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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 3, 2009 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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>> guys thank you, had a great time with all of you, as usual that is it for thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. real quick, trace, next week is going to be on? >> shakey, shakey. >> i'm depressed. >> that's it, we're done! on the break, president obama weighs afghanistan after top -- missing baby taken when he was just days old has been found safe. very relieved mother set for a happy reunion. american father sitting in a japanese prison after trying to get his kidnapped kids back from their mother. we'll talk to the congressman trying to hammer out a deal. hello brian wilson, america's news headquarters. live from the station's capital starts right now!
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after a harrowing three days, police have found a tennessee mother's newborn son alive in alabama the week old boy was grabbed by a woman with a knife who stabbed the mother. a suspect is in cousin. we are joined on the phone by an fbi agent in charge of the bureau's memphis office. agent, thanks for coming, tell us about how you broke open this particular case? >> in case was the result of [ inaudible ] [ unintelligible ] >> when will the mother and the child be reunited? >> we are working to make sure that happens very soon. the child has been taken for
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medical treatment make sure he's okay. once that's done we'll work to get the family back together. >> brian: what was the break in the case? >> the break came from photos from a vehicle that was obvioused -- observed, following the mother. [ inaudible ] we were able to identify the suspect through that car. >> brian: good police work thank you for joining us here on america's news headquarters. with unemployment numbers continuing to climb top white house economic advisers are considering extending key parts of the economic stimulus program. they are making sure not to call it a second stimulus plan. officials are looking for ways to extend health insurance subsidies, tax credits, jobless benefits. friday president obama hinted
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that something was in the works saying he was exploring all options. steve centanni will have a live report later. in other news iraqi troops arrested 140 suspected aleksander kwasniewski members and sunni arab militants. -- as part of a series of raids over the past four days in mosul, -- the last urban strong hold arab insurgency and islam miss extremist groups. security officials said troops are looking to round up as as 100-÷5w additional insurgents. >> three u.s. soldiers killed in afghanistan two killed after an afghan policeman they were conducting a joint operation with, turned on them and opened fire that's according to an afghan official. a third u.s. service member died in a bomb attack in the province yesterday. u.s. troop death tolls increased since president obama decided to send 21,000 troops to afghanistan early they are year. on that topic, president obama
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and general mccrystal are working on possible strategies for the way forward in afghanistan. mccrystal is asking for thousands more troops, the president is considering a different strategy. >> reporter: the general has been sounding alarm that the situation in afghanistan is in his words, serious. he's expected to ask for another 40,000 troops to be sent to increase counter insurgency efforts and help protect the afghan people. the general had 25 minutes of face-time with the commander in chief aboard air force one yesterday before the president returned to washington from copenhagen. president obama has said over the summer that the war in afghanistanafter is worth fighting and if left unchecked the taliban would create a larger safe haven from which
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al-qaeda would plot to kill more americans. has not publicly commented on more or fewer troops there as he considers the way forward in afghanistan. the general has been laying his cards on the table saying our efforts in afghanistan "will not remain winnable indefinitely." >> my assessment, my best military judgment as i term it is that the situation is in some ways deteriorating. but not in all ways. >> reporter: there are about 100,000 foreign troops in afghanistan. 60,000 are u.s. servicemen and women. >> brian: molly henneberg, thank you. it is not an exaggeration to say that the u.s. is at a cross roads when it comes to afghanistan go either way depending on how the obama administration proceeds to help us sort it out retired colonel bill cowan, and a former pakistani ambassador to
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great britain. gentlemen, good to have you with us. lieutenant colonel, let's talk about how difficult it is to operate in this environment. mccrystal hall said he needs more people what is to discuss? >> obviously we need more people, difficult terrain, going into winter season not a lot of activity, good time too ramp up. when we talk about 40,000 troops most americans probably any 40,000 guys on the ground fighting, it is not. it includes substantial amount of support people, back-up folks, logistics, communication, supply, medical and all the other elements that are necessary to maintain that fighting force out forward. whatever general mccrystal gets hopefully it is at least 40,000 troops. it is important to remember thatnot not gngycarr batte . >> brian: mr. ambassador you know about that region between pakistan and afghanistan such a critical area where many
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people believe osama bin laden is still hiding. what is going to happen in that area in your estimation? >> i think it is critical we hear what general mccrystal is saying. he's the best man doing a very difficult job. he's been nut an untenable position. he's asking his government not only for troops, he's also asking for a new strategy. he's taking the initiative into the pashtun tribes the tribes in that part of afghanistan/pakistan. he's reaching out to them. the taliban come from area. not all pashtun are taliban, although all taliban are pashtun. >> brian: this has been a difficult environment to operate since the times of alexander the great. how are we going to figure out when so many other brill tacticians over the years had difficulty trying to find the right combination? >> i think general mccrystal
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and petraeus saying winning this war determines how we work with not how we work against not just about killing or capturing, also about getting in and working closely with people across that spectrum. i think part of this new strategy is going to have to be how do we better establish our relationships with the people. >> brian: what about that point mr. ambassador? it is historically, a very difficult place to operate. >> it is. it has been the graveyard of history, british, soviets. we have to start thinking about the future. general mccrystal has said don't get the support within a year the game may be up. think of the impact in that part of the world, pakistanis have an idea that the americans are fair weather friends they will pack up and leave this will send wrong signals to those who want the americans out we cannot afford to pack up and leave. >> brian: i have trouble with this one thing lieutenant core knoll in iraq it seems things
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got better when we put enough people on the ground. in vietnam we learned you have to go in with an over -- overwhelming force if you are going to bring a situation under control. it seems is the way to go. why such hesitation to move forward in that direction? >> there shouldn't behest . it is important to note that relationship with the people we have to establish is not only going to rely on troops, it is going to rely on our ability to train the afghan police and the afghan army to put that power out in the countryside. we are not quite there yet. we need to be doing that mccrystal knows that, petraeus knows that it is how maintain control with the people not give the taliban that edge. >> brian: will half measures or a finessed plan work? >> the plan will differentiate between al-qaeda and taliban. develop troops to al-qaeda we may not put the troops in we need for the taliban in that judgment that is a rest four disaster.
