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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  February 23, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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color. couple capped off the day with fireworks. special salute. couple stuck in hotel elevator two hours on the way to the wedding reception. fire department called, got them all out to safety. that was a good wedding gift. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. two hours in an elevator? what are the guests doing, jesse? >> jesse: that's quite a honeymoon. i don't know. we will see you. ♪ >> jesse: moving on is never easy, especially if you have no one to pass the torch to. just ask the bucks. who is going to play quarterback now that brady is gone or who do you leave your company to if your son is an idiot? >> forget it, i quit. i can't do this anymore, man. my head is about to explode. my whole life sucks. i don't know what i'm doing.
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i don't know where i'm going. my dad just died. we just killed bambi. i'm out here getting my ass kicked and every time i drive down the road i want to jerk the wheel [inaudible] bridge abutment. >> jesse: just like in politics we have success. no secret in washington that biden's time is running out and that democrats want someone younger. for them that guy was supposed to be mayor pete. and since pete was only just a mayor, they had to give him a job to beef up his resume. so they gave him transportation secretary. the job was supposed to literally transport him into the white house. how do you screw that job up? well, pete found a way. transportation secretaries don't have scandals but pete does. from the supply chain crisis to the airline drama to paternity gate, pete was breaking lay up after lay up after lay up. already on thin ice toxic train wrecked in an ohio town and
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mayor pete didn't speak about it for nearly two weeks. but pete was too busy campaigning. he took 23 interviews the first 10 days after the accident. didn't mention the toxic train wreck once. now pete's upset. not about the people, the train probably poisoned, team pete is leaking that, quote: he's taken a lot of bullets for the president on this. this isn't how the succession plan was supposed to shake out. right as democratic power brokers were trying to yank kamala off the ticket, sneaky pete was supposed to be creeping in. but pete was too worried about the job that he wanted and not the job that he had. and now pete's presidential campaign is derailed. and that's the only derailment he cares about. so pete has been shamed into pretending to care and had to drag himself out of bed this morning and visit east palestine. after former president trump did. not a good look. pete borrowed a hard hat,
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slapped on some safety goggles and someone else's construction vest and snuck into town at 7:00 a.m. when everybody was either still sleeping or getting ready for work. sneaky pete went to shake some hands with the same white construction workers he called racist. but pete's photo op. backfired because he looked like he was wearing a halloween costume. isn't there a song that goes along with that not since dukakis put a helmet on has looked so goofy. pete started squirming the section the questions came. >> mayor pete why did it take you an entire two and a half weeks to get here to respond to east palestine? will you apologize to the residents of this city for -- the slow response to the government's slow response? do you have any apology? >> i'm a press person and can i help you. >> sure can we ask why it took him almost three weeks to get
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here? >> i'm sorry, on camera. >> so pete won't apologize but pete's woman will. you just have to turn off your camera so it doesn't look like pete did anything wrong. this is like rudy visiting ground zero three weeks later and wondering why people are asking him questions. too little too late, petey. and everybody there knows that. everybody but pete. >> what do you say the rest who say you are too little too late. >> i say that we're with the residents right now and we will be here as we were in the first hours. >> why did it take you three weeks then, pete buttigieg. well we are saying too little too late it took you three weeks to get here is that okay with you. >> i can't tell what the question is but i'm on the way to answer a lot of the questions. >> the question is do you think have you done a good job as the, you know, secretary of the deposition of transportation? >> yes, i'm proud of what fra and have done here from day one. >> jesse: sneaky pete says is he proud it took him three weeks to
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show up to a toxic train wreck and he wouldn't have had it any other way. i want to get to this. >> yesterday? >> by the timing of my visit is based on trying to be here with the community but also trying to not be in the way of ntsb. maybe i got that timing right, maybe not. but the most important thing for me right now is that that doesn't wind up allowing people to change the subject and block needed rail regulation. i'm on my way to the media available but appreciate. >> can you ask biden why he was able to go to ukraine before visiting the people of east palestine, please? can you ask joe biden that? >> pete: why is pete riding an suv into east palestine? hasn't the town been polluted enough? so, pete shows up before anybody notices, hides behind white construction workers. runs away from reporters and doesn't talk to a single resident. i didn't see pete hugging anybody. i didn't see pete drinking the water. the guy didn't put his arm around a single person and tell
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them everything is going to be all right. and this is the guy democrats think can be president? kiss a baby, skinny dip in a creek, pete. tell the rail company you're going to throw them in prison. by the way the rail company could have prevented all of this. alan shaw's conductors didn't even hit the brakes until the third warning. listen. >> i can tell you this much. this was 100 percent preventable. the train passed three wayside detectors which identify overheated bearings. upon passing the third detector with a temperature of 253 degrees above ambient, a critical audible alarm message sounded instructing the crew to slow and stop the train to inspect the hot axle. the wheel bearing failed. car number 23 derailed.
