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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 9, 2009 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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cowboy in a band. other than that, do not do it. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jon: this is a fox news alert. house speaker nancy pelosi is at the podium right now. will she respond to the latest claims that the cia misled congress? democrats on the house intelligence committee are fanning the flames. in the spring, you probably remember nancy pelosi emerged at this weekly news conference. she said that the cia essentially lied to her. cia director leon panetta said it is not the practice of the agency to do that. now, the fight is renewed again because leon panetta seems to have gone back on what he told reporters back then. james rosen is in washington.
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help us straighten this out. is the speaker expected to address this controversy? >> yes, it is almost a certainty that it will come up at this news conference. at issue is a simple concept. has the cia then in the practice of misleading members of congress from 2001 to last month. several democratic members of the house, not nancy pelosi, sent a letter to cia director leon panetta in late june alleging that in closed-door testimony, he had admitted that the cia had been deceiving the congress for 02 years. -- for eight years. this seemed to back up the claim that nancy pelosi made. we will have to hear from cia director leon panetta, as well as from speaker pelosi. today the house prepares to
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debate this clear 2010 intelligence authorization bill, which has provisions in that the white house has threatened to veto if they go into the final bill relating to just how much briefly in the cia should be given to members of congress. >> after the letters that came out. >> a number of house democrats have expressed concern that they will end up voting for the public auoption plan, and in the senate rejects it. they fear a boomerang against them next year. >> we have this question in almost every piece of legislation that comes up, the of the house of representatives will set the pace on how we go forward. we hope these and the priorities are ones that we can come to an
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agreement in conference. i am confident that we can. some of you said this about the recovery package. jon: speaker pelosi is moving on to discuss other matters of pending legislation. the real focus that we are hoping to hear more about from her, and if she does address this, we will take you back there. the big focus is -- did the cia mislead t congress? james rosen, you said there are indications that cia director leon panetta is not going to agree with the characterization of these democratic members of congress who they are claiming that he has admitted that tci gamthe cia lied to congress. you say you will not say that publicly? >> this stems from closed-door testimony that cia director leon panetta gave on june 24.
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two leaders, seven house democrats wrote to panetta. -- two days later, seven house democrats wrote to panetta. there has been no official response from the cia director, but there have been published reports that stated that leon panetta feels that he has been misrepresented in this matter. obviously, it will be decisive when we hear from mr. leon panetta himself. jon: the fear on the part of republicans, if the cia had said something like this, the feeling among many republicans is he is trying to throw the bush era cia under the bus. >> that is the feeling of a lot of republicans, that this is being manufactured to vindicate speaker pelosi. >> the intelligence committee
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has the oversight for the intelligence committee. i'm sure they will pursue this in their regular committee process. and that is the way it will go. >> should these letters silence the debate over your proprietary that you're making charges about the substance of your charges? >> i did not know there was a question about propriety. i am proud of my work. people know where i am on the issue. this is an excuse, not a reason. our success is driving the republicans to distraction. any excuse will do. the fact is, there is a brief lead that is of serious concern to members of the committee. they have their course of action to deal with it. that is that. >> leader john boehner has
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taken a pledge that he will not vote for a health-care bill that he has not read, or until it is available to the public online for 72 hours. will you take a similar pledge? >> is this a pledge that is in keeping with him having read all of the bills that he has never voted for? [laughter] i do not know what his pledges, but we pledged to have a full process, ample time, and it will be well known to the public. every person in america is an expert on his or her health care. they're all very curious. >> the other day in los angeles, congresswoman jackson lee held up a copy of h-res 600 prize in the life of work of michael jackson. do you favor that brinpretty tho
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the floor? >> michael jackson was a great performer. there's a lot of sadness there for many reasons. but i have said to my colleagues for several years is that there is an opportunity on the floor to express their sympathy for their praise any time that they wish. i do not think it is necessary for us to have a resolution. in this case, if the idea is to praise in the life and work, the not do that? i think the resolution would open up to contrary views that are not necessary at this time to be expressed in association with a resolution whose purpose is quite different. >> how often do you speak to leon panetta? >> i do not know when i last
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spoke to leon panetta. oh, when he called to say that he had been named and i offered my enthusiastic support for him becoming the director. that was probably the last time. i have maybe one briefing from him earlier. it could be two. but not recently. i do get my regular briefing, but not necessarily from him. the director of national intelligence has been briefing the. -- briefing me. >> are you in a position to name the numbermembers of the finance committee? >> soon. >> are you aware that there might be a need for a second stimulus? what is your position? >> i am committed to the first stimulus. i do not think it has been given all the time to work.
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the third quarter is a big quarter for the stimulus and i think people will begin to see the results. even dr. zandi, who has said that even if it falls short, it will still be 2.5 million jobs created or saved. we hope it will be better than that. the question is always open as to what the administration may recommend. right now, i believe we have much more to gain from seen through the first stimulus. i am a proponent of a full transportation bill, which is a great jobs bill. we may have to do something on the extension of unemployment benefits. in terms of the investments that were made on the first package, i want to play that out. we have to be very careful about the spending on this.
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i respect the opportunity that the distinguished majority leader put out there. we have big issues with health care and how we fund that. if we do go someplace, i would like to see us do the transportation bill. >> will you let the cbo score the final health care bill before it believes the house? is there a limit? >> yes, we have to have the cbo's score. having said that, the cbo does not score any savings from prevention. as we put the bill forward, what we want to know that our goal is to improve quality, lower cost, and make america healthier. we have other delegations. may be the -- maybe the other
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distinguished institutions, who can quantify exactly what the billions of dollars of savings are in some of the initiatives we take. we will respect what the cbo scores says. we will put it in the larger context. some in congress want direct scoring to improve benefits of prevention, for example, and early intervention. we have to have that score before we go forward. that is part of what we're waiting for for the pay-fors and the cbo scoring after that. i have told members as recently as this morning, squeeze out what you can out of the system. savings, savings, savings. then we have to establish priorities. that is very challenging. otherwise, the bill is endless.
