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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  July 11, 2009 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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saturday morning tea at its july 11. here's what's happening right now. smokes for our servicemen could be a thing of the past that the pentagon gets its way. look to ban tobacco for troops. they say it is over health concerns. do you think they should put out. we report you decide. >> very clever. he is in distress but flying the flag upside down lands one veteran in a world of trouble. guess who's coming to his defense? >> clayton: an inside look at an airline with no security lines, no middle seats there's only one catch. no humans allowed. our slogan this morning -- i'm not human at all -- our slogan comes from joe adams of royal oak, michigan, "fox & friends" weekend a great way to start especially when it's posted by
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ainsley at heart. >> announcer: it's "fox & friends". >> dave: good saturday morning to you all. it's a air card is here for alysin. you could be back. it's easter look at our colors. >> clayton: very summery. are you a night owl. >> just. >> clayton: i threw this out on twitter and various other social networking sites, get us your responses this morning because coming up in a few minutes we will talk about a study which our bodies may be pre-wired this way. there's no getting out of it and you don't have to be worried about eating a night person or a morning person. >> clayton: -- >> dave: if you are a morning person and you are in television plus president obama will speak in god this morning very significant speech. we will bring that to you live in an hour and a half or it
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states rates while you have something in your throat. >> dave: i do. it was that's gone straight through the stock about this. here's an interesting story. aclu now threatening a lawsuit after an iraq war veteran returns and he says his unity has let him down. what does he do to protest? he puts a silent protest outside his house in turn just like upside down because he says the union, his village's community has let him down significantly what happened. he bought this building and was going to turn it into a supper club or restaurant or bar. the community said we give you our support. he puts $108,000 into this building to renovate it a monkey and his family do, and in the community comes back and says we're not giving you a liquor license. that's why he's upset. he said is in distress and is now the money to pay back the amount speak a protest with the flight. >> dave: a couple hours of they cannot before the fourth of july
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so the timing seemed odd. here is a quote from the telcom jeannie lewis in wisconsin just north of green bay. he said it's pretty bad when i go and fight a tyrannical government somewhere else and then i come home to find it right here in my front door. he is in the issues and iraq war veteran. is he being unpatriotic flying this flag upside down versus a fair protest ticket. >> clayton: we spoke to me said you know this is a way for me to express myself. this is freedom of speech this is what he said: state your the question is the aclu coming to his defense, they always do this and of course we know the aclu comes to the defense of people who burn flags as well. he is an iraq war veteran. is he being unpatriotic? >> capybara compromise to keep
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at the community come back and say we will give you your liquor license you can move on. >> dave: i don't know if it's that simple. when you deny liquor licensing a reason. they confiscated the flag and give it back to him and the doses he does plan to continue flying the flag upside down. let's know what you think. president and get us on twitter as well. >> if it's true the community said yes we let you do this, then he invested the money and deny liquor license there is a problem. mcnamee tell your headlines this morning. we begin with a "fox news" alert. president obama is in, that's in africa this morning for a scheduled to deliver a speech at 8:40 am this morning. a 40:00 a.m. eastern time. you're looking at the president's arrival ceremony. earlier he met with god is present at the castle there. president obama assured god that africa matters on the world stage. we were going to bring you the present speech this morning light when that happens, so stay with the fox news channel.
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>> a bailout for small businesses could be in the works. the obama administration is working on a plan that would give some of the $700 billion in bank of money to small-business owners. the plan is being pushed by senator -- by senior officials at the treasury department. it would reportedly increased lines of credit for small companies. >> some scary moments for passengers on this british airways jet. the plane headed for london had just pushed back from the gate at the phoenix airport when there were reports of smoke inside the cabin. passengers had to use the emergency chutes to electric the plane. >> all of a sudden you see these doors pop open and that's when all those emergency chutes just flopped out and then you saw all the passengers jumping off. it was pretty crazy. kind of scary. >> fifteen people at the be treated for minor ups and bruises. the source of the smoke is being
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investigated. >> tonight's planned launch of these space shuttle endeavour is up in the air at this point. there's a 60% chance thunderstorms could derail the launch. nasa is going ahead with preparations just in case this comes after a hydrogen leak forced to previous launch attempt to be scrubbed last month. while in space and never will deliver parts to the international space station. if the launch does happen waksal bring it to life at 739. >> it's once, twice, three times a day be in newport beach, california. it is the world's biggest convention of triplets. the annual meeting arrived support -- don't you just wish you were there if you support and resources her parents try to raise three current baskets all the same age at the same time tonight there is a convention center i'll be avoiding. >> dave: i hope there is an open bar. because if you have triplets you need it.
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>> clayton: can you imagine checking into the hotel and not know that's going on? no way. >> dave: let's go to regret with was a special location this morning are you good morning. tell us what your doing. >> rick: hey, guys, i got the best gig. this weekend is the fifth annual adaptive water sports festival. this is an event that takes the wounded warriors project combined with disabled sports usa in 18 these guys together, about 100 of our soldiers who have been disabled in the war on terror come here and try to get some sporting back in their life. a great way for them to learn some new skills and can get some normality back in our lives. we will be here all morning doing kayaking, water skiing and scuba diving. that's coming up. weather-wise, we will talk about a dany heatley today across much of the south. we have that coming up later on. texas kansas oklahoma dealing with record he, could be dangerous there. we will send it back to you
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coming up at the bottom of the hour, we have some of our wanted warriors kayaking. >> clayton: are you a night owl or a morning person? >> rick: i'm a total night owl, and this is a rough job if you are. >> clayton: we might all might be. it seems to be the case with a new study out that says night owls may actually benefit from evening strength. that physiologically you don't have to worry about being a morning person. if you are a morning person you are made that way. genetically you wake up in a peppy people. we took votes on whether or not a site is a morning person. >> clayton: you wake up the morning sunshine. >> i'm a happy person all a time. i'm just getting. hotel you this. i cannot work out, or go to the gym first thing in the morning. i can do that because i'm exhausted. >> dave: it's as morning people are consistent throughout the day were his night owls like
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myself really pique about 9:00 pm. morning people get going at 9:00 am and stay more consistent throughout the day. >> i'm one of those people don't talk to me in morning. i need my space c-5 what about right now? >> have to be on. it's national television services all a façade. >> clayton: i've never been a morning person but coffee helps. i posted this on twitter at 5:30 am people are out. take a look at this. the money has to stay awake for the show. >> 6m going to sleep. >> dave: this is one from chas. >> clayton: here's another one on david dougal.
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>> dave: it is a struggle to get up especially when it's 3:00 am. i talk to people that are on the twitter and facebook that are up at 3:00 am and 4:00 am as i drive to work i think those are night owls because they're actually still up. they're not up in the morning. >> clayton: we're alive in australia right now. it's night time i go to sleep watching "fox & friends" which blows my mind. >> dave: putting some of the sleep was online to your hopefully we keep people awake tonight i agree with the guy they needed a study to prove this? is not like we didn't know this. >> clayton: i would stay up until i did the 11:00 o'clock news i would stay up until 2:00 am i could write papers on college. >> dave: let us know what you think. coming up panetta said the cia did not mislead congress, but now he is changing his tune. what's really behind this sudden turnaround? is he trying to protect nancy
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until 6 months after stopping avodart. tell your doctor if you have liver disease. rarely sexual side effects, swelling or tenderness of the breasts can occur. only your health care provider can tell if symptoms are from an enlarged prostate and not a more serious condition like prostate cancer. so have regular exams. call your doctor today. avodart. help take care of your growing problem >> dave: house speaker nancy pelosi had harsh words for the cia at a press briefing in may. >> and saying they are misleading -- the cia was sitting to congress.
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>> dave: leon panetta quickly defended his agency in an e-mail saying it is not our policy or practice to mislead congress. that is against our laws and values. now we hear the cia chief to be changing his tune a bit saying the agency had disliked congress on public locations. mike baker is a former covert operations officer. his hair to help us straighten us out. i have to say congratulations on your second baby boy just a couple days ago. >> thank you very much. i should be in my scrubs shouldn't i. >> dave: congratulations on young sam to you and your wife are at basically seven immigrants have leaked that man and a essentially admitted the cia has misled congress since 2001. what you make of this? some say there trying to provide political cover for nancy pelosi >> the timing is suspect coming
7:16 am
up on 82000 and intelligence bill the house will take up for debate. a key part the democrats are trying to show through as they want to expand the number of numbers of the intelligence committee who get the privilege to be briefed on the most important classified information that this world has to from our perspective of national security. right now the gang of eight, the two top members of each committee and the two top members of the house and senate are privy to this information. some democrats want to expand that 240. not even the white house, the obama administration says that's an insane idea. we're talking intelligence information, classified information and you suddenly want to blow out the people that once proven over the years some people have a hard time keeping a mouth shut. that's why there's some suspicion -- i don't sound cynical -- perhaps it is a political issue. >> dave: my question is, if they're trying to provide clinical cover for nancy pelosi, did they not do her a disservice
7:17 am
by bringing this holding back up again and putting her back on center stage? she didn't have to testify. she didn't have to address it that much. >> it's a very good point. after she made that statement in the azar press conference where she said they have misled all these years. they circle the wagons and it went quiet for while. now nancy pelosi says i didn't know anything about this letter written by the seven democrats. he did not come from the intelligence committee, it is written by democrats and she said i did not anything about it till i saw in the press. can you imagine we're supposed to believe these congressmen went off the reservation and didn't coordinate with your staff and sent out a letter accusing panetta and sing he should retract his earlier statement saying it's not a policy? by the way it is not the policy or practice of the agency. what happened was it was an internal review that the director ordered internally, inside the cia. he looked at it in the kind
7:18 am
issue, a concept or a plan. they did not operational but it was an idea that was in the works. it hadn't been adequately briefed to members of the committee. so he voluntarily at the end of june marched up there on the hill and announce this and said we have done an internal review, we don't think we adequately briefed you in early details. >> dave: how do we get to the truth here? >> the reason this is such a great political foot of four politicians is because over the years the agency doesn't defend itself for reasons of secrecy sources and methods it's a secret intelligence organization even though it's the most transparent of the services around the world, they don't defend themselves. as a result politicians have been making hay off of kicking the cia for decades. this is not something posting and those in this current batch of come up with great that they certainly have taken it to a new art form. whether we get to the truth or not, they were talking about committee now, an investigative
7:19 am
effort i representative sylvester reyes who heads the house intelligence committee and he says perhaps we will do an investigation. both sides are so sure. >> dave: the local football goes back and forth. >> the answer you're question is when anakin transparency here. >> dave: mike baker we appreciate it. coming up health experts at the pentagon want to ban the sale and use of tobacco and the military. should they just let out? pun intended. >> you may want to think twice before ordering a hot dog. why some of your favorite foods could cause alzheimer's. that's coming up next. the classic flavors of tuscany inspiration for...
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>> ainsley: it is time for this week's medical rewind or it say that three times fast. first up, then mr. hotdog lovers. a new study links processed meats and fast food to alzheimer's, parkinson's and diabetes. >> clayton: here to tell us the connection is dr. mike from the university of pennsylvania. it's housecall time. it is barbecue season people are trying hard and sausage on the girl. now in earnest up to me to alzheimer's, diabetes mention. tonight i'm a tell in your head this is my heart is right here. the problem with this is we all know that nitrosamines or nitrates all can cause problems like cancer. but what's fascinating about this new font of knowledge is
7:24 am
that this can also lead to things like alzheimer's and even diabetes. how does it do it? probably through mechanisms of insulin resistance because the nitrosamines damaged -- they make cells all. you have very young. in moderation as my grandfather would say. he did in moderation. we talked about really charbroil in meats on the girl and things like that, also causes nitrosamines. some experts think that's the problem. >> ainsley: no one wants a migraine headache that there's goodness at this next to because apparently for women and men too, if you have migraines have less chance of getting this cancer. >> 25% less. this is another pretty wild study looking at a significant or of women. if you have migraine headaches you have a reduction in the risk of breast cancer. why?
