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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 13, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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schulz you disgust me beyond words. andrew, have a lovely trip. always wonderful. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time! captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >> as the los angeles coroner moves close tore the expected announcement that he died from a policy pharmaceutical drug overdose. dest ten to do result in criminal charges maybe even murder charges against those believed to be responsible for the pop star's death, the doctors, the dentists the others yet to be identified who recklessly or intentionally or neglectly enabled michael jackson's drug abuse and ultimately his death. i am geraldo rivera. as the who killed michael jackson case gains momentum also something more timeless the fate of the jackson children at least one of whom is -- their custody
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hearing has been postponed until monday july 20th to give all parties the chance to settle the matter privately. where do the parties stand right now? we know the three children are with their grandmother katherine who has been granted temporary legal custody they are in encino, california but to whom will the court award phenol custody? let's start at the beginning. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever image. and i just want to say i love him. >> his daughter spontaneous outpouring of grief and remembrance did more for michael jackson's memory than all of the accolades and star performances. but as with everything in his
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life following his sudden death there is nothing simple about the complex legal issues surrounding the three lovely children he leaves behind. jackson had full custody following his divorce with debbie rowe in 99 she surrendered custody rights with a multi million dollar settleme settlement. these are his children. i had the children for him. they wouldn't be on the planet if it wasn't for my love for him. i did it for him to be become a father not for me to become a mother. she says not that i don't love them. i do. i think they are adorable. they are his kids. they are his kids. they are not my kids. three years later with roe completely out of the picture after being conceived in vitro prince michael jackson the second aka blanket is born if february, 2002 in gross month
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hospital. jackson's lawyer comes to the hospital to pick the baby up delivering him to michael at neve neverland although there are numerous reports he hand picked the sperm and egg donors after careful screening it is unclear if michael even knew who his biological parents were. after describing him as a caring loving understanding father, person, human being martin bashir if jackson wanted to have quote five more children with me, i would be there in a heartbeat. in 2004 rowe who raises forces tells the news of the world i was just a vessel. it wasn't michael's sperm. just like i stick sperm up my horse this is what they did to me. in 2006 after custody rights rowe and jackson make a second
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multi-million dollar deal where he gets full custody in exchange for cash paid to rowe. jackson's will when it is probated in 2009 names his mother katherine the children's legal guardian. it further provide if katherine cannot serve diana ross is nominated to succeed grandma. there's no indication ross either knows of her nomination beforehand or whether she will ever accept it. ross is a no show at the jackson memorial. following the entertainer's death wo -- rowe concerned about the influence joe will have on them she has an epiphany. she said quote i want my children, i am stepping up. i have to. is she seeking custody? didn't she have an agreement with michael? we had an agreement michael didn't hold up his end, end quote. who gets custody? as far as the older children prince michael and paris are
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concerned despite jackson's wishes debbie could not and therefore did not surrender parental rights of her children she only surrendered custodial rights. rowe is presumed to be next in line to raise her two children. this assumes rowe is really the children's biological mother not merely their gestatigestationna carrier that is a highered womb impregnated from an embryo with sperm and egg donated third party. note also the youngest child blanket is in no way the child of debbie rowe's physically, legally, morally or ethically. unless blanket's sperm and/or egg donor make a claim of being the child's biological parent in blanket's case jackson's wishes carry clearer wailt. f -- weight. further debbie rowe is concerned about the impact breaking up three siblings would have on children already traumatized by
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the death their father. >> seeking custody of the children >> in determine inning child custody the court will review the competence of various parties including jackson's parents. as you know much has been made of joe's allege he had will he erratic b behavior. he's a controversial man. i want to show you a clip of my 2005 enter view with michael in which he talks about his relationship with his family including his father joe. he goes into the recording studio. >> how do you feel being here in the recording studio focusing on the music sge again? >> it's a great relief. it's what i do. it makes me feel like i am
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totally at home. it is what i am here for. any of the arts like that can be film, music, any type of art. i love it. >> when you are being quote-unquote king of pop that's wh when you are most comfortable or is it the creative process? >> the creative process. i love creating. ♪ >> this is the automation. >> it's a sample of the genius this guy has. michael jackson he has written everything the parts and everything.