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we have to contain this. and it must be paid for. >> the deal with the pharmaceutical companies -- jon: that was that. the speaker of the house in her weekly news conference. we did not learn a great deal more about what is really the most interesting topic of the day. that is, did the cia director told democratic members of congress that the cia has been misleading congress? nancy pelosi claimed earlier this spring that she was lied to by the cia. leon panetta, who served alongside her for some time, said no, we do not do that. now the allegation is that he admitted that he had been misleading congress behind closed doors. james rosen, we did not learn a
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great deal during the news conference accept for the fact that the speaker of the house does not often speak to the cia director these days. >> she says she has barely spoken to cia director leon panetta this year since he took the job. she did say that he did give a briefing that was of concern to members of the house intelligence committee. some republican members are disputing the democratic claims that cia director leon panetta admitted in this briefing that the cia has been misleading congress. one republican member was quoted as a team, yes, he came to us with his hair on fire. republicans say it did not merit that kind of approach from them. jon: james rosen, thank you. we will continue our look at what the cia director has told members of congress. we will also be back with a look at the jobless numbers. good news or bad news?
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heather: we are taking a look at the big board's. stocks are down 32 points as new job numbers are released today. the numbers are down from previous weeks, but some are calling it a false positive. jenna lee, these numbers from last week are not as bad as some estimated. >> exactly, not as bad, but a bit of a head fake. 565 ,000 americans filing for first-time unemployment. that is below the 600,000 mark we have been following. that is an important level. that signifies a recession, or remaining in a recession
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anecdotally. there is some improvement. that is a positive. it is the lowest amount of americans filing for first-time unemployment since january. those are positives. here is where the false positive comes in. last week, as we remember, was a holiday week. a lot of us were taking off early for vacation. a lot of offices were closed for the holidays. that limits the amount of first- time unemployment benefit claims that can be filed. also, seasonally, the government takes into consideration layoffs in the aluto sector. there can be some volatility in this number. the big picture, if we take a big step back, is that the job environment is still very tough. continuing claims remain at a
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record high. this is an interesting way to look at this. for every one position, there are six americans competing. last week, there were five. in normal economic times, it is two. heather: wow, six americans competing for every one american job out there. thank you. jon: a new video raising major concerns about the safety of the metro train system serving the nation's capital. this time, a train operator appears to be sleepy while the train is barely down the tracks. two weeks ago, a metro train crash left nine people dead. tell us about this new video. >> this video was taken on june 18, just a few days before the deadly crash. it was the deadliest crash in d.c. metro history and it killed nine people, including the train operator. on the youtube video, you see the train operators sleeping on
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the job. he is not looking up for anything on the tracks. this video was taken by a 14- year old and posted on youtube. when the crash happened, that is when he posted this. jon: what has been the reaction from the d.c. metro? >> the d.c. metro has been getting a lot of heat as a video surfaced of an operator text messaging around the same time. tensions are very high here. they're still repairing the track. the trains are automatic, but metro is under a lot of scrutiny. jon: thank you. heather: if you are an animal lover, the story will outrage you. a massive crackdown on dogfighting.
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simultaneous raids in several states. the heartbreaking brutality is just about to come to light. we will tell you about it.
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[ laughs ] i feel so empowered. power to the people! ha ha! yeah! the option to name your price -- new and only from progressive. call or click today. heather: g-8 leaders meeting in italy are riding on a deal to head off a trade war that could hit world economies.
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they want to wrap up a long- delayed agreement to head off protectionist policies. members of the so-called junior 8 are using this opportunity to submit their proposals on major global issues. jon: in iraq, bombs have killed 41 people in the worst violence since u.s. troops pulled out of the major urban areas. two bombs killed 16 civilians. in another northern city, a suicide bomber blew himself up. the blast killed the man, his wife, and his son. just as people gathered, another bomb went off, killing at least 34 people. heather: i am a pet owner. i have three german shepherds at home. do you have pets? jon: cats. heather: something terrible has
11:24 am
been going on across the country. many dogs have been used in dogfighting. there was a major dogfighting bring broken up this week. the agents arrested 26 people and took in hundreds of dogs. officials say these rings are not connected, but the scope of this is doug greene. the simultaneous raids went on in several states. -- but the scope of this is staggering. a lot of people think when they hear about dogfighting, they think about peopit bulls. when these guys are involved in these dogfighting brings, they will often still smaller dogs and use those stocks as bait for the fighting.
11:25 am
all kinds of dogs, and even cats are affected by this. we will have a guest to tell you about the major break up of the dog fighting rings.