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>> jesse: norfolk southern ignored three warnings that their train was overheating. and when it was time to hit the brakes, it was a little too late. i don't know if you can blame trump for this one, guys. if i was in east palestine i would sue the pants off alan shaw. mayor pete knows this falls on the rail company but is he still going around blaming trump. and even blaming reporters for doing their job. mayor pete, who didn't talk about the toxic train wreck for almost two weeks is upset about misinformation. >> there's no question that there have been enormous amounts of both information and misinformation injected into this situation. none of this is to the benefit of the community when it comes to that misinformation. so i think -- i'm sorry, i lost my train of thought. >> jesse: is that supposed to be a joke? because we have covered pete for a couple years and he never loses his train of thought. that's why people want him instead of kamala because he can actually talk. but maybe pete's on to
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something. he wants to be president so he is following in joe's footsteps. is he ignoring problems. he is blaming misinformation and then sticking his foot in his mouth. maybe i'm wrong about pete. he has got this presidential thing down. lie to everybody, and then tell them the water is safe and then blame misinformation when people don't trust you. it's like the covid playbook all over again. don't go there and tell these people they are victims of misinformation when the government is the one that's been lying to them. telling them the water is fine and then going out and breathing in the air. go out there, hand out some bottled water, kiss some babies, wrap your arms around them. don't go there three weeks later and tell them to do things you should have been doing. >> the country should be wrapping their arms around the people of east palestine, not as a political football, not as an ideological flash point, not as a gotcha moment, but as thousands of human beings whose
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lives got upended through no fault of their own and i think that includes visits. not just big official visits from the government, but just people who have seen the news and whose hearts go out to the community here. >> jesse: again, our producers poured through footage all day and we couldn't find a single image of pete wrapping his arms around anybody in east palestine. pete didn't have time to hug anybody. he had to get back to private time with chase ten, let's turn it over to ohio congressman bill johnson a longside nathan have aless, a business owner and resident of east palestine did you see pete at all today? >> no. not at all. >> did you know he was coming? >> i heard through, you know, the news that he was making an appearance but there was no details. there was no press conference. there was nothing. there was nothing indicating he
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was here. you would have never known. >> jesse: if he was there at a normal time and actually took the time to talk to some citizens there, what would you have liked to have told him? >> see, i don't really follow politics that much but it's my understanding that he is the secretary of transportation and it's his job to oversee everything that falls under that, you know, trains included. and seeing as how, you know, 10n exploded, that would probably, you know, be something that he should address. so the way i look at it is, pete, why do you have this job if you aren't doing it and why are you here now? letletlet. >> jesse: that's a legitimate question, he wouldn't let anybody ask questions like that because he was running the entire morning. congressman, what's going on
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here? looks like screwed up big time. could have been prevented and the government doesn't seem to care too much. >> can you certainly see that the administration has sent that signal that they don't care too much. i will tell you, jesse, you know, we have seen bits and pieces of the preliminary ntsb report. >> there are some concerning things we know it was an axle failure. we know that there were concerns warnings and we know there were detectors that picked up the heat signatures. i'm looking very much forward to the full report coming out. and finding out just what happened, how it happened that would prevent this thing from happening in the future. i look forward to doing that. >> i look forward to you doing that as well last question for nathan. i know you are not a political guy. what would you like to see the country do right now. there has been a lot of attention on your town.
