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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 3, 2009 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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i'm in for bill o'reilley, hope to see you next time and remember, the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, october 3, here is what's happening. the white house denies the second stimulus is coming, but there is word that three stimulus programs will be extended and wait until you hear how much all this will cost you, the taxpayer. >> also president obama speaks about the death of his olympic dream. but was the president right to spend taxpayer dollars traveling to denmark when he's got so much on his plate at home? we report. you decide. >> you won't believe the new
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insults janine graph low is hurling. our slogan this morning comes from donata of alaska. we know that place? i get up at 2:00 o'clock, i'm one of the special few to watch my friends in the morning while everyone else is snoring. from alaska, good morning. >> good morning to you. i wonder -- >> it's donana. >> anyway, thanks so much. we've got a great show lined up for today. interesting medical story this morning. right? >> yeah. obviously you know you're not supposed to smoke cigarettes while pregnant. but now there is new research
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suggesting the effect it may have later on in life for your children. it's not just low birth weight. it's much more serious. we'll tell you about that. >> let's look outside. on our plaza right now, it's like my dream come true. >> you got here in thought, you were still dreaming. >> yeah. is this a dream? literally games to you. they come to your house and bring video games. there is a life size robot which i will be trying get inside a little later. you remember from alien when she gets in the giant robot? i'm hoping that's what it's like. >> no, but i thought something popped out of her stomach. >> a huge hamster-like ball that a human being can get in and roll along the plaza, i'm hoping to get clayton in that as well. >> that sounds fun. >> we would like to sign you up. >> they're going to add that to the olympics this year. >> sign me up. >> speaking of olympics, we need to give you an update on what happened yesterday. so many people in chicago were
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crest fallen when the news came out that chicago was not only not chosen for the olympics, but it was the first one eliminated of the cities. and this was after the president and first lady flew especially to denmark to make their personal pitch. what went wrong here? >> did he get some bad information? obviously they wanted this to be an the world stage. you don't accept the president of the united states when you're setting them up for failure. the president will arrive there and is going to have the vote come back and it will be a positive moment for him. i don't know how. they were knocked out in the first round, which is interesting. >> what is interesting about that is what we're hearing from some whispers coming from ioc members that they all acknowledge that chicago was the big competition for rio, so a lot of these members -- >> in the first round. >> that's why they got knocked down, because everybody
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acknowledged their real competition was chicago. they knew if they eliminated it early, they could let madrid and tokyo hang around because they weren't a serious threat. >> so you're saying it was a strategic move? >> absolutely. this was the most political scene you'll ever see. >> because all the ioc members know they get money from this as well. there is all sort of money involved in this anyway. the real question this morning is, is this bad for the president of the united states? >> yes. >> some would say yes and some would say no. some conservative columnists even arguing this is good for the president. interestingly enough. why? because this story dies after a few days. now if it's 2016, all of the budget overrun, all of the problems that inevitably come with having a city host the olympic games would be put on president obama. >> that means chicago may have dodge add bullet by not having to go into debt as some cityies have. as you said, the president's team is so strategic that you have to believe that they were given some sort of bum steer for
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him to fly all the way. some people estimated it at $1 million in taxpayer expense to fly all the way to denmark to put himself on the line like that. that wasn't for a roll of the dice. he had to have known things were going his way. but it brings up the anti-american sentiment. >> right. that was my question. is it bad for america or bad for the president of the united states? >> we're going to ask tucker carlson in a couple of minutes what he thinks and my question is, where does all this goodwill that the president has supposedly built up, where does this get us? the quote, unquote apology tour. his world wide popularity, where does it get us. >> let's hear what the president had to say about the loss. >> congratulate rio de janiero and the nation of brazil for winning the 2016 olympics. i think this is a truly historic event as these will be the first
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olympic games ever to be held in south america. >> that's nice. he's being a good sport. >> he's a good loser. it's a first olympic games in south america. let's not understate that. they also host the world cup for soccer in 2014. >> last night the bill maher show cause ago bit of controversy this morning. we remember janine garofalo. here she was last night. let's take a listen. >> it's obvious to, i think, anybody who has eyes in this country that tea baggers, the 9-12ers, these separatist groups that pretend that it's about policy, they are clearly white identity movements. what they don't like about the president is that he's black. >> i think it's obvious anyone who has ears, that she doesn't
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leave her apartment often. she has never met a republican. she's never met a republican or an independent. she's never met a disgruntled democrat. she's never talked to the people that we hear from every day via e-mail and on our show that they are unhappy with big government and big government spending and more taxes, et cetera, et cetera. >> so many of the people that showed up at the tea parties were independents. we were hearing from a number of people who said i'm independent. they said, look, i'm not republicans. i don't want to be lumped in with the republicans. i'm not a democrat. i can't stand the democratic party. i'm independent and i'm here because i'm outraged. it's not about conservatives and democrat. >> what about the african-american people that were at these tea parties, what does that say about them? she was not done. she had more to say about this movement, about republicans as well. here is more from her. >> this has been going on since the founding of this country that white power movements have
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tried to establish themselves and hold on to power and it's just -- it's very weird that whenever that comes up in conversation, so few people are willing to say that yes, it is racism, straight up racism. and the republican party has been willing to carry water for racists in this country since about the 1950s. >> i hate when facts get in the way, but how about some actual evidence of these accusations? to come out and spit hatred, how about some actual evidence of that? has she been to these tea parties and talked with these people? >> she's never left manhattan, obviously. people that she surrounds herself with are not people who are tapped who have their finger on the pulse of how the rest of america is feeling. later on i'll tell you this party i went to this week. we get to the heart of this. >> was janine there? >> no, but i met a woman whose
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husband returned from a 9-12 rally. >> i'm intrigued. here are your headlines. we do begin with a fox news alert for you because the military is reporting that three u.s. troops have died during attacks in eastern afghanistan. two were killed in a fire fight with militants while the third died after being wounded in a bomb attack. u.s. death tolls have been on the rise in afghanistan. this while the president is mulling whether he will follow his top commander's advice and send in more troops. meanwhile, the white house is talking with congressional democrats about extending three parts of the stimulus. that includes extending benefits for the unemployed, health insurance subsidies and the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers. negotiations are heating up after the unemployment rate climbed to 9.8% in september. the white house is steering away from calling this plan a second stimulus.
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a kidnapped tennessee baby has been found safe in alabama. now a woman suspected of abducting the baby is under arrest. police say the boy was found late last night in good health at a home near the tennessee border. thank goodness. so many people were worried about him. his mother says a woman posing as an immigration agent attacked her with a knife. you can see the aftermath on her face -- and took her son the. an arrest made in the aaron andrews incident. michael barrett is accused of taping nude videos through a hotel room peephole of the espn side line reporter erin andrews and faces charges for stalking and taking the videos, posting them on-line and trying to sell them to the celebrity web site, tmz. she said she thought her career was over once it was leaked, but has been active without incident since. >> why would she get fired for that? >> i don't know. but it's a good thing this guy
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has been locked up. greed obviously got in the way. this is a disgusting person. good to hear he's locked up. >> let's check in with rick. he's back. >> i've been very good. i feel like i don't know how to do my job. >> we missed you. >> thank you. we have a little tropical stuff. this is tropical storm olaf down across parts of mexico. you see this moisture moving toward arizona and new mexico and texas. that's good news. we need any kind of rain and we're getting that. just enough. very heavy rain during the overnight hours across parts of the northeast. this morning waking up to it around long island and toward areas of new england. still front is back behind here. we stand a chance to see another bout of rain as the day moves on. this is the upper level disturbance that kept chicago very gloomy, cold, and that is going to continue with this for one more day. then we'll turn our attention across parts of the west. next system pulling in. we'll be talk being snow levels with this one, down to maybe 4,000 feet. some areas in the higher rockies
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picking up two to four feet of snow. it's that time of year we'll start to talk about that. northern half of the country talking about temperatures that are right around 15 to 20-degrees below your averages this time of year. very much feels like fall. that will be with us today and tomorrow. the south, still in the 80s. >> oranges. >> thank you. i'm heading to colorado tomorrow. i'm a little nervous about the snow. >> bundle up. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, was president obama right to get involved in the olympic games for 2016 when he's got so much to deal with at home in 2009? tucker carlson will weigh in. >> you can always send it to my blog. then, halloween is fast approaching. a new study says that candy may do a lot of harm to your kids, more than just cavities. why it could turn that into violent criminals? yep, you heard me.
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we'll talk to a doctor about the merits of this new research coming up.
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the city of chicago having obtained the least number of votes will not participate in the next round. >> that stunning announcement coming on friday. chicago didn't even make it past the first round of consideration for the 2016 olympic games. even after the president, the first lady and oprah all campaigned hard for the windy city. but was the president right to
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get involved here? why was he concerned with 2016 when we have so many problems right here at home in 2009? >> we are joined by fox news contributor tucker carlson to answer some of those questions. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks. >> where do you stand on this? was it a smart move for the president to be going over there lobbying the international olympic committee and trying to get this brought home and now -- it's always easy to look back because now after losing in the first round, what does this do to the president? >> i mean, i was for the united states getting the olympics and i would rather have the president there talking about games than trying to take over my health care. but as a political matter, very foolish to ever put the president's credibility on the line when the outcome is uncertain. just like a lawyer never asks questions of a witness in court unless he knows what the answers are going to be, you don't want to send the president out on a high profile mission like this unless you're certain he's going to succeed.
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so the people who advised the president to do this ought to be fired immediately. i think that's a feeling among democrats, too. this made the president look like an amateur. >> i think the advisors were probably as stunned as most of us. i guess what i'm wondering is where does all of this get us, is world wide popularity we heard about, all the goodwill he built up, so-called apology tour that he went on early, where does it all get us when we go abroad and get turned down for stimulus money, for troops in afghanistan and now we lose the olympics, so where does all of this get us? >> it shows how childish our understanding of international affairs is. the idea that countries, because they like the president personally will change their basic positions on things is absurd. countries act in their own interest. our elections don't affect what those interests are on a very basic level. so maybe other european countries dislike president bush, maybe they love president obama, but it doesn't really make any difference in the end.
