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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 5, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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hell lockers i'm kimberly in for geraldo and this is a fox alert just into our newsroom tonight. fans in los angeles hope to pay their final respects to the king of pop and police are still puzzled about the death of nfl quarterback steve mcnair. and a community looks to arm themselves against a serial community and government calls sarah palin's resignation a
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risky thing. the people seeking seats for hike jacks' memorial member --l jackson's memorial have now received their e-mail, told where to go to pick up a wrist band like this. this has two functions, one, to prevent scalping. they put this band on your wrist at the ticket booth and then if the wristband is tampered with or looks like it has been moved from one wrist to someone else's wrist, they will not allow that person in. the other thing is they are expecting hundreds of thousands of people to descend on this part of downtown l.a. even though they don't have tickets and right now, they are planting a perimeter. anyone without one of these wrist bands including working press, which is why i have one,
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too, won't be allowed in. kimberly? >> whatever you do, no scalping that wrist band. we're watching you. >> i won't take it off at all till tuesday. >> thanks so much. now we go to chris gutierrez for the murder of nfl quarterback steve mcnair. >> reporter: authorities have stopped short of calling this a murder-suicide but yesterday steve mcnair was found sitting on his sofa in his condo downtown nashville. a 20-year-old woman was found lying on the floor in the same room with one gunshot to the head. police also recovered a piston under her body. >> we think the pistol was under her body when officers entered the residents. it was not initially visible.
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>> reporter: mcnair was a visible sports figure here in nashville leading the titans to their first and only super bowl appearance. he was three-time bowl selection and mvp of the league. mcnair met the 20-year-old at a restaurant where she was a waitress. police pulled her over a few days ago and the vehicle was registered in both their names. >> from what we learned from friends, they were involved in a dating relationship over the last several months. >> reporter: mcnair was married. his wife michelle and children are shocked and saddened as they are with the untimely death of steve mcnair. >> thanks, chris. now we go to south carolina where police are hunting a serial killer preying on a small
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community. cops say he has killed five people in three separate shootings in the last week, the latest victim, a 15-year-old girl who died from her injuries yesterday. maryann is live on the scene where cops are taking unusual precautions to protect themselves. what is going on out there? >> reporter: the cops here in gaffney with hundreds of mourners to say goodbye to the last two killed by the cereal killer. they were found bound and shot in their home on wednesday. the first victim, a peach farmer, was found by his wife on saturday. abbey tyler who was working with
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her dad at a family furniture store. they both were shot. he died immediately and the day later, she died. >> you can feel it in the air that people are legally scared and i know the police are working as hard as they can and i -- i just certainly hope they catch him before he harms somebody else. >> reporter: now, we have been showing viewers the sketch all day, this composite sketch that police have put together. they believe this is what the suspect looks like. a white man in his 40s, 6'2", 200 pounds. they want everyone to look at it and call in with any tips they have on who this person may be. >> we were getting reports of people going to the local wal-mart to buy shotguns, feeling they need to arm themselves during this time, that it is not enough to rely on
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police patrols and extra protection in the area? >> reporter: that is what we're hearing. i have talked to several residents today. we had a couple of people pull up and ask if we had heard of anything new and one gentleman said i have my gun in the van with me. another lady said i have been talking to my husband about getting a gun and finally he agrees. people are afraid, staying indoors, locked in their homes for the 4th of july. >> sources i have are telling me police do not think any of the victims are related in any way, connected, that there is no hit list, no questions between them so it appears to be a random act that is occurring here. is that the information you are getting? >> reporter: that is honestly what they told us today, that they don't have any reason to believe the suspect knew the victim or the victims knew the suspect at this point. if they have any other information, they have not
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shared that with us yet. >> okay, marianne silber, thanks a lot. f.b.i. agents are working together to try to come up with a profile of this serial killer. bill mitchell has been in touch with them and has the profile they believe of the killer. bill, thanks for joining us this evening. what is your assessment of the situation? >> kimberly, it seems like because the acts are random, he has no preference over his victims. probably someone who has lived or worked in the area, also in his comfort zone. a person who aware in gaffney but has no specific person in mind. >> now, your profile is based on information, facts, speaking to sources, of who you think
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might be committing these crimes. >> well, it is probably someone who is over the road or has lived in this town at one point and is well aware of who his targets are. or he is an opportunist and this can progress as -- if another one happens and we hope that doesn't happen, but he seems to be an opportunist. >> you mentioned in one of your other interviews that perhaps it could be a trucker, an unemployed trucker, someone familiar with the area? >> that's correct and gaffney is situated right off the interstate. there is a lot of traffic that runs from charlotte to atlanta and this is very possibly a stopping point for a trucker, someone who delivers and has daily business here. >> right, well, i basically want to tell our viewers, you think he is in his 40s, of'2",
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salt and pepper hair, blue eyes. be on the lookout for someone that matches that scrips who could be driving a 1991-1994 silver ford explorer. bill, thanks for talking with us this evening. >> thank you. the president's worldwide tour as he stops at the kremlin tomorrow. can he solve the chilly relations with our former foe? and is sarah palin running from controversy or running for president? ann coulter is here with our all-star panel with the answers next. shell v-power. our most advanced fuel ever. nitrogen-enriched for optimum performance, maximum protection. there's no mistaking the power of the v.
