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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 7, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ♪ a better day, just you and me ♪ >> saying good-bye to the king of pop. saying goodbye in a ceremony, and we even heard from michael jackson's daughter in a touching goodbye, but life goes on in washington, and we may have a potential nightmare in the city of czars. well, everybody. i am brian sullivan, it in for neil cavuto, and this is "your world." there is another czar, this was a health czar. they want a top cop to oversee medical plans nationwide. this may be the czar that breaks into your world the most. welcome. i am brian sullivan.
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he is off today, so you are stuck with me. i think this is 33 czaars in all -- czars in all. >> we throw that name around so much, i do not know if we understand what it is. the actual definition, "czar" means emperor, and a second definition is a person of great power. these are not people that we have decided should be emperors or should have a great power, and there are 33 of them. just to give people an idea, the insurance czar, the emperor of insurance, is basically going to be in charge of the house administration, health choices people people think that "health choices" sounds good. they do not understand what this really means. let's pretend for a moment i am going to be the new cooking czar.
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anything that is great,ç and i said, "oatmeal, or peanut butter," and you said you do not like that. they will tell you what your choices will be and, by the way, what they will not be. that is the problem we are facing today. brian: i would pick the opposite name for any government program. the name of any kind of law, that is the first thing. >> that is absolutely true. brian: the second thing is, i will take the devil's advocate side. the president is elected. however, the cabinet is not. >> well, this is different for a lot of reasons. number one, the cabinet is still a body that we have some control over as voters, he and we have influence on the people who put them there.
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ut @ place to do this. now, you may not know where the greatest place is to get a chicken quesadilla in fort myers, fla., but i can tell you near a gas station that has excellent chicken quesadillas, local, and we also have a state insurance regulators in all of our states, and do you know, do i want to let handling this in florida? a man who has his boots on the ground and knows what hurricanes mean here. we do not need somebody on the federal level to do what we are already doing, and, by the way, doing with expertise. brian: well, the bigger picture here, what we touched on before, may be the removal of federalism, right? you talk about state choices. this is another an example of the federal government moving
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into would you say it should be, "hey, which should be able to make our decisions at the city, county, where state, because we like what they are offering us." my parents left california for virginia because they got sick of california. they were able to move, but now, america is looking more national in nature. >> what has happened, brian, that i think is really starting to freak people out from both parties is that what we believe and in our lives, the pyramids, god first and our families, and then it goes down to the government because we need highways to ride on -- brian: that is just me. >> and so, we digress. the pyramid has been flipped over, and they are in a position to tell us that the federal government is first and foremost, and everything falls below that, including our
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families and god and the chicken quesadillas. there is a man that is the pointing emperors on our behalf. now, we of emperors -- the man that is the pointing emperors -- is appointing emperors on our behalf. now, we have emperors. i know this is going to sound a little glenn beck here, but my fear is that americans are going to reach a point of intolerance, and they will follow the example of the iranians and say, "you know what? enough is enough." brian: thank you very much. with those quesadillas, it is like you can have any choice of model t, as long as it is black. the exact words of one of president obama's top economic
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advisers today as she pushes for a second round of stimulus. listen. >> the second stimulus, on the table or off the table? >> well, i do not take anything off of the table. i do not take anything off of the table when unemployment is close to 10%, and a lot of americans are hurting out there. gloria allred, it is the writing on the wall. our love for -- brian: all right, is the writing on the wall. -- it is the writing on the wall. art laffer joins us. >> the definition of crazy, during the same thing and looking for differen results. brian-- doing the same thing in looking for different results.
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brian: you liked it that you had the freedom of choice, but does it seem to you that that is leading us? >> i do think so. it is very difficult to even move from california now, as you know. the california tax authorities do not like anyone leaving, and we both left there to get a better life in a different part of the country, and it hasn't worked out beautifully for me, and i know it as for your family, and it is spectacular -- it has worked out beautifully for me. you are caught in your own little niche in your own little neighborhood, and you cannot get out. it is tragic. it is scary. brian: which will talk about that a little bit later on in the program -- we will talk about that. heck going back to the stimulus. going back to the stimulus. i am confused about why there is some discussion about a second
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plant when we have 90% of the first plan to go -- talk about a second plan. >> we have had a lot more stimulus than that. remember, it was the stimulus from larry summers. then we had the aig stimulus. then we had the bear stearns one. then we had the money from hank paulson and then the fannie mae and freddie mac. then we had the $700 billion stimulus. goodness knows what we have done with the automotive industry. none ofç them have soared. we have higher unemployment. you cannot spend yourself into prosperity -- none of them have worked. brian daric i am glad you brought that up. some of these were done in the bush administration -- brian: i am glad you brought that up. some of these were done in the bush administration. >> that is exactly right, and it is not a democrat or republican, either. brian: supply-side economics.