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so the idea that obama, because he's popular in the rest of the world, will somehow make america more effective negotiator internationally, that's absurd. that was one of the reasons people voted for this president in the first place. i thought it was silly then. it's proved to be silly now. this is an adult world. people don't act because they have affection for a leader or don't. >> you know some of the criticism, the amount of money spent for the president to fly there. estimates are $1 million. but some conservative columnist writing, saying this is actually good for the president to get turned down. they say, look, when this starts unfolding in chicago, inevitably there will be budget overruns, all kinds of issues with regard to the olympics here in the united states, all of that would be tied to president obama. this story may not have leg past a few days. what do you say about that? >> that is actually a thoughtful
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point. i think it may be good in a deeper me at that physical way in that it's good for us to fail in a high profile way every once in a while because it reminds us that we're not god and there are limits in our ability to sway other people. the one thing president obama hasn't done very often is fail. failing puts your life in perspective and it keeps you from overreaching the next time. this administration overreaches dramatically. maybe this will cause him to rethink some other policy. >> failure teaches us lessons. he was the first ever president to do this, sitting president to lobby in this way. is he the last? >> i think so. >> you think so? >> yes. i can say that with certainty. >> okay. thanks, tucker carlson, we appreciate it. >> we'll see him in a moment. the supreme court setting up a showdown on gun control laws and it could mean an historic ruling on your right to bear arms. governor huckabee is here to
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explain that. a new reason to shed extra pounds. why losing weight could get you the best sleep of your life. that's good news. coming up next. >> tucker is going home.
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23 minutes after the hour. time for medical rewind. a new study links smoking during pregnancy to an increased risk of psychotic symptoms in children. here now is from mount sinai medical center. thanks for being here. this is a study out of britain that looked at more than 6,000 children and they found something completely new, something that's never been seen before, if mothers smoke, what sorts of behaviors do they see in kids? >> if the pregnant women needed one more study to show that there are side effects from smoking or alcohol, certainly
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this study confirms the link. what they did was looked at over 6,000 children and found that there is an increase of 11% risk of having psychosis or psychotic symptoms in maternal pregnancy and smoking. it's important because we know all along that high consumption of alcohol or smoking affects the children. we know from anatomy that umbilical cord, the bond between mother and child, can transfer all the nutrition. healthy diet transfers to healthier children and this kind of smoking and drinking certainly has the side effect. what's important is especially during the early part of pregnancy where all the development and growth and organs are being developed during that period, this has a major effect on that cognitive skill, developmental and certainly we see the psychosis and psychotic symptoms. take home message, stay away from smoking and alcohol consumption during the pregnancy at any cost if you want to have
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healthy children. >> this one is a particularly scary by-product. let's move on. another new study shows 87% of obese patients with diabetes had problems sleeping. they had sleep apnea. you don't have to lose much weight to turn this around. >> absolutely. i think this is a very exciting study because obesity, we know has affected our community with diabetes, with cardiovascular and now sleep disorders. as you mentioned, 10% of weight loss can go so far, as far as getting better sleep and getting us healthier. in this study, they looked at two groups. they took 260 participants, divided them into groups where in the first group they had healthy diets, added exercise to their daily activities, portion control food. the other group they sent them for three informational sessions. in the first group they lost 24 pounds as opposed to one pound in the second group. so they the take home message is
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really, watch what you eat, portion control, exercise, and take care of yourself. >> we need to get to this next study 'cause this one is fascinating, particularly with halloween looming. >> that's right. >> these researchers looked at 17,000 kids, they followed them for four decades and they found that children who eat a lot of candy later have violent behavior or more prone to going to jail. what is this? >> amazing resources that went into the study. the important point is there is no direct link between the candy and ending up in jail. this is a very complex behavioral study that shows when the parents bribe their kids with these candies, when they have to spend time and parent them and teach them the right lesson, these guys grow up to have deferred immediate gratification, it results into more impulsive behaviors and violence. so you want to make sure you keep all the candies away from clayton. >> thank you. that's a very good point.
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we won't ban halloween yet. thank you very much. and as for clayton, i believe he's playing with a robot outside. >> that's right. >> look at this place. games to you, they come right to your house. we'll be inside this robot here. you can actually get this hired out. i'll try to see if i can fit inside of this thing. there is a kid in there right now. we're going to show you more of this and put it to the test when we come back.
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welcome back to fox and friends. how are you guys doing? you all ready to go? >> i'm excited. we're going to go back out to the plaza. there is giant hamster balls out there. there is a kid in there and there is a controversy whether i can fit in there. >> a lot of people thought there was a robot inside you for a long time. a flip side. >> let's see if i can take it home with me later. a lot of news we're following for you this morning. looking at some of the new jobless numbers that came out this week, quite a bit -- people thought maybe we would see the jobless numbers drop a little bit. not the case. >> up to 9.8% now. there is an interesting study from the business and media institute that has looked at how
7:31 am
the media is covering these unemployment and jobless numbers. >> there are similar unemployment numbers to back when reagan was president, as you see us creeping toward that 10% unemployment mark. what is not similar, though the unemployment numbers are almost the same, the coverage is very, very different from the main stream media. in fact business and media institute took a look at how positive the coverage was is of president obama, how negative it was of president reagan at the time. take a listen. >> the mention of the reagan administration were negative in 91% of instances where obama's mentions were only negative 7% of the time. that's actually 13 times more negative to president ronald reagan. >> so that is julyly, part of the study, it's a conservative group. what's interesting about the media coverage is the context
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from which all of this came because back when reagan was president and inherited this mess from the carter administration, there was no context provided. it was glossed over. so therefore, president reagan, it was all on his lap. we kept hearing that. so very often the media coverage is, this was all bush's mess, let's put this in context. this was all bush's mess that obama inherited. no context provided. >> still that is trickling out and still we're seeing questions by the main stream media, is this yet president obama's economy? still we're hearing those very questions, although we've already seen the $787 billion stimulus package and all the economic factors that he has put in place, this is his economy coverage clearly. >> i remember some of the stories during the reagan era and i remember there were a lot -- many, many more stories out, homelessness. the food banks, people having to go to these homeless shelter kitchens. it's funny, i was just thinking
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before we read this week, i was watching one of the evening newscasts and i saw a story about a family, this is their last month of benefits. they don't know what they'll be doing next month. i thought, i wonder where all the stories are about the people who are already in that next month, 'cause i remember those from years ago. people who hit rock bottom and you're not seeing that as much now. >> i read dave ramsey's book and he talks -- he was a realtor back then, right around that time in 1980, 81. and the mortgage interest rates were ridiculous. looking at those numbers in 1982, 13.57%. 13% to get a 30 year fixed rate mortgage? they're under 5% right now. and again, i come back to the context. a lot of that was inherited during the inflationary years of the carter administration, but context wasn't provided for it bit main stream media. i'm fascinated by the difference in the way in which context is not looked at from back then in history. >> it's the images that you think of from the reagan years, the images of people living out
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of their cars. you know how the main stream media spun it. here is how the president spins the current jobless numbers on friday. >> today's job report is a sobering reminder that progress comes and starts. we're going to need to grind out this recovery step by step. i want to let every single american know that i will not let up until those who are seeking work can find work, until businesses that are seeking credit are able to get credit, and thrive, until all responsible homeowners can stay in their homes. >> it's funny he says that it happens in fits and starts. that's sort of how the national media has depicted it. people were saying in april, look, the jobless numbers aren't as bad as expected, even though hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs. it's less than was predicted. so that was considered a good news story. >> isn't it funny how this unfolded last year? initially it was, we're in a recession. people are fighting this notion we are in a recession.
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it's terrible. now they're so quick to say everything is fine, we're moving fine. it's like these news cycles, they get excited about certain cycled and want to jump on it before it's true. >> let's get outside to rick. what is it today? looks rainy and kind of drab out here. >> sort of a drab day. the rain was overnight. we might get another shower. but not a bad day and nice tomorrow. look at the weather map. temperature wise, waking up to cool temperatures, especially out across areas of the west. 36 in denver. 30 towards rapid city. we've been talking about snow this week. take a look at this picture. this was sent from jeremy swanson. # snow across the rockies. that's what happened this week. i think we'll be seeing more of that this week as well as we've got another system that will be
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pulling on in. here is a look at what we've got going across the northeast. this is the heavy rain that moved across the big cities during the overnight hours. now it's affecting boston. we'll see more very heavy rain, maybe a little quick localized flooding from this, and the front is still back behind it across parts of eastern pennsylvania. as it moves through, we are going to see another chance of more showers later on. this is all part of a bigger disturbance around the great lakes. as you move forward, we are watching this upper level disturbance kind of stuck here. it will bring more gloomy, cool temperatures today. around 15 to 20 degrees below our averages and we'll see those spotty showers once again today. actually for tomorrow as well. as you move forward down across parts of the south, we've got very heavy rain also falling in, arizona, parts of new mexico and some towards texas. this is great news. we need all of that rain. that's courtesy of what was tropical storm olaf, that you can see across mexico. that rain will continue to be with us both today and tomorrow across the areas that need it.
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all right. back to you. >> thanks a lot. thank you for that beautiful shot of aspen snow mass. what a beautiful scene. what is clayton doing? he's in a giant, from what i can gather, hamster ball, brought to us by the folks at games to you. this is a company that brings the party to you and boy, did they bring it. they bring a life size hamster ball. they bring the media fest, and they bring robots that kids can actually climb inside. >> help, help! >> and the creators of games to you, david and stewart, join us this morning. guys, can we push him down main street perhaps? >> let's do it. >> go for it. >> tell us about the company, guys. you basically bring the entire party to people. >> we do.
7:38 am
>> good morning. we're excited to be here. this has brought all kinds of stuff today. our mobile video game theaters over here. we've got our giant hamster balls so people climb inside of. outdoor laser tag. the featured product we have had today is the u bot. where you become the robot. >> show us the you bot. >> this with the first kid operated robot. as you see here, we can get the gentleman inside. >> hey man, what's going on? >> how are you? >> show us how it moves. >> stand back. here it comes. this is a young man, age 10, 12 years old? >> he's about 10 years old. >> it's totally adjustable. you can have a five-year-old or 15-year-old inside. we've got a joist stick control. buttons to press for laser
7:39 am
lights and sound, the video screen and speaker on the front, fog machine, laser. it's a blast. >> they didn't have this stuff when i was a kid. all you have to do is be 3 1/2 feet tall, up to 5 1/2 feet tall and this robot is 6' 8. tell me, you have 80 franchises in 20 states. >> we do. >> if people want to have you come to their party, how do they contact you? >> if you go to g to it's easy. we have over 80 franchises in 20 states. a lot more coming on-line. most of them have all the things you see here, the mobile video game theaters, a lot of other products in development. this is the first of our new creations that are patented and designed and developed by us. we have other cool new ones coming out that our franchiseee also have. >> g to >> let's throw it back inside and see if clayton can get out
7:40 am
of this thing. later on i'll roll him down fifth avenue, i promise you. what's coming up? >> that was fun. i want to do it. in the meantime, look who i have with me, governor mike huckabee. we'll be talking about the supreme court begins its new term with a new judge, sonya sotomayor, and what's on the docket could be an historic ruling on gun rights. they could impact everybody's right to bear arms. so you'll be talking about what is at stake. >> i think you should do it. if ginger rogers can dance backwards in heel, you can do that backwards in heels. i think you should. >> that's coming up.