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>> brian: what about working with karzai? here's a guy that has come into question of late? >> that has caused a huge shadow over the idea and practice of democracy. they begin to say our own tribal ways were better there is so much fraud reported that it has cast a shadow on the practice of democracy. we must not compromise this is the first time we have granted access to democracy we must stick to the idea that democracy means absolute democracy, no compromise. >> brian: good to have you gentlemen, great discussion. be sure to tune in for all of fox news sunday, tomorrow morning special report host brett bair will be filling in for chris wallace where he will be talking with senators, no doubt the situation in afghanistan will come up as well as health care reform. check your local listings for time and channel. >> we turn now to deadly weather overseas. a second massive storm in a
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week. typhoon has slam add shore in the northern fill leans. destroyed billings, washed away roads, two dead. manila spared the worst. capital city still realing from a typhoon a few days ago that caused the worst flooding in 40 years and took 300 lives. earthquake in western indonesia wiped out four villages. full extent of the damage becoming apparent as rescuers reach remote villages. david piper is in a port city which lies in ruins. he joins us by phone with the latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: there are real concerns now that the death toll from these two massive quickies that hit indonesia could rise now dramatically. there are reports that three villages outside this town were swept away by landslides during the quake and perhaps 600 people or more died,
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including a wedding party that hasn't been confirmed. the rescue teams are struggling now to try to save the people that may be still trapped under the buildings. behind me is one of the main hotels here. we believe that some people are still trapped in the rubble there three days after the earthquake struck there. was a message sent by one of the people yesterday to a relative saying they were beneath the rubble here. saying there was actually perhaps eight people beneath the debris and they are digging to try to find these people. one body was brought out today. as such, they haven't found these people yet. there's hundreds now mingleing around here in hopes these people can be saved. the overall rescue effort is continuing. a lot of international help now, sniffer dogs have arrived. they are looking through the rubble. when you drive around this city of 900,000, you see what
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happens here, many of the buildings are down and people still seem to be relatively shocked by what has happened. in indonesia, david piper, fox news. >> brian: here in the states fall weather bringing cooler temperatures. forget about fall, how about winter in rockies they could be looking for two to four feet, i'm told of snow! meteorologist dominican davis at the weather center. how is it looking? >> that snow will start in the cascades and move into the northern rockies by tomorrow, significant snow storm we have a lot of moisture moving south. you can see the rain on the radar this weekend located down to the south through the great lakes and it is going to be very rainy to the northeast especially new england. it is to the south and northeast we are going to be looking at significant flooding concerns through the weekend. here's the rain now this is tropical moisture coming in.
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it did give houston a lot of rain yesterday. they are still dealing with flash flooding concerns that will go throughout the afternoon into tomorrow with an additional one to two inches of rain. here's the same system, pretty slow moving. for the rest of weekend, through new england and northern new england you are going to be looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms moving through the area, can't rule out any severe weather by late this afternoon or this evening. accumulation from the south to the northeast, you can see anywhere from one to two inks that will stretch tkpral last up to memphis and then -- from dallas up to memphis for the interior part of new england one plus inches already parts of rhode island flash flooding concerns and those warnings are up and will stay up into sunday. it is cool we are looking at cool temperatures throughout the weekend through parts of the northern great lakes, minneapolis high of only 49°, pleasant for the start of the weekend down to the southeast.
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>> brian: thank you. central figure in an alleged terror plot to attack america claims u.s. officials did not have the right to listen in on his phone calls. attorneys for muhammad zazi filed an illegal challenge. laura ingalls is monitoring the latest from our new york bureau. >> reporter: the father of zazi the man accused of the plotting to use weapons of mass destruction is working on his own defense trying to get out of the charges that he didn't tell the truth to investigators when asked about his son's alleged terror activity. yesterday, mohammed zaz 's lawyer filed a legal challenge in denver court suggesting agents didn't have the authority to listen and tape phone conversations of the 53-year-old. documents revealedded that zazi received a call from a person in new york who warned him police were asking questions about his son
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something he denies happen. the legal motion doesn't detail what information investigators use to arrest him in the wiretap office -- operation because it was down under the federal intelligence surveillance act. he will appear in court this coming friday. in the meantime, investigators here in new york continue to eyeball other alleged co-conspirators in the case. a lot of police activity outside the amount of khan in queens, a reported friend of zazi's who let him stay at his place september 10th, has been getting a lot of attention from investigators. khan said he has done nothing wrong, has nothing to hide and is cooperating. zazi has denied all allegations against him. he was in court this week to face charges of conspiracy to destruction. investigators believe he was on the verge of phraeublging a with chemicals to be use --
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verge of making a bomb with chemicals to be used. no doubt the debate on heated. a florida congressman appears to have taken things to a new level. we'll tell what he is saying now. >> a break in the case of a popular espn reporter, secretly videotapeed walking around naked in her hotel radio. staycus
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>> brian: iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad said president obama made a historic mistake in thinking iran was hiding a nuclear enrichment facility in advance of a visit by the director general this weekend. ahmadinejad says iran informed the iaea about the covert nuclear facility well ahead of time. more banks going un. regulators shutting down warren bank in michigan as well as two small banks in colorado and minnesota. so far 98 banks have failed this year. >> firefighters in arizona trying to get a handle on a
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wildfire in the national forest. authorities say the fire started as a controlled burn of 900 acres thursday winds whipped it out of control. the fire is still growing, burning an additional 800 acres. 64 homes are being evacuated in a nearby town. practicing the h1n1. health officials in kentucky say they are dealing with an unusual swine flu-related death we are not supposed to call it swine flu, but still people do. the 41-year-old louisville woman died from pneumonia related to the flu but had no underlying meld cal conditions unusual for such cases this is the state's second h1n1 death. the other victim had significant underlying health conditions. officials believe there is nothing to indicate the disease is getting worse in the next two weeks the pentagon will begin requiring servicemen and women to get the special flu shots. the reir exte t
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all active duty forces head towed war zones as well as others serving crucial military functions. the pentagon has purchased 2.7 million doses of the h1n1 vaccine almost 1 1/2 million will go to active duty members. health officials in the u.s. hope it will provide useful information about the effectiveness of the vaccine. >> many are concerned about possible mandates from employers who get the h1n1 flu vaccine. could your company be one? here to break it down and give us a wrap of the big medical stories of the week is the doctor from the university of maryland's medical school. thank you for being here on this saturday. good to see you again. >> good to see you too. >> brian: i don't guess an employer can tool really make you take the shot? >> no. but they were talking about mandating it through the government. i'm not one that necessarily believes in that that the government should mandate this but there are instances we the
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government feels the good of the general public is at being. for instance with tuberculosis they can force take your medicine, if you don't they can quarantine you. they have that precedent. i think most people are upset because they are worried about the safety that's the issue that i think that we should discuss. as far as safety, the seasonal flu has two time of influenza a's and one b and one of the a's is an h1n1. if this h1n1 popped on the scene earlier it might have been the one that was in the vaccine. we get vaccinations every year and they did the same process they do every year. probably do less testing with the seasonal flu vaccine every year. >> brian: there's a controversy about electronic medical records? >> it is important, everyone needs to do it.
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there's hospitals what are you going to do with small private practitioners? are you going to drive them out of practice because they can't afford it? how are you going to protect the safety? right now we see people that have medical identity theft. those are the key issues. >> brian: you run a couple of tests and you want the results and can't get them on the phone that irritates me. another study says women's weight is tied to their health and old what is this finding? >> what is interesting f you gain 22 pounds from the time were you 18 to 50, you are at risk for having some kind of medical illness by the time you are 70. it is not a cause and effect with survival. but you will have diabetes, heart disease, cancers, parkinson's, ms. they looked at healthy women in their 70s that didn't have any medical issue and they hadn't gained that weight. the weight you gain between 18 and 50 is something that can
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affect your health later on for all kinds of diseases. >> brian: is this for men and women? >> this was a nurse's study so right now only women. who can argue with keeping weight health eating healthy. >> brian: the most depressing news you have given me since i've known you. >> sorry to hear that >> brian: how about this for taking the plunge. a couple in colorado got hitched underwater, i've seen this before. tammy and ron go changed vows submerged in a tank at denver's downtown aquarium. the pair wore scuba gear and oxygen masks. they came up with the idea after winning a crash course on scuba diving from a local radio station. in this economy it is not easy to get a loan. it is more important than ever to pay attention to your credit report. now make sure you look squeaky clean to all the lenders, when we come back.
