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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 9, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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no reported injuries on the passenger train. they covered up the front of that train in hopes that some dignity will be preserved. the police sergeant says it happens at about 12:30 in wayne county community, 20 miles west of detroit. the vehicle was northbound when it crossed the tracks and was hit on the side. there were no survivors in the car. there were no injuries of any kind in the train. we do not know the age of the people who were injured. -- or, who were killed. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: cops busting a scheme to sell graves by digging a bodies. families are walking through the cemetery right now to look for the remains of their loved ones. that story in 30 seconds. protests in iran. hundreds of people gathering nearly one month after the
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presidential elections. a look at what is behind the new protests, coming up. another incident raising questions about train stations. this video shows the operator sleeping while the train is epsilon on the track. it is the same metro system that had the deadly crash last month. another 14-year-old, this one accused of leading cops on a dangerous chase after stealing his father's vehicle. why did he do it? i scream. that is all in the works, coming up on "studio b." investigators in the chicago area making a discovery at a historic african-american cemetery. employees in a cemetery in alsip dug up 300 bodies, dumped the remains, and resold the plots to unsuspecting customers. families are outraged.
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>> we trust the integrity of the place that you leave the body with that they will do the right thing as an upstanding citizen. shepard: four people are in custody. we are told the owners of the cemetery had absolutely no idea this was going on. the cemetery's 20 miles southwest of chicago. among those buried there, diana washington and emmett till. fisher spoke about the motive, money. >> an individual in the front office would take cash payments. they would then give an individual a deed for plot. after they did that, they would get a grave digger to disinter a grave, take the remains from that grave, and dump them in the back part of the cemetery. shepard: the investigation has been underway for months half.
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-- for a month and half. >> what people have done is beyond comprehension. people have been dumping the bodies in a remote part of the cemetery and have resold those plot. they were thrown in a fenced off area -- fenced-off area, not even underground. the sheriff says it will be hard to sift through everything at the cemetery. >> there are not going to be quick answers. we will be here for quite some time. we are not talking weeks. we are talking months. >> fisher says they may not be able to guarantee every family that their loved ones will be reburied intact. shepard: how did police find out about it? >> the owner of the cemetery came forward about five weeks ago to say that one of their employees blew the whistle on the whole thing. we will show you a woman who says she has many relatives
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buried at the cemetery. >> i have 23 family members out here. i have grave sites that have not been used. headstones are missing. this is ridiculous. it is a sacred ground. >> there was a long time when this was the only cemetery in the chicago area where black people could be buried. dinah washington is there. a lot of significant people in the african-american community. shepard: what charges to the people face? >> the four have been charged with one count of dismembering a human body. it is punishable by up to 30 years in prison. jesse jackson was at the cemetery and he said there should be a special place in hell for the people who did this. we can only hope that there is. shepard: rick folbaum, thank you. politics and national security running into each other on capitol hill today. at least seven democrats say leon panetta admitted during a
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congressional briefing that the agency did lie to congress about several matters. a letter from the members of the house intelligence -- house intelligence committee. here is part of that letter. look. shepard: the house intelligence committee chairman wrote a similar letter to the leadership. nancy pelosi got a lot of people upset back in may when she accused the cia of lying to congress about waterboarding. these people are allies of speaker pelosi. the speaker would not say anything about the letters that back corrupt. >> this is an excuse. as i told you, our success is driving the republicans to distraction. the fact is that there's a
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briefing that is of serious concern to members of the committee and they have their course of action to deal with it. shepard: john boehner has been quick to criticize pelosi. today, he did just that. >> i do not believe that the cia lied to congress. i am waiting for speaker pelosi to either put up the facts or retractor statement and apologize. i do not know that this letter changes anything. shepard: the man in the middle of all this denies telling congress that the cia lie. james rosen, there are indications that the cia director believes the democrats have twisted his words. >> there are a number of indications to that effect. a number of the republicans on the house intelligence committee who were present for the disputed june 24 briefing behind closed doors that panetta gave
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to the members of the committee say that what he told them was no emission of a cover-up, no admission of lying. here's the top republican on that committee, the ranking republican. he spoke to fox news earlier today. >> he is disputing both the description of what he told the committee on june 24. he is not agreeing with the seven democrats or the chairman of the committee that that is what he told the committee. >> another republican who sits on this committee has told fox news today what director panetta disclosed on that occasion on june 24 was simply the existence of the cia program that was terminated earlier this year that had been in existence since 2001 that had not been briefed to the committee. shepard: this is very entertaining gold -- very tangled. part of it is the side that is
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nancy pelosi's side is fighting with the other side. they are trying to throw the bush cia into the middle of it and it is complicated. we have a lot of important things going on. >> the speaker herself was very careful not to claim that she was vindicated by what her allies in the house are now accusing director panetta of having said. that would be to her benefit if it is true that leon panetta said the cia has been misleading the congress over the last eight years. what we were told is what he was talking about was not related to waterboarding, but it was the subject of waterboarding that speaker pelosi said at the cia had deceived her about. shepard: they have said it is neither the practice nor the policy of the cia to mislead congress. it sounds like in a closed-door session, they have caught them doing that. they think they got them. gotcha is going on.