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what would you like to say? as big as this story and event has gotten there is only 5,000 people in this town, unfortunately it's been so politicized that i really think the general public and the mainstream media -- everyone is just kind of using this tragedy that happened here to somehow to their benefit and, you know, get a story and, you know, that's why pete showed up today, i think, is just to save face for his own career. but at the end of the day there is real people here and they really, you know, a train really did explode behind me. i don't know, maybe focus on that. >> jesse: all right. well, we are going to be focusing that on here on "jesse watters primetime" and following this and keeping in touch with you guys. if there is anything you need again, nathan and congressman, please let us know. >> okay, thanks. hi, troy. >> well, john j hit the beach to
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♪ >> jesse: when sworn rivals agree on something. it's a good idea to listen to what they have so to say. when rosie o'donnell said jesse is right, you can't trust the e.p.a. and when joy behar and i agreed that the giggling would should flabberring. lately we have seen something cut through the partisan fog making people on the left and the right see eye to eye. the war in ukraine on both sides of the aisle you have an anti war movement bubbling under the surface.
4:19 pm
some republicans don't want biden to hand zelenskyy a blank check they have effectively a blank check policy with no clear strategic objective identified. just saying it's an open-ended blank check, that is not acceptable. >> what does success look like for the united states? it can't be a blank check until zelenskyy decides he wants to go to the bargaining table. >> this cannot be ours to fight nor can it be ours to fund alone. >> and on the left antiwar protesters have been shaming their own party remember a few month ago aoc got hit? >> congresswoman, none of this matters unless there is a nuclear war. which you voted to send arms and weapons to ukraine. tulsi gabbard has left the democratic party because there are a bunch of war. you originally voted. you ran as an outsider. yet, have you been voting to start this war in ukraine. you are voting to start a nuclear war with russia and
4:20 pm
china. why are you playing with the lives of american citizens? you are playing with our lives. >> you are a coward! you are a progressive socialist. where are you against the war mobilization? he is telling the right truth. you have done nothing. tulsi gabbard has shown guts where you have shown cowardice. i believed in you and you became the very thing you sought to fought against. >> and this week biden was ambushed while eating dinner under a sheep. >> president biden, i hate to bother you, we need to end this war in ukraine. we need. [boos] >> we need negotiations. [shouting] >> i hate to bother you, but people are dying. >> jesse: now hakeem jeffries the guy who replaced nancy was slammed against the boards by his own people new york leftists. they wanted to know what he was going to do about the bombshell report that biden secretly blew up russia's natural gas pipeline during nato training exercises. >> if it is proven that the
4:21 pm
united states bombed the nord stream 2 pipeline as has been asserted by see more herb and his article, will you call for the united states do acknowledge and admit that that was an acted of war against germany and russia. i'm asking this because this may be the only way to prevent the rest of from us being killed in thermonuclear war and i don't want to be fried. don't you think the media should be reporting on whether or not this is true and don't you think you should be inquiring whether or not this is true? >> thank you for the question, one, i have got no information to suggest that the united states was involved in bombing the nord stream pipeline. >> because, see. >> hold on, hold on. >> you would have been -- you weren't briefed on it. >> sir, you got your chance to ask a question. >> i got the opportunity to respond. >> you weren't given information because you weren't briefed on it. shouldn't you inquire? >> sir. >> here's what i will say about, i think president biden's leadership generally as it relates to the ukraine and
4:22 pm
russia. >> we committed an act of war. what are you doing to respond to that? we have to hold biden accountable. you are from brooklyn, right? you know when to call bull [bleep] when you see it, so do i. this is [bleep] right now. >> i see what is happening right now. that does not silence me. can you hear me right now. i want you to say something about the bombing because we're all going to die from a nuclear war right now unless you stop and you at least put and inquire into whether or not it's true. this war in ukraine is going to leave us all dead. so what are you going to do? because you need to inquire? i'm a new yorker, too. >> here what happens i will say. >> say it? >> we will continue to stand with the ukrainian people. >> [bleep], do not do that you will end us all dead. >> and this war against. >> we need peace. we need -- why are you -- do not put your hands on me. we need peace talks. i'm not going to take it. this we need peace talks. >> between. >> you are leaving listen.
