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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 1, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ bad boys ♪ whatcha want, whatcha want? ♪ whatcha gonna do ♪ when sheriff john brown come for you? ♪ ♪ tell me, whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ yeah ♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♪ ♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♪ ♪ nobody naw give you no break ♪ police naw give you no break ♪ soldier mon naw give you no break ♪
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♪ not even you idren naw give you no breaks ♪ ♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♪ ♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♪ copsis filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
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gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people. officer jerry jimenez: got a brand-new rookie. we'll go out and about and teach him what it's like on the outside and away from the protective walls of the academy. officer fernie carrasco: my first night, i expect to see a couple of public intoxes maybe a few d.w.i.s here and there a couple of family disturbances calls. but other than that, i think it will be a slow night because it's tuesday night. there's really not much happening in el paso on tuesday nights. 1490, 1433 or 33 adam. we got a drunk disturbing call. some people out here just called. we'll be coming up real quick, right around the corner. there's a unit that's on the scene already. we need another unit out here now. where is it? right here.
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( women screaming) get the cuffs on him! come on! get the cuffs on him! get the cuffs on him! back off! back off! vayan se atras. back off! back off! back off! ( woman still screaming) vayanse por atras. vayanse por atras. vayanse por atras. vayanse por atras. vayanse por atras. vamanos. vayanse por atras. vayanse por atras. get him in the car. get him out of here. get him out of here.
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( many people speaking) back up. back up! que tiene... jimenez: this is their drunk disturbing call. this is what it was. this lady was telling me that this guy ran up beat the living daylights out of somebody that was out here and then tried to break into her car. i don't know if these people are related to him or not. ( man speaking spanish) ( people shouting) vamanos, senores. no hay nada aqui en la calle. vamanos. vamanos. officer david chavez: he's in one of the patrol cars. he's the one with the head wound?
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he was trying to kick... yes, he has a head wound. what is the two ladies in relation to the guy? that's the mother and that's his sister. okay, what did the guy originally do? the lady that made the call says that he was out on the street. he beat up some guy, but that guy's gone. chavez: who told you that? the lady that made the call. and then tried to break her car windows. this is her car right here. okay, well, why are they transporting this gal? well, this is the mother of the guy and she was just going hysterical when we were trying to cuff this guy. dimatteo: do we have any witnesses in the area? the lady that made the call is the one that saw. she lives in this apartment right here. all right. and how did everybody get hurt? if anybody got hurt, how did they get hurt? the only one that is hurt is the guy in custody and he's bleeding a bit. and she's just a little emotionally upset.
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the girl is down because she says that she's got heart problems. with all the excitement, she's not feeling well. you go canvass over there for witnesses to what happened, okay? you go across the street and canvass over there for witnesses. and then you... why don't you canvass right over here for witnesses-- some good witnesses. chavez: he didn't hit you? nope. we got a witness here saying... nobody hit me. nobody hit you? nope. how did you get that cut on your head? cut on my head? i got it last night. didn't they just arrest you yesterday? ¿lo arrestaron? ¿lo arrestaron ayer? no. they didn't arrest you yesterday? did they arrest you today? didn't they have to put a coat on you? you were our guest at our local hotel there. when?
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today, at the station. no. no? those tattoos seem very familiar like the "i love you, babe." what did that guy do to you when he came up to you? did you have to box him? he hit me one right here. did you defend yourself? i didn't hit him back. why did he hit you? was he crazy? i don't know. well, we know... we kind of gathered that. but why did he hit you? did he only hit you one time? johnny. johnny. johnny in the green corner with the green trunks. now, how many times did he hit you? one. once. where did he hit you? on the side here? right here, where you got that shiner? were you able to hit him back? i was going to hit him back, but... johnny, you're losing your touch. sergeant, we're going to clear this. i had occasion to fight johnny one time and he threw about 50 punches at me
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and he never struck me one time. just so we all know what we're dealing with... carrasco, where are you, buddy? just so we know what we're dealing with this is what the guy had. you sure you cleaned out your car before..? this is what the guy has. this paring knife will take you out just as sure as we're all standing here. so, apparently, he found it in the car. did you search him before he went in the car or we just stuck him in the car during the heat of the battle? we took some things out of his pockets. so, he was just thrown in there? no, no, no. he was searched. we took everything out of his pockets right here. if that was stashed or not, i don't know. well, this is a good lesson for us, okay? if we don't cuff them when we stuff them in the car make sure. on behalf of the citizens of el paso you have one more life to live. let's get out of here before we find a gun or something.
