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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 19, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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pleasure. sorry about the wires. >> i'm not. >> special thanks to barrett. bill schulz, you disgust me. mike baker, congrats on the offfringe. >> nice job, fertile dude. >> yeah! captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. geraldo live and at large, this is what michael jackson looked like on january 27th, 1984, the day he began his descent into the personal hell of drug abuse and addiction that 25 years later would help kill him. on the very day this magazine covers, jackson at the time reveered, uncluttered by controversy and near the peak of his fame, is shooting the now infamous pepsi commercial. pyrotechnics planned for the spectacular entrance go off prematurely. unaware that his hair is ablaze, jackson keeps dancing until finally realizing what is
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happening, the flames extinguished by frantic stage hands rushing to jackson's rescue but the physical damage is done. the accident would leave him partially bald and his head severely scared for the rest of his life, forcing him to don wigs and constantly to wear hats. and with his legion of fans kept in the dark over the years the emotional impact for jackson becomes malignant as painful surgeries to repair his scalp are complicated by lieu and his skin disease. to add insult to injuries because the handlers insist on secrecy surrounding the serious nature of the fire at the shrine auditorium it breeds
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more jokes and ridicule that are sympathy. fire days later he receives one important letter of condolence from the president of the united states. found among the items offered up for sale at the april of 2009 auction that was meant to pay off the entertainer's dent the letter reads dee dear mich, i was pleased to learn that you were not seriously injured in your recent accident. all over america millions look up to you as an example. through deep faith in god and adherences to traditional values are an inspiration to all of us. you have gained quite a number of fans on the road since i want you back and nancy and i are among them. keep up the good work, we are happy for you, sincerely, ronald reagan, president of the united states. why were witnesses ordered not to talk and why did it take 25 years for the fire video to see
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the light of day? in an at large exclusive we are joined right now by l.a. fire captain don who was training under the department's now retired senior pyrotechnics inspector who joins us live from los angeles. fire captain, first of all, let me ask you can you speak even today about the fire? >> captain, did you hear me? >> thank you, geraldo. yes. geraldo, this is captain jerry thomas who retired. you are retired. is captain donnister sitting behide you? >> he was ordered by the l.a. city fire department not to speak on the michael jackson matter because the sub -- because he is subject to disciplinary procedures.
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>> geraldo: so 25 years later he is still silenced by the authorities in los angeles? >> yes, look, i was official fire marshall assigned to the particular commercial back in 1984. he was a new in pictor and i was training him. and don and myself have always been advocates for justice and discrimination on this job to fight inus injustice and discrimination and to this day don and myself haven't been able to tell you our professional story about what literally happend that night when michael jackson got burned. he is off on stress right now and they ordered him not to speak under conditions that he may be subject to disciplinary action. >> geraldo: we note the censorship, let me ask you, how serious was that fire that day? >> it was serious.
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there was pond moan yum at the -- pandemonium at the theater. we had five thousand fans, approximately 150 people on stage and it was complete pandemonium. his sisters and family and friends didn't know the severity of his injuries so i had the lapd clear the stage to work on him appropriately. >> geraldo: and you saw the injuries with your own eyes. how serious were they and what did you do when you saw them? >> well, i applied first aid. initially what we did, captain and myself, i directed the lapd to get us in an environment so we can work on it. and then i asked captain donnister 20 get me a cold application along with an emt to apply it literally to the burns because as you remember the burn center doctors said that the initial care that michael jackson received minimized the severity of his injuries. i applied a cold application to
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diminish the sensitivity of the burn to his cap but he received second and some third-degree burns to the crown of his head and the injury was approximately three to four inches in diameter. >> geraldo: you were shocked at how serious it was and even as shocking is how the world was kept in the dark and this video not released for a quarter of a century. >> exactly. let me give you an example. you got the number one entertainer in the world, you got the la city fire department i was a member of for 32 years, this is the biggest story in the world, why would you have two professionals, two agents of the l.a. city fire department explain what happened we did a professional and outstanding job and why would you want to promote your organization? the reason being is in my opinion after all these years they had two black young inspectors and they didn't want to promote that incident and have it deface the department. >> geraldo: like the opposite
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to the hartford, connecticut,, case. enjoy your retirement. thank you for your candor. tell captain donnister i will buy him a beer and he can tell me the real story then. the dr. feel goods, one p whom could still be facing charges of manslaughter. how much pain would be involved in an injury described by now retired captain. let me ask dr. daniel spitz who joined me from detroit. what do you think. you heard the fire captain, a burn three or four inches wide, a big bald spot on the head, second, third degree, how painful was that injury. >> anybody who has sustained
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even a tiny burn knows how painful it can be. dealing with a burn of this nature the pain is going to be eck excruciate and for quite some time and then there is the reconstruction that goes along with it and all of the surgeries prompt additional treatment and pain. you can see how this could lean to excessive use of pain medication. >> geraldo: dr. klein, his long time dermatologist suggested michael underwent many recon strucktive surgery where they take the bald spot and try to make it smaller by cutting the space in between and bringing the skin together and that was complicated by lupus and the other medical conditions he had. do you buy that? >> i do. certainly there was going to be a lot of reconstructive surgeries to help minimize the damage to his appearance and all of those are going to be treated to come extent with pain control and it is -- it is the pain that persisted that ultimately caused michael jackson to develop a pain -- a pain medication addiction.