4:23 pm
did you even read the allegation. >> autocracy, it's a battle between two. >> how about accountability? >> agenda, it's a battle between. >> how about bliss not bombs. how about conversation not cremation. diplomacy not destruction. how about that? >> ask you to join me in. >> you are going to kill us all. >> jesse: whoa! so legitimate questions. a pulitzer prize winning journalist says we blew up the russian pipeline and the any nancy jeffries pretends like he has never heard of it before. don't just drag you one of your voters out of the room and move on. that protester speaks for a lot of people on the right and the left no one knows how long this war is going to last. big country. pump hundreds of thousands of guys into the front lines. been their strategy for every war they have ever fought in
4:24 pm
their history and ukraine is going to keep fighting for their country with our weapons, so do american politicians even care what we think? how is this going to play in the upcoming presidential election let's bring in kellyanne conway. ohio big of a threat to the democrats this antiwar left suddenly woke up out of hibernation. >> you see why. hakeem jeffries, aoc, big stars in the democratic party don't know how to respond to them. they can't scream diversity, equity and inclusion when say why are you involving us more deeply in ukraine? not just young people but the young people who also supported the democrats by 28 point last fall in the midterms and supported joe biden by 26 points, they can absolutely bleed young voters by not getting a handle on this, jesse. young people are saying, look, we can open our hearts widely to ukraine but we don't need to open our wallets infinitely. you feel a lot of people on the
4:25 pm
right saying that as well many libertarians say we can't fund these endless wars. what a difference it makes. remember in the trump-pence administration when we had our nato partners, our allies pay more toward the common defense? now, if you look at the charts, it's the u.s. footing most of the bill. the eu comes in second. the eu is at love countries, just the u.s. out there alone. so i think it's a problem for joe biden particularly because he has been in washington for 50 years. and he was chairman of the foreign relations committee. he was the vice president for eight years. is he seen not just as a loch ness monster swamp. somebody who is a quote warmonger. they look at joe biden as pulling out of afghanistan with no plan, no rationale, handing over control to the taliban and, yet, getting more deeply involved in ukraine. i think it's a big problem for them and he could be inviting a challenge from the left. last point, why were there 12 people at aoc's town hall meeting? these people are famous for being famous. she has millions of followers on social media and about the same
4:26 pm
number when i invite the girls to hang out on a thursday night at her town hall. >> jesse: biggest city in the world. you would think she would have a few more naturally organic supporters. >> take to the streets. >> jesse: interesting to see if the republicans can peal away antiwar voters from the democrat. kellyanne, thank you so much. great to see you. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: so when is a woman in her prime? johnny did a deep dive. and this african lady says sticky sammy stole her clothes. age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss and if you're taking a multi-vitamin alone, you may be missing a critical piece... preservision. preservision areds 2 contains the only clinically proven nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. preservision is backed by 20 years of clinical studies. so ask your doctor about adding preservision and fill in a missing piece of your plan.
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>> jesse: america's cities overrun by drugs. you don't have to look far in places like l.a., philly and seattle to see addicts shooting up on the street. it's sad and dangerous and for everybody, including the addict and the people who have to walk through these heroin pits each day. and in the city of seattle,
4:32 pm
those people are kids. they can't avoid the crack heads because they are doing drugs right outside their school. look at this. this is summit sierra high school, it's a top charter school in the city. and this is what the students have to witness on their walk into the building every day. bumps, passed out on the street, addicts shooting up. children literally interest to tip toe through sidewalks littered with dirty needles, disgusting. listen to these poor kids. >> i'm not quite sure what is going on but i see a lot of people who are addicted to a lot of things. >> it's scary. >> scary? >> um-huh. >> i just try not to look at them. >> they shouldn't be here every day watching this every day. basketball team, here to leader team they have to have adults all the time walking with them. >> honestly, we are very desensitized to it which is super bad to say. >> it's problematic. kids should not think it's normal to have people in need in
4:33 pm
crisis. >> jesse: so kids shouldn't be seeing homeless guys on the sidewalks with needles sticking out of their arms. i mean, is that obvious? the city should be involved. but they are not. my next guest jonathan khoe investigating the investigation surrounding the school says the mayor's office hasn't done a thing about the open air drug den by the schools. "primetime" called the mayor's office today. they won't call us back. which is doctoring because the seattle mayor, bruce herrell acts like a big tough guy when it comes to drugs. >> so next month i will be issuing an executive order that takes steps to address the public health crisis on our streets caused by the epidemic of fentanyl and other synthetic drugs. and for those trafficking these deadly drugs, for those preying on and exploiting our most vulnerable, for those who are using guns to commit crimes, we will arrest, we will prosecute, and we ensure accountability. >> jesse: typically, all talk,