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jon: it is getting ugly on capitol hill over the question of -- does the cia lied to the congress? a texas democrat and the
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chairman of the house intelligence committee is accusing the cia of lying to members of congress. his charges echo charges that house speaker nancy pelosi made in may when she said the cia lied to her. there are indications, according to james rosen, that the current head of the cia, leon panetta, a former california congressman, is not going to agree with these characterization's of how his agency conducts itself. let's talk with a former cia man, mike baker. he is now president of diligence, an intelligence firm. i cannot imagines that the cia like standing in the middle of a political battle. >> the agency is not in the business of getting into political battles. they're not in the business of misleading congress. that is not a policy, as cia
11:29 am
director leon panetta has stated very clearly. this is a very good example of the way that politicians view the agency as a very convenient scapegoat in washington. it is a case of it you are damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. it was after a reporinternal re, the director walter lee said, we have done an internal review, and -- and the director said, we have done an internal review and we feel we have not accurately brief you on an issue. that was used as a convenient, partisan political attack by the seven democrats. jon: conveniently, nobody can really talk about what this matter was because it is classified. >> this is not as something new that has been created by pelosi
11:30 am
and this current batch of politicians. over the years, the agency has been a political football. they do not defend themselves. that can be frustrating when you are working inside. your natural reaction is to say that we are trying to be clear about what we do, when asked. because of the nature of the business, it is a secret intelligence organization. you have to be very careful. the agency does not defend themselves. therefore, they are an easy scapegoat. jon: it comes up on the day when funding for the agency is going to be taken up by the house. >> it could be a political issue. i do not know. that would be a cynical thing to say. also, other issues related to expanding. there are many democratic members of congress who would like to expand the briefing responsibilities of the agency, rather than advice eight members of the most classified
11:31 am
activities in the intelligence community, they would like to expand that to 40. it is hard enough, at times, to ensure that individuals from wherever it can keep their mouths shut. you can imagine utility of expanding that sort of base. interestingly, the obama administration is against that expansion, which is irritating some people on the far left. jon: it is your view that the cia does not make it a practice to lie to congress. would be counterproductive. >> it would be counterproductive. it is not the policy. is not the practice. i do not know how many different ways you can say this. there's a very byzantine theory that somehow is not the case because of movies and things like that. they respond to questions directly. the important thing about this particular issue, this letter
11:32 am
that was generated by seven democratic members of congress close to nancy pelosi, is that the director went there voluntarily. they did a review. he said, we should advise them on this issue. that is what they did. as a result of that, and in an effort to be transparent, they have turned around and try to use this as a political issue. jon: it will be interesting to hear what he has to say >> he hasn't not yet publicly responded -- it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. he has not yet publicly responded. according to james rosen, the indications are that leon panetta will not. it gets confusing, but it is very important. mike baker, thank you. >> thank you. heather: could you imagine if more people are allowed in these briefings, the kind of leaks that would come out?
11:33 am
jon: politicians like to talk. heather: the backdrop, as they're talking about testing the limits of executive power on this issue. now let's go back to the g-8 summit where the economy and the environment are at the top of the agenda. we will get an update on discussions from president obama. major garrett is in italy. can you give us the latest? yesterday they were talking a lot about cutting greenhouse gas emissions. g-8 countries are going to have to agree to this. the less developed nations will not. what now? >> we will get to that in a moment. i want to update the audience on a couple of things this morning. the controversy and talked about a moment ago with what the cia director may or may not have
11:34 am
told house democrats. robert gibbs just wrapped up a briefing. we asked him about that. he said that all he had seen so far are published reports about this. the white house will not confirm or deny or get into this controversy at this point. robert gibbs said he would get back to us if the white house did want to get involved. when nancy pelosi first leveled this explosive allegation against the cia, the white house stayed as far away from it as it possibly could. it may use that tactic again so far. another thing we just learned at the briefing, the current leader of libya who is now the chairman of the african union, just arrived at the union tonight and he will be a dinner tonight with president obama. we asked, if given the opportunity, will president obama shake his hand?
11:35 am
senior administration officials said it if given the opportunity, he would. they would also take note of the fact that a few years ago, it set aside a program could in the context of the brown, administration officials say that is something president obama may want to discuss. i would put that in the category of the latest developments here. heather: those are some serious developments. major garrett, thank you very much. jon: the upper midwest braces for a batch of powerful storms. janice dean is watching it in the fox weather center. >> we are starting to see some showers and thunderstorms popping up along the border of nebraska and iowa. severe thunderstorm watch is in omaha, neb., and just north of that. . hail, damaging winds, and
11:36 am
isolated tornadoes. a final boundary moving back into florida again, bringing more rain to this area. we could see a flash flood watches and warnings. and the extreme heat has been the story across texas and oklahoma. temperatures well above 100 degrees. 107 in dallas. 105 in oklahoma city. it will be oppressive again today. we're just not getting a break here in texas. people are urged to stay indoors and air conditioning and to check on the elderly and make sure your kids are indoors. anhydrid hydrate. said there was a tornado warning in westchester county the night before, and you were correct. however, there was no tornado. the national weather service
11:37 am
investigated it. it was a microburst. i am glad you are ok. jon: it was not too far from where i live. i slept through the whole thing. it is always nice to talk to you. heather: it was a crazy storm. did you see the hail? kids were making snow angels from the hail. we are talking about this massive dogfighting bust that has taken place in seven states. you do not have to be a fan of this bull -- pit bulls. this involves all kinds of pets. authorities call this one of the biggest crackdowns on dogfighting in the united states. federal agents arrested 26 people and rescued four hundred dogs. this took place in seven states. fbi and u.s. marshals are also
11:38 am
involved in this. we're joined on the phone now by mark morris, a court reporter for "in the kansas city star." some of the video may be graphic. >> thank you for having me. heather: how did investigators bust this ring? it was extremely widespread. >> from what i understand, in the spring of 2008, the humane society got a tip on dogfighting in st. louis. they opened an undercover investigation. with that, they began finding links in many other states. they pick up help from the fbi and the marshals. they investigated as much as they could find. heather: tell us how these things work?
11:39 am
these guys will often go into neighborhoods and they will steal people's small dogs and cats and use those as training bait for some of these vicious dogs that have been bred to kill and attack. >> from what i understand, that is a traditional way to get these animals more aggressive, to give them a taste for fighting. i heard a little bit this morning from a reader in nebraska who told me about a string of animal noappings. heather: will now happen to these stocks? -- what will happen to these 400 dogs? >> they are all being kept in a central location somewhere.
11:40 am
the humane society will be giving them treatment and evaluation, but they will also try to evaluate whether the dogs can be rehabilitated and then placed was responsible owners. heather: that is a lot of work. these fights can go on for up to two hours. >> it is an amazing story that came out yesterday. this whole process will go on for some time. heather: thank you 4 billion us the latest on that investigation. -- thank you for bringing us that information.