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>> geraldo: do you know how long these authorities in los angeles have now held these results of the various toxicology and other reports is it not your considered professional opinion that they know exactly what killed this man right now? >> oh, do i, i think that -- oh, i do. i think that the medical examiner's office and the police certainly know the results of the toxicology testing, they know the cause of michael jackson's death. they are just waiting so that the investigation that is going on and is very widespread looking at the medications that he was given, who gave them to him, all of this takes a tremendous amount of time to track the medications using the dea and fda and they don't want to release those results until that part of the investigation is complete. >> geraldo: finally, as briefly as you can, dr. spitz, is it not your opinion that the administering of diprivan in
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the home under the circumstances described in this case represents criminal activity? >> i certainly would think so, yes. if this isn't injected by a physician or anybody else outside of a hospital in the operating room setting certainly would be criminally responsible. >> geraldo: now, to the dr. feelgoods at the heart of the criminal investigation. are in nine of them from california, new york, nevada, texas and florida, beginning, of course, with the dr. conrad murray, the ones bankrupt, often sued cardiologist with the checkered past who was hired by jackson anyway in las vegas perhaps because -- precisely because he was willing to give the entertainer the powerful anesthetic diprivan which we believe was the cause of jackson's death. we believe this is the man that was the principal target of the police probe into jackson's death and that he will soon be
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accused of something like criminally negligent homicide. former police commissioner bernard kerik, didn't he have to know it was criminal. >> he had to know. they had to have known that they should or shouldn't have. they all knew what they were doing, they knew what effect it had on him. he was the last guy in and he had to know about the prior stuff he was taking. >> and giving the guy an iv drip without a doctor or supporting medical staff no, nurses. this guy is going down. he is going down for the count. then we have william barney, not a very good picture. but this is a doctor whose name appears on several xanax percocet and other drug receipts that were seized at neverland. the drugs that were written out in the names of jackson employees.
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and then kerry phillip logan who runs a concierge medical practice. part-time rock and roll drummer in the old days, admits taking drugs, once this guy collapsed after shooting himself up with drugs, led guilty to insurance fraud in two. had his medical license suspended for three years. one of those being investigated right now. gerald levenor also appears on a percocet bottle discovered at neverland ranch written out in the name of michael armstrong. and alex farshian of florida who was aah struck by the king of pop and may have been overprescribing medication aleast according to one police report over here. of course, to me this is
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dr. allan metzger who is publicly reprimanded for prescribing drugs to janet jackson in the name of her personal chef and the other big carl cameron hugbig -- other b, jackson's dermatologist who is said by some to be the sperm donner for jackson's two older children. here is what i want to do. take a quick break. when we come back, the last 24 hours of jackson's life all pieced together.
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>> geraldo: michael jackson died on thursday, june 25th as you know. but the first omaha bank u omit something was very wrong, he dies on june 25th. first clue that things are wrong. june 21st, calls came to the former nurse who tells the associated press that an aide "called and was very frantic and said michael needs so see you right away. i said what is wrong and i could hear michael in the background saying one side of my body is hot, it's hot, one side of my body is cold, it's very cold. i said tell him mike that will he needs to go to the hospital right away, i don't know what is going on but he needs to two to the hospital right away. i knew something hit the central nervous system. he is in trouble sunday, he is crying out.
