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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 12, 2009 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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>> eric: this is a fox news alerted, brand new accusations, this morning, at this hour, something considered the growing intel wars between republicans and democrats and democratic sources making claims, "the new york times," morning, vice president dick cheney, 8 years ago, asked the cia to conceal details of a proposed counter terror program and it's not clear if congress needed to be told about that, the last three days we have seen the former viper and leon panetta didn't tell congress everything and nancy pelosi was less than fully honest about her knowledge of terror interrogations and the question right now, are any of these three really lying, to america? good morning, everyone, i'm eric sean on the search for the truth, at fox news reports. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby and here in america's news headquarter, great to have you with us, our new set, eric, good to see you this morning and the
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new report, this morning, involves the top-secret program, drafted after 9/11, to help catch -- capture dangerous terror suspects. >> eric: and congress was reportedly never told about the program, and did it get to the point of requiring an actual congressional briefing, caroline shivley follows the development, caroline, what do you know about the program. >> eric, we know it was a counterterrorism program and it is indeed classified and "the new york times" reports, it did not involve the cia interrogation program, and it didn't involve domestic intelligence. lawmakers say mr. cheney told the cia to keep congress in the dark on it and cia directors over that time, over those 8 years were okay with it. they thought it never reached a high enough level to warrant a briefing. the law requires the cia to keep the intel committee informed on activity but it never got to fully operational state, they say, so there was not a need to tell congress about it and the worry is, if the more people
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know about it, the big -- and the more people knowing about it the bigger chance of a leak. >> eric: and congress was briefed continually and fully but leon panetta thought it was big enough to cans it and what does it tell us about the program and what it involves. >> reporter: i think he acted that fast, shows how important panetta viewed it and he learned of it on june 23rd and killed it on the the and briefed the house and senate intelligence committee in an emergency meeting that same day. now, here's what the cia says about it. they say, they won't talk about -- won't discuss anything that may have been in a classified briefing. and, this could actually have some sweeping changes, at least motivate sweeping changes, the house intelligence committee is now considering legislation that would make it harder to keep intel info from congress and president obama will veto if it goes too far. >> eric: "the washington times" says it may have to do with potential assassination plots of international figures or
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something to that effect and likely a lot more in the coming days, caroline shivley, thanks. >> jamie: with all to have the leaking of intelligence programs and accusations of lying, i rank the democrats are now pushing to expand the number of people with access to our most important as -- democrats want the number of lawmakers briefed on covert operations to 40 up from the current 8. and president obama has issued a rare veto threat against the bill. saying, small briefings are adequate, if oversight works properly. house democrats came back at the end of last week and said they reworked their request, and we'll see what the how's white house will think. >> tomorrow morning, confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee sonya sotomayor and the latest poll numbers the judge faces an uphill battle when it comes to convincing the public, that she belongs on the highest court in the land and the opposition, the highest for any supreme court nominee they say in the last 20
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years. 47%, support her confirmation and 40%, oppose it. and we are looking at her nomination, and what she can expect, during the confirmation process, the witnesses, the questions, and that will be 8:00, a special, bret baier, fox news reporting, judging sotomayor, and join bret and megan for a fox news special coverage for confirmation hearings starting tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. on the fox news channel. >> jamie: and i think, eric it could be a hearing that is watched by more americans than any of the other confirmation hearings we have seen, i also think that judge sotomayor is probably one of the most prepared, you heard what is going on at the white house with the mock questioning, and some of the best people that have ever done it before have been working with her on it. that will get underway tomorrow, and, of course, fox news will have complete coverage for you. all day. and president obama has a plea
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for patience, talking about the federal stimulus plan in an op-ed in the "washington post" and is talking to you. saying, the plan, quote, would -- was not expected to restore the economy to full health on its own, but to provide the boost necessary to stop the free fall. so far, he says it has done that. joining me is republican congressman from california, a ranking member on the house administration committee, it is good to have you here, good morning. >> thank you, good morning. >> jamie: do you agree with the president the stimulus is working? >> well, he's the only one i think in america who thinks it is. i mean, look, this is sort of like telling the united states, the american people that fiscal -- we know the short-term thing and it didn't work well, where the money seems to be going directed at political circumstances, rather than the
