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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 5, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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disney security uniform were guarding the station preventing visitors from approaching the area. orange county sheriff officials investigating what could have caused that crash. >> eric: on this sunday morning, alaska governor sarah palin offering new clues about her future plans. this after her sudden and controversy decision that took everybody by surprise. hello. i'm eric shawn. >> i'm jamie colby. it's what everybody is talking about. welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. great to have you with us. her abrupt resignation announcement, governor palin using her facebook page to shed new light on her next step and hinting we could learn more in the near future. molly henneberg live in washington following all of the developments. good morning. >> well, good morning, jamie. >> great to see you. certainly republicans are a bit perplexed by this.
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what are they saying? >> perplexed is the right word. more than a bit curious to see if her gamble works. if she does want to run for president, does this decision to resign help her? a potential g.o.p. opponent in 2012 calls the decision risky and the republican political strategist says it raise as expectations for palin and will not thwart the media's pursuit. listen to this. >> it's not clear what her strategy here is. by exiting the governor shopship two-and-a-half years to term and putting herself on national stage she may not be prepared to operate in. >> nobody knows if it will pay off. even if she got off primarily because of feeling of being chased, it's not going to stop if she continues in politics. >> huckabee there said he's not sure if he will run in 2012 but he did run in 2008. palin's lieutenant governor who will succeed her in a couple of weeks sean parnell said the time out of office
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will give palin time to figure out the next step and "further her core values." >> interesting, because even she said she was surprised by the announcement. many people were. do we have any sense today on what the former governor palin will be doing next? >> right. well, she says she feels a higher calling to reach out to people and spread conservative values. palin wrote on her facebook site, "i am now looking ahead and how we can advance this country together with our values of less government intervention, greater energy independence, stronger national security, and much needed fiscal restraint." jamie, there are some reports that palin may be pursuing some sort of national tv talk show. we don't know what the next step is for her yet. >> jamie: we know that she mentioned a number of things in her talk about her family and the legal expenses and how much time he has spent defending her reputation
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there. were a lot of liberal blogger mostly saying something else is going to be announced. some investigation, which the alaska f.b.i. says no way, there is no investigation. what do r are you hearing? >> there is always speculation when a politician arranges a hastily called press conference and resigns from his or her position. palin gave no indication of whatsoever in the press conference. her lawyer says he knows of no criminal investigation of her and threatening legal actions against bloggers writing what he calls fraudulent claims. if there another shoe to drop? no indications yet. >> jamie: we'll talk more about it. holsinger, than molly henneberg, thank you so much. i've seen this special, it's palin machine an american woman. it will include the successor, mike huckabee and also karl rove on the fox news channel.
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don't miss it. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> eric: serious questions in washington this morning after senate democrats announced they cut cost and expanded coverage in their revised plan to nationalize healthcare. how did they manage that tricky bit of accounting? critics suggest that the so-called new plan only looks cheaper because it leaves the cost of having medicaid covered billions of uninsured americans out of it. what does it mean for debate and our healthcare coverage? john goodman is the head of the national center for policy analysis, based in dallas. but this morning dr. goodman joins us from miami. good to see you. welcome. >> glad to be with you. >> eric: i don't understand the numbers. i think i'm like most americans, i can't figure this out. one day it's a trillion dollars for healthcare under the new plan. now it's been cut almost in half. is this hocus-pocus magic focus? what are they doing? >> the heads began to swim with all the numbers coming out of washington. i don't think any costs have been lowered.