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there you have michael jackson crying out. jackson does not appear to go to the hospital, instead apparently remaining in the rented mansion from monday through tuesday, that is the 22nd through the 23rd, he is home, nobody sees the guy. okay. he is scheduled to be at staples center for a rehearsal at 7:00 p.m. tuesday night the 23rd and he comes three hours late. okay, so he is three hours late to the rehearsal. okay. he appeared to some listless and lethargic but rehearsal video seems to contradict that. i don't know if we have rehearsal video, if we do show it, he says i thought he was in great form and he was upbeat, he was cracking jokes and having a good time during rehearsal, i could tell that he was feeling it and feeling good and on his way to giving a
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great performance. jackson leaves early in the morning on the 24th, wednesday morning. returns home. he is not seen again in public. thursday the 25th. okay. at 11:30 thursday morning, dr. murray says that he finds jackson not breathing with only a faint pulse and reports he also got a shot of demerol. murray also claims on the 25th that he tries to rhesus resuscitate jack on the bed. he calls security murray says and asks them to come up to help. he ran downstairs and asked for help. buy the time security got there the 911 call was made immediately according to murray's lawyer. executing search warrants
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police seize iv drips, oxygen cansters and other medical paraphernalia from the home indicateing that the powerful anesthetic diprivan was used on jackson. paramedics arrive and treat jack sob and transport him to the nearby medical center and arrive at 1:14. on thursday the 25th, a team of doctors frantically try to resuscitate jackson and he is dead. up next, why we think he died ] hah! [end-of-period horn blows] we're getting killed on the boards. this is your territory,@ grimson.
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to ♪ >> wasn't nothing strange about your daddy, it was strange what
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your daddy had to deal with. >> geraldo: stirring testimonial at the michael jackson memorial. he joins me. sales records just released indicate that michael jackson has sold 9 million records since his death and that he is by far the biggest selling artist of the year and that he is probably bigger than he has been before. your comment on it? >> thank god it is clear that people appreciate michael and i just wish he had seen this appreciation. all over the world record sales are going through the roof and i think there is also part of what you see all this activity around trying to make sure that some of the business people that i feel did not look out for his interests in life are now trying to cash in and his family trying to fight them off and preserve his legacy and preserve the integrity of the family now that he is not with us. >> geraldo: do you blame the business vultures along with the doctors for helping kill
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him? >> i think that there clearly needs to be a thorough investigation. i don't want to make reckless allegations but i think it is right for the family to demand that the truth come out. >> geraldo: would you be surprised at a murder indictment? that is not something that we can call out. >> geraldo: the custody hearing, are you worryd that debbie roe the biological mom might prevail and get the kids? >> i hope that that is not the case. i hope that they are working out. that the children, they have to grow up as michael jackson's children. any child that loses they're father wants to know about their father. who could tell them better than mrs. jackson and the aunts and uncles and the grandfather and i think that it would be a real psychological disservice in the long run to those children to
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take them out of that for people that don't understand that environment and have only a environmented knowledge of what the father was about. >> geraldo: not to mention a limited contact with the children in their lives. >> that is a given. i mean the day that i spent visiting the jackson compound, those children were quite at home with mrs. jackson, with their aunts and uncles, playing with their cousins. that is their family. and you are not talking about taking them from a remote place and putting them there. you are talking about where they have always been and always thought to be family. >> geraldo: coming up, more on the jackson possible homicide. also live in pensacola with the latest on the crazy ninja murders.
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from america's news headquarters i'm lauren sivan. costa rica president suggesting honduras depose president manual zelaya be allowed to return home next friday. they rejected a proposal for a unity government led by zelaya. tracking accident in san francisco where two light rail trains collided. several dozen people reportedly injured there, three severely. witnesses say one train barreled into another one and came out of a tunnel connecting downtown san francisco t to the city's western neighborhood.
