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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 10, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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left for this evening. thank you for being with us. greta: this is a fox news alert, aig which received $108 billion of your money for a bailout has just announced that they are planning to pay bonuses to their top executives. according to the "washington post," they plan to pay bonuses to 40 of their high ranking executives. they came under fire for handing out bonuses previously. everyone is buzzing about a second stimulus. if this happens, is this a good idea or a really dumb one? we sat down with the former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. are we going to get a the second stimulus package? >> what we should do kids get tax cuts.
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you want to have them avoid making any tough decisions. the actually increased the size of government. the san francisco [inaudible] got $16,000. that was a waste of money. they need to take this away from government and put this into a tax-cut package for small business and allow every small business in america to create new jobs for real. greta: i remember there was a big rush to get the first one passed.
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how could this happen? >> they did not tell us the truth. they do so many bad things every week, you never focus on every one of them. greta: didn't they believe when it passed this that this was the end all? >> to be fair of the president, we have a brand new president who came from a state senate to
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the national senate to winning the nomination and becoming president in four years. he is an office for the very first time, he has never been an executive before. he thinks, let's get it all done. they rushed everything. greta: do you think that is these use? >> he was at a moment of hubris where he believed that he can actually change the way washington works. you see it because he talks about being bipartisan. speaker pelosi writes a radically partisan bill. he tolerates this, it then has to be rammed through the senate. the way it were doing it, i think that a more cynical members of the administration knew that if they had allowed the bill to take an extra three weeks, it would not have passed. they knew they had to ram it through. what they did realize is fact.
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>> that might be an excuse, he was new, he was young, he had great ambition, but you talk to the 2 million people of lost their jobs since january. >> this administration has failed with the economy and if they're not careful, not become permanent and it will try's at 11% unemployment for a decade. greta: suppose that we had completely eliminated holding taxes, would that have made any difference to the state we are in now? >> yes, i think there were some congressmen who proposed that we have the same packages and have had no income tax. if you had a tax holiday, you
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would have stimulated the economy radical and more. the politicians are covering for the politicians. they were trying to solve the problems of the mayors, the county commissioners, the state governments. we are at the end of an era where we can use our credit card to avoid tough decisions. we have to get back to the basics and this means very challenging decisions about the size of government and what america can afford. greta: we are facing the same problems. was this just a payoff to local mayors and states? >> the democrats are a power of government.
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they called it a stimulus because if you walked in, i have this great idea, let's pay off every politician in america, people would have thought you were crazy. this is why they have a problem. i think they believe the economy would turn around. i think that they are suddenly faced with the fact that this economy has not only not turn around but there is a real danger it will be trapped in the 8%-11% unemployment range for a long time. they have won all of their big votes. it will be very hard this fall for president obama to say this is george bush's problem. they have got what they have asked for and it is not working. the real debate should be between a real stimulus bill, which has to be the private sector small-business stimulus bill. that is where the jobs are. greta: i like the idea of getting rid of the withholding taxes. if it were a mistake, you could
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regroup and change it. you started projects, we could turn around. >> you point out that they have already spent out about 80 billion so far. my guess is that you could capture $300-$400 billion that has not been committed yet. it would be a dramatically better for the country to take the money back and give it to the american people in lower taxes, particularly if they are focused on the self-employed and small businesses to a accelerate the development of jobs. greta: the president has hired over 30 czars. some of them, such as richard holbrooke, they have divided up different parts of the world. doesn't this along to the state
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department? >> we used to call them roving ambassadors. greta: i have a list, next to it, these are the different departments that today follow. why do we need all of these people? >> you have people that are presidential envoys historically. greta: president reagan created the czars. he had it pentagon procurement czars. president bush had 12. >> he has one for of every
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cabinet office. greta: they were dealing with the classic consent of the senate. >> this is administrative chaos. if he put together a chart of the organizational structure that is supposed to be there and then you lay over the charred all the various czars, would look like spaghetti. greta: we have an aids czar, how come this isn't hhs? we have one for cars, how come assistant treasury. >> they have to have staff, offices, travel. greta: the list goes on, how come the weapons czar isn't
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handled by state? >> maybe it is a new technique. greta: are you scandalized by this or not? >> i am not scandalized. they think that if you need something, you have solved it. they are going to find out this is difficult. greta: coming up, much more with speaker gingrich. what does he think between today's explosion between the cia and the democrats? there is transparency and there is waste. the white house is about to spend $18 million on something that we are afraid will set some of you on fire. remember, we are always the messenger on this.