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still out of breath from the giant hamster ball. welcome back. the supreme court may soon hand down a ruling that could have a huge impact on your right to bear arms. governor mike huckabee is here to explain what's at stake. nice to see you. >> good to see you.
7:43 am
you look good out there in the bouncing ball down the street. >> the crowd outside was saying the governor should come outside and get in the giant hamster ball. chicago is making headlines again because on monday, the supreme court set to take up this state's right issue and whether or not the states have the right to make their own gun laws. cities -- chicago has a 27-year-old gun ban law there. this could get overturned. what's going to happen here in the supreme court? >> it's always interesting that some of the most dangerous places in the world ban guns. when you think about it, here is what happens, when you tell all of the law abiding people who are going to abide by the laws, whatever they are, even if they're crazy, you can't have is a gun, guess who ends up keeping their guns? the criminals because they're already breaking the gun laws we have. they're not going to keep any we add on. so it just makes all the law abiding citizens that much more vulnerable because the crooks know they can put a gun in somebody's face and that person
7:44 am
is most likely not armed. >> off unique perspective as a former governor. this is an issue that's -- this has gone back and forth for hundreds of years now, state's rights versus the federal level. if new york city wants to have certain laws that are -- look, new york city is a heck of a lot different than binghamton, new york. you have certain concerns. >> we're similar. >> have you been on the subways? i think you know there is a significant difference. should states have the right to dictate what laws they have in their own states? >> they should. but then you got to remember that there are overriding constitutional laws that are at the federal level and the states are obligate to do abide by those. the law of free speech. you can't say you can have free speech in arkansas but not arizona. they can't violate the constitution. that's what's at stake. first of all, the supreme court now has ruled in the heller case
7:45 am
that the law, the constitutional right applies to an individual. not to quote, a militia. that was a very significant ruling. this ruling is going to be an important one for the very reason you mentioned. does the individual have a right within the context of a city or state to protect himself. >> now, judge sonya sotomayor, this could be one of the first big tests for her. >> real hot seat for the new justice and it will be interesting to see how she comes down on this issue. i know there were a lot of people who had anxiety about her on the second amendment issue. we honestly don't know. but let's hope she judges this according to the constitution. the second amendment is there so that people can protect themselves and their property. if you're the victim of a crime, dialing 911 is a wonderful thing, but if it takes the cops 20 minute, that may be 20 minutes too long to protect yourself and your family. >> right. we saw that here in new york city with protecting actual store owners with the right to have is a gun here because you
7:46 am
don't have the time to wait for the police to show up. >> there is a myth out there that if you give people the right, actually if you guarantee -- but if you back up that right for people to defend themselves, you'll have a bunch of cowboys waving guns. that's nonsense. my state is a concealed carry state, i don't walk around waving a gun at people. >> are you packing heat right now? >> not new york. >> that's true. there are some people that wouldn't like that. >> stick around, governor. we got more coming up with the governor in a second. details. i wish. on that letter that fox news has just obtained written by democratic congressman alan grayson, what he's now saying about his comment that generated so much controversy. we'll be right back. %%%%%%
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welcome back. congressman alan grayson generate add fair amount of controversy after saying some members of the gop want people to, quote, die quickly on the house floor. remember this? >> die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. i apologize to the dead and their families that we haven't voted sooner to end this whole caust in -- holocaust in america. >> we obtained a letter written by grayson. in it, he's expressing some regret, as you might imagine. >> we're back with mike huckabee and host of huckabee. what he said in this letter we obtained, he sent it to the antidefamation league. he said i regret the choice of words, meaning the holocaust, and i will not repeat it. why do people say things like
7:51 am
this? why are people using this holocaust rhetoric, nazi rhetoric and having to apologize? it's not really an apology, but regretting it later. >> the real trouble is he's not apologizing for what he said and that is the republicans want people to die. the republicans may have a different point of view about how to fix health care in america, but to make an allegation that all of the republicans elected by their people in their districts at home want their voters to die quickly is idiotic. and by the way, tonight on my show, i'll take this on and i'm going to talk about the double standard that we have. when joe wilson screamed out, you lie, he apologized immediately, as he should have 'cause what he did was wrong. it was wrong. i don't care if he's a republican, it was wrong. it was inappropriate to scream out like that. it broke sort of the rules of civility that should operate. then his apology wasn't enough. good enough for barak obama who graciously accepted it and should be commended for that. not nancy pelosi 'cause in
7:52 am
mandyland, it's not enough until you go and hammer him in the ground, which she did biosensorring him. this comes up and what does she say, i don't think there is any big issue here. >> does it even go higher, because how can we forget when the president said, if you misrepresent what's in this plan, health care plan, he will call you out. if you misrepresent its opposition, shouldn't he call you out as well? >> of course. and he should be joining the chorus of people who call on representative grayson to backtrack from the remark because it's one thing to use heated rhetoric and to say, i think the republicans' bill is a terrible idea. it's going to be harmful to the country -- that's all fine. but when you actually say that you believe there are people sitting around you, your colleagues, who want citizens of the united states to die quickly and that's their policy? then you won't backtrack and even say, look, it was a rhetorical device, it was hyper boletic, any of those things, we would have said, okay.
7:53 am
but no, he has to be so arrogant about it and his leadership, particularly nancy pelosi, defends him. and there is a double standard and i'll tell you, the american people will tolerate diversity, they'll tolerate even heated rhetoric, they will not tolerate having two sets of rules, one for them, one for us. >> what is it about politicians right now in the past two months -- this is from the president on down -- where they have an allergic reaction to the words, i'm sorry. he said i regret the choice of words. never can they say i'm sorry. is there a memo that's been passed out on capitol hill? >> part of it is they don't think they're wrong. and part of it is there is an arrogant pride that exists within certain people and they really believe they are so right that they have a right to basically put down people and to say things that are very harmful. the other reason is it's defensive. if they ever say i'm sorry, i did wrong, they know that's going to show up in a campaign commercial. the hard and fast reality is, part of that is they know that if they say, i did wrong, i'm sorry, they're going to see that
7:54 am
over and over, looped in a commercial and they're going to have to eat it. >> isn't it an odd lesson we learn because now his treasure troves have been padded, he's getting a lot of money from liberals. on the other side, there are the republicans fired up, his district voted for george w. bush twice. so though he's getting a lot of money, this could cost grayson his political future. >> it should cost him his political future. if he is so arrogant, so out of touch with the people of america and the people of his district and so completely detached from any rules of civility about respecting the people who may be of a different view, then he needs to go home and live with the people that he is so contempt with us of. >> you'll talk about this tonight and rock it out. >> we got lynrd skynrd coming on the show. it's not been except huge. >> is it hamster ball huge? >> no. a really big story is getting
7:55 am
ali in that hamster ball in heel. >> i'm tempted because that's how i roll. >> nice. >> you can watch huckabee at 8:00 p.m. right here on fox. >> you can watch clay right now. >> the governor may have lynrd skynrd, but does he have breakfast pizza? i don't think so. look what we found in the microwave. we'll show you thousand make great stuff to breakfast, the stuff you already have inside of your refrigerator. also this morning, big worries about afghanistan. the general saying he needs additional troops in that country to win that war. what are the president's option as soon as we'll discuss. also coming up, you ever told little white lies to your kids, little things you think don't matter? could that have a profound impact on their lives later? we'll discuss that. if that isn't enough, we've got all kinds of games out on the plaza. giant hamster ball, robots, games right to your house.
7:56 am
we'll show you how when we come back.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, everyone. it's saturday, october 3. here is what's happening at this
7:59 am
hour. new details on the nuclear threat from iran. what president obama must do to stop the country from getting an atomic weapon and the dangers we could see if international talks fall through. >> also the white house is denying that a second stimulus is coming, but there is word this morning that three stimulus programs will be extended. we're live in washington with the details on how much this could cost you, the taxpayers. >> they don't want to call it a stimulus. also this morning, some would argue honesty is the best policy, but a new study shows most parents lied to their kids. are little white lies really that bad? our slogan this morning comes from greg and katy in texas. there is no, quote, but i will say tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. this is the best morning show to watch. >> with your eyes. >> that's right. >> nice. it's time for fox and
8:00 am
friends. >> they had the slogan and then it was missing or deleted at the last moment. >> they like to keep clayton on his toes. >> there is a man this man is in television. >> coming up on the show, very interesting story, a young man who is a student at university of missouri is, well, you might say he's taking on the giants. the corporate giant of north face. he started his own brand called south butt. kind of an imitation of north face. look at this t-shirt from south butt. if you have seen the north face logo, it looks an awful lot like this one. this young man at the university of missouri, well -- >> i don't see any resemblance at all. >> the folks at north face aren't happy. they're not suing him yet. we're going to visit him live in just a bit. >> also this morning, we're still following for you this olympic fallout controversy, obviously the president flying
8:01 am
to copenhagen, trying to get them to listen to bring the olympics to chicago, to the united states, and didn't quite work out the way they had planned. so much so that, of course, chicago and the united states knocked out in the first round. >> right. that was really unforeseen. people didn't know if chicago would win, but they thought that they stood a great chance. i heard reporters after president obama and the first lady made their speech saying, that was a rock star performance, they gave it their all. they are absolutely going to bring home the gold for the u.s. all wrong. they were eliminated in the first round. it went to rio de janiero and the question this morning is, what lasting impact does this have op the president? is this a measure of his influence, his persuasion? have his powers of persuasion on the national stage fallen as a result of all this? >> right. this is an entirely -- this does reflect on the president. he goes over there and i think a lot of people thought this decision was already made, was already in the bag, that chicago was the anointed city for 2016.
