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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  July 19, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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of the day, sign up for your e-mail from me. from new york, good >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, july 19th. here is what's happening at this hour, new numbers are out on where republicans stand for the 2012 race for the white house. you may be surprised to see just how close it is. >> and lavish living at the social security administration. government bureaucrats boogying down at this four star resort, dropping $700,000 along the way and you, my friends, are footing the bill? >> im? >> you, clayton have half that task. >> and one hundred sky dives in day. we'll hear from the minnesota man who just jumped into the
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record books. our slogan this morning comes from jimmy in georgia, sunday mornings i could sleep late, aly is back, i couldn't wait. >> finally! >> it's time for "fox & friends." >> are you okay, you all right? >> you need some help adjusting. >> i'm all atwitter. >> you're all-- you know why. >> you know why you're atwitter. >> because alisyn camerota is back from vacation and took a week off from us. >> how did you survive. >> and i went to cape cod, i went back to my old stomping grounds and the way i survived because i could still see you guys remotely and i did watch you. and it felt like i was with you. but the beauty was i could turn you off whenever i wanted. >> and you could mute us. >> i watched, i thought did you a great job yesterday with walter cronkite's death and
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you guys did a great job talk to go people with memories and. >> unfortunately no mute button here my friend. >> can you turn us on again? that's right, baby. and coming up this sunseted morning, apparently smokers when you buy the cigarettes online, alisyn, you're going be to be hit with back taxes, a lot of people hit with back taxes they don't think you'll have to go online and my space doesn't have to pay taxes online and suddenly a bill of for back taxes. >> smokers are getting pushed out, paying additional taxes at the store and i think they've pretty much had enough and also, bad boy baby names coming up on the show. some names that might destin you for crime down the road. alisyn not one of them. >> no, but they did study what alisyns are like in this study, also, it was a vast study of 15,000 baby names. >> i love how you break down the alisyn, nice. >> they broke it down so i'll
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tell you what that sets you up for. >> interesting. >> also this morning, new numbers out. it's interesting, everyone trying to figure out where the future of the republican party lays and of course everyone is wondering what's going to happen with governor sarah palin. and after sarah palin that she's going to resign from the governor of alaska, new poll numbers show that the republican party would pick mitt romney on top of the list for potential g.o.p. candidates for a run for 2012. take a look at the numbers. >> 26% of republicans, they prefer romney over everyone else and then, in that little tiny picture underneath him is sarah palin, 21%. >> that's what you call a thumbnail. >> that's a thumbnail picture right there. and our buddy, dear friend mike huckabee comes in with 19%, but it's interesting when you look at these numbers because sarah palin is actually higher than mitt
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romney in favorability risk. >> and that's not close, sarah palin has a favorability rating among g.o.p. of 72% which still leaves me scratching my head, how do you reconcile the two. >> romney had 56%. >> the 20 points and moderate-- >> when you look at sarah palin's favorability among everyone. >> strictly among the g.o.p. >> right and look at the overall favorability ratings whether you would elect sarah palin, republican, dbl, 44%. she has among republicans and-- >> what is interesting, she hasn't taken a hit since plans for resignation the end of the month, her favorability hasn't gone down. >> when asked whether she was doing right thing? most americans, said get out
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of politics? >> mitt romney, and sarah palin raised money. and let us know who you think, aly on the blog and twitter. >> i'm rusty with the blog it get it fired up. >> i'm going to get the chat room fired up. can you do that while you do the headlines. >> i can do that, i can multi-task. there's been a horrible light rail crash in san francisco, four injured severely when two trains collided at the city's west portal station, this woman you're about to see and she was waiting for the train, you're about to hear from him. >> i'm just rattled, very rattled. i had to spin out of the way saw it coming. it was frightening. >> and investigators are promising a speedy investigation. they're looking into the
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possibility of mechanical failure and human error, the crash is the third major transit accident in the u.s. in just the past two months. pope benedict walking around with a cast as he recovers from a broken wrist and he slipped and fell at his vacation home, he had surgery on friday. the pope is doing well and will keep his schedule public appearances we're told. he's expected to have the cast on for one month. the funeral for legendary anchorman walter cronkite held tuesday in manhattan. the funeral will be 2 p.m. and his ashes will be buried next to his wife betsy. he died friday at age 92. those are your headlines at this hour. >> speaking of bad boys i just was jumping on here, we'll talk about that in a second. bat boy bad names.
