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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  February 3, 2023 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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and no monthly payments for 90 days on sierra light duty models. >> greg: out of time thanks to chadwick moore, kennedy, kat kat timpf, tyrus. fox news at night with trace gallagher is next. i love you america. >> trace:. >> trace: thank you greg good evening everyone and welcome to america's late news fox news at night i'm trace gallagher in los angeles >> and breaking tonight, a second chinese spy balloon has been confirmed by the pentagon to be in transit over latin america, all this as pressure mounts on president biden to take action. let's get the late breaking details with the white house correspondent kevin corke live for us in the nation's capitol. kevin good evening. >> evening trace. what's believed to be at this point a chinese spy balloon let's call it what it is has been flying over the u.s. since
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tuesday and apparently will continue to do so for several more days or less as you know it's already flown over alaska and montana and near several u.s. facilities with nuclear processes within their facilities. can you believe that? it's true. and while the white house says it's keeping all options on the table, so far it has decided against shooting it down after, quote, strong recommendations from defense officials. now, for its part china says it's a civilian airship what's to worry. a research balloon that simply drifted off course. well, the white house says it doesn't present a military or physical threat to people on the ground even though they're skeptical about the chinese claim. however republican lawmakers want that thing brought down right now. >> unless china's working with the biden administration to help find some of those missing documents scattered all over the united states, then this is unacceptable and this should not
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be allowed and again another sign of weakness on the international stage by our commander in chief. >> could be off the east coast at some point tonight trace. >> trace: and we are waiting for it to come whatever way it's going to come pal kevin back to you in moments. thank you, sir >> meantime let's bring in house homeland security committee chair man mark green of tennessee. congressman thank you so much for coming in. are you getting any information, sir, from the pentagon about the specifics or anything else about this balloon? >> no, we're getting very little and we never got a phone call. we never gotta all righted to this. it's a crying shame when the chairman of homeland security finds out about a chinese spy balloon flying over the united states. it's just really unconscionable. >> trace: it is. and, you know, we don't really know the track of this thing, sir, but this could be headed toward tennessee. >> yeah, if you look right now, it appears to be in the missouri area and with the trade winds
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the way they are there's a very good chance it's headed our way. >> trace: what's the reasoning. what's the rationale behind not telling us more about this giving us more information, congressman? did they think we wouldn't find out about this? what's the working theory right now about why this administration that consistently says transparency, transparency, transparency won't give us any kind of information? >> well, i think they're ashamed of their actions. they recognize that this is weakness on the global stage. but they seem to think that that's what's best. you know, don't poke xi jinping. you don't want to make xi jinping mad at us. the guy has a spy balloon over our country this is unacceptable. i don't understand why this thing was allowed to come into united states air space but apparently this isn't the first time according to the information we've heard. and this is watching your
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broadcasting of dod pentagon briefing, we're hearing that they've been happening all along and we're just now discovering it because a commercial plane actually spotted the thing. >> trace: yep, and by the way another balloon spotted over latin america not quite sure where that one is going. the chinese foreign ministry released a statement a short time along saying china's foreign ministry said saturday the flight of a chinese airship over the united states was a forced accident accusing u.s. politicians and media of taking advantage of the situation to discredit china. your thoughts on that statement? >> look, we're talking about individuals who are committing genocide amongst their own population, the uyghurs. they are using debt trap dmoem's to ensnare nation states to their own sort of -- i mean,
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they are actively stealing our military secrets and our industry secrets. these are not our friends. and i recall back when president bush was in -- you know, we had an airplane that was not in chinese air space, that they had an aircraft ram and that aircraft to make an emergency landing. they not only seized the aircraft and dissected it they kept our people for many days. and here we are with their spy balloon over our air space and we've done nothing. the weakness this communicates. you think of those small asian countries looking to us for leadership. they're seeing nothing but weakness and what they're going to do is partner up with the bully on the street. >> trace: yep. and i covered that u.s. plane being kept in china for weeks. your final thoughts on this congressman. it seems like we are not defending our air space, not willing to defend our air space and it does, as you said, it appears like a sign of weakness