8:02 am
some say his advisors might have been given some bad advice. well, when i look at this, i wonder where does all of this world wide popularity, this goodwill that president obama had supposedly built up with this quote, unquote, apology tour? he goes abroad first and gets turned down on stimulus dollars. he goes abroad and gets turned down on more troops in afghanistan. now he loses the olympics. you wonder, what is this world wide thing we hear about? >> we asked that same question of tucker carlson and he had this to say on foreign policy. maybe we're all being misled. take a listen. >> it shows how childish our understanding of international affairs is. i mean, the idea that countries, because they like the president personally, will change their basic positions on things is absurd. countries act in their own interest. our elections don't affect what that's interests are on a very basic level. so maybe other european countries dislike president bush, maybe they love president
8:03 am
obama, but it doesn't really make any difference in the end. >> i asked tucker the question about -- some conservative columnists have said, this is actually good for the president. they say it's good for the president because this story will die off in a few days. the president going over there, making the big play for it. but what wouldn't die off is if the olympics came to the united states and all of the budget problems and missteps and if there was any corruption going on that this is a veiled treat. now he made his plea and he can wash his hands of it. >> it falls off if the president gets victories in other major issues such as if something happens in health care reform, if there is actually a vote that he supports in the next week, if something happens, some movement on afghanistan, if he and mccrystal can somehow be of like minds, then, of course, this dies off. but if there isn't any progress on these, then this becomes just another in a series of things where the president is missing
8:04 am
the mark. >> or does he get a win, does he get russia and some of these allies to jump on his side? i thought it was interesting that he made this about chicago. i thought he would make this about the united states, about our country. we don't want to identify our president with the city, at least in my opinion. i think we want to identify our president with the country as a whole and at the very end, it turned to the country lost. not that chicago last, which was interesting. he stuck his neck out, he committed to it and. >> he thought he was going to work a tony blair. he flew there. they got it in 2012. it worked for putin. he flew to guatemala. they got the winter olympics in 2014. maybe there was some track record that they thought they could get behind. >> but as we talked about, it appears as though his strategists got a bum steer because why set the president up for failure?
8:05 am
tucker carlson went so far to say whoever advised him, should be fired. i don't think he'll firearm emmanuel. you have to believe that some is anti-american spirit from the ioc. seems as though they almost took pleasure in eliminating chicago. >> i can tell you some whisper, they knew chicago was a chief competition. that's why they were out in the first round, because they knew madrid and tokyo weren't real competition. they wanted to get chicago out early. >> here are your headlines. the white house is reportedly talking with congressional democrats about extending three parts of the stimulus. the white house denies this is in effect a second stimulus. now more from the capitol with the very latest. what are these three prongs, steve? >> i'll get to that. but the white house not callingg it a stimulus package. they say more like an economic triage, but it would be aimed at
8:06 am
getting americans back to work and boosting the economy. just after arriving back from copenhagen yesterday, president obama addressed the new jobless figures, placing the unemployment rate at 9.8%. he called it a sobering reminder that progress comes in fits and starts. he says we're going to need to grind out this recovery step by step. he hinted that more economic action could be coming. >> that's why i'm working closely with my economic advisors to explore any and all additional options and measures that we might take to promote job creation. >> so the sources telling fox news now the white house has begun talks with congressional democrats on taking three steps to ease the financial burden on unemployed workers and stimulate the housing market, include extending benefits for unemployed workers, extending the first time home buyers
8:07 am
credit. republicans point to the jobless figures and say the president is taking the wrong approach. >> yesterday the federal government reported that hundreds of thousands of americans were laid off during the month of september. all told, our economy has lost roughly 3 million private sector jobs since president obama and speaker nancy pelosi's trillion dollar stimulus plan became law. >> republicans say lower taxes are really the key to a stronger economy. congressional democrats saying talks on moving ahead with this white house triage plan are preliminary. >> thank you very much for that. israel launch has new round of strikes against hamas, among the targets, tunnels used for smuggling and a building in the gaza strip. there is significant damage, but no casualties reported. israel released 20 minute women from prison in exchange for this video of an israeli soldier, you'll see in a moment, held
8:08 am
captive by hamas. he has been held prisoner since 2006. we'll show you the video shortly that makes people believe he is still alive. meanwhile, a massive wild fire in arizona. shifting winds are making it tough for firefighters. for now, no homes are threatened. the fire burning near williams, arizona, has charred more than 1,000-acres so far. an arrest has been made in the infamous incident involving an espn side line reporter. michael barrett is accused of taping nude video through a hotel room peephole of erin andrews. he faces federal charges of interstate stalking for taking those videos, posting them on-line and trying to sell them to celebrity web site, tmz. andrew said last month she thought her career was over once the footage got out, but has been active on the network without incident since. those are your headlines.
8:09 am
>> good to see they got the guy trying to extort david letterman as well. that former cbs producer being suspended. they have that guy as well. more on that coming up. >> let's talk about what happened last night on the bill maher show. always good sound that comes out of that show. and none perhaps more than that. today janene garofalo making an appearance on the show last night and once again took the tea parties and the republican party to task. take a listen. >> it's obvious to i think anybody who has eyes in this country that tea baggers, the 9-12ers, these separatist groups that pretend that it's about policy, they are clearly white identity movements. they are clearly white power movements. what they don't like about the president is that he's black. >> yeah. here is the problem now. i relate this to the grayson thing we talked about where the democrat who said on the house floor that republicans want people to die quickly.
8:10 am
we need facts here, people. okay? don't just go on and spew rhetoric, whether you're on the house floor or on bill maher's show. give us facts and evidence. if you're going to spew hatred, have something. not just go talk about these tea party people. >> remember she was invited to go to some of these tea parties and she's never gone. she's been invited to go to a number of them. she was invited to go in texas and never been. >> she's been invite to do come on this show as well. >> as i said, i don't believe she actually leased her apartment because if she did, she might meet a republican. here is more she said that's more offensive. >> this has been going on since the founding of this country, that white power movements have tried to establish themselves and hold on to power. and it's just -- it's very weird that whenever that comes up in conversation, so few people are willing to say that yes, it is racism, straight up racism. the republican party has been willing to carry water for racists in this country since
8:11 am
about the 1950s. >> what do you think about this? let us know. you can find all three of us on twitter as well. >> amazing. it's a little cool out across parts of the west right now. temperatures towards the 30s and dave, i pulled another picture out. nice, isn't it? >> beautiful. >> thank you, jeremy. you can send me pictures and i would love to be showing pictures like this. very nice. don't you miss it? your home? >> those are beautiful. i do miss it. >> i've been asking for pictures and people like in missouri or florida is saying, it's still very warm and we've got no fall. people across the north are seeing very nice fall right now. a little rain today moving across parts of the northeast. that will move out and tomorrow is looking pretty good. this has been plaguing the northern plains. more of this will continue today and tomorrow. temperatures very cool, windy, and temperatures are around 15 to 20 degrees below averages for this time of year.
8:12 am
this was what was olaf. this moisture moving in parts of arizona, new mexico and texas. we'll see more of that and hopefully some of that will make its way toward the fire in williams you were talking about. 60 miles from my hometown. >> scary. >> he's an all time peeper, i know that. >> the tom commander in afghanistan says he needs more troops or we'll lose the war. the option president obama now has and what will it take to win the war, next. >> talk about taking the plunge. why this couple went under water to say their i do's. she looks so beautiful. >> she does.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
how should the u.s. proceed with iran? rogue nation agreed to let inspectors in, but still, according to a new fox poll, 61% of americans support military action against iran to keep them from getting nuclear weapons. lieutenant colonel bob mcginnis joins us with what he sees as the best options moving forward. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's interesting because the u.s. seems wary, they've been told we can inspect the nuclear facilities there, they've been told that iran will send all their enriched uranium to russia, but they seem very hesitant to believe either one?
8:16 am
>> well, with good reason. iran is always defied authorities outside. they play games with us, cat and mouse and they'll continue to do that. the fact that they unveiled an enrichment facility in that mountain side is just the tip of the iceberg. there is a lot more that's hidden and they're not going to tell us about it. so you have to find some alternative. >> so you say going forward we have three options in iran. they are as follows. number one, do nothing and accept the consequences. obviously the easiest and most obvious choice. number two, create sanction -- sanction we'res, no graphics. number three is military option, taking military action against iran. what do you think is the best option to handle this? what about further sanctions? what about trying to cut them off from oil? >> i think that the gasoline
8:17 am
critical crippling would be undercut by the russians and chinese. they're not going to cooperate unless we're willing to give up our reach into asia. i think the thing that will work is an internal revolution. something in which the iranians are involved in. there is a lot of dissent in that country. we saw it after the june 12 election. so if you really want to cripple this country and turn it around, take it out of the grasp of khomeini and ahmadinejab, then you have to get the people aroused. you have to help insurgency, a reformist movement that's really going to abandon the radical ways. >> we're told from journalists inside iran that the young people there who make up the majority are very angry with their government and they want to see further sanctions brought against them. but time will tell. you also say there are three options that we can take as for afghanistan. one is, again, withdraw. number two, conduct counter-insurgency, which
8:18 am
appears to be what general mccrystal would prefer. three, conduct counter terrorism, which is similar to what joe biden wants. if you were calling the shots, what would you do in afghanistan? >> i happen to endorse what general stan mccrystal said, and that is that we have to leave that region in a stable condition, otherwise nuclear capable pakistan is a clear target of what's going on in afghanistan and the entire region would blow up. so i think that general mccrystal accepted what we are on the ground today and that is we probably have to conduct a counter insurgency, but limit that to the pashtun area. the president will have to send more forces in there. we've got to buy into probably a decade of investment, otherwise i think that the entire region is incredibly vulnerable to what the taliban and al-qaeda working in lock step would do to the
8:19 am
region. >> now, general mccrystal met with the president for 25 minutes aboard air force one, that trip to copenhagen. what do you think the president will do? will he send troops, maybe just less than the 40,000 boots that mccrystal wants on the ground, similar to what perhaps robert gates wants? what do you see going forward? >> well, it's difficult to know exactly what footprint general mccrystal feels is necessary. you've got 32,000 nato forces and, of course, the president, i'm sure, is squeezing the french, u.k. and germans for more. we have 68,000 at the end of this year. the afghans aren't ready to take on the mission. if you really want to follow doctrine, you have to have more troops. those more troops are probably in the neighborhood of collectively, you're going to have to have a couple hundred thousands. it's difficult to really guess what the president is going to say. but i would hope that at least 40,000. >> that is an enormous task he has ahead. we appreciate your insight this is morning.