11:41 am
jon: opponent's face a deadline of noon eastern time to file objections to try to stop the sale of the struggling car company. jeff flock of fox business network is live in chicago. could gm emerge from bankruptcy today? >> technically, they would not emerge right away. i am just on my blackberry now with a source close to this. 21 minutes left in the judge's stay. he ruled that they could emerge from bankruptcy. he issued a state to let anybody appeal who objects to it. nobody has filed an appeal. theoretically, the sale could go through. sources tell us it will not go through immediately. they still have to sign papers. jon: who is opposed to this plan
11:42 am
to bring gm out of bankruptcy? >> anybody who is still holding the bag on any claims against gm. for example, people who had a product-liability lawsuit against gm. they would have to sue the old gm. the bad assets of the company get liquidated down the road and satisfy the claims. the problem is there will not be anywhere innear enough money. unions oppose this deal because they think they're getting the short end of the stick. some of the bondholders do not want the deal to go through either. that is who is opposed. jon: jeff flock, thank you. on a related note, tomorrow is friday. that means doctor debt will be back with us. send us were personal finance questions at
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happeningnow. you can also leave us a message on our new blog. heather: i have a finance question for you. how about some money? did you know your chances of surviving a medical emergency could depend on where you live and which hospital you go to? find out how area rates could a.
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heather: an alarming new study to tell you about. your chances of surviving a major health emergency, and your overall health is not the only factor in determining where you live or die. the hospital where you go could also play a big role. researchers found a wide variation in death rates from hospitals across the country. dr. kumar, good morning and
11:46 am
thank you for joining us. why is there such a big variation in hospitals? this could be the same city or the same county? >> there's such a variation because hospitals are going to offer different technologies or different specialties. major metropolitan areas will have hospitals that are major cancer centers. obviously, impatience with late stage cancers will be much better served in those hospitals -- patients with lace stage cancers will be much better served in those hospitals. the same with stroke centers. it will be harder to find that in community hospitals. heather: that makes sense. some hospitals are better known for their cancer center or their heart center. the study looked at heart attack, her heart failure, and
11:47 am
pneumonia, and it found a huge variation within hospitals in the same city or the same county. i would think that for treating heart failure or anything traditional like that would be the same from hospital to hospital. >> not necessarily. you are right. it should be standardized care, especially in the emergency setting. beyond that, patients can then go to a center where they can receive life-saving procedures immediately as soon as they have had the initial heart attack. not every center is able to offer that. i think this is an important call. the study shows this is a very important call for hospitals to have protocols that are standard in the emergency room even if they cannot provide the treatment, they can send them to a center that can provide that.
11:48 am
heather: how does a patient know what to ask? how do you decide which hospital to go to? >> first of all, you have to educate yourself. in a major much paul the area where you have hospitals where there's a number of hospitals around -- in a major metropolitan area, find out which hospitals specializing in heart attack disease or strokes. in a community, go to your community hospital. find out what protocols they have set up for patients who have heart attacks or strokes. is a website that compares hospitals in your area and they can tell you what the mortality rates at those hospitals are. heather: what is so frightening about this is that different hospitals have very different survival rates for people
11:49 am
suffering from heart attacks, heart failure, or pneumonia. you're more likely to die if you go to one hospital then another. dr. coomer, thank you. jon: you know the feeling, you get off the airplane and you go to the baggage conveyor belts, but what happens? the airline lost your luggage. if you are angry, what are you going to do? one guy put in his anger to music and posted it on you to. >> ♪ i should have flown with someone else were gone by car. ♪ jon: this posting was a smash hit, but did it work with the
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
heather: we're looking at a store you will see only on fox. al-qaeda has a new book out. believe it or not, they do have a book. but could it possibly be about? stay tuned. the white house is talking about a second stimulus plan.
11:53 am
why our government bureaucrats spending $700,000 over a lavish meeting at an arizona resort? and in update on the troubling story. a police officer and a paramedic come to blows as a very sick woman waits for care in an ambulance. we have new details. jon: an angry musician wants an airline to face the music after he claims his $3,500 catarrh -- thguitar was smashed on the airplane. he says he spent months trying to get the airline to pay the repair bill, but he got nowhere. what does he do? he puts it to music and posted it on youtube. >> ♪ on the ground, the passengers from the seat behind
11:54 am
me said, my god, they're throwing guitars oth the band and i described a look as only terror. ♪ united jon: airlines gave us the statement. -- jon: united airlines gave us this statement. it provides us with a unique opportunity we would like to use for training purposes to ensure all customers receive better service for moss. heather: way to go, dave. jon: he joins us now by phone. dave, what has united done for you? i know you have a conversation
11:55 am
with them yesterday. >> i did not speak to him myself, but somebody took the call. they said that they were sorry and they wanted to know what i was interested in in terms of compensation to in most of the conversation was about how they will use this as a learning tool, and that this could change the culture of their service in terms of baggage claim and the united. jon: your youtube posting have received almost half a million hits. does it take that kind of thing for united to pay attention? >> this was the type of publicity i'm sure they're not happy to receive. i have gotten so many e-mails. i think they are bearing the brunt of not only what they did, but what all airlines have done around the world. jon: a $3,500 guitar, what
11:56 am
happened to it? >> the damage was structural. the base was smashed. it was actually inside the guitar, it was cracked. jon: you spend 18 months trying to get together with united to get some kind of compensation before you posted this video. >> it was nine months. after nine months, finally, someone from the airline with a name actually e-mailed me. she finally told me that this would be the last e-mail and that nothing was going to come from this and there was nothing they could do. at that point, i decided that i
11:57 am
have gone through the system enough. i accepted that i was not getting any compensation. the guitar had been prepared. it was $1,400. i moved on. i said, i'm going to do what michael moore might do. jon: tragically, you said your guitar does not sound the way it used to. at least you're getting some satisfaction through this video. dave caroll, thank you. we wish you well. heather: united airlines is lucky it was not a really expensive violent. we have an update for you on bernie madoff. he has decided he will not appeal his 150-year sentence for the multibillion-dollar ponzi
11:58 am
scheme. he was sentenced to life behind bars. this is all according to his attorney, ira sorkin. we will be right back.