7:25 am
possibly do to hormones like estrogen having an effect on serotonin. so the big wild thing is, could it need that if you take an antidepressant that affects serotonin, could reduce your risk of cancer? it's something that has to be looked at. fascinating study. >> clayton: let's talk beer bellies we all got them. they don't really exist in drinking beer? >> i was part of the study. people were fighting to get in the study and researchers found that there was no correlation -- you always see people you think they are glad they are because they have a big beer belly. not true. you just get fat. so you have a big beer belly but you also have a tape that none can really tell because they're too busy looking at the gut they are not looking at the box. they are in moderation, but if you drink too much a lot of calories they will make you
7:26 am
happy. >> dave: good news there. it's genetic it's not from the beer. >> it's genetic it's also if you drink too much beer you're going to get heavy. and we talk about lots of people talk about the apple and the pair and there is some genetics involved there, but you drink too much beer you will get a big belly and a butt. it is not selective. dr. mike take your mittens out of hear. you might love to be here. >> clayton: the democrats in congress have a plan to reform healthcare and you could be paying for it. >> ainsley: feast your eyes on this. tasty new ways to bring home the bacon. >> clayton: but first wreck is in the rockaways in queens with a check of the weather. >> rick: out here at the rockaways wherewith the annual adaptive water sports festival and we are here talking with our wounded warriors as they learn to kayak or not. stay with us. d(ú0ç@(
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>> dave: a cheesy photo of clayton webb at life-size statue of a lincoln made completely out of cheese. >> clayton: i'm so happy. >> dave: here's your challenge. e-mail your favorite caption of this photo to friends at you can get clinton on twitter as well. my personal favorite, i got this from greg smith was simple and it simply hamming cheese. i like it. *speaker3 .com link and a ham. i find that offensive or it is our 16th president. >> dave: you have to upped the ante. >> clayton: after the show was over people sent the photos around all day sunday when it aired.
7:31 am
there were so many ridiculous responses are just like i have to shutdown the computer. now i'm starting to get slightly offended. >> dave: coming up the question when asked if ossmans, why not give part of funds to small businesses to stimulate the economy. now the federal government appears to finally be listening. >> clayton: joining us is caroline shively to break this down for us. are they actually paying attention to what we've been saying on "fox news"? >> apparently so. this is under consideration. the plan is to take money from the $700 billion a program known as sharp and give it to small businesses. this would be a massive shift from what that money has been used for so far. first the money went to auto companies and life insurance companies. an official tells oxus is in the early stages of discussion and no decisions have been made. the washington post details the program as expanding a small business administration program called seven a and the bank owns the company money and the company fails the government
7:32 am
would cover the losses. the coverage was raised to 90% and this years thinnest package. small businesses were the focus should be because that's where the jobs are. since the mid-90s small businesses have created 60%-80% of new employment or it there also taking the hits. in the first three quarters of last year 60% of jobs for small businesses. others point to the high risk to have a much greater failure rate than big corporations that have gotten the money so far so this would be a bigger gamble. this sounds like an idea that's being floated by the administration possibly to gauge the public and lawmakers reduction. republics of -- republicans have been hammering this administration asked unemployment hit 9.5%. ideas are still fuzzy including how much money companies would get and how much risk the government would take on. back to you guys. the threat they get. unemployed could criticize 11%. would the administration
7:33 am
acknowledging the money they have been doling out so far might not be working. >> dave: small businesses need help and the first thing they need, and in government credit is the need loans loans get going. that's what they need. >> -- >> ainsley: disagrees -- increasing not forget. >> array of hope for two american journalists that are detained in north korea. a u.s. scholar who visited the country said north korea appears to be seriously interested in releasing laura lang and in the lead. a scientist said the two have not yet been sent to a hard labor camp. they're being kept in a guesthouse. they also said the north wants the u.s. government to publicly and -- condemned the reporters. they were convicted of spying. >> the rich could be slammed with a new tax to help pay for this new health-care reform. under the plan pitched by charlie wrangle, people earning more than $350,000 per year will see their taxes go up. the hike projected to raise $540 billion over the next ten years.
7:34 am
republicans were quick to slam this plan. the statement from john boehner's offices in the middle of a serious recession with unemployment nearing double digits nationwide, the lesson we need is a tax increase on small businesses which will cost the american economy even more jobs. >> it is day two for the new general motors. the companies out of bankruptcy and is presenting itself as a leader or efficient company. >> the bottom line is business as we have known it, and as we have it until today, business as usual is over at general motors. it's a new era. we have to have the highest expectations for ourselves and everyone associated with the company must realize this and be prepared to change and fast. >> ainsley: gm plans to pay back the government loans as soon as possible they say. it also announced it is negotiating with ebay to sell new cars on the auction website.
7:35 am
>> and elephants are a fundraiser? apparently so if this video is any indication the answer is yes. tiki, alice and george of the new elephant car wash in oregon, and for 20 bucks you can drive up and have a personal close encounter with these elephants as they washed on your car. the wildlife safari in charge of the elephants, says that it's a creative way to raise money for those of in this struggling economy. and a great educational expense for your kids. let's check in with rick was out there on the beach this morning. >> rick: good morning, ainsley. i am joined by two folks from the wounded warrior project and from disabled sports usa i want to talk about with this event this weekend is and how wounded warriors as a part of it. >> this is our fifth annual adaptive water sports event. we bring wounded warriors up from the hospitals, walter reed, for a wonderful weekend of adaptive water sports. what's more important is community involvement.
7:36 am
the entire community of breezy point and rockaways turns up for these young people. >> rick: what we do today. >> adaptive water skiing, kayaking we have a pool set up on the beach they can try scuba and also then adaptive sailing. >> rick: wounded warriors astride with adaptive sports usa and you are one of the founding members. tell us about your history and how it impacts soldiers coming back from the war on terror. >> disabled sports usa. we are jocks that's where we partner with the wounded warrior project. we got our beginning in the vietnam war. i lost my leg and yet not become involved back in 1969. so now what we can do with the help of wounded warrior and help with the support of the public, much better than i can did not, we can get these guys acted in sports year-round. we try to get them out twice a month getting them to believe in themselves again through achievement in sports, then they
7:37 am
learn they can do many other things. we have a motto, if i can do this i can do anything. it's about rebuilding lassies works and this is one of over 80 teaching events that we will do in 16 different sports with the wounded warrior project and the wounded warriors. >> rick: we were talking earlier about how portentous for these guys to get immediate results with something. how has this changed over the years? they can get out here and learn a new skill and one day. >> there is a revolution in the adaptive equipment, the level of instruction and availability around the country. why started we had one sports, skiing we help amputees. now we can help anybody in 16 different sports. the great thing is they will learn the sports and monday. so they will come out of the hospital and then one day there will be a water skier. and the feeling of achievement, i know for me personally what happened, it's just phenomenal what it does for your self-confidence making you feel good about yourself again.
7:38 am
>> rick: al and kurtz, thank you so much. we will be here all day. later on we will be skiing and all kinds of events. thank you guys for much. we send it back to you outside. >> thank you rick. >> clayton: there was sadness this week because the father of bacon if i press the godfather speech or the godfather oscar meyer passed away. you know how much we love bacon on "fox & friends." we couldn't let this go without finding a way to celebrate the love of reagan. and there is a company called accoutrements that designs everything aiken related that you could probably want in your house. >> dave: and more. stuff you probably didn't want. >> clayton: and say try this these are bacon strips at use of images to put a slab of aiken on your finger. >> dave: do they smell? so if you have a wand up next is bacon mints. spoon that's disgusting. >> dave: once you try the flavor of taken every morning. get rid of your coffee breath. not that you have a.
7:39 am
>> ainsley: what are you trying to say. they can gum balls to seek -- >> clayton: this is a dream a lot of women have is that you love to take showers and in the debates you to do the one i am sorry. i am so sorry if i did they can come bob. >> ainsley: i'm to the sorry to the company owners but it's not for me. this is great for women, because if you want to attract a man, this will just increase your dating life or did nominal aiken. if he smell like bacon, they will come running. >> clayton: sir, if a woman smelled like this would you mind or selling a this. >> beautiful. >> clayton: said it was good to see one that is likely you. >> clayton: does that smell like your favorite coconut meat or favorite nitrate film made? >> it smells nice. >> clayton: is a guy.
7:40 am
>> dave: very simple. up next are bacon flavored toothpicks. i've had the cinnamon toothpicks see one you should never do that in public by the way. >> dave: shouldn't kick your teeth in public? what about national television. >> clayton: there is bacon flavored floss. >> ainsley: vicious rhetoric loss. >> clayton: feels like it should be in my mouth like they can. >> dave: not bacon breath area up next is what every man wants for father's day, for his birth, a bacon wallet. it does not have the aiken order, but it does have a rather gross -- >> ainsley: park. >> clayton: what about this bacon watch? that would be fun what is this? of bacon belts. i went to try the sun. i'm going to drown the bacon belts. >> dave: everyone asked themselves this question when you get into a dam into a gym.
7:41 am
what would they can do to keep now you just spin the wheel to find out what would they can do and perhaps bacon with what the bnp lt. >> clayton: would bacon out in the sun today and enjoy time off to day? >> dave: aken woodsmoke area i'm not sure where that gets you. i know not that's an answer. >> clayton: this bacon belts as salacious. if you want more information on any of these bacon related items go to makers of the bacon soap. >> dave: first we need your help, we need you to get on this morning. we need you to find the most unique item or unique service, e-mail us at friends of, tell us what you found, it has to be special and different and we will give you a very special fox sports net. >> clayton: all the "fox news" goodies are in hear. which is flip-flops, you name it, it's all in hear. a rope and all kinds of fox too.
7:42 am
>> dave: will throw in bacon men's. >> clayton: in bacon soap all insider for it. >> dave: how about this band for you. -- band for you. they're looking at banning smoking in the military. they're asking robert gates to do so. what you think of that? we will hear from someone who justifies this potential ban. >> clayton: i got a chance to fly with pat airways is our four-legged friends need a way to travel also. that story coming up momentarily. i'm going to put out -- and that they can need this bacon belts are good that looks great on you. taking its rightful place
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7:46 am
>> dave: some controversy this morning. pentagon health officials have asked defense secretary robert gates to ban tobacco products. could this happen or is the military blowing smoke keeps you >> ainsley: we are joined by national spokesperson for the veterans of foreign wars. this will cause a lot of controversy in the military. everyone has an opinion about the story. why is the pentagon trying to do this? what's the reason? >> over the past 30 years the pentagon has been trying to eradicate smoking. it's been a government effort. nobody smokes inside planes buses and trains it's a readiness issue a productivity issue and a health issue. the military's way of dealing with threats is to limit it. >> dave: these troops have arguably as far as i'm concerned the most stressful job on the planet. they are fighting wars in iraq and afghanistan. they have hours to kill in a stressful situation.