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that we do nothing. should we shoot this thing down? >> look, i don't know that we should necessarily shoot it down, but we put a man on the moon decades ago we can figure out how to slow decscent this thing and there's no reason we shouldn't be doing it. >> greg: congressman thank you for your time. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: let's bring in an actual eyewitness to the chinese spy balloon missouri resident jennifer. so nice of you to come on. give me an idea when you first spotted this balloon in your area. >> this afternoon i saw some tweets about a potential chinese spy balloon flying over missouri. i thought our governor had been notified about it and i walked into my front yard and sure enough there it was clearly up in the sky. it looks a lot bigger in real life than it did in the photos i was able to take of it. >> trace: you mentioned the governor i put his tweet on the
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screen he said we have received zero communication from the biden administration regarding reports of the suspected chinese spy balloon now flying over missouri. we have heard no explanation or plan to remove it. why has this been allowed to reach our heart land? why has it not been eliminated and those are pretty much the same questions you and your neighbors have got to be asking jennifer. >> certainly. and what is it doing there? what is the plan? do they want us to shoot it down so they can escalate things. i wish i had more confidence in the competent of our leaders in handling this situation. >> trace: are you buying jennifer what the chinese government is saying about this that it kind of veered off course. >> i don't trust their excuse for having this very visible strange aircraft flying above by house today. >> trace: yeah. it's crazy. jennifer, best of luck to you. thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thanks trace. >> mr. president, when and how
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will you the balloon, mr. president? >> are you worried about the balloon? >> trace: as you see president biden had no comment on the chinese spy balloon and he tried to stay focused on the encouraging new job numbers from january. but critics say it follows an administrative pattern here of touting the good and ignoring the bad. anita vogel is live in new york tonight. anita a lot of no comments in recent weeks. >> yeah, a lot of those trace for sure. good evening, and you're right. no mention of the balloon even though really that's all anyone is talking about. and as you saw right there that's all the reporters really want to hear about. in fact the biden administration is set to brief the gang of eight, leaders from both parties of congress, on status of the chinese balloon next week. the president also didn't make any mention of the classified documents that were found in his various residences either. instead he focused on most of
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his speech in philadelphia on the comma. he took time to boast about the latest yom report that came out today showing employers created a net 517,000 new jobs in january more than double what was expected. but inflation is another story. if you take a look at this chart, it shows inflation rising steadily since biden took office. but the president said none of it was his fault when grilled by reporters earlier in the day. >> do you take any blame for inflation, mr. president? >> do i take any blame for inflation? no. >> why not? >> because it was already here when i got here, man. remember what the economy was like when i got here? jobs were hemorrhaging. inflation was rising. we weren't manufacturing a dam thing here. we were in real economic difficult. that's why i don't. >> a lot of people pushing back on that. it is worth noting trace that inflation was at 1.4% when biden took office.
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it's now at 6.5% down from nearly 9% just last year. trace. >> trace: that's called hockey stick inflation. anita vogel live for us in beening no. let's look at the self-proclaimed most transparent white house in history. white house reporter phil wegmann. the president was eager to get out and talk about the job numbers but as far as the other subjects, nope. it kind of fits this pattern of if it's not good news, it's no news. your thoughts phil. >> it certainly does. we know at some point the president had a discussion about this chinese spy balloon. it was a decision that had to go to his desk and from the earlier reporting it seems that his military advisors said that it would provoke a risk to the folks on the ground if he took it down. the thing about this though as long as the balloon is in the sky, all we're talking about, to say nothing of the national security risks, this is going to
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overshadow the good news you were just discussing a moment ago. and looking to next week, i think that the task in front of the white house currently is how is the president going to make the case during the state of the union that the state of the union is not only strong but secure? >> trace: it's interesting because you played or at least anita vogel played a little earlier the president ignoring the questions about the balloon. here he is yesterday. same response. watch. >> folks we're going to get to work. thank you [shouting questions] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> trace: so you get silence. arkansas governor sara huckabee sanders said, and it's a fair point, china is a foreign adversary that provides to america's security. president biden cannot be silent on the total disregard for u.s.