4:34 pm
no action. and in the meantime, you know who is cleaning up the area outside the school? the students and the teachers are, yeah. the kids are the ones picking up the needles and the garbage and the other filth left by these addicts. disgusting. the city has left them in the dust. discovery institute journalist jonathan seun choe joins me now. he says he has a plan where is the plan? he has done nothing. >> yeah, look, jesse. it really is living through america's slums here in seattle. this is the heart of the chinatown international district. an area that has already been marginalized, already favors so many problems, users, criminal activity comes with all the stuff. the mayor, look, to his credit, keeps talking about, you know, prioritizing this area, this neighborhood. there are emphasis patrols, more
4:35 pm
officers on the streets. it's just not working and leading to lasting change. and that's the problem. there is no clear blueprint. in fact, the mayor even said during a state of the city address this past week that he is gonna do something about it eventually but we don't know all the details right now. that's the most frustrating piece on the ground. there is no exact timeline or a strategy and plan. >> jesse: if i was the mayor and i saw this report tonight or if i saw your report online, wouldn't the first thing you would do that night was say guys, get everybody we can down to this school and clean this area up. wouldn't that just be the common sense thing to do jonathan? >> yeah, jesse. it would. and it's -- he is feeling a lot of political pressure and heat. there's no doubt. because this isn't the only school. there are other schools, the john stanford international school in seattle's walling ford neighborhood also dealing with massive encampment left to linger. the mayor has tried to clear this neighborhood multiple times. but it keeps coming back, this
4:36 pm
vicious cycle, the criminal activity, the drug dens, the homelessness, the enforcement isn't there. nobody is being arrested or prosecuted and even if they're arrested and prosecuted, the judges just let them out. >> jesse: that's so frustrating. listen, great job. and let's hope these kids are able to get into schools safely and not step on a dirty needle, undescribable disgrace in the city of seattle. thank you. >> sure, y jesse. >> jesse: well, sticky sammy is a man of impeccable case. how many criminals get asked who are you wearing when they go on trial? >> did you steal any luggage today? who are you wearing? >> why would you want some lady's dirty clothes? >> jesse: for a long time we assume sticky shot mostly at hot topic and friedreich of holiday. according to a new report sticky may have added to his flashy
4:37 pm
wardrobe using the old five finger discount. the story is almost too crazy to be true. bear with me. a tansian fashion designer said sticky fingers stole her clothes years ago and been wearing her clothes ever since. she says she lost her bag d.c. airport back in march 2018 and filed a police report. the luggage containing custom clothing and jewelry line never discovered. fast forward to december. she says she sees a news report probably on this show about sticky sammy's stolen luggage addiction and notices a very familiar pattern. she allegedly calls the fbi. sticky is wearing my clothes, she says. the same ones i lost in 2018. and at first glance she makes a good point. look at these two dresses. i mean, they look nearly identical. same color, similar pattern except for the right shoulder she has the black embroidery
4:38 pm
across the entire chest while sticky has this big red gap. are these different dresses? did sticky get the stolen one tailored? we don't know. but we need to know so we keep digging. look at this purple frock. the turquoise patterns are pretty close. i honestly can't tell the difference between the two of them. and then there is this. we can all agree these two dresses are not the same. her dress has sleeves while sticky's doesn't but the patterns are suspiciously similar. could this be a different dress from this woman's collection? a clever photo op. fake news for twitter views? all the options are on the table. so we do our due diligence. we do a deep dive on the woman's social media. she seems legit but we still don't know for sure. we didn't stop there though. we also reached out to her for comment and asked her to join the show. and she responds, quote: next week i will be in the u.s.a. and will come back to you. so we pushed back how about a phone call tonight and once again, we'llen back next week in
4:39 pm
u.s.a. haven't heard back since. but if you don't think we are following up next week you don't know "primetime." journalism matters to us. and, of course, we reached out of to team sticky for comment and so far no response. if any of these claims are true that means sammy was a sticky finger a lot longer than we originally thought. breaking news in the mini madoff scandal. the thing just got a lot bigger. and johnny visits florida to see if anybody agrees with don lemon. >> don lemon says women are past their prime once they hit 40 years old. what do you think? >> i have seen some good looking 40-year-olds. 50-year-olds. >> looking for a sugar momma?ch >>in
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♪ >> jesse: a wise man once said betting isn't all that wise. >> geraldo, i bet you about the red wave in the senate. >> you did. >> jesse: i said the republicans were going to win the senate. i lost. >> the red pistol. >> jesse: because he bought the senate mini madoff. i'm not going to squirrel out.