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. >> brian: it is bottom of the hour here are some of the stories we are following. at least four indonesian villages obliterated by landslides triggered by last wednesday's earthquakes more than 600 believed to be buried including a wedding party of about 400. if those latest deaths are confirmed the toll would jump to 1300 people. a baby kidnapped in tennessee
12:29 pm
found alive and well. plans under way to reunite the infant with his mother. police found the week old boy at a home in northern alabama last night. a 39-year-old woman is under arrest. no motive is known. the mother says the woman came to her door posing as an immigration agent and then tacked her with a knife. >> joint operation between afghanistan, policemen and u.s. soldiers turned deadly. a policeman part of the joint operations in the province opened fire on the american soldiers. he killed two of them before return -- before running. raising fears militants have infiltrated the ranks of afghan forces. two american troops died in a firefighter yesterday but declined to confirm new details. >> the cbs news producer charged with trying to extort two million dollars from david letterman is out of jail on a $200,000 bond today. he's been ordered to stay away from the late night host.
12:30 pm
accused of demanding money from letterman in exchange for not releasing information about the host's sexual relationships with staffers. alderman has pleaded not guilty in the -- in the wake of letterman's stunning announcement of blackmail he has had with members of his staff, are you less likely to watch the show? we ask new on our foxnews website does this news negative limb pack your opinion of him? >> brian: we want to hear from you, head to that is a quick look at our headlines. on the heels of dismal september jobs reports the obama administration is considering doing a little economic triage. white house and democratic leaders weighing whether to extend the stimulus program.
12:31 pm
steve centanni is here in washington and has more. >> reporter: the white house is not calling this an economic stimulus package although there has been a lot of talk about instituting a new stimulus package. they are calling this economic triage aimed at getting americans back to work and boosting the economy. after arriving back from copenhagen yesterday, the president addressed the new jobless fillings, which now place the unemployment rate at 9.8%, he called it a sobering reminder that progress comes in fits and starps. he says we need to grind out this recovery step-by-step and did hint that more economic action could be coming. >> i'm working closely with my economic advisers to explore any and all additional options and measures we might take to promote job creation. >> reporter: sources tell fox news the white house has begun talks with congressional
12:32 pm
democratic leaders on taking three steps to ease the financial burden on unemployed americans and stimulate the housing market at the same time. they include extending subsidies that help unemployed workers buy health insurance. extending the full unemployment package now available. extending the first time home buyers credit of $8,000. all these measures expire by the end of this year. republicans point to the jobless figures and say the president taking the whole wrong approach. >> the federal government reported that hundreds of thousands of americans were laid off during the month of september. all told, our economy has lost roughly three million private sector job since president obama and speaker pelosi's ian dollar stimulus plan became law. >> reporter: republicans say the key to a stronger economy would be lower taxes. congressional democrats say they've had only preliminary talks with the white house on that so-called economic triage
12:33 pm
package. >> brian: steve centanni, thank you, good report. consumer bankrupt sees up rose 41% in september compared to last year we are told also up from august -- for the month of august, september filings over 120 tour,000. that's the 4th highest total since bankruptcy laws changed in the year 2005. last month's filings brought the total number of bankrupt sees this year to over one million dollars the highest since 2005. if you applied for a loan, bought a car or refinanced your mortgage lately your credit score has come into play. for all of the attention that credit scores are getting in this rough economy they in many ways still a mystery. karen blumenthal a column miss with the -- columnist with the "wall street journal". people think they understand it, when you ask you find out they don't understand it much.
12:34 pm
let me run through a couple of things. these myths that we are going to explore. number one, a lot of people think i have one credit score just one number to worry about it. >> right that's not true you have many scores. you can get some free online and you can buy one from there are different scores when you get a home loan, car loan and there's a whole different score if you apply for insurance. >> brian: there's big major companies if one has information about you and it is not on the other it can still hurt you. >> they call calculate the scores differently. you can have a different score from all three bureaus and you probably do. >> brian: here's another myth. i payoff my credit card every month, so i'm not a credit risk. >> that's right thing to do, to payoff your credit card every month. that's not what the bureaus know.
12:35 pm
all they know is what owe every month. they don't know if you are good about paying off your bill. what you have to worry about is how much of your credit you're using? are you using a lot of your limit or a little bit? you want to keep the amount of credit you are using to less than half of your limit. >> brian: i may have missed, a little late the next month i paid off so i'm good, right? >> no, unfortunately not. the one thing that will really ding your credit record is paying late. especially if you pay 60 days or 90 days late. the thing to do, you do need to pay it off, then do the honorable thing, grovel. call the credit card company, explain what happened, try and set things right. then pay on time. it's the single most important factor in your credit score >> brian: i picked up an old checkbook and sent out a bun of bills realized i had
12:36 pm
written it on a checking account that was dead. it took me announce figure that out. people were nice when i called and explained the situation. >> right. we do make mistakes. we forget, we go on vacation things don't get taken care of. the companies want to keep you as a customer. if you make a mistake and you are a good customer they will listen. >> brian: what is the quickest way to raise your score? >> well, time helps. and if you have made a bad mistake, if had you a debt go to collection it won't penalize you forever. first, pay on time, keep your amount of credit down to a reasonable level. then continue to do that it is really simple. even a late payment won't hurt you for more than a year. >> brian: karen blumenthal, thank you. is the health care crisis as bad as the holocaust? one congressman drews that
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. >> brian: canada's health care system has long been used as an example of a public option that might work well if it were applied in this country. there's a growing trend of canadians crossing the border to be treated in the united states. dan stringer is in vancouver with the story.
12:40 pm
>> reporter: lindsey of toronto says the u.s. health care system saved his life. diagnosed with a malignant stage two brain tumor his canadian doctor put him on a four month waiting see a specialist. went to buffalo, paid cash and had tumor removed in a week. >> if i would have waited to whenever they got around to me, i could have been a four and a four more than likely would have opened it up, took a look and said sorry you are gone. may not have lasted that long. >> reporter: a colorado think-tank hosting a conference in vancouver, highlighting this growing trend of canadian patients traveling to the u.s. for tests and surgeries to avoid long and potentially dangerous delays. rick baker a health care broker arranging for hundreds to get care south of the border. >> everybody doesn't want to wait two, three years for a life altering condition. >> reporter: only a fraction of canadians leave free health
12:41 pm
care for treatment in the states. many more americans go north for cheap prescriptions. polls show over 80% of canadians prefer their government-run system despite the long waits for some procedures. >> sometimes there's a sense of urgency by the patient. but waiting another few weeks or months may make no difference in their condition in fact, if they prepare better for surgery they might have a better result u >> reporter: lynn gilbert says nothing good came from her three year wait for back surgery. >> i lost feeling in parts of my feet. i also lost control of my bladder. so basically, i'm 29-years-old, two kids, wearing diapers, using a walker and loaded on morphine. >> reporter: as congress debate health care reform, canadians may have stumbled ton something. because the broker negotiates a price up front the patient pays as much as 80% less than what american insurance companies are shelling out for the same procedure. in can , dan stringer, -- in
12:42 pm
vancouver, dan springer, fox news. >> brian: public opinion is taking a hit. our latest poll shows that 70% of registered voters are concerned that congress will fail to pass a plan leaving many americans uninsured. 26% do not share in that concern. latest numbers show a steady decline in support for health care reform over past two weeks. florida congressman grayson says he regrets some of his rhetoric on the house floor specifically comments where he described those who die because they lack health insurance as a holocaust. on the heels of another disparageing remark he made about republicans. >> die quickly that's right, the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. i apologize for the dead and their families that we haven't voted sooner to holocaust in
12:43 pm
america. >> brian: last night congressman grayson released a letter to the anti-defamation league in which he said i am jewish, no way did i mean to minimize the holocaust. i regreet -- regret the choice of words. the debate continues on capitol hill as a bill goes through the senate. still a long way off. congressman ingall committee resling with several aspects of the legislation and joins us to talk about where we are. you were among those who felt strongly there must be a government option that apparently is going nowhere what is acceptable? what would you find acceptable? >> i don't agree it is going nowhere. the house we hope in october
12:44 pm
will pass a bill on the house floor. the speaker has told me we will have a public the bill. i hope it will be a robust public option similar to the bill we passed hr-3200 in the commerce committee. i'm for a stronger public option than that bill has which would tie it to medicare rates. the reason i'm for public option is this, it is only an option it doesn't moon a government takeover. peel people will have an option to choose the public plan which will have low premiums. >> brian: i understand all of that i don't mean to interrupt. the senate has already said, public option is dead. if you can't get it through the senate, it is not going to happen. doesn't it make more sense to try to find something that all sides can find acceptable at this point? >> i think that will come when the house and senate will pass
12:45 pm
its bill and we'll have a conference committee. i don't think we should be negotiating against ourselves we need to a bill we feel strongly about. i respect the senator, i don't like his bill that one bill the one in the house will be another bill it take two to tango not going only be the senate's way the house of representatives we have our way and hopefully we'll put the two bills together and that will contain some kind of a public option. i think many of news the house feel strongly we need a public shun as i was saying before if in is a public option with a lower premium rate it will force the insurance companies to compete by also keeping costs down. the bottom line is to help the consumer be able to afford a health care by keeping the premiums down. >> brian: one quick question: are you surprised at the left of rhetoric and quality of rhetoric which hasn't been very high on this issue? >> well, i'm not surprised but i'm embarrassed by it.