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sovereignty. don't we deserve some information phil? >> the president likes to talk about the great challenge between autocracy and democracy. that's 30,000 foot. now that there's something in our air space in 60,000 feet real and tangible puts that in stark relief. i know balloon technology is not exactly the cutting modern edge but maybe this is something of a sputnik moment where you have both republicans and democrats saying, wait a minute. this is not acceptable. we need to be much more serious not just in our rhetoric but in our actions when it comes to confronting the chinese. >> trace: sputnik good analogy. it's almost as if, maybe i'm wrong here, that the white house feels emboldened about not answering questions and i want to take this example because this is karine jean-pierre and there was this back and forth which i thought was telling. watch. >> what is the current number of documents bearing classified markings that have been found at
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the president's residences and offices. >> i would refer to you the white house council's office. >> ian just declined to comment on that as well. >> i think the white house believes they're winning this standoff and maybe they are phil. >> yeah. the white house they like to tout recent polling from cbs news that shows that americans -- the president's approval rating hasn't taken a dip here. i think that's notable, though, because at that point you suggest that people buy their argument. the strategy thus far from the white house has been to silo this to point to white house counsel, to point to doj. i feel for karine jean-pierre in those moments because while she's taking those slings and arrows on camera the white house counsel is not giving her all the information, they want to stay silent beside their time and hope this blows over. maybe ironically the next issue they're not addressing the balloon bumps this out of the
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news cycle. >> trace: amazing because you have this cycle now where karine jean-pierre says you have to go to white house counsel, go to the doj who sends you back to the white house. a revolving door, phil wegmann great to have you on thank you sir. >> thank you. >> trace: dramatic new video out of texas shows the moment two boys ages 15 and 12 were involved in a crash as the 15 year old driver tried to avoid police while smuggling an illegal immigrant. authorities said the immigrant suffered incapacitating injuries but all survived the crash. the vehicle was stolen outside san antonio. the 15 year old has been charged >> two gang members suspectedd in the execution-style killing of six people in central california last month, including a teen mother and her 10-month-old baby have now been arrested. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live with the breaking information. jonathan good evening. >> yeah, good evening to you trace. perhaps the most disturbing part of today's announcement by law enforcement officials was release of security camera video
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that captured a young mother's desperation to save her baby's life. this is that video showing 16 year old lisa perez literally running for her life and the life of her 10-month-old son. she reaches over a fence placing her baby on the other hand and then jumps the fence herself. moments later both were dead, both shot in the back of the head. 25 year old noah david beard, according to investigators, is the man who killed them. he and 35 year old angel were arrested today. angel, after a shootout with federal agents. both were charged with six counts of murder and all following the killings two weeks ago in the small central california community of goshen. according to the sheriff at least two of the six victims and both gunmen were members of rival gangs and the sheriff appealed to california governor gavin newsome to, quote, look at
9:16 pm
death sentence justice for gang members, trace, who are willing to shoot that ten month old baby. >> trace: it is an awful crime. jonathan back to you in moments thank you >> tomorrow morning friday in the double murder trial of alex murdaugh focused on his money problems and prosecutors argue that's what led him to kill his wife and son. here's lauren green. >> do you give him permission to steal your money? >> no. >> it's the trial within a trial as court proceedings wrapped up today without the judge deciding if alex murdaugh's financial crimes would be admitted as evidence in the case against him. so far, the jury has not heard the testimony accusing murdaugh of defrauding clients out of millions of dollars. it's crucial for the prosecution, as it shows a motive for murder and decisive for the defense to exclude claiming it would prejudice the jury who will decide if murdaugh shot and killed his wife maggie and his son paul. >> the thing that's missing right now is why.