8:20 am
>> thank you. >> coming up, plenty of parents tell their children about the tooth fairy, but a new study says little white lies like that can actually harm your kids. so is it ever okay to hide the truth? we'll debate that next.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
parents, listen up. this may change the way you talk to your chirp because a new study shows that parents lie to their kids a lot. from little white lies to big fat ones, sometimes parents feed children lies to manipulate behaviors and emotions. other times they fib because it's easier than telling the
8:24 am
truth. is parenting by lying harmful in the long-term to children? we're joined by child psychologist dr. robin silverman and dr. jeffrey guardier. you think it is never okay to lie. dr. silverman, you think lying is okay. let me start with you. >> that sounds ominous. >> let me start with you. one of the examples in this study was if your child is crying and a parent says to the child, if you don't stop crying, the police will come, and take you to jail, what's wrong with that? >> i don't think that's a good idea because you're manipulating that particular child to do something. if you're missing out on the teaching moment in that particular area. you want to make sure that if a child is crying, throwing a tantrum, that you're teaching them to use some impulse control and respect. >> you don't like lying in that particular case? >> no, you need to be honest most of the time. there are instance where is i think it's okay. >> okay. such as? >> so i think it's okay for fun
8:25 am
and imagination, santa claus, the tooth fairy. >> those are fake. >> or you're plan ago surprise party. i think it's important for empathy and in favor of things like kindness and building self confidence, your child gives awe mother's day day, you think it's a mess and say it's beautiful. and finally, i'd say for protective reasons, because if they say, what really happened to uncle johnny in the war, you don't want to be talking about all the gore and things that happened. >> you don't want to talk about the gore, but you don't want to lie about it either. you don't say he went on a vacation. >> i think you withhold some information. >> exactly. >> it has to be appropriate to the age of the child. so it's okay to tell the little white lies and the fables as part of family culture and some, but i think too often parents lie to their children as a way -- they think they're protecting the child, but not allowing the child to learn about the complexities of life
8:26 am
and too often it's they're too darn lazy to sit down with them and explain what the realities of life are. >> let me give you another example that was used in this study. i think this will be telling. let's pretend a favorite uncle died and you tell the child, that uncle has now become a star up in the sky. see him? he'll now watch over you. what's wrong with that? >> why i don't think that's particularly a lie. i think that's an interpretation of what may have happened. we know there are people who have religious beliefs that are part of that. that's not a lie. i think where it becomes a lie is if we say that good old uncle just went away somewhere. he's in another country, and we have talked about this, this whole issue, for example, kids who are adopted, or who may not know who their biological parents are, i work with so many parents who will not tell their kids until their kids are teens. guess what? news flash, those kids already know that there is something up. they know about the rhythm of life and they know they're not being told the truth and then they sit on my couch later on because they can't deal with the realities of life.
8:27 am
stop lying to our kids about that. >> let me give you a real example from my own life this week. my 4-year-old daughter see has newspaper picture with the aftermath of the tsunami, sees a body. what happens here? what happened, mommy? is that person sick? i say, i think they're probably sick, but they might be resting. is that bad? >> i think it's an opportunity to talk to your child about the idea that we're trying to keep our people as safe as possible over here in the united states and in all the world and we really need to help people, something bad did happen over will. >> i can say that he's dead? >> a 4-year-old -- >> it is anxiety producing, but i think we have to start teaching our kids to deal with anxiety. you didn't do anything wrong. number one, because you're a great mom, number two, because i love you and you're a fox anchor and i want to be back. but i think it is a teachable moment. >> exactly. >> so you got actually a pass on that particular time because you
8:28 am
revisit that again. you can think of a way. too often we speak to our kids on the fly instead of thinking as to what to tell them. you can go back and talk to her about that again and i think you really must. >> okay. we'll leave it right there on that note. thank you so much for debating that. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> you're a great mom, we know it. >> very nice. meanwhile, bank of america is digging deep for ken lewis' departure dough. wait until you hear what their former ceo is getting in terms of a payout after the company took tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer money. plus, feast your eyes on this. the fox and friends breakfast club. clayton, rick, what are you doing? >> hooking up breakfast. >> ken lewis' dough, by the way. >> it's not clayton, it's the star of food tv star show.
8:29 am
>> we'll work for food for the food network. take stuff in your closet, make it like this delicious cupcake. >> we'll do it from the pantry. and the closet. >> we'll get these cupcakes out.
8:30 am
8:31 am
you are watching fox and friends and you are now watching the shot of the morning. look at this couple. they take the plunge literally
8:32 am
to get married. tammy and ron got married in the tank at the denver aquarium. why? because any weird story comes out of denver. they wore scuba gear as their guests watched and the kicker is they aren't even scuba divers. they won a local contest how to get training for the big day. >> i missed it. >> michelle says it was a big wet kiss. >> oh, i bet it was. >> let's talk about some more outrage regarding these giant -- this is not a golden parachute, but listen to what ken lewis, the departing ceo of bank of america is getting as he walks out the door, prepares to leave at the end of the year. as you may know, bank of america got $45 billion in bailout money. mr. lewis, he's going to do just fine at the end of the year. he'll walk away with no less than a $53 million payout. some put this over 100 million. the folks at reuters say
8:33 am
125 million. the l.a. times even says it's $68 million. he will leave with at the end of the year. >> it's not really a payout. that's not what they're calling it. they're calling it a pension package. these are his pension benefits that he's accrued. but once again, what you see here is a big executive's payout pension, completely disproportionate to what the stock holders are experiencing. so during the time that he led bank of america, he did some risky maneuvers and stock plummeted from i believe at 50 -- $50 a share, now it's around $16 a share, but again, disproportionate to his rewards. this is what we've seen time and again, and the problem, many would argue on wall street, is that you can take risks, you can even drive your company into the ground, but yet you're safe and you get all of your perk. >> the real story is, you are rewarded for doing a good job. >> usually. that is sort of the idea, that
8:34 am
you work hard, you increase your company's worth, and you get paid well. when he took over in 2001, the current price of that stock is below what he -- when he took it over. it's nearly half of what -- since he took over in 2001. it's now below that, half of the place he put it. >> everybody else's 401(k) that they have to rely on for when they leave work has dwindled to a shadow of its former self, yet he gets all these perks. i don't know what you do. it doesn't sound like anything has changed, the culture has not changed. >> he'll get $3.5 million a year in the pension for the rest of his life. >> what's odd is they change the name of these things. they say there are no marigolden parachutes at bank of america, but $53 million pensions. call it whatever you want, it's not right and they still have not learned from --
8:35 am
>> we'll leave it here, bank of america still not able to pay its workers the money that they need to get a living, yet they're able to pay him a $53 million payout. >> ouch. >> let me tell you your headlines at this hour. the he head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog is pay ago visit to iran. he intends to discuss a number of issues with iranian officials, including that secret enrichment facility that was recently revealed. his visit comes days after iran and six nations sat down with negotiations. it was the first high level talks between the u.s. and iran in three decades. as promised, here is the video of that israeli soldier being held captive by hamas. israel just released 20 female prisoners to get its hands on this video as it works to win the release of this soldier. he has been held captive since 2006 and this video proves that he is alive.
8:36 am
treasury secretary tim geithner meeting with finance ministers from other go 7 nations in istanbul today. the u.s. has been pushing to decrease the size of the g7 from 7 countries to four, saying the current group has lost some of us relevance. a man who is very relevant today, rick. >> answer a quick answer. we have people e-mailing, wanting to know -- >> that's good. >> when do we turn the clocks back? people want to know. >> i think it's november 1. let me double-check it. yeah. -- no, the first saturday in november. >> people thought today was the day. it's not today. >> there has been drought across much of south texas. this has been improving, though, after this last week. this is what it looks like. a couple dots here with the exceptional drought. more rain will be falling this week. that's great.
8:37 am
we need all of the rain. that is the storm down here. moisture from tropical storm olaf. one system across the northeast, heavy rainfalling overnight. now we're seeing this across eastern areas of new england. this rain will be with us for the rest of the day here and then kind of move out, all part of this upper level disturbance across areas of the great lakes. clayton, over to you. >> thanks. appreciate it. i'm going to the breakfast center. you want to join me? >> this is the breakfast center. from the food network, he hosts the show, will work for food. is that correct? >> yes. >> how do i work for food, because i don't have to -- if i got this stuff in my pantry in my house, you guys are putting up a contest and can take this stuff out and make food that you already have. >> you don't need to shop. you have more things in your pantry than you really know what to do with. what we're doing is working with hungry jack and using pancake mix and breakfast syrup in ways that are outside of the box. >> all right. very nice. take this outside of the box and
8:38 am
ha are you doing for your dough? >> what we're doing is making a breakfast pizza. the hardest part is yeast and let it rise and it's a long process. we're using pancake mix and basically making like a little biscuit dough. we kind of add water and a little oil here. you want to bring this together. work that together. >> while you're doing that, is there a shelf life for pancake mix? i think i have a box that's been there since the late '80. >> it's actually pretty good. anything after 7:00 -- 78. >> so after you mix up the dough? >> we mix up the dough, then we'll make a little pizza sauce. so we got basically i'm using a simple breakfast syrup to sweeten it up. we're kind of making effectively a breakfast pizza sauce. >> i'm creeped out right now. >> it's okay. just let it happen. just go with it. it's okay. so once we have the dough all
8:39 am
put together, we kind of press it out on a pizza pan. this is something you made in like five, ten minutes. then you pretty much want to -- you want to start scramming those eggs for me? >> you want to kind of get it going there with the wrist a little bit. then we're going to add a little milk to that. i like to add milk, it tends to make them more creamy. we add a little parmesan cheese in there. >> i like where your head is at. >> you like where i'm going? >> i do. if you want to put sausage bits in there? >> you want to bring the eggs together a little bit. because we're going to bake this in the oven, you don't really need to cook the eggs as much as you would normally do. you want to kind of bring it together. this is easy. >> you see how the bring the egg, they're starting to curdle. that's all you really want to do.