12:46 pm
i think colleagues on both sides of the aisle have to be very careful to be respectful to one another. we are all sent to represent our districts. we may have differences of opinion. but we all should respect each other. i've been in the house now 21 -- 21 years, 98, 99% of the people on bottlesides of the aisle try to do the best job they can, care about america we have to stop demonizing the other side and that goes for both sides. >> brian: good to have you, thank you for joining us here on america's news headquarters. it mass been a nightmare for espn reporter, erin andrews after a man secretly videotaped her in a hotel room. now part of the nightmare appears to be over the story coming up next. >> you may notice our screen looks different. we are wide screen here at america's news head carrers hope you are enjoying the wide view at home.
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>> brian: here are the stories we are following: beginning monday the first doses of the h1n1 vaccine should be available with the first doses going to what the cdc has deemed to be the high risk groups: pregnant women and health care workers. the first round will be a nasal spray followed by the injectable vaccine. >> tennessee baby kidnapped found alive. police found the week old boy at a home in northern alabama last night. a 39-year-old woman is under arrest. no motive has been made public. >> earthquake in western indonesia has wiped out at least four villages. the full extent of the damage is become ago patient rescuers are able to reach remote villages. some of the -- much of the
12:51 pm
port city in shambles as many as 1300 deaths, including 400 persons from a wedding party. >> new documents showing film director roman land ski agreed to pay -- roman polanski agreed to pay half a million dollars over a suit he was an you accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. he pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse but fled the country the night before he was to be sentenced for that crime. >> chicago area man accused of secretly recording videos of espn reporter erin andrews was arrested at o'hare air post last night. michael david barrett facing charges for recording the videos and trying to sell them to tmz. the fbi says seven of the eight videos recorded were
12:52 pm
taken through modified peepholes in hotel rooms. doors they said thought to be altered by the suspect. >> imagine your child is stolen, taken out of the country and you can't did a thing about it. that happened to one man. believe it or not he's sitting in a japanese jail for trying to get his kids back. his story and what one congressman is doing to help in father. when we come back.
12:53 pm
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12:55 pm
. >> brian: right now a tennessee father is sitting in a japanese prison cell because he tried get his kid back. hisñj ex-wife a japanese citizen illegally took their son and daughter to japan this is not first case of international parent-child abduction. congressman smith is fighting to change that he joins us now. congressman, thank you for being with us. this is the story of a guy by the name of chris savoy. tell me what you know about this case? >> i've known quite a lot about the case. patrick braden and others who are part of a group of families who have been left behind have been trying to raise the issue of their children and chris just got so frustrated to the point where he couldn't take it any more that took it into his own hands tried to get the kids and whisk them off.
12:56 pm
it just underscores the grotesque unfairness of the japanese government which has refused to work with us, in bringing abducted children, not unlike the case of -- in brazil. and other cases like it there are about 2800 american children now who have been abducted and kidnapped, retained against the law overseas. bray this gets to be a problem special in cases where you have dual citizenship. the father might be an american, but in this case the mother is a japanese citizen as well? >> that's right. in the case of christopher savo e. my hope is this will be a wake-up call to the japanese government. they have a new prime minister who has said good things about the issue of child abduction. of course words have to be matched by deeds.
12:57 pm
just like the case of david goldman i've worked with him trying to get his son sean returned. there are 65 kids in brazil, just like that i just met with a man today, whose son and daughter were abducted last december. here is an american iraqi veteran whose wife worked for the consulate in new york, and a case under investigation but duplicate passports were created. and she economist beinged her kids off to japan now he's heartbroken in agony like 100 other families in -- american families left behind parents whose children have been kidnapped to japan. it a terrible blight. i have legislation that would -- go ahead brian. >> brian: you have a piece of legislation that will try solve this problem? >> i do brian it is called the international child abduction prevention act of 2009.
12:58 pm
it is a comprehensive bill that takes the lessons learned that we learned in human trafficking, i was the prime sponsor of the trafficking victims protection act in 2000 and frank wolf's bill the religious freedom act and takes the best practices, the bottom line is that it imposes upon a country that is complicit in trafficking any one of 18 different sets of punitive actions economically, as well as diplomatically and on security aid, so we will send a message we are not kidding. right now we admonish, we try to encourage a government to return these children. in the case of japan we get a great big stop sign, unfortunately people are lead to desperate measures like christopher savoie. >> brian: thank you and good luck with your legislation. two kidney transplant recipients recovering.
12:59 pm
two women one from new york, one from new jersey were in need of transplants but neither could accept their own husbands. the husbands were able to give their kidneys to the other man's wife. doctors simultaneously removed the organs, transported them, within hours the transplants were complete. >> coke could la getting ready -- coca-cola getting ready to head in the nutrition game. coke is changing how its soda bottles look as par of the new design the calorie count and serving size will be easier to see on the front of the bottle instead of back. some critics aren't satisfied. they say coke is trying to gain a little pr in all of this. >> we want to thank you for joining us on this saturday. that's all for me here in washington. kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by in new york to take over from here. tune in sunday for fox news sunday, brett will be sitting
1:00 pm
down chris wallace taking a few days off. table full of key senators talking about health care reform and perhaps the situation in afghanistan. check your local time analystings for foxnews sunday. i'm brian wilson thanks for watching, we'll see you next week! >> welcome to a new hour, hi i'm jamie colby. >> and i'm kelly wright. today in tennessee a family is giving thanks for a miracle. baby boy snatched from his mother by a knife wielding woman found unharmed. suspect now custody. we'll have more throughout the hour. and we'll beqm talking with one of the fbi agents who helped find this little boy. >> two american soldiers shot dead during a joint operation in afghanistan. their deaths are raising new fears today that militants are
1:01 pm
infiltrating the ranks of the afghan forces. a sign that the violence is far from over. we'll have a live report from the ground in just a few minutes. >> all of this is happening as president obama mulls over his options in the war torn region. yesterday he met with the top commander in afghanistan, army general stanley mcchrystal. molly henneberg is live with more on that meeting. good to see you. tell us about the meeting. what do we know about this talk that took place aboard air force one? >> reporter: the white house says it was a helpful meeting as the president and general mcchrystal spent 25 minutes in private talk as air force one yesterday. the president was about to return from copenhagen, denmark the general had just given a speech thursday in london and he flew over to denmark. m crystal is expected to ask for now -- mcchrystal is expected to ask for another 40,000 troops in afghanistan.