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more greta: with former speaker of the house newt gingrich. more greta: with former speaker of the house newt gingrich. speaker nancy pelosi, the director of the cia, leon panetta, d have a comment on this? >> these people are out of touch with reality. greta: who? touch with reality. greta: who? >> nancy pelosi and her six puppets. greta: if she says that the cia was misleading and then the director says, yes, we did not tell them. >> this should lead to a serious ethics violation. they go to a secret briefing where they're supposed to be doing things in secret. they go off on their own and write a letter. they referred to secret
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testimony. i if controlled by the former chairman and ranking member -- i have been told by the former chairmen and ranking member, the briefing never occurred. greta: is it a fact or not, did the cia mislead or fail to tell congress about the program? >> yes, they failed to tell them. the program never happened. greta: why are they now talking about it? >> i think that leon panetta is trying to bend over backwards to be cooperative. how many plans would you guess there are in the pentagon and how many plans would you guess there are in the state department and how many plans which authorize? greta: if it is not important, why do you say, by the way, we did not tell you the last 8
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years but we did have this rather significant operation or plan or whatever. >> which was never used. greta: apparently it was started. >> they plan did. i expected the cia to plan a lot of things. greta: if it is insignificant, why are they confessing to this? >> i think that he had just been briefed on this. he was trying to prove how cooperative he is. there was a secret meeting where they're supposed to be responsible adults and protect the secrecy of the u.s.. you get a letter signed by six puppets from pelosi and the cia claims that they said something they did not say. this morning, the cia spokesperson said the letter is inaccurate. greta: we are hung out to dry on this. we have this fight between the
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cia, the democrats, and republicans. why don't we have some transparency? let's find out who was lying, who is telling the truth. if the program was cancelled, what is the secret? >> first of all, we plan lots and lots of things that we don't want to talk about. it might have involved allies. second, you know who is responsible, the democratic chairmean agrees with panetta. what pelosi said was that they occasionally make mistakes, she said that they routinely lied to us. greta: the way it appears is that the cia director has backed her up. >> he is not publicly backed her up. greta: he said something in the
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committee. >> he said there was a program that was planned that was never implemented. in my judgment, they should have a brief you on it. greta: it seems -- >> there's a difference between the 6000 plants that are not being done and wlying. greta: it seems that the fair thing to do instead of pointing fingers at each other, accusing people of line, why not just air it? >> why not ask speaker pelosi to give you any proof. she says they lie all the time. she was the ranking democrat on the committee. she served in that committee. what is she referring to? greta: i would like them to be in a room under oath.
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>> i think that is a legitimate request. the ranking member said that panetta was right and that pelosi was wrong. you have six renegade democrats who are puppets for pelosi who wrote a letter that is astonishing. they were not supposed to be talking about this. then you have the former chairman of the committee who said the letter is false, the allegations are false. you could take that amount of data and reach a conclusion that speaker pelosi did not tell the truth. her own former democratic colleague has said publicly that she was not accurate. they repeated it this morning. if the question is, was speaker pelosi misleading the country, the answer is yes. greta: i am sufficiently confused by the accusations back and forth and i'm confirmeconce.