8:40 am
just be able to get them onto the pizza here. all these things we're doing, we're using other ingredients. these i made with bananas and cocoa powder. these are made with pancake mix. >> people are eyeing up these turkey burger sliders. >> that's a great thing to do on sunday, with the football game, you just throw them on there like that. they're great. >> half the time you look in your pantry that's full of stuff, but you think there is nothing to eat. >> exactly. there is whole meal there is you and think there is nothing to eat. >> with all the pancake mix, soup mixes in there and you can really do that with almost anything you have in there. >> exactly. your pantry has always got more things than you think. full meals. that's what we're doing. we have a web site called use up the where we're kind of getting people to come up with recipes, like these that i came up with. the best recipes using either pancake mix or instant potatoes or breakfast syrup, the best
8:41 am
ones will win a prize of free groceries for a year. >> you got to try one of these cupcakes. will you do that? >> no. >> come on. >> i'm happy to try one of these. >> you can use whatever you like. this is kind of looking like a pizza. >> yeah, looks delicious. >> there you go. you pop that in like 450, 500-degree oven and you pop it out and it comes out like that. you got a breakfast pizza. >> all of that stuff is veil on the web site. if people have a pantry full of stuff. >> use up the it's the name of the web site. you see these recipes here and then we'll have this contest. >> egg pizza. >> a little bit of a twist on an egg sandwich. thank you. >> check it out, will work for food on the food network. >> coming up, janene garofalo takes on the tea parties once
8:42 am
again, calling americans expressing their first amendment rights racist because they don't agree with some of the white house policies. plus, what she had to say about democrats and the president, it's something you haven't heard yet on fox and friends this morning. we'll play it for you coming up.
8:43 am
8:44 am
if you didn't stay up late last night, we can tell that you janene garofalo was at it again. calling out president obama, saying he shouldn't give in to criticism from the republican party.
8:45 am
>> obama himself is guilty of this. he's a man of great integrity and i support him but i cannot take this giving in and this bit for bipartisan. republicans will never, ever compromise and why is it they just do whatever they want? >> here with his analysis this morning is the founder and president of the media research center. thank you for joining us this morning, brent. nice to see you. >> good morning to you, how are you? >> i'm doing well. i want to play this other sound bite where she goes on more of the attack about the tea parties and the republican party, saying they've been carrying the bucket for racism since the 1950 the. take a listen. >> this has been going on since the founding of this country that white power movements have tried to establish themselves and hold on to power and it's just -- it's very weird that whenever that comes up in conversation, so few people are willing to say that yes, it is racism, straight up racism. and the republican party has
8:46 am
been willing to carry water for racists in this country since about the 1950s. >> all right. you heard the sound bite. what do you think about that? >> first, speaking as a conservative, i hope that barak obama heeds her advice because the more he listens to her, the easier our chances of retaking the white house are going to be. secondly, the reason that so few people are willing to talk about racism is because quite frankly, few people are as crazy as janene garofalo is. what she tends to forget is that when barak obama was nauseated, he had an 83% approval rate not guilty this country, so much for racism. this is a woman who also says of people exercising their first amendment rights, she's also called them functionally retarded. she said this several times about the american people. she has no problem. look, i'm in texas and i'm in texas where people love their
8:47 am
freedom and they love bragging about the fact that they had 78 tea parties taking place at the same time. i would hate for janene garofalo to come to us and say publicly with the kind of stuff she says on the show. >> i'm always struck when i hear her and it seems as though she doesn't get out much because in railing against bias and narrow mindedness, she accidentally reveals her bias and narrow mindedness. but i think the question today is, why do we care what janene garofalo has to say? who is listening to her? >> because i want to be amused. that's why i care. look, somebody once said wisely, the only thing worst than the charge of semitism is the false charge of semitism -- sent semitism of the the only thing worse than the charge of racism is the false charge of racism. gentleman mean garofalo is a
8:48 am
racist in her own right when she makes these kind of accusations and she believes -- she's absolutely convinced that george bush stole the 2000 election. fine. she also believes unquestionably that he also then turned around and stole the 2004 election as well. i'm sorry, this woman is a crack pot and i think she's perfect for keith ole we areman on csnbc. >> here is another sound bite from janene garofalo last night. take a listen. >> it's obvious to i think anybody who has eyes in this country that tea baggers, the 9-12ers, these separatist groups that pretend it's about policy, they are clearly white identity movements, they are clearly white power movements. what they don't like about the president is that he's black. >> okay. so she glossed over something there that i find interesting. let's dive into some facts. she said policies, it's not really about policy and they're not set up with the federal on
8:49 am
policy, but isn't that what we were hearing at the tea parties, that it was all about policy? >> for her to speak about politics and policy, it's kind of, i don't know, it's like asking shirley mclaine to talk about catholic mysticism. this woman just doesn't know what she's talking about. i bet you she hasn't been within five zip codes of a tea party protest anywhere. she has no clue what's going on. for bill maher to have her on her, it tells you more about her than janene garofalo. >> brent, we're happy we could entertain you this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us. >> coming up here on the show, meet the college student whose small business now getting big attention. why one brand name threatened to take legal action against him and how the student is fighting back. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
here is an ultimate case of david versus goliath. the college student going head to head with the giant, north face. jimmy winkleman started south butt as a spoof on the clothing retailer in high school that two years after creating a web site, a logo and a few t-shirts, not to mention shorts and fleeces, north face, inc., got word of his company. now north face is demanding south butt cease and desist. with us is the south butt founder. nice ring to it and his attorney, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> jimmy, first tell me why you started the brand, south butt.
8:54 am
>> i started the brand because it allowed the local high schools and grade schools around me, i saw a bunch of kids wearing north face fleece jackets and they're all wearing them to be cool and be all fashionable and stylish and it was almost like a sheep-like following towards this company. i thought it was ridiculous. i was like, someone should make up a company called the south butt. a lot of my friends started to like the idea and then i went to a few family dinners and stuff and people were like, you should actually start a company. so i got some money together with the help of my dad and we got a company started selling some t-shirts and fleece jackets and girls' track shorts and got a web site up and running. >> north face wasn't so happy. they sent you a letter. here is a piece of what they said to you. quote, the north face is all for
8:55 am
creativity, but very creative there, we oppose this. we are built on this. what was your reaction had they sent you this letter? >> i was extremely surprised. i can't believe they even found me 'cause i was such a small company. i just got this letter in the mail. i was like, what? they were telling me to take down my web site and stop all production. i was just in awe that they even found me. i'm really still questioning how they found my company. >> here are the t-shirts. you are wearing one of your south butt t-shirts. i want to ask your attorney, who is representing you for a nice bottle of wine, which is one of any favorite parts of the story. put up the logos side by side. mr. watkins, this does look like copyright infringement, what's your reaction? it's not a lawsuit yet, but it does appear to be exactly like the north face and jimmy is
8:56 am
telling fleece -- selling fleeces, which is what this company was built on? >> this is not copyright infringement at all. there is nothing about the logo or the south butt that's going to give rise to the general public. north face legal counsel have expressed concern about the fact that the general public is somehow going to be confused about a butt being from north face. not going to happen. >> let me ask you jimmy, your slogan is never stop relaxing. the north face slogan is, never stop exploring. what do you think about this, are you going to stop or back down? >> oh, no. i'm not backing down. it's ridiculous. everyone is going around with these north face jackets and they're saying they're going to climb mountain, but they're not. they're just walking around and going to school. so that's one of our other slogans, why climb mountains? we're not backing down from anything. >> all right. what's the web site, south --
8:57 am
>> the south, i think. >> check it out. we've been known to crash a few web sites here on the show. so hopefully you are built for it and can handle the orders. jimmy winkle hahn and albert watkins, we appreciate your time. >> no problem. >> let's go to clayton with a look at what's coming up. you got your south butt t-shirts is this. >> just be clear, when you type in the name, be careful how you spell it. >> some other web site might pop up? >> be careful. >> coming up, we were all stunned by this story. new studies out that the youth of america right now, the youth of the world could actually end up living to be over 100 in droves. 100 is the new 40, i guess. >> 78? >> i don't know. >> that's fantastic! speaking of the youth, you'll meet a 13-year-old who turned the tables on two burglars. wait until you see what this 13-year-old did to send them
8:58 am
running. running. we're coming right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] arthritis targets your body where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪ tylenol arthritis works with your body to block the pain, without interfering with certain high blood pressure medicines like aleve sometimes can. ♪ so you don't just feel better, you feel better knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. ♪ a
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9:00 am
good morning. it's saturday, october 3rd. here is what is happening. you are looking at new video of typhoon parma wreaking havoc on the philippines.
9:01 am
it's ripping off roofs and tearing down power lines and rivers are swelling. we have latest from manila. >> president obama speaks about the olympics. but was it worth tax dollars and how will it affect him going forward. >> a teen takes matters in his own hands when two crooks rye to invade his home. he beat a couple of burglars at their own game. if this slogan makes air than this is my 15 minutes of fame. competition is so lame, bang. 5 seconds of fame. >> good morning everybody. welcome to fox and friends, thanks for joining us this morning. exciting news.
9:02 am
i don't know. yes. >> what are we talking about. here is what we're talking about. >> we have a new study half of all children born will live to be over a hundred. why you looking downward. >> that is a long time to live. >> you want to eat a lot of wings and go away. >> you are a young old man trapped in a young man's body. >> you already have arthritis. >> in 2007, if you were born in 2007 half of you are going to live to 104. >> throw it out the e-mail and send us the segment is coming up. would you want to live to be 107? or do you want to eat a lot of wings and take an early exit?