4:45 pm
here's my checkbook. but that wise man probably never got swindled by a chubby vegan who lives with his parents. shellacking of the ages with the help of one guy. mini scammed millions of investors and used it to buy the senate in order to get fetterman to washington they needed crypto fetterman to bank roll the election. today mini was indicted on four more charges and we learned that this scandal is bigger than we even realized. >> sam bankman-fried the defendant and co-conspirators made over 300 political contributions totaling tens of millions of dollars that were unlawful because they were made in the name of a straw donor or paid for with corporate funds. so what the indictment is saying here is that there was a massive effort to influence the political system here in washington by sam bankman-fried by pumping money into the system that he didn't want people to know these were transactional payments to politicians to curry favor with those politicians, disguised as sort of woke
4:46 pm
pro-lgbtq tribulations. >> jesse: so now the media is reporting what "primetime" knew all along. mini bought democratic politicians. it's that simple. we knew mini and his colleagues spent between 40 and 80 million on the midterms but now we are finding out millions of dollars more came through straw donors. which means mini might have spent two to three times more than we thought on midterm democrats. this is a massive democrat campaign finance scandal. massive. this is the biggest campaign finance scandal in american history and it's not even close. and the timing of it all interesting. these charges come just a week after mini's sugar brothers were unmasked, andreas pep kay and larry cramer. they put up about a million for mini's bail while the biden justice department told us it was the highest bail in history. which was a lie. charges came after ftx came folk
4:47 pm
knocking on democrats 7 doors demanding all the money back. >> do you feel ftx overseen the bankruptcy proceeding john ray, he has asked all companies, charities, and politicians who received any money from ftx to return it and he is not being mr. nice guy anymore. a few months ago he was asking people to, you know, kindly return the money. now he is saying by february 28th they need to return the money or else. >> jesse: how does he sleep at night? well, like a baby on a vegan diet. lydia moynahan is a business reporter for the "new york post" and she joins me now. so this thing is huge and no one is even giving the money back. and the deadline is coming up. do you think they are going to give any back? >> well, that's a great point. i mean, we have discovered that ftx donated to about a third of every single politician in congress. and that was before this new data that there is tens of millions more that was accounted for. >> jesse: straw donors. >> exactly, exactly.
4:48 pm
so we already know that a third of congress is swayed by him. i want to know it's not just politicians. you know, ftx gave a lot of speaking fees. he paid bill clinton a half a million dollars to speak at a conference. are the clintons going to give the money back? >> jesse: have the clintons ever given the money back? >> it's just wild, jesse. i think if he was devoting half as much time and energy to actually running ftx as he was to basically trying to pull off this massive election interference, i think ftx would have worked out pretty well. >> jesse: that's true. if you get dirty money from someone and then you go buy an escalade and then it turns out the guy's crooked as hillary, and everybody is demanding the money go back, shouldn't you have to give the escalade back, too? what i'm saying is, lydia, shouldn't we get the senate now? >> fraudulent conveyance. we also know for a fact that these funds were stolen. this is one of the things we learned today is tha sbf taking
4:49 pm
customer funds that jesse and lydia deposited into this bank. he was taking that money and disseminating those tens of millions of dollars to politicians. we know this is stolen money and this hurt average people who were just trying to figure out how to invest in bitcoin. >> jesse: so the democrats won the midterms with stolen money and they are not giving it back. >> it's interesting. in this court filing. >> jesse: the money or the senate. >> the court filing, their political adviser saying you being the center left face of our spending mean you giving to a lot of woke [bleep] for transactional purposes just in case there was any doubt who he was focusing donations on. >> jesse: thank you so much, lydia. >> good to see you. >> jesse: should old politicians have to pass a test to be president? >> be required to take a test once they hit age 70 to see if they can do the job? >> definitely. ♪ ♪
4:50 pm
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cnn put don lemon in a timeout after he said women ove 50 are. we sent johnny to the beautiful beaches of palm beach, florida to see if the people have soure on lemon. how is joe biden doing? >> not great. >> horrible. >> he needs help. >> we need someone in power in he is not that. >> simply not true. >> did you think joe biden is too old to be president? >> he cannot get words out of his mouth. if you cannot do that, why are you running the country? >> he is old, for sure. >> i don't think he is competent . >> i don't feel safe with biden as my president. >> he falls off bikes and falls downstairs. >> reporter: what should joe biden be doing now? >> you should have a beer.