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underlying problems of the country. >> jamie: let's talk about that. >> i don't think it is working. >> jamie: i think you may be referring to a "usa today" story, that actually talked about this fact that for the counties that actually voted for president obama, they are getting a disproportionate amount of the stimulus funds and we know a lot of the stimulus money has not even been spent yet and i have not been able to get an answer from anyone on exactly how many jobs have been created. what is your sense of how the money is being spent, and what sort of transparency the american people are getting? >> well, it should not be a surprise. those of us on the republican side, said the alternative we presented would created twice as many jobs, at half the cost, and much, much faster and that is because we wanted to keep money in the pockets of the american people, so they could spend that, and could encourage the creation of jobs, because, we see small business as well as medium-sized begin, really working and expanding instead of
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contracting the way they are now and secondly, we said it should be tied to more true infrastructure programs and only a small percentage was dedicated to building roads, and building freeways and building bing inind that sort of thing and finally, if you really want to stimulate the economy most immediately and not do adverse impact on the economy down the line, you would have accelerated the -- much of what we need in terms of our national defense, those are the things that should have been done and what we are doing now is really, sort of like chicago politics, on steroids. >> jamie: congressman i wanted to ask you about the potential for a second stimulus. something that has a lot of americans, particularly those who are out of work right now, concerned. but i also want to could you about the comments of congressman mchenry. who said it is really reprehensible the way this money is being spent. that it is based on politics. is he right? >> well, we don't really know
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that yet. i think there is a great suspicion that that is the case, but actually it might be because we followed the formulas, the old formulas, that really have been based on protecting political allies, rather than really doing something substantively and the fact of the matter is if we leave the money in the pockets of the american people they can do the things we are saying we want them to do. >> jamie: and, congressman -- one second. we are putting up a full screen and i wanted to explain what it is, these are the numbers that came out in the "usa today" story that took a lot of people by surprise, 872 counties that -- backed praim, got $ -- barac obama, got 69 per person in stimulus money and mccain counties, $34 per person, who is making the decisions. >> those decisions are made by the fact the overall bill that we have created, the formulas that are in there and what i am
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trying to say it may not have been directed specifically to help the obama counties but, rather, that this idea that big government spending is the way to solve problems, usually ends up in this way, not directed on those things that really will bring us economic stimulus, but, based on those things that are really politically undergirded. and, that is the real problem. do we believe this economy is going to respond to the government overwhelming the private sector or do we think the economy will respond if we rejuvenate the private sector? that is the great dispute that is going on in washington right now. we have got people in the white house, and in the executive branch and leading the congress and -- in the -- and both houses who happen to believe government is this solution and i'm not one who believes the government is always the problem but this idea that somehow government is the savior in each and every circumstance, whether it is health care, whether it be the
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automobile industry or paying mortgages, just doesn't work. >> jamie: congressman -- >> follow what happened in japan in the last decade. where they had one stimulus package after another and they had what the economists have told us is the lost decade. >> jamie: congressman, i would like to give people news they can use and if you are at home right now and you feel the pinch and lost your job and want to know what to do about it, the "usa today" study that actually showed these numbers says that is what they can track locally and it might be more disproportionate, we don't know but if you are at home and you are not satisfied, what can you actually do? >> there aut ought to be outrage and tell your congress person, your senator, and the president, let them know that this kind of nonsense is not what you want done. that you believe that the american economy can respond when americans are able and allowed to do those things we've always done, we know how to invest and we know how to invent
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and we know how to create jobs. somehow, this idea that washington, d.c. knows how to do it better than the local small businessperson, just doesn't make sense. >> jamie: all right, congressman lundgren -- >> -- stimulate the economy and give the american people a tax cut -- >> jamie: i'm so sorry, i am out of time, we'll talk a little bit about money, that may come to small businesses, later in the show, thank you so much for being with us and i should mention the white house says there is no politics involved in any of this spending, we'll stay on it, fox news reporting. thank you. >> eric: talking about budget troubles, california lawmakers could be close to a deal that will try and close the state's $26 billion budget gap. negotiators at work again today, sunday, discussing governor arnold schwarzenegger's social service reform proposals and other possibility to try and fill up the gap and the state has begun issuing ious to vendors and some say they will