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president obama boarded air
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force one tonight in enroute to the g8 summit and will stop in moscow tomorrow to meet with the prime minister. joining me is now syndicated columnist ann coulter and doctor mark, thanks for being with us. can president obama move forward with regards to north korea and iran or is he trying to thaw the chill growing between these two countries? >> i don't think he will get onboard. what they want is for there to be trouble in iran. they want oil prices to go up. the only thing they have going for them is high world oil prices. they are perfectly happy with what is going on in iran and of course obama is waiting to see which side wins before choosing sides and china doesn't particularly care about north korea, either. bush was handling north korea
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the best it could be handled, working with the allies with regard to japan and south korea. they have a lot more vested with north korea not getting nukes than we do and than russia does. >> china doesn't have much investment in stopping nuclear proliferation. and i think relations with russia will be very difficult to develop but i don't think obama is playing both sides against the middle here but we can't be romantic to think that big speeches will do it. there needs to be a very clear strategy not just with russia but the entire tour. >> sour optimistic? >> cautiously optimistic. >> okay, i like that. sarah palin's resignation seems to have left more questions than answers and some are worried
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about her political future. molly has the latest. >> republicans are a bit perplexed by this situation and more than a bit curious to see if it can work. if palin decides to run for president in 2012, does this extra time out of office help her? fellow republicans have their doubt. one g.o.p. official called her resignation risky and one strategist said it raises expectations for palin and won't thwart the media pursuit. >> there is no strategy here by exiting the governorship two years before the end of her term and putting her on the national stage where it could pay off. >> if she did in fact get out by a feeling of being chased, that is not going to stop as she continues her career in politics. >> reporter: lieutenant governor parnell says this is the breather she needs. >> beyond that, she has plenty
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of time in which to define how she will further our core of values. >> reporter: palin tweeted supporters today saying critics are spinning so hang in there as they feed false info on the right decision made as i said last year in office i would not run again. there are also reports that she may be pursuing some national tv talk show. for geraldo at large. >> well, so she is coming to tv, ann, what do you make of it? and marc? everybody has different ideas, they all seem confused by the decision. you have the f.b.i. wondering if there is an impending indictment because liberal blogs are saying that. what do you make of this? what is she doing? >> i think if they say it often enough, they think it will come
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true. i think it is brilliant and i am baffled by people being baffled by it. she is a huge star. meanwhile, she cannot respond to her many admirers who want her to come start raising money for them and being the conservative voice that she is and neglect the state of alaska. she also can't respond to the endless attacks on her. i don't know if others notice as much as i did, a big part of the press conference was her saying she spends a half million of her governor salary, responding to investigations all of which she has been cleared on. she says it costs her detractors nothing to file the complaints and has cost the state of alaska millions to respond. >> that is the price of a ticket. first of all, she is not stuck out in alaska, she elected to be the governor of alaska, that is
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why she is there. she has had no foreign policy or major decisions and as for her being tough, in the thick of things, she says the legislature is pushing back, i can't do anything. that is ridiculous. if she is running for awfz in 2012, does she not think the congress will do the same thing? she has shown herself to be a show horse rather than a work horse and that is a dangerous position. >> i couldn't disagree with you more. i think she is not retreating but advancing in another direction. she is a lame duck governor -- >> by choice. >> not her fault she became a huge star but she is too big for the position now and people are acting like leaving a governorship is a step down. who is bigger and more important, rush limbaugh, bill o'reilly versus mark sanford before the fall? i mean, god bless these great
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people who run for public office. -- >> when she was on the campaign trail, she talked about fighting for the little person, fighting for the state of alaska and now to say she is too big for an elect office, how can you be too big for that job? >> well, she didn't say that, i am saying that. >> no, but you are -- >> she is not saying that, i am saying that. >> but you are replicating the that i think she said, i have a higher calling, greater than the thing she is doing right now and that borders on absurd. it is a huge political misstep. [~overlapping speakers ] >> i think she wrote that speech. i don't know, you did a good job, ann. >> just listen to the speech. >> she wrote the speech. >> i wasn't going to get between you too, rarr. alleged bullying by her rival's mother. now that woman is walking free
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and the girl's mom wants answers. we have her here next. >> i wouldn't want to be in her shoes and living her life. i think she is basically living i think she is basically living a life conviction right now. maybe one of the most important... tums goes to work in seconds. tums, bring it on. ( thump ) yes. ( thump ) yes. ( thumps ) yes, yes... and yes.
