldest temperatures of the season this weekend. so this is going to be a big deal and we will be following it, of course, on fox brian, get out your long johns this weekend. >> brian: i will. i only have one pair. >> i always forget where i put them. time it break them out.
4:48 am
>> janice: dawn is on it. >> brian: congressman jim jordan previews the first house hearing on biden's border crisis. texas high school is telling students to save their cash and enroll in grams to learn new trades. how about that? story is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪
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♪ steve fall 2023 college app. locks are up a whopping 20% from pre-pandemic levels. but one texas high school is still pushing the importance of learning a trade and working with your hands. teaming up with the welding academy allowing students to become certified in just two semesters. joining us right now sun city welding economy welder scott herndon along with one of its high school students shane ashley and his school principal they join us from the el paso area. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> steve: shane, let's start with you. you're the kid. you're still in school. why did you decide you wanted to learn how to weld? >> well, school pace $11,000 for an opportunity like this, you
4:53 am
never turn it down. >> steve: right. and that's just it. you know, we have had mike rowe on this program for a long time where, you know, not everybody needs to go to college shane, i'm sure a lot of kids in your class are going i don't know what to do. i will go college and learn a trade. what's that dialogue like for your friends? >> well. >> >> we're young, we don't know exactly what we want to do. for me personally, i can't speak for others. it's an opportunity, college is kind of iffy for me to be fair. so i have this in my back pocket and if i could succeed well enough to make a career of it, follow it down the line. it's all about choice at the end of the day. >> steve: it is, indeed. scott, i know with your program, not only is there welding, but did i read that you can learn how drones work and things like that, too? >> yes. they got robotics welding out there and still a skilled welder
4:54 am
that's behind that we are going to be advancing sooner or later but yes, definitely. >> steve: to my earlier point a lot of kids these days are brainwashed that the only path forward is going to be -- you got to go to college because you have got to go to college. you might not know what you want to do but you got to go to college, right, scott? >> right. definitely. you know, when we toured the high schools and everybody that walks through the door, that's what they, you know traditionally think. tell them the same thing. college ain't for everybody. you want to know that young. you don't want to waste 5, 10, 15 years and realize hey, i better get a skill. >> steve: exactly. oz mall dough, why did your team want to team up with the welding class? >> you know what? we got to give the kids different options and got to push you got go to college. got to go four year university, two year university but we also try to convince our students to go to trade schools.
4:55 am
that's also important there is nothing bad with joining. >> steve: at the end of these classes you wind up with a welding certificate and then you can got a real job. it's not like working a fast food job the rest of your life. >> definitely. that opens a lot of doors for many of our students. >> steve: sure, absolutely. scott, you know what couple million people watching right now kids what are they going to do. go ahead and make your pitch why somebody should consider i know when i was in high school i took welding i know how to ark weld and gas weld i could do that probably i'm a little rusty nonetheless, go ahead. ewe got the floor. >> well, you know, if you are looking, you know, you don't know what you want to do with your future, there's nothing wrong with going to college, but if you feel that college ain't for you, you want to get a skill early and, you know, if you are able to get that skill and that
4:56 am
skill is able to maybe potentially offer six figures, why not, right? there's nothing wrong with having a degree. but, you know, the america was built on trades men. >> steve: that's right. absolutely. and, shane, you're going to be an essential worker. we need you. [laughter] >> steve: all right. great. that's how it all works. scott, osvaldo and shane, thank you for joining us from texas. all right. coming up on the top of the hour, still ahead nba star and biden supporter steven curry moves to block low income housing near his multi million dollars mansion. why critics are calling foul on that move straight ahead on "fox & friends." ♪ it ain't me ♪ th ♪ injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete, long-acting hiv treatment you can get every other month.
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5:00 am
today, we're producing renewable diesel that can be used in existing diesel tanks. and we're committed to increasing our renewable fuels production. because as we work toward a lower carbon future, it's only human to keep moving forward. >> today is the republicans first border crisis hearing meanwhile dozens of migrants refusing to relocate from high into a hotel. >> president biden is being slammed for ignoring it. >> ends in brooklyn. >> today tyree nichols will be laid to rest in rest in memphis. >> harris is going to attend. >> a renewed push for police reform. >> always strive for something better. >> alec baldwi


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