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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 5, 2009 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> live from the news crossroads of the world. this is "fox & friends." . >> and the hot dog capital of the world this morning, we're feeding joey chestnut, ate 68 ott dogs. >> in ten minutes. >> unbelievable. >> it's an art form as you guys know and they have strategies. >> en he has the contacts for it ap strategy. is he somebody who eats the bun separate from hot dog and wet the bun, do things to make it go down easier and we'll ask him about that. >> and darryl seleski, he's been on our show before he's accurately predicted the stock market, the crash of, the starbucks boom. >> he calls obama geden, we could see food riots, huge tax increases he's going to be here to tell us about the late
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e-prediction. >> they said the sugar belt was fine, we'll tell, but that. tragic news. yeah, if you were out all night and watching fireworks, sat news in the world of sports. three time pro bowl quarterback and normal mvp steve mcnair dead at age 36 found shot to death in a nashville apartment along with a 20-year-old woman. there are no signs of forced entry. no suspects. the police have identified at this juncturement it appears that this could be a murder suicide, but a very sad story for one of the great quarterbacks the national football league has seen in the past decade. >> we have some sound from the nashville police department because they still don't have any details. let's listen. >> from what i understand she was a friend. she was a friend of mcnair's, the vehicle, the 2007 cadillac escalade is registered to both her and mcnair and it gives an address of jefferson street
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and i think he has a restaurant down on jefferson street. >> well, they're dancing around it, but people think it was his girlfriend. he's married. his wife is said to be distraught as you can imagine. the 20-year-old woman who was also found dead in the apartment, this apartment was apparently rent today mcnair and his brother. >> brother, right. >> and so, no answers yet on what he and this woman were doing that led to some sort of, well, to the tragic end, but we know at that two days previously in that escalate that the police officer was talking about, the woman, the 20-year-old woman was arrested for dwi and mcnair was in the car at the time. >> yeah. >> and mcnair's kind to be remembered quickly over 13 years in the nfl, a guy that went out and warriored through injuries you remember 2000 with the super bowl and finished literally one yard short of beating the rams and winning that super bowl, but he threw for 31,000 yards in
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those 13 years a great quarterback dead at age 36. >> in the meantime, some other headlines for you. what is happening at this hour, president obama celebrates his first 4th of july weekend as commander-in-chief. hundreds of military families packed the south lawn of the white house yesterday for barbecue, while there. the president thanked everyone who's ever served in the military. >> there's that legacy of proud men and women who strain to hold together a young union, rolled back the creeping tied of tierney threw a long struggle and taking on the terror and extremism that threatenings the world's stability. >> the families later watched the fireworks explode over the nation's capital. that's beautiful. today, the president is off to moscow to begin a week long trip. we have a fox news alert for you nowment two mono rails have collided at disney world. one driver was killed, the other taken to the hospital,
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but is expected to be okay. no tourists were injured, we understand. the trains collided at the ticket and transportation center. if you happen to have been there and you have any photos you want to send us, you can send them to you we'll keep you posted on that developing story. kids are not the only ones who like to stuff build abears, drug dealers like them also. the new york police found 33 million dollars worth of heroin stuffed inside build-a-bear toys. they're using them for a massive drug ring. they are headquartered in a bronx apartment and 13 people are under arrest. >> addressing muslim, pastor rick warren defied critics and spoke to the islamic group. warren was criticized by
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fellow evangelicals for the speech. as we discussed he did it again, he broke a record doing it. watch this. >> 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and put down your hot dog. and the winner is joey chestnut! >> i feel sick. >> joey ate an amazing 68 hotdogs, i was wondering, just ten minutes. hot dog eating has come a long way over the years, in the year 2000, 25 hotdogs were enough to win and joey is joining us later on in the show and we'll grill him to find out what his secret is. >> dave and i are going to take each other on. >> i don't know if that's advisable drinking coffee beforehand. >> i don't think that joey chestnut would advise that. i'm going to take clayton on.
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are you going to get in on this. >> i was saving this as a surprise and i don't want to intimidate you guys, three years ago ago on "fox & friends" i did win a hot dog contest, i'd like to show you my distinguished award right now. this is what i was-- this is what i was award. as you can see it from the-- it's the 2006 chicago style. i won it. >> hot dog making competition. >> i was the fastest hot dog maker. >> and this uniquely qualifies you-- . i have experience with hotdogs, so i don't want to scare you guys, i'm going to have to bow out of the competition because i have a previous chance. >> there are so many bad jokes made out there. >> in my office, prominently displayed in my office. >> no emmy's, but-- >> it says a lot about my career. >> rick, i think you'll back us up on this, i think it's more than an emmy rnths i'm so uncomfortable right now.
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>> so i'm just going to judge it. i think it qualifies me to judge it. >> this qualifies you to be judge. >> bad for a very long time. >> rick, do you have any weather. >> oh, i will. >> let's pass that around over there. >> here is texas to the south of us right now. or not right now, today. it's really hot across the south. better than you were yesterday in the dallas area. and keep that away. i know exactly where you're coming. >> is that for real? >> all right. so-- it's going to be a little bit cooler than it was the last couple of days and san antonio though, still very, very-- this is the worst thing ever, there's going to be more weather coming up in the next half hour. how is that?
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>> san antonio doesn't appreciate you pointing at that at them. >> that's true. >> back skrasher. >> because the obama administration said that stimulus cap on unemployment is over 9% so all that stimulus cash is going to the wrong people. is that the question? >> all right, plus, we have new clues this morning where governor palin may be heading next and the new warning the governor's lawyer is sending to some prominent media folks. ♪
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>> where are the jobs. we put the dogs on the money trail to find out. we went to aig with a stimulus that meant big bonuses for big executives, but no new jobs. and in wisconsin the stimulus paid for a bridge on rusty's back water saloon. they've got great burgers, but no new jobs. finally the job tracked down something in north carolina, they used stimulus money to hire one new state worker. his job, apply for more stimulus funds for taxpayers, the fact is stimulus isn't working and washington keeps spending your money, but jobs keep disappearing. >> maybe a little hokey, but the ad certainly is effective. it's from house minority leader john boehner, the question is, where did the stimulus money go in terms of helping small businesses? to answer that question we're
7:14 am
joined by fox business reporter robert gray. again, a bit after hokey ad. the question, why didn't the stimulus help small businesses? if the stimulus had been more directed towards small businesses, would it have been more effective? >> a great question we won't know for some time. in talkling to economists and small business owners had the money been directed to that 730 million out of 787 billion dollars, that's a pretty small number although in effect in teary it works its way down, trickles down, if you will, as they of course apply for government contracts, but as opposed to going straight to them. 737, 730 million dollars only. so the bottom line is, now, i was talking to peter morici, a professor at university of maryland. >> yes. >> basically let government agencies more stimulus to the people works better. what's the problem?
7:15 am
from what i understand, small businesses can't get loans, can't get into businessment isn't the heart of the problem here? >> that's the heart of the tactic the treasury tried to do working with the bank as oppose today stimulus, that's a separate issue, but also, what's a problem here, i was doing some research here and only about 10% of spending of the stimulus has gotten out so far, so one thing is that the obama administration was thinking that unemployment would peak at 8%, 9%, we're already there 9 1/2%, now talking 10%, worse more quickly than anticipated and seems like the money is getting out a little more slowly than anticipated. >> joe biden expected he'll say today on the sunday talk shows that they misgauged how bad the economy wasment you said less than 10%, 53 billion of that stimulus has been spent, but snl that part of the problem, they didn't get the money straight out there. >> yes. >> shovel ready projects, that's what we heard so much about. >> we heard a lot about that. in all fairness we did see 168
7:16 am
billion last year the bush stimulus went straight to the people. most wept straight to the bank, a lot of people didn't-- consumers did not spend which historically it hasn't helped as much, but getting it to the business owners may have been a different story. >> yeah, i mean, the numbers right now are scary. they promised to save or create 3 1/2 million jobs, we are now down 6 1/2 million jobs since the recession began. hopefully this thing turns around. robert gray from the fox business network, we appreciate it. hopefully it turns up for small business owners. coming up, tea parties, nothing could-- i don't know wh that is actually trying to say. tea parties around the country on the 4th of july from austin to houston down to south carolina and others. we'll hear from some of those who participated next. also, the current recession, the stock market, the crash of 1989, who predicted all of these things? the man with the crystal ball next.
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and thflflat iron,ill you. cascade complete all-in-one actionpacs. for money-saving offers, visit >> food riots. tax protests, strikes, high unemployment. all will characterize our economic future according to our next guest. >> yes, the trends president research center, excuse me, gerald slenty, as accurately predict add whole host of issues, economic collapse, the '89 stock market crash, starbucks boom, object and on and on, your list of predictions has come truement now, you're predicting what you call obamageddonment take us through what does it mean. >> more than an economic collapse. a decline in the empire of america. in all fairness, i'm a political atheists, i don't bow to politicians or neil or
7:21 am
at the alltars. now it's accelerated with the programs of stimulus packages, bailouts, buyouts, government takeover. people calling it is it nationalism, socialism? the merger of state and local powers, according to mussolini who knew about it is called fascism. we're looking at the disintegration of the empire in terms of this used to be the entrepreneurial empire of the world and now it's become a place for the too big to fails. the policies put in place are not going to work. look at the unemployment number as your poll is looking at. the obama administration said before the stimulus package that we had a vote on this because if we didn't, we were going to see unemployment hit 8% in 2009. and then it was going to peak at 9% in 2010. well, voila. it's already at 9.5.
7:22 am
if i had a track record like that i'd be out of business. >> gerald, i just want to read to our audience some of the other things you're predicting for the year 2012. by the year 2012 you say we'll see tent cities, we'll see ghost malls, we'll see general strikes, widespread. we'll see boss napping, we'll see gang warfare, your predictions though you've been accurate in the past, as clayton has said, it prompted the new york times to say that your predictions are basically pessimism porn. why is your outlook so much bleaker than anyone else's? >> because they're selling optimism opium, confidence, hope, and that's what they're selling, they're not selling reality. you know, there's the media world, the political world and the real world. if you look what's going on in the real world out there. look at these tax protests and again, this is something that we forecast when bush was president, history is being
7:23 am
made. i'm a bronx boy by birth. my saying is when people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it and people are starting to lose it. not only their jobs losing, losing their pensions, losing their future, you're going to see student protests and kids are going to college, graduate doing what? >> at trends research i can picture viewers saying what is he basing this on? you look at a host of numbers and economic indicators to make the research come to light. >> as well as global issues, current events form future trends. we're hearing india joined with russia and china in talking about a new reserve currency. they all want to bail out of dollars. you cannot print phantom moan out of thin air based on nothing and producing practically nothing without destroying the economy. >> so, gerald i would hate to leave people with the vision of the apock limbs. what's the answer, since you crunch at the numbers and look at the trend.
7:24 am
what's the answer to making the trend tick upward. >> the government has to stay out of the prief enterprise and stop taking equity position ins it. the mantra, too big to fail is baloney. when you see the money and where it went, too big a fail. unless you think their mother is better than ours, they shouldn't fail and yours should. this is a whole lie, but with the too big to fail, the monopolies are killing main street. >> last time we had you on the show, our viewers crashed your website, that's how popular, people can get more information from trends research for all that you do. thanks, gerald. >> thanks, gerald. >> this morning, tragedy at disney world after two mono rail trains collided. one driver is dead. we'll bring you the breaking news. >> sarah palin's online postings on her facebook, what governor palin may have planned for the future. first, rick, a kwek look at
7:25 am
the weather. >> troubles down to the south. some very heavy rain, severe weather and some areas are going to be seeing some flooding. we'll talk all about that coming up. ♪ . [ male announcer ] when can a towel become a tango? ♪ when can a t-shirt be a pacifier? when you add ultra downy with renewing scent pearls. you get 3x longer lasting freshness so you feel more connected. which can turn a sweater into your sanctuary. downy...feel more. and get up to 33% more loads from a single bottle.