9:17 pm
prosecutors don't have to prove motive but jurors still want to know why would this guy, without nothing more, why would he kill his wife and kid. >> also on the stand depaul grier of the south carolina law enforcement division going over the evidence of the shell casings found at the scene testifying that they are consistent with a firearm that the murdaugh family owned. however, no gun taken during a search has been conclusively matched to the murders. >> the items collected around margaret murdaugh's body matched the items collected outside the house which matched items that were collected in the field at the shooting range. >> yes, sir. >> murdaugh has pled not guilty to the murders. trial resumes on monday giving the judge the weekend to weigh the pros and cons of including murdaugh's financial crimes as evidence. trace? >> trace: lauren, thank you. now for the legal analysis on the murdaugh trial let's bringing in attorney, and this is fascinating. i want to play this sound. this is a bank executive being
9:18 pm
questioned in court about alek murdaugh's finances. watch. >> his account run to negative $347,000. >> yes, sir. >> and the bank kept paying. >> yes, sir. >> perhaps the most generous overdraft policy ever seen. >> i don't get it because clearly i'm not in the legal field. why does the prosecutor, why is he so excelled to get this financial crimes information in. >> it shows motive. the prosecutors claiming murdaugh killed his wife and son to deflect attention from these alleged financial crimes. the defense is saying no, no, this is prejudicial. so we're waiting to see what the judge is going to rule on this particular issue on monday. >> trace: it's interesting because now you go to the firearms because the big things are the video tapes and the finances and the firearms because there's two guns missing. here's the firearms expert being grilled by defense and we'll get your response on the other side. watch. >> it's my opinion that those had all been cycled through the
9:19 pm
same firearm at one point in time, yes, sir. >> but not fired by the same firearm. >> no, sir. that's not what my, my conclusions say. as far as being fired by that firearm or by the same gun, those results are inconclusive. >> trace: so the expert cannot conclude, and they've looked at all the gun, about 30 guns in the murdaugh household, haven't found the murder weapons themselves and cannot conclude the guns the murdaughs had actually killed the wife and son. is this a benefit for alek murdaugh. >> it's good for the defendant. they're saying one gun used to kill the wife and one to kill the son but they don't have the murder weapons so this means a whole lot of absolutely nothing. how can you tie bullets to a murder weapon you don't even have. >> trace: so they have bullets they have shells and some don't match the same weapons, others are saying the whole theory is maybe there's two killers, right? >> right, maybe there's two killers. the defense is saying there's two killers how do you put two
9:20 pm
guns into defendant's hand so the time line is critical when the defense puts on their case and they're going to try to condense the time line to stay there's no way he could have had two guns and done this. >> trace: i go back to where we have seen alek murdaugh in different clothing, video of him in different clothing before the murder and shows up later in his white shirt saying i hugged my son and cried and the white t-shirt has not a drop of blood on it. some of these kind of things are really damning and then some is good. going to be hard for a jury to get through it. >> that's damning evidence. so you have him allegedly on video moments for the murders he has a different outfit on and when police come he has shorts and a white t-shirt with no blood on it. so the suggestion prosecutors made is this is consciousness of guilt. why would he change clothes if he didn't do anything and more importantly why is there no blood spatter on that white t-shirt. >> trace: yeah. if you're the prosecution would you be happy so far in the trial? >> no. i don't think the prosecutor's doing that great of a job.
9:21 pm
the defense is doing excellent poking holes into the testimony of all of the witnesses. they are clearly proving reasonable doubt and they have not even put on their case and chief yet. so i can't wait to see when they get their turn. >> trace: all right. great to see you. >> good to see you, too, thank you for having me. >> trace: coming up a brawl breaks out at a middle school basketball game and now all parents are banned from games for the remainder of the season. why sports officials are calling the rise in violence at youth sporting events an epidemic >> and later, what if, just what if you could rewind the clock and choose a different path in life or maybe a different career. would you? let us know on social media, twitter and instagram at trace gallagher, weigh in and we will read the best responses. think about it next. ♪
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♪ >> well breaking now a sixth police officer has been fired in the wake of violence and death of tyre nichols preston hemp if he would was fired after a thorough review found he violated multiple department policies including personal conduct and truthfulness. the department says he is under investigation for the initial traffic stop and the use of his taser. >> meantime first up in tonight's could crime round up two men wanted for opening fire outside a takeout restaurant in philadelphia. they killed two people and wounded a third in the brutal shooting. police are trying to figure out who these criminals are. in new jersey, a 30 year old republican council member was shot and killed outside her own home and police are not saying who did it or why. the woman was found in her suv and reports say a significant number of shots were fired
9:28 pm