1:02 pm
the president has not commented or committed publicly to increasing boots on the ground there as he refused military strategy in afghanistan. >> do we know whether general mcchrystal left that meeting satisfied he will get what he wants? he describes the situation in afghanistan as serious what specifically does he mean? >> reporter: well, the general is making it very clear to the president, the military and the public that the insurgency is gaining strength in afghanistan. and he wants more aggressive counter insurgency approach. listen to what he said thursday. >> my assessment, my best military judgment as i term it, is that the situation is in some ways deteriorating. but not in all ways. >> reporter: president obama has said, over the summer, that if left unchecked the taliban insurgency in afghanistan would create "an even larger safe haven from
1:03 pm
which al-qaeda would plot to kill more americans." to your question thank you started out with, it is not clear if general mcchrystal left satisfied yet. they are not commenting on if any decisions were made. >> we will continue to track it, such an important story. molly henneberg, thanks. in keeping our focus on afghanistan, deadly 24 hours for u.s. forces in afghanistan. afghan policeman on joint patrol with u.s. troops opened fire killing two american troops that attack happened in the eastern province, not the first time afghan forces have turned their guns on u.s. troops. connor what is the latest on this recent ambush? >> reporter: that police officer is reportedly still at large. afghan officials have several family members in custody. trying to find out what motivated him to open fire and kill two u.s. soldiers. as you said this isn't the
1:04 pm
first time it has . last month an afghan police officer shot and wounded a u.s. soldier during an argument. there are 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan living and training with afghan security forces. the fear is, this time of -- this type of incident is happening more and more because taliban militants are infiltrating security forces. afghan government and security forces are considered corrupt and dysfunctional. this is the type of incident that proves how far the afghan security forces have to go before they can take over responsibility for protecting the afghan people. >> connor, indeed it underscores how difficult a task the u.s. troops have in afghanistan trying to win the hearts and minds of the afghan people. yet [ inaudible ] the u.s. may add thousands of additional troops to support the government. the presidential election that happened there in august 20th,
1:05 pm
there still isn't a clear winner. what is the latest on that? because that is important in moving to a more palatable future that people can tolerate. >> reporter: it sure is. the afghan election happened almost seven weeks ago. it was marred by allegations of fraud. president karzai is considered to have rigged the vote. today the top challenger, accused the united nations and special representative to afghanistan of protecting president karzai and suppressing the amount of corruption that would come out of a vote. the election should be wrapped up in the next few weeks, maybe as early as saturday. but it is still unclear whether or not that election will be considered fair and clean. >> connor, we appreciate you bringing us an update of what is happening in afghanistan. connor powell, thank you. iran's alleged nuclear
1:06 pm
program is the focus of a scheduled meeting between iranian leaders and the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog this weekend. according to the international an dom mick energy agency, al bar die and the iranians will discuss several issues including a secret uranium enrichment facilities, days after iran and six world powers put nuclear talks back on track. iran has said the program conducts operations only relating to peaceful purposes. also on the issue of disclosure iranian president ahmadinejad is calling out president obama, claiming the president made a big mistake, he says, in pro claiming iran had not followed the rules. ahmadinejad says there has been no secrecy over iran's announcement of its new enrichment facility plant, claiming irannd the iaea of the facility well ahead of time and the u.s. he says must have known about it.
1:07 pm
very often when you lose your job you also lose your health insurance. insurance you can't afford any way, when not bringing home a paycheck. now president obama is tying his plans for health care reform to the rising jobless rate, almost 10% as of yesterday, 9.8% to be exact, the president believes his reform plan will help new business owners take the leap and create more jobs. >> rising health care cost are undermining our businesses, closing our deficits and costing our nation more jobs with each passing month. we know that reforming our health insurance system will be a critical step in rebuilding our economy so that our entrepreneurs can pursue the american dream again. and our small business grow and expand and create new jobs again. >> the republicans disagree with that let's folks news political analyst powers and brad blakeman former depend day assistant to president george w. bush.
1:08 pm
thank you for joining us this afternoon. we heard a snippet of what the press is -- the president is talk about. he is saying we have an -- he is stating his belief that if health care reform is initiated it will bring some remedy to the troubled economy we are experiencing. kirsten, agree? >> this has always been essential to obama's argument. they believe in will never be able to get the deficit under control as long as health care costs are exploding. they believe people who are entrepreneurs will be more likely to go out on their own if they are able to get health insurance that is comparable to what they would have on their regular jobs. there's been a lot of studies that have shown that people jobs where they are not necessarily the most productive and maybe overqualified for because they feel trapped, pause they feel if they go out on their on they won't have insurance if they go somewhere else they
1:09 pm
might be denied coverage for a preexisting conditions. i think those are the issues he's addressing and i think he's right on. >> brad sees he's right on. republicans disagree they say the president is dodging the discuss for the economic stimulus perhaps not working what do you say about the republicans' plan? >> mr. president fix that which is broken. we know that medicaid and medicare what the government now provides is rife with mismanagement, fraud and abuse, to the tune, if we believe the president of over half a trillion dollars. fix that mr. president. provide portability for insurance a will you insurance to be sold across state lines. let's do health and wellness. let's do a lot that we can agree with. don't blow up the health care system. what you do in times of recession is create certainty in the market not uncertainty that's what are getting with the democratic plan. the congressional budget
1:10 pm
office, nonpartisan says you are going to add to the annual budget and blow off the defensive to the -- deficit to the tune of a trillion we don't need that >> it appears we are close to some form of health care reform. we have attested to the fact that many in america would like to see some form of health care reform. kirsten i asked new before, you said you are right on that the president is right on with the plan. then there's the problem out there this jobless rate, when the president promised that it wouldn't exceed 10%. yet, we are finding that the economy might be moving ahead but joblessness continues to lag. >> joblessness, unemployment is always the lagging indicator, the last thing that turns around and so, that's not really that surprising. i think the president made a mistake when he promised that we would reach some level of unemployment. does he have a crystal ball?
1:11 pm
there's no way he could know that you have people saying yes the economy has turned around, we have bottomed now turning around. you know, unemployment is going to continue to be high and probably rise. it will be the absolute last thing to turn around. you cannot judge whether or not the economy is turning around based on the unemployment rate. >> brad you get the last word. the president mulling over -- the white house is not saying commission stimulus some sort of economic triage to help stimulate the economy that people are experiencing. brad quickly what did the republicans say about that? >> the republicans say, put back the money and give it back to the people that you haven't spent hundreds of bill that you said mr. president were going to shovel-ready projects that did not. we don't need more money put out into the marketplace by the government we need more money in people's pockets that's the republican plan. >> thank you very much. a lot of people are mulling over this entire health care reform and how it relates to the economic plan as well thank you both very much.