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>> welcome back. i beat you. >> jinx. you owe me a beer. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." >> owe me a coke. alisyn camerota and the breaks on your sunday morning. >> we need to talk about the bombshell news. political news from yesterday and that's the government, sarah palin of alaska is stepping down. not only is she not running for reelection, she's leaving office this month at the end of july. >> when the news broke, she was fairly cryptic in her speech about it.
7:29 am
>> met for cal. she used the metafor, what she was going on to do. well, she now has posted on her face book account and again, it's open to interpretation. she said that she has a higher calling. >> yeah. >> we're not sure if that means in politics or out of politics. >> yeah, here is take a look at it. fou i'm looking ahead and advance the country together with values of less government intervention, greater energy independence, strong are nam security and much needed fiscal restraint and goes on and on. >> and this goes on to say how sad that washington and the media will never understand, it's about country and though it's honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and that's the key there higher calling and without finding, finishing a terment of course we know now by now a different standard applies for decisions i made. the question is what is higher calling. so many of us interpret that had as 2012, running for president, could be running for senate.
7:30 am
you say could be something entirely different away from politics altogether? >> just that where she said, what clayton just read, let's all work to the for the values of less government intervention, energy independence, stronger national security, much needed fiscal restraint, that sounds like a stump speech to me. >> it does and someone who has been quiet about sarah palin since of course the election has been senator john mccain, and he issued a statement yesterday when asked about it and he said he envisioned her taking a leadership role. so john mccain coming out and saying a leadership role for the g.o.p. what does that mean now. and glean from the tea leaves what exactly that means. >> and to keep adding all the things, the governor's associated, the republican governor's association said that she want today campaign for other candidates, leading the door maybe head of rnc position. and we get a lot of e-mails, why doesn't everyone quit speculate about this? we have to speculate she
7:31 am
hasn't answered questions and it isn't that clear what she's going to do. there hasn't been a clear path spelled out just yet. >> interesting, the los angeles times has an interesting anolsy. 1962. reminded of richard nexten after he left office and he lost his-- he ran for governor of california and lost the election to jf kennedy and in 1962 lost the governorship in california and points out that in this speech, he says, he takes on the media in his resignation speech or in his, what am i trying to say here, concession peach speech. what i'm looking for. he attacks the media in the famous speech, your neat going kick me around and facebook page, look, the media has been attacking me. >> listen to this, some liberal bloggers in her state have suggested that she was leaving because of some sort of pending investigation or ethical snafu. well, her lawyer came out swinging yesterday and said
7:32 am
that these are secure lus attacks, to the extent that liberal blogger, shannon moore, now claiming as fact that governor palin resigned because she's under investigation for embezzlement or wrongdoing, we will be exploring legal option this is week to address such defamation, he went on to say that between blogger, media outlites, he named the new york times, if anybody says anything about these, that she will sue them for defamation. >> and that's exactly what i was just talking about, nixon analogy going after the media. she weaks police sit saying the attacks and "the washington post" saying she may have resigned from office because she want today shield her family from all of the attacks which have been unfair. >> she may have and the fbi in alaska confirming there is no investigation into this supposed embezzlement scandal, there's no indictment coming down the road and that's what this liberal blogger has
7:33 am
reported. >> all right. stay tuned, this obviously is a story that will continue on for many days and months to come. here are your headlines in the meantime, let me tell you what's happening at this hour, we have a fox news alert. a deadly monorail accident at disney world. two monorails collided at the ticket and transportation center. one driver was killed, the other was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. there were only a handful of tourists on board at the time. so far no reports of any injuries. we'll bring you more details as we get them. a huge shift may be underway in iran. in a direct challenge to the ayatollah, the most important group of senior religious lead certifies now calling the country's recent election a sham. the leaders blasted iran's council accusing it of insighting violence and fraud. and iran's president ahmadnejad,s says he wants to talk to president obama in front of the media not behind closed doors, he will invite president obama to
7:34 am
negotiations next month. people in a church in florida were struck by lightning while celebrating the 4th of july. >> all 100 of them. >> lightning strikes are rare, but occur and people die as a result. and in this particular instance they thought everything was found and it turned out swaent. >> one person was killed, 18 others rushed to the hospital. and none with life threatening injuries. >> that's very scary. >> all right, former president george bush, celebrated the 4th of july in oklahoma. more than 9,000 people turned out to hear mr. bush speak. joining us from washington now is caroline shively. he got quite the crowd and reception, huh, caroline? >> he sure did. he spoke in woodward, oklahoma, that's only 12,000 people, a pretty good turnout. >> america did nothing to seek or deserve this war, but if
7:35 am
we're patient and if we're strong, this generation will do its duty and we will prevail. >> mr. bush also told the crowd that patriotism comes in all different kinds of forms. he spoke about a 60-year-old man from nevada who got a waiver to enroll in the military after hess son was killed in iraq. the man is now serving as a navy medic in the war and a blind man who lost his home in hurricane katrina, but went on to graduate summa cum laude from the university of mississippi. and the president got in a few jokes. after he flew home to texas from d.c., he told the former first lady he was free at lastments she said, yeah, you are free to take out the garbage and free to mow the lawn. i said, wait a minute, money, -- honey, you're talking to the former president. consider that your domestic
7:36 am
policy. >> and a lady recently had a heart operation, they put in a pig valve, that's why she's eating so much corn these days. >> sure looks like he's having fun there. thanks a lot. let's talk about what's happening. there's a trend on e-mail. >> so we're told. >> so we're told by clayton. >> no. >> that people are-- on e-mail, people are faking illness and disease to try to garner sympathy from strangers that they don't know. >> and that as the new york post is reporting not just clayton morris reporting that people are using online social networking sites to get out of going to work and finding creative ways of doing it. sympathy calling in my illness and going to the beach or doing other things. instead of just the phone call that we used to make, now doing online. what's the most creative way you've ever called in to sick in work. >> mike in bama says, alabama, called in sick, took the boys
7:37 am
fishing, got so sunburned the wife had to put on makeup. >> that's a good excuse. >> you use today fake up the cough and get phlegmy and call in and now kind of build it up, i'm theorizing on facebook or twitter, build up the status throughout the weekend, maybe on wednesday if you're a weekend guy, say you're not feeling well, thursday, you have to update your status, boy, a bit of a fever, up to a hundred. >> worse, steve, feeling bad. >> they check our facebook, because it's through work. by saturday they know they saw it coming. >> you seem to know a lot about it. >> it's interesting, i'm just saying. >> a good imagination, that's interesting. but they say that the social networking sites can out youment when you do call in sec, i'm not coming in tomorrow, i'm very, very sick. and pictures of you going to the baseball game or the party and happening as well. >> an a woman writes, kids are
7:38 am
sick, sick, sick, vomiting, taking to the doctor, don't in if i'll be in today. >> the boss is like, oh, kids are sick. >> throw that out anywhere. >> i'm amazed by the people i know are at the work and they're putting on facebook updates to questions. >> throwing a ver actual snowball at work. >> and actually at work in the office next door. >> they're working very hard. >> and take a look at the weather picture, we've got a couple of things going on, a front moving through and it's dropping temperatures a bit, which is very welcome news across parts of the central plains. here is your temperatures as you're waking up. showing where the rain is and that stretched out from parts of the mid atlantic all the way books towards arkansas, oklahoma and northern areas of texas and anywhere to the south of that, it's still hot and it's still very humid. to the north of it, it's much, much drier, the air is, not as
7:39 am
humid and cooler temperatures. another very nice day across the northeast, a nice day around the great lakes and the problem is around the southeast with severe weather. across the west, we've got very nice conditions as well, at least a lot of sunshine from seattle all the way down to san diego, but the thunderstorms firing for the corners in the afternoon and seattle, oregon you've been hot. one more day, heat advisories, fire warnings, and clouds to the west, pacific northwest, that's going to pull in and drop temperatures a lot. so your temperatures today down across the far south, we're really hot around san antonio, towards houston and back hot around the phoenix area and seattle. and tomorrow, we're going to drop the temps a little bit more, around the seattle area and dallas you're going to see nice-- no worries, we are going to warm up this week and another scorcher week, at least by thursday and friday across the central plains. all right, guys, back to you
7:40 am
inside. >> thanks, rick. >> here is the bad karma, michael told the boss he had stomach flu so he could go to a car show. wound up catching the stomach flu a few days later. >> a-ha, i believe that sickness karma coming back. >> south carolina's attorney general henry mcmaster, if he thinks it could be the cheating governor's mark sanford's last week in office. >> and we're honoring the veterans this 4th of july weekend. take a look. we left boston on the 2nd of july. that was the start of the long trip across france. >> we had to break this tank thing. there was knob else there, why i did it, seemed like the best thing to do at the time. >> paris was the focal point. . >> i was 21, comes a phone call from fort lewis, sergeant hawk you're suppose today receive the medal of honor.