7:47 am
i talked to one soldier who says "i've been to iraq twice, and i'll have to be honest if you get hit by an ied that person you reach for after you make sure you and your friends are alive to smoke. " he adds that every iraqi smokes so it is actually an insult to them if you do not smoke a server offered by them. don't we have to take into consideration personal responsibility in the stressful circumstances these troops are under all the time. >> i have slowly have to agree with you. i'm a veteran of the first gulf war and small you and i'm a former smoker and i can tell you one i was deployed overseas i started smoking all over again. it is a stress reliever. the unfortunate part is when you quit that creates another stress. >> ainsley: is proven in the military go soldiers fighting in iraq and afghanistan, more than more than smoke than the average soldier who hasn't been to war. like you said it's a stress reliever. we're just an upper limit or stages of this, is that right?
7:48 am
>> that's right. the institute of medicine study, dod and commissioned as two years ago it was just released the end of june. the basic recommendation was to have to look at a timeline to set a goal to eradicate smoking on military installations, on the ships and submarines and military installations. what was shocking as the dollar numbers coming out here. the defense department itself is spending upwards of $1 billion in its military health system and the department of veterans affairs is spending $6 billion just to take care of smoking-related illnesses. that's a huge chunk of change of anybody's budget. >> dave: that's an enormous amount of money. 36% of her in smoke because they're the ones fighting most of these battles. is this about money though doors about the health of our troops keep you. >> it has to be about hell. everybody with the smoker don't smoke you know that smoking is bad for you. but it is a legal substance and
7:49 am
if they stop selling upon installation it will go buy it off is at a 7-eleven or someplace there. but everybody knows it's tough to quit smoking but it's best for everybody, especially those who might be affected by secondhand smoke. >> ainsley: the pentagon says it is about costs. it calls for higher cost of the pentagon as well. what happens if they get caught smoking, doing on that yet? >> it's too early. this is just a two since the media picked up the report. there is a realistic goal here which is to help people quit smoking and to stop people from coming into the military who smoke are in. >> dave: joe davis from the vfw. thank you for your time this morning. >> ainsley: your four-legged friends don't have to travel and cargo ever again thanks to pet airways. clayton got an inside look at this unconventional new airline. it's coming up next. kelly saunder's nature valley,
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends." there is a new airline where there are no security lines, middle seats or long delays. sounds of entering. they catch? you have to be an animal. take a look or if. >> we came up with the idea for pet airways because as a way. when moved from san francisco to florida and we had to put zoe and me transport. >> there's a demand for this. people want to do the same things we do so let's see if people will fly if we can put together a company that will fly pets in the main cabin instead of the cargo hold. >> dave: don't worry, you'll be fine, you are on the airways.
7:54 am
it's easy to drop your pet off at the lounge and the pet expert takes care of your pet. >> clayton: i'm hear to drop off muffin. >> are you mr. morris. >> clayton: we be okay but he? >> thank you, mr. morris. >> clayton: i've had her since i was a little kid. >> pat ares is different. we are a certified pet attendant on board are you people accuse of experience taking care pet walking up and down the aisles every 15 minutes checking every pet to make sure everything is okay. >> clayton: the best part about this airline is no humans involved. i wish i had that on my flight this morning. so if you're the pilot of this dog on airplane what you tell your friends and emily? to make there first reaction is you are doing what? and then i tell them a little
7:55 am
bit about it and everyone -- but they run a talk to us that's really a good idea. >> clayton: right now pet airways flies to five cities across the united states. >> clayton: can i be attention please be administered on the fasten seatbelt sign that means you need to put away all of your electronic devices and the feedback there, yeah, that means you. that means you. okay. i still see you using your ipod. >> okay let's go to pop up. oh look there's pop up. they go sweetie. bye-bye. thank you for flying pet airways. >> dave: many questions this morning. >> clayton: they had medicaid's old-time. >> ainsley: that's a great story. how did your dog to? >> clayton: muffin came back perfectly. they handled them flawlessly and even took them for a walk to make sure it is potty break. >> ainsley: two thoughts when i watch this story.
7:56 am
i want a quick thought -- quit fox and the work for this airline. >> dave: be a flight attendant. >> ainsley: the second thought is why didn't i think of that? great idea. >> clayton: is also a walking across the screen there. they said we didn't want to put her in the cargo hold anymore. so many people out there feel that anxiety wants to hand over their dog is okay, you don't cargo. >> ainsley: i've let my dogs all the time. if they're small enough to fit in the sherpa bag and stand up you put them under the seat and you pay to fly with them. if they're too big like a black lab to the cargo them and it's called. >> clayton: no bathroom breaks. >> dave: how much to fly. >> clayton: $149. >> ainsley: round-trip five cities and they launch on tuesday. >> dave: the presidents overseas trip not over just yet. a major speech coming up in ghana said four 8:40 am. we will bring you that live as it happens.
7:57 am
>> ainsley: the airline busted his guitar apparently and refuse to pay for the repair. so guess what he is doing? is fighting back with this hilarious song about how the airline broke his guitar. you'll hear the song and for the singer himself coming up. "what do you mean homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods?" "a few inches of water caused all this?"
7:58 am
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8:00 am
the president is about to go for a major speech in god. we bring a july. >> dave: good news from main street a bailout for small business could be in the works or it we are live in washington with why the focus on fixing the economy may finally be starting to shift between the airline smashed his guitar, but it turned into a major break for this position. his song of revenge is not a youtube sensation and we play for you and talk to him. our slogan comes from owning a crew of madison georgia. "fox & friends," when you're this good, who really needs a slogan. that's great, i like that area. >> good morning, "fox & friends." >> clayton: switchboard is lighting up this morning. >> dave: going crazy. why perhaps?
8:01 am
cd we have some us to talk about. i am clayton morris, sustains a heart in for alysin and dave briggs. >> dave: maybe the lines will light up when we talk about the story coming up. it's how long women take to get dressed. in fact they added up all the commutative time he womens been getting dressed and it will astound you how long of your life is dedicated to acting out an outfit, ladies. >> clayton: is this shocking at all? it might be shocking to you to see how much time date stamps getting dressed soon it's true. we will talk about coming up. we won't give away now. >> clayton: president obama's healthcare plan, wind energy with his doctor on obama ^ not happy with the program. now she immigrants are planning on how they will play -- david is holding a question was asked on "fox news" for long time. how does a splendid paid for. it turns out they may have a new plan to fight shocker. they're going to tax you.
8:02 am
they've thrown out the possibility of taxing your help benefit that is still on the table but not definitive area they talk about taxing sugary averages and soda. and now charlie rangel has come out and said we will in fact pay for this healthcare plan by taxing the rich. those individuals that make $280,000 or more per year. the couples that make more than $350,000 per year. they say this will pay for $550 billion on this healthcare plan. the problem is, who does it hit? digits small business owners. we talked about that time again. >> ainsley: this is what barack obama said about it in italy on friday. >> whatever bill is produced has to be paid for and that creates difficulties because people would like to get the good stuff without paying for it. and so there will be some tough negotiations in the days and weeks to come.
8:03 am
but i'm confident we will get done. >> imagine the republican response. the house leader john banner had this to say. he said in the middle of a serious recession with unemployment nearing double digits nationwide, the last thing we need is a tax increase on small businesses which will cost the american economy or more jobs. but cap is $280,000 per year. that would be people paying on this plan. $280,000 with three employees working for you. that's not a lot of money. >> dave: we talked this morning about how the tarp ones they be used to help small businesses which is great news. they may increase amounts. if you succeed we're going to give you a little more long to get off the ground. if you succeed we will hit you right back and take the money straight back because we will increase your taxes. a lot of this is owners will tell you they were not pay this tax they will probably let somebody go, pasadena and add to implement rate.
8:04 am
>> ainsley: anytime government needs money it's like we're doing it for money to give let's tax the rich. taxing the rich is getting tired. >> dave: penalize the rich. >> clayton: or after the ridiculous things like the soda tax. that's grasping at straws to me. those are band-aid solutions. and as michelle malkin points out it's the democrats have become, as she points out, the party of borrow and spend. borrow and spend it where to get the money from? >> ainsley: president obama wants everyone covered it no one will argue america has the best healthcare system in the world. it's great. you want to go to your doctor, you choose your doctor, you need an x-ray to go to the emergency room where as in other countries like in the uk you are in me have an acl torn you wait six months to get an x-ray. that's just an x-ray because you're not dying. speed three everyone agrees the healthcare system needs to be fixed. >> ainsley: have medicare on one side and again on the other and all the people in the middle like us pay for health and you
8:05 am
have a small group that can't get the medicaid, but i can't afford to pay for it, doesn't have a job whatever, that's the group would need to pay for. it's just a matter of how we do it. >> dave: karl rove will be here later to the to chime in on healthcare debate. >> ainsley: here are your headlines. ex-nfl star steve mcnair will be mourned today by thousands in is tiny hometown of mount olive mississippi. a crowd of 8000 people are expected for the funeral. mcnair was killed by his girlfriend, 20-year-old male cousin who later turned the gun on herself or it did not shock in the florida panhandle. a couple with 16 kids, 12 of them adopted, is handed down during a home invasion. right now police are looking for this event in three people who apparently got away. the van was seen at the home of gerd and melanie billings shortly before they were gunned down in the town of you, florida. eight of the couple's children
8:06 am
were sleeping at the time. none of them was injured. so far no word yet on a motive in this case. i imagine you're walking down the street sending a text message to a friend when suddenly you slip and fall through a manhole. that's what happened here. this young girl from staten island new york recovering from cuts and bruises after she slipped into a manhole. ouch. so you go back, my spine my ribs right here, my shoulder blade appears is killing me. it wasn't fun. >> clayton: i don't believe she is from new york area c. when she was a southerner. poor thing i was in a cab yesterday in a cab driver laughed when he heard that story same reaction from layton. our girl. she is okay. city workers nearby helped pull her out. the girl's family said they might file a lawsuit. >> clayton: i can believe that. i think we all wanted to poles or something by texting. i know i'll regret for past. >> dave: rickets lost a daily
8:07 am
basis due on a big send off one of the finest agents in the history of u.s. customs and border protection agency. angel is retired after a six-year career of federal service. angel was originally rescued from an animal shelter in houston. during her career she made 380 drug seizures. she has been adopted by her partner, ofc. james frazer and will move to el paso with his family. does that dog if i go to el paso to give. >> clayton: not yet. but they could go to los angeles >> ainsley: a summons is covered is a good goalie gets hot. >> clayton: depends. plus it's nice to uncomfortable. >> dave: targets broken bats. a young guy named a thorough update from canada, is in a band, leads a band, and had his cherished rise to qatar broken by united airlines. he actually looked out the window, someone tapped him on the shoulder and said are they tossing guitars out there keep
8:08 am
you in fact they were. they broke it euros guitar they were not pay him back not compensated him what the duke? >> clayton: this breaks my heart because my guitar, a little sleight neck if they break his guitar -- >> ainsley: guitars and cars. >> clayton: that's all i got. so he decides how do i get back the united to give let's write a song about it. that's why we can do it. with the new guitar. take a listen. try once a big help you are you broke it you fix it i should have fun with someone else or gone by car. because united breaks guitars theater it's a good song. >> dave: it's a good tune a good video the guitar cost 3500 bucks but they would not pay for it or reimburse them so he wrote that song. it's been a huge hit on youtube.
8:09 am
you can add to the frenzy. what's happening now? united has reacted and it appears they may do something and uses as an example by forward. >> clayton: was on our show this thursday so he could weigh in tell us the processing winter and if you did here from united after all. take a listen. symantec it's pretty cool that this could end up being better for passengers on a daily basis. it's gratifying. i turned the conversation from myself, i'm not looking or anything at all i just have the tisher the story. >> clayton: mark rosen *untran7 i never put my guitar and the cargo hold your get an argument with virgin atlantic wants anyone who i don't have too? it's too big. >> clayton: if you argue with them, there's no way you would take up an entire overhead compartment. when it was my take on. >> dave: here's a statement from united airlines.