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nt jack russ: this is supposed to be a stash house. there should be marijuana in this house or in the van out back. we want to make sure and secure the house and then we'll go ahead and do our search. we'll do a systematic room-by-room search like we usually always do. everybody ready? your truck? yeah. load as many as we can in as few as vehicles so we don't need them all. why don't we take the black truck? everybody can pile in the back. let's get as many as we can in the truck. everybody can jump out from the truck. ( garbled radio transmission) russ: call 345 and 414 and tell them to head back to... unit 40 to 415. officer: go ahead. okay, we're going to be approaching the house in about 30 seconds. 10-4. ( dog barking)
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dog in the back. dog in the back. police! search warrant! search warrant! police! police! come out here! come on out! sit down. ( dog barking) step right here. clear? clear? back door right here. you got the van out here. we believe that's where the marijuana's going to be. it's locked up so we just got the key to it right now. ( dogs barking) that's it. pay dirt. it's a pretty good size load of marijuana here.
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most likely, it's come across from mexico. that's where generally most of the dope here comes from. this is a pretty sizable amount here. pretty good haul. apparently getting ready to move it out. okay, we need to go in and finish securing the house. then we'll start a search of the house. como lo conoces? fiestas. en unas fiestas. ocasional, no mas. y el vive en juarez? si, senor. lo conocimos en unparty en una boda de una muchacha. le ofresco mi casa cuando se le ofresca algo. fue todo. sergeant george perez: the people of the home here advised that an acquaintance that they know from juarez, mexico came by and told them the vehicle was overheating and asked for permission to leave it here for a few hours
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and that he'd be back for it and the lady granted permission, so... we're in the process right now of verifying whether or not that story is correct. we need to establish a link between the dope and the people living here. they're claiming that some friend of the family just dropped it off and asked if they could leave the van here for a while and get it later. i believe flores is the name of the people here. we found some flores already. we need a link between the dope and them. or some dope in here. do a good search-- organized, systematic search like you guys do-- and i'm sure we'll come up with something. maybe... maybe a thousand. what have we got? it looks like here we got a couple bricks of marijuana. very good. there's the link now. this will definitely establish the link. they claim they didn't know anything
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about the marijuana out front. now, obviously, they do. it's in the common area of the house hidden in the closet. they definitely knew what was going on. it was right there. i didn't really have to reach in for it. keep looking. maybe we'll find the money. there's about... i would say about two, three thousand dollars here-- bundles of 20. after you've photographed it in place we'll go ahead and put it... marty, you photograph these already? yes. just put in this sack. i'll take custody of the money. myself and the sergeant will take custody of the money so there's no argument as to what happened to it. we'll take it back to the office in a controlled environment and we'll count the money and we'll seal it and lock it away for the night. why don't you stay back here with the money. that was there's no dispute as to how much money or any chance of anything getting lost.