before the suv rolled down the steep road and hit other parked cars >> an update now to a story we brought you earlier. passengers on a metro train in dc now describing what it was like to confront and rest the gun from a shooter after he had already wounded several people. >> she uttered oh my god police do not open this door. >> the doors opened and he was literally standing next to our car. he walked onto our car. >> he grabs my shoulder and tells me, i tell people not to move. and he pointed towards the rest of the train and said does anybody else want to end up like the guy out there. >> i was like i have to get this gun out of here and i just grabbed it. >> the gunman was arrested about you a heroic metro employee shown here died trying to stop the suspect >> in dallas a bit of closure to monkey business at the zoo. authorities arrested this man and charged him with animal cruelty for kidnapping two of the monkeys he got caught after
9:29 pm
poking around an aquarium. also suspected for several other fishy events at the zoo. >> meantime a new warning tonight that more and more kids could end up playing sports in front of empty stands if their parents can't get their act together and stop the heckling, taunting and, as you see there, brawling. here's the national correspondent brian llenas. >> police are now investing a brawl that broke out between parents attending a middle school basketball game in northern vermont. after a 60 year old grandfather involved in the brawl died. police say russell giroux called first responders while driving home and later died at the hospital. the local school district is now banning all spectators from attending middle school basketball games for the remainder of the season. it's the latest example of what the national association of sports officials tells us is an especially dep i can of
9:30 pm
harassment and violence at youth sporting events between parents and towards officials. >> i've been seeing it for most of the four decades but never to the extent that we're seeing it today. it's never been worse. >> it's gotten so bad there's now a referee shortage nationwide. >> once in a while in life you're going to get a bad call you need to pick up the pieces and move forward. i think that's what we're losing right now. >> according to the naso 22 states have laws specifically protecting sports officials from harassment or assault. new jersey is now considering the penalty box act making assaulting officials or players punishable by up to ten year in prison and a $15,000 fine. >> everyone who is just there trying to participate in a game should be protected from someone seeing bad behavior from the sidelines or being followed to the parking lot. >> trace: this little league sign says it all. please remember these are kids, this is a game, coaches are
9:31 pm
volunteers, umpires are human and you do not play for the yankees. trace. >> trace: bryan yep is in jersey and as being called out they're epidemics spectators violence at sports events and a rash of violence outside the arenas being committed by young people itself. joining us now retired las vegas detective randy sutton. we see this all the time, the kids are involved in some parents in others and people on loud speakers saying parents knock it off. i've never seen this kind of thing. >> neither have i. and when the kids are modeling their parents behavior in such violent ways, we need to be really involved as a society and say, you know what in this isn't okay. i mean, what we saw on that school bus with the kids -- >> trace: let me stop you there because we want to play the video this is the nine year old right? >> yes. >> trace: if you haven't seen this it's really hard to watch heart wrenching, two boys, older
9:32 pm
boys, beating up, i mean badly beating up a nine year old girl. and when the girl's parents, randy, brought this to the school, the school said, you know what? our hands are tied maybe you should transfer your daughter out of the school. it's unbelievable. >> it is truly unbelievable. the level of violence we're seeing here in this assault, in this attack on this nine year old is startling. now -- and when we look at the behavior of the adults at the game, okay, and the realization that this is happening all over the country, this is not just -- this isn't happen stance, okay? these kids are seeing this behavior somewhere else. i think cps ought to be investing the families of these two individuals who beat up this indefensible girl and at the same time the school -- can you imagine telling the parents of this victim that they're the
9:33 pm
ones that need to be moving their kid to another school. how about throwing them out of school. >> trace: i don't think the families are going to be investigated because i don't think the kids will be investigated. i want to put this up this is shootings under 18 years old in new york city, 2020 to 2022 it is double in two years. that is a problem. >> it's a huge problem. and not only are we seeing no consequences for criminal although in new york, we're seeing the revolving justice system that is absolutely broken down because of governor hochul and her predecessor and the politicians of the state. but also, at the same time, what we're seeing here is a desensitizesation about the kids -- and no doubt in my mind violent video games are playing a role in the desensitizesation of violence with the children. >> trace: lagoon a beach
9:34 pm
california just down the road here a biker was hit by a person on a car, looked like a hit and run until the driver got out of the car, walked up and stabbed this doctor to death. it is another one of those things where you're like, was this targeted? and this was a black man stabbing a white doctor. and so far there's no evidence or no charges of a hate crime. i have ten seconds left for you randy. >> i was wondering -- i thought there was much more to this. but when i heard that the suspect was screaming racist epitaphs as he was stabbing this individual i'm thinking to myself, why isn't there a hate crime enhancement being leveled at this individual. maybe it will be done but this is a very, very strange set of circumstances. >> trace: he was screaming white privilege, white privilege. >> yes, as he was stabbing this man. >> trace: great to see you as always. thank you. >> i'm taking my thai. >> trace: look at the thai. hold on we'll do it at nightcap >> speaking of crime the fox news at night common sense department has a friendly reminder for some politicians to
9:35 pm