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>> there is a dispute as to whether he said anything to that effect behind closed doors. the person that could do the most to clear this up is leon panetta. shepard: thank you. a high-speed pursuit caught on camera. there is no chopper. see this? this is a 14-rolled kid who is doing more than 100 m.p.h. at one time or another. gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico could save 'em hundreds on car insurance. it's actually doing it. gecko vo: businessmen say "hard work equals success." well, you're looking at, arguably, the world's most successful businessgecko. gecko vo: first rule of "hard work equals success." gecko vo: that's why geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength. gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people.
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but with aleve, i don't have to worry about my knees hurting. only two aleve can stop pain all day. that would take three times as many tylenol arthritis pain. aleve works for me. shepard: president obama met with leaders representing some of the largest economies. with the state of the global economy, there is lots of talk at the g-eight. there are hot-button issues like iran. earlier today, the president spoke about what the g-8 plans to do about climate change and how the economic downturn plays into that. >> even more difficult is the fact that -- the fact of a
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global recession, which adds to the fear that addressing this issue will contradict the possibilities of robust global economic growth. we have a choice. we can either shape our future or we can let events shake it for us. shepard: the president says world leaders are in agreement that something must be done. actions speak louder than words. major garrett is live in italy with more. the u.s. taxpayers worry about the recession. >> the administration's as a couple of things. on policy, it says what we're talking about will bring the energy taxes on carbon. that will happen after the recession is over. they have already had difficulty with the congress and the american public explaining how
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the economic policies are alleviating the recession so far. the president argued that the u.s. can commit itself to the technological advancement and manufacturing behind green economies and products, they can export them to countries like china and india. the president argued that could create jobs, not reduce them from carbon taxes. that is the theory. there are many on the republican side who have their doubts. shepard: major garrett live in italy. police say she brought a gun then murdered steve mcnair and killed herself. she is the woman believed to of been mcnair's mistress or girlfriend. she was busted for a dui days before the murder. we have police camera footage from when she was pulled over. there she is taking the sobriety
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test. mcnair was in the vehicle with her at that time. now, we have the 911 for the shooting. listen. >> there are two bullet wounds, two gunshots inside the wall. shepard: both. think of what he had seen. the girlfriend or mistress had taken a gun. blank to steve mcnair's head while he was asleep, then shot him twice more, then shot him again while he was asleep on the sofa. then she took the same gun and
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put it to her head and positioned herself so she would die in his arms. the family is asking people to remember his life, not his death. public viewing is being held in nashville, tenn., today. he was a world-class football player and went on to tennessee to take the titans to the super bowl for the first time. what a loss. a river of tears from tennessee to mississippi to the. another car chase. this one an 14-year-old. he stole his father's vehicle and led police on a dangerous high speed chase to get ice cream. here is video. deputies tried to pull him over after he took an illegal turn out of a dairy queen. during the chase, he went through four or five stop signs and hit speeds of 110 m.p.h.
