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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 9, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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what is that? >> somebody who pretends to be a friend really is an enemy. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> guess what? $16 million of stimulus money was appropriated to appropriate for the salt marsh harvest mouse. stuart: its back. a salt marsh harvest mouse. gop leaders say that funding this pet project is coming out of your stimulus money. will this critter, along with bad press, kill any chances for a plant two? let's talk to newt gingrich. welcome to the program. this is terrible publicity.
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that is not working. voters are turning sour on it. we still get stimulus plan two? >> we need a national debate. this was not a stimulus bill. it was a politician bailout bill. 90% of the money spent so far went to paying of state and local governments so they could avoid change. this is clearly a pork barrel bill. it is probably indefensible in the current environment. we need a real stimulus bill, and a real stimulus bill will have a 50% reduction in the social security and medicare tax, including the employer's matching it so every small business in america could hire more people and grow faster. a real free-market bill would have a zero capital gains rate, like china.
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republicans ought to take up willingly the stimulus bill, about 500 billion for the package, but they can convert that into tax cuts for the private sector to try and help small businesses . stuart: could this really turned full circle? >> when 64% of californians vote no, that is a big signal.
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president obama got 61% of the vote. second, when you hit a 13 percentage point drop in approval, that is a signal. there's a brand-new poll to governors association that says in new jersey, by 67-29, the citizens want government to make top spending decisions to take taxes down by cutting spending rather. as democrats face 9%, 10% unemployment, they will have to change their town. stuart: in ohio, his approval rating has dropped 14 points in two months. let me take you to vice- president biden, who was no higher today talking about the stimulus plan and saving jobs. -- he was in ohio today. >> can beat cop who still has
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their job. thousands in this state will show up in september and would not be able to but for this. stuart: so he says, look, stimulus is saving jobs. i want to listen to a clip from warren buffett, who wants the second plan on the lives of the first. listen to this. >> the first bill for my thinking seems to be half a tap. and also there is a bunch of can be mixed in. it is not quite a wallop that could have been anticipated. stuart: do you think the plan will happen? at the end of the day? >> i cannot imagine why he would want more government spending. i cannot imagine why he would believe that this congress would be capable of passing more
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government spending without having loaded the port and special deals and earmarks for the congress. so the question is, do you think we can better to celebrate economic growth by getting money to small businesses, as i do, or do you think we could better accelerate growth by giving money to government, as vice- president said we should. you did not hear him say a word about small business or sitting factories or helping the private sector. stuart: do you see a republican anywhere in congress who is pounding their table with the methods you just mentioned, who is really speaking passionately about cutting taxes and getting private enterprise going? where is that leader in congress? >> in the house and senate, you'll see a bipartisan initiative to have tax cuts as a
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real stimulus. stimulus one that never existed. that is a politician protection act designed to help mayoress, commissioners, and governors avoiding hard decisions. they have increased spending, making albany prices bigger. an ec jumper -- nbc governor shorts and setter having problems, -- you see governor shorts and sagger -- schwarzenegger getting the same problems. stuart: will we see a health- care bill? >> if an want to impose a
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disastrous plan, they ought to take the medicine first. mr. stuart: speaker, thank you very much, indeed. $6.5 billion interest bailed out banks are paying, money that you should be getting, but not before congress starts cramming -- grabbing. barney frank is pushing to take the money and dish it out to protect homeowners over their heads. >> we would spend that to deal with ongoing foreclosure. stuart: you should have heard barney frank articulate a plan which is essentially going to give that returned top money, give it out to bail out distressed mortgage half holders. all for it is a member of the appropriations committee. i know you are all for this.
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but you know how things work. people who get this money are politically connected. it is a form of buying votes. you're smiling, but you know that it is true and i think in your heart you know that this is wrong. >> is great to be here. you told me the bill was off spending. 90% of all americans get a tax cut in the stimulus plan. secondly, in the state legislature, we created this program where we helped people who lost their jobs be able to stay in their home, learning the money to get off their mortgage payments. we were able to say of -- save
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for closure costs and got virtually 100% repayment. stuart: there is lots of worrying on different levels. first of all, how do i know that the people i am going to bailout did not live on their mortgage application in the first place? i do not know that. i do not know. there are moral hazard here, congressman. >> i introduced this program in the state legislation in pennsylvania, 1983. when you are not a deadbeat, you -- if you could be helpful for a couple of months rather than have a foreclosure, rather than putting your family on the street, it makes sense. it costs the federal government tens of thousands of dollars
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otherwise. stuart: this is a completely different use of tarp. >> the facts are not right. we did stimulus tax cuts, and he said banks would never repay this money. they have repaid it. the public has earned a profit on it, and we're going to help the public from being foreclosed on. there was an election before democrats to make a decision. we will be glad to be held accountable. stuart: that is taxpayer money that will be doled out to politicians. come on. let's get honest. we're talking about a huge amount of money that will be doled out to constituents, given
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out to people who will then vote for the congressman who gives them the money. you are buying votes. but let me raise a different issue. if you are poor -- in america today, the taxpayer is going to pay for your rent, your food, your medicine, your school, your utilities. this is not moral. if you are making a group of people ward of the state, that is wrong. >> first, i want you to admit that the stimulus had a tax cut for americans. we have done that in
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pennsylvania, helping people stay in their homes. we of have the most successful program ever, and total repayment to taxpayers. it can work. we hope to have other americans stay in their home. i'm happy chairman frank is doing this. stuart: is it moral to make a group of people entirely dependent on the government? answer those questions. >> this program would only help people who lost their jobs by no fault of their own who are not deadbeats but needed little help. it's saved tens of thousands of dollars to the taxpayer to be able to avoid foreclosure. stuart: it is unfortunate that the rates of default and fraud are so high.