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i sit here and execute it but it's all coming out of his head. >> 20 seconds. >> (indiscernible) >> come on, man. >> it's wonderful. i love the layers. >> are you saying he has written all of those? >> just like when he wrote billy jean the same thing. when he is doing billy jean he's by himself in the studio. >> michael you have the whole song in your head? >> yes, all of the parts. >> billy jean. nobody is even interested in the song. by himself he had to do everything. by himself. to me it's probably my favorite michael jackson song. >> he's the brain. >> is that intuitive? what is that? >> gift from god i think. >> when you hear the play back what emotions do you have? >> when you hear the play back
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you think of everything that should be there and it's not there. >> despite your isolated life and despite the fact that you have been a star so long you still have what appears to be a profound and passionate relationship with the community. does that support you and sustain you? do you agree with me? >> yes, i do agree. it's important to love your neighbors. >> where does that almost instikt of love of you come from? >> i think it comes from a mother and god. we were raised with values from my mother. she was always there with the bible teaching us, go to service all of the time, like four times a week. i am so glad we did that, because those values are very important. i don't know if i could have done as well without them. >> you still spend time with mom and dad? >> yes.
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>> you are not far. >> yes. >> what is that like? i am not so close to my mom. >> it's wonderful. in seasons of life you tend to appreciate who your parents are more what they have done for you. you almost start to retrack where you are in your life and all of the wonderful things they did for you you see them come forth and take fruition in your life. i am starting to see traits my father influenced on me and my mother. >> my friend cheech helped discover you guys. >> yes. >> he says as he gets older he looks at his father's face in the mirror. do you feel that? are you becoming like your dad? >> i am very much like my father in a lot of ways. >> tell us. >> he is very strong, he's a waror. he always taught us to be courageous and confident and
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believe in our ideals. no matter what, no star is too far to reach. we never give up. my mother taught us that as well. no matter what. >> are you a waror also? >> absolutely. >> much different impression of joe jackson for michael then than he had in 1993 to oprah winfrey. our show is packed tonight. you are going to see a crazy demonstration of how the powerful anesthetic into his death works and the hulk who trained michael jackson in the last few months of his life is joining me. we will have a spirited debate of whether sonia sotomayor should be confirmed shell v-power. our most advanced fuel ever. nitrogen-enriched for optimum performance, maximum protection. there's no mistaking the power of the v. ♪
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>> this is a fox news alert. the london telegraph is reporting a secret deal has been struck to meet kathleen jackson and debbie rowe that excludes joe jackson from having part in bringing up the children. joe reportedly or has been reportedly prepare to go take his grandchildren on a world tour with the children as performers known as the jackson 3. we have not yet been able to
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confirm it. it has just broken. i don't know what the source is. does it sound appropriate or right to you? >> no, i think i would prefer waiting to hear it from here in the united states. there is so much that has been disseminated out of london. i don't know whether we can quite believe that. i think we should wait and see what happens here. i wouldn't get too excited about that here. >> do you see a possibility a deal has been struck between debbie rowe or catherine jackson. >> i don't know if a deal needs to be struck. >> meaning? >> michael was clear in his will what he wanted to do. i think if the judge looks at his will, literally, it shouldn't be a problem. >> here's the regul relevant po of the last will and testament of michael jackson in which he
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expressly leaves custody of his three minor children to his mother 79-year-old katherine, kimberly guilfoyle, 2005 the enter view clip we just saw. >> when i saw that i went, wow, this is something that could be relevant highly probative in court. la the last will and testament of michael jackson in 2002 the interview you did with him you got him on the record on tape out of michael's mouth not anybody trying to say he thought or couldn't have done this, he talked about the relationship with his parents and what his father meant to him. the court is deciding whether or not joe jackson would be a threat or someone that shouldn't be around the children which is a suggestion debbie rowe has made allegations before she didn't want him around her kids. >> the statement in the will is not conclusion nature re. it's an indication what michael jackson wanted to do with his children. it's not like a piece of property.