4:56 pm
running america, but he can't. he has got to go. >> at the f out. >> reporter: don lemon says women are past their prime once they hit 40 years old. what do you think? >> i have seen some good-lookin 40 years old and 50 years old. >> reporter: are you looking fo a sugar mama? >> for sure. >> any woman is beautiful at an age. >> if a man is at his prime in his 50s than a woman is very capable of that as well. >> reporter: what do you want t tell don lemon? >> a few. >> when our politicians past their prime? >> 60? 70? not 40. once they cannot carry out a full sentence. i guess joe cannot do that. >> reporter: he says if you raise the because he will veto it. >> i haven't looked into the policies. >> reporter: should candidates be required to take a test once
4:57 pm
they hit age 70 to see if they can do the job? >> definitely. they start to regress and becom how they were when they were a child. >> what would you put on the test? >> start off with easy question like kindergarten questions. joe biden needs that. >> look at donald trump. he past with flying troubles. >> woman, man, camera, tv. >> reporter: how old is too old? >> joe biden. is he 75? >> reporter: 80. >> this day just got increasingly worse. >> reporter: how young is too young? >> 25, 21. they have the characteristics o a strong leader, why not? >> reporter: if you vote for me all of the dreams will come true . everyone is talking about new leadership. they say we need a new generation. what does that look like do you? >> a president that can dance.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: who do you want to see president in 2020 for? >> i would love to see desantis be the president. >> donald trump. >> trump. >> desantis. >> reporter: i like the way you say that. your governor, ron desantis might run for president? should he run? >> he is a great leader and strong. he is a great family guy. >> he has got my vote. flipped the camera. >> reporter: you will be on jesse watters "primetime". what do you want to tell jesse? >> i am waters and this is my world. >> thank you for having me on the show. >> i ordered a swivel chair order to my house for my desk i my office.
4:59 pm
i didn't know how to put it together. i had to call someone and they had to come over to my house an put it together for me. is that wrong? should i just be using that tim for different things or should get down on my hands and knees with the phillips head screwdriver and assembled my ow swivel chair? let us know what you think. let's do text. steve from maryland. isn't it ironic that last week pothole pete was getting rid of white construction workers. this week he is dressing up as one. patrick from georgia. a lot of america is starting to wake up to washington's obsession with war. we are sick of it. james from texas, making kids walk through an open-air drug market is child abuse. they should lock up anybody who is complicit. lockup the mayor. kendra from florida. democrat donors be aware. if you ask for a refund they might throw you in the clink. sleep tight. we will be following the refund
5:00 pm
deadline. i believe it's the 28th as lydi said. we will keep you posted on two turns the cash over. diane from connecticut. any woman who has lost luggage needs to take a good look at these pictures. no one is safe from the bag snatcher. if you notice him wearing anything that you might have worn in your bag is missing, call the feds. tucker is up next. remember i am watters and this is my world. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight". there is a poignant but recognizable thing that happens to powerful men as they decline. they get bursts of irrational energy. 85-year-old tycoon marries a stripper. on the facebook marriage does not make sense. everybody groans. how is this arrangement going t work out for him? how about for his children? the tycoon doesn't care. he isn't thinkin


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