7:41 am
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>> welcome back here to "fox & friends." south carolina governor mark sanford may have chosen to stay in office. but some members of the party have different plans for him. i'm jond pie henry mcmaster this morning. good morning, mr. attorney general. >> good morning, sir. now, you have one of the big questions in all of this, whether or not the governor used taxpayer money or used
7:44 am
these trips to argentina on taxpayer dollars and did it inappropriately. what has your investigation found out? >> that investigation was done by the state law enforcement division and found there were no taxpayer dollars spent on any of those trips. >> okay, so no wrongdoing therement yesterday, i had a chance to talk to senator jim demint of south carolina, the u.s. congressman, i asked him whether or not he thought he should resign and governor mark sanford should resign. here is what he had to say. >> it's tragic for him and his family and harmful for the state when we need strong leadership. i told governor sanford i don't believe he can continue to lead if his family life is in shambles. >> family life in shambles and a professional life that seems to be very difficult. henry what do you think about that? what do you think about the senator's comments there? >> well, of course, i think everybody thinks that's right. if you're in shambles, you
7:45 am
can't pay attention to your job, so, the question is-- the big question is whether governor sanford is up to the job that he was elected to do and that's a decision he'll have to make. >> he'll have to make, but when you work in an administration like this and having to deal with the day-to-day operations of the state of south carolina, from a professional perspective. do you think it's appropriate that he resign? >> well, it's a question of public confidence, if the public has confidence in you and thinks you can do the job then you ought to proceed, but if it comes to a point and time is running pretty short and comes to a point where all public confidence is gone, anyone in elected office ought to move on. >> have you personally talked to the governor about this? >> i have. i've told him that we're praying for him and we want him to think seriously about this, that the time is running short in terms of public confidence. >> on monday of course, fox
7:46 am
news learning that there will be a conference call by top republican brass and they're going to discuss this. can you give us information on that. will you be in on that phone call? >> no, i will not be. i'm not a member of the executive committee. we have, there's about a hundred members of that committee around the state and my understanding is that the chairman has called for a conference call on monday night to discuss what, if anything, should be done or what position should be taken by the state executive committee, which is the top political committee of the republican party in south carry care. >> all right. well, we are going to be watching this closely, i have to ask you and leave it on this. do you think this will be his last weekend in office? >> there's-- i really don't know. that will be something that's up to the governor, it's up to the public confidence, again, if someone does not have the confidence of the public they become ineffective. the question is whether the governor can put his family
7:47 am
life back together and come together and convince the public he's willing and able to do the job he was elettinged to do. if he can do that, then we'll move forward. if he cannot, then, it will be time to go. >> see whether the people in south carolina support that. south carolina attorney general, thanks for sharing your thoughts. >> thank you very much. >> well, coming up here on the show, while america is shooting off fireworks, north carolina is firing off ballistic missiles. why don't we respond. colonel david hunt weighs in on that at the top of the hour. ever dream being the best at what you do. getting there may be easier than you think. we'll share the five things you can do to get to the top of your game. that's coming up next. egúx
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
>> it's time for fresh start. today, they'll go for the wimbledon title. who will come out as the best in the world and how do the sports star become the best of the best? our next guest shares the habits what you need to follow to be better than the rest. >> the new book, training camp, what the best do better than everyone else. john gordon. good morning, john. >> good morning. >> i like you say the five tips you're about to share with us, they're not the sexiest, but they do work. number one, be willing to outwork everyone else you tell a funny story about actor will smith. what could people do who know this one? >> will smith asked the secret of success, i'm not afraid to
7:52 am
die on a treadmill. you may be smarter than me or mortalitied i will more talented than me, but i will not be outworked. today's wimbledon final between roger federer and andy rod dig, you mean to suggest that andy roddick can overcome the best tennis player ever simply by outworking him? >> yes, and also focusing on the right things. he's got to focus on little things, his serve, his focus, his mental state, the little things that separate the best from the rest. so often these games are determined by one point, one key game. it's all about the little things. >> the next one, don't lower your standards when no one is looking. why not? >> 'cause it doesn't matter who is watching, it matters
7:53 am
you're being the best every day and bringing out the best in others. i call it humble and hungry, you have to be humble and willing to work and i am perfect and grow and hungry, the passion and burning desire. passion is everything to be the best and you have to work really hard so you have to be passionate about what you're doing. >> we certainly do, but i want to talk about how the two might be connected. you say, obviously, be willing toout work anyone. but then you say, don't be foe consisted on outcomes. >> a lot of people feel like they're not rewarded for outworking someone else. they feel like i'm working so hard and that guy is getting promoted. are those two connected in that regard? don't try to outwork someone for the reward? >> right. it's really the profit is the reward. if you seize the moment and focus on your moment one moment at a time. eventually you're going to love the outcome. if you start thinking about success, then that's your outcome, your focus, you lose your moment, lose the zone. all success i say is created in the moment, in the
7:54 am
processments your next tip is one that our boss, roger ailes tells us all the time. avoid negative people. our boss says negative people make you sick. how do you avoid them? they're all over the place though. >> right, when you do your best to avoid them, also, create a positive team so you insulate yourself against the energy vampire, the nay sayer and finally you have to be more positive than they are negative. so we can't voice all of that. so that's where your faith must be greater than their negativity and doubt and your belief must be greater than their negativity. >> i'm going to rye to get the little things right today. what can you focus on. >> i can't outwork everyone, i'm too tired. i cannot do that. i can focus on being positive and i'll try that, for everybody else out there who wants to give it a shot, the book is training camp, the author is john gordon. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. all right. let's get to clayton, what's coming up? >> coming up on the show,
7:55 am
iranian president ahmadnejad reaching out to the united states. he says it's time it sit down and have a chat and he's putting president obama in quite a bind. the jackson siblings are taking their show on the row, a new set of concert featuring music from king of pop. the jkz four on the road. ♪ . cat. specially formulated to promote hairball control and healthy weight. friskies indoor wet cat food. feed the senses. i'm pretty much the same as i am in a plastic bottle? except that you'll save, like, $600 bucks a year. but other than that, we're pretty much the same. pur. good, clean water.
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>> good morning, sunday june 5th. shocking news from the sports world. former nfl quarterback steve mcnair found shot to death in a nashville condo. we have the latest details on this developing story. >> and breaking news out of iran this morning, some of the country's top clerics are breaking ranks and calling for the results to be tossed out as president ahmadnejad tells president obama it's now time to sit down and talk. >> and they say the show must go on. the siblings are going on a reunion tour and music video of michael jackson as part of the program. this is "fox & friends" the best morning show on television. television. >> good morning, you're watching "fox & friends,"
7:59 am
nice! >> you know. >> who was that? >> i don't know. >> george. >> that's george. >> you know, the morning snacks and everything we eat in the morning, there's a study that says that could be as worse as tobacco for you. >> snack food, as addictive as tobacco. >> i believe it. >> when we walk by the display here, we won't show it new, but i'll want to eat it all. all the stuff on the display table i want to eat it all. which is why i'm not going over there. >> why americans are gaining so much, they're snacking. >> he's out of there. >> there he goes. >> even some of the beverages out there, like the triple, quadruple frappaccinos, they will be addictive. >> those are frozen, i'm not tempted by that. >> the onion garlic chips. >> i hope you snack on one of these. >> snack food is noisy. >> those go in the oven. >> you're eating them frozen,
8:00 am
you're desperate, a junky, a snack food junky. >> part of the problem. >> not sure how to turn from there, but we are going to try, breaking news out of iran this morning, the country's most important religious group, there are a group of clerics basically saying that the recent election and the new government is all bogus that they should toss out the election and that this was all essentially fraudulent. this is huge because supreme leader is the one that backed in election. >> the supreme leader, we're learning interesting news out of this. because there are some reports that mousavi is being labeled by some in the iranian government as a u.s. agent, also. >> right. >> a u.s. agent? also, we're learning that he may in fact with the cousin, mousavi may be the cousin of the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini, if that's not unbelievable. >> and one more thing, back to all the clerics, they say that this is the most significant rift in iran in 30 years,
8:01 am
since the revolution. so it had, it is brewing interest. i mean, this is a tinder box. are the clerics going to take control. is ahmadnejad, is mousavi? another interesting point, on mousavi's website, accuses of supporters of ahmadnejad of printing more than 20 million extra ballots before the vote, and handing out cash bonuses to voters. this is how they could say, look, we have the ballots. look, he won fair and square and look at the ahmadnejad battles, they handed them out. that's why it was rigged beforehand according to mousavi. >> and we talked to a colonel before this, and what it means for ahmadnejad and why he wants to sit down with president obama. i want to sit down and have a chat and do it in front of the cameras. >> this puts president obama in a difficult situation. if he'd won outright, the same place as we are now.
8:02 am
because it's disputed and ahmadnejad is asking obama to sit down and puts obama in a difficult situation. i don't think it does. i don't think there's any question he has to say no to this. all ahmadnejad wants is to stand up there on a stage as he said in front of international media, shake hands and legitimize a fraudulent election. >> not only that. the president has to say no to this. >> look at also the brutality used to stamp out the protesters. that's something that our president cannot condone. >> and that's what he would do having in front of the media. >> colonel hunt had a lot to say about this when we talked to him. >> the politics behind, obama's talking about talking with-- that's not going to happen at a press conference. there will be a lot of things happening with the state department before our president and ahmadnejad meet anywhere, but certainly, the first time out is not going to be in front of the world press. >> an interesting power struggle right now in that
8:03 am
country. there are some in the bbc analyzing this, saying look, this in fact could be the case that the supreme leader, not that supreme leader after all. in fact, it could be he's having to kowtow to a populous president in ahmadnejad. hopefully president obama does not agree to sit down with him. >> and ahmadnejad going on and on saying to the u.s., why did president obama interfere? why did he utter remarks irrespective of norms decorum from ahmadnejad, and bizarre stuff and rambling about him. how does the president sit down with him after he says these things. he can't. >> tell what the headlines are at this hour. u.s. marines are fighting a new enemy in afghanistan. the heat, 100 plus temperatures are creating rough conditions for marines as they launch a new offensive in the southern afghanistan desert and medics treating heat related injuries. >> after a while, your body shuts down and you can't do anymore and your body close itself off and core
8:04 am
temperature rises once it's over 104 your brain pretty much starts cooking. >> and the marines of course, scattered small arms fire and they continue the offense self against the taliban. alaskan governor sarah palin writes on the internet she's leaving the governor's job to pursue a quote, higher calling and her statement palin hinted she wants a larger role in the national stage writing that she's looking ahead to how the country can advance with less government and stronger national security. she also criticized the media for being quote, predictable, saying they'll never understand it's about country. >> clayton. >> i will. and as we celebrate the july 4th holiday weekend an extra light in the sky, i love this story. just this weekend, i get excite abouted it. americans will be treated to a spectacular view of the international space station and go outside and look at it. 220 miles above earth in many places you'll be able to see it almost five minutes if weather permits. not only the largest
8:05 am
spacecraft built it's the most reflective, just this weekend only. go outside and be able to look up in certain spots and actually see the space station passover and you can tell it's the space station by the crowded-- >> the fact that-- >> the crowded astronauts on there with a broken toilet. >> if they flush you'll see that come out, too. >> stop it! >> you start it had. >> you're right with that one. down closer to earth, thousands in washington d.c. enjoyed the speck tack already sound and light show last night. beautiful 4th of july fireworks over the capital the there. >> good stuff. did you get to see the fireworks. the new york show. >> the new york show the biggest in the country. over the hudson river and the u.s.s. intrepid. >> that must have been fantastic. i slept. >> it was good, five full hours. let's talk about michael
8:06 am
jackson now, neverland ranch and m j's famous california residence has been shrouded in mystery. this week, our own dan springer got a look inside and outside at neverland ranch. >> jackson's inspiration for the landscaping for the grounds was disneyland. you can see that in all the flower beds and the wonderful waterfalls he installed in the ponds and used this place for work. we're told he used a natural bird's nest in the middle of this oak tree write the entire lyrics from the album dangerous and we're now in michael jackson's first floor bedroom, you can see it had the fireplace, where the bed was right here, and it's got two separate bathroom wings, one over here, full closet, bathroom, as as you come here see what he's looking out on, the beautiful grounds, the spring, the ponds. and another bedroom wing here and this looks like this is the one that was michaels,
8:07 am
elaborate bathroom fixtures, look at the tub, the spout here on the tub, beautiful with a swan head and then another closet on this side, again, fully cedar closet, with cabinets up here, lots of space for storage and then we come to what we believe to be that secret closet that everyone talks about where michael jackson kept all of his prized possessions, again, lined in cedar, as you can see, three dead bolt locks to keep it secure. >> interesting, interesting. >> and we're learning about like a skeet compartment in one of the closets. >> that one right there. >> that's what the three dead bolts was behind it. >> on tuesday, the memorial service at the staples center in los angeles and a lot of people want to go to the thing. 1.6 million people trying to grab bracelets to go to the memorial service. >> good luck. and there are various reports that say as many as 17,500
8:08 am
bracelets will be issued, that again for over 1 1/2 million people, you could do that online, it's like winning the lotto. >> we don't know the acts. the tribute concert. >> we heard madonna is going there be. >> she did a special tribute last night at her concert. who knows who else? >> it's interesting, i think, because michael jackson has become more popular in death than he was in the last decade of his life. >> sure. >> now, his brothers, i think, seems like are trying to exploit this or capitalize on this. they say that they are forming their own tribute concert to him going out on tour. >> yeah, the jackson four, minus michael jackson, all coming back and going on tour. using video footage of michael jackson during the concert of course and you can get your tickets, soon, i'm sure for the jackson four without the five, the fifth and talking what alisyn talked about most popular in the past decade. sure. if you look on i-tune, every
8:09 am
album was a top michael jackson album. top ten most downloaded albums all michael jackson except one, the black eyed peas new record. >> no question, would people see tito, marlon, jermaine. they are and latoya, i can't imagine anyone is going to want to see. nothing against jermaine and tito. >> if i had tickets to see michael jackson at 02 in london and find out i'm going to see the jackson 4 with video montages of michael jackson, i guarantee i'm going to be mad and want my money. >> it would be interesting to play 100 hours of rehearsal footage they have from the actual rehearseals that michael did. >> of michael. >>, but aeg is trying to recover some of the money, 85 million they have to issue in ticket refunds, but wouldn't they have to refund your ticket if in fact you're going
8:10 am
to pay all the money to see tito and jermaine and company? >> this stuff is fascinating like watching a ghost cans and skinny, and knowing days later he would be dead. >> for those who don't know, this is the rehearsal video the staples center two days before his death on stage rehearsing. >> now that we know the plethora of drugs in his house at least and people speculate he was on, how can he function like this? still dancing and singing, it's remarkable to see this. i find this stuff very, very xulg. >> i do, too. >> one o'clock eastern time on tuesday is that memorial service, ten o'clock eastern time. a special surprise for mr. clayton morris, he does not know what it isment alley and i do, and we are going to-- >> there it is. >> it's under-- shrouded in mystery right now, we have brought in a special surprise for you, clayton, we think this will be the most exciting moment ever on the show for you. >> one hint now, maybe i'll drop one in an hour.