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i think costs are being shifted. they're being shifted from the government to employers and to employees and as you said earlier over to medicaid. there is no free lunch. last year, there were a number of independent analysts who said if you want to reform the system the way barack obama wants to reform it, it will cost $1.5 trillion over ten years and you will only insure half the uninsured. i don't think that's changed. >> eric: basicallious think the numbers still stand and it won't insure everyone in the country. >> a good way to think about that the average employer plan costs $12,000. in terms of wages that's $6 an hour. if you tell the employers you have to cover everybody, we're going to have massive layoffs, eradicate whole industries like fast food. if you tell the employer you have to pay half of it, the employee has to pay the other half, you'll still have a lot of unemployment but millions of people will have less take-home pay. if you do the third thing,
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shift the cost to the government, off huge burden for taxpayers. >> eric: do you really think if business is saddled with it, it will cost massive layoff and decimate industries? like you mentioned the fast food industry. >> well, think about it, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. if you tell employers on top of that, you have to spend an extra $6, employees are not producing that much and not worth that much to the employer and the market. i would think millions would be unemployed. the congress is not going to want to do that so to keep from doing it they have to shift people to medicaid or huge federal subsidiaries. >> eric: what do you think we'll see in the end? a lot of americans are confused. senate plan, a house, plan, another house plan. you can't get through all the numbers. what does it mean to us? can we keep our doctor? will we be insured? will we get 80% reimbursement
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or will it be one whole mess? >> i think there will be a bill and a bad bill and it will mean gradugradually over te more and more people will lose employer coverage and go in a special market created and regulated by the federal government where the federal government will determine what kind of insurance you have and how much you have to pay for it. then through time, they've already said they want to start interfering with the way doctors make decisions and the way they practice medicines. essentially the government -- >> eric: that may not be a fair characterization, interfering. they'll have government plans. but will they take our health insurance away in your view? how does it work? >> no. the president said and all of his top advisors said the reason for rising cost is the way doctors are practicing medicine and they said we want to get doctors around the country to practice medicine the way the low spending doctors practice spe spending medicine. fewer cat scans, fewer mris,
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fewer tests. i think they'll take vigorous action to change the way doctors are practicing medicine. >> it's in the senate now. what is the website you have? it's caused a controversy. >> it's where everyone can go and sign petition to register views on how you feel about this. >> eric: a lot of people have heated views and it's complicated and confusing as we sort through this. we hope for the best. dr. john goodman, based in dallas. today in miami. thank you for joining us on sunday morning. jamie? >> jamie: former washington, d.c. mayor marion berry is in trouble with the law again. they're arresting berry on charges of stacking a woman in washington park on saturday. he's charged with misdemeanor stacking. he's been released. no court date set yet. barry's other running-in with the law was a 1990 sting
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where he was caught on tape smoking crack cocaine in hotel room. he served six months in prison and regained the mayor's office for fourth term in 1994. today, police are searching for a motive trying to figure out what happened in the fatal shooting of nfl quarterback steve mcnair. the former tennessee titan found dead on saturday shot multiple times in a nashville apartment. at his side, a 20-year-old woman. here is a picture of her. also dead with a single gunshot wound to the head. chris gutierrez is live in nashville with the latest. chris, what are investigators saying today? >> we learned that later today an autopsy will be performed on both of the bodies. we have also learned from authorities that they have stopped short of calling this a murder-suicide, really, and we also have learned that they are not out actively looking for suspects. so the circumstances that we can confirm is the fact that mcnair was found sitting on a sofa in a living room of a
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downtown condo with multiple gunshot wounds. the 20-year-old was lying on the floor with a single gunshot wound to the head. authorities also recovered a pistol near her body. >> jamie: tragic. do they know yet what the relationship was between the two? i've seen reports it was a condominium apartment that he had frequented. have you heard that? >> i haven't been able to confirm that. we know that according to authorities that they are friends. they apparently met at a downtown dave & busters restaurant in nashville, tennessee, and has known each other for a while. but what is intriguing is the two were pulled over in a vehicle thursday morning at 1 sthe 1:30 in the morning. authorities say they were registered in a vehicle registered in both of their names. according to police, kezemi was arrested for driving under the influence, but mcnair was allowed to leave the scene in a taxi. >> jamie: i'm curious about