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what happens when someone is born and you have a name off the chart not a normal common name. i would say dave is a common name. >> dave as common as they come. >> the new study says the more unpopular your name is or the more uncommon your name is the the more likely, as a guy, you're likely to end up behind bars some day. >> this is the study in social science quarterly. they actually named the top ten bad boy names and they were as follows. now, the first one i have a-- >> no, no, ignore that for a second. >> alec. >> the name of the university professor who did it callist. >> that shouldn't be on the list. we'll move past kalish. >> although i would say that's off the wall. >> that's a last name. we accidentally put there on there, ignore that. >> that threw me off. alec is number one. >> we'll move past alec. earnest, garland, kareem,
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luke, malcolm, preston and tyrell. >> now, obviously there are contribute t-contradictions to the least. >> earnest boring nine? what about the name clayton. >> it's odd. >> change and so is that picture. >> that's the baby clayton. >> that's disturbing. >> they're frightening when they arrive. >> 15,000 names, they crunched the numbers and figured out these are the names the ones we just told you that most often go to jail. >> jail, yeah. >> first of all, garland? is that a popular name? >> isn't that hike like a holiday thing you throw on trees. >> i know a garland. >> do you? from where. >> from connecticut. >> from prison. >> i don't think it's a common name. >> speaking of prison, first of all, show you this baby, this is gavin, this is our--
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he is a headed to jail. >> look ow angry he is, name is gavin. >> the senior producers baby. >> smoke coming out of his nostrils. >> and michelle in the control room, she was frightened of the photo. that's her baby. she was frightened in the photo. he does look like-- >> she had to bail him out this morning before work. >> he looks like a bruiser. >> he looks angry. but listen, i do, i've done my own study and i know if you do name your child with a name ray, they will become a fugitives. >> really, you've done your own study. >> i've done my own study. >> i think based on your dating habits. the reverse is true. >> if you pick a same name like rick, i named my son william are those safe names out of trouble and stay out of trouble if you have a safe name? rick is pretty safe. >> no. >> i know, dave, william, alisyn. >> dave is about as safe as it
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gets. >> i know. >> alisyn ray. >> you could be dick though, dicks could be rebellious. >> the daily weiner joke seems to be happening right there. >> and coming up on the show rick, before we get to weather coming up on the show, speaking of names, we have a guy named after a famous movie character that cannot get a night's rest. people are ringing his phone off the hook, they think it's the real him. we'll tell you who this is. >> because it's a movie character and you think i'll dial that number. >> and people have been crank calling him. >> thanks, i can't wait. >> good. >> very cool across the far northern plains. >> and 55 in minneapolis, in fact, extremely cold across the far northern planes and one more coolish day. 70's across tennessee after the heat we've had. a little bit of rain across parts of florida and this front draped here going to stick around all week long and bring the rain and gloom
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across the eastern seaboard starting tomorrow, probably all the way through about friday. rain into texas. this is very good. we need the rain and it's going to get towards the san antonio area, the country where we desperately need it and probably not brownsville or car pus christy where we desperately need it. one of the stories, the heat this week is gone, but picked up right now across parts of the four corners and heat advisories in effect from vegas towards phoenix, and cities along the colorado river and then across the valleys to the north of l.a. we have the heat there. 113 today in phoenix, hundreds and triple digit readings throughout much of california and back across maybe parts of western texas, but 98 today in dallas and for your day tomorrow we'll warm things back up, chicago back towards 77. welcome back alisyn. >> thank you. >> richard, how about richard today? >> is that official? >> that's official. >> i like ricky. >> or whatever. >> ricky is a bad boy name. >> yeah. >> that has--
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>> as the obama administration pushes to create a nationwide health care system, tens of thousands in massachusetts just found out they're losing their coverage. molly line with more on the ailing system in the commonwealth state. >> facing a massive budget shortfall, massachusetts lawmakers are cutting roughly 30,000 legal tax paying immigrants out of the state's ground breaking universal health care system, alerting them via letter they will soon lose their insurance. >> blood test, is that right? >> health care advocacy groups are besieged by phone calls
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like a native who has been battlings prostate cancer and losing coverage. they're going to send me the bill and no way i'm going to pay all the bills. >> critics say those left ut of insurance. >> they'll end up waiting until they're sicker, show up at the emergency room and be be incredibly expense stiff and that cost will fall to the hospitals or health care centers where people are treated. >> the biggest question about the landmark health care program in massachusetts has always been how to pay for it. the plan to cut tens of thousands of legal immigrants out would save an estimated 130 million dollars a year. a difficult choice, but based on dollars and cents. reduced revenues led to program cuts across board, but the the governor believes the state made a commitment it ought to keep. we're talking about hard working, tax paying residents contributing to the system and
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we think it's fair. >> to fight an uphill battle against the legislator bound to balance a budget in tough economic times, cutting away the programs hailed as a national model. f i'm molly line in the classroom. >> thank you, molly. you may think it's a good way to save money, but people buying cigarettes on the internet are getting smoked by back taxes. buyer beware. he is he' back, rod blagojevich got a new gig. what he's now trying his hand at straight ahead. taking its rightful place
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>> welcome back here. 20 minutes now past the hour on the east coast. 6 a.m. here is your news by the numbers. first, one thousand, that's how many billboards and signs
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have been put up nationwide to ease the pain of the recession. one sign says an interesting fact about recessions, they end. i feel better already. next up, 3,000, how many sailors were beyond 350 boats taking part in the world's longest fresh water boat race from chicago to northern michigan. it will take most of them between 40 and 60 hours to complete. and lastly, two days, that's how many days dozens of rare and vintage surf boards around the world will be up for sale in honolulu, hawaii one on display was made in 1850. all the proceeds going to charity. alisyn. >> thanks. all right, smokers beware, if you buy your cigarettes online and think they're tax-free, think again. some people are burned by thousands of dollars in back taxes. fox's eric shawn investigates. >> gladys cramer has been buying cigarettes online for years now, but feels burned.