8:11 am
it is six feet eight inches, the only hint you're getting right now. i'll drop another one on you at nine o'clock. rick, do you know what is under there? >> a ufo from the brady bunch? >> that would be more exciting actually. >> more than-- >> and my love of the brady bunch. >> i don't know what's going on here. >> we'll let now, we'll fill you in. >> and hey, if you have a guess send us what it is to the blog. >> we've got rain across the mid atlantic right now and heading down towards the carolinas, and going to be severe later on this afternoon once the day heats up across alabama, mississippi, georgia, maybe to south carolina. anywhere to the south of this line of storms here, extremely hot and humid and heat advisories the last couple of days and we still have a few of those hanging on around the new orleans area and houston and towards brownsville. so, extremely hotment many of
8:12 am
the areas, heat indices, 10 to 15. eighths good day to stay inside or maybe get to the beach. that's what we're dealing with. that's the key, so much hotter yesterday in around dallas and parts of the oklahoma, but that front has dropped in and you see the interprets are much, much nicer and st. louis, you'll see nicer towards chicago and warming back up a little bit for your day tomorrow, but look at this, a very nice break across the northwest after the extremely hot temps you've had. later on this week we are going to start to see the heat pile up once again in across the central plains, so enjoy your couple of days right now. clayton, do you have any idea what it is? >> hi, rick, hi, over here. i'm asking what they think the shrouded surprise is. >> the thing over there under a sheet. i have no idea. >> in the meantime, north korea is trying to ruin our holiday weekend with fireworks of its own, launching seven short range or medium ranged ballistic missiles, is it time
8:13 am
for a military response sm colonel david hunt gives us take on this next. >> plus, pressure is mounting on governor mark sanford to step down. his political core may be over, but can he still save his marriage? our relationship experts am analyze sanford's situation and first a look at the surprise for clayton morris, don't you dare. i was wondering, coming up just before ten o'clock. >> there's a person behind there. >> maybe, it could be. that could be it. a silhouette? to help avoid dental problems
8:14 am
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that pop up between regular colorings. in 10 minutes... bzzz! you're flawlessly matched and completely fresh. i feel so much better. live with roots, or get a boost? root touch-up by nice 'n easy. your right color. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." north korea had fireworks of their own as they launched seven missiles. should the u.s. respond or is vice-president biden justified in dismissing this as quote, attention seeking behavior. >> military analyst colonel david hunt rejoins us this morning, colonel, thanks for joining us again. >> hi. >> why don't we respond
8:17 am
militarily to north korea. we get e-mails responses twittering, why are we twiddling our thumbs? >> the answer is seoul, a city of millions and millions of people and there is no defense of what north crowe could to to south korea. no missile defense, nothing. the north korean have the largest standing military in the world. they blew up two last year and now these missiles which won't reach hawaii, but you can throw a nuclear weapon from north to south korea to seoul. so it's the city of seoul held hostage by north korea which eliminates almost any military action we could do and oh, by the way, we're fighting in afghanistan and iraq with our own war on terror. and that's a bridge too far quite frankly. >> yeah, it seems leak the vice-president kind of nailed
8:18 am
this one right on. attention seeking behavior he calls it and this is a stretch. i look it, almost when your kids are acting up there in the corner, they're trying to make you mad. you've just got to ignore them and they're going to go away. is that what we should do here? we can acknowledge the sanctions aren't doing anything? >> no, and i don't think you can, you should look away. the problem with north korea from i think one standpoint, it's a support of terrorism. a government that fully supports terrorism, it sells weapons to anyone can can. we're still watching that boat float around, if you remember a couple of weeks ago, that the north koreans are a dangerous country and they've terrible treatment of their own people, but they export terrorism which is why we have to worry about them. we need better intelligence against and we've neve been able to spy against them and we need a lot more help from china, japan and quite frankly, south korea in concurring this country. they're bad guys, and we can't
8:19 am
ignore them. >> the final question, what do they hope to accomplish by flexing military might like this with us. >> kim jong-il wants a seat at the table. a bit nutty, he wants recognition and not going to do this this way. we have to talk with him. you're not going to have the president meet with him or ahmadnejad when they're acting like this. >> fascinating stuff, colonel. >> you're welcome. >> breaking news, a driver is dead after a violent monorail crash at disney world. we'll bring you the very latest, apparently a collision has taken place there. >> plus, snacks can be just as addictive as drugs? new warnings about junk food that could bring 150 billion dollar industry to its knees. that's coming up. and alisyn is already eating. >> hey, aly. >>
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> rotating numbers and news by the numbers. here is the lady liberty. 30, groups of ten were brought up to the crown yesterday for the reopening of the lady liberty crown. next one, 354, how many steps there are to get to the top. when you get to the top you're winded and you need water. last, 14,500 how many tickets were sold to go up into the crown. it sold out through late august. so if you want tickets, you're out of luck. there are your news by the numbers this morning. and the unhand the potato chips, we need them over here. >> okay. if you're like clayton and the call of cheetos sends you in an orange-steamed spin or drool at the mention of a
8:24 am
cinnabon like dave, your cravings aren't your fault, you're addicted. >> the author of the new book "the end of overeating", good morning, mr. kessler. you say-- >> good morning. >> when we eat the foods, something is happening in your brain. tell me, what's happening? >> we now know, we have the science to show that millions of americans when they get cued, could be the sight, the smell, just walking down the street. their brains get captured, arous arousal, next time they cue, strengthens the circuits. the millions of americans why they're having a hard time resisting, their brains are hijacked. it's addiction just like tobacco or cocaine. but why is snack food more addictive than, say, broccoli? >> well, the reason that your behavior becomes conditioned
8:25 am
and driven is because what's in the foods, salt and sugar, fat and salt. >> that's why i wrote the book. >> what about personal responsibility. can't people quit eating junk when they want to? i feel like i quit eat it go when i want to. >> that's an important point, because your brain is hijacked, doesn't mean you can't take steps to protect yourself from your brain, from being hijacked. so, there is an issue of individual responsibility, now, that we know that the brains of millions of americans are being hijacked, should the food industry change sm sure, the government have greater role for disclosure and education? sure, we all can take steps to protect ourselves to cool down the stimulus. you call that food rehab, what you think that all people should go to, what does that
8:26 am
entail? >> once you have the old circuitry and learning laid down, it's so hard to resist food. can you ever get rid of that old circuitry or learning? no, what you can do is lay down a new learning, a new circuitry and that's why again i spent the last seven years trying to understand how we can resist and what it takes is new learning, it takes, when we call, that's rehab. >> all right, the book is the end of overeating. taking control of the insatiable american appetite. david kessler, thanks for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> all right, well, former nfl quarter steve mcnair was found shot to death at a condo in chicago. what people are saying about the shooting. >> madonna staging a tribute to the king of pop on the same london stage where jackson was set to start his tour. first a look outside. >> a beautiful morning and going to be across the
8:27 am
northeast. >> oh, my gosh, clayton, this looks good. ow, ow. >> did the surprise just attack rick? >> that's a great visual rick, thank you. we will be back with the surprise. [ female announcer ] does your dishwasher suffer from post party sickness syndrome? there's a revolutionary cure. it's called cascade all-in-one actionpacs. and it's like adding the ultimate button to your dishwasher. because it has the power to pre-wash... dissolve...
8:28 am
and rinse the whole mess away. so in the morning your dishes will feel like new again. and so will you. cascade complete all-in-one actionpacs. for money-saving offers, visit
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> i know. i think i get it from my dad. you don't like surprises? >> it's hard, because i'm like my dad, a planner. but you can surprise my dad with a trip and he needs it know, gets fired up and worked up and antsy, i've got to figure out do i have to pack shorts, a hawaiian shirt. >> i think you're nervous because dave gave you the hint behind the sheet is the surprise and it's six feet eight inches tall, so you think at that kobe bryant is behind the sheet waiting for you right now. >> it's assure you, it's not
8:31 am
kobe bryant. we have a surprise for clayton at the plaza. and unveil is 9:57. >> i'll try not to read them. >> the e-mails are right on, actually. >> in the meantime, we have a very tragic news to report to you this morning, and that is that nfl star quarterback, former, i guess, steve mcnair was mysteriously shot to death yesterday in nashville and police are not really saying what their theory is, though some suspect that this was a murder-suicide. >> maybe morale sin, what they're not saying. use today work for america's most wanted when police are saying they're not looking for a suspect, isn't that a telling thing? what they're not saying is more obvious. >> the said steve mcnair shot along with a 20-year-old woman, he's a married man and no, that woman was not his wife. it does appear to be a
8:32 am
murder-suicide. steve mcnair, 36-year-old former mvp, three time pro bowler, was in the super bowl in 2000. >> and loved in nashville, obviously, for that of course the famous drive in the super bowl, coming up one yard short. >> of beating the ram. >> i remember the headlines i happened to be, near nashville, loved nashville the front page of the tennessean and reaching out, that one yard dive for the end zone came up a yard short. >> 3 is,000 yards, threw for 13 seasons with the titans, the oilers, the ravens, he will be missed and this investigation continues and they will come out after this after the autopsy they were performing today and hopefully shed a little more light on what happened. >> yeah, and the 20-year-old woman of course found with him and police say was someone suggested was his girlfriend. his wife is said to be distraught this morning as you can imagine. in the meantime, other headlines for you, what is happening at this hour.
8:33 am
president obama is headed to moscow later today for talks with russian president. and the main topic of discussion, renewing a 1991 weapons treaty and russia says it's open to renewing the treating only if they compromise on a defense system in europement they call it a threat to its national security. a fox news alert, there was a deadly monorail accident at disney world. two monorails collided at the ticket and transportation center. one driver was killed, the other driver taken to the hospital with reportedly minor injuries, there were only a handful of tourists on board at the time. luckily, none of those were hurt and we'll continue to bring you more details as we get them this morning. and fox news can now confirm that washington d.c. councilman and former mayor, marion barry, has been arrested by the united states park police. a woman flagged down police in a d.c. park saying she was being stalked by barry in a nearby car. barry was released, but must
8:34 am
appear in court for the incident and marion barry was, as you remember, famously arrested after being caught doing crack in a hotel room, convicted of that charge back in 1994. madonna, the queen of pop, paid her own personal tribute to the king of pop. michael jackson by performing some of his greatest hits. and interestingly enough, she performed this in the same arena where jackson was to take the stage. at one point, madonna and dancers donned jewelled gloves as a tribute. a wisconsin woman had a cow. well, what tammy really did was call 911 about some cows and she wasn't happy about them. let's listen.