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the reaction in the community and any word from his family? >> people are shocked. he was a legendary sports figure for the state of tennessee, especially in nashville. three-time pro-bowl selection for the national football league. he was a co-mvp of the league in 2003. he shared it with payton manning. off the field, he's a husband and a father. his wife mechels shocked and saddened as well as their children. like the rest of the sports world, trying to figure out why and how it happened. >> jamie: kris gutierrez live in nashville. keep us posted. >> you bet. >> eric:in a few hours fans of michael jackson will learn if they were chosen for the memorial service. the online lottery is sparking a frenzy. more than 1.5 million signed up for 17,500 tickets. the jackson memorial will be held on tuesday at the staples center in los angeles. this comes as sources say there could be an ongoing
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investigation of five doctors who may have prescribed prescription drugs to the king of pop. casey stegall live in los angeles with the latest. bring us up to date on the sudden investigation? >> yeah, eric, even though we're talking a lot about the memorial service planned for tuesday. we have to keep in mind the official cause of death has not been rule and made official yet, because we're waiting on the results of the toxicology reports. remember, the day after the king of pop died, the l.a. county coroner's office conducted an autopsy. they said it would take six or eight weeks before the toxnology reports came in. the next day, michael jackson's family ordered an independent autopsy with with hopes of getting the result much faster. the toxicology reports he tell us what prescription medications michael jackson was taking and how much he was taking. we know by now from the reporting of the last ten days or so that it has been a laundry list of drugs. in fact, we have seen evidence bags of pill bottles
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carried out of the homes in holmby hills near beverly hills where michael jackson had been staying. the dea entered the investigation including representatives at the state attorney general office. those people are coming in and will talk to all of his doctors and verify the prescriptions were legit. the pill bottles are just like those that you and i get. it has the doctor's name printed on the bottle. to zo the dea will track that and trace that. they'll go talk to doctors and find out why they were prescribing some of the meds for michael jackson. diprovan one of them. we know it was carried out of the home. it's a powerful anesthetic used in clinical setting at hospital and dental offices to put people under for surgery. so why was it in michael jackson's homes? questions we need answers to. >> eric: there are reports he had trouble sleeping, insome mia and he asked -- insomnia and asked a nurse to bin
11:14 am
jected with this powerful stuff. here is a question. some of the viles we have, just like the ones we have at home, some are empty. some don't have names on them. some the labels were taken off. in other cases like anna nicole smith it took two years to make a case there, two doctors charged in connection to her prescription drug taking. any sense how long this investigation could take? and what the next step is in it? >> well, eric, i'm glad you make the parallel with anna nicole smith, because a representative with the dea told fox news that, that this was a very similar investigation. so that is really anyone's guess at this point in terms of how long it is going to last. we know the case down in florida took an awfully long time. if you talk about the cases, michael jackson is even bigger than anna nicole smith and it could take time because they have to get the evidence and the information together in case it could make its way to court. one reason why the toxicology
11:15 am
court takes so long from a government agency. the l.a. county coroner for example, because there is a lot of chain of custody that has to be completed. a lot of pape aerwork to gather all -- paperwork to gather the evidence in case it would go to court. this is not over. we'll hear so much about the memorial coming up on tuesday. i think michael jackson is still going to continue to make headlines for weeks to come. >> it's a tragic case, if indeed it was prescription abuse. we will probably learn more about that coming up with the memorial. casey stegall live in los angeles outside the staples center. thank you. jamie? >> jamie: a fourth of july celebration and it turned deadly. what happened on a field that killed one man and sent dozens to the hospital? next. >> eric: alaska governor sarah palin. man, oh, man, is she taking heat. have you heard what they're saying about her this morning? just pick up the "new york times." well, she's firing back. how the former republican v.p. is taking on her critics. travel, stress, eating on the run.
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ú?ú?ú?ú?ccú?÷y÷yn guaranteed or your money back with the mr. clean magic eraser. >> eric: sadly a lightning strike turned a fourth of july celebration if florida into tragedy. it hit the property of baptist church in central florida that happened in lakeland, southwest of
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orlando. 100 parishioners enjoying the holiday at the time. one person died from the lightning strike. two dozen others were injured. at least 19 of them were taken to hospitals for treatment. >> jamie: and this is a fox news alert. a new message from alaska governor sarah palin, just moments ago. a twitter message to her supporters. here is what she writes. "critics are spinning, so hang in there, as they feed false information on the right decision made, as i enter my last year in office to not run again." what can we make of all of this? joining me now the associate editor of the "washington examiner in," j.t. ferrer. amazing the use of twitter and previously facebook to talk to the critics who have been so incredibly harsh. the "new york times" alone, maureen dowd, gale collins calling her an underchiever, caribou barbie is a nutty puppy.