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he is saying mr. joe schmoe. this is an indication. it's not conclusion nature re. what will be the determining factor is what's in the best interest of the children. >> also who the parents are. >> ask who the children want to be with. >> it has probative value also. an 11-and 12-year-old can express their opinion to a judge. we are joined by pat shift national inquirer entertainment reporter who is on the coast. as i understand it you have had a scoop of some sort. what's your headline and lead in your paper tomorrow? >> we have talked about -- thank you for having me. we are saying in the last six months authorities have investigated michael obviously to great detail and we think he has taken approximately 10,000 pills over 10,000 pills in the last 6 months. it's heartbreaking. >> you know what kind of pills they were?
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>> there was a vier right of pills a laundry les if you will that is on the cover including oxycontin, everything that has been reported plus much more than we have ever known before. talk to a schiff that was there briefly before michael died he saw doctor murray taking oxygen tanks out of the house. >> what is the story i hear what you are going to reveal who the parents of the various children are? what do you know, what will the national inquirer being reporting? >> the thing is we really looked into it geraldo and we have gotten sources close to dr. klein's office and we will be reporting who we feel from investigation that we have held for the last couple weeks who the real parents, biological parents of the children are. >> is arnold klein in any way a sperm donor or have you rejected
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them? >> we don't feel that he is. we are still investigating but we feel we have narrowed it down. >> we narrowed it down. >> why would you take a short sweaty hairy dw guy to be the sm donor. >> he is also denied it himself. >> he sort of denies it. he also admits donating sperm at least once in his life which i found kind of bizarre. i have done a lot of things but never volunteered to do that. >> i just think this whole line of conversation is been disrespectful. michael jackson and debbie ro r are those children's parents, period. the conversations of arnold klein and finding out who the parents are. those children have already been traumatized by the death of
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their father. >> you can have rebuttal but after the commercial. >> we will get the rebuttal >> we will get the rebuttal right after
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>> continuing live with our jackson panel the former publicist and confidante romaine banes stands beside me. spiritual advisor of michael jackson stands with me. judge larry si seidlin. i have to report or i can report to you that aside from the london daily mail stlee other british papers the sun the age and daily mail are all reporting more newspapers presenteding the
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same story that the children of michael jackson and/or combination of the family will be substituting for their dead father in that series of london concerts. ramone? >> no. >> hal pair rin the author who claims the source within the jackson compound also said halperin as a result of this announcement breaking even as we speak a great divide has been created in the compound with some people now within the jackson family because they are angry for them putting forth this material. is that all bs? >> i think so. first of all i think mr. jackson is a doting grandfather. all of his grandchildren love him. i want to say that on the record. number two, i don't think he was very serious about that. i think that he was pretty much bragging about the talent of his
1:25 am
grandchildren. it was pretty much ingest by saying i have the jackson three. i know other things michael talked about all of the time in front of me my colleagues and his family, he wanted his children could ha to have a nor. what does normal mean? his eyes? i think it means they are not in the glare of cameras they are not having to do those things they are not comfortable with really. >> not becoming fer formers? >> i am not going to say that. he wanted them to learn, he wanted them to experience. he did not ever say to us that he was interested in getting his young children on the stage at an early age. i think he wants them to be independent and if they want to do it when the time is right i don't think he would have a problem with that. i think that the family right now is more interested in
1:26 am