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not take them and state workers, also taking three days off a month. without pay. >> and we're awaiting word from nasa this morning on whether or not the launch of the space shuttle endeavour will finally be a go, a disappointment yesterday. when the launch was scrapped, at least postponed until today and nasa says this is just one of the 11 lightning strikes, look at this picture. it actually hit this shuttle's launch pad yesterday. and they are now reassessing all of the critical systems that have to be looked at, after that. and there is the sky today, a little better and if the space agency approves the laufrp it will happen at 7:13 eastern, tonight, and endeavor's 6 man, one woman crew will be delivering a porch to the international space station used to conduct experiments in space, you know where to go for coverage, fox. >> eric: there could be a break in the horrible home invasion of the generous couple in florida and following new leads in the murder of the weather couple known for adopting disabled children and police now
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questioning two people, in connection with the shooting deaths of bird and melanie billings, and investigators say they have found a red van they believe was caught on the surveillance camera and leaving the home of the murdered couple and they were shot to death in their home, in a rural area near pensacola, in the panhandle thursday and eight of the children were at home, asleep in their beds at that time, thankfully, none of the kids were harmed and over to the years, the billings adopted a dozen children, many with autism and down's syndrome. and they also owned several businesses including a finance company and had installed extensive surveillance systems in their homes. >> eric: there is out range, grief and concern, growing in a chicago area cemetery. that investigators say is this site of one of the grimmist crimes in recent history, chicago police now say at least 300 graves at burr oaks cemetery were dug in in a scheme to resell burial plots and a manager and three workers, are under arrest.
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hundreds of families have flocked to the cemetery hoping their loved ones, they laid to rest were the not disturbed. we have a report. >> he came to the burr oak sem tear check on three family members buried here, his grandparents and an uncle and left with three maps in his hand and no peace. >> i came here considering i wouldn't get any information, and this is... hush, hush, to a certain point. >> julie: >> reporter: deputies let no one into the cemetery today and said, very little. emotions were hard to control and yvette jones refused to leave without seeing the place where her family was buried. and sheriffs office chaplains moved into comfort her, and... >> i asked how much would it cost for me to get bailed out, becau because... they talked me out of doing this. >> chaplains are remarkably
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light heart despite the mountain of pain, they've seen the last 72 hours and more than 100,000 people were laid to rest at burr oak. and the chaplains compare working this crime scene to dealing with america's biggest disasters. >> it would be -- as if all these people died at one time, that is ground zero. that is katrina. and that is how big this is and that is what most people are not understanding. >> reporter: sheriffs officers asked families for information on dates of death and funeral homes used to help make sense of burr oak's messy records and matching names to about 300 disturbed grave sites could take another week and that is one more week, tara johnson will not know if the two children she buried here are still at rest. >> you don't sleep. thinking -- you think they are in a safe place and now you cannot sleep, because your kids are not resting, where you put them at. i mean, that is unbelievable. >> reporter: what is unbelievable, is that anyone would use a cemetery as a scheme
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to make money. >> they call it remains, that is somebody, that held me, loved me and... >> it is not remains to you. >> no, that is a loved one. >> jamie: that is our chicago affiliate reporting for us. >> eric: hu heard, tens of thousands of computers and web sites targeted, infected and cyber attacks, will it lead to a cyber war and what can it do to our laptops, coming up. >> jamie: and investigators on the way to phoenix to find out what caused a plane that was packed with passengers, to suddenly fill with smoke minutes before take off. we'll show you what happened, and see what investigators are looking at, exactly. ♪ look at this man
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>> jamie: a team of british engineers now being flown to phoenix airport, because 300 passengers and crewmembers had to suddenly evacuate a british airways airline ever minutes before taking off and passengers say they began coughing and couldn't breathe and were panicked and were forced to use the plane's emergency inflatable slide to leave the plane. when fumes and smoke started to fill this cabin. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. the plane was a london bound 747 and had pushed back from the gate when the passengers say they smelled and saw the smoke filling the cabin, and no fire was discovered and fire crews responding, believe it may have been an electrical problem. and passengers were put on the new london-bound plane today. >> the government investigators in seoul trying to find out who was behind a lash of cyber attacks, against computers in our country and in south korea.