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here is how it ended. >> he just crash. shepard: he did. the driver tried to take a sharp turn while going 80 miles per hour. he went airborne. airborne over into a ditch. the driver, his cousin, and brother were not hurt. it leads me to believe there were probably wearing seat belts. it happened in livingston county, northwest of detroit. with us is the sheriff. man alive. the people following that thing must have been freaking out a little bit. >> he was. a simple traffic stop. he went to execute the stop and the truck took off. it was about a five-mile chase. we were going to call the chase off, but he made a right turn into a neighborhood.
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we knew we were going to get him shortly. shepard: he flips the thing over. sometimes, 14-year-olds are big guys and sometimes they need a couple of phone books. what was this guy? >> he could drive the car. he was a little taller than normal 14-year-olds. one of the other kids got out and was crying. he was saying that his brother was the one that stole the car and he did not want to go to jail. the deputy approached them and we were thinking they might run. we did not know what to expect. when he approached the driver's side, he was very surprised to see it was a 14-year-old behind the wheel. shepard: we are showing the area where it happened there, just outside detroit. the reason he stole the car was to get ice cream? that is at? >> they wanted to get ice cream.
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there is no left turn out of the dairy queen and they made a left turn in front of the patrol car. shepard: otherwise, he might have made it and no one would have known the better. were they wearing their seat belts? >> they were. we probably would have had more serious injuries otherwise. there were released at the hospital. they were not hurt. nobody else was hurt. shepard: if there is any good, that is it. i remember 12 years of local television coverage and i never remember walking up to a car or the people have their seat belts on and were dead. do you? >> no. we try to encourage it and we are restricted on people wearing seat belts. when i was on the road, i have seen many accidents of people wearing seat belts where it saved their lives. shepard: sheriff, thank you. good to see you. new details about two american
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journalists sentenced to more than a decade in a labor camp.
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shepard: the family of one of the journalist held in north korea is asking for the government's help to get amnesty and saying one of the journalist admits to breaking north korean law. ling and euna lee were working for the television operation when there were arrested. they're accused of illegally entering the country and ambiguous hostile act. in an interview, lisa ling spoke to her -- spoke to persist around the phone and laura was specific about the message she wanted to send, saying, we violated the law and we need our government to help us. we are sorry about everything that happened but now we need diplomacy.
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a vigil is planned for this afternoon in sacramento. the bloodshed in iran is not over. nearly two weeks after demonstrators flooded onto the streets, violent reignited today. take a look. we cannot verify where or when this was taken. we are told that as from today. we are confident enough of that to show it to you. it is tough for us. work with us. reports say the police are battling protesters like we saw two weeks ago. today's protests are not only about the recent presidential election. these rallies commemorate 10 years since the last major uprising. that was between students and police. tehran once again the center of it all, the city where emotions are raw and anger is red hot. >> to run as a tense city tonight from a source i spoke to. there are a lot of people still out on the streets, shep, as
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iranians try to reinvigorate the protest movement that has been dormant. the people are not as a surly protesting at this hour. it is a subtle show of force. there are a lot of police. riot police and regular forces are out there keeping the company. the iranian government keeps trying to make these protests go away and hopes they will. the protesters are hard-core and keep coming. there's a group that is simply fearless. they are on the streets. we are hearing possibly thousands were out earlier today. there were ultimately dispersed with tear gas. these protesters are no less bold and the crowds we saw last month. the tehran governor warned people not to demonstrate, or they would be matched under the seat of "where people."