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call now or go to ♪ gloria is relieved. victories in court are sweet and rare and this is tempered by the tragedy that happened in this case. the tragedy is not just for the meyer family but for my client, her family, friends and everyone around them. >> you don't hear an apology whatsoever in this statement. >> oh, absolutely not. you know, she -- her daughter testified, we had many witnesses
10:23 pm
that testified, about lori drew's role. she drew this role in it. there was a police statement that said she played a role in it and what her part was. >> a terrible tragedy that no mother should have to endure. 13-year-old megan meyer committed suicide after a cyber posting posing as a young boy rattled her so badly she took her own life. relater learned the rival classmate was lori drew. she was charged on three misdemeanors but in a shocking twist, this week a judge actually throughout the convictions and the case. so tonight's jif justice says this is ridiculous and flies in the face of the myspace host murder. with me to talk about it, layered resideland and megan's mom tina. thanks to both of you for joining me. tina, i am a former prosecutor
10:24 pm
and was very pleased when the prosecutors moved forward to bring this case. you must be precedent-setting and be brave in seeking justice for those who have been wronged. and then this judge throws out the conviction that a jury came to and i think that is so inappropriate and unusual for judges to do that, to satisfy a jury verdict. what are your thoughts? >> oh, absolutely. i think that when we went through this whole process and she was found guilty, we finally felt that, you know, again, there is no discuss cities in this completely because megan is not here but we thought this would be a precedent and people will start realizing you use the computer to make false profiles and start messing with other people, it will not be tolerated. then when the judge delays the sentencing and we come back again and he completely acquits it, i was just devastated. i thought what message are you sending now?
10:25 pm
you are stating any time anybody does not read the terms of service, basically they are not going to be guilty? they can do whatever they want on the computer and i think that is a horrible message to be accepting out and i think that i have been receiving and been bombarded by e-mails from people outraged across the united states and other count trees -- countries and i suggest to them if you are not happy with what the judge decided, e-mail the judge, let him know what you have gone through and what your family has gone through and just because people didn't read the terms of service, they can get off? that is ridiculous. >> i know you are working towards that with linda sanchez to make sure that happens. let's bring in our next guest right now. 'people are upset, write in, let them know this was out of line? >> well, there are a number of things going on here.