8:10 am
>> dave: he had 1 million when we did it a week ago it was 100,000. the one it's really changed the face of that. >> clayton: up its power and answer people who usually didn't have power. united is learning a lesson about customer service from people like southwest. remember the whole short skirt gas co. that happened a few they went back and said we made a huge mistake and had fun with it and maybe united is taking a page from the southwest book. >> dave: let's get to rick rager. he has a special assignment this morning helping out wounded warriors. what's going on, right? >> rick: you said i have the best assignment. i do. in a half-hour these guys will ski. they are getting into the skis
8:11 am
which have been adapted specifically for their needs with different amputations. this guy is joe who is actually british who has come over for this event today, getting into the single ski. i'd ask you joe, is it the first time skiing spirit have done it a couple times before cementing the he will be on national tv. we'll see that in a half-hour. let's look at the weather maps. we'll couple things going on. a very hot morning across parts of the central plains. areas from kansas to texas again dealing with a brutal day. in fact temperatures last few days in parts of oklahoma have been higher than had been since 1996. so it is extremely, extremely hot. satellite radar picture shows a couple things going on. one is a front that will dive across the northeast and great lakes. tonight the showers moved through the northeast, another great day. across florida we are trying to get another shuttle launched and we will see showers this
8:12 am
afternoon in at 7:00 o'clock hour that could cause problems. across the west we see more showers across the four corner states as the day heats up. charges will be the big story once again. it looks like there's heat around texas and oklahoma with will be with us throughout the coming week so no rest. coming up in one half hour, jim angelo will do their thing and be on your skin. back to you. speak i would look forward to that, rick. >> clayton: we have breaking news out of africa. president obama is about to deliver a major speech in ghana. we will bring that like you when it happens and moments. >> ainsley: you heard accusations of prejudice at the full? a group of minority children were they really turned away because of their skin color because they were african-american if you let the swim club involved is now saying about the incident that's coming up next. meanwhile a preview of what's coming up at 10:00 am on fox. >> high tides, good morning. a push for stimulus two. some in dc want it but a lot of
8:13 am
young man street are saying forget about it. who has a bright future signature we go again, more in the healthcare billions of dollars streetlights, jungle gyms and farmers markets are being set aside. why the mac in this dynamic duo helped take down communism. now someone hears as our current president and pope are about to take down something else. capitalism as we know it gives you how to take a holiday at this luxury resort. you just pay for government workers to hangout there. didn't lawmakers -- private companies for the same thing? acosta freedom kicks off at the top of the hour and we'll see you then you ( car door closes ) ooooch! hot seat!
8:14 am
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8:17 am
the. >> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends." we are awaiting a speech from president obama. he arrived in, we discussed the two-minute warning from the white house letting us know he will speak in front of parliament. this is tape right now. we are waiting like pictures from the podium. when we get the two-minute warning wonder how long the two-minute warning takes place and if it unfolds way it is. we expect the president to meet with the president, this afternoon and visit a former slave ship this afternoon. he will meet with their president in just a little bit for speaking. >> first we talked about them i could not -- mike huckabee was in house and has been talking about this stimulus since the obama administration started rolling out. not president obama says his administration had wrong information when it comes to the economy on the stimulus. take a listen to macros in said ms. reed, we have incomplete information. what i would say is that in some
8:18 am
areas you are seeing the economic engine turn her head but what we always knew was that age, this recession was going to be deep, and letter b. it would last for a while. >> clayton: now without employment continuing to rise, no real end in sight, the debate grows around a second possible seamless package we're hearing for the fighting economy. is this the best way to go? former governor of arkansas, mike huckabee, joins us live to talk about it. >> mike: good morning. are we always waiting for a speech on president obama? >> clayton: we're almost past the two-minute park. -- the two-minute point. doherty learned their 10% of the first stimulus money has been handed out or hit it hasn't been handed out in the way we think it should be handed out possibly to small businesses or people who can economically get some advantage from this. what do you think about the president statement in moving forward a second stimulus. >> mike: if you drink poison once and it makes you sick if
8:19 am
you think a second drink will make you feel better? the first class did not do it was supposed to do. it was supposed to control the unemployment rate. the unemployment rate shot far higher than the president said it would go if we didn't do anything. he said if we didn't do anything ago two 8%. it's at 9/2% and will go to 10%. we have not spent money to stimulate the economy is to stimulate votes in the democrat districts and an important fact, twice the amount of money is going into counties that voted for obama than voted for john mccain. anyone who can tell me objectively that there is not a bunch of objects and how this money is being allocated, excuse me i will eat this table and the computer sitting on top of it. >> clayton: center -- secretary give said there was no politics speech he has. >> mike: worth the credibility there with the transparency we have seen? is no way that's an accidental thing that happened. >> clayton: the other side of this the president said they had wrong information going into
8:20 am
this. you have said this on the show before have inherited quite a mess. there is no secret that obama inherited an economic mess and the way the downturn in the economy was going. to the present site of this idiot wrong information and should that be factored into moving forward with a possible second stimulus? >> mike: there has been a lot of wrong information for the biggest piece of wrong information is that you can spend your way out of a spending nightmare and you can borrow your way out of a credit wrench. this defies any logic you and you can put together a dirty hundred page bill that nobody has read and somehow that's going to be a good thing. so the real problem is not with a misread, that's what they didn't read it all. they didn't read their own bills. a lot a bunch of staffers to stick stuff in there in the wee hours of the morning and it's a vote on it now or else. >> clayton: you're not supportive of the land bridge for animals in florida? the eco-bypass the cost millions of dollars for frocks tabletop under a highway? these are things that went through the first stimulus bill. >> mike: utterly ridiculous.
8:21 am
i would rather put tax money behind the airline you did a story on earlier because i like the idea of a lot. >> clayton: the president says his jobs and vice president -single, the jobs that were approved under the first stimulus, -- i'm sorry the site of his famous money that went to these certain pet projects, those are going to create jobs according to the vice president. those particular projects even the pet rijo talked about in florida, is going to create jobs. isn't that what this economy needs? >> mike: it's makework. if you work for the government how long can it be? apace for a government job? the people who are paying taxes. jobs, when you create them pro-jobs at a sustainability. they're not a simple report job the government. so you can put some town in a crevice. they are jobs that will bring economic empowerment for someone to own a business and to empower people to be entrepreneurs. that's a kind of job would be creating.
8:22 am
he do that with lower taxes, less regulatory regulation, and you create a marketplace where people can take their ideas to the market without having the government step on them. >> clayton: bottom line, second stimulus, what happened if you find this guy? >> mike: i hope not. i hope there aren't enough decent democrats and republicans in the house who will hear the howls of people in the district who are running small businesses who know you can't just continue to spend money you don't have. >> clayton: maybe we need another sour. >> mike: we are going to talk about them a special feature called dancing with the stars. >> clayton: there are 32 desires. >> mike: more coming. >> clayton: according to a draft released by house democrats we could see more czars coming another czar to oversee health insurance. so you guys are creating dancing with the czars of the show. while all of them be there dancing. >> mike: every one of them will be dancing during the t and want to see if it'll be something to
8:23 am
behold. >> clayton: it brings up a serious question which is president obama we heard was a big fan of a doris kearns book about president abe lincoln having rivals in his cabinet. shouldn't the president be running the country instead of 32 desires? >> mike: our country was to be run by a balance of our so it never bested too much in executive, legislative or judicial. this is bypassing to branches of government and trading a super executive branch got anything which bush was accused of. and he was accused of too much. in some cases he did. but what the obama administration is doing will absolutely just overwhelm any president in history. presidents have used the czars it's not common. davis may never for this level of government activity. >> let's talk about the health-care czar.
8:24 am
isn't this something congress should handle and so somebody outside the white house keep you. >> mike: the constitution, a document we tend to forget, it specifically says the money allocation is a congressional activity. nothing will be more involved in allocating its overall issue of the health-care system which is already $2.4 trillion it needs congressional oversight. by the way, what's the purpose of a health and human services secretary if you appoint as our? doesn't make sense. >> clayton: do we have live pictures? the two-minute warning we got from the white house must take some live pictures. this is president obama waiting to speak in god. he is expected to go before armament there meeting with the president of god. this country has made great strides this african country. having open and democratic elections the past few years. noticeably absent is his trip to
8:25 am
kenya. he's not going to kenya. he has familial ties -- ties there. a lot of his father, he made references to it in an emotional moment of the day, but he is not going there. that's love look at parliament. when he does these overseas trips and you are so worried about how foreign countries handle the press coverage, as the press coverage than favorable to him or not? >> i think a lot of it has been favorable to put all of the press coverage that president obama has generally has been unbelievably favorable. but here's what is happening. in spite of this love affair as bernie goldberg would say this slobbering, there, a great book, in spite of that, you are beginning to say hey, these policies aren't working, and i think the poll numbers reflected as a matter where he goes on the globe, even the europeans are beginning to sort of cool to the rockstar status. you don't see angela merkel, you see sarkozy warming up to the
8:26 am
idea that -- up to the idea of a skimmer government going. i think they are saying man, throttle back spending and cut taxes in european countries while we are talking about raising taxes and giving government more involved. it's amazing. >> clayton: we don't talk about africa alive. certainly we have the g-8 summit recently. a lot of critics and you know what? the g-8 is missing something in our modern times. we need more people, more players at the table. africa is a big part of this. the president said in his trip there he hoped africa would be an effective partner in the future of the world and global economy. it has become an important part of the global economy. you think it's time for africa to take more of a center stage in global politics? >> mike: it should. clayton we have to be careful not to do the traditional let's throw money at africa. the model is rwanda. i was there one year ago at a camp in a method -- had a meeting with the president. president economy will not allow
8:27 am
people to come into rwanda to just put money in the hands of rwandans. have to come and build them a sustainable job or industry. whether it's a small are doing copy, a lot of starbucks coffee is being bought from the small farmers who are now having a sustainable wage. and the people who are part of the able to build their lives and future. that's the model we need to be working on. it is not this old foreign aid, give me some money. it's the classic teaching how to fish, don't give you a fish. >> clayton: president which deserves credit for what he was able to do. is work was overwhelmingly. >> mike: overwhelmingly significant. i don't think president bush was ever given the level of accreditation for fighting aids, you put more money into fighting aids and particularly in dealing with malaria. malaria can be defeated for a child with less than $9 on mosquito net. so there are a lot of things that could be done to truly save
8:28 am
lives, improve the quality of life for people in developing countries. and if we done with integrity. >> clayton: as you travel, you were in london last year, dick is behind-the-scenes. we're looking at live pictures from ghana, the president going into a foreign country, i don't believe has ever been to god before. so he is going there and what's going on behind the scenes of his staffers as they prepare him on a foreign state to get a national address to country he's never been to before. >> mike: one of the challenges in a triplet as is the white house is used to controlling the entire format. in united states i can be done. there's a certain level of diplomacy that has to be the plight because there are ceremonial issues that the host country is always going to want to employ. and this becomes very challenging sometimes her a white house that because they're wanting to get to the chase, to the thing, the american way, and you have often gone and protracted ceremonial function at the host government wants to do. one thing we tend to forget, in
8:29 am
america everything is on time. got a go, go. most places of the world, things started dark 30. maybe sometime after dark when it gets there. but there is no set time. life is not on the sort of that we live on, and it can be very complicated and very frustrating to americans and their government officials are going there for some other purpose. >> clayton: one thing we have talked about on the show, you and i. the president has been getting criticism having a broad going to foreign countries, france notice -- notably, and he is apologizing or pastors she alleges from united states or to does he have to say anything to africa this morning? were given the fact that president wished it such a remarkable job pushing for its intervention in the country and helping with financial aid, does he have to apologize again if you. >> mike: he should go and say i just want to say you can thank anytime you want to on behalf of the people of africa for what we've done.