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-- "aware people." people have been out with the tear-gas. those who want to continue protesting are looking for locations always or simply spaces in which to do it. the 10th anniversary of the uprising that occurred when a student dorm was rated after students protesting the closure of the newspaper was the occasion today. back then, one student was killed. in the unrest that followed, two more work and others were wounded. today in italy, gordon brown and president barack obama issued a joint statement saying that the detention of british embassy staff members in tehran after the initial demonstrations come after the elections, is "unacceptable." shepard: thank you. new developments in a massive dogfighting raid. what the fed discovered. having the right tools is crucial
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3:27 pm
treatment, shooting the dogs when they did not fight. the humane society is now caring for the dogs. it is a big undertaking because the dogs cannot stay in the shelter. they must be kept separate. the indictment said some of these organizers gave their dog steroids. >> yes. it was a particular type of steroids. it works as a steroid, which helps build muscle mass, and the drug also is anti-inflammatory. if they were injured in a fight, this is a way of being able to treat them to get them ready for the next bite. shepard: what happened to the dog that lost the fight? >> they were put down. there were often too badly injured to go on or be of use. the methods that were used most
3:28 pm
frequently were just gunfire, a shot to the head. we understand the disposal of these bodies was sometimes an elegant -- inelegant. >> they would drop them down the septic tank. >> they went on with their business. a lot of these places were very heavily protected in terms of setting up the last second. these people knew each other and the investigation has been going on for a while. shepard: steve brown, thank you. a. current supreme court justice forcing her opinions about the controversy over supreme court nominees. what ruth bader ginsburg is saying about president obama's pick for the high court, judge sonia sotomayor. you have questions. who can give you the financial advice you need? where will you find the stability and resources
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shepard: it is the bottom of the hour. here are some of the stories we're following. the teenager who shot this padilla says that this metro operator was asleep at the controls of a moving train. we will talk to the 14-year-old. an emergency medical got roughed up by police while he was trying to drive a patient to the hospital. find out what happened to the police officer. plus, the panda birthday. more is coming up. breaking news. one senator's parents gave $1,000 to his mistress and family. this is breaking down. >> things seem to have gotten worse for the nevada senator john ensign. he admitted to having an affair with a former aide. her husband is also a former
3:32 pm
staffer. it is being revealed that the senators wealthy parents, casino owners, made $100,000 in payments to the hamptons. an attorney says his parents made the gift "out of concern for the well-being of longtime family friend during a difficult time." there are also reports that the senator paid a large severance package. doug hampton is driving this story, releasing details come even a letter that senator hampton wrote saying, i use you for your own pleasure. after that quick confession, it was thought he might have saved his political career. with these developments, he could be facing campaign finance abuse investigation. shepard: rick folbaum, thank you. a sitting member of the u.s. supreme court talking about a potential future member. this as the nominee judge sonia
3:33 pm
sotomayor continues her meet and greet on capitol hill. sotomayor met with washington's newest lawmaker. that is she right there. she is with minnesota senator al franken. he was sworn in this week. most of these meetings seem to have been cordial. her confirmation hearings might be slightly contentious. her wise latina comment is one reason. shepard: some critics have said those comments show sotomayor is a racist or an extremist. words of the detractors. ruth bader ginsburg, she said she thought those comments have been misinterpreted and says all of the outrage over them as "ridiculous." it is unusual for a sitting justice to talk about a nominee.
3:34 pm
judge andrew napolitano says it goes against the unwritten rules of the supreme court. he is with us now. >> on written rules that are accepted by 99% of judges in the country. you do not attempt to affect the outcome of a public controversy by something you do outside your courtroom. you make your rulings in the courtroom and you make your ruling. that is your job. you do not comment on another judge's case because that be perceived as trying to influence that judge. you do not comment on any political dispute. it is unusual for justice ginsberg to of done what she did. she gave an interview to "the new york times." it will not be published until sunday, the day before judge sonia sotomayor's hearings start. the timing is curious.
3:35 pm
the statements of are those of support for judge sotomayor. this has never been done to my knowledge publicly in the modern era, a sitting justice on the supreme court comes out swinging in favor of a person nominated to join that court. shepard: might justice ginsburg, she is not new to this game, might she have been thinking, there are 60 democratic senators. this is not political. they're asking me what i think. yes, it is fine. i'm not trying to influence anything. there is nothing to influence. >> she very well could of been doing that. it doesn't mean it is right. there's a mystique about the court. it was once said that there is no power without mystery. the court surrounded itself with mystery. they wear black robes. they do not make speeches and express opinions like others do.