10:26 pm
this is a federal judge. he is in for life. this was a case of first impressions. this was the first cyber bullying case in the nation. and what we need to do, tina, i am sorry for your loss. it was sickening. it was sad. it was tragic. what i would like to see you do is become a spokesperson for this new predator that is in town, this new mentally-challengeed person, that using the internet, these people that have addictive-compulsive personalities are using the internet to harass team. this is an audience of others reading this. i would like to see you go to states around the union and create laws. the law, as you know, is slow. it is like a behemoth and yet the technology is fast, like a panther. so i need you, tina, to be a
10:27 pm
spokesperson to travel the country and get each state to create laws to fashion conduct that will stop this kind of behavior. >> and she is doing that and has been very courageous and i think she is a wonderful spokesperson for this. you are a brave woman and have honored your daughter. thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> thanks very much. coming up, the ugly battle brewing over the custody of michael jackson's children. >> i hypnotized kimberly very deeply. i took them to a deep transand i said on numerous occasions, i did something highly unethical. i asked him straight on while he was in deep trans, i asked him, michael, have you ever touched a child in an inappropriate manner and he immediately answered me, no, i would never do that. and then i asked him, well why did you pay chandler off because that was the time when the press
10:28 pm
were hitting him and he immediately answered, i couldn't take it anymore. i had enough. lñfñiñ
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this is america's news headquarters, i'm lauren sivan. the outest president selaya is trying to hang on to power beyond the country's one-term limit. one person at the airport was killed, 30 others injured in confrontations with security forces there. creatures and scenes from the past in a box office battle royale this weekend. transformers revenge of the fallen and a photo finish with ice age, dawn of the dinosaurs,
10:31 pm
raking in $42.5 million across the country. johnny depp's "public enemy" came in third, the proposal and hangover rounding out the top five. now back to geraldo at large. >> presumably, debbie had to stay in the hospital because she had just given birth. was she okay about losing the baby -- >> she told me to. >> take the baby? >> yes, she was fine with it. she said take the baby, i know it is what you want. it is the way she is. >> how long before she was reunited with the baby? >> oh, i don't know technically. it was so long ago, i kind of forget. >> welcome back, i'm kim scberl this is a primetime fox news report on what is shaping up to be an ugly custody battle
10:32 pm
between michael jackson's family and debbie rowe. you heard michael talking about her telling him to take the baby. in a moment, you will hear from debbie rowe herself and why she chose to have the children and on the bizarre arrangement that she and michael came to after they were born but first, you will hear from michael jackson's spiritual advisor who, tonight, wants to break his silence and share a personal and very candid conversation that he had with michael regarding debbie rowe. thanks for being with me this evening. >> thanks for having me. glad to be on the show here. >> you were very close to michael, a spiritual advisor and have been in contact recently with the family. what do you have to tell us
10:33 pm
about that relationship between michael and debbie rowe. what were his personal thoughts about whether she should be the mother and take custody in the untimely event of his passing? >> well, glad you have asked. actually, there has been a consistency on his part with regard to what he wants done with the children in the case of his demise. at one point, i found myself in the actual presence of both michael as well as the children and in the presence of katherine, his mother, as well as in the presence of his sister and grace. so three principles there, if you will, and the children. michael asked me to step into the next room with him in private, away from his own family and away from grace to talk about the children. of course i found that out later when we were in the room together. both prince michael and the parents wanted to come and michael said no, please, children, stay here, i need to
10:34 pm
speak with him alone and they insisted so not being able to say no to children, he allowed them to come in. so we walked into the room, closed the door behind us and said to me, among other things, i would like you to study with my chirchlt of course, -- children. of course you know i was raised as jehovah's witness and i would like you to study with my children so they can be jehovah's witness as well and that he would like his mother to have the children should something happen to him. now, he is telling me this because i had been touted not only as his spiritual advisor but the family's spiritual advisor so he spoke to me about the arrangement for his children. now, michael discussed other
10:35 pm
things related to that, kimberly but that is something that i said that i would hold off discussing at this point. but that is the story right now. michael made it very clear who he wanted to raise his children and i have to tell you that debbie rowe's name was not mentioned at all. i am sure she is a wonderful person, a nice person. i have never met her personally, never spoken with her but she was not a consideration at all in that conversation. >> well, you may be called to testify in the custody hearing based on the content of that conversation you just told us about and he has also named very clearly in his will that he wishes his mother to be the guardian of the children, have custody of them and there is also an issue of whether they split the kids up, she would only be seeking custody of the first two and courts don't like to separate children like that if they have been raised together so i think they will go together. and michael also converted to islam recently before his death?