8:30 am
look, there's always going to be some critics. but the united states has done in terms of investment in saving lives, particularly when it comes to aids prevention and mother in prevention, naming any other country in the earth that is put the investment -- nobody, nobody has done what we have done -- not just for africa but anyplace in the world. i remember after the pakistani earth wakes, i was there. i went up to the earth and that's really the epicenter where it happened. there were 12,000 people living at its biggest was taking care of them to give americans. that's who. please don't ask me to apologize for being an american. i will not area i'm probably do as a country, whether it's a snobby, earthquake, poverty. you always have somebody that says we should have done it differently or should have done more. i'm proud of this country because nobody on the face of the planet is more for people in the united states of america. the three president bringing
8:31 am
awareness to the world in one awareness to the region on the trips there. president clinton thanking president bush for his incredible work there. for our viewers just joining us this morning we are awaiting the president speaking in god this morning. we got a two-minute warning from the white house about 25 minutes ago. i thought works. >> mike: ceremonies are going on. >> clayton: we didn't take into account the time difference. >> mike: are you telling us they will? -- reduce beach. i can tell you there are anxious white house staff roaming around the background going to their ghana post as gently as they can say the president really needs to get on the stage right away because we're not works. the people of god are probably saying you know, were cool were fine. >> clayton: this is our control booth or if we get next messages from the white house. they are down there trying to pool their resources. major garrett is traveling with
8:32 am
the president. our fine folks are awaiting word from nature garrett is traveling with the president. for our viewers president obama arrived in africa last night around 9:00 pm. he is set to take the stage and speaking from the world community there in front of parliament in front of the ghana parliament. he's also meeting with president john mills coming up later and he later this afternoon is expected to -- he is expected to go on and visit a former slave ship it's there. marking the history of that country. it's 1232 we are awaiting the president to speak in just moments. and this is the lesson here is overseas trip. you're not with russia and italy. and part of it he ate some. let's listen in for a second as they are hopefully about to announce president obama. >> arise from your recognition of the achievements that we have
8:33 am
made in building and consolidating multiparty parliamentary democracy. mr. president, your choice of our country encourages us to remain focused to stand against from the democratic ross says and give them the benefit of not only the people of ghana but also our brothers and sisters on the continent of africa area mr. president, you and i stand here today because just about six months ago -- >> clayton: listening and they're just as we're about to hear from president obama,
8:34 am
hearing words and from the, parliament let's here from our own major garrett traveling with the president in ghana and get a sense as we await the president to take the stage what the president will talk about this morning. good morning, major. >> at morning, clinton. the speech is really not going to be the kind of speech you might anticipate from an american president coming to sub-saharan africa for the first time as the first african-american president in that it is not going to be a sympathetic embrace to africa it will be a bit sterner told single, africa needs to join as a consummate the rest of the world. he needs to root out corruption, embrace democratic reforms, and it needs to help itself get better area not rely persistently, consistently, on international aid to solve its many problems with poverty, economic development and feeding its own populations. a little tough love we're led to believe by the president.
8:35 am
it is also time to get over the grievances about colonial occupation and colonial control of many can't is within the continent of africa the kind words many american presidents by themselves but perhaps did not feel courageous enough to say on the continent before. but president obama we are told by officials will say words along those lines. it is worth wanting out, clinton, as is now the third u.s. president in a row to visit this country in sub-saharan africa is to sigana. why did you is regarded as stable, more economically developed, and it democratically not only stable but moving in a more democratic rod based thurlow stick system. for that reason this president as well as his predecessor, predecessor -- president bush and clinton came here to tell up date anna is a symbol of what africa could become but it has not. >> clayton: adding this at the last minute, we surprised by them having? people are wondering whether or not getting it would be in the list of trouble for the president, a course having ties to president obama's father, his
8:36 am
kenyan roots. >> that's exactly right. we were a bit surprised. this came on a schedule one month ago. the explanation we got is the one we get now. the president wanted to make a trip to africa in his first year of his presidency to send a signal -- a signal that africa is not just part of a foreign policy that is strictly linked to africa. he wanted to integrate with his own policy across the globe whether that be economics, trade or other international relations issues. africa fits into that piece. early on hostthat message. when i cannot? is not stable enough. it is not safe enough to it is not economically or politically reformed enough, the president leaves, to deserve a trip like the one he is making here to ghana. in that respect, this trip is about not so much about what's going on hear in ghana but what the president hopes can happen in other parts of africa if those nations take heed of the example made here. >> clayton: when you travel at the president with seeing these massive rallies in france and germany and other bases.
8:37 am
are most of the people of ghana this afternoon going to get a chance to see the president of close or will television be the only place they get to see him? >> it will be a tv either, but, clinton. the events you're a very small. they are invitation only. they will be a larger expanded departure ceremony at the airport when the president leaves in a few hours to that will draw the biggest crowd. again that would be the kind of crowd president clinton encountered here i believe my memory serves, had a large stadium and here, and the reason we are told this morning i robert gives the white house press secretary, is the president wanted to shine a light on ghana, not himself, that's the reason for the small events. the other thing is large events that a lot of time to prepare, and security for any such loop when i minister was added to the schedule about one month ago or simply wasn't requisite time to put those together. that's another reason behind these smaller edition-only
8:38 am
events. however, the white house is doing one thing for the people of ghana who are internet savvy. you can get twitter feeds on it, you can watch it on the internet and get updates on facebook. to a degree people are integrated and that social networking activism and world against it that way. >> clayton: the president talked about a few moments ago to the national stage or made as this perspective because so many businesses are not necessarily concerned about moving to africa to do business because you talk about getting enough being a stable environment, as the president speaking on a world stage for potentially corporations to move to africa two put down roots to say we can put business here if governments get their act together if you. >> if governments get their act together, if security is improved and if corruption is eliminated. the president purchased directly in comments he made to the g8 and the african union nations who gathered in italy to talk about hosting food aid throughout the world, predominantly in africa, $20 billion was pledged.
8:39 am
he said 50 years ago my father came from kenya to the united states, kenya's grossness to roddick was larger than self areas. it's not even close now the president said and the reason is every way everything in kenya operates on the basis of her option. the president even told the leaders, look at my cousins in kenya who cannot get a job unless they pay a bribe to it's that personal attachment to, as with corruption and mismanagement at the commercial level the president identified. he did yesterday and we're led to believe he will do so at least overly late in a speech today talking about if you don't reform your business practices, you don't get foreign investment reason to believe in its future here, it's never going to come. >> clayton: critics in the united states said the resident the first american -- african-american president and white house and yet he has only invited to african leaders to the white house so far. the tanzanian president and zimbabwe's opposition leader to the white house are you i think
8:40 am
we're about to hear from the president. president obama is standing there will get right back to you after the speech. maybe not your he is a time is down. major, this is what happens. we get two of warning and 35 minutes later the president ends up and sits back down. you know it well. >> yes, indeed. i talked to one traveling white house official before we got here, and they were frustrated about all of the things they did not have control over schedule wise. they said we will be so happy to get to ghana because it will be our show. we will control events. sorry about that white house. you don't control events even when you think you do. >> clayton: governor, this happens all the time it doesn't take you. >> mike: get those when major talked about the content of the speech advocates significant if the president says what you have been led to believe he will say, this will be a very historic speech from a u.s. president and it could be the most significant speech the president has made in his presidency. it's a lot like nixon goes to
8:41 am
china. only president obama could likely go and deliver the speech you have the been led to believe he will speak today and comment. to challenge the african continent to look behind -- to quit looking behind and look at. >> clayton: major, the resident is taking the podium. we will check back in a second. let's listen to the president. president obama will area. >> i like this. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. i think i burst needs one of those horns. that sounds pretty good. sounds like louis armstrong back there. good afternoon, everybody.
8:42 am
it is a great honor for me to be here and to speak to the representatives of the people of ghana. [ applause ] >> i'm deeply grateful for the welcome i received, michelle and leah and sasha obama. donna's history is rich. the comment history is rich and the ties between our two countries are strong and i am proud that this is my first visit to sub-saharan africa as president of the united states of america. [ applause ] >> auntie pankmen speaker and all of the members of the house of representatives for hosting us today. i want to thank president mills for his outstanding leadership. to the former president, jerry rawlings, and the vice president
8:43 am
and chief justice, thanks to all of you for your extraordinary hospitality. and the wonder of -- the wonderful institutions you have built here in ghana. i am speaking to you at the end of a long trip. i began in russia for a summit between two great powers. i traveled to italy for a meeting of the world's leading economist. and i have come here to ghana for a simple reason: the 21st century will be shaped by what happens not just in rome or moscow, or washington, but by what happens in the country of ghana as well. [ applause ] >> this is the simple truth of the time when the boundaries
8:44 am
between people are overwhelmed by our connections. your prosperity can expand america's spirit he. your health and security can contribute to the world health and security. and the strength of your democracy can help advance human rights for people everywhere. so i do not see the countries and people of africa is a world apart. i see africa as a fundamental part of our connected world. as partners with america a path for the future we want for all of our children. that partnership must be grounded in mutual responsibility, mutual respect, and that is what i want to speak with you about today. first, start from the simple premise that africa is teacher is up to africa.
8:45 am
i say this knowing full well the tragic past that is sometimes hunted this part of the world are you after all, i have the blood of africa within me. [ applause ] >> my family story encompasses both the tragedies and triumphs of the larger african story. some of you know my grandfather was a cook for the british in kenya. he was a respected elder in his village, his employer is called him boy for much of his life. he was on the periphery of janus the bridge and struggles but he was still repressed during repressive times. in his life on alism wasn't simply the creation of a natural borders or unfair terms of trade, it was something personally day after day, year after year. my father grew up herding goats in the tiny village.
8:46 am
an impossible distance away from the american university's where he would come to get an education. he came of age at a moment of extraordinary promise for africa area the struggles of his own father's generation were giving birth to new nations starting right here in ghana. [ applause ] >> africans were educating and asserting their ways a new history and the history was on the move. but, despite the progress that has been made, and there has been considerable progress in many parts of africa, we also know that much of that progress has yet to be -- thomas has yet to be fulfilled. countries like kenya had a per capita economy larger than south korea's when i was born. they have badly been out taste.
8:47 am
disease and conflict have ravaged hearts of the african continent. in many places, the hope of my father's adoration gave way to cynicism or did and despair. now it is easy two-point fingers and to pin the blame of these problems on others. yes, a colonial map that made no sense helped to bring conflict. the west has often approached africa as a patron or source of resources rather than a partner. but the west is not responsible for the destruction of the zimbabwe and the economy. or worse in which children are listed as combatants. in my father's life it was partly tribalism, patronage and
8:48 am
nepotism in an independent kenya that for a long stretch derailed his career. and we know that this kind of corruption is still a daily fact of life for far too many. now we know it's also not the whole story. here in ghana you show us a face of africa that is too often overlooked by a world that sees only tragedy or a need for charity. the people of god have worked hard to put democracy on a firmer footing with repeated transfers of power even in the wake of closely contested elections. [ applause ] >> can i say that for that, the minority deserves as much credit as the majority. [ applause ]
8:49 am
>> and with improved governance emerging civil society, speak -- the country, has shown impressive growth. this progress may lack the drama of 20th-century struggles, but make no mistake, it will alternately the more significant for just as it is important to emerge from the control of other nations. it is even more important to build one's own nation. so i believe that this moment is just as promising for, and africa as when my father became of age and new nations were being born. this is a new moment, i moment of great promise. only this time we have learned that it will not be giants and kenyatta will determine africa's future. it will be you.