1:12 pm
the extent of the damage in southeast asia and the deaths are beginning to come to light days after there was a massive earthquake. we are learning that entire villages have been wiped out in indonesia. hundreds believed to remain buried under mud and debris after the quake set off landslides. the quick struck wednesday magnitude of 7.6. rescuers just now reaching hills, taking stock of the damage working to pull survivors like this one, out of the rubble. most of the deaths are northwest of jakarta, one of the region's biggest cities. among the victims, members of a wedding party. david piper has more from indonesia. >> reporter: there are real concerns death toll could rise now dramatically35n. there are reports that three villages outside the town padang were swept away by landslides
1:13 pm
and perhaps 600 people or more died, including a wedding party that hasn't been confirmed as yet. the rescue teams are struggling to save the people that may be still trapped under the buildings. behind me one of the main hotels in padang we believe that some people are still trapped in the rubble three days after the earthquake struck. there was a message sent by one of the people yesterday to a relative saying they were beneath the rub here. saying there was actually perhaps eight people beneath the debris. they are digging now try to find these people. one body was brought out today. as such they haven't found these people yet, hundreds of people mingling around here in the hopes these people can be saved. the overall rescue effort continuing. a lot of international help, sniffer dogs arrived. they are looking through the rub. when you drive around the city of 900,000, you see what
1:14 pm
happens here, many of the buildings are down and people seem to be relatively shocked by what has happened. in padang, indonesia, david piper, fox news. also the philippines getting pummeled by a second storm this week typhoon parma slamming into the northern part of the country today packing winds of over 100 miles-an-hour forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes for safer shelter. winds knocking down powerlines, trees and ripping off roofs. the storm could couple as -- dump as much as 20 inches of rain from areas still digging out from last week's typhoon. at least two people killed. typhoon parma is heading towards taiwan where evacuations are underway. back in the u.s. the bad weather creating a different problem in arizona. gusty winds are kicking up a fire that began as a controlled burn and then turn mood a wildfire.
1:15 pm
the flame -- and then turned into a wildfire. residents evacuated their homes, fire ignited two days ago, the wind shifted that has caused it to burn outside the controlled air. air tankers trying to put out the flames. fire crews have a challenge, will the winds change direction and give them a break? meteorologist dominica davis, live in the fox weather center. is there a break in sight? >> the winds are going to be kicking up through sunday. because we have this new system that is moving in, and the fire danger will continue with our fire weather watches up for parts of arizona and california, ahead of the new system moving in, not only snow but also going to be plenty of wind and wind gusts, 4550 miles per hour. we have a lot going on in the area over the next 48 hours, some moisture will make its way down to the south that will be helpful.
1:16 pm
snow will be some of the biggest impacts that will be up to the north. here's that front, you can see it is very slow moving. look at this snow through the cascades and rockies. well over a foot. unfortunately, as this front slowly moves off to the east and the south, it will drag the winds along with it. we are looking at a very windy weekend for those folks trying to deal with that fire. back to you. >> thanks! happy ending for a story that started as a nightmare. newborn baby snatched from his mother in tennessee was found safe in alabama. he was just six days old when he was abducted tuesday a woman posing as an immigration officer came into the home, stabbed her multiple times and kidnapped the baby. the police found him alive and in good condition in a house in alabama, 80 miles south of nashville, 39-year-old woman
1:17 pm
is now in custody suspected of abducting the baby. charges against her are still pending. we'll have more details on this case later in the hour when we are joined live by an fbi agent who worked to taken this little boy. in the ongoing fight against terrorists happening in your neighborhood. local, state and federal law enforcement doing their part. now police chiefs from the nation's largest cities are asking for your help. a new way for the public to get involved. should you join the terror watch? we report, you decide. that story straight ahead.
1:18 pm
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
. a spanish vessel has been spotted all crewmembers safe. spain's government says pirates bored friday 800 miles from the nearest navy escort. >> completely wiped out officials in indonesia say nothing remains of four villages hit by a massive quake this week the death toll likely to double as rescue crews try to reach rural communities as many as 600 are believed to be buried after the quake triggered
1:21 pm
landslides. death toll is expected to rise following a series of mudslides had in italy. 20 people have died in messina. 40 are still missing. father of a man at the center of an international terrorism case claims the feds had no right to listen in on his calls. father and son are both charged. the younger zazi on left, has pleaded not guilty to use of mass of -- his father accused of lying to the fbi. when they questioned him. zazi's lawyers filed a motion in court yesterday about that wiretap operation. what happened? >> reporter: the torn in colorado filed preemptive
1:22 pm
motion alleging the government did not have the legal right to record a call between the elder zazi and a local area image in new york in which the image -- image warned the elder. zazi is charged with lying to investigators about that investigation a charge could bring him eight years in prison if found guilty. his attorney says they do not what portion of that call was use -- as used for his arrest. preliminary hearing skidded on friday in colorado. what is the latest on investigators rounding up zazi's alleged co-conspirators? >> reporter: there's a lot of activity going on. investigators believe several people may have helped with his alleged plot. the one thing that he where keeping our eyes on is the activity going on outside of the home of one of his friends, khan we have a picture to show
1:23 pm
the outside of his apartment in queens. he was reported friends with zazi let him stay at his apartment on september 10th. reportedly being tailed 24/7 no further arrest. khan says he has done nothing wrong, cooperating, nothing to hide. we've been closely watching what appears to be investigators surveillance of him outside of that apartment. >> he was in a federal courtroom this week answering to those charges against him which he denieded what is next? >> reporter: we have to wait until we see the next courtroom activity december 3rd, is when expected to go back to court in brooklyn at the federal courthouse he was denied bail in week which means he will remain in custody until that time. one of the few family members that has spoken out his great uncle tells at associated press that the whole family is stunned at the allegations and
1:24 pm
could never believe in 1,000 years that's a quote that something like this would happen to their family. we continue to monitor all the activity going on in the court and the search to find the other alleged co-conspirators. >> appreciate the update, . >> remember that campaign? following the recent arrest of suspected terrorists in several states how could neighborhoods and cities across this country not be on high alert? police chiefs across america are expected to back a new program called eye watch. updated version of that long standing and well-known neighborhood watch. teaching folks like you and me how to spot suspicious
1:25 pm
behavior and where you are most likely to find it letting the public act as an extra set of eyes for the police. how effective will that be? joining me on the phone los angeles commander mcnamara creator of the eye-watch program getting the attention of police chiefs around the country. thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> first of all u the reaction that you've gotten to upgrading the neighborhood crime watch where we used to look for simple purse snatchings and such to being on terror alert. are we capable of spotting the kind of information that you need? >> absolutely. this program started with the national suspicious activity reporting process that's where we trained our police officers how to recognize indicators or activities of terrorism. that program started about a year ago. this is the community piece. what we found is that the police officers now recognize
1:26 pm
what the experts need to know about the activity that is happening in our communities this is a furtherance of that program this is the community's effort in how we educate each and every one of us in america how to better protect our communities. absolutely, these clues will help us. >> let's talk about some of the things people might think sound obvious. if you smell chemicals. if you see someone -- let me show the videotape of the purchase of household or beauty supply chemicals, something everyone can buy that can be used in the terror case that new york, the alleged#hl÷ terror of this individual buying beauty supplies that can be used to make a bomb, i don't want to give a recipe. the person behind the counter does ask why so much nail polish remove and hair chemical? he said because i have a lot of girlfriends. what is it you want people to
1:27 pm
do, make a call? >> absolutely what we built in los angeles is a website we put out a telephone number for 24 hours a day. and that's what we want. the eye watch program is a i to help community members report suspicious activity. >> joan, i think thisw9f helps all of us. i think this is a great program. i commend you for coming up with it. some of the things that i may not have thought about myself that i want to share. you say the most important places to look for suspicious activity, government buildings, mass gatherings, schools and public transportation. we all visit these places everyday. we may not think that's where we have to put our extra set of eyes and ears on. >> absolutely. every one of us sees something suspicious, but the problem was, we didn't know how to report it. this process helps americans report suspicious teufpt.