10:36 pm
>> no, that is a rumor. michael told me, assured me, he would never do anything like that. now, i will tell you why i believe him and why i am confident he did not do that. >> briefly because i will get you on the other side of the break. go ahead. >> when he was in bahrain in the persian gulf, of course we were there before him and there was some type of dheel did not go through as far as michael and the other parties are concerned insofar as his record deal. so real quick-like, i will say this so we can finish it on the other side of the break, they offered to cancel the deal if he converted to islam. he did not. it was settled out of court in london from, what i understand. so there is a lot more to that. >> the plot thickens, doctor carr. >> indeed. >> so we will ask you to stand by as we hear from debbie rowe
10:37 pm
right now. >> my kids don't call me mom because i don't want them to. they are not -- they are michael's children. it is not that they are not my children but i had them because i wanted him to be a father. and i said oh, michael, come on, we're having a baby, come on. how can that be weird, we're having a kid. if anything, it is beautiful, it is wonderful, it is great. boy, was i wrong. and we were very excited. michael was definitely more excited than i was and he goes oh, my god, this is so beautiful. now, having come from a medical background, there is no way. sorry, i don't come from that background. i am like michael, it can't be that beautiful. he was welling up. and then his son was born and the look on his face ... i had
10:38 pm
never seen him that happy. and that's what made it wonderful for me, was to see the look on his face. people don't understand that. they want a traditional -- they think that something has to be traditional and to have this notion of the beaver-cleavers. that was the reality in the '50s and it is not reality in the 21st century. we have a nontraditional family and if it makes people
10:39 pm
uncomfortable, it's a shame that they are not more open. we are a family unit. michael and i will always be connected with the kids. i will always be there for him. i will always be there for the children. and people make remarks, oh, i can't believe she left her children. left them? i left my children? i did not leave my children. my children are with their father. where they are supposed to be. i obviously have some influence as their faces are still covered. that was my request, not his. michael is very proud of his children. i am the one who is terrified. you know, if he called me tonight and said let's have five more, in a heartbeat. [ snapping fingers ] >> oh, my nerve, i have to tell you, doctor carr, i am joined by
10:40 pm
long-time confidante and former head of security. you were around michael jackson quite a bit. you were the head of security for a number of years and then came back in again in 2007, correct? >> that's correct. >> what did you observe that you think would be relevant to what we're talking about here in terms of the custody and what went on with michael jackson? >> well, the time i was with michael, of course other children were there. prince was there, paris was there, blanco was there. i was there when michael first brought home blanco. what i really think is relevant is that i never met ms. rowe, never spoke with ms. rowe and one thing that struck me unusual, i always took all the phone calls for michael and never once did i take a call from ms. rowe or an appointment
10:41 pm
to take to ms. rowe. knowing the children, the way i took care of them and overseeing their security, i knew grace, the nanny, very well. and the one thing that michael wanted was for the children to be raised in a loving relationship. he wanted them to be protected and he wanted to make sure that those children were raised in a loving environment. and so with that, my personal feeling is i believe that katherine -- >> is the person, yeah. >> is the person that should create an environment for the children to be raised and that grace will be the person to take care of the children and to continue with them because grace loves those children as much as michael does. >> i agree. people around the kids don't want to split the three of them up. i have to to go a break so stay with us for the other side.
10:42 pm
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that was michael jackson's bodyguard albert toe alvar j z who has been identified as the infamous voice in the 9-1-1 call made moments before michael jackson's death. the list of doctors who may have prescribed michael jackson's medication has five individuals and one may be linked to another
10:45 pm
celebrity suspicious death. >> lapd detectives compiled the list to determine if prescription medications played a role in michael jackson's death. the role is to reconstruct his medical history. they retrieved four bags of medication efz. >> he has blood on his hands and the world should know what he has done. >> michael never had trouble getting powerful prescription drugs. now some of those doctors could find themselves in hot water. at least five of them are being questioned on what treatments or medications were prescribed to michael before his untimely death. >> you are a doctor. why did you prescribe methadone to your patient? >> one dag is a doctor the
10:46 pm
california department of justice prescribed drugs excessively to the late anna nicole smith. he will be questioned by the dea according to sources quoteing him from the world. another one is alline metzger. he treated jackson, touredded with him and even treated debbie rowe. he was counseled for write fraudulent prescription for michael's sister janet. and doctor around cline was also mentioned, reportedly the sperm donor to two of jaix son's -- jackson's kids. also another doctor linked to half a dozen a-list celebrities. desperate for pain medication,
10:47 pm