8:35 am
>> she is having a cow. the sheriff's office did report to the farm only to issue her a citation for improper use after telephone and 911 abuse. i didn't know there was improper use after telephone. i'm going to be more careful from now on. dave, tell us about sports. >> a big day on the grass, roger federer and andy roddick set to take the court in a half hour, could be a history breaking tournament. roddick seeking the second grand slam ever ever wimbledon. yesterday, serena williams knocked out sister venus in straight sets to win the title and serena's third wimbledon crown and first since 2003 and interesting because they had
8:36 am
split 10-10 going into yesterday and now, it's 11-10 serenia, very neck and neck and a great rivalry, good to see an all american final on the 4th of july. >> incredible. >> andy roddick needs this title, but roger federer one of the best athletes we've ever seen could break the record of pete sampras. >> we'll stay tuned to that. let's go to rec for a look at the weather. >> how about this, dave, when we see that there's no american tennis players and we're excited now case, you have three americans in the finals of wimbledon. >> and we desperately need the men's american tennis to get going, let's go roddick. >> i know a couple good juniors out there. guess who is here? it's mily cyrus, do you see this? what's your name? >> stacy. >> you look so much like mily cyrus. >> hannah montana. i think you could make money off of here. >> and the kids are running over right now. >> she's like, yeah, i'm for it. >> and take a look at your weather picture, we've got a very nice start to the day right now, across the northern
8:37 am
tier and the southern tier hot and humid. 77 in dallas and better than you were yesterday because we are going to see more cloud cover and a few showers, and the satellite radar pictures showing all of the moisture in across the mid atlantic and you see that line of storms that stretched out across the tennessee valley right now, that could cross arkansas, parts of oklahoma and texas and that's where it will be, and slowly drift off to the south and continue to bring the rain showers and some thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. across the west, we've got nice conditions up ap down the coast, but it's too hot across the pacific northwest, a good day for the beaches there and tomorrow, we'll see some of that cloud cover move in and we'll start to see the cooler air mass move in, very welcome to bring some of that heat. here is your temperatures for the day. the heat now is across parts of far south texas, areas like san antonio and down around brownsville and temperatures in the triple digits and the triple digits are solidly there in phoenix. clayton, phoenix, 109 today.
8:38 am
>> ouch! >> that's good beach weather. >> great. >> too bad it's landlocked. thanks so much, rick. >> melt your skin off. new details in the michael jackson investigation as dangerous drugs are found in the king of pop's home. who are the doctors who supplied him and will they face criminal charges? we'll debate that next. >>, but first, we have another tribute to our veterans on this 4th of july weekend. >> we were is your rounded by a huge course, 30 degrees below in the valley. 75 below wind chill, all of our forces were under attack and we had to fire out of the perimeter, we were surrounded, but not one complaint or one beef out of those marines, that they were willing to rescue other marines, all for one, one for all.
8:39 am
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8:42 am
since then because it was successful. >> i've got something that will help. >> thank you, guys. >> fair and balanced. >> okay, in the meantime we need to get to some news if you don't mind. we have a michael jackson update because the investigation into michael jackson's death is focusing in great measure on the singer's use of prescription drugs and extremely powerful set tiffs, diprivan was found in his rented mansion where he died along with several narcotics. how did he get such a dangerous drugs and what will happen to the doctor or doctors who supplied him. here are a former defense attorney and a former federal prosecutor. fred, any doctor that provided diprivan, used in the operating room for heart surgery. won't that doctor go to jail? >> he possibly could, alisynment when i prosecuted the case they're called diversions, they're writing prescriptions they're not suppose today be writing. this may be one of them. >> it is one of them. how else could he have gotten
8:43 am
it unless it stole it from a hospital. >> there's allegations that prescriptions written in false and fake names what. bothers me about the case, the doctors get close to the celebrities and put aside their objectivity, they put aside their hippocratic oath all to stay close to these celebrities, worrying if they don't give them what they ask for they're going to be thrown out and someone else will take their place. and mercedes, they do this for money? >> it's amazing they do. certainly, one of his doctors was on staff, essentially, he traveled with him. that's someone who is clearly in it for the money and cast a blind eye to all that was happening. at the time of michael's jackson's death. 112 pounds, nearly 6 feet tall. the sirens should have gone off in the doctor's head, something seriously wrong with this. >> the doctor with him when he collapsed ap apparently tried to administer cpr when the 911 call was made. is there anything that you see that if he wasn't prescribing
8:44 am
jackson the prescriptions, he's not necessarily in trouble? >> no, he wouldn't be necessarily, if he was not the one who was getting the scrips falsely or under fake pretences, but he was a guy who apparently had a lot of financial problems, he was picked by the promoter to take care of this guy, and he was put in a position he was supposed to be watching over jackson, and letting him have the drugs is like giving him a revolver with one bullet in the chamber and going click, click, click. >> i think there's going to an investigation, and there should be, maybe he didn't write the scrip, didn't write the death warrant, but he had a contributing factor and did he deviate from conventional medical practice and frankly, watching your patient waste away to nothing, be emaciated, virtually eat nothing, there was some rumors that michael jackson was anorexic, how could you continue to-- >> this is similar to anna nicole smith where we found out she had the dangerous prescription drugs combination
8:45 am
and what happened to her doctor? well, they've been prosecuted as part of a conspiracy, including the attorney, who was her boyfriend. they've all been prosecuted and should be. no doctor in good conscience could watch this guy take diprivan or demerol, oxycontin, the guy like a chemical waste dump and nobody stood up and said, i'm going to stop this and save this man's life and this is exactly what would happen. >> look at the video on the right-hand side of the screen, the last days of hess life. it's phenomenal he could function like this, still dancing and singing even though he's wasting away and alleged on all the drugs. if he were doctor shopping, if the doctors didn't know that there were so many drugs, could they still be in trouble? >> i think this is an excellent point, aly, where the difference is going to be, who how could we know that this is going on. he's doctor shopping, a through z we wouldn't necessarily know. there's a depository where the
8:46 am
doctors have to register some narcotic drugs and was it due diligence they looked into the registry to see whether he was, for many years they now, michael jackson is known for be-- if you're taking care of the patient should you look at the due diligence and see what he's been registered. >> the d.e.a., drug enforcement administration, has a division, diversion division, and look where the doctors are sending to narcotics and hopefully will be looking into this. >> tragic, so tragic, and see what the toxicology report says. thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> mark sanford, the governor of south carolina, his political career may be over, but can the cheating governor still salvage his marriage? sanford says he's trying to fall in love with his wife again. does that really work? can a person make themselves fall in love?
8:47 am
especially when they claim somebody else is their soulmate? we have two therapists weigh in on that next. and clayton's big surprise. dave and i know what it is. clayton dopt. what do you think is behind that sheet? ♪ [ bottle #1 ] oh hey, hey... there's that mr. clean magic eraser thing again. clean freak. [ bottle #2 ] whoa... is he better than us? uh, i mean, i mean i feel like it took you like three times longer to do whatever he did... dude, dude, he's got...these -- like -- microscrubbers... yeah, i guess... magic man. he's a magic man. what? i just want to be squeezed. [ male announcer ] remove three times more grime per swipe and get this unbeatable clean guaranteed or your money back with the mr. clean magic eraser.
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8:50 am
>> governor mark sanford says his mistress is his soulmate and he's trying to fall back in love with his wife. is it possible to force yourself to love someone especially when you admit your soulmate is someone else? >> dr. keith ablow, joins me now and a doctor is a clinical
8:51 am
psychologist joins us now as well. thanks so much for being here. thank you. >> i want to start with you. >> my pleasure. >> he says he's trying to fall in love with his wife again. in your experience is it possible? >> no, it's not possible to fall in love. you can decide to work on your connection at home, you can decide to be in love in a way that will keep the family together, but to fall in love, no. >> so is that what's happening here dr. ablow, staying together for the children, more what's going to happen as they move forward? >> now, look, i think that's a pessimistic attitude. in my practice, again and again, i've had husbands and wives rediscover what brought them together. look, bottom line is it's very tough to maintain passion in the setting of familiar yart. when you're with someone ten, 20 years, it's hard to have that romantic flame, but it can be rekindled and people can rediscover their values, why they value one another
8:52 am
more than someone else whom they've met with whom they have a deep connection. look, i think the governor is giving america a lesson how you navigate very troubled waters in a marriage and he's doing it i think with raw honesty and i don't know how people know how to cope with it? >> he's giving us a lesson, a lesson in everything not to do. >> listen, i provoked this discussion intentionally. >> from a guy. >> there are millions, there are millions and millions of couples in america right now struggling with the same issue in their marriages, they don't know how to rekindle passion, they may have found someone else, this is an equal opportunity employer now between genders, because women are straying as much as men and let's be honest, we don't give journalists a litmus test and we rely on big name journalists to give us the truth, too. we don't go looking into their marriages, we should not be sniffing around in mark
8:53 am
sanford's marriage. i hope he stays on his-- i hope he repairs his marriage. >>, but hold on a second. we don't keep sniffing around, he keeps giving interviews to the ap and having made statements finding his soulmate in argentina. he says he found his soulmate and admitted that. in your experience and practice, isn't that too strong after tug away from your marriage? >> that's not a tug, that's-- there's not even a word for the verb, right, how he's getting pulled back to argentina and yes, you can rekindle a relationship as long as you have two willing partners. in this case, you have someone who is a top aide and now turned into sort of a wife policeman, and you have someone who is saying very straight forward way, my heart is in argentina and you don't have a willing partnership right now. they should-- >> come on. >> if i had them in front of me you're going to need to separate for a while or for long-term, co-parent well and
8:54 am
admit how you feel about each other. >> what's wrong with that, keith? >> i like the truth, alisyn. the bottom line it's the truth that men and women can have two thoughts at the same time. they can be willing to literally sacrifice both arms to save the single hand of their spouse and yet, be pulled in an incredibly powerful way toward their quote, soulmate. bottom line is reconciling those two realities is the work of marriage and mark sanford is a human being, he can lead through this and he can save his marriage and find out, now what, god forbid my wife were sick i'd still be driving her to the doctor every day so i'm not going back to ba, to buenos aires. >> let me ask you this, when mrs. sanford came out and was independent and did not stand by the governor's side and appeared to walk away from
8:55 am
this. so many women held her up, this is what the women should do when they're entangled in this type of scam. is she setting-- i'm putting it out there, i don't know, is she putting forth an example for other women. >> there's an intellectual and emotional decision. >> intellectual decision she's made is she's going to forgive him whether he's asking for forgiveness or not. emotionally i don't know if she's going to get to that point. we know that if we were in the house and god knows i wouldn't wouldn't to be there right now. she has stood by him in trying to set an example for the people of south carolina. i can stand by my man, can you stand by him, too? and it's because she wants to save his job. if anything she's thinking, he's-- >> i don't know about that. >> foolish and i really need to be the more thoughtful person who's got her head on straight as he's losing his mind a little bit. >> keith, what do you think about her? >> no, not at all.