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originally, we asked the girl for the key to this and she said that they'd lost the key. and i told her we would break it open or give us the key. she said, "break it open. there's nothing in there but clothes." that's the kind of clothes i'd like to wear. dispatcher: okay, in and out, 183. we need you to respond to 8000 northland. from here we'll start the process to seize the money 'cause it's, uh... no doubt in my mind what it was derived from. they have the right to their day in court. they'll have to take their chances in court with it. a lot of marijuana. it's probably one of the biggest ones that i've been involved in. actually, it is the biggest one, as far as marijuana goes. one of the larger ones that we've had here in a while. good, sizable amount. we thought it was around 600 pounds but it looks like it's probably closer to 1,000 pounds
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sergeant al carson: we're en route to an accident. unit on the scene have requested a supervisor. when a pedestrian accident happens where they're called for a supervisor it will be a serious injury and they'll want to know whether we should call s.t.i. or what they should do. it may be a traffic fatality. that would be another reason that they would call for a supervisor at the scene. 4-charles-15. coming up 1097 on paisano. officer jeffrey gordon: we have the driver. his story's all good except for he's saying
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he was going 40 miles per hour. this truck here? yeah. is the driver intoxicated? no, he seems fine. mahoney is talking to him now. you can tell he's all worked up because of what happened. how you doing, sir? uh, you want to tell me a little bit about what happened here? yes, i was coming this way, and he was about half... out in the middle of the street right there. he was running across the street? no, he was walking this way. oh, he's coming this way. yeah. then he just went, like, three steps and when i saw him, he walked, like, three steps and he just stopped and he thumbed me a ride. he was trying to flag a ride from you? yeah. well... i don't think he was really... i don't know, but he just walked three steps and then he stopped, and he went like that and when i hit my brake, it was too late. not much you can do about that, huh? is he alive? they're doing c.p.r. on him right now, sir. i'm not allowed to say whether he is or not.
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what we might want to do is... let's have you come down this way just a little bit, okay? 'cause there's going to be some more medical personnel coming in here and i need you to come down here and wait a little bit. that way, you'll be more out of the way 'cause i don't think it's a good idea for you to be standing right here right now. just come down here and we'll have you wait down here by the motorcycle. sir, let me explain a couple of things to you in the eventuality that the man does die, all right? first off, i'm going to tell you that you do have the right to remain silent and you don't have to say anything 'cause anything you say can be used against you. you understand that? if you'd like to have an attorney present before any questions are asked of you you can have an attorney present. just relax, okay? i have to explain this stuff to you. you understand that, right? yes, sir. okay. the other thing i want to ask you is how much have you had to drink? like, three beers, two beers. okay. see, 'cause the problem here is
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you're also going to have to go down and have a breath test for alcohol to see how much you've had to drink it's a fair assumption to believe that he just crossed illegally into the united states. yeah, looks like he hit the bumper and all the way up, just a straight side shot... on the guy. probably the head or something here. we'll take the subject down here to central station and run him on a breath test and see what we got alcohol-wise and then units will just have to stand by out here till s.t.i. and the special traffic investigations unit gets out here. i spent eight years in traffic before i came back to patrol as a sergeant and it's real simple. if the guy's not drunk, well... he shouldn't have been drinking at all and if he is drunk i'm not going to feel sorry for him. i feel sorry for the family of the guy that got run over
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but, uh, no sympathy for that driver at all. looks like it's going to be a 65 over here at west paisano. yeah, this is the driver. you want to go ahead and run him? he's already got s.t.i. coming out there. let's do this one more time. okay, same thing. just put your mouth right on there and then go ahead and blow. ( beeping) keep blowing. don't stop now. one, two, three, four five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. okay, go ahead and sit down. must have been more than two hours ago, buddy. see right here where it says "subject?" that's where you blew at and there's none of the alcohol left in your system right now.