9:03 am
>> and olympics, the snub heard around the world, rio got the olympics. chicago, despite the presence of michelle and president obama and oprah, chicago did not make it out of the first round of voting. they were snubbed. >> it was no miracle mile for chicago. just thought that one. >> we got it. >> we talked to tucker carlson about what the consequences could be for the president down the line. is this going to have broader implications for the president on the world stage, not the national stage to fly over there and have this major failure in the eyes of the world stage. what does this mean? tucker responded, take a listen. >> very foolish to ever put the president's credibility on the line when the outcome is uncertain. just like a lawyer never asks questions of the witness in court unless he knows what the answers is going to be. you don't want to send him out
9:04 am
unless you are certain to f he is going to succeed. the people that advised him should be fired immediately. it made the president look like an amateur. >> it would very unlikely, for that information, perhaps they didn't want this outcome of the president being somewhat humiliated, at least rejected on the world stage. for the president i thought took it in good spirits. good humor. he talked about the loss. >> i do want to congratulate had rio de janeiro and nation of brazil for winning the 2016 olympics. i think this is historic event base it will be the first olympic games ever to be held in south america. >> he was the first u.s. president to ever lobby in this
9:05 am
manner. it's certain he will be the last president to stick his neck out like this and make a trip and pear for the olympics. he had a white house olympic office and he had one of his top advisors on this. as tom owens on facebook he was snubbed by the world community. >> was he snubbed or the united states snubbed? the other thing is he met with general mcchrystal for 25 minutes. this is also the second time that he has met with general mcchrystal. >> second time they spoke at all. he let known they had only spoken would be time. they had that big telling le conference with all the top advisors via satellite weighing in what they should do. they had a face to face, so he did make some hay about being
9:06 am
over there. he had flown all the way over and just the flight at $1 million for taxpayers. they haven't released any cost and be much more than that because of all the personnel that has to travel with the president. >> some comments leaking out it's clear that chicago was the chief rival of rio. they acknowledge those were the top two but they needed chicago out in the early going to keep madrid and tokyo around. i just wonder, we're told this president is extremely popular worldwide and he met all these world leaders, where has he gotten us as a country? >> at this hour we still have a fox news alert. new video of a powerful typhoon
9:07 am
battering the philippines. second time a typhoon has struck the nation. and early estimates come two people killed and major flooding that left 300 people dead. >> another fox news alert. military says three troops have died during attacks in eastern afghanistan. two were killed against militants and the other was killed in a bomb attack. this as at president is mulling will follow the troop commanders advice and send in more troops. >> a kidnapped infant has been found safe in alzheimer's and the woman suspected of abducting the baby is under arrest. the baby was found in good health. the mother attacked her with a knife and took so happy that
9:08 am
ended well. take a look at this video. the only known footage of anne frank. the girl that wrote the famous diary, that is her. she is leaning out of her window about a year before the family went into hiding. the couple later gave the video to the father. and you can see it. unbelievable video. >> and the video is such good quality. >> they were using a -- those are the headlines this morning. let's talk about this. unemployment numbers came out on friday and inching closer to 10% unemployment mark. we're up to 9.8% and that is the highest in 26 years. this is similar situation we had under the reagan administration. what is very different, right
9:09 am
now are seeing unemployment rates just about even par as they were under president reagan. what is very different is how the mainstream media is covering this and attributing the economic turmoil to our president. >> take a listen to julie seymour which is a conservative group. take a listen to what she had to say. >> reagan administration were negative in 91% of instances where obama mentioned negative 7% and that is 13% more negative to president reagan. >> looking at those numbers, at the straight numbers because there is so much to the story because if you look historically from 1982, fixed rate mortgage 13.57%. if you were trying to buy a home back then, that is how much you
9:10 am
would be paying on the mortgage. >> now that the elevate so much lower, it's still hard to buy a home. getting credit and buying a home. >> my point the con sex being lost in which they are spinning the story. every time we hear the story about the president handling of the economy with the jobless numbers, it's put into context with president bush. this is a trickle down effect over the past eight years, when you heard that with ronald reagan we never heard that in the carter administration. >> and the images of homelessness and now not so much. >> here is an interesting study, if you feed your kids candy when i are young, it can make them violent later in life. it can lead to more people being in jail earlier in life. >> here is what i think this study, it's very comprehensive.
9:11 am
it followed 17,000 kids for four decades, those that atoe a lot of candy went to prison more often. obviously it's not the candy, okay, that makes you go to prison. if your parents give you a lot of candy you are not learning delayed gratification, so you don't work on impulse control. number two, it's safe to say that your parents are possibly asleep at the switch if they are feeding their kids candy. >> but they looked at all those looked at the parenting of this and shot that down, as well. candy is a statistical fallacy. listen to the doctor. >> this is a very complex behavioral story when parents bribe their kids, when they have
9:12 am
to spend time and teach them the right lessons, they grow up to have defer immediate gratification and makes more impulsive bai of. >> but the study shoots all about.... >> no, it doesn't. >> i read the british study. i'm not violent, i'm not in jail yet. >> my brother would have the halloween candy six months later and mine was gone the next day. >> what are you dressing up? >> cookie monster. >> and temperatures are going to drop in the east. that rain is mostly gone but the cold front is still back behind this rain but we could see a stray shower around the great lakes. more unsettled weather and then across the west, another storm
9:13 am
moving in. it doesn't look much right now. look at this, over the next 24-48 hours, a lot of rain moving in. 48-hour forecast, watch this spread in. cascades, down around the nevada and mountains of utah and nevada rockies are getting pummeled two to feet of snow. push heading out, get up into the mountains. >> i certainly will. >> 67 for the high in denver. northern tier, 15 degrees below the averages. warm temperatures still summer like across the south. there you go. coming up on the show, indonesian rescue crews are searching for 3,000 people who are still believed to be trapped beneath rubble. new details on the effort to locate the victims. >> get this -- missing link may have been found, oldest human
9:14 am
says for. more on the amazing discovery. >> missing link, fined.
9:15 am
9:16 am
the people have had right. peter brookes and senator heritage foundation and good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i want to play something to john mccain about this very
9:17 am
issue. play this sound. >> according to the president's national security advisor, we're considering all options. should you consider seriously the options of your military commanders? >> you heard what mccain had to say there. the question is general mcchrystataants more troops in afghanistan. what is the holdup here? >> i think that american people have a lot of trust in the american military. most trusted element of government and the situation is here they don't trust the president's foreign policy. i want to find a foreign policy for this president but ultimately the president has to make this decision. that is tradition, that the president is at commander in chief. he should take strong input from the commander and over a month from general mcchrystal.
9:18 am
i support his recommendations but ultimately it's up to the president of the united states to make that decision. >> is politics in play, general. because we remember during the president bush administration when generals spoke out, we need more troops in iraq. secretary of defense donald rumsfeld said no and he got rid of those generals for speaking out about this. who is right and who is wrong here? >> in all fairness to rumsfeld he did not get rid of generals. gates has fired more generals than rumsfeld did. the real fact i don't know if that was deliberately leaked by the pentagon or white house his assessment. it's been politicized because the left wing of the democratic party is putting a great deal of pressure on the white house. it's very clear is it a counterterrorism strategy, pulling troops out and using
9:19 am
special ops or is it a counterinsurgency strategy which we used in iraq so successfully. it enabled the iraqis run their government like they are doing now. that is the question. >> and you heard what the general had to say. it brings up a great point, what may work in iraq may not necessarily work in afghanistan. we're trying to understand the differences and whether a surge would work in afghanistan? >> each case is unique, for instance, in iraq, we had people who could run ministries and new how to pump oil. in afghanistan, illiteracy up and each case is unique. we are calling upon our national leaders to do, when the
9:20 am
president or chairman of joint chiefs of staff and to advise this country how best to proceed to lead to a situation that we prevail and our national security is increased and national interests or protected. we have to leave it there. peter brookes and lieutenant, good to see both of you. coming up here stunning new research, why doctors say half of all babies born today will live to be over hundred years old. meet the 13-year-old who turned the tide on two would be burglars. tú@@ttp@@aaaaaaa@a@a
9:21 am
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all you newborns listen
9:24 am
up -- a new study finds half of all babies born in the u.s. will likely live to hundred years at least. here to explain, is dr. robert butler. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> these are the babies in the u.s. and western europe. how can that be when we hear so much on obesity on is rise, childhood obesity? >> if you live to be 80, then you may, indeed, live to be hundred. that is what these predictions. the past does not predict the future. just as we did a four minute mile, we're not going to do a two minute mile. >> this study, half of all babies born in 2007 will live to be at least 104. >> right. >> what is happening here? are they going to live healthier lives? >> healthier lives. we've had a decline of
9:25 am
disability rates. my worry is obesity and the lack of national health insurance because we have fallen from length place of life expectancy to 42nd. >> that is shocking static. my children could live to be hundred if they continue to be healthy. >> you will be because you have more affluence. >> good willing. but it used to be 11th place and now we're down to had 2, what are we doing wrong? >> we don't have national health insurance and significant poverty and a rise in obesity. we're seeing diabetes, old age diabetes in ten-year-old children. it's outrageous, our school systems, food, all these things have to change. >> one thing has to change, on a good note, one thing they can do
9:26 am
to live longer. >> walk, walk, but we could have families walking together. husbands and wives, it would make a huge difference. just walking. you don't have to join an expensive club. just get moving. >> just to stay mobile. >> get ourselves national health insurance. >> let's go. >> wewill get this started right now. >> come on. >> thanks for coming in. >> meanwhile, the u.n.'s top weapons inspector is heading to iran. details on what the mission could accomplish and what it means for iran's nuclear program. plus a stunning discovery the oldest human sket ton ever found. what this says may surprise you. rick has a quick look at the weather.
9:27 am
>> across the east coast, we've got a big snowstorm coming up. stay with us. ♪ ♪
9:28 am
9:29 am
welcome back to fox and
9:30 am
friends on this saturday morning. i'm craig morris. let's talk about this, interesting study about the way in which parents talk to their children. parents are often say little white lies to their kids, say something like kid want to go to store, hey, that store is closed already, closed early. the store is closed you can't go to the store because it closed early. they are refilling the pool, you can't go and do it. it could have lasting effects for children. >> not only that, but there is a lot more lying, even people that say they don't lie, they lie and say things like that. what they found for the rest of the child's life, it undermines their ability to trust authority. one of the examples they used, if you don't stop crying the police are going to come. i'm going to call to the police
9:31 am
and they are going to take you to jail. >> it's called parenting. >> and police don't show up, they say, they are not going to show up. >> we had both sides of this debate. we'll start with dr. robert silverman. here is the both sides of the debate. >> you want to make sure that if a child is crying, throwing a tantrum, that you are teaching them to use some impulse control. >> you don't like lying in that respect? >> you need to be honest, but there are instances that i think it's okay. >> it's okay to tell the white lies as part of family culture. but too soon parents lie to their children as a way they think they are protecting the children but not allowing the children to learn complexity of
9:32 am
life and explaining what the reality of life are. >> you guys are parents. i don't remember my parents ever doing that, sort of throwing those things out to me. is it laziness or it would take more time to explain to your daughter, the store is open, but i got to watch football. >> if you don't eat that, you will not grow. you will be smallest in your class, it works. >> you don't eat food, you won't grow. >> it's pga and go to the children's museum, we can't go. but what is the damage done by telling my kid? >> otherwise you have to have a complete debate possibly with tantrums and you are dodging that bullet. dealing with saying i was wrong when my child asks about somebody that looks dead perhaps
9:33 am
on television. >> tell the story. >> i wanted to see the soprano finale. >> i didn't think they would absorb it. >> one person gets shot and falls over? >> he said he fell down. i say he tripped. >> how is this different when i ask the two of you go to lunch and you lie to me. difference is the damage has already been done to you, my child. already been done. >> here are the headlines, its race against time in indonesia as rescuers continue to search for survivors still trapped in the rubble following two massive earthquake there has. joining us by phone from indonesia is fox news david piper, what is happening with the rescue efforts this morning?