8:50 am
the men and women in god parliament. the people you represent. it'll be young people earning with talent and energy and hope who can claim the future that so many in previous generations never realized. now two realize that promise we must first recognize the proof that you have given life to him. development depends on government. [ applause ] >> that is the ingredients which has been missing in far too many places for far too long. that's the change that can unlock africa's potential. and that is a responsibility that can only be met by africans. as for america and the west, our commitment must be measured by more than just the dollars we spend.
8:51 am
i have pledged substantial increases in our foreign assistance, which is in africa's interest and in america's interest area but the true sign of success is not whether we are a source of perpetual aid that helps people scrape i am a bit is whether we are partners in building the capacity for permission will change your. [ applause ] >> this mutual responsibility must be the foundation for partnership. and today i will focus on four things critical to the future of africa and the entire developing country. democracy, opportunity, health, and the peaceful resolution of conflict. first, we must support strong and sustainable democratic governments. [ applause ] >> as i said in cairo, each
8:52 am
asian -- each nation gives life to democracy in its own way and in line with its own traditions. but we offer a clear verdict, armaments that respects the will of their own people that govern by consensus and not coercion, are more prosperous, they are more stable, and more successful. and governments that do not. this is more than just holding elections, it's also about what happens between elections. [ applause ] the mac repression can take many forms, into many nations, even though they have elections, are plagued by problems related to people in poverty. no country will create wealth of its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves. [ applause ] >> or if the lease, if police
8:53 am
can be off by drug traffickers. no business wants to invest in the place where the government scripts 20% off the top area or the head of the port authority is corrupt. or to live in a society where the rule of law gives way to the rule of brutality and bribery. [ applause ] >> that is not democracy, that is arrogant. even if occasionally sprinkle an election in there. and now is the time for that style of government to stand. in the 21st century, capable reliable and transparent tuitions are the key to success. strong parliament, honest police forces, independent judges. [ applause ] >> and independent press a
8:54 am
public and private sector, a civil society. those are the things that give life to democracy because that is what matters in people's everyday lives. and time and again, people have chosen constitutional rule over a talk or see and shown a them credit spirit that allows the energy of your people to break through. we see that in leaders who accept -- the fact that president mills was standing beside him last night to greet me when i came off the plane. spoke volumes about. [ applause ] >> to resist calls to wield power against the opposition in unfair ways. we see that spirit in journalists, who risked his life
8:55 am
to report the truth. stephen police who helped prosecute the first human trafficker in ghana. we see it in the young people who are speaking out against patronage and participating in the political process. we have seen countless examples of people taking control of their destiny. in making change from the bottom up at we sought in kenya on a where a civil society and business came together to stop postelection violence. we sought in south africa, where over three quarters of the country owed the recent election. before the election since the end of apartheid. but in zimbabwe where the election support network rape brutal repression, to stand up for the principle that a first vote is their sacred right. now make the mistake, history is
8:56 am
on the side of these brave africans are you not with those who use a coup or change constitutions. [ applause ] >> africa doesn't need strong men in these strong institutions. now, america will not seek to impose any form of government on any nation. the essential truth of democracy is that each nation determines its own destiny. what america will do is increase assistance a wrist possible individuals and responsible institutions with a focus on supporting governments, on parliaments which assure opposition voices are heard. on the rule of law which ensures the equal administration of
8:57 am
justice. on civic artistic passion so young people and on concrete solutions to corruption, forensic accounting and on amended services, protecting whistleblowers to advance transparency. and we provide the support. i have directed my administration to give greater attention in our human rights reports. people everywhere should have a right to start a business and an education without paying a bribe. we have responsibility to support those who act responsibly and to isolate those who don't. that is exactly what america will do. now, this leads directly to her second area or inertia. supporting the development of democracy. opportunity for more people. i have no doubt that africa holds the promise of a broader taste prosperity. witness the extraordinary success of african in my
8:58 am
country, america. they are doing very well. so they have the talent and they had the entrepreneurial spirit. the question is, how do we make sure they're succeeding here in their home countries? the continent is rich in natural resources. and from cell phone entrepreneurs to small farmers, africans have shown the capacity of commitment to create their own opportunities. but old habits must also be broken. on commodities or a single export has a tendency to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few. and these people too vulnerable to downturns. so, for instance, oil brings great opportunities. you have been very responsible in preparing for new revenue. with so many of the people, no oil said they cannot become the new cocoa. from south korea to singapore,
8:59 am
history shows the countries drive when they and invest in people and in their infrastructure. [ applause ] >> when they promote multiple export. develop a skilled workforce. and space for small and medium-sized businesses that create jobs. as africans reach for this promise, america will be more responsible in extending our hand. by cutting costs that go to western consultants and administration, we want to put more resources in the hands of those who need it while training people to do more for themselves. that's why our 3.5 is focused on new methods and technologies for farmers not simply sending american producers or goods to africa or
9:00 am
if wealthy nations must open our doors to goods and services from africa in a meaningful way. that's will be the commitment of my administration and where there's goods we can broaden prosperity through public-private partnerships and invest in electricity, capacity and training people and business. financial services that reach not justice will you also the poor in rural areas. this is also in our own interests for people without the profferty and wealth is created in africa, guess what, the markets will open up for
9:01 am
all. so good for both. one area that holds out both undeniable peril and a promise is energy. africa gives up less greenhouse gas than any other part of the world, but it is threatened by climate change. a warming trend will spread disease, shrink water resources, deplete crops. conditions that produce more famine, more conflict. all of us, particularly in the world, have a responsible to slow these trends through mitigation and by changing the way that we use energy, but we can also work with africans to turn this crisis into opportunity. together, we can partner on behalf of our planet and prosper and help countries increase access to power while leap-frogging the dirtier phase of development.
9:02 am
think about it, across africa there's boundful winds abound. geo thermal energy and biofuel from the valley to the north african desert. from the western coast to south after can crops, africa's own gift can generate its own power and clean energy abroad. these steps are about more than growth numbers on a balance sheet it's about whether a young person with an education can get a job to support the family. a farmer can transfer their goods, an entrepreneur with a good idea can start a business. it's about the dignity of work, it's about opportunities that must exist for africans. now, just as government provides opportunity it's critical to the third area i want to talk about, strengthening public health. in recent years enormous
9:03 am
progress has been made in parts of africa. more people are living productivity with hiv/aids and getting the drugs they need. i just saw a wonderful clinic, hospital, that is focused particularly on maternal health, but too many still die from diseases. when children are being killed because of a mosquito bite and mothers are dying in childbirth, then we know that the more progress must be made. get, because of incentives provided by donor nations, many african doctors and nurses go overseas or work for programs that focus on a single disease and this creates gaps in primary and basic prevention. meanwhile, individual aftricans have to make choices to prevent the spread of disease while promoting public health
9:04 am
in their communities and countries. so, across africa we see examples of people tackling these problems. in nigeria, an interfaith effort of christians and set an example of cooperation to confront malaria. here in ghana, and across africa, we see fulfilling gaps in care. for instance, through e-health initiatives that a lot of doctors in big cities support those in small towns. america still supports these efforts through a comprehensive global strategy. because in the 21st century, we are called to act by our conscience, but also by our common interests. when a child dies of a preventive disease, that's off shoots of everyone and when disease goes unchecked in any corner of the world we know it can spread across the continent. that's why my administration has 63 billion dollars to beat
9:05 am
these challenges. 63 billion dollars (applause). building on the strong efforts of president bush, we will carry forward the fight against hiv/aids. we will pursue the goal of ending deaths from malaria and we will work to eradicate polio. [applaus [applause] >> we will fight, we will fight neglected tropical disease and confront illnesses in isolation. we will invest in public assistance that promote wellness and focus on the health of mothers and children. (applause) >> now, as we are here on behalf of a healthier future bee must also stop the destruction that comes not from illness, but from human beings, so the final area that i will address is complex.
9:06 am
let me be clear. africa is not the crude caricature of a continent at perpetual war, but if we are honest, for far too many africans, stp conflict is a part of life as constant as the sun. the wars over land or over resources and is still far too many for those without conscience to manipulate full communiti communities. these conflicts are a millstone around africa's neck. we all have many identities, tribe, ethnicity, originality, but finding one selves, who belongs to a different tribe or worships a different sovereign has no place in the 21st century.
9:07 am
aft africa's diversity should be a source of strength not a cause for division, we're all god's children and share common aspiration and live in peace and security, education and opportunity, and the communities and our faith. that is our common humanity. and that is why we must stand up, to inhumanity in our midst. it's never justified, never justifiable to target innocence in the name of-- it is a death sentence of a society to force children to kill innocents. it is the ultimate mark of criminality to condemn women to relentless and systemic rape. we must bear witness to the value of every person in darfur and the dignity of every woman in the continent. no faith or culture should
9:08 am
condone the outrages against them and must strive for the peace and security necessary for progress. africans are standing up for this future. here, too, in ghana we're seeing you help point the way forward. and that should take pride in your contributions to peace keeping, from liberia, to lebanon, and your efforts to resist the scourge of-- we welcome the steps for taken by african union, keep the peace and support those in need. and we encourage the vision of a strong regional security architecture that can bring effective transnational to bear when needed. america has the possibility to
9:09 am
work with you as a partner to advance this mission, not just with words, but with support that strengthens african's paths. when there's a genocide in darfur or terrorists in somalia, these are the not simply african problems, they're global challenges and that's why i stand ready to partner through diplomacy and technical assistance and support and we will stand behind efforts to hold the criminals accountable and let me be clear, our african command is focused not on establishing a foot hold on the continent, but confronting the challenges to advance the security of america, africa and the world. n now, in moscow i spoke of the need for an international system where the universal life of human beings are respected, and sp violations
9:10 am
of those rights are opposed and the commitment to support those who resolve of conflicts peacefully and sanction and stop those who doesn't and help those who suffer and ultimately see democracies by ba bots wanna and ghana, and begans the fronts of peace and prosperity. as i said earlier, africa's future is up to africa. the people of africa are ready to claim that future. and in my country, african-americans, including so many recent immigrants, thrive in every sector of society, have done so despite a difficult past and we draw strength from our african heritage which constitutions and strong wills, africans can
9:11 am
live their dreams in it nairo nairobi... and right here in accra. you know, 52 years ago, the eyes of the world were on gha ghana. and the young preacher traveled here to accra to watch and the flag go up. this was before the march on washington, when the civil rights movement in my country. dr. king was asked how he felt while watching the birth of a nation. and he said it renews my conviction in the ultimate triumph justice. now that trial triumph must be won once more and it must
9:12 am
be won by you. and i am speaking to the young people all across africa and right here in ghana. in places like ghana, young people make up over the population and here is what you must know. the world will be what you make of it. you have the power to hold your leaders accountable and to build institutions that serve the people. you can serve in your communities and harness your energy and education, create new wealth and build new connections to the world. you can conquer disease and end conflict and change from the bottom up. you can do that. you can. because in this moment history is on the move, but these things can only be done if all of you take responsibility for your future and it won't be
9:13 am
easy, it will take time and effort, there will be suffering and setbacks, but i can promise you this, america will be you every step of the way as a partner, as a friend. [applaus [applause] >> opportunity won't come from any other place else. it must come from the decisions all of you make. the things that you do. the hope that you hold in your heart. ghana, freedom is your inheritance. now is the possibility to build upon freedom's foundations. and if you do, we will look back years from now to places like accra and say, this is a time when the promise was real, this moment when prosperity was forged when pain was overcome and a new era of progress begins. this can be a time when we witness the triumph justice once more.