be careful what they wish for. common sense is especially intrigued by the case of dc council member charles allen who in june of 2020 was almost exuberant when the dc council cut the dc metro police department budget by $15 million. protesters demanded more budget cuts and council member allen reassured them that racial justice would not be achieved in a single budget. but he vowed to keep the work going. and he's apparently a man of his word because he did keep it going. and recently voted for a bill to soften the penalties for violent crime calling it long overdue. nothing screams racism like putting violent criminals behind bars, right? but this week, as crime continues to rage in the nation's capitol, a metro bus transit employee was shot and killed by a gunman who had already shot three people. outside the bus station, there was a loud call to increase the police presence. oddly, the call was made by
9:36 pm
council member charles allen. common sense thinks mr. allen got what he wished for. and now wishes he didn't. so what happens when environmentalists are faced with facts over the climate? costs that go into electric cars and how you produce the energy. it's a fascinating debate. it's coming up. but first an ultrasound reveals that this baby comes in peace. >> and meet the world's oldest dog ever. the day's best viral videos next. ♪
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♪ >> trace: well first up in tonight's viral videos an ultrasound of a baby girl shows she's going to be one cool kid. an indiana couple shared the image from her 31 week checkup to show her girl giving the peace sign. the couple has already picked out a name so we wish baby eleanor good health and peace. off the coast of australia three
9:42 pm
fisherman holding on to a portable cooler using it as a flotation device after their boat capsized and sunk into the sea. the tee 0 were able to stay afloat in 68 degree water for over two hours. all rescued with no serious injuries. [cheers and applause] >> come could! [cheers and applause]. >> trace: nothing but net four in a row for a win. north dakota seven grader jj won $10,000 after scoring four consecutive shots. the check has been issued and congratulations to him >> the guinness world records just announced the world's oldest dog 30 year old bob is a
9:43 pm
live stock guarden dog from rural portugal. the previous oldest call was 29, bobby rests more than he used to and definitely not earning more tricks. if you have a viral video shah share hit me up at trace gallagher or fox news at night on social media >> well disney plus drops a show to be proud of. youtube apparently has a queer agenda and how environmentally friend are electric vehicles really? let's bringing in prager u personality. i want to start with disney they just dropped the produced family season two disney describes it this way. how does disney describe it? put this on the screen for me the way disney describes it. the proud family louder and prouder continues to tell entertaining and laugh out loud stories while highlighting cultural experiences of the black community and addressing universal topics. it's very woke politically correct and kind of an agenda
9:44 pm
show. watch. >> slaves built this country. >> and we the descendents of slaves deserve reparations and continue to earn reparations every moment we spend emerged in under white supremacy. >> trace: there you go. >> ridiculous. ridiculous. it's no secret now trace that our kids are being sexualized in almost every aspect of our society. i was here not too long ago to talk about how they were being sexualized with family friendly drag shows queer literal in schools and now our beloved disney shows. i remember watching this. this is the left's another attempt to shove this lgbtq propaganda and woke nonsense down our throats while calling it something different. now it's dis in i. >> trace: this was crt. i want to talk about youtube, we work hard to keep videos on youtube family friendly and
9:45 pm
>> and then you have this. queer kid stuff titles below learn about consent queer kids stuff what does gay mean, b is for bisexual, t is for trans transgender, drag queen leadership sync it's okay to be the gay. >> i went to see what youtube was curating for our kids and like you saw there video after video about sexual assault and gender that wasn't just available but curated to them being shoved in their faces. kids need to be protecteded from this sexualized content. as revealing as this expose was that i did on twitter and exposing youtube, there are still questions that need to be answered what is the curation process that youtube kids looks like who is in charge and why do they feel this is appropriate for children. >> trace: you went out because you had to do research on people and electric cars. california wants to ban the sale
9:46 pm
of all electric cars by 2035. let's watch this and i'll legal let you explain it. >> is it fair to call it zero emission when 60% of emission is coming from fossil fuels anyway. >> i don't think it's fair to call it zero emissions per se but i don't think that necessarily discredits like any pushes towards like increasing in the amount of electric vehicles and stuff like that. >> does it surprise you that a third of carbon dioxide emissions comes from the vehicle itself. >> that's surprising. i haven't heard that stat before. >> trace: nobody really knows how the electricity's made and that it's fossil fuel driven. >> they don't it makes everyone warm and fussy to say i'm driving an electric vehicles and think if we don't switch over the world will explode and the baby koalas will die. when we get into the numbers it doesn't line up. even the materials you need rare earth mineral mineling. so it is a not pragmatic we have
9:47 pm
to keep our combustion engine. >> i do too >> coming up what if you could go back in time and do things all over again would you take a different path in life? would you choose a different career? it might not be enough time here to change your path but there is still time to weigh in on twitter and instagram at trace gallagher the nightcap crew, big nightcap crew is coming up next. l get migraine attacks? qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks. qulipta gets right to work. keeps attacks away over time. qulipta is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. ask your doctor about qulipta. (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our clients' portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest.