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i would like to have them all sit down and clear the air and find out what happened instead of making this a political game. >> they should create a special ethics panel of former members of the ethics committee to go through the process and determine whether or not what speaker pelosi said is in any way true. greta: does the white house really need 18 million of your tax dollars to revamp its web site? they cannot find a cheaper deal? what is up with sally quinn, sheet releases an attack on ryan getting ready
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call now or go to ♪ greta: transparency, hard to put a price tag on that. we have one for you. the government is spending $18
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million to revamp a website. this is the website where you can see how your money is being spent. 18 million to redo a website. how do you get that job? >> i will take taft. this is a five-year contract. -- i will take half. greta: who is the one who did a bad design in the first place? >> it was rolled out and it was not really ready for prime time. they set aside this money. this is about transparency. this is to see where your tax dollars are being spent. they are spending $18 million to happen. greta: we are looking at $787 billion in the stimulus, but if you stop and think about it, $18 million is a lot of money.
1:24 am
why is this so expensive? >> there is a website where you can track government spending and it costs about six and a thousand dollars to get that software license. -- $600,000 to get that software license. as they struggle to get the money out the door, to see a contract of this size does not square. greta: now we have $17 million to save, these numbers are ridiculous. >> we have not seen the details of the contract. greta: who got of the contract? >> it is a small company in maryland. greta: was there more than one? >> yes, there was. greta: were a lot of people notified? >> people in the business knew about this. they put out of the bit about a
1:25 am
month ago. they did this very quickly because they have a deadline to have all of this done by october. they are proud of it. the general services administration put out a press release a very proud of the fact that they made this happen. greta: is that the lowest number, 18 million? >> this is the bid they decided to take. greta: we could have got it for 15 million. >> i suppose, we want to make sure that someone can do the job. we want to have something that will work. greta: as i listen to the discussion we're having, this is insane. $18 million to revamp a website when we have all these people without jobs. this is extraordinary. >> the vice president was trying to sell the stimulus.
1:26 am
the administration realizes that they have a perception problem around the stimulus. the expectations were very high. greta: i have a continuing gripe with the white house about the pictures of the air force one over manhattan. they have not complied with the release that was requested under freedom of information. they spent all that money and now this. >> this is the interesting thing about transparency. maybe it will be a useful tool. greta: are they embarrassed? >> i did not detect anything along that line. the general services administration says that we will be pleased with the product. they point out a lot of this hasted do with data storage.
1:27 am
-- this has to do with data storage. greta: if you can do a better job, please send us a message. this is unbelievable. $18 million for a website. >> it could be a really nice web site, we can hope. greta: you told us that we could spend $600,000. >> that's right, for the current software. greta: thank you. why is sally quinn trashing governor paililin? she is ripping her distress over her christian values. remember senator ensign? just weeks ago, he confessed to an affair with a staffer. someone is puttingg
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greta: governor pailin gets trashed. -- governor palin gets trashed. sally quinn accuses her of exploiting her children. >> sarah palin said she is stepping down and then the next day there was stepping down and she went fishing. is it just me or is anyone having on the thoughts about sarah palin and those waders? [laughter] [applause] i will go ahead and apologize
1:31 am
right now. i don't know what is wrong with me. [applause] [laughter] say what you will, i thought she looked great. greta: perhaps he should just apologize. the former governor of massachusetts joins us. sally quinn from "the washington post" goes right for sarah palin. why? >> this was wrong on two levels. i don't know why sarah palin decided to resign. i do not pretend to know whether it will affect her professionally. first of all, they are attacking her parenting skills. why we are debating whether or not she should have had her kids
1:32 am
up as late as she did on the night of the nomination is bizarre, particularly because we don't ask this question of any of the men that bring their children to political de events. don't we have more important things to be discussing? we need to be discussing legitimate public policy issues. greta: i look at it differently, i and stand that we should go after every single politician aggressively, scrutinize policies and everything else. -- i understand that we should go after every single politician aggressively. seconsally quinn says that she s to know the names of the mean- spirited adults who made fun of
1:33 am
her special needs child. if you look in the mirror, you can see that she is the one who is insulting sarah palin about her child with down syndrome. this is an incredible personal attack. what does she get out of this? >> there is no value in this. questioning a mother and sarah palin's choices about how to raise a child, there is no value but we never apply distended to male politicians. did they see their children. should they have brought their children with them? there is a clear double standard. more importantly, there are actually important issues around special needs children that are much more important and would merit this type of debate.