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so, uh, doesn't look like you're going to get charged with involuntary manslaughter, that's for sure. oh, i won't? officer, what i know is... what i think i should tell you is that... like, he walked down the street with, like, a bad attitude, or... the guy did? yes, sir. you got to understand... yes, sir, it's my fault. no, you don't understand then. you were drinking, okay? you could smell it on you. you told me you had three beers. we come down, we give you the test. this way, there is no doubt in anybody's mind anymore that you don't have any alcohol in your system at all, okay? if you know in your heart, in your mind that there's nothing that you could have done. you see what i'm saying? yes, sir. because the alcohol is gone out of your system even though you shouldn't have been doing it
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in the first place. basically, what we've got is a guy who's got a history of drinking and driving this time wound up being lucky enough to not have any alcohol left in his system by the time we tested him even though he admitted to drinking except for, he's still got a suspended driver's license. he shouldn't have been driving in the first place so he'll be charged with that, and, uh, other than that i don't see any reason to charge him with anything else related to the accident. the illegal ran out in the middle of the street. he was all the way over in the second traffic lane in. he got took out. officer: i've got him at gunpoint. dispatcher: gunpoint, 132 and bush. cover is code three. [captioning sponsored by 20th tv domestic syndication and the u.s. department of education captioned by the caption center wgbh educational foundation]
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♪ whatcha want, whatcha want? ♪ whatcha gonna do ♪ when sheriff john brown come for you? ♪ ♪ tell me, whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ yeah ♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♪ ♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♪ ♪ nobody naw give you no break ♪ police naw give you no break ♪ soldier mon naw give you no break ♪ ♪ not even you idren naw give you no breaks ♪ ♪ bad boys, bad boys
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our pasta from generation to generation could become the choice of all italian families and someday families everywhere. for now it's just a dream. but if you have passion, why not dream? detective mark rosario: we got a search warrant. there are some pictures here if you want to get a look at them. previous conviction for trafficking. he had an arrest at one time for second-degree murder. we're going to be looking at the apartment. it's number seven the last apartment all the way on the east side of the complex. sergeant louie burkhard: we get quite a bit of drug activity through the county and city around albuquerque. keeps these guys pretty busy that work out of the narcotics unit. yeah, this is one of the major corridors for narcotics entering the united states from mexico
7:36 pm
up i-25, i-40 on the east and west uh, so in the metropolitan area of albuquerque, we get quite a bit of narcotics activity. ( garbled radio transmission) woman: 10-4. out of the way! get down on the ground! down on the ground! you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. you have the right to have an attorney present during questioning. if you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to you. do you understand what i just told you? any syringes in your pockets? i don't know. you don't know? uh-uh. listen, listen, listen. we don't want to get stuck, all right? i know. tell us if you have a syringe on you. i don't know if i put it... where do you keep it? in your socks?
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in my pocket. is it capped? it might not be. i got gloves on, mark. let me... there's a bunch of money in there. victor, is there any more dope in the house? spread your legs out for me a little bit. there you go. burkhard: you said you're from california? have you ever spent any time in the penal system in new mexico? it's not a pretty sight. let's hang on to him for a few minutes. we're going to check this building out real quick. a confidential source that is around this area quite a bit came up and told us that he sees the subject in and out of this building all the time. that prompted us to pay particular attention to it. oh. bingo. a little bit of marijuana. that looks like heroin. well, it appears that, uh, this is where he's keeping his stash of heroin.
7:38 pm
well, we're going to have to test this but i'm sure this is black tar heroin probably four, five, six grams. a gram goes for about $300, so this is not user weight. this is definitely trafficking, which is a second-degree felony in the state of new mexico. they could be sentenced up to 18 years, so even with good time they're looking at doing nine years of that so it's a pretty heavy, heavy sentence. man: this is the guy we're going to be-- the target he made a controlled purchase of crack cocaine from him. he's supposed to also be holding methamphetamines. blaschke: we're going to come in second street go south from here on second street go west on mescalero. we're going to have to pull up in front of the apartment complex. andrew's going to attempt to do a knock and announce and see if we can get the door open. it's going to be andrew's call when to come in with the ram. again, you guys are going to go in first
7:39 pm
and then frank's going to go in and then andrew's going to fill then i'm going to go in with louie. we don't have a floor plan. so don't get in so much of a hurry. if we got it, we hit it. just hit that sucker and let mark get in there kind of... kind of slow just because there is a danger of a gun being involved. we're going. whoa! announce sheriff's department. sheriff's department! search warrant! search warrant! open the door! get down! get down! down! down! down! get down in there! ( all screaming) get back in your apartment! ( child crying) got a gun. gun.
7:40 pm
watch it. stay away from the gun. ( baby crying) woman: okay, okay, okay, okay. stand by. okay, we've got a big boulder here. this was actually... we took him down on the bed here and he had this in his hand. there ain't no good place to do this inventory. then there's some powder here all this money was inside of his address book here. this gun was underneath the bed. it was loaded. stand against the wall. that's why i said you boys in a little bit of trouble. i would say so. 114? yes. get a hold of 114. ( radio beeps) two successful warrants in a row. that's pretty good. what's your name again? leroy? and what's your name? richard. what is it? richard.