nurturing those children loving them making sure they are educated and happy. i don't think he meant literally he was going to have the children go out here the jackson 3. i think people are taking it too far. >> we will see where this story develops monday. dr. carr, the interview with jackson in 2005 long after he talked about his alleged abuse at the hands of his dad what was michael's relationship with his dad? >> michael's relationship with his father was one that i think he enjoyed. he wasn't always close that's a fact. i would like to say raw mo ramo the nail right on the head. i have seen joe jackson around the children, around his grandchildren and he is just what she said a doteding grandfather. i have been asked even on
1:27 am
occasion to study the bible with others of his grandchildren the same thing michael asked me to do with his children. getting back to joe jackson you won't find a bigger teddy bear in the world when he is around his grandchildren. >> before the commercial break i must ask the judge to finish up the point on the ir rebuttable presumption after two years the children are the children of debbie rowe and michael jackson. >> you went to a good law school also. we all know there's a public policy argument if you marry you have children and present them as their children there's a presumption they are your children. otherwise we are going to dissolve the integrity of the community. joe jackson would be good now to remain as quiet as a sphinx on the nile. he should be walking off into the sunset. he is injuring the mother's position, his wife's position. he should remain mute, like a b movie deep his mouth shut and
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let the lawyers do the talking or let al sharpton do the talking. >> i asked the person ( singing ) ( phone ringing ) uh oh. there for you and the cutest back seat driver ever. ( singing continues ) yes. there for you when you're in a tight spot. yes. no. okay. yes. yes. yes. yes. no. [ female announcer ] let go of ordinary. and see what extraordinary feels like. be who you are. and who you could be. ♪ your days don't define you. ♪ your dreams do. unlock the secrets that lie within you
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from america's news headquarters i'm lauren sivan. thunderstorms scrubbing the launch of the space shuttle "endeavour" for a fourth time. the delay coming less than an hour before the scheduled lift-off. hydrogen gas leaks forced two postponements last month. when it does take off it will be carrying the last piece of a japanese science lab to the space station. police are holding two people in the murder of a couple with 12 children. surveillance shows three men leaving the house. police describing the three as experienced criminals. 12 of the children were adopted
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and had developmental disabilities. i'm lauren sivan from new york. we now head back to "geraldo at large." for all the headlines check out fox mil you're watching the fox news channel. winner is, low tech ad geraldo rivera three-days after the singer's untimely death was able to pull together this compelling visual report. >> there are only four possible scenarios, one is that he died a natural death. >> you know how geraldo ee rass the wipe board? >> good idea. much more on my investigation and enter view up next. tomorrow begins the eagerly awaited nationally televised hearings the third women ever to be nominated to the supreme
1:32 am
court of the united states. veteran federal judge sonia sotomayor is sure to be grilled. jeff session who remind us of the judges wise latino row mark. while she is expected to get roughed up a bit, judge sotomayor also has a whole lot going for her her wonderful life story, her american bar association strongest possible endorsement along with endorsements from the international association of police chiefs and just about every other major law enforcement organization out there. our friend kansas republican senator sam brown beck has already announced he will not vote to confirm her. he joins us tonight along with the former attorney general of the united states alberto gonzalez and best selling author ann coulter.
1:33 am
welcome all. senator brown back is it about abortion your decision not to vote? >> no it's not. i agree he has a compelling personal life story. my view is what she really wants to do is have the court not set up to do. she wants the court to be a super leg slai legislative body in the policy making field like she said in one speech. in the second district circuit court she went on to that. i met with her and i talk with her. she has an activist liberal court. i think that's harmful to the court. i don't think that's what the court is designed to do and i don't think it's good for the country. that's why i announced my position with judge sotomayor.