11:21 am
sarah barracuda. would it be possible for her to pursue if she wants a 2012 race from an office that some called a bruising environment? >> to these people it is impossible to do anything great outside of political office. sarah palin accomplished a lot of great things. whether you like her or you don't. she unseeded several incumbents, which she did on her own. she doesn't follow anyone's advice. chef follows her own will. as a consequence of that, she might make some pretty bad decisions or mediocre decisions or at least decisions according to the washington establishment aren't good enough. so this is why people describe her as bizarre. we don't really understand what is happening here. no one knows the full story. the people would rather sdwroufrp the conclusion that she's incompetent. we should wait and see. i don't know why she's doing
11:22 am
what she's doing. >> jamie: she said we'll learn more about her plans. she has a book deal and she wants to potentially build the base, get out and meet republicans who supported her and maybe find new ones as well. and doing it from that office, perhaps she might believe would have been difficult to do. do you think that she can pursue a national agenda without a title before her name, this which she says she doesn't believe is necessary? >> there is a lot of merit to the fact to get out of alaska she'd have to take two days to travel to get somewhere else. in other words, she doesn't have the mobility that mitt romney has. she can't just drop in on iowa and can't just go to a speech and do something in new hampshire. it will help in terms of her accessibility. alaska is a liability. she's surrounded by people who don't like her very much. not to say if she were to go somewhere else she'd be surrounded by adoring fans
11:23 am
but this way she can more readily address the criticisms that are being leveled against her. >> jamie: the criticisms -- >> it's not a bad idea. >> jamie: the criticisms are so personal. there wasn't much in anything i read about failures that she had in her office as governor. >> you raise the possibility that the popularity slipped, but they are personal. they involve her family. even as her attorney said stop, bloggers, or we will take legal action, they continue to suggest that there is some huge federal investigation which the f.b.i. said there's not. >> well, i should clarify what i said earlier about her being unpopular. she's very popular among alaskans, but not among the republican establishment she helped overturn when she came in office. senator merkowski put out a statement saying that sarah palin had abandoned alaska. and then the senator added to that statement she would not be available for comment
11:24 am
because she would be in a place outside of cell phone service. >> jamie: have you seen this type of i guess the blogging and the writing and the papers where they've really attached her so personally? and do you think the risk of leaving is bigger than the potential for her to pursue another elected office? >> i think a lot of the level of the bloggers and the critical bloggers about sarah palin, they're making the same mistake that's been made throughout history with sarah palin, to underestimate her. she's clearly accomplished a lot and a lot more tenacious or a fighter than anyone gives her credit for. we don't have to discuss whether or not she's a political mastermind, because she has done a lot of things other people have not been able to do. we need to respect her on those terms. people would rather dismiss her at caribou barbie, which is a funny line but it doesn't convey what she accomplished. >> jamie: we'll follow the sweets, the facebook postings, everything that she has to say about what is next
11:25 am
right here on fox. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> eric: liz trotta will be here in 25 minutes to weigh in on the media and sarah palin. you won't want to miss what she has to say. meanwhile, president obama will head to moscow later tonight. the effort to strengthen u.s. relations with russia. a top former kgb spy has a warning for the president. you'll hear it next when he joins us live. >> jamie: economists warn another financial crisis is looming. what is it and how bad could it be if congress does not act soon to stop it? that's straight ahead, too. ( hip-hop music playing )
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>> eric: topping the news, a monorail crash ki killed one person at disney world. a monorail operator died in the scene at the crash and is believed to be the first fatal accident in the monorail 38-year history. u.s. forces in afghanistan are stepping up attacks on taliban in southern afghanistan. thousands of refugees are fleeing the area affected by the fighting. south carolina expressi south korea expressing new fears over the missiles fired by the north, saying they're capable to hit facility in south korea. and some say the north korea missiles could potentially hit seoul in a matter of four minutes.