1:28 pm
it is our job then, the experts -- suspicious activity. it is our job then, law enforcement experts, to determine if this was a necessary clue in the bigger puzzle. >> you say inlifting postal carriers, gas and electric workerses workers in private homes that can access can be helpful. today there's a meeting of police chiefs getting together to talk about in program that you developed. what has been their reaction? any push-back from groups who say this is too much big brother from your neighbor? >> on the first part of your question, certainly the major chiefs see the value in this. there's been great success obviously when we did test markets in the citydzw of los angeles, a great feedback from the community. because we've all walked through airport and heard that message, please report suspicious activity and not really understanding what that meant this process, eye watch,
1:29 pm
eye report, is an educational platform for the communities to understand what suspicious activity is. i would imagine the push-back would be that we would be just reporting on innocuous activity. >> or spying on your neighbor, any concern? >> what i want to say is, we do not want to document innocent acts by innocent people. certainly the program i'm proud to say we've developed so many safeguards so we don't report innocent acts by innocent people. those will be flushed out. it will give us the opportunity to educate their community members that were looking at activities, not individuals.qñ >> joan mcnamara who developed the eye watch program. if you see it and concerned, report it. thanks so much. >> i appreciate it. >> sounds like a common sense program, eye watch. a lot of people which there was some -- wish there was
1:30 pm
some sort of eye watch program for bernie madoff behind bars. his family members may be in trouble too. we will tell you who is suing his family for using the disgraced financier's business as a piggy bank!
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
time now for the top headlines:
1:33 pm
iranian president ahmadinejad lashing out against president obama. saying iran was following international law not reporting the existence of a recently revealed nuclear site and was-m÷n not breaking any rules. >> typhoon parma slamming philippines causing heavy damage. powerful winds and heavy rain ripping across the biggest island in the philippines, at least two people have been killed. >> afghan police officer opened fire on u.s. troops, killing two soldiers. he joined the troops on a joint patrol at the time of the ambush. attack happened in the eastern province of wardak. >> you remember the massive 787 billion dollars stimulus package? i was supposed to kick start our economy and create lots of new jobs. with the economy still struggling to recover, the white house is floating some hints a second stimulus package may be in the works. steve centanni is live in
1:34 pm
washington reporting on that how far along could this be? >> reporter: there have been talks. they are not calling it a stimulus package more like an economic triage, a little tweak here, something to help there. three items aimed at getting people back to work and boosting home sales. first, extension of federal subsidies that help unemployed workers by health -- buy health insurance. second, extending the 79 week unemployment package now available both items would expire december 31st. extension of the $8,000 first time home buyers credit which all those things are being talked about it is in early stage of talks. >> i wonder what influence the discouraging unemployment numbers have had? they came out yesterday and were higher than expected. do we know? >> reporter: right, that new extra impetus to a plan the white house had been considering. the president hinting
1:35 pm
yesterday on his arrival back from copenhagen that something in the works there might be new action as republicans continue to criticize this year's economic stimulus pack kang. here's a little bit from each side -- i'm working closely with my economic advisers to explore any and all additional options and measures we might take to promote job creation. >> while the american people were promised the stimulus would preinvent unemployment from rising above 7% is tethering on the verge of 10%. >> reporter: miller says lower taxes on businesses are the key to a stronger economy. >> all the people at home want to know what the chances of this passing? >> reporter: unclear at this point. we'll have to see we are told preliminary discussions have been held between the white house and democratic congressional leaders. this plan will cost money we don't know the price tag now. republicans are bound to oppose part of it at least with health care occupying
1:36 pm
center stage on capitol hill it might be difficult to refocus attention right now on yet another economic initiative. >> jamie: steve centanni, always good to see you. >> the topic of the economy, more bang closures inching closer to the 100 mark for the year fdic announcing shutdown of three more banks. regulators closing banks in michigan, colorado and minnesota. experts blaming bad loans and the worst financial climate in decades for the 98 bank fame of the year. closures don't come cheap this year's failures have cost the fdic fund 25 billion dollars. you ever her the name of bernie madoff? of course you have. the scandal is far from over. now it looks like the family members could be in some trouble themselves. the court appointed trustee in the madoff case is now going after madoff's brother, sons and his niece. the trustee is suing them for
1:37 pm
199 million dollars he says they used the family business like a "piggy bank." what is the family worth and where will the case go from here? let's ask the co-founder of you and i talked about this madoff case in the past now it seems a new dimension with the court appointed trustee going after the family assets. can he do it and what is available? >> can he is a legal question. currently the family is supposedly not guilty. only bernie madoff says he knew anything about it. the sons and brother who have taken hundreds of millions out of this company over decades, so far, don't know anything. now, that said, it is still stolen money that they were paid out in largely the lawyers are trying to say it was from the legitimate sigh of the operation the securities division. so he can in theory go after
1:38 pm
most of it. however, i don't think family has gotten more than a billion dollars and there's at least 18 billion dollars missing unless they've hidden large sums somewhere in the worm, which would be actually very difficult to do. >> very difficult to do, of course if 18 billion dollars is missing, where do you begin to look for those accounts? the feds have not been able to track it down. madoff is not giving up the information. how can you go after the family? >> they are running out of places to go. the obvious place is the other investors in the ponzi scheme where of the money is there are invest torque i use the term loosely. -- who took out five billion dollars from the scheme all the money taken out should be redistributed to everybody. unfortunately, they can go back more than six years this is a multi-decade ponzi scheme. everybody's money can be pooled together, everybody would get 50 cents on the dollar. unfortunately, some people are
1:39 pm
up and some people lost almost all who cannot claw back further to others. where the actually 18 billion losses unlikely madoff spent it all, difficult to spend over a billion dollars unless you lose it investing in businesses. you can only buy so much stuff. the stuff that madoff bought that has been sold lately money has been made on that one house was sold for 8 1/2 or so million he built that in '82 the investment made money on that property. it is billions in this mysteriously gone money in which i think was lost in bad investments. i don't know where could you put it in world. >> like a puff of smoke it is all gone. how heart rendering that has been for so many people. jonas, thanks, i think. israeli fighter planes dropping bombs on the gaza strip this morning in response to palestinian aggression. the israeli jets bombed a suspected weapon lab in gaza
1:40 pm
city and two tunnels used for smuggling near the egypt border. by daylight the damage apparent. so far no one reported hurt. israel calling this retaliation for a rocket and mortar shell fired yesterday. following the developments mike tobin live with the news in jerusalem. good to see you. what is the latest there? >> reporter: we are getting back into the kind of tit-for-tat violence we saw leading up to the gaza war. rockets and mortars come out of gaza strip, air strikes go back in this is related to the captivity of that kidnapped soldier. because he's being held by hamas, the crossings in and out of the gaza strip are closed. because those s are closed, the militant organizations fire rockets and mortars. >> the tunnels, you have reported on those before. how many more are there and how did they pick these two? >> reporter: well, they just
1:41 pm