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jon: welcome back to "happening now." the vice president hits the road in ohio, trying to give a boost to the stimulus plan. he did not pick ohio by accident. recent polling shows the obama administration is losing support among voters in ohio. what might this mean for the president's agenda? heather: you may not be able to afford a ritzy resort in phoenix, so here's a question. by were 700 government employees at a fancy resort in arizona. william la jeunesse is crashing the party to try to get the
12:01 pm
answer. jon: nowhere to hide from brian wilson. he has new, exclusive information about the altercation between a police officer and an amt. it has become an internet sensation. the most meritorious terrorist organization on earth is publishing a new book -- the most notorious terrorist organization on earth is publishing a new book. it even includes an introduction by one of the most wanted men in the world. the book also highlights al- qaeda's struggles. catherine herridge is live in washington. i understand you have a copy of this book. how did you get this? >> this surfaced on the internet within the last few weeks. it was brought to our attention by one of these monetary and groups in -- monitoring groups
12:02 pm
in washington. it has two introductions. one was written by the second most wanted man. you can see the introduction with his picture. even though he may be on the run, as the intelligence community likes to say, he is not so deep within a cave that he cannot penned an introduction. jon: who are these muslim spies and how do they operate? >> the tone of the book is one of real paranoia. at one point, it says do not overlook the old man in the village with a hunchback. he may be one of the spy's providing the necessary intelligence for the u.s. and others to target our camps in the tribal areas of pakistan. there are some full color
12:03 pm
pictures. al-qaeda believes these are infrared homing devices that are being planted in statehousesafe. the drones are able to identify the strike able and strike them through these signals. jon: it is pretty encouraging on the effectiveness of the u.s. air strike. >> the predator drone campaign has been controversial. it is scene within the intelligence community as the single most effective weapon in keeping pressure on al-qaeda in the tribal areas of pakistan and they have been very successful at taking out what i would call the mid-level managers within the organization. they may not be the figureheads like bin laden, but they're the people who get done all the legwork. heather: for the first time in
12:04 pm
any state, president obama's approval rating has dipped below 50%. it is happening in the state of ohio, a critical swing state in election time. vice president joe biden was there this morning touting the administration's stimulus plan. house minority leader john boehner will speak there this afternoon to respond. mike emanuel is in cincinnati. what did the vice president say in cincinnati this morning? >> he seemed to be asking voters in ohio for patients. he talked about some of the projects that have been started based on the stimulus money purities said he understands the frustration of voters in ohio. -- he said it is ok for the people of ohio to hold the government accountable. he basically asked for more patients. heather: what are the polls saying?
12:05 pm
>> you made reference to the poll that basically says the approval rating for president obama has dipped significantly since may. he was at 62% approval in may. it dropped to 49%. it is a struggle on the economy. it is a critical concern. heather: how much of that has to do with how people are filling in terms of security but their own jobs, and how much concern over government spending? >> we did hear from people on the streets. there are concerns about all the money the government is spending when you talk about the stimulus package, when you talk about fixing health care, and people said they agreed about whether their friends and neighbors will be able to find jobs. taylor said. -- take a listen. >> not very optimistic at this point. a lot of words are coming out. a lot of promises.
12:06 pm
i am not seen it happen. >> confidence level is 50/50. i personally feel ok. i think a lot of friends and neighbors are feeling the pinch. >> we heard a lot of anxiety and a lot of concern and a lot of frustration. basically, people wanted to see more progress in ohio. heather: mike emanuel in cincinnati, thank you. jon: the website craigslist can be a great place to find a new apartment or a roommate. watch out. more and more crooks are making the place a magnet for finding victims. julie banderas has a special report for us. >> they go on craigslist. they say they have a computer or a car for sale. the buyer takes the bait.
12:07 pm
they set up a location. they meet, and that is when it all goes wrong. the seller turns out to be a robber, in many cases, holding these people at gunpoint. internet experts warn that obviously craigslist is convenient, but do not forget you are dealing with millions of strangers. >> there are four billion people on the internet today. the challenge, when you meet someone on line is that you know nothing about them. it is the only meeting where there is no way that your five senses can determine anything about the other person. >> this is happening all over the country. it is something to be warned of. jon: how are you supposed to protect yourself? >> do not go to somebody's home to buy an item. that is kind of common sense. they will find out that not only
12:08 pm
is it not a real home, but it is vacant. i want to point out some states where this is occurring. in texas, missouri, washington state, washington, d.c., ohio, indiana, north carolina. craigslist says the overwhelming majority of their users are trustworthy. when you are talking about billions of users, you will always have more than one bad cheegg. jon: thank you. a memorial for former nfl quarterback steve mcnair will be held today at the stadium where he once played. his friends, teammates, coaches, and wife will celebrate his life. michelle mcnair has not spoken publicly since her husband was found dead on july 4. police say he was shot four times by his girlfriend, who then killed herself. meanwhile, national police are releasing video of her dui
12:09 pm
arrest a couple of days before the couple died. steve mcnair was a passenger in the vehicle at the time. he was not charged. he left in a cab. heather: thousands said goodbye in person. millions watched on television. now the city of los angeles is left to pick up the tab for michael jackson's memorial service. $1.4 million for increased security, traffic control, and clean up services. city officials are happy that they spent less than the original estimate, which was $4 million. they are now desperately searching for a way to pay these bills. they are asking fans to donate. the city has collected about $17,000 so far. that is a long way to go to $1.4 million. especially when california is in so much trouble financially. jon: they have some problems
12:10 pm
with their website that was accepting donations. a shocking video that grabbed national headlines. it was a tense confrontation between an oklahoma state trooper and an emt who was trying to get a patient to the hospital. next, an update on this fox news exclusive. you will find a year from a woman who was in the back . only one a day men's 50+ advantage... plus support for heart health. that's a great call. one a day men's. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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jon: we are just getting word of a huge drug bust at sea. naval patrol forces in the gulf of aden seized $70 million. we are told the operation went down on tuesday. a u.s. navy plane and u.s. warship collaborating to stop the drug running vessel did the navy says the sale of such drugs help funds the taliban. heather: an oklahoma state trooper remains on leave after a confrontation that he had with an ambulance worker. you may remember this video showing the trooper, daniel martin, putting his hand around the throat of the emt. he said he had every right to pull over the ambulance. now on administrative leave. brian wilson joins us with more information.