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there seems to be a movement of raising taxes on the wealthy. we have been hearing about a surtax on the wealthy. these are the people that bob of hamas and the boats and cars. i know it is hard to defend the wealthy -- these are the people that buy the homes. why are we attacking the very people who may have the power to help us spend our way out of this? 70% of the economy is consumer related. why are we attacking those who may be the biggest consumers? >> brian, for the listeners, if you tax the rich and give the money to poor people, you are going to have lots and lots of poor people and know rich people. if they keep taxing the rich people, the jobs are going to move offshore. it makes no sense what they are doing, and as you and i have talked about a number of times, brian, if they are taxed, they do not want to pay it, so big
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accountants and lawyers and people and do not pay the money. they are the ones people that fit the curveç perfectly. brian: marylander raise the taxes on millionaires, and guess what -- maryland raised the taxes on millionaires, and guess what? they had fewer. >> raising taxes on the rich people may have helped cause the recession, too. brian: art, we will leave it there. thank you. >>çó brian, i am a fan of yours. you are the only one. brian: to scott rasmussen, president of the rasmussen reports with some very fresh poll numbers that are, sometimes, a little bit split. it is hard to figure out. this one is not even close. >> you think you know what this
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one means, only 27% favor the stimulus, and 60% are opposed. brian: first call, 13% are not sure. everybody should have an opinion one way or another -- first of all, 13 percent and are not sure. you are probably polling which people who do not want to get taxed more. >> -- rich people who do not want to get taxed more. >> this is all states, all demographics, same things we do all of the time. " we have found is that there is a opposition about a second stimulus -- what we have found is that there is opposition about a second stimulus. it was so, so so popular, but people wanted to give the president the benefit of the doubt, but even as it was working its way through congress, the people said they want less spending and more tax cuts, and we have the same
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dynamics working today. brian: in this poll, one could assume that in the 60% that oppose it, many could be beneficiaries of stimulus spending, right? we know that many are not in the top income-tax bracket, but now, even people who have benefited are saying they do not want it. >> the american people generally believe that this growth in spending is bad for the economy, so that is common sense. now, when you look at the first stimulus, 30% and said it has hurt, and 30% say it is good, and the others do not know. when you have one-third of the people saying it had no impact, that is not really a great sales pitch for t firshe second stimulus. brian: scott,ñi thanks. we are looking outside of los
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angeles, and we are expecting them to bring it out the casket of michael jackson. when they do, we will take you to the scene -- bring out the casket. wasting no time attacking the president's big government agenda. will that work? now, the city of l.a. is begging michael jackson's fans, the same ones pouring a out of the cstaples -- pouring out of the staples center to help pay for it. i never thought it could happen to me...
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brian: ok, keeping you updated on what is going on in los angeles, we are waiting for them to bring out the cast of michael jackson outside of the staples center -- casket of michael jackson. the family may have another ceremony planned. we are not sure if it will go to the forest lawn cemetery or if there will be another smaller, family and friends ceremony. we will keep you up-to-date here on fox news. all right, sarah palin unleashed. >> fight for what is right, fought for energy independence and national security, fight for a smaller government instead of this big-government overgrowths barack obama is ushering in. brian: it did not take long, did
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it, folks? already out on the attack. will her words hold as much punch when she is out of office? my next guest thinks so, and she has an article on is that correct? >> yes. the timing is perfect for someone like sarah palinthe iro . the iron is scalding hot, and sarah palin is ready to strike. çthey are ready to take all ofa message and bring this guy down in numbers. brian: i think that is an understatement. the republicans are in disarray, and then you have mark sanford. >> look at sarah palin. she was not involved in the big buyouts or this buenos aires thing. she was not on capitol hill even when the republicans where spending, so she knows when to
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strike, and she is doing it now, and, brian, per fund-raising potential is potent. she can attract crowds like no other person. she can get theñi media right behind her. brian: one wonders what the next move is. do we have any insight on what that might be? some people think she would retreat into private life, and other people think, in no way, not with comments like that. >> i am not buying this but we chatter that this is a huge gamble. somebody tell me what this is exactly a big risk. sarah palin has the potential to make millions for herself and raise money for the gop. the gop, as you pointed out, is in disarray. brian: but the gop is angry with her for stepping downy* governor of alaska. >> i do not think that is true. there are a dependence that come
4:19 pm
out and say she is not following the exact -- there are pundits that come out and say she is not following the exact thing to do. why not? al gore was a nobel peace prize winner, and, really, i do not think she is in a win-lose situation. a conservative oprah. that is a great thing for the gop. i mean, brian, think about it. culturally, the gop is not waging a war. she could be beneficial there. i do not buy the argument that she cut and run. this is a woman who did not cut her own pregnancy when she was going to have a down's syndrome baby. she does not cut and run. brian: it was said that alaska is a foreign country. >> she is going to come down to the lower 48, and we will be watching her. xdbrando thank you.