jackson is believed to have used aliases to obtain his prescriptions. names like jack london. he also used the name of a bodyguard and a former manager. numerous bottles found in his home after his death, deprivan. they will be questioned by detectives. >> yes, sir, i need an ambulance as soon as possible, sir. >> reporter: authorities will be combing through their files and computer to determine what drugs were obtained by the late icon including doctor murray who failed to revive jackson the night he died. >> just incredible, along with the allegation that dprution not removed from the home, because
10:48 pm
there was a delay and a hearing tomorrow? >> yes, tomorrow there will be a hearing in the los angeles superior court to address what will make the decisions about his property or business dealings. will it be the executors of the will, his business persons or his parents. >> it will be interesting to see who will be controlling the money. joining us again, from boston, i am going to bring the doctor in to talk about what went on with the drugs. did michael jackson admit to you that he had any kind of drug problem and did he reference any drug in particular? >> no, he never admitted to having an addiction to any drug. >> did he reference to you that he had a problem with demerol? >> he never admitted to having a problem with demerol. there have been al kinds of
10:49 pm
allegations, admissions and accusations about him using drugs. i never once saw him inguest any drugs or inject any drugs. i also have to say -- >> what about people around him, did they know -- what is the truth here? did they know that he had a problem with demerol with some of these people around him? , i mean, you were there, you could have heard one way or the other. >> there was a rotating door of doctors coming in to treat him. >> and he was incoherent and under the influence at times? >> at times, yes. >> we're just trying to get to the bottom of it to make sure these doctors who have a license to kill that are pumping drugs into these people that are suffering, to have some kind of accountability and i think it is obvious the statements we're hearing, the evidence, that he had a serious problem with this and i think there should be some justice for these people to be
10:50 pm
held accountable. >> yes, kimberly, a great majority of doctors give their boot -- therapeutic amounts for illness. if they are giving drugs for a serious addiction that, can be investigated and deprivan is not a narcotic but is a drug that never should be given at home and can kill you. >> we will get back to the panel after the break. [ door closes ] [ footsteps ] [ man sighs ] whew! a lot goes through your mind after an accident.
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all right, we're back and joining us again is the forensic
10:54 pm
pathologist and michael jackson's spiritual advisor, long-time head of jackson's security and private investigator bill stanton. what a handsome crew. we have business to do, boys, so keep it quick and snappy, all right? [laughter] >> okay, bill, this seems like a 3-ring circus with everybody getting involved -- >> it is a money-grab, an attention grab between jesse jackson and the reverend al sharpton and everyone else getting in the mix. who is looking at the spotlight. are they really discerned about michael jackson and the kids or are they concerned about the money. >> you saw al sharpton get on the plane first, beating jesse jackson to los angeles bus this is like the big talker, the big ticket in town and people are exerting influence and control and there is a lot of money involved. >> and they are pointing a finger but if there was that
10:55 pm
much concern, why isn't michael jackson alive today? >> tom, always a pleasure to speak with you, from the lapd, what do you make of this mess? >> well, kimberly, you have some bad cops, some bad doctors and seems like michael surrounded himself with that. we have an ongoing situation with these doctors to recruit people they bring in as patients and end up getting hooked on these various drugs. when all is aid and done, -- sd done, i wouldn't be surprised if someone didn't file a suit for involuntary manslaughter. >> why did it take so long to get in the house? i think they should have filed a search warrant right away. thing the homicide division was a bit lagging there. >> no, i have heard that before and handled at least 600-700 cases, half of those murders. i have never handled one where i
10:56 pm
haven't returned to the location for one reason or another. there may have been a problem with the warrant, there may have been additional information they had to follow up on but if you find out the reason, it will make sense to you. >> i would think so. it would be a big one. you want to be extra-cautious and to find out there was evidence found in the home not by police. >> people say they witnessed this but there is no proof it have right now. what is interesting, why were the search warrants sealed? it seems unusual in a case like this. >> high profile, tom? what do you think? >> sure, that the not unusual at all. you want to seal the evidence you have because everybody in the world is craveing to get some bit of information on this case. >> oh, true. >> obviously, you need to protect what you have because there has to and additional follow up. >> real quick, the pharmacies are going to be in trouble, too,
10:57 pm
not just the doctors, right? >> absolutely. the dea and police are looking into any fraudulent prescriptions that should not have been filled by the pharmacies and there are a lot of pharmacies that may be in trouble also. >> i am saying people need some silver bailts and go to jail. with that, i will thank my crew. and the viewers at home, thanks for watching. that is it for us. geraldo will be back next week. i have had a great time, can yog tell? and stopping. having to go in the middle of a ballgame and then not being able to go once i got there. and going at night. i thought i had a going problem. my doctor said i had a growing problem. it wasn't my bladder. my prostate was growing. i had an enlarging prostate
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