1:34 am
>> are you speaking of her actual decision or speaking about that line in the speech back in 2001? >> i am speaking about her speeches her judicial writing she said the most recent case overturned her statements about really taking a view that justice isn't blind. you need to peak under the blindfold and see what you are looking at here on how you want the case to go. her overall view that the court is involved in policy making. that is at the base of what the worst thing is overall. when you get the court involved in policy making it really removes the public in many cases. >> you mean like bush v gore? bush v gore was that getting the court involved in politics. i don't want to be contentious. let me go to alberto gonzalez who expressed his general support for the confirmation of
1:35 am
judge sotomayor. how much of that is based on your own, our own et nis at this, our cheering on, one of our own who has come out of the ashes of poverty as you did to such great success. how much is rooting for the home team and how much of your support of her confirmation is based on her judicial experience? >> i haven't said i would support her. what i have said it is an historic apointment. it's a great day in the hispanic community. she is wonderfully qualified a brilliant example of the american dream. legitimate questions have been raised about her philosophy. i think it is an appropriate line of review in the hearings. whether or not she can be impartial. it's based upon her public statements. when you have to look at the cases those are important indicator of the kind of judge she is going to be over the
1:36 am
long-term. i am withholding judgment. that's what the hearings are all about to give the nominee an opportunity to respond to criticism and questions and so i am going to wait and like most of the american people quite frankly and see how she responds to these kinds of questions. >> it won't be the american people who decide, it will be the senate of the united states, but ann coulter, welcome also. the membership of judge sotomayor in the civil rights organization, the puerto rican civil defense and education fund do you think that will be a rich load for republicans to mind when they seek to criticize her and if so why? >> sure, that's something. that's something. but what you keep describing as that one line, the one speech she gave, she said that half a dozen times over a decade. much of a commentary on that
1:37 am
speech i feel like i am the only person who looked through it. it is not something taken out of context. it's not the way democratic senators are surviving or liberals on tv. these entire points of that speech was that we have to have more latinos on the court and latinos because the very idea of impartiality is something that comes from a white male dominated world to use her word that impair shallity does not serve society. does not serve the law. this is ethnic politics that add -- rwanrwanda, china and vo cans the successful country they are today. >> now that there's two votes against and one undecided i have to say a couple things. number one i am also a former board member of the defense and education fund. i was proud to serve on what is a fine civil rights organization along with the senior republican senator from new york state
1:38 am
jacob javits my colleague on the board of the fine organization. her judicial record is examined as it has been minutely in the last weeks or months. nothing can point to anything that indicates she is using her latin ease ma to make her judgment. furthermore there have been 110 justices over the course of the history of this republic and 108 of them have been white guys. there is a time for everything. she has a wonderful record. >> geraldo, her membership wasn't one of mine -- as a member of loraza did you sign a brief arguing should can he be unconstitutional -- (talking over one another) >> the conservatives went one way liberals went the other way. he did vote the same way as he
1:39 am
would have. i don't know. i think this woman deserves the benefit of the doubt. >> do you think the death penalty is unconstitutional because it's applied unfairly to a hispanic. >> as it is applied and add men stered in this country definitely. i think if you are blind to the racial aspects of the death penalty you haven't studied these cases they are disproportionnal. i am speaking in a way that will be out of sink with the majority of my viewers tonight. senator do you want to make a quick closing statement? i give you each 30 seconds. senator first. >> i love the idea that she is a woman i would love mcgilles trad dau going on the supreme court. she wants the court to be a player in policy making not the
1:40 am
referee umpire. that's central issue here. >> i think it's good to have strong policies it is whether or not you have the courage not to have those views and apply them when you interpret the law. >> thank you for a spirited discussion. my enter view just compiled yesterday. rolling. >> tees one of the most enduring, endearing facies in hollywood. i have known them for 35 years. i have known him from the days of pumping iron. you know him best from the days of "the incredible hulk" he is the actor, fitness expert ks all around good guy lou forigno. how are you doing? >> goods. good to be on the show again. >> tell me about the whole interesting aspect of you getting involved in helping train michael jackson for his up coming concert tour.