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brian: once again, michael jackson's body is seti] to leave the staples center any moment now, the memorial service just now wrapping up. now comes the hard part. paying for it. we are hearing it could cost the city at least $4 million. think about it. 300 or so firefighters and emt 's, crowd control, helicopters, and it all adds up, and they are asking fans for donations. my next guest thinks in michael jackson's family and the promoter should foot the bill.
4:24 pm
dennis, welcome back to "your world." the city is strapped is not broke. where is the money coming from? >> the city is draft, and we have a deficit in the city of los angeles. our state is issuing iou's. our state caltrans employees, the department transportation personnel -- this may exceed $5 million costs between the city of los angeles and the california state government. brian: i will add a little gasoline to that fire. you are talking about direct costs. hundreds of thousands is not 1 million people out there lining the streets. these are clearly people in the middle of the day who are not working, not buying things. >>çó we had about 1000 folks who showed up who did not have tickets. it was well organized as far as
4:25 pm
the police response, but it is a massive show of protection. there is also a concern when you have an international audience for this memorial service that you have terrorism possible, so we had to activate that in the city of los angeles. a lot of things came together to make this a peaceful, successful event, but when you look at it, the marketing by aeg-staples, they are responsible. i am not calling the jackson family or the private sector. i am calling it to be aeg who has the responsibility, the moral responsibility and the added responsibility to pick up the tab. our city is going after aeg, saying, "you are responsible." this memorial service had a concert component. it was well orchestrated. they have gained so much
4:26 pm
publicity for staples and aeg, and it should not be on the back of the taxpayers. the people of los angeles should not be paid for this when we are giving furloughs to our employees. it is ridiculous that we need to pick up the tab. brian: maybe the numbers are nationwide, but you also get traffic issues. i get the point that it was a big, destructive event. do you think you're going to get anywhere with aeg? that is an l.a.-based company. >> they are going to be shutting down freeways as this entourage proceeds to wherever the ñiçóñrdestination. they will be shutting down freeways, so there is a major disruption to the commuters and the people of los angeles, but other than that, it has been a memorial service for michael jackson. now, it will start to slow down. we will start to redeploy our
4:27 pm
personnel, but aeg is going to be held accountable and responsible, and i stepped up with my colleagues to say, "aeg, unique to pick up the tab." as i understand it, they were sent a letter yesterday, and it clearly statesç "aeg, you are responsible to pick this up." every television station to accept one carried this live, so aeg and staples are responsible -- every statio television statn except one ^ is live. -- carry the is live -- carried this live. brian: the roads are closed.
4:28 pm
they are lined with however many spectators. there are clearly many of them. how much money are you looking to get from aeg? çare you going to tally it up d then send them a bill? do you have an estimate? >> we are already tallying it up. shutting down the on ramps and off ramps, i think we are looking at around $5 million. michael jackson before his tragic death -- they are out to make millions upon millions, and all we are asking for is to give the city of los angeles the money that they have expended for this deployment of personnel, not only police and fire, but the department of public works, and the barricades that were brought in, transportation, and this was an extraordinary effort by the city of los angeles for the memorial service, and, again, michael jackson, a phenomenal entertainer.