9:34 am
>> good morning. rescue effort is ongoing. i'm standing outside... and there is... they are making their way in the remains of the hotel. we understand that eight... under the building and they heard sounds today... >> we're having audio problems. we need to get back to you, david piper. we'll join him when we get that sorted out. >> there is an internet connection out of an area without electricity is a difficult job to try to do that. let's go to rick riechmuth to check on weather. >> there is ang active weather. severe weather, we've got snow and rain. we have cool temperatures to start your day out in parts of the west.
9:35 am
33 in denver and 25 in rapids city. i want to show you this picture right here. this is for you dave. they got snow this week right on ton of the golden aspens there. sends your pictures to rick riechmuth and we'll get more pictures on the air. rain moving across parts of the east. we are going to be seeing very heavy showers around the east coast and storms around the great lakes. that is the upper level disturbance that is going to sit there for two more days that we're going to see scattered showers. out across the west, things look calm but next system will pull in tonight. by tomorrow and tomorrow night, we'll have winter storm warnings across much of the northern rockies. two to three feet of snow in higher elevations. send it back to you. i'm very excited for the
9:36 am
next segment. get the kids out. an amazing discovery skeleton of man's oldest human relative. jamie is national magazine's science editor. he saw the sight. unbelievable story. >> it's utterly fantastic. for 35 years, lucy the skeleton from further north in ethiopia has been the queen of the fossil world. >> that was discovered in 1974. why was that the standard, that was part of the missing link but so long, where is the other part of this thing. it doesn't seem to have all the answers? >> lucy was very complete skeleton and told us a lot but lucy was walking on two legs. so she was already bipedal. and this is transition walking four legs in the trees and walking two legs on the ground. it's an ape caught in the act
9:37 am
becoming human. >> let's throw up these pictures. to the untrained eye but when you see, what is different about this hand and different about some of the skeletal features? >> this is a hand, it's very flexible in the wrist and hands, grab on branches as it moves about in the trees. primitive adaptation. >> let's take a look at the foot. >> this is bizarre. you notice the big toe is going out to the side like a chimp but it can grab on ridges and still use it for climbing in the trees. >> let's take a look. these are the hip bones? >> another bizarre hybrid, on the top of this hipbone, it's very much like a modern hominid
9:38 am
like lucy but on the bottom it's very primitive. one thing on the ground and another thing in the trees. >> why are we getting so many discoveries, you were in ethiopia, you went to as a journalist and we find all these amazing fos illegals? >> i was there with a team that found the fossils last year. we stopped in a little flat area guys got out of the jeep, tim white, i guarantee in 30 minutes they would find a huge ancestor and they found five. these were fragments with no scientific value. it shows you what the area is like. it's the area where the ground is being torn apart by the crust coming apart. what it does it brings to the surface a lot of sediments that was buried millions of years ago. our ancestors suddenly come into the presence. >> we know about artie, 110
9:39 am
pounds and over a million years in age? >> over a million years older than lucy. >> four and a half million years old. >> a lot of scientists, is this the missing link? >> that a good question. it's too young to be anything like what we call the last common ancestors when where the chimps and humans come together. >> check it out. we're going to have this stuff on interesting stuff. >> they are claiming i have the same dimensions as that as artie. >> 110 pounds, but a small brain female. >> i don't look like artie.
9:40 am
thank you dave. that is really nice. it's worrying some americans as much as a terrorist attack, details of how deficit spending is putting the country in jeopardy. >> a 13-year-old tells us how he turned the tables on two would be burglars next. ♪ ♪ erouca y s te ona tuhachup -b. moav mooi 's p of hde tuhachup -b. coet msas nsio moav mooi
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9:42 am
welcome back. most americans are worried that the rising national debt is putting the future of this country in jeopardy. >> good morning. >> take a look at your
9:43 am
household. let's say they make hundred thousand dollars a year they have a $3,000 mortgage. that percentage of income to debt is very manageable. in the united states right now, we have about 65-70% of our gross domestic product is in debt. this is not catastrophe. when i read the polls, this sounds like people think we're in imminent danger of decline. >> this is a new poll that just came out yesterday. there you see, 78% say that the size of the national debt is hurting the future of our country. what so telling about the poll, 77%, less than that are worried about iran getting a nuclear weapon. >> this is the here and now, iran is a tough concept to get your arms around. i don't with a shock people.
9:44 am
here is what the scary part. bits how the job recovery comes back. there is a survey out that was just done. they don't see us going back to full employment until 2017. if we were to add a trillion dollars a year on to our debt we would then go to about 150% of our gross domestic. that is where it gets scary. people that want to refinance our debt, interest rates takes value out of homes. >> white house doesn't necessarily want to play the scare tactics and they may be talking the truth. under the white house estimate it assumes that some of the deficit assumptions are a little off. they aren't the numbers, doing fuzzy math here? >> part of their assumption is that we're going to be having
9:45 am
34% gdp growth starting in 2012 and we're not going to have a recession in the next eight to nine years. that is not you on how it works. in united states you need 3% growth to add new jobs and we will be very fortunate to get to that next year. >> there is a lot of anxiety about the growing debt. what does it mean for the average americans? >> they need to get their house in order. if you have borrowed a lot of money and interest rates were to sky rocket, that would hurt you. second part of it, you got to be a little flexible. i don't want to move from this great job opportunities, i think this is the time now to be a little more open to that. because there are some opportunities in the united states. we're going to get back on the track and also assuming that the
9:46 am
existing administration going to last the next eight years. trust me if we go into 2010 and have the skyrocketing deficit, job growth hasn't started there has to be changes. >> finally about 10 seconds left. buying a house, looking at numbers 1982, 13% for a first mortgage, 35% right now. >> there is no question, just a per square foot, you can buy a hometown 25% less than it would cost to build it. absolutely it is a great time. and i think we're going to get an extension of $8,000 credit. >> my dad is a realtor and they are praying for it. >> kelvin smith, great to see you. >> let's go to dave. >> armed with air possible tolls a young man scared off, would-be burglars, we'll meet this kid
9:47 am
coming up. first, here is neil coming up with cost of freedom business block. >> good morning, as we near bubble digit unemployment is it president obama's economy. can this economy handle that? and first stimulus chicks, now we're sending thousands of prescriptions to dead people. another trillion dollar government program is the answer? and a preview of what you will be miss affecting you don't get fox business network. done imus sitting down with me on fox business. calls for freedom kicks off at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. prilosec otc.
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fox news alert. afghan officials are now reporting an afghan policemen opened fire on the americans killing two of them before fleeing. policemen reportedly fired on the americans killing two and injuring two. two of officers relatives were in custody for questioning. we'll bring you more details as they become available on this disturbing study. it was a night that could have easily needs tragedy but when a teen heard two men breaking into his home, scaring them away. zwrosh is behind the story. he joins us from chicago. how are you, man? >> i'm doing good? >> i'm doing great. tell me exactly what happened, what did you do? >> when i got home, i just
9:52 am
walked down the hall and flipped on the light and tweochbt my room. my dogs were down stairs and no one was home. it was just me. i heard the door open. i got suspicious my dogs had barked and they didn't do that. i got suspicious and got my air pistol and i saw one man in my house and another dude outside the window. i shot at the one dude. i got them on the side of the face and ran to my room and got my shotgun and bayonet and i ran outside fired off a shot. they ran away. >> josh, you don't appear you were at all scared. were you not frightened when you heard men breaking into your house as a 13-year-old? >> i didn't really think it was happening because i live in a good part of town. i was shaking because my adrenalin. i wasn't really scared at all.
9:53 am
>> what did your mom and dad have to say about this? >> my dad wasn't even here so i couldn't call him until later tonight. my mom was gone to the store and came back. she didn't believe me. she was in shock. she knew something was wrong. she was wondering what was wrong. she was surprised. >> will they think twice before leaving you home alone or are they more comfortable knowing how well you handle yourself around guns? >> they are proud of me. they are not going to -- like they know i can take care of myself if i'm home alone now. >> you have some of the guns there, i'm told? >> yeah. >> what do you have with you? >> this is my air pistol. this is walked out.
9:54 am
it's really powerful and it hurts a lot. >> what is that used for. obviously you don't hunt with of an air pistol? >> it's like i can play with my friends, you would put a little bb's and shoot at each other and play games. it's pretty cool. it hitters a lot. yeah. >> last question, josh. has this made you incidentally, coolest kid in school? >> people are like asking me, i'm not sure. i'm not that cool, but i just talk to a lot more people now. >> very cool. josh, he scared burglars out of his house when he was 13. >> let's go outside. he is climbing inside a robot or
9:55 am
playing video games. >> and casey kicking my butt. they are games to you. we'll show you how to get all kinds of games right in your own home. casey, stop! ♪ ♪ m new aches and pains, ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body, with one layer that dissolves quickly... layer that lasts all day ...and no layers that irritate your stomach the way that ibuprofen can. it's tough on your body pain. not on your body.
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welcome back to fox and friends, games, all kinds of crazy stuff. i'm going to be playing casey in a little mario card. >> you are going to get in? giant bowl. a lot of viewers want to see that. that is happening. and laser tag. they have a robot and what they have right here a robot. they have this which is basically a modern spin on the pinatta. you've got the prize. let's see it, rick. >> i hear it's quite a jolt.
9:59 am
>> ten stories. >> the idea this is different spin on the pinatta. and let's get ready to spin. i guess you call it the hamster ball. let's go. let's roll it. >> that was a good. >> is she ready? here we go. >> let's spin her. >> let's go. go. >> don't spin me. >> let's go. >> i like this. >> i think you're going the wrong way. sixth avenue. >> sixth avenue. >> this is it. and go to and they will join us after the show show. find that at more information and rick.


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