8:56 am
listen, we would never advise someone we care about, hey you know the way you should select your mate, the person with whom you're most sexually attracted that's it, that's who you pick. bottom line, those people who walk away from marriages because there's an episode of inphi kelt. i question how deep their love and commitment was because these things can be healed. bottom line, there are big things in the world. do you know that this couple wouldn't pay a moment's attention to what has happened here if god forbid one of their kids were ill? this wouldn't be a footnote in the marriage. they'd both be attending to business and reminded of their love and how much their families mean. this is an opportunistic concern, it doesn't go to the roots of what bind them. >> all right. dr. keith ablow and we appreciate you both being here, an intriguing debate. >> a pleasure. >> thanks so much. let's go to clayton what's
8:57 am
coming up on the show. we're following alisyn and dave, the mysterious death of former nfl quarterback steve mcnair from nashville. a live report there. we'll go to south carolina, where we're tracking the latest on a serial killer, another person has been killed, that's five people now, a live report from the town where it's happening and we have been covering the tea parties for you. that's just the tip of the iceberg, coming up we'll meet a man who says all the tea parties we are going to see tax riots, food riots, you name it and we are going to tell yu he's predicting all of tell yu he's predicting all of this when we come back captioned by closed captioning services, inc. and albacore tuna, crab, salmon and ocean fish flavors.
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the color that changes everything. from clairol. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: good evening, everyone -- i mean, good morning, sunday... >> clayton: the show that never stops. >> alisyn: sunday, july 5th, what is happening this hour, we start with the developing story a tragic one, former nfl quarterback, steve mcnair found shot to death in his apartment. we are live on the scene in narville with what police are saying this morning about the shooting. >> dave: clues on where governor palin may be heading next and the governor's lawyer offering a new warning, a stern one, prominent members of the media. >> clayton: coney island has nothing on us... well, dave and i do battle, we'll eat as many hot dogs as joey chestnut did to win the crown, the mustard crown, it is "fox & friends" hot dog eating contest.
9:01 am
>> alisyn: do i have to watch it. >> clayton: you wont want to miss it, alisyn, "fox & friends" the gast nomcally challenged morning show! into good morning, "fox & friends." >> good morning, "fox & friends." >> "fox & friends"... >> alisyn: hold all my calls, please. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining you, i can't wait to see which one of you can power down more hot dogs, i don't know who i will root for now! i can't tell which is this bigger pig. >> clayton: you have to be unbiassed. dave is delicate and lights to eat mints and light things in the morning, i can power down a steak. >> dave: tender tum miss! >> clayton: haves your name in -- >> dave: my name. >> clayton: tender tummy! >> dave: coming up, so much coming out of sarah palin and
9:02 am
things she said on her fies book account and she said she might be headed for a higher calling and what is this higher calling, we'll discuss it. >> alisyn: meanwhile, shocking news from the football world. former titans and ravens quarterback steve mcnair found shot to death inside condo, a 20-year-old woman, not his wife was found dead with him, chris gutierrez joins us now and what are they saying. >> reporter: we learn more today, an autopsy will be performed later today on mcnair and the 20-year-old woman found shot to death inside the condo, 36-year-old steve mcnair dead, sitting on a sofa in the living room, shot multiple times including a shot to the head and 20-year-old -- the 20-year-old with a single gunshot wound to the head and authorities stop short of calling it a murder-suicide, a pistol found by this woman's body, detectives are not looking for any suspects. and mcnair played in the nfl 13 seasons and he was a three-time
9:03 am
pro billy selection and lead co-mvp in '03 and police describe her as mcnair's friend and they apparently met at a dave & buster's restaurant and she was a waitress and what makes the case more intriguing, they were stopped by nashville police on thursday morning, and she, according to police was driving the vehicle registered in her and ms. nch-- mcnair's n and he was a passenger in the vehicle and allowed to take a taxi home and he's married and his wife and children are shocked and saddened by the news as is the city of nashville and the rest of the sports world, by the tragic death of steve mcnair. back to you guys in new york. >> alisyn: thank you. >> clayton: meanwhile, following that story and another tragedy unfolding in south carolina. town of gaffney, south carolina. living in fear as the hunt for a serial killer intensified, yesterday a teenager died, becoming the 5th victim of the killer, joining us from gaffney,
9:04 am
is marianne silber, what can you tell us from gaffney? >> reporter: good morning, clayton, dave and alisyn, over the last week, five people have been killed, three of them were in their homes, right now, police are not saying how they think these killings are connected. but they say they are on the hunt for a male serial killer. look at the composite sketch, what they release and that is what they believe the suspected killer may look like, he's described as a white male, 6'2", 200 pounds, assault and pepper hair, believed in his late 40s and a 5th victim, abbey tyler died yesterday, after she was shot along with her father as this worked in the furniture store and her father was killed and she fought for her life for two days before succumbing to her injuries and happened less than a mile from the sheriffs office where investigators gathered to launch a man hunt after an 83-year-old woman and her daughter worry shot and a 63-year-old farmer was found dead inside his home last week
9:05 am
and fear has gripped the community. and 4th of july plans were put on hold, and people are just afraid to leave their homes. >> not going out alone or playing outside with the children alone. being more wachtel and keeping the lights on at night. >> reporter: police wants people to be on the lookout for the vehicle they believe he's driving, they say a silver early '90s model ford explorer like the one in the picture and, one interesting note, it isn't this first time gaffney had a serial killer, in the late '60s the gaffney strange ler was caught after killing 5 women and not the first time the community has been on edge. >> alisyn: how scary, good thing they have the vehicle description, that will help. >> clayton: brings you back to the rademinder of the d.c. snip shootings. >> alisyn: of course. >> clayton: sketchy details, car, vehicle and the whole community on edge. >> dave: and time to check in on the weather, good morning to rick reichmuth, how does it look across the country.
9:06 am
>> rick: one trouble spot, ridge across the middle of the country, north is very very, nice, northeast yesterday, another one of those days today and problems around d.c., and towards atlanta today, and showers and this is the front that will continue to be draped here, slowly, sagging towards the south and will fall out and make things remain unsettled for the week. but, areas to the south of us today, still extremely hot and humid. unfortunately, we have heat advisories around the new orleans area, as well as over towards houston. and down towards brownsville, texas. so, talking about temperatures around 100, to 105, heated indices, 110 to 115. very, very uncomfortable and this is the bull's-eye of the heated here, and notice these are much nicer, wichita. and look at that, 88 in seattle today, and tomorrow, a big change, dropping to 63 and that's welcome and things down to the south, things will not be as uncomfortable at least tomorrow and then quickly warms
9:07 am
back up, it is july, so summer is here, unfortunately. all right, guys. >> clayton: unfortunately, yes, rick and unfortunately, we're about to take on a big competition, will you be in the hot dog eating contest. >> rick: probably not. >> alisyn: hey, i like your team spirit, thank you, great, wow! >> dave: three time defending champ, joey chest nut, won the coney island hot dog eating con nest three years in a row, won it yesterday with 68 hot dogs, in ten -- >> alisyn: don't show that. observing god. i can't -- >> dave: beat kobayashi once again. >> clayton: processed meat -- >> alisyn: no. no. >> dave: the tiger woods and roger federer of the sport. of competitive eating, he's here on "fox & friends," coming up, this morning. and he'll maybe coach clayton and i how to properly scarf down dogs, a little competition. >> alisyn: is it over? >> dave: allison -- >> clayton: it is totally over. >> alisyn: that is revolting!
9:08 am
apologize if you are eating your cereal now, meanwhile, we also need to talk about what is happening with sarah palin this morning, because, so many people are wondering what is next for the governor of alaska and she's leaving office the end of the month, is she leaving because it's the start of something and she's launching a possible presidential campaign for 2012 or is she leaving for some other less positive reason, as some bloggers in alaska have suggested? >> and she went on her facebook page and twittered, bouncing back and yesterday announced she was resigning and yesterday said this -- >> this that is her lawyer's statement. >> clayton: but she said yesterday she's moving towards and doing it for a higher calling and what in the world does that mean? does that mean, as you think, possibly a higher spiritual calling and wants to go forward with something else? "washington post" thinking maybe she'll move to higher office, a senate seat, perhaps the present
9:09 am
dance in 2012 and senator john mccain speaking out, saying that she will have a leadership role in the g.o.p. and that was a telling commented. >> dave: and e-mailers say maybe she's after michael steele's job, head of the r.n.c. and who knows and the statement we showed about the attorney, concerning the rumors and there is an embezzlement scandal that suggests an indictment is coming down. >> clayton: by a liberal blogger. >> her lawyer says, to the extent several web sites, most notably liberal alaska blogger shan anyone moore are now claiming as fact that governor paint resigned because she is under federal investigation, for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing, we'll be exploring legal option this week to address such defamation and the fbi confirmed there is no investigation into sarah palin in this exposed embezzlement scandal and no in diet on the way, either. >> alisyn: and as a result, now, his -- her lawyer, is saying
9:10 am
they will sue bloggers or media out let's, even big ones, "new york times," "washington post," if they say anything about these possible federal investigations that do not exist. >> clayton: what is this end game? we asked karl rove and thee thought it was a mistake coming out friday, before the 4th of july holiday and sounded odd and if she wants a national platform and status and -- in the long run it was a wrong move for her to come out and leave office, this early, and especially, if she will be running in 2012, that is a long time, and his argument was, if you have the governorship, you have a platform. you have influence and power then to do things, and get your message out there, in a way. so, is she -- >> alisyn: but she suggested all of the negative media attention, that has been focused on her, spotlight on her and her family is drawing away the good work she could be doing and said, i will not put the people of alaska through that and some people think she's falling on the sword and leaving office,
9:11 am
because, it -- too many distracting things and had such star power she has not been able to do the work. >> clayton: and this legal trouble, $500,000, of legal bills that she has, too, only makes $125,000 as governor and maybe leaving office early to pursue speaking engagements. going out and helping the g.o.p. campaign as karl rove said, perhaps to pay off legal debts as well. >> dave: so much to come... some even say the governor acted just like president reagan. -- acts just like president reagan and does she? we'll ask michael reagan, nationally send indicated talk show host, coming up next. >> clayton: and the big reveal coming up... what is under this sheet in you have surprised me, old on a second, there is something hid in and you will show me, i don't know what this is. >> alisyn: it will be your favorite surprise ever and he predicts things and normally predict great trends. >> i sent him outside to help me with the prediction and he predicts all this trends and
9:12 am
cannot speak, he's busy with his psychic powers trying to tell me what is under the sheet. gerald... >> alisyn: what are you picking up. >> clayton: tap in using the vulcan mind meld... >> dave: you could just lift the sheet! [laughter] yes. ( thump ) yes. ( thumps ) yes, yes... and yes. so you really do have america's largest push to talk coverage area. yes. ok, we're going to need a lot more darts... ...and a new map. switch to verizon wireless owner of the nation's largest push to talk network coverage area and the most reliable voice network in america. activate push to talk and get this great deal.