4:29 pm
this has gotten to the point where aeg needs to step up, and we will continue to hammer aeg to do with a morning should do, which is to pay the tab. -- to do what morally they should do, which is to pay the tab. brian: thank you. let's go now to our reporter inside the staples center. you were inside? >> absolutely, brian. we were there for about 60 minutes or so and then came outside to be in place for after the funeral, and, really, thousands of people have come out of the staples center, and now, the folks are watching the spectacle which is the media, because you that media from all over the world, australia, japan, u.k., you name it. everybody is here, and we are all stations out here. we are now hearing that there is going to be some sort of a motorcade from this location, as
4:30 pm
you can see from these aerial pictures -- brian: i was going to remind our viewers, you can see clearly that the freeway is closed, and we just spoke about that, and address people who are not able to use the freeways, which are closed -- and people are not able to use the freeways. there are a lot of big-time entertainer's there. -- entertainers there. seeing his children and hearing from his daughter, i mean, that was, i think, to me, the most moving part. was that a surprise? >> it really was, brian. when you think about it, michael jackson was very secretive in terms of his personal life and particularly with his children. there are very few pictures out there of michael jackson and his children, so that was very, very
4:31 pm
moving when his daughter paris too,k the stage and broke down in tears the and the other was when the casket was brought in -- and broke down in tears. the other was when the casket was brought in. there was speculation about whether the body of michael jackson would be here for this service, and it was a surprise to some people in the audience. some 20,000 people to jump to their feet when that gold casket came in, and michael jackson's brother is worthy pallbearers -- were in the pallbearers, and that was very, very emotional and moving -- michael jackson's brother is wos were the pallbearers. brian: we saw them covered up,
4:32 pm
and there have been a lot of questions about the kids. and it does not matter whether or not you are famous. to hear any child speak and cry about their dead parents is moving, and i think this is going to be very moving. >> yes, i think that is going to be the headline, and, brian, this is a media circus out there. the media has been watching, but i think the other headline is, and you were talking about that with the city member, but who is going to pay for this? they are estimating it could be $5 million. money is starting to trickle in apparently from the public, but when the l.a. lakers won the championship last month, and 90 million fans spilled into the street, that cost the city about $2 million, and donors ended up coughing up all of the cash, but is l.a. had to foot that bill, it would be $2 million,
4:33 pm
and this is larger, and especially when you are talking about freeways being closed down. l.a. is the second-largest city in the country, and when you do that and shut them down and thousands and thousands of people cannot use them, you have the impact on all of the personnel. there are not as many spectators without tickets and without wristbands as were first anticipated. brian: casey, do we have an idea on the numbers? that is what i threw out to the council member. when will we know? because that does go to how many police and how many firemen. the michael jackson family and friends, the freeway, as we have seen for the last few minutes, is clearly shutdown for everybody but the motorcade. >> around the perimeter, we are hearing some preliminary numbers from the lapd and the
4:34 pm
fire department saying really only 1000 or 2000 spectators or around the perimeter of the staples center. we got here a couple of hours before it began -- were around the perimeter of the staples center. we had to walk into the location. there were not nearly as many people. i think the city officials were very smart ahead ofç time to sy the best seat for this event is going to be in your own living room on your couch, and it is broadcast around the world. all of the major networks took it, and i think all of the people really did heed the warning, and they did stay at home instead of trying to come down here, because you talk about all of the people who are going to be missing michael jackson, the king of pop, i mean, this is a record event in downtown l.a. brian: casey, thank you very much from the staples center in downtownç l.a.. let's play the clip. at the end of the ceremony,
4:35 pm
where michael jackson's mdaughter paris -- break out the kleenex. this is michael jackson's daughter. >> i just want to say, ever since i was born, daddy has been the best bother you could ever imagineñr -- best father you cod ever imagine. and i just want to say i love him. brian: you know, casey, there are a lot of people out there who are fans or who are not fans, but when you look at what tomorrow's headlines are going to be, it was something --
4:36 pm
it will be something to the effect that the jackson children emerge, and they seem shockingly normal. >> when you talk about all the people that were inside, it was very low-key. there were no bells or whistles with this service. aeg had said all along how they wanted it to be. the stage was very simple. it was draped in blue. they had blue lighting, and at one point at the staples center, you could literally hear a pin drop, and that is very rare for a giants' center like the staples center. , you could actually hear the air conditioners running inside -- you could actually hearxdçó e air conditioners running inside. basketball games and concert and things like that, and that was very, very poignant and very moving, because the mood inside was very somber, and you really hit on it, brian. despite the mystery and the allegations about michael jackson, and you know, today is
4:37 pm
the date where a lot of that stuff goes out of the window, and the people who are inside, they really kept hitting on the scene that he brought the world together, all races, all walks of life. michael jackson's brother run together through his humanitarian efforts and everything he did -- michael jackson brought the world together for his humanitarian efforts. "we are the world." no matter what you thought about michael jackson, he helped to bring the world together. brian: casçóey, thank you very much, outside of the staples center in los angeles. >> you bet. brian: many lucky fans, who were picked randomly from a pool, plus many celebrities, brooke shields, john mayer, and there
4:38 pm
are friends presumably on the way to the cemetery, although there is talk of a smaller, private ceremony. we will keep you up-to-date. you are watching "your world."