11:30 am
>> jamie: there is a manhunt at this hour for a serial killer. they gunned down five people in three shootings in south korea. the latest victim, a 15-year-old girl who died from her injuries yesterday. her name was abby taylor. her father was shot and left to die in the family store on thursday. maryane silber is joining with us the latest. five killings in seven days. how are residents there coping? >> well, you mentioned five people died just this last week, shot and killed. three of them were inside their homes. so as you can imagine, people here on edge. they're afraid. fourth of july plans were canceled and people are looking themselves inside their home and the sheriff here, the cherokee county sheriff bill blanton said people are arming themselves. if you're a door-to-door salesman, don't knock on doors. people are afraid right now and he's worried about someone getting shot because they're defending themselves and worried about someone
11:31 am
coming into their home. >> jamie: what authorities are they telling people about who to look for and do they think the person they're looking for is still in the area? they will not say if they believe he's in the area. but a white man, late 40s, salt and pepper hair, 6'2", 200 pounds. and they have a description of a vehicle he may be in. light gray explorer. they want anyone with information to contact them as soon as possible. >> jamie: absolutely. thank you. >> eric: president obama has an international trip starting tonight. the first stop is moscow. the president is hopeful he can reset tense u.s.-russian relations on nuclear arms and other issues but the next
11:32 am
guest is warning that washington should not fall into that trap. one of the highest kgb spies to defect to the u.s. and author of "the untold secrets of americ russia master spy in america after the end of the cold war." sergei, welcome. thank you for joining thus morning. >> good morning. >> eric: the president will meet with the top moscow officials and meeting with vladimir putin and others. look, your words of warning. you said america is naive about russia and we think the cold war is over. you think they're still trying to destroy us. >> people ask all the time what happens after the cold war? i ask him who told you the cold war is over? it's like a virus. in former russian military doctrine there was a definition of potential main
11:33 am
enemy, adversary. united states, nato and china. in today's doctrine and especially in a doctrine of more than the russian intelligence, there is a traditional main targets. the united states, nato and china. there is a difference. if you are my potential enemy, it's one thing. if you are my target, you are my target right now. >> eric: you say we're stale target for moscow? >> yes. if america would concentrate its effort to deal with mr. medvedev, it's waste of time, because mr. medvedev doesn't have any political weight, any weight at all. >> eric: the president of the united states says medvedev is thoughtful, forward looking and doing a fine job running russia. those are the words of president obama.
11:34 am
>> i can express my own opinion about dmitry medvedev. s he doesn't have any political experience and doesn't understand what politics are. the best thing is speak with other people. >> eric: you mean putin? >> yes. putin is not much better than medvedev, but at least putin managed in the last eight years built his mafia. >> eric: his mafia? >> yes. which is obedient to him. >> eric: we hear it all the time how he has a grip on russia. how does the president of the united states deal with that? >> it's, it's difficult. he is the president of the united states. he must deal with the regime.
11:35 am
we cannot neglect russia. russia is still a very important play in the world. my unctioning is it's a third world country with a lot of weapons, nuclear weapons. >> eric: there are like 20,000 nuclear weapons between us. a final point, we have just a minute. there has been progress. russia allowed our military, air corridor to help with efforts in afghanistan. there is cooperation. but there doesn't seem to be very much on iran and stopping iran nuclear effort. medvedev says he doesn't want any more sanctions. >> absolutely. first of all, this concession with afghanistan, it's for russia. russia lost the world with afghanistan and right now if americans will defeat afghanistan, it's in the interest of russia.