1:34 am
i find it sad. greta: if you go through her particular article, it is as if some sections are delusional. she says that -- she criticized palin's description of david letterman. he was talking about bristol at the game. it was will let the game. get to the facts read. this is gratuitous. -- it was willow at the game. >> this was meant to trash people who hold conservative social values and to blame the
1:35 am
victim. david letterman said something completely out of bounds about governor palancgovernor palin's daughter. i don't know why she would spend time raising these issues at this point. greta: criticizing her for speaking, doing television, traveling. none of the men ever do that, do they? these women politicians are so different. you are wrong people, thank you. here is what is coming up after the show. >> is the obama administration of violating the rights of american christians?
1:36 am
roll douggreta: next up, it is r ceo getting a golden parachute. are you paying for it t? paris hilton, she is a defendant. you will find out what has happened.
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eight >> this is america's news headquarters. president obama says the g-8 is having trouble agreeing to a plan but the u.s. will lead by example. the u.s. allowing americans to order lower-cost drugs from canada over the internet. critics say the prescription drug plan is in the -- is an invitation for scams and unsafe drugs. a coal mining accident in kentucky injuring at least eight people. the owners of the paradise mine say a broken leg is the most serious injury. the workers were hurt when a transfer vehicle's brakes
1:40 am
failed. we now had back to "on the record." greta: where is your wallet? the president needs it. why? rick wagoner has been offered the job -- off of the job for a few months but he will get a compensation package. he has been out of the job for a couple of months but he has not got his severance package. what is he likely to get? >> he is likely to get a lot less. he has a pension package worth about $20 million. he would have probably received most of that. that is something that both treasury and gm wanted to avoid.
1:41 am
greta: why these think he will not get that 20 million? >>-- why do you think he will nt get that 20 million? >> the u.s. government has been through a lot. they have talked about the delicacy of the situation. the reason that they have kept him for this long is that they did not want to make that $20 million payout. greta: i would be inclined to think that this would be politically unattractive to most americans. are they willing to pay $18 million to revamp a website, i don't know where we get the confidence that they will not pay $20 million to a person that was fired for not being able to do the job. >> it will be interesting to see what they come up with. there has been a lot of negotiations. it has been handled by a lot of people. whenever they do, it will have
1:42 am
to be very public and there will be a lot of people watching. greta: to his credit, he has only been paid a dollar a year. >> yes, he agreed to this to get the additional funding for the government. he is receiving the same benefits in terms of medical benefits that he received when he was ceo. greta: that is not that big a deal. does he get a private jet? >> he does not have use of the gm private jet that no one has access to the jets because they have sold those off of. they are not even allowed to fly first-class unless they cover the cost to themselves. greta: the only thing that is on the table for him is this $20
1:43 am
million potential package and he has a history of working at gm for 30 years. it is not like he just showed up last week. the question is whether the obama administration decides to give him the $20 million package. >> it will be interesting to see. other executives who had already retired, they took major cuts, thousands of dollars six of cuts. -- thousands of dollars of cuts. there were some that lost a lot of benefits. greta: even if he lost thousands of dollars a month, that is chump change when you're talking about $20 million. we will find out if whether or not it is better to be a fired gm executive or to revamp a website. thank you. >is north korea on the attack
1:44 am
again? are they advanced enough to be cyber attacking the two countries? south korea is under attack again and they accuse north korea of trying to take it down. this time, one of the biggest banks, a national newspaper and the spy agency. their main spy agency has said that the level of the tax was highly organized and meticulously planned. -- their main spy agency has said that to the level of attacks was highly organized. it is not to south korea, our government has also been attacked. south korean intelligence officials still have no evidence to prove north korea is behind the attacks. coming up, it basketball superstar got dunked on but you will not see it because the video was gone.