9:14 am
yes, we can. thank you very much. god bless you. thank you. >> and president obama there speaking to the parliament in the country of ghana in africa this morning, wrapping up the rest of his tour across the world after speaking in russia and italy and hitting on four points he want today touch on could have, he want today touch on democracy, opportunity, health, and the peaceful resolution of conflict. >> yeah, the four major points. >> yeah, talked about being partners with africa based on mutual respect and said some tough words talking about the police and the government and asking people to take responsible for their own future and talking to the young people in ghana. >> and standing up to inhumanity, we here a lot about that in africa with the coups. and major garrett is actually travelling with the president and there to kind of fill us in on what's happening in africa right now, i'm sorry, he's a senior white house correspondent (laughter) >> i don't get-- >> you earned that title. >> i'm just here covering the
9:15 am
president, a privilege as always. the speech was meaty as advertised, full of tough love and u.s. presidents travelling to the continent never have spoken before. this president believes as said before he was announced being a son of africa, a legitimacy and a platform here that perhaps other american presidents who were not from the continent, were white, don't have a resonance in their own biography that africans look to and embrace said things never before said. africa is riddled with corruption, riddled with conflict, the president called that constant as the sun. for other reasons is a millstone around the neck of the entire continent and said its governments are not trance parents, if they're not believable, if they don't skim 20% off the top, businesses from around the globe, not just the united states, simply will not come here, the president said the future of
9:16 am
africa is in the hands of africans, you have to step up, dhaeng your institutions, stop fighting one another and stop being complicit in or a victim of government corruption. that's the kind of speech that this president promised he would deliver here, he has delivered here, will it change the continent overnight, no, in all the briefings we've received the purpose of this visit and now we know the purpose of this speech was to lay down a marker in all future conversations, this president has about the continent and with leaders on the continent. he's now used the speech and made himself and u.s. policy fundamentally clear, if you reform your government and are honest, trance parents and accountable, you'll receive more aid and that will not be delivered on to you just so you can scrape by in the president's words you can sustain your own economies and become an importer of u.s. aid and exporter of either food stuffs, that's the summation of the president's address i would have to say though maybe
9:17 am
not unexpected it's certainly stern, fulfilled the president's commitment of delivering tough love. we'll see how the reaction is beau clearly those gathered at the convention center received it warmly. >> it's interesting, major the response as we were listening to you and we want to be clear for our viewers, and everybody was wondering what's going on with the audio and video, it's a pool camera inside the parliament video. watching the white house twitter feed and what they're saying, you mentioned 20% skimming off the top they don't mention that in the twitter feed. selective what they're putting out from the white house, the only mention they make, africa doesn't need strong men, it needs strong institutions is the only thing they highlighted from the tern is it words from the white house. interesting the reaction in the world. i couldn't tell if those were boos or sort of a rolling, rolling applause, i couldn't quite tell, what did you make that have, major? >> well, i'm a bit distant from the convention center here at the media center, i'm
9:18 am
not on sight, i can't give you an eyewitness account. is sounded it me, i was following twitter from reporters on site. enthusiastic and generally positive. when the president talked about conflict, corruption and lack of transparency received warm applause and add times, the twitter feed, the president had to amp up the volume of his conversation to get over the applause and the j generally favorable reaction he was seeing, the gathered politicians. this is the parliament here in accra and invited political guests not what you'd call an ordinary town hall type audience, not at all. when the president arrived here last night he was greeted by the vector yus political party and the losing opposition party and said that doesn't happen often in africa, that's a sign of progress and a good future ahead for this country. >> got it, major garrett,
9:19 am
thank you for hanging with us and helping us get over th19 minute warning. >> coming up on the show, president obama wants to spend billions in health care and looks like they want to talk of to you about it. we'll come back with karl rove hanging out with bacon. my two granddaughters are my life. they always ask me, grandma, take me here, grandma, take me there. but with my occasional irregularity i wasn't always up to it.
9:20 am
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making it all a bit easier -- now that's progressive! call or click today. . >> welcome back to "fox & friends".
9:23 am
democrats have a plan for health care that could end up costing you, senior advisor to president bush this morning. karl, you were moved by our bacon extravaganza, they can floss, making toothpicks, were you moved. >> i was moved and i immedia immediately went out and got some bacon, terrific, thanks so much. >> is it crispy? >> very good, nice and crispy. >> and nice, and thin. and looks like a nice piece of bacon. let's talk about-- >> really, really good. deeply moved by what you did there, thank you for sharing us with a love of bacon you and clayton have. >> and nice effort getting the bacon there to the studio. let' talk a little about health care. there's a plan today from charlie rangel that 550 billion dollars is going to be raised through yet another tax increase, hit individuals with 280,000 or more, couples who make $350,000 or more, krarl,
9:24 am
might this hurt those small business owners in the countries, already struggling because they didn't get hardly informant of the stimulus funds? >> yes, let's remember as top 1% of taxpayers in the country, about through out of four of those report businesses and say they're small businesses. in the top 5%, essentially 250,000 and up, over half of the filers are in essence small businesses, and what chairman rangel is, suggesting at a time when the economy is doing poorly, let's suggest the top jobs, three out of every four new jobs created in small business, they want to tax the job creators. it's pretty remarkable plan. this plan as they've laid it out would have an is your tax -- sur tax 1, 2, 3%, would go to
9:25 am
4 or 5%, these cover half the estimated cost of the obama plan under-- if you look at it as basically trillion dollar program, earlier that the price tag was 1.6 trillion dollars in which case this tax increase would cover only a third of the cost of the program and let's also remember, government is very bad, there's only been one government run health program whose costs come in below projection and that's the medicare prescription drug benefit which is run from private companies for private competition, it's a really bad idea coming from the chairman. house ways and means committee who can't pay his own taxes and he's got problems involving his second home in the dominican republic and it's a remarkable sign how tone deaf the democrats are in this debate. >> and the president on friday said he he would prefer legislation before the august recess. i always get worried when he tells us we have to have something now. because that's what happened with the stimulus and look where that got us.
9:26 am
why the urgency from the president? >> i think he realizes the more people know about this the less likely they are to support it. why on the cap and trade tax bill, energy tax bill, a thousand page bill and at 3 a.m. in the morning, a 300 page amendment and literally nobody voted for the bill having read the bill because between 3 a.m. and time it voted nobody could sit down and read 300 pages of material. we're likely to see that again with an even more complex problem and complex bill with larger ramifications for the economy. about one out of every $6 in the economy is connected to health care. to turn it on a dime and turn it over it the government as this calls for, is going to be a, you know, we need to carefully ponder what the ramifications are and what the administration and allies in congress are attempting to do. the american people deserve that much on this big a deal. >> and you deserve some bacon floss, i know that bacon is hanging out with you. >> there we go, really, really
9:27 am
good. clayton, i want to tell you, clayton's love of bacon moves me. the man is a-- remarkable human being. >> clayton will ask you about that after the break. stay put for us. and we are going to ask the viewers to help name it. we have interesting titles. you'll hear that next and home depot here with tips on outdoor lighting. good morning to you, dave white. he's coming up with dips how to light the outside of yo and help repair damage in just three washes. - building shiny, strong... - hair with life. announcer: new aveeno nourish plus. featuring our all-new real sliders. give your taste buds a little tlc. with our real french dip or crispy southern chicken. plus, over 75 other combinations starting at just $5.99. pick 'n pair. it's a whole new neighborhood.
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9:30 am
i've been hangin' up there for, what, like, forty years? and then - wham - here i am smacking the pretty off that windshield of yours. oh, what you're looking for an apology? well, toss another coin in the wishing well, pal. it's not happenin'. limb: hey, what's up, donnie? how you been? anncr: accidents are bad. anncr:but geico's good ding! with onsite windshield replacement. >> there it is. one thing karl rove unplugged, because our audience has grown to love karl rove with "fox & friends" on weekend. and the photo you took of karl. >> yeah, we have a photo of clayton next to a life sized cheese statue of abe lincoln
9:31 am
and i asked helps to get a caption for the photo. my favorite was ham and cheese. karl, what do you have in mind. >> i'm a lincoln fan, but clayton looks like the guy from the frosty freeze, one scoop, one scoop of vanilla, you know. >> and from the hot dog eating contest. >> probably did work there. >> my sister did work at dairy queen. one thing that karl rove is working on now, he's working on his own memoir and dave you threw an interesting question on twitter a while ago, we wanted to ask folks what they would name karl rove's memoirs, we had a couple of good suggestions, some of silly, some serious, options, the way we rove. >> i like that. >> roving through the political gamut, or the political quagmire, that's shaped my life.
9:32 am
>> or when was being right so wrong? >> and i like this one. with a twitter, swimming with the sharks, picking on the liberal elite and beating them at their own game. i think that might be too long. might running out of ink. >> karl, my favorite, said you're writing a memoir and someone wrote in, what is it about? >> and what do you have for a title? >> no title. my editor keeps saying stop worrying about the title, keep writing, we'll come up with a title when you're done. so-- >> how about that-- leave here and go to work on chapter 33. >> mk just wrote in on twitter, the abbing tech-- architecture of bacon. >> what is the obsession with men and bacon. we need to develop a perfume that smells like bacon and it will attract the men. >> do you agree? >> oh, no, no, i don't, please, please.