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two astronauts took a milestone spacewalk outside the international space station, installing a port on a japanese lab. becoming the 201st spacewalk since americans first set foot on the moon.m lauriv we now head back to "geraldo at large." have a hard time believeing that eight or ten people, including a teenager and released ticktively wealthy antique dealer would get together and train for 30 days and get dolled up in ninja costumes just to commit a home invasion that turns into a double murder. the sheriff down there in pensacola joins us in a moment. a secret home camera videotape showing michael jackson's final moments was removed before investigators
1:32 am
attained the first search warrant. patricia shipp joins me now as does jenna winter. she has been tracking the rare events of the now notorious dr. conrad murray and robin sach who worked under the d.a. do you have proof that this -- are you there? do you have proof that the videotape exists? >> we talked to several sources, geraldo, and we are confident that there is something missing, the tapes are missing. >> geraldo: you have confidence something is missing but what kind of proof do you have? >> we have good sources that were inside, geraldo, and they talked to us and we dealt with them for quite awhile now and everything else they have told us is right on the money. michael had an elaborate security system set up and all of a sudden nothing is there.
1:33 am
there were just a few people left in the house after michael was taken away in the ambulance. the security guards, the sheriff and dr. murray and everybody is looking for those tapes. >> geraldo: is the implication that dr. murray or the security guard absconded with them? there is some story circulating about someone being seen disposing of a bag throughout to contain medical waste. i don't know if you corroborated that or not. is the implication of your source that dr. murray got the tape and ski daddled with it? >> well, we are not sure who has it. we know that they are missing and there were only a few people there in the house. more than likely if he didn't, somebody who was helping him perhaps or maybe even security people were just trying to protect mr. jackson. we don't know, but they are missing. >> geraldo: robin, former l.a. prosecutor, do you know for a fact that an l.a. county d.a.
1:34 am
has been assigned to the case? >> i do know for a fact that there are actually several d.a.s assigned to the case. i don't know who o they are but i do know that they are assign. >> geraldo: and do you believe that they believe they have something serious here? >> well, i think that it is not to have d.a.s assigned to a case early on. it happens in complex cases. i look at the assignment of -- i can't look at assignment as to having any bearing that this are charges coming but i do know that there is an investigation. >> geraldo: and jana winter, have you tracked the whereabouts of dr. conrad murray. >> i believe he is holed up waiting more anxiously than the rest of the world to find out what exactly is going to come out in the coroner's report which has been delayed another week i believe at least. and it is a long and uphill
1:35 am
battle. regardless of whether criminal charges are filed. >> geraldo: where is he? >> i believe he is in houston. >> geraldo: the headquarters of his lawyer. >> yes. >> geraldo: cher november, is that his name. >> isn't it tragic that his own secrecy led to a gross misunderstanding between him and his public. >> i didn't know about lupus or the skin disorder and the hair. that is 95% of the population of the world, nobody really knew. there should have been transparency, the public should have known and a lot of the innuendos and allegations and all of it, he was mocked and made fun of and all this other stuff, i think that would have eliminated a lot of that if people really knew the reality. >> geraldo: i want to thank you all. we will cover this again tomorrow, you know, we have more revealations to come.
1:36 am
i want to go now to pensacola and the strange case of the billings family. the parents of the 13 special needs children, 17 children including four -- two born to each of them. bruteally murdered in their home in the florida panhandle in front of some of those children. escapeescambia county sheriff. is it still your position, sir,, that the motive of the eight people in custody plus a couple of others was simply to rob bud and melanie billings? >> well, before i answer that question, geraldo, i would be remiss if i didn't say one thing. i want to thank you for your continued support of the men and women in the armed services and law enforcement. my wife and i are retired military. thank you for your service. >> what unit were you with? >> yes, sir,, yes, sir.
1:37 am
>> geraldo: what unit? >> with the united states air force. >> geraldo: ex-lend. do you think this was a robbery. we can't believe it was a robbery. people train for a month and don't know these people. get together and let's make a robbery, get ninja outfits and timing down perfectly, they think the red neck oceans 11 here and go and murder these people and you think this is just about the contents of the safe or that they were stealing money from the billings? >> no o, sir,, we do not. and again, we want to restate that is a motive that at this time in conjunction with our state attorney's office that we are basically going to speak about but i can assure you and the listening public that as this case progresses that are several more motives that will come forward and, of course, you are an attorney so you understand at this point we are in a pretty high stakes game of poker here as far as the amount of information we release from the state of florida. we have reciprocity laws.