7:41 pm
richard? all right. come with me. we're going to sit you over here in the police car for a little bit. you guys are under arrest for trafficking and crack cocaine. it was a pretty good day we had today. yeah. we had two warrants a quantity of dope, a quantity of cash. a couple of guns, some crack cocaine. we had the guns right within reach. thought one of them was going to go for it ended up pretty peaceful. yeah. a little damage to the door but other than that, not bad. have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom, we'll help you incorporate your business, file a patent, make a will and more.
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yes! our car insurance comes with 24/7 claim service, and you can save hundreds. so, what you haulin'? oh, eight-year-olds to soccer practice. nine! oh, precious cargo. protecting what matters most to you. now, that's progressive. call or click today. so hurry to lowe'su doto catch genuine. pergo flooring at 15% off. not only does pergo come in a range of beautiful designs, it's got superior scratch and stain resistance built in so it can stand up to the likes of this big fella. but 15% off in-stock pergo ends october 5th, only at lowe's. i joined the police department approximately seven years ago. i started at the police academy at the age of 41. after the academy, i went on a on-the-job training.
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after that on-the-job training i started this area down in what they call the valley area which is probably one of the highest crime rate areas in the city. ( garbled radio transmission) 221 go on, 56. got a call at tenth and led. a woman called in, screaming that somebody's trying to break into her house and... advised that someone's breaking in and armed with a gun. we'll be rolling up on it pretty quick here. somebody's coming out of there. woman: just stand right there. just put your hands back up. marquez: put your hands where i can see them. put them on top of your head.
7:45 pm
stop right there. put them on top of your head. turn around! drop your hat. drop your hat! put your hands on top of your head. turn around. turn around! put your hands on top of your head and turn around! interlace your fingers. interlace your fingers tight. spread your legs out. i'm just ( blip) at him because i came over to talk to my ex-girlfriend and... and he pulled a... pulled out a gun on me. ( bleep) who's got the gun? he does. he got three of them in there. okay. why don't you just come over here with me?
7:46 pm
put your hands at your side, all right? stand right there and get on your knees. stay on your knees there. some identification. you want to go ahead and..? here. on who? on him. you just come over here and threaten him to fight, huh? he pulled a gun on me the other night... we're not talking about the other night. we're talking about right now. woman: he won't leave us alone. okay, i'm, uh... i don't know why she's all crying and freaking out like that. is that her boyfriend? that's her boyfriend. so in other words, she's plain told you she didn't want you, right? no, that's not my ex-girlfriend. my ex-girlfriend was over here the other night. what are you doing here now? because he pulled a gun and pointed it at my face
7:47 pm
and shot off a shot. so you come back now and try to revenge..? yeah, it's kind of ruthless. i've never done nothing to him and he put a gun in my face. all i did was ask to talk to my girlfriend and he comes through the window with a gun with this laser pointing at my face. ( woman crying): i tried to tell you guys but you're not doing anything. i made a report, i tried to press charges... how can you get a restraining order against somebody when you're not domestic or for a domestic dispute? they won't give us one because we're not related to him. what happened? is he an ex-boyfriend? no, no, my friend amber. it's her ex-boyfriend. why did he come by here? because he wants to retaliate against us. is your car open? yeah, uh... no. put him in your car. okay, you bet. marquez: did he have a gun? man: yes, sir. he was threatening to shoot us. do you always carry yours?
7:48 pm
no, i don't. i only put it on because i knew... he was just here two nights ago. he was with another little, uh... friend of his named bucky. woman: lucas ( blip). they'd been harassing us since monday night. we've got reports, we've got everything documented. we had changed our pager number. he told my friend he was going to come back and kill us. we haven't been here for two nights because i didn't want this to happen. we spent the night at a hotel. that car there is... who he's with. that car right there! that camaro-- the white one! marquez: the camaro right there. that's his accomplice. ( siren wailing) man: i'm glad you guys responded. he's going to come back after you people let him out. go ahead and stand up. he's going to come back after you people let him out. what started the whole thing?