12:14 pm
he is outside highway patrol headquarters in oklahoma city. what is importnew? >> hello from oklahoma where the wind is whipping down the planes. they have not yet decided how they will resolve this. we spoke to members of the family of the patients in the ambulance that day. they definitely have some ideas. by now, you have seen the trooper dash cam video. and the cell phone video that shows the struggle between the trooper and a paramedic. lost in the discussion is the fact that there is an elderly heart patient in the ambulance. she can be heard screaming on the tape. that will then was stella jordan, a very fragile and nervous individual.
12:15 pm
her sister remembers vividly how upset she was. >> she was just screaming. she was just screaming. she had gotten exhausted. i said, it is going to be all right. just calm down. i just prayed. >> tripper martin has been on administrative leave for over a month and a half. many are wondering when the ohp will decide this matter. >> people were thinking that nothing is calling on, there is stuff happening? >> absolutely. there are state laws that say we cannot talk about what we're doing. the state employees have rights.
12:16 pm
>> after the incident, after the patient had been delivered to the hospital, the trooper did offer an apology to the family for his behavior. they think more needs to be done. >> i think they should take his badge and gun. the next person may not be as fortunate as we were. >> since we were lost in oklahoma, it has been revealed that the paramedic was relieved of a previous job for unprofessional behavior. trooper martin was once the police chief of fairfax, okla., and he was fired by a town council unanimous vote. they said it was in the best interest of the department. heather: it seems like they failed to see the forest between the trees. does the patient intend to file a lawsuit? >> the woman has retained counsel, a respected lawyer in
12:17 pm
the state. the state. heather: thank you very much for bringing us the story, a fox news exclusive. jon: obama's support in the polls seems to be slipping. could independents make a different choice in 2012? we will take a look. ( crack of bat, cheering )
12:18 pm
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12:21 pm
heather: we just told you about the oklahoma state trooper. he remains on leave today after a major confrontation with an ambulance worker, all the while a woman was waiting to be taken to the hospital. brian wilson has something on our website. this is tohide. jon: a new poll shows support for president obama is slipping amid a barrage of job losses, bailouts, and talk of the need for a second stimulus plan. 51% of americans say they approve of president obama's performance. that is down from the high of 65% in january when he took office. two other national polls suggest a shift among independents. they show support dropping
12:22 pm
between 5% to 6% recent weeks. let's get to bob beckel and trent duffy. bob, the president's support seems to be slipping. should you be worried? -- should he be worried? >> we're in the middle of a serious recession. the thing that amazes me is his popularity remains extraordinarily high. having said that, it is a recession. it is not going to see its way to being out of a recession until next year. i suspect that by the fall, the rating might fall below 50%. it will come back. that is one of the advantages. the recession will not be where it is in three years from now.
12:23 pm
jon: is it the recession? >> i think it is the recession. it is also barack obama's growing credibility problem. he said he wanted to me right now deputies said he wanted to keep gm and chrysler out of bankruptcy. -- he said he wanted to leave rigrewrite nafta and he said he wanted to keep gm and chrysler out of bankruptcy. people in america on main street are suffering tough times. there's growing concern among democrats on capitol hill who have to face the voters in november that there could be real outrage. in their interest, barack obama is not aligned. jon: are democrats nervous? >> we are supposed to infer that he was in rome and in the pyramids, and therefore he was on vacation and having a good time. whayou guys say this recovery
12:24 pm
program -- >> george bush's ranch. >> this is like saying that the u.s. landed in normandy and the germans should have surrendered the next day. the reality is that it takes some time. he did inherit a recession. it will take some time. the reality is -- the practical reality is that a president who has been in office six months will absorb the economy onto himself. he will not be able to pass it off to george bush, even though that is where he got in. >> i do not disagree with that . he has inherited a recession. it is very deep. what he has done is he has told us that his plan will produce millions and millions of new jobs. it has not. he said 3.5 million new jobs.
12:25 pm
it has cost 2.3 million new jobs. now he is telling us that we have to rush through a government takeover of health care to save our health-care system. why should we believe him when the first plan he sold us has produced so little? >> it has only been 100 days -- it is not in effect for 100 days. what do you expect? >> he said it would keep the unemployment rate at 8 in%. it is now 9.5% and going north. i do not expect any miracles. i'm just saying that president obama has to deliver on what he promised the american people. jon: independent voters are obviously swing voters. they're the ones who really make the difference in any election. if president obama's support is
12:26 pm
slipping among independent voters, how much of a problem is that for democrats? >> independent voters are the first ones to move and something like this because they do not have the allegiance to either party. they also form a big the loading block for democrats and barack obama in 2008. if there continues to be a slide in obama's job performance, it will impact negatively on the election for the democrats in 2010. it almost has to. maybe we will come out of this. i remember this is very similar to ronald reagan. in the first off-year election, the republicans -- it was not until 1983 that the economy started coming back. this is all a question of timing. jon: if you want to hear more, you can sign up for bob's class at georgetown.
12:27 pm
heather: we have another story to tell you about. this one may make you laugh. it may even make you angry. a luxury resort complete with palm trees, pools, and golf courses. the sun shines here all year around. the social security administration agrees. they have said hundreds of employees there for a conference that we are paying for. we will go to phoenix to find out where this place is and find out what they are saying about .