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the fraud rate is enormous and the redefault rate is enormous and this is a form of buying political -- buying voters. that is the truth. i tell no lie. thank you for joining us. bazaars, and accountable to no one. miti lawmaker -- czarass, not accountable to anyone. meet a lawmaker looking to head that off.
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stuart: the senate's can treat czars light cabinet who members or take their money. her half of them are already working, aren't they? >> they are. we did not anticipate spending so much money, and along the sides they would be appointing so many different czars. no one sure how many. we counted 27 last week but it appears now there could be 34.
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none had been vetted or approved by the senate. stuart: these were delivered appointments to get around the requirement of appearing before senate hearings, presumably. >> yes. even though a harry reid and nancy pelosi rubber-stamp whatever comes out, you would think they have a little killed because of the constitution -- a little guilt. his -- the president should get advice from the senate. the appointees are not just cabinet members, but some cabinet members, judges and deputies. stuart: does it say the word, "important?" we have them for aids, domestic violence, even copyright.
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you could make the case that those are not important and not subject to senate approval. >> which need to ask, what is it that these people will be doing, and what influence do they have? we know that the stimulus accountability czar spent $18 million updating his web page. stuart: we are getting a lot of email about how much they get paid. one says, do you know what kind of salary and benefits they are receiving for their expertise? we have four, terror, climate, and two others make 100,000.
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what do you make of that? >> those are probably average salaries. i do not know that there are many higher, but i do not know if there are many lower. and then you consider most of these people will have a staff of 10, 25 people, multiplied that out in you have employees in significant positions with implants to the president and access to the white house, spending millions and millions of dollars. and they did not come before the congress. we need more oversight of what is going on. stuart: we will look into that, and a promise you that we will. we're out of time. thank you.
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twice as much stimulus cash? a new report about the numbers. and also a congressional bill without so much pork. how about jungle gyms, farmers markets? i know pork when i smell it, even if our next guest does not.
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stuart: congressman get money to spend in their districts so they will vote -- you are buying votes. >> we're not buying votes. it reminds me of the scene in casablanca where they say there are shocked to find gambling. and it is a new politics.
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it encourages america to be healthy and get americans to have street lights so they can still safely walk. we need to become more active. stuart: we need street lights so people can walk and be healthy in the long run? that is a stretch. it is a stretch. >> why do you want people to have organic food. it is also an interest. this allows communities to rebuild themselves and not just go to doctors when they are sick. this is not talked in. trace: you know that the sticking point on health care reform is the cost -- stuart: 8 trillion dollars. what would you stake in money
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for parks and street lighting? surely the objective is to get the cost down. this is ridiculous. you do not get the cost down by spending money on lighting. we can go out for what now? we can go for walk without a street lighting? >> i live in bedford-stuyvesant. i cannot allow for a walk. a lot of communities need parts and farmers' markets. if you look at urban gardening programs in cities like columbus -- stuart: you have a democratic
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congressman. so therefore this money can flow through congress to your congressman, who will vote for this. this will be sold to us. shovel-ready? we have heard that with stimulus. >> we are enabling communities to build more healthy. stuart: can we just not accept that this really is a stretch? >> this is incentivizing people to live healthier lives. i like communities with parks and street lights. stuart: you got it. just by your congressman. i am sure they will pay. you got last word. stuart: to arizona. a press conference at the swank
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resort in phoenix. guess who is paying the tab? we are in phoenix with the story. >> after that aig debacle, i apologize -- the barrage of criticism they received -- there is a call for corporate competence. so you ask me why my outside the golf course, with this lounge, immaculate grounds. is book by managers from the social security administration who have been flown in from guam, hawaii, all over the west for a conference of diversity training, e-marketing, and also stress management. they have skits, speakers, a dance troupe, music, and a casino night last night. so i asked the guy who put this together, " is really a good expenditure of the money in light of the debacle with aig?