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9:15 am
>> alisyn: bombshell, political news, sarah palin has chosen to end her first term as alaska's governor rather abruptly and when looking for possible motivations, some are comparing her to former president ronald reagan. >> clayton: we are joined by radio talk show host and son of former president ronald reagan, michael reagan, thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning! >> clayton: this inevitable distinction, comparison, being drawn between sarah palinic taking the time off and what your father, did taking time off in fact to go and listen to people and learn how to grab his speaking skills and come back with a great movement into the political arena. do you buy that? is that what she is doing here no well, if she is doing it for political reasons, it is not a smart move at all. i was with sarah palin a
9:16 am
month-and-a-half ago, and she asked me, do you know the good guys from the bad guys in politics and i said, yes, i do know the good guys and the bad guys and she said can i call you and we talked about the fact that i felt she was getting batted from whomever was in fact advising her and if she is leaving for personal reasons, because of the family, all right. but, if she is doing it for political reasons, i think she's making terribly this wrong move, ronald reagan finished out both terms and showed he could be reelected as governor of the state of california and then went onto run for the presidency, in 1976 and 1980 and i suggested to her lieutenant governor, the other day, if she wants to be serious, she should run for re-election, help build the republican party, and in the in 2016, won't have to in fact announce she's going to run, if she does her job as a party builder. and they will want her to run of the presidency of the u.s. >> dave: but to her credit she says she's concerned about the issues facing the country, not
9:17 am
simply those issues facing alaska. and so if she want to get out there, the president's message, raise money for the party, and wouldn't that do more help for the party than would being governor of alaska, as she calls it a lame duck governor? >> yeah, but what happens is, as soon as she steps down, as governor, she no longer has the star power, as being reelected governor of the state of alaska and doesn't have the power that she had as governor of the state. she's now just sarah palin, the governor who resigned, and didn't finish her job in alaska. and other people within the party will just eat her up and throw her away and may be good for short-term but the long term it will not work for her. >> alisyn: michael, interesting, that you said you spent time with her a couple of weeks ago, up in alaska. and you didn't think she was getting the best advice. who was advising her? it sounds as though, even though those closest to her didn't know she was going to do it and her brother said he didn't know she
9:18 am
was going to leave office. who is advising her. >> i tell you, i wish i knew. i talked to her brother the night i was there and i was in alaska giving a speech, to a thousand people and she introduced me at that event and we talked to her brother and to the people who speak for her up there and speak to sarah palin and to her husband. and i thought for a long time she was getting bad advice and going on television and talking about things she didn't need to talk about and should have gone back and been governor of the state. and i think in some ways, the star power from the presidency run or vice presidential run, has affected her. just because somebody sticks a microphone in your face doesn't always mean you have to answer the question. and i think she got to a point she was always answering the questions and staying in the news, i think she is better off backing away from news and being the governor of the state, and moving forward and decided not do that and i think it is a bad political move. >> "the new york times"'s cover story says there is a rift in
9:19 am
the republican party and we hear all over the place there is no rift but you look at the leaders that is where this rift. >> chris: you don't hear anything from president george w. bush on this or his father and now, finally heard something from john mccain on sarah palin, is there a rift, specifically over sarah palin? >> well, no, not really. what is ha happening now is they are looking for a leader, someone to lead the charge and here's the problem with conservatives. i am wouldn't. we're always looking for -- a am one and we're looking for the person to lead the parties and liberals have an ideology and that is what leads them and we are looking for the next ronald reagan and we need to look for the next leader and if we are looking for ronald reagan he passed away a few years ago and the reality of it is, it greats we had him as president of the united states of america but we need to remember what high did and move on and find somebody who will lead us into the future and now, i think probably the only leader the pare has is probably newt gingrich. >> dave: michael reagan, appreciate your thoughts, thank for being here.
9:20 am
>> alisyn: thanks, michael. >> clayton: coming up, all americans over the country are letsing off steam at tea parties like these. take a look. but these protests could be the tip of the iceberg, we'll explain why. >> alisyn: and winner of the hot dog eating contest just arrived. eating up all the food in the greenroom and gearing up for ore "fox & friends" wiener challenge! you heard me! >> hide the wieners! how 'bout a laundry day you can look forward to? trading up to appliances that work hard... and taking advantage of lowered prices that are loaded with freebies-- like free delivery and free haul away that are hassle-free. maybe all that will make those big purchases - feel less big. - ♪ oh yeah! more saving. more doing. - that's the power of the home depot. - ♪ oh oh oh yeah!
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9:23 am
sid: [laugh] ha ha, no, stop, stop. >> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends." look at your screen there, foot riot, tax protests, strikes and high unemployment across your screen, could characterize our economic future, according to our next guest. >> alisyn: the trend president obama is setting now, to fix the
9:24 am
economy will drive us in toy a diaper depression, so says joel pawlenty, the founder of trends research institute and calls it "obamageddon" and joins us now and let us fill the audience in on other things you are predicting homeless uprisings, tent cities, ghost malls. boss-nappings, gang warfare, why so apock limitedic. >> current events form future trends and look at the unemployment numbers, there is this effective unemployment rate and they give you the official unemployment rate and when you look at people who are no longer looking for work and people with part-time work and also people looking for work and cannot find any, the effective unemployment rate is 18.7%. >> alisyn: much higher than 9.5. >> and let's remember the obama administration said that unemployment would top out at 8%, in 2009. and, 9% in 2010.
9:25 am
and, the official unemployment rate is 9.5 and this is worse than people -- people know in their hearts, they are getting a fake message from the outside. >> clayton: you all it "obamageddon" which we could see by 201 and the rest of the world could call it the greatest depression, when we look at the great depression we know what happened and you think it was the -- it will be worse. why. >> the facts. most people didn't own homes during the great depression and were not $14 trillion in debt, they didn't have credit cards. the government had trade surpluses, we also had budget surpluses and weren't $11.5 trillion in debt. the government is obligated, catch this number, for each household according to a u.s.a. today study, $546,000 of government obligation per household with the debt and all the other -- >> clayton: we'll get into that.
9:26 am
>> alisyn: but, yet, the stock market is doing much better than it was, when it dipped below 8,000 a couple of months ago. why don't you see that as promising. >> it is so down from, what, 14,000. >> alisyn: but, seems you ignore anything promising and the job numbers are better than expected. is there no beacon of light anywhere? >> let's say it -- it doesn't equal more better. we cannot print our way out of the problem, we need to reduce the capacity and you cannot print money out of thin air backed by nothing and producing practically nothing and india is talk about, we wanted to reserve currency tying in with china and russia, bailing out our butts and know what is going on. >> clayton: this is where people have been e mailing and does gerald have a book, no, but has the trends research journal and you can go there, and sign up and get all of the information you guys are working on, gerald, thanks for joining us. >> alisyn: you scare me but we like having you on.
9:27 am
thanks a lot. >> tough talk. >> clayton: coming up on the show, the hottest ticket in town, fans find out today, whether they are going to michael jackson's memorial service on tuesday. can you predict if i'll go... what can they expect when they get here, we'll have a live report from the staples center, straight ahead. >> a quick look at the weather outside. >> i have bad news for you, i think these things were cooked two days ago. >> clayton: oh, no! >> rick: i nice day for the hot dog eating competition across the northeast and there are problems in the south, i'll tell you about that, coming up, stay with us. ( hip-hop music playing )
9:28 am
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9:30 am
>> here, folks, is a wonderful shot of the morning, bottled water company, evian turning to future olympic athletes in a new ad, check it out here, you wonder how long they trained for this? look at these babies!
9:31 am
so skilled on skates! >> trained let really weeks. >> clayton: i don't know if i would buy that, look at the baby fat on them, i don't think they can do this. >> air naekt sound. >> clayton: i don't think the video is real. >> dave: i think it is legit! what makes you think it's not real. >> clayton: the skates. >> i love it, they are adorable. that is really cute! >> dave: thanks for that. >> clayton: good morning to you, 1.6 million people applied tor tickets to michael jackson's memorial service in los angeles and will be quite a day on tuesday, joining us from the staples center, is casey siegel with a -- casey steegel with a preview of the memorial service. >> reporter: today is this big day, a lot of days people have been waiting for, 8700 people are going to get a very special e-mail in their inbox, an e-mail telling them they have been
9:32 am
selected to attend what some are billing the event of a lifetime, of course, michael jackson's memorial service, for tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m. here in downtown l.a., at the staples center. but, of course, not everyone signed up to witness history. a handful of people had other things in mind, like, making a quick buck, already, people are trying to scalp their tickets on sites like ebay and craigslist, and some offers going for thousands of dollars. pretty wild when you consider these ticket are being given out for free and the event organizers say they cannot control how people manage their second tickets an wristbands, because, remember, everyone gets two. in the meantime, a logistical nightmare, starting to unfold in downtown l.a. look at this map, the area in red will be completely shut down on tuesday. streets closed, talking about main arteries, here, and an area with 25,000 parking spots, more than 27 acres, keep in mind, l.a. is the second largest city in the country.
9:33 am
a half a million people alone, work downtown. as you can imagine, an event of this magnitude, could cripple the downtown area much of the morning, especially when you consider more than 1.2 million registered for the tickets. that is the same number of people who attended the inauguration of president lyndon johnson back in 1965. a little interesting fact there for you. also, of course the other big news, happening downtown tomorrow, not far from where i am standing, the court hearing where a judge will decide who gets temporary control of michael jackson's estate. an estate estimated at a value of more than $500 million. the jackson family expected to be in that court hearing tomorrow, we, of course will be there as well. so, a lot of stuff going on today, tomorrow, and tuesday. for the event. we'll bring it here, and be here and bring it all to you, live, guys. >> clayton: casey, thanks for covering all of the angles for us.
9:34 am
>> alisyn: thanks, and headlines for you, let me tell you what is happening, the "fox news alert," iran released a washington times journalist, the journalist being held since june 23rd, the reporter, was arrested as he tried to leave the country and meanwhile, iran's senior group of cleric is directly challenging the ayatollah, calling the election a sham. the group says iran's guardian council ignored evidence of fraud. and we'll keep you posted as that develops and the first picture from the monorail accident this morning at disney world, two collided with each other and the driver of one of the trains was killed. the other driver was taken to the hospital. with reportedly minor injuries. they were only a handful of tourists on board at the time and none was injured. a ground breaking speech from one of the biggest figures in american christianity, pastor rick warren, speaking to muslims, and told the islamic society of north america the two largest states on the planet
9:35 am
must -- faiths must work together to fight stereotypes and solve worldwide problem and he was criticized by fellow evangelicals for this speech. harry potter's star, is recovering from a mild bout of swine flu, and he is 20 and plays ron weasley and took a few days away from filling the next movie but has been able to return to work. former president george w. bush celebrated the 4th of july in oklahoma. and more than 9,000 people turned out to hear mr. bush speak. joining us now from washington is caroline shivley, tell us about this event. >> reporter: sure, the theme of his speech was patriotism and bravery. and talked about soldiers, and students and victims of katrina who displayed great courage and also spoke about the men who signed the declaration of independence. >> they did the right thing. even when it was hard. they did the brave thing, even when it was risky. they did the noble thing, each
9:36 am
when many others would not. >> reporter: this was this biggest audience he has spoken to since leaving audience and was held at a rodeo arena, and the mayor's count, half the number showed up to hear the speech and "the associated press" described the town of a middle of nowhere oil field town and mr. bush said, no wonder i feel so comfortable here, i was born in midland texas and talked about moving home from d.c. to texas and said to his wife, laura, he was free at last. >> she said, yeah, you are free to take out the garbage! and free to mow the lawn and i said, wait a minute, you are talking to the former president. and she said, well, consider that your new domestic policy agenda! >> reporter: he detailed what it is like to watch the national fireworks from the truman balcony of the white house, the majestic, beautiful sight and said i.t. being at a rodeo, though, in oklahoma is pretty darned good. >> alisyn: good stuff. thanks very much, those are your
9:37 am
headlines, at this hour. >> dave: time to peek -- did you have news wanted to add. >> clayton: a number of news reports we are following and a number of different sources reporting this, everyone from the examiner to the "denver post," on and on and on reporting that michael jackson apparently made an overture to the octo mom, nadya suleman to buy her children and take care of them and has been confirmed from a number of sources, from her publicist who says he called and asked they would not need of anything, he'd take care of them and they turned him down. >> dave: he was -- would take them away from her not just finance -- >> alisyn: interesting. you know, i question, her publicist's information, but that is certainly a distinct twist. >> clayton: according to britain's mirror newspaper, one -- one of many sources, and her former publicist, victor munoz a month before his death, called to inquire about this babies. unbelievable. >> dave: a big surprise from clayton and now a big surprise
9:38 am
for clayton coming up on the show. about 20 minutes we'll present something to you, that i told you was 6 ft. 8" and another clue, 9:37 eastern time, it is 200 years old. 200 years old, in a matter of speaking. >> alisyn: this is quite a riddle! >> clayton: we've had people e-mailing wondering what this is. and rick is outside with it. >> alisyn: do you think it will be your favorite president ever. >> dave: it is not a -- not a spaceship. >> clayton: someone said a giant marvel comic book character i can put in my house. >> alisyn: it's possible. rick is keeping an eye on it outside. how is it looking? >> rick: um ... it is still there. >> clayton: good! >> rick: looks like it is shorter than it was... >> clayton: is it ice cream? >> rick: do you like ice cream. >> clayton: i like ice cream. >> alisyn: maybe.