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
có jon: here is what is "happening now." a majority of folks in a critical swing state are not happy with president obama. the vice president was trying to shore up some support. heather: and america who left
12:31 pm
the u.s. to join al-qaeda is now shown in a new video and he strongly condemns president obama's efforts to seek a new beginning with the muslim world. jon: two robbers target a beauty parlor and it is all caught on tape. heather: by its own calculations, the social security administration waste $4.6 billion of your tax dollars it here. it is hosting a conference at a world famous luxury resort in arizona. remember how much they criticize the investment banks for doing this? william la jeunesse, your at the resort. it is a very well-known resorts. you were supposed to be reporting from a pool.
12:32 pm
>> we have a deal to show you this five-star resort property. last night we were told that the social security administration did not want us to show you the rest of that resort the of the conference itself. let's go to some of the video we did shoot. why would this agency that is historically underfunded and understaffed, which auditors say is squandering billions of dollars because the date have antiquated systems. why would they flight 700 people here for a conference for seminars on diversity, stress in the workplace, marketing, when a record number of americans are losing their jobs and their
12:33 pm
homes? especially after the outright of aig who stayed in a luxury resort months ago. >> many people will say, this is the same thing. >> there's a clear distinction between the two. they received specific bailout dollars. we did not. we are not using any recovery money. >> but it is tax money. >> we get a regular appropriation and that is what we are using. >> there are better ways to spend the money. >> that is a good point and we have evaluated that completely. we use the regular government process for contracts. we got the cheapest rate. the cheapest rate was here by far. >> they did get a screening
12:34 pm
rate, $85 per night. it is $400 during season. they're bringing in 700 managers from all over. also, about seven commissioners from washington. we are estimating it will cost about three-quarters of $1 million. some critics say you could use the teleconferencing system. they say that face to face works better. there are also over payments to people who are dead, people who are living abroad, people who are now married, and things like that. others will argue that this money could have been spent on those kind of things, but they defend the congress. heather: i cannot believe the official could say that with a straight face. hello. we are paying for that.
12:35 pm
are we ever going to see our social security checks? >> you, maybe. probably not for your kids. heather: william la jeunesse, thank you. jon: take a look at wall street, where there has been a turnaround. it is up five points. it had been down earlier. new jobs numbers and second quarter earnings reports are out today. 565 ,000 americans are looking for first-time jobless benefits. the numbers lower than analysts predicted. the bad news is that record numbers of americans are still unemployed. use in my notice a change when you go to the store. a couple big food companies plan to build 100% eco-friendly. >> our garbage dump, to exemplify the point -- think
12:36 pm
about this. think about all these people drinking bottled water or soda. these bottles go into the landfills, 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. that is just one statistic. companies like naked juice are turning their entire bottle line into recycled plastic bottles. it is a way for them to be eco- friendly. they are one of the first national brands to do that. it will be somewhat of a different bottle. why is plastic so inefficient? we talk about oil a lot. here is a barrel of oil. americans use about 20 million barrels per day. for every family, that is about
12:37 pm
1/5 of a barrel of oil per day. in one week, you are using about 1 barrel. that adds up. then you have all these different will their roles -- then you have all these different barrels of oil. a lot of companies that use plastic are turning to something more ec-friendly. this is another company, earthbound farms. they're doing something very similar to make inaked juice. the company says it is the equivalent of taking 30 four hundred cars off the road every year. -- it is the equivalent of taking 3400 cars off the road every year. if you do not use the recycle products, all of that stuff goes into your landfill.
12:38 pm
it will be interesting. lookout for it. jon: thank you. heather: let's talk about the weather. government scientists say that el nino has returned and the weather where you live may be affected. janice p dean, what is going on with this? >> do you remember the chris farley sketch? youtube it. the opposite is la nina. here are some of the good things we can expect from el nino. we have studied this weather phenomenon since the 1960's. we could see a decrease in an lentic hurricane activity -- atlantic hurricane activity. we could see beneficial rain to
12:39 pm
the southwest. we could see less winter across the northern tier of the country, and a reduced risk of florida wildfires. el nino typically happens every two to five years and can last as long as 12 months. the bad part theel nino -- we could seek damages in winter storms in california. all the nutrients in the ocean that it turned up -- that could be very detrimental to the fishing industry. and obviously, the marine food chain. that could not be a good thing for them. increased storming this across the south. and we could see a severe mudslides in central and south america, and drought in indonesia. el nino is returning with a vengeance. heather: thank you.
12:40 pm
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12:43 pm
>> every nation on this planet is at risk. just as no one nation is responsible for climate change, no one nation can address it alone. that is why in april, i convened this form of the world's major economies. it is why we have gathered again here today. each of our nation's comes to the table with different needs, different priorities, different levels of development. developing nations have real and understandable concerns about the role they will play in these efforts. they want to make sure that they do not have to sacrifice their aspirations for development and higher living standards. with most of the growth and projected emissions coming from their countries, their active participation is a prerequisite for solution. we also agree that developed
12:44 pm
countries have a responsibility to take the lead. we have the much larger carbon footprint per capita. i know that in the past, the united states has sometimes fallen short of meeting our responsibilities. let me be clear. those days are over. one of my highest priorities as president is to drive a clean energy transformation of our economy, and the united states has taken steps toward this goal. we have made investments in developing clean energy technologies. we are on track to create thousands of new jobs across america on solar initiatives and green projects and biofuel projects, trying to show that there's no contradiction between environmentally sustainable growth and robust economic growth. we have also created a national
12:45 pm
policy raising our fuel efficiency standards that will result in savings of 1.8 billion barrels of oil over the lifetime of vehicles sold in the next five years alone. in our house of representatives, we just passed the first climate change legislation that will cut carbon collusiopollution by 80%. these are very significant steps in the united states. they're not as far as some countries have gone, but they are further than others. i think that as i wrestle with these issues politically in my own country, i have come to see that it is going to be absolutely critical that all of us go beyond what is expected if we're going to achieve our goals. during the course of our three days, we have taken a number of steps forward.