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute brian: all right, michael jackson about to be laid to rest. the fight for control of his estate is in a state of under arrest. this could be avoided by
4:41 pm
everyone in america. he is the star of the fox business network's powerful lineup, dave ramsey joins us. every state has a plan if you die without a will. the state will determine your assets for you, right? >> that is exactly right, which is always a dumb idea to let the government run your life, even after you die, so, yes, about 70% of americans are walking around without a will, and it is just dumb, because it costs your family a lot of extra hard 8. the more complicated and big your estate, the more the will to have some substance to it -- it cost her family a lot of extra heartache -- it costs and your family -- costs your family. you can go to a website to do this. at least tell them where things
4:42 pm
are so they are not in the backyard with a shovel. not having a basic estate plan. i tell you, this is a reminder to do it. brian:ç people think they are strapped for cash. "i cannot afford the lawyer to do it." you can print out the forms and sign it on the cheek. >> you want to go to a website and get a state-specific we will -- signed on the cheap -- sign it on the cheap. >> he wanted go to a website and get a state-specific -- you want to go to a website and get a state-specificç will, and updae it. if you change states, and then you need to update it. brian: here is the ask neil and
4:43 pm
dave question of the week. >> hi, neil and dave. my name is stephanie, and i am from texas. my question is, if we have already taken out a home-equity loan, are we allowed to take out another home-equity loan for something? >> well, you are allowed to, but that would not make it smart. hopefully, you have learned your lesson and will not do it. i recommend against taking out second mortgages or home-equity loans. maybe you ought to do it grandma's old fashion way and save up for it. technically, legally, you're able to do it, and if the bank wants to give you a loan, they certainly will. brian: dave ramsey, thank you, casting his radio show and every night on the fox business network. -- simulcasting radio show.
4:44 pm
her to small business and not even coming close to paying for the plan. -- hurting small business. a new jersey congressman joins us now. welcome to the program. it is brian sullivan. a tax on upper-income americans to pay for health care? >> well, i have not decided who is best to pay for it, but we do need a combination of cuts in existing programs for poor writers, if you will, like doctors and providers -- existing programs for providers. this may not be the best, but it is certainly one that is on the table, and you are going to hear a lot of them in the next few weeks, because when you're trying to pay $41 trillion plan, you have to have a combination of new revenues as well as cuts in existing programs. brian: well, listen, you are from new jersey, and a lot of our viewers may not have been to
4:45 pm
the garden state, but i am going to show some facts, because i think it is relevant. new jersey has the highest property taxes in america. the good news is that the median income is 42% more than the national average. -- the median income is 30% more than the national average, but the bad news is that the median home price is 42% more than the national average. this is coming from the census bureau. if you're going to go after the wealthy, even your state, who may not consider themselves wealthy, but compared to somebody in iowa, they may be -- >> i have to stress, brian, that you have to pay for this somehow. you can pay for it was some sort of combination of cuts in programs, and you need to have another source of revenues. there are a muriatic of options.
4:46 pm
if i think it is important that you are pointing out that there is going to have to be a new source of revenue are taxes in some fashion -- there is a myriad of options. what is it going to be? brian: the people in your state are doing more than their fair share, because they have to pay more for housing. >> across the board. brian: how about this? i will call it the sullivan proposal, which is what i say on the fox business network, which is where my regular show is. income in one state may not be the same as in, in another state. if you are going to do with, any way of doing it on a cost of living index? instead of sticking it to people who are doing away more than their share, why not do it with the cost of living index? so if you make more than the cost of living, you are
4:47 pm
considered rich in any state. >> they were talking about a soda tax. they were talking about reductions on various things, like charitable deductions, whatever. i mean, we are looking at all of these things to see what is the best way to come up with an answer, but, also, we are looking at cuts in existing programs, you know, provider cuts and other things that would save money. in the long run, this health reform will save money, but you do need some money up front to pay for it. brian: go to the website of the cdc, and click on the obesity map, and they have doubled in the last decade. obesity cost this nation more than $1 trillion a year in lost productivity, problems, and treatment. why not put more responsibility on individuals to keep themselves healthy as opposed to
4:48 pm
just trying to pay for all of >> well, we are actually looking at preventive care and wellness and those kinds of initiatives, and i would not rule that out either. in fact, i think you are right in saying that is something to look at. all i am stressing, brian, here is that this will be paid for but we would just not leave it for future generations -- this will be paid for. we will not leave it for future generations. you are right to bring it up and raise it, because i think it is important for peopleç to know that it has to be paid for being is not free. >> congressman, thank you very much. -- it has to be paid for. it is not free. brian: an update on the jackson family and friends and the casket with the body of michael
4:49 pm
jackson. they are said to be having lunch? is that true? all right, not going to the cemetery yet. apparently, there may be a private cemetery. there have been reports that they were going to have lunch and/or have a smaller, family and close friend-on the ceremony, so there you go. the family not going to the forest lawn cemetery -- family and close friend-only ceremony. it may be another thing when this is under fire. . . ñ?