1:38 am
>> geraldo: sheriff, do you have -- i have never heard ever in my covering crime for 40 years, i never heard of a robbery maybe aside from a brinks job maybe where you have all of the perpetrators allegedly coconspiring with a mastermind, pamela wiggins is her name and she is richer than the victims in this. this doesn't make sense. >> that is a true statement and i wouldn't attempt to defend that position and that is why i say this case has been bizarre from beginning to end and those murders will become clear especially during the trial. >> geraldo: do those murders involve any cull pability on the part of the billings, bud billings involved we are told over his career with pornography, porn shops, used car lots, not that there is anything wrong with used car lots but businesses where you can come in touch with some shady characters, suggesting
1:39 am
that billings had nothing to do with the group formulating and coming to rob and kill him and his wife? >> well, at this time my office and my investigators are not investigating the billings family. our task was to catch the perpetrators of the crime which we did within about 96 hour os. >> geraldo: you did a magnificent job in apprehending the perps. right now you are not investigating, we are. here is craig's look into the escambia eight. this is the home of burt and melanie billings who were so bruteally murdered nine days ago. a slight memorial there, family members inside trying to recover from a murder that no one can make any sense of. >> the safe that was removed from the billings home contained only children's prescription medications, important family documents and some jewelry that is of minimal
1:40 am
value. >> family attorney crystal center says no money or dangerous nor cattics were in the same -- narcotics were in the safes polen fro stolen froe billings home. police made another arrest. local business woman pamela long wiggins was the eighth suspect charged in the home invasion murder. >> did you know the billings were going to die? >> this is one of the properties of pamela long wiggins, the woman charged as accessory in the murder of the billings family. the safe was found in the backyard, tipped off by her husband hugh who said it was back there. it was her mini van that was used as one of the getaway cars in the horrible murder. wiggins goes by several aliases. a family friend of leonard gonzalez, jr., also known as
1:41 am
pat, the alleged mastermind in the killing. >> in real estate, a half a dozen properties around the gulf breeze area, pensacola. one of her houses is where pat gonzalez lives, it is only about a mile away. >> rob williams is a reporter for am 1620 news radio here in pensacola. >> a lot of people don't believe that the safe was what they were after. >> he was in the used car business, porn shop ups, a lot of that cash business. maybe they thought a lot of the cash was there and turns out they were wrong. >> some of the suspects at one time worked on the billings home. so far, it is the only connection made to the billings family. but there is no other inside connection, no word that they got inside the house to see what might or might not be there. the key to the case might be held by 47-year-old pamela long wiggins who is not cooperating with police. she owns several homes and a
1:42 am
yacht but an anonymous friend e-mailed a paper stating quote this lady is in terrible financial shape, she said she was losing everything from the recession. >> geraldo: i got that, greg, but i heard that she was richer than the billings. did the residents of escambia county believe this was a simple robbery. >> you look backing a the billings divorce records frommed is 93, a second marriage and his income was a thousand dollars a month and a hundred dollars in the bank. and now he is in this house that is worth $700,000 and has several employees so there is a big mystery in terms of where his income came from, where degette all the money. he had the used car lots but no one is coming up with the figures in terms of where he has this wealth and there is
1:43 am
one ex-wife who did say he did deal with shady characters but said i don't want to talk about it so we don't really have the details. >> geraldo: pamela bondy, former florida prosecutor. pam larks do you have a question for sheriff moore? >> current prosecutor, geraldo. >> geraldo: sorry. current. i demoted you, i apologize profusely. i need that. >> i would like to tell the sheriff that our sheriff down here, david gee sea is is do -- says he is doing a great job. he didn't become territorial at all in the investigation. he brought in every outside agency he could think of who could possibly help and aid in the investigation and i know he can't say a lot about the facts of the case. >> geraldo: got to take a quick break. we'll be back on this topic and more right after this. what's new from ziploc? you know all the little things you do to help the environment? here's one more... ziploc evolve. ♪
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>> geraldo: back with ace florida current prosecutor pamela bondy and roy braeske. roy, you heard pamela's phrasing of the questions and what is your opinion of how this thing has gone down so far in pensacola? >> geraldo, obviously they have done a good job in tracking down the perpetrators but the big question is involving the dea. they are brought in only to
1:48 am
investigate drug crimes. why is the dea intimately involved in the case? there has to be more in the case that we are not hearing. >> geraldo: i don't know that that will be particularly helpful and knowing the panhandle as i do, i think that they are sigh nascar a cyonarae there. >> it doesn't matter regarding the prosecution of them but i assume the truth has to come out. with home invasion robberies particularly in florida that they target people with large amounts of cash or large amounts of drugs. since the d.e.a. involvement here, i think the latter is more likely. >> geraldo: don't you agree with roy's analysis? >> the dea could also be involved looking at the connection among all of the suspects. the suspects could very well.