11:36 am
if you go to other relatirelati, iran, south korea, there is no productive dialogue between the russia and the west. first of all, between russia and the united states of america. >> those are words of warning. chilling words. tetrekov defected in 2000. a fascinating story and fascinating book. thank you for joining us. we hope that some of our leaders keep that in mind as they go off to your old stomping grounds. >> thank you for having me. >> eric: absolutely. >> jamie: still ahead, brenda buttner joins us from the fox business network to talk about a new and growing danger to the u.s. economy. economist are raising red flag flags. are lawmakers listening? debbie rowe, is she planning to challenge michael jackson's final wishes for custody of their children? she wasn't even second on the list of chosen guardians. could she win custody in
11:37 am
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>> jamie: a fox news alert now. new firsthand accounts of a bridge collapse in indiana. a wooden suspension bridge that gave way last night injuring more than a dozen people. it was 90 feet long and crammed with people heading home from july fourth celebrations. you're looking at new video into fox. it happened in merrillville,
11:41 am
35 miles north of chicago. news crews there catching up with one man who had to rescue his own daughter. >> well, i heard samantha screaming. a lot of screaming. everybody was terrified. a lot of people panicking and sifting around. and just terrified situation. it had two small children with me. my daughters, five and nine, and there wasn't nothing i could do. i lost contact with them. so the best thing i could do was try to listen for their voices. it heard my 5-year-old but i couldn't hear my 9-year-old. i went under water for the 5-year-old and i managed to get her out of the water and get her safety and went back in the try to get the 9-year-old. >> frightening as they had to fend for themselves and rescue their loved oneones. they are investigating the cause of the collapse. we'll have more later in the day. >> eric: you know the economy
11:42 am
already struggling to emerge from the current recession. now economists warn that there is another financial crisis that could be lurking on the horizon. that is the national debt. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke told congress that debt threatens financial stability and economic growth. it's already hit $11.4 trillion. how can you even wrap your brain around that figure? it does break down to $37,000 in debt for each and every american. brenda buttner joins us from the fox business network. i'm tongue tied at $11,037 for each of us. the dow jones, wall street is going up, looking great. people have been more confident and then we're hit with this. >> it's been around for a long time. basically, the national debt basically funded the revolutionary war. and we can think of that july fourth weekend. it was much, much smaller percentage of a huge
11:43 am
barometer of basically the economy, which is called the gross domestic product. right now, it's 80% of everything that we put out in this country. that is staggering. it's only been higher than that one other time in our history. that was in world war ii now. >> eric: 80% of what we got is in debt? >> not just what we got but what we put out every single year. so i just want to refer to that clock that we're showing now. you know, that was put up several years ago to show how much and how fast and how quickly the debt is growing. right now by a trillion a year. it had to be shut down a while back, because the numbers, there weren't enough digits there. it is growing by $1 trillion. the financing alone on the national debt, that is you know we have to pay for it. it has an interest rate a, basically. it's about the fourth largest part of our budget. it's behind, only behind
11:44 am
social security, medicare and defense spending. >> eric: how do we pay it down? >> it's not as hard as everybody makes it seen. it's a political issue. if you have debt in your household -- >> eric: you have to save. >> cut spending or increase what you're bringing in. the problem is there is a big debate about that. you raise taxes or do you cut taxes? every time we cut taxes since john f. kennedy we have increased revenues. but the democrats and our president do not believe that at this time. so there is some thinking that higher taxes have to be down the road at some point. >> it's obviously something we have to address, whether the personal debt or the national debt. >> that's for sure. >> eric: we'll see when we start paying that down, right? >> we'll see. >> eric: all right. hope so. >> okay. >> eric: thank you. jamie? >> jamie: it could get ugly. the legal battle that is shaping up over michael jackson's children. at least two of them. the singer's ex-wife debbie
11:45 am
rowe won a court delay last week, but can she win custody of their two children? >> eric: there are more tweets from alaska governor sarah palin. she's speaking out about her decision to resign from office and how the media is covering her announcement. wait until you hear what liz trotta has to say about sarah and the national media. [ female announcer ] give your eyes the attention they deserve with covergirl exact eyelights. mascara with light reflecting metallics and a hint of tint that brightens eye color while defining lashes. turn up the light in your eyes. [ female announcer ] with exact eyelights from easy breezy beautiful covergirl.
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>> jamie: well, in his will, michael jackson reportedly gives custody to his thr mother and if she can't care for them he names diana ross. enter former wife debbie rowe. there was a court hearing last week that gave a delay on the custody potential battle to july 13 at her request. it's a sign she might fight to get the two children back. does she have a case? we have both sides of the table with our guest, anita. if she does go forward, does she have a shot? >> unfortunately, and i say that unfortunately because i don't necessarily think she should have a right to the kids based on what we've
11:50 am
seen, but legal she has a leg to stand on. given the fact she's legally their mother. though she tried to give away parental rights. a court in 2006 said you still have parental rights though she doesn't have custodial rights. >> jamie: let me see if i get it right. if you leave in your will that you want someone to be the guardian of your children, it's overrided by the fact that someone who signed away their parental rights comes back on seen in so the youngest child blanket, if the mother who is not known who she is comes back and says i want that child, has a shot? >> we don't know who the mother is, but the difference there is she may have just been a surrogate. and signed away different rights with regard to just being surrogate for her. debbie rowe is biological mother. she tried to give up parental
11:51 am
rights and the court said you can't buy and sell your parental rights. her motive was money. she may have the best legal argument. it doesn't mean the court will give her custody. >> jamie: the stanned for for lawyers is the best interest of the child. is it in the best interest to have children live at their ages, preteens, with a mother who had no contact with them and expressed and from desire not to>> eric: >> absolu to? >> absolutely not. you'll split up the three children? the tragedy of losing their father and you want to split them up? they don't know her. everything we heard is rowe doesn't want the kids, it was about money. now she wants to come in their life. what is her mote sniff kids
11:52 am
know the jackson family. the line after michael jackson's death was she is better with horses. i'm just reporting. the viewers can decide. we'll follow it. thank you, anita kay. >> eric: alaska governor sarah palin, this morning she has new harsh wo f t/ media. ////////// this/////////// / -- as she steps down from office. is the press giving her a raw deal? they call her a nutty puppy living in treasury town. is that fair? liz trotta weighs in next. how 'bout a laundry day you can look forward to?