3:36 pm
if they do too much of that, the run the risk of becoming political hacks, politicians in black robes. if they maintain this aura of neutrality in mystery, when they tell us what a lot is, we accept what they say because they are moral authority. the more the justices speak off the bench, the less moral authority they have from the bench. shepard: justice scalia has spoken out recently on other matters, not regarding in any way the confirmation or the nomination of a potential justice. he has spoken out. does that reduce his mistake? >> it depends what they speak out on. i am saying this as a personal friend. he actually spoke out on an issue involving one nation under god. shepard: there's the argument that it does not belong there. his argument was, you bet it does. >> the court -- the case went to
3:37 pm
the supreme court. shepard: there's the perception of conflict. >> the court decided not to hear the case. justice believe probably would have excused himself if they did. shepard: this is a different ball game. >> she is entering the political fray. shepard: all right. great to see you. thank you. we will have complete coverage of judge sonia sotomayor's confirmation hearing next week. we will start on sunday. bret baier and megyn kelly. the program is "fox news reporting, judging sotomayor." it is a look at the woman who could become the first let teen a supreme court justice. starting at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific time on monday morning, they are back with wall-to-wall coverage of the sotomayor hearings in congress.
3:38 pm
that is all next week here on fox news channel. fair and balanced, as always. hundreds of thousands have seen the video online. police pulled over and ambulance on the way to a hospital. we are showing it here. now, we will hear from the family of the woman who was inside that ambulance.
3:39 pm
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shepard: new details on the story we have been falling out of oklahoma. police pulled over and an ambulance while the ambulance was taking a woman to the hospital. the state trooper put the emergency worker in a headlock, threatened to arrest him for failing to yield on the roadway. some of it was caught on video. it has gotten a lot of attention. look. [yelling] shepard: that is the police officer on the near side of the screen. that is the emergency medical technician with the hands around his neck. the woman screaming in the background is the woman inside the ambulance trying to get the hospital. brian, how did your conversation with the family go? >> ever since i started covering
3:42 pm
this, people would say, what was going on with the patient during all of that? we have tracked down the patient and her family. they are telling us their story. listen. by now, you have seen the dashcam video. the cell phone video shows the struggle between daniel martin and the paramedic. lost in this -- in the discussion is the fact that there was an elderly patient in the ambulance that day. she can be heard screaming on the tape. that woman was stella jordan, a fragile and nervous individual these days. she was too nervous to talk to us on camera. her sister remembers how upset she was. >> she was screaming, her eyes rolling back in her head. she was just screaming and she got exhausted. i picked her up and i just held her. i said, it is going to be all
3:43 pm
right. calm down. i just prayed. lord, please, please, let my sister be all right. >> the trooper has been on administrative leave. the final report has been sitting on the desk of the chief of the oklahoma highway patrol, leaving many to wonder when they will decide this matter. ohp spokesman chris west said it takes time for complicated personal issues to play out. >> people are looking and thinking nothing is going on. stuff is happening. there are state laws that say we cannot talk about what we are doing. state employees have rights. >> after the incident, after the patient had been delivered to the hospital safely, trooper martin did offer an apology to the family for his behavior. they think more needs to be done. >> i think they should take his badge and his gun. the next person may not be as
3:44 pm
fortunate as we were. >> the patient in this particular case has retained counsel. no lawsuit has been filed. we met briefly with her. she is a very fragile individual. her health is not good. many people say this incident sort of changed her personality. shepard: does this incident get a lot of play there? >> it is a continuing story. everybody knows about it. everybody has an opinion. i could not speak for everybody in oklahoma. the general consensus is, i wish this thing would be over. it is not good for oklahoma. shepard: brian wilson in oklahoma city. we have been reporting on incidents involving public transportation. these are the people we trust to get from one place to another. what would you do if the guy driving your train were actually sleeping?
3:45 pm
maybe you could get out your camera.
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relief can't come fast enough. introducing bayer quick release crystals. it's ready to dissolve faster than caplets or tablets. it's a whole new way from bayer to dissolve pain fast.