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>> they have been under withering criticism. many people want this to go away. >> they received bailout dollars, and we did not. we are not using recovery money. we had a regular appropriation including money for training. that is what we are using. >> here is the answer. we used a razor government process for contracts, get the cheapest rates, and the cheapest rate was here by far.
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stuart: i hope that they swim in that pool and take care of the cost of health care. thank you very much. obama getting twice as much in stimulus? and is your employer tinkering with your plan without you knowing it?
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stuart: it is not who you know, but who you voted for. that determines how much stimulus to get? really? president obama's supporters are getting twice as much stimulus as john mccain's. wilson thinks that the president is trying to buy votes, but martin frost is not buying that. can you make a direct connection between voting patterns and stimulus money going out, a cause and effect connection?
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>> you can. for the past election cycle, year of $69 for a distributed use. if you voted for mccain, you only get $34. the challenging part of this is that this is not where it stops. you can see who gets the most money. person. it is actually new jersey. $117. and they are down six points to eight points in the most recent polling, but they're doing their best to win the election. >> this is a nonsense story. if you look at the last paragraph of the usa today story, the report that these counties got the same ratio money during the bush administration, during 2005 and 2007. there is no favoritism here. obama carried a lot of areas of economic depressed in the midwest.
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but the point is the same formulas were used during the bush administration. stuart: you are not denying the money was used for political purposes. >> i am denying that. money is not for political purposes. it was done because that is where the greatest need is, and to save more is nonsense. >> let's say he is right. that means money is going to places run by democrats. cities and states have been mismanaged by them for years. the money is going to counties run by democrats. we either have a lack of ethics or a lack of confidence. >> i believe if i could get a word in edgewise, california has a republican governor, indiana has one.
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what you're saying is not true. it is going to the areas of greatest need so that the historical pattern -- why did george bush sent money to these same counties? we look at competitive states in 2010. illinois, where they might both be going to prison, the democratic governor and senator. that is where money is going. michigan, new mexico, senators and governors are competitive. missouri. you have a real pattern here. >> i've got a question for you. hold on a second. i have a real cause and effect question here. the government bailed out the united autoworkers union, made good their pensions for a million retired uaw workers. that was because michigan, ohio, indiana went to president obama in the election. it was a straight cause and effect, the handout of billions of dollars to the union. what do you say?
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>> that is not what is in the story. the story is money going county- by-county. no one answered my question as to why george bush sent more money to these counties under the same formula as obama. the autoworkers' industry is a separate issue. it is not what was reported in this story. that is a separate question. we made a decision. stuart: you bailed out a union and disrespected white-collar management. that is what happened. >> we made a decision to continue in domestic automobile industry in this country. you do remember that during world war two, that industry was a chart with making tanks. stuart: your employer may be changing investments without asking. and a lawmaker wants to get
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every penny back from stimulus.
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stuart: the white the you have to say about your employer changed your 401 (k) without you knowing? >> they have that right now since 2006. it is a default provision. if the employee does not select an option, the company selects them. even have a right to throw a person in the plan without asking. if you get something in your mail box to work or at home about the company your company uses, you can dictate your options. it is a thing -- it is more of a regulatory thing that allows them to do that. stuart: drudgery, is it not?
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with no pain killers. i think you have that right. ok. listen, then. neil is out today, but we're still answering your questions. do not forget to log on to to submit your videos. here is this week's. >> hello. i am from new jersey, and my question for the date is, do you expect a large market correction? that is my major concern as an investor. stuart: yes or no? >> usually we're talking about the market going down, but corrections imply something is wrong. i'm expecting an upward jump. mathematics are still not working, and there is still enough fear of recession and to
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include that is holding the market down. i think we're going to see a great fourth quarter. i'm still saying it. stuart: not what i was expecting, but we will take it. who needs a stimulus? but my next guest have the stimulus to get it back. check filet is reporting a 10% increase in sales and plants to open up 80 new stores. joining us are representatives of the company. what are you doing? are you advertising differently?
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>> we will have to get a sandwich over to you, because i understand you have not taken the chance to have our food. that is a market correction we need. stuart: i'm sorry to admit, i have not. >> we will come to your rescue. i think people like great tasting food, so we're focused on that, and really focused on the recipe. and what people are discouraged, thinking about employment, marketers, foreclosure. we know from hospitality standpoint, we treat other people with honor, dignity, and respect. we have been national etiquette program going on. stuart: you did not cut prices. you just changed her approach to the customer. >> yes, but these are continuing increases we have had for years. we have never had a year sell
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less than the previous year, even though we are in a bad economy. stuart: good to have you back. i know that you are a great humanitarian, because you spent more than 4000 hours going around the country to teach children right from wrong. but me try this. a new run this by you, if i may. my mother taught me the golden rule -- and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. is that a good start? >> that is a good start. just treat your customers like you used to be treated when you go out to each -- eat. smiling faces, a friendly spirit. we say thank you, and my pleasure. there is a pleasure that his unexpected in fast food these days.