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. >> trace: back with the nightcap crew anita vogel onthan hunt, lieutenant randy sutton. tonight we're talking about rewinding the clock and if you could go back and do things differently, your life, your path, your career, would you? kevin corke, this was your idea. would you change anything? >> i wouldn't change much, but if i could veer left instead of right i would probably go straight into the military and stay there. >> trace: my goodness, kevin corke what a great answer. jonathan hunt would you change anything? would you stay in a different country maybe? >> it's a cold friday february night. i'm spending it with trace gallagher rather than my family. i wouldn't change a darn thing. >> trace: who juan to change anything. anita vogel, journalism goes back university of southern california you're there, do you
9:53 pm
want to mack a different choice. >> thinking back to erie jacksonville and sacramento and some of the cities i've had to go to. no, i wouldn't change anything i really enjoy my career, but i would do one thing differently. i would like to have found time to go to law school. i know my friend kevin corke is doing that now so hats off to him. >> trace: kevin corke good for you. anahita the hoyer on the panel would you recommend they go to law school. >> i would i would not change my career at all it's my passion i can't imagine doing anything else. a lot of other things in my life i would change, if you have five or six hours we can go into that. but my career, no. i love it and, yes, go to law school, totally. >> trace: it's one of those things where you go anita i was in yuma and boise idaho and las vegas but really my career has brought me everything that i have and my friends and family so, 20 something something, you can't go back. >> i'm 23 so i can't really go
9:54 pm
back right now but i was studying for the lsat before i started my career so i would like to try my hand at law one day. i'm getting a lot edge couragement. >> trace: before we go to randy sutton social media, if you could turn back time would you choose a different career path and 60% said yes i would i i would change my career path which is fascinating and i think simba who said i would have gotten into photography and videography much sooner it would have changed my life. randy sutton your thoughts? >> well as long as we're not talking about relationships. when it comes down to my career choice as being a police officer i would never change it despite the hard, you know, there were hard times but being able to be around courageous men and women, men and women of honor and integrity and some of the great work i saw and some of the great compassion and empathy i wouldn't change a dam thing. >> trace: and you've done yeoman's work. gooder no you. show the tie real quick.
9:55 pm
he has the wounded blue. >> my new tie. >> trace: hernandez wanted to become a state trooper, somehow i became an insurance agent. i don't see myself doing anything else now. thank you all and thank you for watching america's late new, fox news at night. i'm trace gallagher in los angeles, have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. daily moisture. formulated with nourishing, prebiotic oat. it's clinically proven to moisturize dry skin for 24 hours. aveeno® one with nourishing prebiotic out, it's clinically proven to moisturizes dry skin for 24 hours, aveeno, smile, smile, direct club is a great way to straighten your teeth at home. this really is one of my favorite go to options. it's an easy system, so we don't have to worry about attachments or bracket's or wires like some of the other systems. it's just very convenient. i love my patients are getting
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the high road or the off road. the gmc sierra, heavy duty, modl premium and capabls.e step upwea to gmc with three point nine percent approvarel. five years on sierra heavy duty models. we are professional grade gmc. n >> good evening and welcomeve to tucker carlson. tonight you often people say you can't have a country without borders. you can't have a countryu don' u don't have borders. but that's also true ofd of airspace, which is itself a kind of border. >> so maintaining control of the skies over the unitedng who states , deciding who comes innn and out and on what terms, wha that's one of the most basic duties of the pentagon and hasto been since aviatio


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