9:33 am
>> you like the taste, but don't want your women it smell like bacon. >> we like them to smell better than bacon. >> irish gal artist on twitter, what have i learned? >> john writes rove with it. >> this is on my facebook. >> i like all of these. >> what you're focusing on the book, your whole life or the time in the white house? >> well, it started out being time in the white house, sort of basically from the rise of george bush of governor of texas thr texas through my time in the white house and the publishers, editors sewed you can't show up in 1993 fully formed helping bush run for governor of texas and you about the earlier life and the biography has been written about you, why don't you set the record straight and tell us everything so af written about my earlier years as well, active in college with waters, the early on did for the senior george bush when i
9:34 am
was 21 years old and an aide to him. a fun journey and it's focused a lot on how did we get there and what did we do once we actually the got there. and revealing behind the scen scenes, be interesting. >> so often you have to get the editors involved and have to read the things and friends who get involved in reading the first things. the president, the former boss to read over your rough draft and be critical of it. is there anything karl, i want you it take that out i don't want to talk about the back yard with barney. >> he's encouraged me to be forth coming and thinks books like this that give people a true sense of what happened and why we did things and insight into the thinking of his administration are important, so i do talk to him about it and you know, it's also revealing of our relationship, which goes back to literally when i was 22 and he was 26, 27, and so, we've known each other a long time and he's given me the freedom to reflect on that, the pluses, minuses, good times
9:35 am
and bad times. >> all right, karl rove, we have some more pictures i guess or some more sayings for the cheese thing and we'll get you to vote on here. >> yeah, i think this is fr from-- the guy on the left is cheesier. >> predictable. >> ashley from virginia says, you bet i cut the cheese. >> that's obvious. >> wendy from phoenix, he's not cheesy, he's our host. >> i think i'm going to vote for number three, i like that. >> i'm sort of with wendy, too, the first one not sadly, we don't want to say that rules that out. it's not sad that clayton is cheesier, it's a fact of life and reality and the second one is not good for family television which "fox & friends" on saturday definitely is very much, well, maybe it's not-- keeping it a family thing. i think by default number three, or number three or as
9:36 am
we say the w, the w. >> and carle wants you to name the book the bacon nater. >> the essential theme is bacon, but we appreciate your time and we'll keep the suggestions coming. by the time we finish it we will have the title just right for you. >> thank you and free autographed copy for somebody who suggests a good title. >> that i like. >> thanks, karl as always. >> thanks. >> all right, we've been asking this question for weeks here at fox, why not give tarp money to small business owners to stimulate the economy. >> now, it looks like president obama is floating the idea to do just that. caroline, not a whole lot of details out, but looks like there may be help on the way for small business owners. the white house is now considering, it would be a big change, dave, because most of the tarp money so far has gone to big business, first the auto industry and companies
9:37 am
like aig and administration officials tells fox the proposal made it all the way up to white house meeting with reps from the department and the national economic council and they're still debating it. a lending program, in that program if a bank lends the company money and the company fails the government would cover 90% of the losses. advocates of the program say small business is where the focus of fixing the economy should be because that's where the jobs are. back to you guys in new york. >> all right, thanks so much, caroline and of course, following that story for you. seems like they're finally starting to pay attention. >> we hope they're paying attention to rick reichmuth. he has a very special assignment this morning with-- is that you, my friend? >> this is me, guys, this is the 4th of july. >> how you doing there, buddy. >> this guy is a green beret-- (inaudibl
9:38 am
(inaudible). >> the things he did before, you're still-- your way back from afghanistan and iraq at some point? >> that's correct, and didn't stop me one bit. you can take my legs, but you can't take my heart. >> and the weather a little bit. let me see. (inaudible) for me things i
9:39 am
can do, emeigs -- emotionally and mentally and-- all right. thank you so much for your service, thank you. >> okay. rick, talking with you later, thanks, rick down there. >> we're outside here for dave white to tell us how to light up our back yard. it's so easy to do. my folks did it yourself. >> this is a great do it yourself project. it allows you not only to have some safety, but accent to the outside, but really, highlights the architectural access and your plants outside. >> these are easily actually? >> this is the best way to start is with a kit like this
9:40 am
one. it comes with six landscape lights and two spot lights you can see right here. >> are these solar powered? >> no, low voltage, you don't have to be an electrician, not dealing with high voelage wiring, right. simply put them together and stake them into the ground and atranche to a low voelage cable with a clamp. clamp the lights on there, from there, they hook right into a little transformer and this is great because it will automatically shut them on at night when it gets dark and then off as soon as the sun comes up or you can set some different times for two, four, six hours as well. >> sitting on the back deck, you get the harsh lighting and uncomfortable and you build the beautiful deck and you've got the harsh lighting and these are the solutions here. >> yeah, for decks or fences, it's really neat to look around and see what's available. these are solared powered lights and a couple here. >> yeah. >> and charges all day and then at night. it will put the down light on
9:41 am
a fence or a post and then, again, two screws, install them and they're simple. >> and even down here, steve for the deck. >> now, these are my faufrt. not only do they help with security in allowing people not to trip when they are he' going down the stairs at night. they're terrific and accent your deck and architecture you have going outside and these are neat, too, because they come with a couple of different finishes and covers so you don't have to buy different types you can change your color scheme black or a copper and also comes with a down light or the regular bright are light. >> and last but not least, let me slide around here. >> come over here, now, for your deck again, if you show that right next to the wall. these are solar powered post lamps and the installation is simple and literally down on top of the post or you can use the big extension that comes with it if you want to be more decorative and have it extnd out from a post or a railing or so forth.
9:42 am
>> and put the screws in the side. >> it's simple. even more on me can do it. and finally, for your having a little dinner outside, playing a game or whatever, you can have an umbrella from hampton bay have the solar lights built into it. >> the christmas lights. >> it doesn't look that bright, but you'll be amazed the ambiance and all the things to make your back yard look nice and into the evening hours. >> and thank you. >> you're welcome. >> appreciate it. >> and let's go back inside. dave and ainsley. >> we asked you all morning long to send us your most unique service or item on the website, super and we have a winner this morning, connie of south carolina, who found not ghost busters, goose bu busters, if you have too many geese, my friend, you simply call the border collie patrol.
9:43 am
they will chase away the geese. >> she wins the fox goody back and a case just what connie needs out there. >> congratulations, connie. accusations of prejudice at the pool after they asked to go away and not come back. now the camp director in charge of kids is speaking out and she's going to join us live. ♪ yeah! announcer: there's having it done. then there's doing it yourself and saving. it's about sawdust in your boots. paint in your hair. - and no holes in your wallet. - ♪ whew... we've lowered over a thousand prices, giving you all the tools you need. and the bragging rights you deserve. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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9:47 am
so have regular exams. call your doctor today. avodart. help take care of your growing problem >> an inner city day camp brought a group of kids to the pool to beat the heat. after one visit they revoked the membership and they're all black and hispanic and we're joined by the director of the creative steps day camp and three of the campers that were there at the pool that day. a alicia thanks for being with us and thanks to the kids for being with us. start with you first, you're saying originally that the director of the pool said that you could use the pool and then went back on his word and you think that raich racism is involved. tell me why.
9:48 am
>> first of all, i don't know if you're following the media. the story changed. at first he said he didn't want to change the complexion and the atmosphere of the club, which is the truth. the second thing he said he didn't want to change the space and then the last thing he said just whied was the safety of the club. when we were there on june the 29th, there were eight staff members and three to four lifeguards of the valley swim club and just on the week before, on june the 17th, my son's school, rider elementary school was there with a 67 children. i'm understanding when he's saying there was a safety issue. as far as space, it's 110,000 gallon pool which can have up to 100 people. so-- i'm not sure. >> i know we're talking about kids here, does it matter the color of our skin, if that was-- i'm praying that was not the situation here, but i wanted to talk to some of the kids
9:49 am
and ask them. i understand from reading the story that the kids heard some club members asking what african-americans were doing at the club. the kids there, did you hear any comments about race? >> yes, i did. >> what did you hear? >> i heard somebody saying how they didn't want to stay and also, how, like they didn't-- like they were afraid we might harm trar children, one of us might try to steal something. >> i hate that you're faced with this lesson at such an early stage in your life. thanks, guys for being with us. i want to say that the pool director did say it was never our intention to offend anybody. this thing has been blown way out of proportion and his wife went on to say it's been unbearable, he's not one of the good guys, he's one of the great guys and doesn't deserve this, definitely two sides to the issue and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it and move on. thanks guys for being with us. >> it's a break through in dental care.
9:50 am
why you can now look forward to seeing the dentist. are you scared of going to the dentist? i know dave is. he's actually going to be sitting in the chair next. that's elations. new elations. clinically proven to improve joint comfort... in as little as six days. drinking it every day keeps it working. elations has clinically proven levels... of glucosamine and chondroitin, in a powerful form that's more absorbable... than joint supplement pills. tastes great. goodbye, horse pills. start your joints on the road to comfort... in one pack, six days. that's elations. the new standard in joint health.
9:51 am
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9:53 am
>> peanut brittle and i busted off a hunk of somethi something. >> you did? >> yeah, and so i went to the dentist and he says this will be a two-part deal, but i have to put on a temporary thing so they put the goo in your mouth. >> know. >> and goo hardens and pry
9:54 am
your mouth open. modern dentistry has been around for thousands of years and look at the wonderful medical advances we made. why can't they do it in one simple procedure? why do i have to wait two weeks and walk around with a spare part in my mouth i don't want to and didn't work. didn't make it through lunch. >> dave's prayers have been answered. guess what? you can now get that dental procedure done in only one visit. no temporaries, no gooey impressions you were talking about or pain to be worried about, this is great news especially if you're like me, who are incredibly nervous sitting in a dentist chair and one of the most uncomfortable situation i can ever be in. the doctor is here to talk about cad cam dentistry and good to have you here, i've got to be honest, i'm very uncomfortable. i like you though, they're tight, been together all morning long. >> i appreciate it and i feel the love, i feel the love. >> tell me about the new
9:55 am
dentistries, cad-cam, and david letterman talking about the gooey impressions. >> david said it all. anybody who had temporaries, know they can crack, break, fall out and now we have ca cad-cam dentistry, computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing. we can create a tooth in one second visit. no second visit. no second impression, there's no second injection, and there's no temporary, so, the patients enjoy that and it really is a big change in dentistry. >> talk about the technology in terms of laymen, what we're looking at here and what makes it such a simple procedure? >> well, normally, you're used to having a crown cut. >> sure. >> which you enjoy so much. >> i love it. >> and then we put a temporary on it and two weeks later you come back. now we don't have to do that. what we do is use a three dimensional computer and we cut the tooth and we use this
9:56 am
camera to digitally take an impression, so there's no gooey impression anymore. we take the impression, put it in the computer and we virtually create a tooth just like this and we manufacture it and we finish the tooth in the office in one hour. >> we actually have some before and after shots to show you exactly what these teeth look like, before and after. tell us what we're looking at? >> this tooth, if you can see is one is missing and the gentleman has a root canal and in one visit, we use what's called he maps, which is three times the strength of normal porcelain to replace it. that's stronger than tradition traditional porcelain. that was done in one visit. normally that's two or three visit. >> normally two or three visits so it's not just simpler, but also i mentioned in the intro, people like me that have tremendous anxiety going to the dentist and ease their fears as well?
9:57 am
>> absolutely. most of my patients and over 10,000 that use this in the united states, they all say the same thing, that their patients are extremely happy about this. >> okay, how do we find those dentist sns you said there are 10,000, not just a handful. where do we find them? >> you can find a dentist-- >> there's a website. >> a national side that will take to you cad cam dentists around the country. >> there is the website on ott bottom of the screen. and people are curious about that, and is this paid for by typical dental insurance. >> this is paid for exactly like your dental insurance is. this is' no difference, you're getting an all porcelain crown and the insurance will take care of it like they always do. >> and there's also another benefit if you haven't had enough. you say it's also environmentally friendly, which is the in thing to do these days. >> one of the side notes about cad cam dentistry, we take an
9:58 am
operatic impression visually. we don't use the impression goop and plastic plasters, and it's not thrown away. pounds of garbage which adds up to million of pounds in land fills all offer the country so we don't use that. >> right, it's still fairly specialized in that there are only 10,000 in this country doing it. when will it be much more widespread available to the masses? >> well, the paths of technology have crossed and met in the last year or two. more and more dentists are being requested by their patience to get into this and it's just a matter of time before this becomes pretty much a standard. >> i want to bring in my co-host, clayton morris who enjoys the den sis so much more than i do. i think he's going to act as your patients. >> i love the dentist chair, help me understand why in the orlan
9:59 am
orlando-- world dave briggs is nervous in the chair. >> when i have the laughing gas, anything, but heaven. >> dave might be 6-3, but-- >> never seen anyone like dave. >> might be 6-3 and sports, a little wimpy, you've got to admit. >> everyone is a little wimpy, i'm a little wimpy when i go in and that's part of dentistry, but this has really created a much more relaxed atmosphere in the dental office because you're only going to go once. you're not going to have to go through anything twice. >> and find it, finds a ten tis who-- dentist who performs this. >> and thanks, ainsley. >> we will be back here tomorrow. >> and rick reichmuth underwater in rockaway. >> thank you, everybody. warriors project. >> the best block is next.


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