1:41 am
when does you and michael hook up? >> well i have known mike for 20-years. i trained him 20 years ago. he wanted me to train him again for the tour. >> give me the dates as clearly as specifically as you can. >> i think the training was sometime in april. i hadn't seen michael in a month because of schedule conflict. i was supposed to train him a few more days before he left for england. >> you saw him from early april to may. how many times, lou, and where? >> i went to his house maybe two, three times a week. the guy looked great. he was motivated. he was excited. it wasn't the normal relationship. he hasn't been the same ten years ago but he was geared up for this tour. >> so you believe he was basically fit? is that what you are saying?
1:42 am
he must have been extremely thin. >> he must have weighed 126 pounds. every time he worked out he had black pants, black shoes and black socks. sometimes he would take the jacket off and he would be doing the different exercises and there was no sign of foul play. >> did you say he worked out with his jacket on? >> yes, black jacket, black shirt, black pants, black sthus, black socks. he would walk on the tread hill and do stretching exercises. that's michael. immediately after i finished training him he would go down 4 or 5 hours a day. sometimes he would take his jacket off. he would dance in front of me. that's michael. he liked to wear his shoes and black pants. >> did you see any needle marks on his arms? >> no. as a matter of fact took his jacket off he had a white t-shirt. said you don't need them off.
1:43 am
i was on the floor stretching him, moving him. i didn't see anything. >> you mentioned stress. do you believe he was stressed by this up coming challenge as any retired athlete 50-year-old active person would be, was he stressed and was it the concert tour, his crushing debt, what do you think? >> i think he needed more time to train for the tour. i know he had a complete physical in february. the problem with michael $400 million in debt, got the kids, handling the whole tour was too much. inside of michael he was thinking he's 20 years old but when you are 50 you have to take things in stride. i think his heart just gave out. >> you were in the house his dad joe jackson saying he suspects foul play. what do you think? >> i don't believe it. my opinion i think it was an
1:44 am
accident. michael is real sweet down to earth. he trusted me, felt safe with me and shared a lot of stories together. he was a friend. he has always been loyal to me. he won't have any other trainer to train him. he knew when i trained him he trusted me as a friend he would be the health expert and help give him what he needs. >> he is gone now, though, lou, thank you for being a loyal friend to him and friend to me, too. thank you for being on, buddy. >> thank you. >> you are about to see a dramatic demonstration of the powerful sedative that we think played a role in the death of michael jackson right after (announcer) roundup extended control does two jobs... at once. one: kills weeds to the root. two: forms a barrier, preventing new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control. preventing new ones for up to four months. i have to climb stairs 20-30 times a day. now joint comfort is easier with new triple flex liquid softgels.
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if you experience a sudden decrease in vision or hearing. now's the time. ask your doctor if viagra is right for you. ♪ viva viagra! >> this is the drug that was reportedly found in michael jackson's home the day he died. it was this drug that may have killed him. a well-known plastic surgeon in beverly hills doctor tell me about this drug and how is it>> used? >> it is a sedative help notic that can do virtually any surgery with this drug. that's remarkable it puts patients to sleep within 30 seconds. >> by now his struggles with insomnia are well-known. they are asking if they gave the powerful sedative to jackson before he died, if so the docks could land in hot water.
1:48 am
it was be inprehencible how somebody could use this drug without blood pressure monitors oxygen monitors and even personnel in the room today. how deadly is it? what would it take to kill a person my size with this drug? >> this bottle would do it. >> to see how powerful it is he let us in on a procedure he was performing. freelance journalist agreed to let's us film painful procedure to burn damaged skin from his face. it took effect so quickly his report was minimal. >> are you feeling pain? >> i am feeling the burning from the diprovan. it burns and usually they use xylocaine. >> you feeling a little groggy?
1:49 am
how are you feeling? bob? bob, tell us how you are feeling? >> took about 15 seconds. >> bob, how are you feeling? >> as he begins his procedure his anesthesiologist monitors bob's oxygen and heart rate. >> he will put in what's called an airway. >> oxygen is vital to keep a patient alive while sedated. depending what drug killed him an observation made by michael jackson's personal she ha chef home could be relevant. douglas jones spoke to radar on-line. >> i notice dr. murray exiting the kitchen area through a sliding door carrying a couple oxygen tanks. >> bob's ob ration went without a hitch. when the anesthesia stopped bob woke up to give us his growing growingy report. -- grogy report.