7:49 pm
we moved in here. i've had nothing to do with him. i've known him for a long time. i don't want to have nothing to do with him because he's crazy. we can't even stay here. he's been waiting for me at my work. we haven't been here for two days. he's been going by both houses. he knows where we're working. he knows where my mom, my dad lives. we would scream for these people to help... he waited until the cops left and he followed that girl amber and he broke all the windows. she wouldn't make a report because she's his ex-girlfriend. man: my problem with him is that he put a gun in my face. marquez: why? because i came and talked to my ex-girlfriend. why are you coming over here? why do you keep coming over here? why did you come over last time? i came over to talk to my ex-girlfriend. we got into an argument. did you ever think maybe she didn't want you around? she loves me. she wanted to... she doesn't if she's your ex-girlfriend. she... she... they don't want you here. i know they don't. so don't come over here.
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i took... i took offense. i took total offense to him pointing a gun at my face. well, guess what? you're going to jail. you got a warrant also. that'll keep you in until the judge talks to you. l haven't tried activia? listen to this story. my problem was occasional irregularity. my commercials didn't convince you? i am definitely a skeptic. actually, my mom convinced me.
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( siren wailing) deputy ruben barela: we have an armed subject at the nine-mile hill chevron. the call came in that he has a gun and he's waving it around at the customers out there. 353, we have a vehicle description-- a black toyota car, california plates. we have a three nine, is a male subject we do not have a contact. the people that called it in said he ran in there with a gun and he's going to be in a black vehicle with california plates. they did see the gun, so we know he has one. we just don't know if he's still there or not. we have a caller on the line. ( garbled) make sure the vehicle's still there. 286. could you have them give me a description of the vehicle? black toyota.
7:55 pm
hands up! put your hands up now! officer: get in the back of the building. clear the car. get to the back of the building and turn around. to the back of the building. there you go. i'll cuff him. any weapons on you? any narcotics or anything on you? any weapons in the vehicle? yeah. gun? yeah, looks like a sawed-off. .410. or... yeah, a .410. okay. get inside. watch your head.
7:56 pm
we actually, uh... we know that this is the man that was in question here. we did locate a sawed-off shotgun in the back of the vehicle. we're going to run him right now and see if he has any wants or warrants, and do some further investigating and find out what we have here. suspect: i didn't point anything at anybody, though. you talk to the contact? you know, i talked to everyone out there and nobody called, or they said they didn't call. so either they left or they don't want to get involved. yeah. the original caller said he was waving this thing around? yes, sir. when the call came in he was waving a gun at people out here. on the road, or here in the lot. in here in the parking lot. how you doing? good. how you doing? good. did you get this call? yeah, we just had another black car
7:57 pm
stopped at nine-mile hill. okay. well, that's the location they first gave us, was nine-mile hill. that a separate call, or..? it's the same call. it's just they gave us the wrong location. there's a sawed-off shotgun or something right here in the back of the vehicle. he can't get to it, can he? uh, he could easily reach it where he was sitting. it's on the floor, underneath that striped shirt. ( garbled radio transmission) segotta: that's not very loose. no... did you write him for a triple-i? not yet. he's running him... he's running a 29 on him now, 27, 29. doesn't have it chambered, but he has one out here.
7:58 pm
well, let's see what he has to say about this. we could run a 29 on this. yeah. ( garbled radio transmission) what was their point about... that they, uh... barela: what we're going to do now is, uh... run him through triple-i., n.c.i.c. find out if he's ever been convicted of a felony. if he has, then we can charge him for felon in possession of a firearm. was he ready to rob something or what? hey, we need to see if there were any robberies with this mask, huh? segotta: is that a mask? yeah.
7:59 pm
look at that. a little bag, weed and, uh, another eight or nine .410 shells. we can go get the shotgun. what's the mask for? just a mask. huh? it's mine. yours for what? what do you do with it? for halloween. you use it for halloween? you've had it for a while, or what? a couple years. and what's the gun for? protection. don't know. i got the gun a few months ago. you know the gun's illegal, right? no, i didn't. you didn't know that gun was illegal a sawed-off shotgun like that? you had no clue. it looks kind of suspicious. you have a mask and a gun. well, i didn't do anything wrong. didn't do anything wrong? the guy's a convicted felon within the last ten years. okay. he's got a 92 conviction.


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