11:53 am
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spend 10 minutes a month with natural instincts. it's the healthier way to blend away gray how? it's antioxidant rich and ammonia-free. in fact, the more often you use it, the healthier your hair looks. natural instincts, it's all good. >> eric: now, to sarah palin. they don't like her. they don't like her hair. they don't like what comes out of her mouth. they don't like where she comes from. caribou barbie is one nutty puppy, says maureen dowd in the "new york times." media, fair or vindictive? fox news contributor liz trotta joins us. a frenzython on sarah.
11:56 am
>> just when we thought nothing would break through the wall of michael jackson coverage, a long came more comments from one other talky governor mark sanford, couldn't resist telling the world about his soulmate, i.e., mistress. then we have sarah palin if the sheer weirdness of the news conference caught everyone's attention. it's easy to say that the liberal media is caving in on her. yes, they are. but she has given them a lot of raw meat. the woman is inarticulate, undereducated, and i pose this question. what do you think william f. buckley would have thought about her as the standard bearer for the conservative party? i think a lot of this criticism is well deserved. unmentioned in this is max
11:57 am
lemonthal piece in the "the nation" about the real reason for her doing this. there is talk, of course, of the investigation by federal authorities of contracts that she and her husband, or she has governor let out. these are only at the stage where we're hearing about this. but it does sort of fit in the missing piece in this mystery as to why she resigned in the middle of the fourth of july weekend. >> eric: palin people saying there is nothing to any of that. she's criticizing the media. she has a tweet this morning sayinging critics are spinning so hang in there, as they feed false information about -- or on the right decision. i mean she really pushes the buttons for these people. >> she does, but she asked for it herself, doesn't she? this is one of the rare cases where i think all the liberal stylists like maw rine dowd and gale collins and the rest of them really have a case. i mean, she just begged for
11:58 am
adjectives like flaky and whacky. >> it they're going further than that. they're insinuating mental illness. dowd writes about crazy town and her being nutty. and i mean are they going over the line? >> it was -- no. it was a well-written funny piece. there is one other element here and most writers are afraid to bring it up. they sort of skirt the idea that this is a woman who has used her good looks and her gender to really get ahead in the political world. that is something that, of course, the men don't want to admit and certainly not the women. what are we talk about her? we're not talking about a great statesman of profound experience. whose banter is integrity. we're talking about somebody who is from the -- right from the get-go has been a flashy person who gets into a lot of trouble and really has no credentials for any job. >> eric: well, that could be said no matter who you are of
11:59 am
some politicians who don't have a lot of experience and then gets thrust in the national spotlight. >> well, i think a lot of republicans are not going to agree with you. maybe the far right will. but it's still a problem as to what the main stream republican party is in deep trouble. not just because the people like mark sanford and sarah palin. is she the answer? is that what you're saying? >> eric: no. what i'm saying is what you ascribe to her can be ascribed to other people no matter what your gender or who you are. i mean in terms of the experience, in terms of what you say. look at all the republicans who have fallen by the wayside in the last few weeks. >> well, yes, you know, i want to say one other thing before we leave and that is that this whole thing was really set up quite nicely by the piece in vanity fair that said it came from wasilla. meaning sarah palin. >> on that note. we have to go. fascinating as always. thank you, liz. if you want to know more


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