12:46 pm
the g-8 nations came to a consensus on concrete goals for reducing carbon emissions. we all agreed that by 2050, developed nations will reduce emissions by 80%, and we will work with all nations to cut global emissions in half. this ambitious effort is consistent with limiting global warming to no more than two degrees celsius, which has our declaration explicitly knowledge for the first time, the mainstream of the scientific community has called for this. today, at the major economies forum, developed and developing nations make further commitments to take strong and prompt action. they committed to reducing emissions in absolute terms and developed nations acknowledged the significance of the two degrees celsius metric and agreed to take action to meaningfully lower their
12:47 pm
emissions. they agreed that between now and copenhagen, they will negotiate concrete goals to reduce emissions by 2050. we agreed that the actions we take to achieve reductions must be measurable, reportable, and verifiable. we agreed to establish at the earliest possible date a peak year after which overall global emissions will start falling. these are all very significant steps forward in addressing this challenge. in addition, we agreed to substantially increase financial resources to help developing nations create low carbon plans and the plate clean energy technologies. we recognize climate change is already happening, so we will have to help those affected countries adopt. -- affected countries adapt. we're looking at providing financial assistance to help these countries. i want to commend president
12:48 pm
calderon of mexico and gordon brown of the united kingdom for coming up with some creative proposals that all of us are going to be exploring as to how we might finance this. we have tested the g-20 finance ministers to take up the climate issue and report to us at the meeting in pittsburgh in the fall. we have agreed to create a new global partnership on transformational clean energy technologies around the world. our goal is to develop the research and achieve our long- term energy and emissions goals. a number of countries have already agreed to take lead on developing particular technologies, including solar and smart grids, advanced vehicles, and more. australia is creating a new center, which he will be discussing shortly. it points to the ability for us to pool our resources in order
12:49 pm
to see the technological breakthroughs that will be necessary for us to solve this problem. let me just summarize. we have made a good start. in the first one to acknowledge the progress on this issue will not be easy. i think that one of the things we will have to do is fight the temptation toward cynicism, to feel that the problem is so immense that somehow we cannot make a significant strike. it is no small task for 70 leaders to bridge their differences on an issue like climate change. -- is no small task for 17 leaders to bridge their differences. the steps are intended to support and not replace the minuend negotiations with more than 190 countries. it is even more difficult in the context of a global recession,
12:50 pm
which adds to the fears that somehow addressing this issue will contradict the possibilities of robust global economic growth. we have a choice. we can either shape our future or we can let the events shake it for us. we can fall back on the still debates and old divisions, or we can decide to meet this challenge together. it is clear from our progress today which path is preferable, and which path we have chosen. you know that the problems we face are made by human beings. that means it is within our capacity to solve them. the question is whether we will have the will to do so. whether we will summon the courage and exercise the leadership to chart a new course. that is the responsibility of our generation. that must be our legacy for generations to come. i am looking forward to being a
12:51 pm
strong part of this effort. with that, let me turn it over to kevin, who has a significant announcement that fits in with the issues i raised earlier about technology challenges and our capacity to move forward and leapfrog over some of the old technologies that made this problem so difficult to deal with. jon: president obama in italy, where he is meeting with some other leaders from the other top industrialized countries in the world. it is really a g-8 media. you heard him say something about 17. other leaders were brought in today as well. president obama talking about the challenge of climate change and agreeing on working toward reducing greenhouse gases. heather: vice-president joe biden visiting a key swing
12:52 pm
state. people of her scene before the recession hit, the vice president appeared in cincinnati making the case for the white house stimulus spending amid reports of another stimulus plan that may be in the works. >> i get asked all the time, where is the money going? is it doing any good? one of the reasons we are here -- look at this old building. america can building. right now, it does not look like anywhere someone wants to live now. it can provide a lot of nice housing for local families. heather: for a response, we are joined by house minority whip. kantowhat is your reaction to v vice-president joe biden? he said to give this more time to take in -- kick in.
12:53 pm
>> we are about five months after the passage. the administration is realizing it is not working. the stimulus of sex that were attended have not come to fruition. promises were made. -- the stimulus affects that were intended did not come to fruition. now is the timnot the time. voters in my state are beginning to understand this economy is owned by barack obama. this is the prescription that the obama administration brought forward in january. it was nearly $800 billion strong. frankly, it has not worked. we all need to come together and focus on the real path toward economic recovery, which is through investment in small businesses. heather: the congressional budget office estimates 11% of
12:54 pm
the stimulus will be spent by the end of the year. you have a proposal that will take the rest of the sinless money that has not already been spent and funnel that to tax cuts -- rest of the stimulus money that has not been spent and funnel that to tax cuts. >> it makes sense. 70% of the drop in our country come from small-business people. that is how we grow. -- 70% of the jobs in our country come from small- business. a enough from the white house telling people and businesses what is best for them did we cannot take any more of this. this notion that this is somehow where we wanted to end up is ludicrous. heather: to you and your members actually think you can get your proposal through congress? >> we are trying to say that we need to join together. there are plenty of people on both sides of the of understand -- both sides of the aisle who
12:55 pm
understand that the secret to success is investment in small business. we have to look at small business people to get the confidence growing again to that is what we want to provide them with tax breaks and incentives to put their capital back to work so people can start to realize some kind of economic security again. heather: let me just ask you about the prospects of a second stimulus. this has been talked about a lot in washington president obama said nothing is off the table. can republicans stop that? >> a second stimulus indicates that we have a first stimulus. the position is clearly now that spending bill did not stimulate the economy. our plan is focused on small business growth. it is focused on working families. it is focused on trying to get people back into the game, allowed them to keep more of their money, and put it to work for themselves.
12:56 pm
heather: congressmen, thank you very much. jon: chilling surveillance video to show you from an armed robbery at a beauty supply store. we will tell you how this turned out. .
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
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