pick what they can and take a strike. obviously, the military intelligence won't tell us why they pick what targets and when they are going to target them. it is easy for pilots, because what is called the corridor narrow dirt road that separates the gaza strip from egypt riddled with tunnels underneath. they could just the corridor there and will probably collapse tunnels with each strike. >> i have toe ask you about in videotape day after it was delivered. what specifically have they learned about it and what is the potential action that could be taken? >> reporter: the action we saw today the father of the soldier going public trying to rope in optimism spurned by the release of this tape. he told people just because this tape was released and there was a prisoner exhange it does not mean his son will be coming home soon. his words were this is not the light at the end of the tunnel. he pointed out there is a
1:42 pm
difficult prisoner release to be negotiated. head of hamas based in damascus said there is a major prisoner swap in the works and could come at any time. >> ing from to see the date on that newspaper. they believe that is in fact recent, september 14th? >> reporter: exactly that's why he held up the paper on that day. therefore, we see from that tape, that the soldier at this point we have to assume is alive and health that i creates a responsibility on part of hamas they are obligated to keep him alive and healthy. it relieves a little pressure on nettian hugh. th. because the soldierq is not in a state of duress it takes pressure off of him, creates pressure for hamas. >> mike tobin, live in jerusalem, thanks for the latest. father in court for
1:43 pm
tattooing a gang sign on his 7-year-old son. what was he thinking? some say he should face life behind bars for the crime. we'll tell without judge decided. boy oh boy have we good news in our follow up on a story we've been following all week that tennessee baby kidnapped days after his birth, he's safe. what led police to theon# accusd kidnapper? we'll talk to the fbi, next. @
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1:46 pm
. a father in california gang father in california symbol on his 7-year-old son. he faced life in prison. the judge said the crime does not warrant life behind bars. gonzalez and the man who admitting to applying the tattoo will face a lesser charge which carries 10 years. the american were arrested lasta8d'1 spring in fresno when gonzalez's estranged wife noticed the symbol on her son's hip, seven-years-old. a paw print which cops say representsggl the bulldogs strt gang. they say the boy will get treatment to try and remove the tattoolu9l. new details in the case of a tennessee baby kidb just four days after he he was born. authorities say they have found yair anthony carillo safe and unharmed in alabama. the woman suspected of abduct you go the baby under arrest. he was taken from his home
1:47 pm
tuesday expected to be reunited with his family. how did police crack the case? joining me on the phone is keith moses assistant special agent for the fbi a agent moses, thanks for joining me this is good news to report to everyone. this young baby, six days old is now safe and sound, how did you crack the case? >> it begins with 911 call, nashville police officers had a detailed description of the assailant after that we engaged the public by issuing a statewide amber alert. the third thing was establish command moves to investigate each lead. the command post ran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, task force of the metropolitan police department, tennessee bureau investigation and fbi as well as representatives from a component of the national center of missing and exploited children. >> everyone getting onboard, working with you, news media,
1:48 pm
people living in the area in alabama, where the case was crack, everyone being pro active to get that child to safe. the top of my question s how is young yair doing? >> he's doing fine. when a medical exam done last night. the baby was transported to nashville, tennessee.çóy >> how is the mother? we understand from her reports she was stabbed. this woman posting as an immigration officer, allegedly stabbing the woman and taking little yair with her, and making it all alabama, we understand. >> very traumatic for the mother she underwent a ca -áqpn section at the birth of the baby and stabbed tuesday, very emotional but she was elated when she found out her child was safe. >> some you worked diligently to apprehendvñ people who kidnap babies, children, you have the amber alert. does it -- did it all work
1:49 pm
together so well this time? >> it worked very well great team effort by law enforcement agencies, with the public calling in tips as well as media putting out the sketch. >> agent moses this is one of those things [ inaudible ] how does it make you personally feel when knowing that the truths -- fruits of your labor produced a great result? >> i'm glad to see the law enforcement community pulled together. goal number one, safe recovery of the infant. achieved that goal [ inaudible ] >> agent moses, a lot of people are saying god bless you sir, you and all the law enforcement people as well as the people who called in to help, thank you. >> thank you sir. >> the u.s. sitting face-to-face with iran talks about its nuclear program. iran seeming to make some concessions, temporarily, easing tensions worldwide. hold on, you have to ask how
1:50 pm
seriousvu is iran? really backing down this time or just buying time? that story straight ahead, stay with us.
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hundreds are believed to still be buried after a quake in indonesia set off massive landslides. the quake struck last week with a magnitude 7.6. 64 homes evacuated in arizona after firefighters say a controlled burn got out of control. gusty winds near williams, arizona whipped the fire up which has burned more than a square mile. >> iraqi forces sweeping through mosul, trying to cripple iraq's last pockets of sunni insurgents. detained more than 100 in an effort to break al-qaeda's grip on iraq. iran opening its recently
1:54 pm
revealed nuclear facility to international inspectors, at least it says it will. some call this evidence that iran is eager to lower tensions and will back off its nuclear ambitions. iran has made these promises before only to break them. why should u.s. and allies believe iran this time? joining me former ambassador to the u.n. for special today. >> nice to be here. >> believe iran? >> the past is really the best predictor of future behavior if you look at their history of concealment over the past few years it doesn't lookw9m good. first, they've had a history their own negotiators. second, what is the iranian position? is there a unified position? third, does it matter in the long run? >> wouldn't it matter to take a look? how easy would it be for them to hide anything in that
1:55 pm
facility that could be did it machine tall to everybody -- could be detrimental to everybody including the united states that believe they have peaceful ambitions which is what they continue to pro claim? >> first you have this one arrived. even if you have that facility open to inspection there's the possbility there are other facilities the overall pattern. the second issue is what is their intent what is the regime's intent? last year it eight months to get a sanctions' resolution i think they feel like they can slow this down. >> there is no evidence that they will pay much attention to sanctions. is there anything else? which country actually has the power to if get iran's attention and actually get them foe give full disclosure on what is -- them to give
1:56 pm
full disexplosion -- disclosure? >> i think the only country that has that influence now is russia. russia has been a participant in supplying iran with some of this nuclear equipment there. has been this deal of withdrawal in europe the question is will the russians exert enough pressure on iran to move the ball in the right direction? >> i heard madeleine albright say on our network that the elimination of that missile shield was not in any way good faith toward russia it us anything she says it wouldn't have worked. is that true? >> i really don't think frankly, secretary a distinguished statesman from a missile defense standpoint these are highly technical issues. we are advocating a c-based defense system, the main issue was a political issue the
1:57 pm
russians were not cooperating with us on major issues because they this was a finger the eye. if in fact this deterrent was directed at iran, the u.s. is still very much insisting on preserving that kind of defense shield. as it looks like containment may be the policy of choice over the next year or so. >> ambassador holiday, does seem like we need russia in on this, thank you r >> thank you. that will do it for us, thanks for joining us i'm kelly wright. >> and i'm jamie colby. next the journal editorial report on fox news channel the most powerful name news. thanks for being with us
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