1:49 am
>> geraldo: working in a car wash is how they know each other. >> and a bunch of them are day labors as well. and you have the mastermind gonzalez who by their own relatives accounts are raving maniacs and need to be. >> a 16-year-old kid, this is like, you know, a kind of, you know, the gang that couldn't shoot straight in the sense. a camera in every single room. just a matter of god bless the sheriff and his men but these guys had a big sign up arrest me, i'm a murderer. >> let's get serious, dea isn't here because of these guys somehow being a drug gang and this drug gang decided out of the blue we are going to break into this house. let's get serious. that doesn't pass the laugh test. >> geraldo: got to go on to politics.
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>> geraldo: now, to two of the best and we will talk about politics. on your right, kirsten powers indicated col upist and fox news analyst. and ann coulter. what is up with hillary clinton. first teen that brown and the day by beef i think it is called says that obama is keeping her in a burke carl cameron. three times complain -- burka. vetting her appointees for the u.s. agency for international development et cetera. was she complaining or only complaining because she was flanked out by teen into burns. >> my theory is but by all means defer to the democrats on this is that she wasn'ts to separate herself from obama during his term. she couldn't do it at first because his population was so
1:54 am
high. she does think his foreign policy is going to fail. >> she wants to separate herself out and now you are starting to see it leaking and the big division this week was she wanted to hire sidney blumenthal. she wanted that to be shot down. >> geraldo: was it? >> but is your theory she is separating herself to run against obama? >> perhaps if the rating -- if his ratings take a nose dive at six months in you are only we ginning to see the beginnings of the rumblings of it right now. >> i think it is probably a little overblown what is going on. it is not like they were ever actually bff. >> best friends forever. >> i think she will always be a little bit, he is the star and he will always be the star and that is the way that it is. i think that people expect hillary clinton to force
1:55 am
herself out into the spot light and she is doing what she did in the senate, puts her head down and does her work. >> wouldn't you prefer hillary clinton to mitchell in negotiating in the mid east. the former president alongside her and she has a lot o of credentials. >> she says that she wanted it that way. >> geraldo: she wanted all the envoys. >> i think hillary would be much better at it. there also was a story and it is hard to know whether it is true or not about how she is the reason that obama came out and tack a harsher line on iran. but you never know what the stories where they are coming from but that she is rooting influence over him in that way. >> geraldo: speaking of -- mark sanford pictures now released of the paramour. i haven't seen the photos. that is it? that's all you have got? >> after the story broke.
1:56 am
>> geraldo: this one? >> on your front page? >> that is an old picture. >> geraldo: just released today. the a.p. just released it. >> maybe the ap just got ahold of it. >> geraldo: even as south carolina reports 12.1% unemployment the fourth highest in the nation mark sanford disappears, on another trip, but this time it is with his wife. is that good? >> or going to argentina. >> no, i think he should leave. i'm fed up with these republicans. i do think john edwards is a much bigger story since the whole world knew his name before the affair. pushing that aside, i'm fed up with these republicans. they are not only -- we have a one party government with democrats controlling the house, senate and presidency. they are not able to keep their zippers up and i had it with
1:57 am
them. >> geraldo: and is that the end of the family values? >> no, it is the end of the horny x in all parties. >> geraldo: i got it go. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. too much show tonight, that't''
1:58 am
1:59 am
welcome home, man.


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