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they are now analyzing just a sample of tens of thousands of infected computers and the police admit the infections might not lead to the actual culprits. north korea, though, is discussing launching a rash of attacks on networks in south korea and our country and a cyber attack hit this u.s. over the 4th of july weekend and targeting the white house, the pentagon, and even and north korea is reportedly -- has up to 1,000 specialists trained in hacking computers around the world and how you can tell if your computer has been targeted by the north koreans. >> jamie: a "fox news alert," new reaction from congress today, to claims they were kept in the dark on counterterrorism measures that was enacted several years ago. democratic senator dianne feinstein just said to "fox news sunday" with chris wallace:
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>> i think you weaken your case when you go outside of the law and i think that if the intelligence committees had been briefed they could have watched the program and could have asked for regular ports on the program, and it could have -- could have made judgment about the program if it went wrong and that was not the case because we were kept in the dark and that is something that should never, ever happen again. >> jamie: joining me is this host of "fox news sunday," chris wallace, good morning to you, always good to see you. >> chris: thank you, jamie. same to you. >> jamie: let me start by asking you about the actual program, that is being discussed. and whether or not this is a program that was actually going to be pursued, what were the obligations, to inform, and, do you think ultimately, we could see hearings on this? >> chris: well, we don't know much about the program. because it is highly classified and while we know about the fact that leon panetta on june 23rd learned about the program, and went to brief the house and senate intelligence committees on the 24th and say that he had
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stopped it we don't know what the program was. it is not clear whether the program actually, ever went into effect or whether it was simply being planned. but if you look at the 1947 national security act, it says that congress needs to be briefed, on intelligence activities by the central intelligence agency, and -- or anticipated activity and i'm not a lawyer but it does seem this might well fall within that, and what is the interesting wrinkle today, is that some of the people who were in the briefings of congress, say that panetta told them that vice president cheney, then vice president, specifically, ordered the cia not to brief congress on that. senator feinstein was quite concerned about the vice president's role, and senator jon cornyn, who was also, was there to talk primarily about the sotomayor hearings was less concerned and seemed to think it was part of the democratic plan
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to shift attention away from the plot between house speaker nancy pelosi and the cia where she said they lied to her on a completely separate subject about the use of waterboarding and let me simply say as far that's hearings are concerned i wouldn't bet against that with congress in control of both houses of congress you have to figure some chairman is going to think that is going to be making air time. >> jamie: speaking of air time we'll check out the show today and check your local listings and keep it right here on forks, chris wallace, thank you. >> chris: thanks, jamie. >> eric: gm about to stand on its own two feet, coming out of bankruptcy -- sort of, coming up we'll tell you how the new general motors will benefit from billions of dollars in new tax breaks and under the new owner, us! uncle sam. >> jamie: and turns out, there may be one good outcome for women who suffer from migraines. we'll tell you what doctors are saying about this severe headaches, and breast cancer. dr. rosenfeld, making his rounds on "sunday house call," keep it right here! we'll be right back. ç@
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>> eric: on a sunday morning president obama turning to the newspapers, to defend his stimulus package in an op-ed piece in today's "washington post" the president is urging americans to have patience with the $787 billion plan and could give the economy a boost and critics say it has not done enough to help the economy, but the president writes it will kick in, much further, later this year. in chicago, emotional family members flocking to the burr oak cemetery in illinois, filling out forms in an effort to try and find their love ones. police say four workers at the cemetery dug up graves and dumped the bodies, so they could resell the empty plots, and pocket the cash, and they say at least 300 graves were disturb and confirmation hearings begin for sonia sotomayor, and the judiciary committee has a number of witnesses to call including new york city's mayor and a
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former major league baseball pitcher who will testify about her rulings during the baseball strike and there is controversy about many issues and we'll break it down for you tonight, a fox news special report, judging sotomayor, and bret baier and megan kelly, 8:00 p.m., eastern, right here. ♪ >> jamie: time now for "sunday house call" and with us, "sunday house call" host, dr. isadore rosenfeld, the rossi distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell medical center, he is the one you want to ask, some of these questions about we have today, great topics, doc. >> eric: doctor, good so see you. >> before we get on the program i want to make a comment, remember a couple of weeks ago i mentioned the american academy of ophthalmology had launched a program for seniors over the age of 65, who didn't have insurance and couldn't afford to see an


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