6:22 am
>> what the heck is this? and this was not-- this was 4500 plus dollars, so i called them and they told me, it was tax on cigarettes. >> like a lot of americans, gladys thought ordering smokes on the web was tax-free and she received a note from the state of pennsylvania demanding thousands of dollars in back sales taxes and the department of revenue slapped a lien on her house to get the money. >> i don't want to pay something on taxes i don't know was taxed. >> it's a widely held misconception that it really is fax-free, it's not. >> tax law professor says buying online is not an excuse to skip out on state taxes. by law the internet sites have to report the sales to state tax authority tracking down online buyers to pony up. >> people think when they buy things over the internet, it's sales tax-free. we all have an obligation to pay whatever use taxes or
6:23 am
excise taxes would be paid if she'd bought it locally. >> the taxes can add up. the state wide 4,445.56 in back taxes and she's not alon. pennsylvania secretary of revenue says that smockers should know the law. >> taxes on cigarettes. >> whether you buy them in pennsylvania or buy them online are due to the commonwealth, but tell that to gladys. >> this is asinine. i'm 83 today. i am not the smartest person in the world, but when it comes to my money, hell and high water is not going to stop me from fighting it. >> i'm eric shawn, fox news. >> all right. thanks, eric. unbelievable. coming up on the show a lavish $700,000 gail la on your dime, alisyn's dame. who was whooping it up. >> if it's on my dime aid he like to go to this hotel. >> you weren't invited.
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>> are you ready for a fresh start at work, ways to organization your office, specifically alisyn's office, first rick, with a quick look at the weather. >> can we look the pictures that have resort all morning long. >> can we all go there and do our show live nks weekend? >> there you go, i like the way you think. >> it's going to be nice in the northeast. much of the east coast is looking good. enjoy it, sunday, a good day to get out not going to be able to coming up i'll tell you about that coming up, stay with us. get in now and get the chrysler town & country with a generous cash allowance, or 0% financing for 60 months. the trail rated jeep grand cherokee also comes with a cash allowance or 0% financing for 60 months. or choose a hard working all new dodge ram truck with a cash allowance that's tough to beat. all with our best in the business lifetime powertrain warranty. so hurry come see the deals we've built for you at the dodge chrysler and jeep summer clearance. i hope he has that insurance.
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>> and welcome back everybody. alisyn come rota, back in the house. >> welcome back. >> and i'm still slightly on vacation mindset. clayton morris here as well. so, here is where i was not vacationing. at the lavish, tony arizona built more hotel. i would like to vacation there. >> you know.
6:28 am
but it's so lavish and extravagant very few people can afford it, oh, unless you're the taxpayers paying for government executives to go there for a three-day stress reliever conference. >> yeah, if you would have gone there i would have paid for it as a taxpayer, but this is exactly what happened as the social security administration executives, which by the way, isn't social security administration nearly insolvent. >> yes, they say it might be be gone in less than 30 years. >> but they have the parties there and meet and executives say they need to meet face-to-face and then also reportedly had a dance party. my favorite part. a 20 minute dance party after work, bring their spouses. >> that's the butter turn. my signature move. >> on our dime. >> $700,000 for this team building exercise for executives from the social security sfrgs administration, is that necessary?
6:29 am
>> they say we received threats against our employees by people who are in the american public and they say the social security employees were receiving death threats not justifying a $700,000 shin-dig there in arizona, but they're clearly under stress as are most government agencies that don't have parties. >> if they think they received death threats before this disclosure, wait until the outrage afterwards, this is no time to be spending close to a million dollars, three quarters after million dollars on a team building exercise. so, let's take a listen to what some of the participants say. >> the first thing we saw when we walked into the main ballroom where there were several hundred, pretty much the whole crowd, all of these managers there were, you know, there were gift baskets handed out and they said those were donated and then they went into the dance routine how to relieve stress for bo 20 to 30 minutes and then after that, they h


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