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so we do well simply because of the employees. >> he lives and breathes that philosophy. stuart: you have to our appreciation day tomorrow. if i walked in with a voice like this, and i was not wearing a cowboy outfit, would you still give me a sandwich, with a voice like this, trying to talk like a cow? >> well, we will try to make it. we will get you a sandwich anyway. stuart: but anyone who walks
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into a restaurant dressed as a cow -- >> if they are dressed head to host, they will get a meal. a sandwich, waffle fries, and a dr. pepper. so that will be such a celebration. stuart: if i do turn up in any outfit like that, you may not take a picture, got it? >> i am sure it will make each day and facebook, as well. stuart: thank you for joining us. a new plan to get back billions of dollars in cash. the congressman behind it is here. and a fallen soldier telling us that the coverage of michael jackson possible death makes to want to scream. you react to it. (announcer) we speak car.
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stuart: and new plan to give taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars backed. tom price proposing a bill to give all of the money back they did not spend on park and stimulus. forgive me to seeing -- for saying it, but you have not got a prayer. what politician will give back $329 billion? not a prayer. >> we do have the american people. we have to reduce barack obama's unsustainable debt. and he said that the deficit was unsustainable. there is money on non stimulus
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money, over $600 billion we could pull back in to reduce the deficit by a third, it just like that. the american people want to stop the madness. trace: it is an interesting, somewhat humorous idea to pull that money back. we take your point. suppose there is another incident? what then? >> it has worked well so far. it'll as the american people and small and large businesses who are the big leaders to invigorate the economy. we have an unemployment rate of 5.5%, which is over where the president said it would be.
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we're not replicated again. stuart: any frank wants to spend $6.5 billion of interest on the program. barney frank wants to spend 6.5 million -- billion subsidizing delinquent homeowners and renters. >> he wants to put it in housing slush fund that he and his cronies controls. the american people know that is wrong. this political economy were you have politicians picking winners and losers is wrong and the american people know it. it is not free-market capitalism. they have to stop the madness, stop the bailout, and give people money back. >> the administration said it would fly through congress.
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i believe that if the people get engaged, as we know they can, we will still have the people in control if they let their representatives know what they want. stuart: congressman tom price, thank you very much for turning us today. all right. wall-to-wall coverage of michael jackson's death. hardly a peep of u.s. troops killed in battle. we spoke to a soldier demanding to know why, in response was enormous. .
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>> and the media, all i provide is that you will ask for balance. every day there should not be a 0 day that goes by that there should not be a story about the war. >> our hearts go out to the family of brian bradshaw killed two weeks ago in action. an enormous response to our interview with his parents who said they would like to see adequate coverage in the face of adequate coverage of michael jackson. calista by e-mail, i couldn't agree more with the fallen soldier's aunt. i am so tired about hearing about jackson. this country has lost sight of what is important. paul from vac kill vac vacaville, california. come on, america, wake up. our fallen heroes deserve so much more than mr. jackson as far as coverage.
4:58 pm
elaine from arizona, our founding fathers must hook down and must wonder what happen to the mentality of our citizens. tiffany in missouri, i hope the woman on your program keeps at it. most americans have forgotten about the war we are fighting and i feel ashamed about that. denny in minnesota, "to bring up the fact that a veteran has died in action and compare it to the death of michael jan jackson is disrespectful to the family of michael jackson. " and another viewer writes, i am truly sorry for mrs. gillis losing her nephew, and my heart goes out to her." and another writes thank you brian bradshaw for serving and thank you brian's family for your sacrifice, and thank you martha gillis for speaking up and thank you fox news for showing us this story." and another writes "sorry state
4:59 pm
of a nation that honors a person that hasn't lived a life of significance in place of a warrior who gave it all. " and another writes "the masses are feeding off of any info regarding michael jackson right now. he was known and loved worldwide. that cannot be changed." steve from richmond, virginia, "no wonder we're in the economic crisis we're in currently. it's all connected. our values, our respect and dignity are in terrible jeopardy." it was an overwhelming response to the interview that my colleague, brian sullivan, did yesterday with the aunt of mr. bradshaw, killed in action two weeks ago. it was truly an overwhelming response. your emotion came through vividly. you wanted more coverage of our warriors, our heroes killed in action, and perhaps less of mr. jackson. a remarkable story, and a terrific response from you. thank


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