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brian: maybe a little more mystery now to where michael jackson will ultimately be laid to rest. we have been hearing forest lawn sem tear are ry, a prominent cemetery in loss los angeles.
4:53 pm
now according to tmz, michael jackson sun likely to be buried at forest whrawn. if a motorcade goes to forest lawn, it is a decoy casket. that's right, and that the final resting place of michael jackson at this point may not be known. there has been some debate about whether or not he will be able to be laid to rest at neverland his ranch which is north of los angeles near santa barbara. according to tmz, there may be a decoy hearse going to forest lawn. the family is arriving at the beverly wiltshire hotel for a bite to eat. we will keep you up to date. growing drama and mystery around >> we are going to see those projects hit in the second half of the year. we're going to see some impofment in the economy, but
4:54 pm
you've still going to have high levels of unemployment and that's something that i said back in january. >> that is what the president today. this is what he said back in january. >> if we don't act swiftly and boldly, we could see a much deeper downturn that could lead to double digit unemployment. brian: our next guest says the president is contradicting himself. jim jordan of ohio joining us now. welcome to "your world." it is brian sullivan. change of heart? what do you think? >> he is definitely contradicting himself. the facts are that the president was just plain wrong. he said if you spend a trillion dollars of taxpayer money, he will keep unemployment under 8% and we know now it is around 10. look, if big-government spending was going to get us out of this mess, it would have gotten us out a long time ago. it would have happened when republicans were in control. we know the answer is reducing
4:55 pm
the tax burden on american families. you were talking with a colleague of mine talking about raising taxes. that is the opposite direction we need to go. we need to get the spending under control an lower taxes on american people. >> that's the new jersey words, clearly based on the stats of the people in new jersey, myself included paying more than their fair share, so i have a vested interest in what happens in new jersey. to be fair, washington contradicts itself all the time. politicians on both sides say one thing and do the other thing why is it bad that the president is contradicting himself? if the economy changes, shouldn't we change with it? >> politicians do contradict themselves all the time but the american voter have a way of holding them accountable and hopefully they will the next election. frankly, we should hold the president accountable. when you factor in the deficit, almost a trillion in the previous stimulus package and they're talking about a second stimulus.
4:56 pm
we know this doesn't work. we should say, mr. president, you said we spend this money, unemployment would stay below 8% and it is now 10. you were wrong. we should reduce the tax burden on small business owners an american families. i actually think one of the other things you are seeing drag on our economy right now is this apprehension. remember, businesspeople are smart people. they're waiting for what, the next shoe to drop? is there going to be a tax increase to pay for healthcare? is cap and trade going to pass which will raise the cost of energy, the cost to produce your business? there is an apprehension, anxiety on the part of the business sector. they don't know what the heck congress is going to do next. brian: you're exactly right. companies lay people off when they think things will be worse. they hire when they think things will be better. companies continue to pay people and lay people off. we don't think things are getting better so we're firing people. >> right, right. we always hear about tax and spend politicians.
4:57 pm
it is the opposite. it is spend and tax. american people understand when politicians spend and spend and spend, inevitably here comes a tax increase to pay for t right now they're doing the deficit spending. at some point they will want to raise taxes. business owners know that is a drag on our economy and making them reluctant to help our economy grow. they get a message from this congress that they need to get things under control so we can keep our economy growing again. brian: thank you, everybody. ly be back with you again tomorrow. glenn beck is here next on fox news. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute ÷çlhñ
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