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new bayer quick release crystals. shepard: we are serving up more bad press for the dc metro. the youtube video shows one of the d.c. metro -- those are the trains that run all over washington, d.c. the operator is not enough to sleep -- is nodding off to sleep while operating. there is no way for us to be sure that he is asleep. how can i be sure? i am not there. look at him. from this video, it seemed to the person that was taping the video that the person was sleeping. the 14-year-old says it happened on june 18. he did not send it to the people at the d.c. metro until
3:48 pm
june 23, the day after the worst metro crash in history. two trains collided. authorities still have not determined the cause of that crash. just yesterday, we told you about the metro operator who was suspended after he got caught on video texting while driving the train. three incidents in less than a month on various parts of the metro line. that is confusing, but those are the different train lines. each color is a different train wrote. -- train route. this one was on the red line. on the phone with us now is the 14-year-old who shot the video of the operator. gregory, it is good to talk to. >> thanks. shepard: you sent in this video after the metro train had the horrible crash that killed nine people.
3:49 pm
tell me what you're thinking was about sending it in the next day. >> when i saw the crash, i was stunned. i decided maybe i should bring forth another piece of evidence to show that metro operators need to be more safety oriented. shepard: we were talking during the commercial break. what did you think when you first saw it? you had to make a decision to get yourself on out. what did you think at first when you saw the driver? >> at first, i thought he was texting or doing something else. i saw his body go limp. when we hit the ball, he was weighing side to side. -- when we hit the bump, he was swaying side to side. i got out my camera. shepard: doesn't look like he is dozing? >> yes. when we hit the bump, i think
3:50 pm
maybe he thought someone had seen him. he probably tried to play it off. shepard: when you sent this video, how did they react? did they say thank you? what did they say? >> i did not send the video. i sent in a complaint and i described it in detail. they asked for for the reformation. i supplied the information they required. shepard: you put the video on youtube and said, here is where you can find it. right on. we will keep on top of this. what the heck? that is what the phones are for. it is good to talk to you. thank you. there is an investigation. we will let you know what happens. he is the secondary man in al qaeda and he is also an author. he is not turning a romance novels. .
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
. shepard: a look at al qaeda's new book. yet they are putting out a 50- page publication called "guide to laws regarding muslim spies." catherine herridge got a copy of this book and she is live in the dc news room on mother's -- on a beautiful day in washington. >> it is a shame to be inside. this book is one under 50 pages long, monitoring web sites, and
3:54 pm
the bottom line at the book is it is a growing body of evidence that the network is under pressure that this is a sustained campaign in trouble pakistan. -- tribal pakistan. some of their own people are providing operation, not only other camps, but there statehouses. -- they're safe houses. one interesting element of the book is it contained a photograph of infrared devices that are the type of thing that you could put inside a safe house or an a person's pocket and a predator drunken log on to the devices right before the kill. -- a predator drone can lock on to them. what it says in this book is that if you find one of these devices, is all the proof you need that these guys are spies and you ought to be able to take
3:55 pm
them out. shepard: thank you, friend. have a great day. details are just coming out on the death of steve's at -- steve fossett, the international big money guy who disappeared. they blame downdrafts, high- density, and the mountainous terrain for the crash. he took off nearly two years ago. it was a solo flight in a light plane. he disappeared, and last year, a hiker found some of the stuff. he may have -- he made a fortune trading options on the chicago market and was the first to ride the jet stream around the world in a balloon. he died in that crash and now we know because.
3:56 pm
when was last time you ate shwarma? if you have no idea what i'm talking about, keep listening. they are delicious. there are about eight bucks. so we will get to the latest about the dictionary. @=h they said it would never last.
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shepard: the national zoo is holding a birthday bash today for the panda, who is said to be four years old. he got a cake made of bamboo and pizza. it is a nice picture, and getting excited about the zoo is the idea. it is the first cub going at the national zoo in the last couple of days. he weighs more than 990 pounds. the new dictionaries are out for this year, and are they still published? anyway, the latest version mentions words like frenemy


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