9:39 am
>> rick: we'll call it ice cream. look at the weather picture, find out here, right now, the weather could affect your surprise. but not really, because it is nice. new york city, warmer down to the south, 77 in dallas, and you will be a little bit better today, certainly than you were and rain showers and the satellite/radar picture you can see, the front that raced across areas of mid-atlantic down towards the southeast, and back to -- across parts of the southern plains and the front will slowly drop towards the south throughout the day and bring you showers and windy conditions at times, and maybe a little bit of localized flooding and a few area could see downpours and florida, some showers in the afternoon and anywhere to the south of the front, hot and humid, and across the west, very dry and in fact dry towards seattle and extremely warm across the pacific northwest. and that will end tomorrow. fortunately, and, today is the last day to get out to the beach, the pacific northwest and also, showers will be firing into the four corns area, once the daylight comes out and
9:40 am
things are heating up again and temperature wise, all of the heat across parts of south texas and the pacific northwest and the trouble spots, phoenix is, 109 today, where you should be this time of year. head back to you inside night thanks, when jenin ger ralph low called tea party people red next and racist -- necks and racist. >> still, some invited her to the tea party and we find out if she showed up next. >> alisyn: and a tribute to our veterans on this 4th of july weekend. >> i was on the hill with 473 vietnamese rangers and four americans. our mission was to find the enemy. then it was rpg significance an grenades and we were surrounded and i knew i did my job to the best of my ability. this award is not mine. this award belongs to four americans, and 473 vietnamese rangers.
9:41 am
i'm the caretaker of it. 4l want to know how fast it took my stiff joints to feel better?
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9:43 am
information coming into the fox newsroom at least 16 people were injured in indiana, late last night, when a suspension bridge collapsed into a lake. spectators were leaving a 4th of july fireworks display at hidden lake park in merrillville, indiana at around 10:00 p.m. last night and the 90-foot-long
9:44 am
wooden bridge was jammed with people, before it fell and you can see the aftermath, here, this is the video just coming into our newsroom, witnesses report hearing two snaps, before everyone went into the water. people had to hang onto the bridge while dive teams helped pull people out of the water and happened about 45 miles southeast of chicago. no deaths have been reported. dozens, though, were injured, and they were taken to area hospitals, for treatment, we'll keep you posted on their condition. >> dave: thanks, americans hosted a second round of tea parties and the protest of massive government spending and who can forget janeanne garofalo calling the protesters a bunch of racist red necks. >> let's be honest about what it is about, not about bashing democrats and not about taxes, they have no idea what the boston tea party was about and it is about hating a black man in the white house and that is racism straight up and that is nothing but a bunch of [bleeped]
9:45 am
red necks. >> dave: despite these ignorant comments she was invited to a tea part in dallas and not surprisingly, did not show. and joining us from dallas, the organizer who invited her, katrina pearson, and good morning to you. i guess no surprise janeanne garofalo did not show up. >> no, dave, no surprise. >> dave: what was yesterday all about for you? and those who did gather for the tea party? >> i guess -- yesterday was about two things, celebrating our independence, and, kind of redeclaring it for ourselves during these times. >> dave: and i understand that you did not wanted to leth elected officials or governor rick perry there. why not? >> well, this is really a grassroots movement, and i think a lot of people are just tired of hearing politicians talk, because there is no action. we want to be represented as conservatives. and the point we find a conservative that will represent us, maybe one day we'll let them
9:46 am
speak and for now, the movement is for the people and by the people and this is it. >> dave: you have you are conservatives and i heard many other organizers of tea parties who say they do not wanted to be connected with -- wanted to be connected with either political party and are you saying you want it to be affiliated with the republican party as conservatives? >> oh, no. we are an all-party affiliation and by conservative, i mean fiscal responsibility and not conservative, i.e. republican pare, not at all. >> dave: tell me how the heat might have affected the party. it was north of 100 degrees. >> and it was and people came and went and it was very hot and we tried to get a good estimate at midnight and based on the number of cars, we had about 37,000, in attendance. >> dave: where do you go from here, what is next? >> well, moving forward, we are planning to hit this ground
9:47 am
pretty hard and have a neighborhood coordinating program which extends outside of texas and will put things together for people who do not have time to get out and volunteer or be active and will provide mechanisms for people to use, on their own. >> dave: is there a wobz or anything where people -- a web site or anything where people can find information on the mutual. >> absolutely. you can sign up at and you will receive all the information, and i highly suggest you get on the list, we are having big news come out the next couple of weeks. >> dave: thanks for joining us, katrina. have a good day. >> thank you. >> dave: outside to alley with a look at what is coming up on the program. what is happening. >> alisyn: you know what is coming up, the long awaited "fox & friends" hot dog eating contest and joey chestnut the world champion is here to give dave and clayton tips for how to consume this pile of the hot dogs! in two minutes, this is what these guys will be consuming!
9:48 am
. where did my goat go? well, it went to a family who really needed it. just like the heifer cow i used to have, and the water buffalo-- which was really too big for my place anyway. but why send livestock? why not...tractors? because giving an animal is like giving someone a small business-- all that wool, the milk, the eggs... turn into income ... for medicine, school, clothing, a better home, a sustainable livelihood. it even produces... fertilizer for crops. and of course, it makes more livestock ... 'cause animals make baby animals - that's what they do. next thing you know, the family you gave your gift to is "passing on the gift" of the animal's offspring to another family who does the same thing... and so on and so on until, pretty soon, you've helped lift an entire community out of poverty.
9:49 am
all with your gift to heifer international.
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9:51 am
>> all right, welcome back, to "fox & friends." you know, wimbled3 >> all right, welcome back, to "fox & friends." you know, wimbledon going on today, those prize awarded but that is nothing compared to the mustard belt that was given out, yesterday, every 4th of july this, year, same guy, won the last two years. >> joey chestnut! congratulations! [cheers and applause]. >> clayton: joey, how are you feeling today? ate 68 hot logs stasterday, how do you feel. >> i'm moving around and feeling lethargic. >> dave: the world record in 10 minutes and people ask me, why can he do we good at this and you expect enormous people to be
9:52 am
wolfing down 68 dogs. >> and i'm not kidding, i packed on this pounds, but it is just getting, getting used to your body and knowing the way your bound works. >> alisyn: and here's two rookies and i'll be the master 0 ceremonies for their hot dog eating contest and the first one, what tips do you have for them. >> getting into a rate im and not trying to swallow more than you would normally, just swallow a little faster. >> ut!ayton: the technique, you grab one and do you put condiments or relish on it. >> i do is dump the burn in warmer water and allows it to go down easy and i don't know if you will do it, but -- >> dave: you won $10,000 and the mustard belt for the third straight year and my question is how do you prepare for the event and train, not like you are hitting the weight room and running ten miles around -- >> a different kind of weight room and i fast for three,
9:53 am
three-andren-half days and do a practice contest and get my body to be absolutely empty, to 100% ãapull. >> asedsyn: and you have this song, are you feeling good? >> we have to admit, we are a little -- >> alisyn: i'll be counting. >> clayton: we're a bit 0 -- a couple of wuses here and, and we decided we'll do our own competition. >> alisyn: where are the hats, protective headwear. >> a plate of cocktail weenies instead. >> dave: are these well cooked. >> asedsyn: here we go, everybody. >> i need mustard. >> this minute on the clock. a minute on the clock, please. >> dave: is it on the clock there. >> ut!ayuld n: ho do you think l pull it off. >> look at him, he's alreaund reaund. >> this the dogs, disappear.
9:54 am
3... gentlemen, in 3, 2, 1 -- begin eating! >> oh, staah. are you swallowing these. >> drink water. >> this a lead on him. >> clayton: oh, gosh! >> throw it away! >> this >> eelm not getting near him. >> you got it, man. we got it. ! >> te othink dave won! >> hg.s eating voluntarily and doing it voluntarily and so far ahead. that i think you are going to -- 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
9:55 am
>> drink the water! % lheers and applause]. >> davehim. dave, congratulations! i want to presented you with the booby prize, you got the boorin prize, for only eating one hot dog! >> clayton: i think i got two do3 c and it is disgusting! thank you! >> you scared me, man! >> i thought he was going to die. letyour go to rick. >> alisyn: toss it to rick. which itod sure you could do â..ette-- >> asedsyn: rick is eating. >> you guys have been -- >> rick, what is going on? >> rick: what's up? >> coming up -- okay. >> clayton: i'm listening to what they are telling me. >> the surprise is also delicious and we'll have it for you, when we ces e back and mor joey chestnut! >> alisyn: you don't have to have any more now, the contest
9:56 am
is over. >> ut!ayton: oh! ( thump ) yes. ( thumps ) yes, yes... and yes. so you really do have america's largest push to talk coverage area. yes. ok, we're going to need a lot more darts... ...and a new map. switch to verizon wireless owner of the nation's largest push to talk network coverage area and the most reliable voice network in america. activate push to talk and get this great deal. trading up to appliances that work hard... and taking advantage of lowered prices that are loaded with freebies-- like free delivery and free haul away that are hassle-free. maybe all that will make those big purchases - feel less big. - ♪ oh yeah! more saving. more doing. - that's the power of the home depot. - ♪ oh oh oh yeah! save 10 percent on appliances of $398 or more from brands like ge, maytag and lg.
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listen, that beret is really not hot. i am all roots and no time. i gotta run. no running! let's touch-up those roots in 10 minutes! root touch-up fixes roots or grays that pop up between regular colorings. i feel so much better. root touch-up by nice 'n easy. your right color. >> alisyn: welcome back, clayton, i >>s your lucky day, a big surprise, combines everything you love in the world. do yoclohave asur idea what it ? behind this curtain. >> clayton: i thought, hat to be ses ething edible. >> this >> clayton: and i don't know what else to do, ytonestly, people have e-mailed in. >> dave: it is 6'8" and the top part actually, no -- the tyoc ht no longer exists and has been kngo,ked off and eaten by our
9:59 am
crew. >> clayton: i think i know what this is. >> this >> clayton: the top hat, they didn't bring it -- >> dave: 200 years olote >> clayton: the cheese, abraham lincoln? >> ales and love cheese. >> carved for the 4th of july and we brought it tor clayton morris and that was at -- abe lincoln is actually 200 years old and this cheese, you know, go ahead and dig in. it is fine. >> alisyn: troy, the -- did you accompany abe and how d e- you o et. >> this is big cheese, and here to celebrate lincoln's bicentennial. ãapor cheese it. >> ut!ayuld n: can we eat night sure. what happened to his top hat. >> celebrating 4th of _- >> clayton:


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