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one of the "harry potter" stars
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i'm sorry. i can't hear you very well. announcer: does someone you know have trouble hearing on the phone? dad. dad, let me help you with that, okay? announcer: now, a free phone service shows captions of everything a caller says. i'd like to make an appointment to see the doctor. announcer: to learn more about captioned telephone,
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call 1-800-552-7724 or go to our website. i'll see you at 3:00! announcer: captioned telephone - enjoy the phone again! greta: one actor is putting the pot in "harry potter." one of them has been charged with growing 10 marijuana plants. he was pulled over at arrested april 2nd. when he was pulled over, they found $2,000 worth of pot. when they went to his home, they
1:49 am
found a garden. if convicted, he could face up to four years. happy birthday to this giant panda. he lives at the national zoo here in washington. how did he celebrate? i warn you, this birthday cake might not be very exciting to you. it is made of bamboo, beakets. paris hilton is going to court. she is being sued because she did not promote her own movie. >> before i was elected president, we may below average impressions, not hot. we have achieved total onerous.
1:50 am
greta: the film only earned $2 million. she is being sued by the investment firm to recoup costs. they say they could have made more money if she had made it more promotions. paris hilton says that she was not happy with the film but she said that she fulfilled her contract. she's expected to testify on friday. a college student dunks on lebron james but you cannot see it. did nike grabbed the tape? they have a lebron james skills academy put at the camp, ecoa college student dunks on
1:51 am
lebron james. then a spokesperson goes and confiscate the tapes. this was the fifth most popular google search, "lebron james goodsoets dunkes." roland burris says that he will not run in 2010. this is after rod blagojevich's chief of staff pled guilty to wire fraud. as we know, rod blagojevich appointed burris to barack obama's vacated senate seat. rod blagojevich has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
1:52 am
roland burris did not want to spend the time and energy to run for election. whether or not he decides to run again, we know for sure that mark kirk is throwing his hat in the ring. he wants to be a senator. congressman barney frank decided to make a joke about it. >> a point of order against reading the actual resolution that we have before us. >> mr. speaker, if those logic is that in the alternative, those members who suffer from senate in envy could write a 700 paines, non humane amendment. -- 700 page, non humane amendment. mr. speaker, let me and then
1:53 am
what i said and referred to those thin skinned members with senate envy. the point of order is to allow filibuster. that is why i speak in support of the point of order. greta: does this smell fishy to you, the parents of a man who cheats on his wife gives money to the family of the woman that he cheated with. john ensign are originally denied giving the woman any money. his parents made a series of payments to the mistress and her family, $96,000. the affair to place from
1:54 am
december of 2007 through august 2008. the senator's statement says that it was given out of concern for a longtime family friend said during a difficult time. do you buy that? whatever. they say that these were made as to give some and were made the plea. -- they said that these were made as gifts. take a look at this video, president obama posing with members of the junior g-8. a still picture can lie. you can see the still picture. check out for that lying picture.
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greta: it is time, last call. spider"spider-man" starred james
1:58 am
franco was supposed to speak at ucla. he did not do this. he said they took back their invitation. >> practice tape one. >> good afternoon, students, faculty, fans. it is a real honor to be here to talk about college. i had been to three colleges and i had been in the movies, no big deal. the thing about college is that it takes mines into space like a rocket. this is where i get my jet pack fired up and fly out over the audience.
1:59 am
i was like you, a student at ucla, a creative writing major, robotics minor. >> can you say something more inspirational? >> take it easy. >it is a very scary time to graduate but thank goodness that all of those college graduates are guaranteed steady and lucrative jobs because of our college degrees. >> i don't think that's right. >> that is true, i went to college and i know. charity and service is very important to me. that is one of the ways that i remind myself of barack obama. >> what? >> what? i am like him. greta: we are closing down shop.