1:50 am
>> before the surgery there was a slightly euphoric effect. waking up was difficult. it is painful. >> awesome demonstration. we will talk aboboboboboboutbobo shell v-power. our most advanced fuel ever. nitrogen-enriched for optimum performance, maximum protection. there's no mistaking the power of the v. ♪
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announcer: to learn more about captioned telephone, call 1-800-552-7724 or go to our website. i'll see you at 3:00! announcer: captioned telephone - enjoy the phone again! >> we are still shaken over the dramatic turn. >> i think each and every doctor should be raised. that might be a bold statement but to hear all of these reports that are being disseminated and that drug. >> did michael jackson want to die? >> absolutely not. michael jackson loved the life. he did not want to die. let me say that, too. michael jackson is very protective of his children and very loving and if michael jackson were alive and heard sdr
1:54 am
klein in some of his enter views he would have sued him. he would have instructed his attorney to sue him immediately. >> let's go to michael baden. that drug seems very, very potent. >> oh, yes. the time it takes for the drug to get from the arm to the brain which is 15, 30 seconds moo immediately go unconscious. >> were you admitted to the drug in the house? >> no. >> with demerol and oxycontin being used also. >> it's very dangerous. we don't know what the tocks col colling is going to -- toxicology is going to show. >> to hear all of the stories coming out there were no checks and balances. i am hoping they will get -- >> craig rivera and bob joins
1:55 am
us. how are you feeling, man? >> a lot better. it was very dramatic video. i got to see it on tape. it was amazing. i don't have very much in the way of a memory of the event. and from what i saw and how quickly it worked. we are talking about a teaspoon. too much can kill you. to deliver that in a home setting is criminal. if any one did that they deserve to be arrested, convicted and i am prisoned. >> craig note for the record dr. conrad murray's lawyer is talking to beat the band. they have not denied as far as i know that murray gave him this program. >> they only refer to the web site. anything that should have killed michael jackson is not a denial.
1:56 am
>> it's interesting that the -- >> something that the doctor would tell me as bob was be der they are constantly add men stering this drug and monitoring bob's blood and oxygen levels. there's a fine line. they give them enough drug to keep them under make sure he doesn't wake up. >> bob's eyes looked like the things in the slot machine. it was frightening to watch. really scary. >> you know what killed michael jackson. doesn't the coroner in l.a. know? >> yes. i think more fo for more than a had the toxicology reports. he is reviewing the cases that are going to be brought against the various possessions with the prosecutor. it is not only a determination or cause of death it is now manner of death and that is
1:57 am
definitely going to lead to the slicing off of several heads. there's no question there will be homicide charges brought against one or more people and a bunch of other criminal charges brought against other physicians reaching back in time as well as pharmacists and other people who enabled michael jackson to get these drugs. it is absurd, ludicrous impossible thing i have ever heard of. >> as he said going to depend what is found in the blood that will be announced by the coroner's office in los angeles not necessarily the london newspapers. >> g g g g g got g g g
1:58 am
1:59 am
rob, what's up? how's it going? how's it going? guys, this is my cousin rob from michigan. whazzup! he's a teenager. totally. hey, what's up? rob: all right. whoa. hey, you wanna slow down? no. really? huh. hey! do you know what a beautiful animal is? a horse. a horse. yeah. beautiful mane. unbelievable muscle tone. when it runs, it looks like poetry in motion. it's the most beautiful thing on earth. and sometimes when you feed a horse, its lips will tickle your hand. just, just tickle it just a little bit. it makes me giggle sometimes. i don't know. i guess what i'm trying to say is, if you don't slow down, i'm going to bite into your head like an apple.


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